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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight, the digital divide - the Coalition scrolls down

down on Labor years down on Labor years broadband

plan. We are not making any

apology for not spending billion of taxpayers' money running fibre down running fibre down every street. It will consign Australia to the digital dark

ages. The human suffering

from the Pakistan floods set from the Pakistan floods set to

eclipse the Asian tsunami. And just a walk in the park - one man's extraordinary two-year

trek along the Amazon. is ABC News 24, good evening, Live across

Gillard I'm Scott Bevan. Both Julia

Gillard and Tony Abbott Gillard and Tony Abbott are

feeling the need for speed on

the internet, but they are sharply at odds over how much

to pay for it. The Coalition

has made good on its threat to

stop the Government's $43 billion national broadband

network. In its place it is promising fast connections promising fast connections for

government 1/7th of the price. The

government says it has set up a

clear choice for voters between a gold standard network and a

Chief political correspondent slide into a digital dark age.

Mark Simkin reports. Forget

the internet, this guy is

already connected to a global network. Kevin Rudd officially

accepted a part-time job with

the United Nations. He will

serve on a sustainability panel

that meets once or twice a

year. This is a way in which I

can make a modest contribution

to the future of to the future of acting

globally and nationally on

climate change. Plainly he

will be a part-time It's just not good enough.

Show me how it works. he considered his future, the former Prime Minister reflected on his legacy. We need a

national broadband network.

That's coming as well. In fact

Coalition will axe the $43 exactly. If elected, the

billion network, as these

Greens lamented. We are not

making any apology for not

spending $43 billion of taxpayers' money running fibre taxpayers' money running

down every street.

billion encouraging the private

sector to speed up existing services and roll out new

ones. We are doing what we think is proportional, sensible and

and responsible. That prompted a broadband broadside. Mr

Abbott is basically so

embarrassed by his cutback, he didn't even turn up to his own

announcement today. It will consign Australia to the announcement today. It will

digital dark ages. If Labor is

digital dark ages. If Labor is

re-elected, this $43 billion white elephant will monument to Labor's massive waste and mismanagement. Mismanagement was the buzz word

of the day, as the parties resorted to a familiar brawl

over costings and even the over costings and

costings of each other's

costings. The stupidity and

shoddiness of the document. In

that document the Coalition

mislabelled spending plans,

that it counts one item twice

and misplaces a decimal point,

turning a $1.5 million promise into a into a $15 million one. Just a very basic stupid error. He's looking mildly hysterical.

deliberate and in many They have been mounting a quite

deliberate and in many cases

dishonest, totally dishonest,

smear campaign. The smearing

has only just begun. The

wars are getting more negative

and more personal. The communications debate

will be replayed in full

immediately following The

World, just before 10:00, right here on ABC News asylum seeker boat has been

intersented near Christmas

Island. The boat had 57

passengers on board. Its

arrival coincided with the

return of the opposition's

Scott Morrison from a trip to Nauru. Mr Morrison said he had cleared the way for negotiations with cleared the way for quick

government there to negotiations with the

asylum seekers if the Coalition wins this month's had assurances yesterday from wins this month's election. I

the president and the Cabinet

that any requirement necessary

in relation to protecting people's human rights and

honouring our obligations under honouring our

the convention would of course

be looked after, as it was last

time. The latest boat is the

83rd to be picked up so far

this year. The lawyer for radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir

says the case against his

client is fabricated.

Indonesian police arrested Bashir yesterday, accusing him of establishing

training camp in Aceh. The new

terror cell discussed bombing the Australian embassy in Jakarta as well as the

Indonesian police headquarters.

Bashir's lawyer says his client

is being persecuted. He will

be acquitted at the end of the

day. The long process of this

punishment to Abu Bakar proceedings itself is a proceedings itself is

Bashir. Police say Bashir been refusing to answer their Bashir. Police say Bashir has

questions, vowing to talk only

when he gets to court. when he gets to court. An

South Pacific island nation of earthquake has rattled the

Vanuatu, but there has reports of significant damage.

