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Crime on the rise -

latest carjacking. a man shot in Sydney's from plastic surgery. A plan to to ban teenagers testing modern-day runners. And the wartime track with ABC News. Good evening, Joe O'Brien might be keen The Federal Government of its Telstra shares, to offload more but it's refusing to say a good deal for investors. if the latest float will be he can't talk up the shares, Finance Minister Nick Minchin says there'll be incentives but has confirmed to buy in again. to encourage existing stockholders For its part, the Government the Opposition is accusing on current shareholders. of declaring war Once upon a time, twice as much as they are today, Telstra shares were worth and during the last float, mums and dads to buy up. John Howard encouraged for those who get involved. An extremely good deal And it's a marvellous opportunity of Australia for more of the mums and dads in this great enterprise. to buy shares seven years later, Just half as great another 2 billion Telstra shares - and with the Government about to put $8 billion worth - on the market, is being a bit more cautious. Finance Minister Nick Minchin

from being a spruiker. I'm prevented by law a licensed financial advisor. I'm not to recommend the T3 float Nevertheless, he is still prepared to his own mother. Telstra shares I can tell you my mother owns and I hope she buys some more. I don't give my mother advice on shares, and I don't give anybody advice but the key point is here

that these are a reasonable buy. that Nick Minchin has refused to say Labor's accusing the Government on Telstra shareholders, of declaring war the share price even lower. predicting the float will force even further down Driving the share price

into a falling market. by dumping large numbers of shares Telstra shareholders. That will hurt a lot of existing is going to be a much harder sell The Government knows this than Telstra 1 or 2. With that in mind, there would be incentives Nick Minchin confirmed current Telstra investors to encourage and buy more. to hang on to their shares some form of entitlement We are contemplating for existing Telstra shareholders will be revealed and the details of that as we get closer to the offer. we've been very conscious of One of the things best assists existing shareholders is structuring the offer so it

until the offer. who stay on the register

remains Labor policy, Majority public ownership cold water but the Opposition's pouring

the necessary shares on the idea of buying back

if it wins office next year.

in a position to buy back shares. We don't believe we will be with Telstra in its current shape But, says Labor,

in the first place. they shouldn't be for sale Jim Middleton, ABC News, Canberra.

Two people have been killed south-west of Sydney. in an ultra-light plane crash in bushland The motorised glider crashed near Camden. late this afternoon, were found inside the wreckage The bodies of an adult and a child at the scene. after fire crews put out a fire set up a crime scene Police have now will go on through the night. and the investigation

falling from the plane Eyewitnesses said they saw debris just before the crash. a daily occurrence in Sydney It's almost becoming and community leaders. and it's now worrying both police Car-jackings are on the rise - the latest was overnight when a man was shot

from would-be car thieves. trying to drive away

his blessings today. Adam Eter was counting The 25-year-old was shot last night up at traffic lights by a man who held him on the Hume Highway near Bankstown. there was a man there, I looked up and noticed with a gun pointed towards me. I just feared for my life As soon as I saw the gun, through the red light. and accelerated And as I did, in the car. that man started shooting at me The man fired around 10 shots, as he fled. smashing Mr Eter's car windows to call police Soon after, Mr Eter pulled over who came to his aid. and then his brother, because he was standing there. I thought he was OK I told him, "Are you OK, bro?" "What's here?" and he turned around and he goes, in his jumper or jacket and I saw a hole and it had blood dripping down. in my right shoulder in the back, I did feel a pain had actually punched me, it felt like someone that I had been shot. and I had a feeling

at Liverpool Hospital. Mr Eter had the bullet removed a silver 4-wheel drive vehicle He recalled noticing next to him at the lights. the stolen vehicle destroyed, Police later found any suspects. but have not located About 11pm last night, lost sight of it police pursued the vehicle,

it was located and a short time later Bass Hill, in a park in Robinson Road, burnt out - where it was on fire. The shooting is the latest

car-jackings. in a series of violent of two suspects, Police have released these images in Leichardt last Wednesday who got into a woman's car at knifepoint for money. and threatened her to take caution People are requested when they are driving. by an armed person, If they're confronted comply with their directions. But Adam Eter offers this caution. Lock your car. If you're driving at night, lock your car. He's returning to his job on the railways tomorrow, but he'll have to take the train as police have impounded his sports car. Anne Maria Nicholson, ABC News. A Newcastle man previously deemed too sick to face multiple paedophilia charges

will now be tried in the District Court. The turnaround by prosecutors follows several days of pressure from politicians on both sides to have the decision reconsidered. It seems that alleged paedophile Henry Alfred Anning will finally get his day in court. Prosecutors now say they can press ahead,

despite a court directive restricting sitting time to an hour a day because of the 72-year-old's poor health.