Witnesses say the powerful 7.5

magnitude quake shook buildings

and brought downpour lines on

the main island. Soon after, small tsunami measuring the main island. Soon after, a

small tsunami measuring around

23cm was spot he offer 23cm was spot he offer the

capital Port Vila. The

Pakistan flood does disaster is

so massive it's eclipsing the

scale of the Asian tsunami, according to the United

Nations. The UN says almost 14 million to rebuild the country. South with billions of dollars needed

East Asia correspondent Sally

Sara reports from Sukkur. The

pouring flood waters from the north are

pouring into southern There are few barriers to hold

back the relentless flow. Two

of this man's neighbours were

subsequent away. TRANSLATION:

People and their livestock are

trying to climb into the trees to escape the water.

villages have been submerged to escape the water. Entire

and precious infrastructure has

areas of farmland been

areas of farmland are now under water. The river which runs

through this area is 6km away,

so you get an idea of how much

the waters have swollen and how much land has been submerged.

This flood is far from over.

The river levels are still rising. Many people in Sukkur

wonder if their homes will be

spared. You see all the people surrounding us, they are all worried

worried about the flood, and

many people affected by the flood and they their lives. The wall their lives. The wall is all that is protecting this side of

the city. The ground the city. The ground around it is spongy and unstable.

Residents don't know if it will hold through the night. There's only about one metre

between the water and the top

of the wall. If the water rises

of the wall. If the water rises in the next 24 hours, which

officials fear it may, that

will pour the floods into parts

of Sukkur, a city of 1.2

million people. What happens

right here is very crucial to

the survival the city. On the outskirts

have fled their villages are

setting up camp on the levee

bank. This widow and four children, all they have left is

what they can carry. All what they can carry. All their

beds are washed away, so

tonight they will sleep on the ground under the open sky. The

families will stay here until

the water recedes. When it does, there will be little

waiting for them - villages waiting for them - their

villages and homes are gone. In north-west China, more than 1,000 people are feared dead after flash flooding and landslides. Torrential rains in

the province of Gansu triggered

the lapped slides, burying

entire villages in water, entire villages in water, mud and rocks. The Chinese

Government has sent thousands of troops and about 100 medical experts experts to help in the experts to help in the search and rescue effort. and rescue effort. The

combination of heat and thick

smog in Moscow has smog in Moscow has gone from being irritating to down right dangerous. Health officials say

the city's death rate has doubled since smoke doubled since smoke from

hundreds of forest fires shroud he he the city. Overstretched crews are making slow progress

fighting the fires, while public anger is growing. Here

is Moscow correspondent Norman Hermant. How bad is the air in Moscow? People are Moscow? People are wearing

masks, and pigeons are falling

out of trees. After two weeks

of smoky haze. In recent days, carbon monoxide pollution

peaked at six peaked at six times more than

acceptable levels and the smoke from forests and peat bog fires keeps coming. Irina Khoteyeva's village was Khoteyeva's village was mostly

destroyed by the fires. Her

home was one of the few that survived in what is now a burn-out wasteland. I am very

upset because I don't know how

to go on living in this

village. Across the road, there is still smoke coming out of the forest. Irina's

mother-in-law says the family can't ever return here. TRANSLATION: We cannot stay here at night, we stay here at night, we are afraid. The fire can come from that side, from anywhere. It's impossible to run from

impossible to run from here.

In areas like this, even after

the fire has burned through the forest, it is still smouldering

urged beyond. There are not enough firefighters enough firefighters or equipment to put on the the

fires, and public anger is

steadily gilling. This video posted online captures the frustration. State still vision

showed part of the visit by

Vladimir Putin but it didn't

show this. TRANSLATION: show this. TRANSLATION: You

didn't do everything, everything is burning. promises of compensation and

rebuilding homes couldn't win

them over. Forecasters say

when Moscow's toxic smog does

lift, it will, thanks to a

shift in the win, not the

squelching of more than 500

fires still burning across

Russia. Israel has begun its own inquiry into May's deadly

raid on an aid ship heading for the Gaza Strip. PM Benjamin Netanyahu defended of his troops and said the Israeli army was ultimately responsible for the responsible for the operation. Middle East correspondent Ben

Knight. From almost every

angle, the raid on the 'Mavi Marmara'was considered a

failure. The world wanted

Israel to explain why nine

Turkish activists were killed

in international waters, while Israelis wanted their

government to explain how their soldiers had

soldiers had been sent into an

ambush. This inquiry is not so

much asking what went wrong on the 'Mavi Marmara'wrad the 'Mavi Marmara'wrad but whether the operation itself was legal under international law. Israel's PM says it was.

Benjamin Netanyahu gave a stout

defence of his troops and of Israel's right to stop any ship

from approaching the Gaza from approaching the Gaza Strip and its Hamas Government.

Benjamin Netanyahu said he had predicted the had predicted the confrontation would reflect badly on Israel

and he tried to stop the

flotilla through direct contact

with the Turkish Government of the The people the The people on the boat were not interested in were not interested in that

sort of peaceful solution, they were searching for a conflict.

There are at least two international international inquiries

currently getting under way outside Israel, and Benjamin

Netanyahu won't be giving

evidence to those. In reality,

much of his evidence today was given in secret and what he did

say in public is unlikely to critics that it acted within

the law back in May. She

knew both triumph and tragedy in an acting career that ranked alongside some of whod's best. Important pan has died at the -

Patricia Neal that is died at

the age of 84. She acted

alongside in Paul new man in

'Hud'. At 39, she suffered she

strokes and learnt to walk and

talk again with her husband's

help. Asked about her longevity

both on and off the screens,

Patricia Neal said simply, "I

was Bonn stubborn." Last week, it was super-model Naomi Campbell, now actress Mia

Farrow has come to The Hague to help with the investigation

into an African tragedy.

Prosecutors allege the former Liberian president Charles

Taylor used blood diamonds help fund a brutal civil war.

A president, a

A president, a super-model, an actress and a bag of

diamonds. It sounds like a diamonds. It sounds like a soap

opera, but this trial is a very serious attempt by the prosecution to hold former

Liberian president Charles

Taylor to account for a brutal

civil war in neighbouring Sierra Leone. A rebellion allegedly fuelled by blood

diamonds. No one is above the law and sooner or later the

long arm of international criminal justice will with you. As part of that, American actress Mia Farrow

gave her version of a breakfast

in South Africa after a dinner

hoflted by Nelson Mandela that included guests Naomi Campbell and Charles Taylor. She some men were knocking at some men were knocking at the door and they had been sent by

Charles Taylor, and they Charles Taylor, and they were

giving her - they had given giving her - they had given her a huge diamond. But that contradicts Naomi contradicts Naomi Campbell's version of the breakfast, given loft

your door and told you what? A

gift for you, and they gave me

a pouch. Did they a pouch. Did they say anything other than that? No. Did you

ever subsequently learn who this gift was from? No. According to According to the super-model's

former agent, Carol White, who

was also at the dinner, there

was nothing ambiguous about the

promise of diamonds. Anyway my

was very excited and told me, he's going to give me some

diamonds. Conflicting accounts of a of a night and a breakfast 13 years ago, the clear unambiguous link between

Charles Taylor, the violence

and the diamonds, may be difficult to prove. Adventurers have conquered mountains

mountains and oceans, but never

the Amazon, until now. A the Amazon, until now. A former

British soldier has become the first person known to have

walked the entire length of the

mighty river. They had

4,000 miles but they still had

the energy to run the last few

yards. It's just yards. It's just fantastic. I didn't think it was going to

sink in, but I'm just overwhelm, it's fantastic, two and a half years of walking

through the Amazon. It's just

a wall of jungle. They filmed as they went, capturing as they went, capturing the challenge of cutting their way through dense jungle.

Regularly coming across hostile Regularly coming across hostile

wildlife. A was p.

I've swallowed a few. Owee

Their pental and physical

endurance tested to the limit. I would be lying if I didn't

say the most overriding feeling

is hunger, unbelievable. Back home, Ed Stafford's mother

followed her son's journey every step of the way. I think mentally

mentally it's a huge challenge to keep going day after day

with this

just macheting your way through

the jungle, the jungle, it must take huge willpower. Willpower which willpower. Willpower which has

Ed Stafford planning another

expedition, which he says will

be every bit as challenging be every bit as challenging as

this. Claire, the Broncos have

a new player. They sure do,

and it's Greg Inglis, we can

finally confirm. It's been a

while. The Melbourne Storm today agreed to release the at the end of the season. He hasn't officially signed

hasn't officially signed but has agreed to the contract for

two years. Inglis had been

linked with moves to the Gold Coast and South Sydney, but Melbourne needed to get back

under the NRL salary cap for the

the 2011 season. We had to

give Melbourne space to work

out what they were doing, we didn't want to be seen to

interfering or putting pressure

on them or become involved in direct negotiations with Greg

until they had sorted out what

they were doing. It would have had decided to keep him, so we

didn't want to waste time. In

Canberra, they have confirmed

the signing of Brett White on a

three year deal who was also

released from the Storm today.