I'm pleased about that, especially for the victims. The public's got a right to know why the original decision was made. The Government had complained of phone contact over the issue between Peter Debnam and Greg Smith, one of the State's senior prosecutors. Mr Smith also happens to be up for Liberal Party pre-selection. That is not something that should ever occur again. I really hope that the Leader of the Opposition has learnt a lesson. The Attorney-General is now considering legislating to ensure the DPP's decisions are free of all political interference. Also under consideration are new laws aimed adult volunteers who come into contact with children, to weed out those with a record of child abuse. But the minister responsible says she wants to get the balance right to protect genuine volunteers from vexatious complaints. Politicians are particularly sensitive to criticism that they're not doing enough to investigate child abuse allegations. New figures out today

show a 30% jump in suspected cases in just 2 years. It's tragic to think that there are more children that are at risk of abuse and neglect. The State Government is only giving us half of the story. are actually followed up? How many of those reports

are looked at in a timely fashion? The minister says it's also proof of heightened awareness in the community. Simon Santow, ABC News, Sydney. In an Australian first, New South Wales is planning to stop teenagers from having unnecessary plastic surgery. The Government is blaming advertising and reality TV shows for a dramatic increase in young women undergoing cosmetic procedures. But doctors argue many of the procedures are justified. It was this talk of breast implants on reality television that stirred the NSW Premier. It's my boobs, because they're new and they're now my most valuable possession. I can't believe you've had a boob job at 19! Yeah... (giggles) There's a disturbing trend of more teenage girls seeking breast implants and tummy tucks. Morris Iemma is also concerned about cosmetic surgery packages for young girls, and worse - mother and daughter deals. If there's an issue about... about self esteem, is a breast implant the way to go to redeem that? Plastic surgeons admit underage procedures have doubled in a decade, but they say that's because of surgical advancements, not unnecessary procedures. These are people who have very significant deformity which is affecting their welfare and their life. Not convinced, Mr Iemma is preparing to take action. My first choice is for the Plastic Surgeons Association, for the surgeons themselves through a code of practice to institute these safeguards. If not, the Government's prepared to legislate. But there's concern that might backfire on legitimate patients. Restrict availability to surgery for people that have like young girls with very large breasts or young girls born with one small breast and one big breast. Legislation or regulation, it won't stop society's obsession with glamour and beauty.

Annie Guest, ABC News. Iran has launched a new phase of its nuclear program just days short of a United Nations deadline

to cease uranium enrichment. The Iranian President says the new stage of a heavy water plant is part of his country's energy program. But foreign experts say it could also lead to weapons development. The heavy water plant is part of a nuclear project Iran once kept secret, but the official opening at the site in the north-west of the country was a very public act of defiance before local and international media.

The UN Security Council is already threatening sanctions against Iran

over its uranium enrichment program. Just five days before a deadline demanding the country cease the enrichment, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, with his customary anti-Israeli rhetoric, insisted his nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. (Speaks Farsi) "Iran is not a threat to anybody," he said. "Not even the Zionist regime, "which is a definitive enemy of the nations of this region." But many in the West simply don't believe him, and even if Iran complies with the Security Council demand to stop uranium enrichment, it can still use this site as part of an alternative route to nuclear arms. There are two materials that you can make a nuclear weapon from - one is highly enriched uranium, the other one is plutonium, and this represents the plutonium route. The problem with highly enriched uranium

is you need a factory about the size of 20 football pitches, whereas this is reckoned to be a relatively compact and quick route to produce enough plutonium. British and American experts believe Iran is 5 to 10 years away from producing a nuclear weapon,

but there are more immediate fears of the consequences if negotiations fail. The potential is much increased for a spiral downwards into a crisis which will end in confrontation in the next 12 months or so. The United States has reacted cautiously to Iran's latest move. The White House said it would consult the other four permanent Security Council members, and Germany, with whom it's been working to resolve the nuclear standoff with Iran. Jonathan Flynn, ABC News. After nearly two decades of conflict, rebels and government negotiators in Uganda

have signed their first truce. The two sides agreed to a cease-fire to be monitored by troops from southern Sudan. The Lord's Resistance Army has been fighting to overthrow the Ugandan Government since 1988. The Christian Fundamentalist group says it wants to establish a government ruled by the Ten Commandments. It's been accused of recruiting child soldiers and murdering or mutilating its enemies. But recently, the rebel group has been seeking a cease-fire and after initially rejecting the proposals, the government agreed to talks, leading to today's agreement. Further talks can now be held on a comprehensive peace settlement. An auction of watercolours scheduled for Britain next month is creating intense interest and argument in the art community - not because the artist was particularly good, but because he was particularly bad.