Ben Smith will front the

judiciary tonight to fight a

high tackle charge for his hit on Gold on Gold Coast skipper Scott

Prince during Friday's clash. Smith disputes the grading of

the charge as he attempts to be free to play in the must-win match against Brisbane on Friday night. Team-mate

Fuifui Moimoi will attend after

entering a guilty plea for his

my tackle. Four other

charged have done the same to

avoid suspension. In AFL, Hawthorn captain Sam Mitchell has defended coach has defended coach Alistair Clarkson following another

public rebuke from club

president Jeff Kennett, who was scathing in his criticism of

the players and coaching staff

following the Hawks 44 point defeat to defeat to Sydney last weekend.

I don't know how much I don't know how much time Jeff spent in the coaches

Jeff spent in the coaches box, but not as much as our coaches,

and no one puts more into and no one puts more into the footy than Clarko, they are

here at the crack of down and don't leave until dark, they are working hard and the

players are working hard. International cricket's International cricket's next president says he will do his utmost to ensure the game's governing body makes rulings in the interests of all playing

nations. New Zealander Alan Isaac has been confirm in the job coveted by Minister John job coveted by former Prime Minister John Howard. His

nomination was rejected by the

ICC, opening the door for the

New Zealand cricket chief. New Zealand cricket chief. A former captain of the Wellington Wellington second XI, accountant Alan Isaac was Australia and New Zealand's compromise candidate as International Cricket Council vice-president. The straight

shooting 58-year-old Kiwi, who is already an ICC director,

plans to be un compromising in

his efforts to improve the game's image. ICC able to demonstrate a

consistent pattern of making

really good decisions. Unfortunately, in the past

there have been decisions that

have been criticised. After two years as under study to

India's Sharit, he India's Sharit, he will

automatically assume automatically assume the

presidency. They wanted John

Howard to be rubber stamped for

the role, but his lack of

experience in sports

administration and a few politically charged comments

led African and Asian led African and Asian members to reject his nomination. come from different backgrounds and have different objectives

they want to chief on some matters. As expected, England has crushed Pakistan in

second Test at Edgbaston, to go

2 up in the 4 match serious.

Strauss and trot were 53 not

out as the England chased out as the England chased 118

for a 9-wicket win. The Socceroos preparations for the international friendly against Slovenia have been dealt a blow. Tim Cahill has ruled

himself out of the match. struggling with injury, ahead of the new Premier League season. Defender Mark Milligan

is also carrying a slight knock

and has opted to sit out as well. Caretaker coach Han

Berger has confirmed no

additional players will additional players will be

called into the 18-man squad as

cover. That is the Socceroos

first game since the World Cup and it kicks off in the early hours of Thursday morning. Just

when we thought the

mornings were over. Only three

years and 10 months to go until

like that. They are hi-tech and better for the environment,

as long as they use renewable

energy. What about the long

run? Will electric cars with

their constantly changing

technology be a good deal for consumers? They are being

touted as the cars of the

future. Are electric vehicles

really a good buy? If really a good buy? If the

price of petrol continues to

increase the way it has, I

think the future of electric

vehicles is very bright. first fully electric car to go

on sale in Australia next year,

priced at around $65,000, priced at around $65,000, at

least $25 more expensive than a

runs on petrol and electricity.

Leasing a car like this might be the only way to go, because

of the unknowns. There is no resale history tome for

electric vehicles, so we don't

know what their trade-in value

will be. The Toyota prious

went on the market in 2001 for nearly $40,000. It is now worth less than one quarter of that, according to the glass's guide

for cars. If electric cars catch on they will get cheaper, which which means if

now, what sort of a resale

value will they have? Toyota

says it sold 2.5 million prious cars

cars globally, here, hybrids

made up less than 1% of total made up less than 1% of total

sales. Battery powered cars add

a new dimension. Well wheeled buyers will

version and second-hand models won't spark

won't spark the same interest.