London correspondent Jane Hutcheon reports on the sale of works by Adolf Hitler. A Cornish auction house prepares for the sale of 21 works said to have been painted by Adolf Hitler when he served during the First World War.

Hitler was based around the Flanders in the First World War

but he chose to go behind the lines and paint scenes away from the front line, away from the battle scenes even though he was stationed and saw action in Balle Levy. Flanders - one of the bloodiest battles of the so-called Great War. Corporal Hitler was decorated for bravery but his art never depicted the horrors of the front. This Jewish family was all but wiped out by Hitler's holocaust. Out of eight, Ellen Davis is the only survivor. Somebody's trying to make people remember him as a painter - he's wasn't. He's remembered as a monster. If I had it in my house, I think I'd have the house fumigated. I'd put it out on my lawn and I would put a match to the whole lot. But the auction house hopes for strong sales. We believe this is of historical value because obviously it is of... painted in his formative years and this is before he was political. So you can have a look at the pictures and see what was in the psychology of the man, inside the man's head, rather than what the man became. Hitler's artworks have been dispersed around the world - much of it hidden from public view. But more than 60 years after his death - the fascination with him, shows no signs of abating. Jane Hutcheon, ABC News.

Sydney's beleaguered Cross City Tunnel is one year old today, but there were no birthday celebrations from the State Government. The Premier's used the occasion to again call for the toll road's owners to drop the price to increase motorist numbers. And Morris Iemma's again referred to the damage the tunnel boycott and the row over road closures has done to his Government. Well there's not a cake or a candle in the Iemma household for the Cross City tunnel tonight. Charges for not using an electronic tag are due to rise from the beginning of September. It's a daily dilemma facing consumers everywhere - whether to dump or recycle their refuse. But one rubbish tip in suburban Sydney is doing both. It's become a world-leading recycling plant, where garbage is processed for power and profit. This dump turns over 175,000 tonnes of household waste every year - that's about 11% of Sydney's rubbish. But virtually nothing here is thrown away. The specific products we make are energy to power the plant,

we make compost, we make metals - aluminum and steel, feeds to recycling - plastics, glass and paper. Nearly all the rubbish here has a value. The gas produced by the compost is a clean energy and is extracted to run the site. The rest of it goes back into the main electricity grid as power. It takes up to eight weeks to turn this garden waste

into 30,000 tonnes of compost, which is then sold back to the market each year. This is our organic compost that we produce - approximately 100 tonnes a day that goes to our farms. The sorting process removes the hazardous waste - like 15,000 car batteries a year and gas bottles. But most household waste is recycled in this process. There's still, at the end of the process, what we call a residual. And at this facility, that residual is around about 12-15% of what we receive at the front end. By avoiding landfill and recycling, this plant can reduce its emissions by the equivalent of about 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. That's like taking 50,000 cars off the road. It's also putting a price on pollution,

and addressing global warming as a direct result. Sarah Clarke, ABC News, Sydney. Tonight's top story - the Federal Government says there'll be incentives to encourage existing Telstra shareholders to buy in again.

And still to come -

Layne Beachly back on top of the world. The top eight has been decided in the National Rugby League, but with one round remaining,

the order in which the clubs finish is far from settled. Last night, the Panthers dropped out of contention and the Dragons won in the wet. Today, the Warriors and the Cowboys won well and the Broncos ended the Eels' winning streak. The game shaped as one of the most significant of the season.

The winner would consolidate in the top four, the loser would drop to seventh. Missing Eric Grothe and a group of big forwards, the Eels' effort to win a 10th consecutive game looked doomed from the moment Justin Hodges went in. It might have been worse - the pass to Karmichael Hunt was deemed forward, Darren Lockyer missed a penalty from in front, but on their way to presenting a second successive opponent with a clean scoresheet, the Broncos made it 12, then 13-nil by half-time. And Brisbane added to the Eels' woes, adding 10 second-half points. If there's coach upheaval in the air at the Roosters, New Zealand did nothing today to ease concerns for the incumbent Ricky Stuart. On the back of a 65% possession glut, it was party time for Jerome Ropati. COMMENTATOR: Looking for a double... he will get the double! The number six went in for four, as the Warriors crossed for eight tries. He's having the time of his life! Prolific try scorer Nathan Merritt provided one bright moment for Souths, And Merrit will get to the line! but the Cowboys ran away for their first win since Round 6. Justin Smith's weaving right near the posts. Former Test centre Matt Gidley crossed for a double as Newcastle took an 18-point half-time advantage. And Jarrod Mullen again showed his value as the replacement for the suspended Andrew Johns. It was 8 tries to 1 and Newcastle has the bye leading into the finals. In a slippery first half in Illawarra, Gasnier and Barrett's effort to set up a Dragons' try... For Morris...who drops it, regathers... ..was matched by Paul Gallen on the blind side. Three players went to the sin bin after the local derby boiled over before the Dragons controlled the second half for a 14-point win. It was a victory only soured by a season-ending injury for hooker Dean Young. The Eels have slipped from fourth to seventh, Brisbane needs a final-round win over the Warriors to secure a home final.

John Hayes Bell, ABC News. The New Zealand All Blacks have maintained their unbeaten record this year, thrashing South Africa 45 points to 26 in Pretoria. With the Tri-Nations Tournament already in the bag, the All Blacks rested many of their top-line players and still had too much class for the Springboks. Fly-half Dan Carter gave the All Blacks a 5-point half-time lead through a 60-metre penalty goal. COMMENTATOR: It's got the distance... ..oh ho that is fantastic! The All Blacks were cueing up to score tries in the second half. The Wallabies take on South Africa in Johannesburg next weekend. The Sydney Swans are back on track for a top four finish with one round remaining before the AFL finals after a big win over Brisbane at the Olympic Stadium. Today Port Adelaide won the local showdown against Adelaide, Fremantle thrashed West Coast, and Collingwood downed Carlton. Last night Richmond was accurate against Essendon and the Swans ran away from the Lions. In a tight first half, Adam Goodes was the stand-out player for Sydney as the premiers struggled to shake off Brisbane. Captain Michael Voss was one of only five goal kickers for the Lions Barry Hall celebrated his 200th career game with two goals. The Swans kicked 7 goals to 2wo in the second half for a percentage-boosting 57-point win. Defending A-League champion Sydney FC has started the new season the way it ended the previous one - with a victory over Central Coast. Queensland beat Perth New Zealand drew with Newcastle and Sydney had a 1-nil win. It's taken only 12 months for Sydney FC and Central Coast

to build up a rivalry football fans have warmed to. Central Coast signalled its intentions with Dwight Yorke kept in check by Andre Gumprecht. New Sydney coach Terry Butcher had some nervous early moments as the Mariners tested the reflexes of goal-keeper Clint Bolton. COMMENTATOR: There's Kwasnik, that is a wonderful save, point-blank from Clint Bolton. Sydney FC showed more intent after the break, the grand final re-match came alive in the 51st minute. Sydney take the lead and Ian Fyfe, what a rocket from the Sydney defender. Central Coast had its chances

but Sydney FC held on for a 1-nil victory. Save from Bolton, what a star he's been for Sydney FC. Last season's wooden spooner, New Zealand,

went close to opening the scoring against Newcastle. It was a painful A-League debut for former Socceroos captain, Paul Okon, who was involved in a headclash with Shaun Devine. Neither team could find a goal, although Gregory Duruz didn't miss Joel Griffiths. Yeah, clear elbow flying there by Duruz. The Brisbane crowd of 20,000 was ignited by three Queensland goals in six minutes in the second half as the home team recorded a first-up victory over Perth Glory. Duncan Huntsdale, ABC News. The Australian surfer Layne Beachley has moved within reach of a record-equalling seventh world title. Beachley clinched her first tour win since 2004 with victory in Brazil and is now back to the top of the world rankings. The last time Layne Beachley held the number one position was when she clinched her sixth world title three years ago. A near-perfect final sealed the inaugural Brazil crown and confirms Beachley is back. It was a fairytale ending for me. You know, I worked so hard all week and I've been participating in...making of the call and hoping that I'm doing the right thing. Beachley beat fellow Sydney surfer Jessi Miley-Dyer. It was the 20-year-old rookie's first final. Apart from breaking my nose earlier in the contest, I've pretty much had one of my best trips all year. With four rounds left, reigning world champion Chelsea Georgeson looms

as the biggest threat to Beachley winning title number seven. After a run of peerless performances, including consecutive majors, Tiger Woods has proved he is human. Despite typical brilliant moments... CROWD CHEERS ..Woods stumbled at the World Golf Championship. He dropped 4 shots to hand the lead to fellow American Stewart Cink.