Vic Moor says the rapidly changing models make electric cars an uncertain purchase?

Which one will be the winner? European manufacturers European manufacturers are concentrating on diesel and hydrogen, the Japanese manufacturers are concentrating

on electric and hybrid. Public charge points for electric cars are starting to be rolled out,

but progress is slow. Electric

cars can be recharged at home but but their limited battery life make long distance driving difficult. It will take off but it won't be all consuming and take over from the internal

combustion cars, there will be

a mix of transport. It is a long road ahead for the

electric car to become the

transport choice of the future. The World Trade Organisation has over

yourselfed a ban on apple

imports from New Zealand. New Zealand growers are confident Australia by Christmas but the government says it can still

pursue the case. I'm sure pursue the case. I'm sure the Minister for Trade and the Minister for Agriculture will

assess those options in the days to come. New Zealand

imports were banned early last

century, due to fears of fire

blight disease. The WOT blight disease. The WOT says

the ban was not justified by

scientific evidence. Let's

look at the markets: look at the markets: A cautious outlook from National

Australia Bank has overshadowed

a solid session on Wall Street,

pushing the local

firmly into the red. The All Ords and ASX 200 have closed

down more than 1%. In Asia, the

market slid backwards after bouncing up this morning. The Nikkei was 1% lower. The

Australian dollar has drifted

lower, currently buying just

over 91 US cents.

Two low pressure systems affecting the continent, southern Victoria and the other

in the south-west corner of

Western Australia. Both systems

are set to produce heavy

rainfall. We will see it

developing late in the day

through the west coast of WA, spreading further inland spreading further inland on Thursday. Across Thursday. Across the south-east, heavy rainfall as

the low pressure system moves from central Victoria to the

south-east coast. As it does

that, we will see a shift in

wind direction. Until now, winds have been northerly,

drawing light rain down. Once

the low pressure system moves off the coast, winds will shift south to south-westerly. We have all the tropical moisture

feeding into the low, so it is the southern coast of

the southern coast of virkts, around the on the ways and the

surf coast, where we will see

heavy falls, and for Tasmania, the east coast. Flood watches

in both areas for tomorrow and

Thursday. We have Thursday. We have heavy rainfall across the regions,

and strong winds, damaging gusts in parts of Victoria. In the eastern states, New South Wales rainfall gradually starting to

clear into the Tasman Sea, clear into the Tasman Sea, if

not already by dawn, it should

move progressively east as the day progresses. Strong winds

producing fire dangers for Darwin. In Western Australia,

the cloud and shower activity

increasing, with rain

widespread on Thursday. The frontal system is moving frontal system is moving

through and another low

pressure system, so strong gusty winds, possible thunderstorms. The heaviest of the falls will be along the falls will be along the coastal moves towards New Zealand moves towards New Zealand it will weaken. We expect to see showers in the south-westerly

wind flow, but for New South

Wales it will be on and west of

Wales it will be on and west of the ranges, and the ranges, and a similar story

for Victoria, on and south of

for Victoria, on and south of the rangers. The heaviest of the falls will have cleared. We are seeing showers and strong winds, which will move into New

South Wales as the low moves further away. In the west, showers, thunderstorms, possible, even the chance of

small hail. Strong winds as well as the system begins push through and dump design rain in the area, which has

been very dry for winter.

been very dry for winter. Strong winds for Brisbane and

another day of high fire danger

for the Northern

That's the news for That's the news for now, stay

with us for the '7:30 Report'

with Kerrie O'Brien. I'm Scott Bevan, thanks for your company.

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It's taken time but the

Coalition today unveiled its

proposed slower, no frills replacement for replacement for Labor's National Broadband Network. $6 billion

billion instead of $43 billion and relying on business to do much of the work to privately run system. The Opposition would replace

Labor's high-speed fibre to the home model for 97% of Australians with a mix of technologies and existing networks. The Coalition says

Labor simply can't be trusted

to deliver. Labor says the

Coalition would take Australia back to the dark aidges.

Shortly I will be talking Shortly I will be talking with tanltd but first tanltd but first political

editor - Tony Abbott but first political editor Heather Ewart reports. Today we announce a