Heading for the final round, he's ahead by 1 shot, with Australian Adam Scott 5 off the pace. A tearful Lindsay Davenport is in doubt for next week's US Open after retiring from the final of the key lead-up event. Just back from a 5-month lay-off through a back injury, Davenport dropped the first set to Justin Henin-Hardenne before succumbing to a shoulder problem. Just a lot of matches on my old body kind of took its toll. The US Open starts on Tuesday. Chris Kimball, ABC News. The Australian men's basketball team has been knocked out of the world championships in Japan after a heavy loss to the United States. The Boomers matched the gold medal favourites early, but faded to lose 113 to 73. Andrew Bogut top-scored for Australia with 20 points. Six decades ago,

it was a gruelling life-and-death trek for Australian soldiers. More recently, the Kokoda Track has been a tough 8-day hike for tourists. But this weekend, it became a cross-country race course for 43 hardy runners trying to complete the treacherous journey in less than 24 hours.

Port Moresby correspondent Steve Marshall reports from the finish line. 64 years ago, Australians and Papua New Guineans entered this jungle track as comrades. This weekend, a new generation squared off against each other

as competitors. I'm not really sure what I've got myself in for. While the diggers of 1942 lugged these 25-pounder cannons across the track, this group was merely armed with the bare essentials. We had a map last year but we lost the map. Then we got lost after losing the map. 43 competitors set off to trot the track in less than a day. It usually takes trekkers between 8 and 10 days to walk the same route. Injuries are quite common on the Kokoda Trail for those walking it, let alone running it. And even in this type of weather,

if someone is unlucky enough to break a leg in this race, it could take up to three days before medical assistance arrives. In most instances, it's going to take 24 to 36 hours to uplift. For local runners, the $5,000 first prize outweighed the danger. The average Papua New Guinean doesn't even earn what these guys are gonna earn in one day. 10 minutes shy of 18 hours, the 'King of Kokoda' emerged. Local Brendan Buka averaged 5km/hr across the track's excruciating ups, and daunting downs. More than two hours later, the first of the Australians limped home to claim third place overall. The downhills were just killing my quads and to see these guys just tiptoe down every hill, just flying past. For these NSW brothers,

the investment in a new map proved worthwhile. And this year we learnt to never, ever come back. That's not surprising, given the state of these. Steve Marshall, ABC News, Kokoda Village. Now lets take a look at the weather. In Sydney today - it was your average winter day with a top of 19 degrees. It was two degrees warmer in some western suburbs. Around NSW today - in the north-east, it was warm in parts. Mungindi was the State's hottest spot with a top of 26. Grafton got up to 24. In the south-east - Perisher Valley was the coldest place overnight with a low of minus 7. Across the State it was a dry but cloudy day with most towns in the far west reaching tops up around the 20 degree mark. In the 24 hours to 9:00am the top rainfall was 7mm at Smoky Cape up near Kempsey.

In the six hours to 3:00pm there were no reports of rain. In the capital cities today - Brisbane was wet, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart were overcast. Adelaide and Darwin were cloudy, Perth was fine. The satellite picture shows high jetstream cloud sweeping across the south-east producing no rain, but further south over Tasmania and western Victoria there's some rain coming from a weak front. But the high in the Bight is clearing those showers and directing warm north-easterlies across WA. And there's a trough extending down along the east coast. And combined with some onshore winds, that should result in some rain and isolated storms tomorrow in South East Queensland and along the NSW coast. In the capital cities tomorrow - Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne - a few showers. Hobart, Adelaide and Perth - fine. Darwin - hot. Around NSW tomorrow - in the north-east - on the coast and Tablelands there'll be showers with the chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. Moderate falls possible in some coastal areas. In the south-east - on the coast and central Tablelands there'll be isolated showers and it'll be cool to mild. Elsewhere it should be mainly fine. Inland - in the north-east there's the chance of isolated showers, apart from that fine and mostly sunny. In Sydney tomorrow - a few showers with the chance of a thunderstorm near the coast. Moderate winds, a top of 18 in the city up to 23 in Campbelltown. SSW winds should tend SSE in the morning up to 25 knots. And in Sydney over the next week - Tuesday and Wednesday - more showers then fine through to Saturday with more rain on Sunday. And before we go another look at tonight's headlines. The Federal Government is refusing to say if the Telstra float will be a good deal for investors. But it's confirmed there'll be financial sweeteners to encourage buyers. Iran insists the launching of a heavy water plant is for peaceful purposes but Western analysts say it could also lead to the development of nuclear weapons. And Sydney police are concerned over the rise in violent car-jackings after a driver was shot in the back at a busy intersection.

That's the news for now.

I'll be back with more around 8:30. We leave you tonight with Queensland's annual Gympie muster. Have a great night. Closed Captions produced by Captioning and Subtitling International Pty Ltd