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(generated from captions) dividends for the Government but the spending spree has yet to pay in the opinion polls. surveyed at the weekend Today's Newspoll shows 60% of voters is good for the economy think the Budget has dropped another two points, and yet the Coalition has picked up two. while the Labor Party

says the Treasurer. "No surprises there," and people say, "Oh that's nice. Tax cuts come in in July

to help with the bills" "A little bit more money so it's not instantaneous. Alarmingly for the Coalition, of preferred prime minister, on the question

over John Howard to 12 points. Kevin Rudd has extended his lead

the poll result. Labor too, playing down

and, as I've said, Anything could happen when we get to election day I think it'll be 51-49 one way or the other. With the Government

debate from Labor seizing control of the education

in its well received Budget, his latest education vision PM John Howard has now detailed

for Australia. governments and teachers' groups - It's a vision that's angered State tying reform to federal spending. principals to hire and fire staff, Mr Howard wants greater powers for on how schools tackle bullying. as well as greater transparency their child is safe at school, Parents are entitled to expect that that classrooms are orderly have the authority and that teachers and principals a strong learning environment. to maintain Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. taken in for questioning Police have released a British man of 4-year-old Madeleine McCann over the disappearance in Portugal. Robert Murat shares with his mother Officers searched the villa child was snatched 11 days ago. which is just 150m from where the They have been here since 7:00am. A tent sits on the drive forensic officers work and beneath it, you can't see her. and through the hedge, answers questions. The owner of the property REPORTER: Who lives there? WOMAN: Here? Yes. Me. In the house that they're searching? Me! Do you know why they're searching? I can't say anything. I don't know, no. who was talking looks like. And this is what the woman She's called Jenny Murat she has run this stall and for the past few days to help Madeleine. appealing for information and so has her son. She has been high profile journalists he lived in England This is Robert Murat who told but is staying with his mum. with journalists. He spent a lot of time where lots of English people live. This is an area And tonight, she was surprised by developments. a friend of the family said

Jenny is very well known here most of her life as I've said, she's lived here reputation and a great name. and the family has a very good Of course, all of this is happening family are still staying. very close to where Madeleine's As far as we're concerned,

to the contrary, until there is concrete evidence and being looked after. we believe that Madeleine is safe the terror at the moment. I mean, you can't even consider

enter into my head. Absolutely - I can't even let it This is a moving situation. just another development The search may prove to be but there is a sense here that things are starting to move more quickly in this inquiry. A plea this morning outside a Melbourne hospital for the mother of a baby abandoned to come forward. The newborn,

at the Royal Children's Hospital, named Catherine by nurses is suffering breathing difficulties but is slowly improving.

in intensive care She's expected to be in an incubator for at least another day. about the welfare of her mother. Police remain concerned If she hasn't been located to leave hospital, by the time Catherine's ready foster care. the baby will be put into More than 200 chemicals, like shampoo and snack foods, many found in everyday products in animal tests. have caused breast cancer The study, conducted in America,

points to air pollution and food additives as other likely causes. the National Breast Cancer Centre With more, Dr Helen Zorbas from joins me at the desk. Good morning Dr Zorbas. This research is really telling us isn't it? that cancer risks are all around us,

Animal studies give us a starting

point to better understand what

might happen in a human bottle but

it is important to appreciate that

we cannot always necessarily

translate what happens to animals

to humans. Breast cancer does not

have been the same way. It does

provide us with some information

about potential pollutants that

might impact on can so risk in

humans but the problem for us is to

be able to identify which

pollutants and how we Edmee she

expose at best at the time. For

researchers, it is an important

area to investigate into the future.

It is early days. This is the first

Stanley it is looked at other research pointing to these possible

links with breast-cancer. That is

pretty instrumental. It is a

important statement to be made

their research it really needs to

be focused more into preventing

breast cancer where we have put a

lot of energy into early detection

and treatment. There is a lot but

we do not understand about the

factors which initiates breast

cancer and ways in which we can

prevent it. We do know that some

things a very important to identify

and then is reducing weight,

exercise, even three hours a week

off reasonably brisk exercise.

Reducing alcohol consumption to

want to glasses a day. These are

things that we can all do that we

do know it in packs significantly

on risk. Environmental factors may

also impact on a risk. A this

research was pointing to food

additives and other chemicals

exposed to every day. It is a real

challenge for researchers. We do

any better ways to identify how to

quantify exposure to particular

bits of pollutants and to be able

to have studies that have the

validity going for. The this new

research comes with your new

organisation releasing a DVD. We

have a DVD available free of charge

by contacting the National Bread

breast-cancer on the website. There

are myths about press can such

banned risks. What changes to look

for, detection messages and a

really important for women and it

is really easy to watch her

understand. In his fork one men to

access if they want. Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone has pleaded guilty to bringing human growth hormones into Australia. A Sydney court has heard the 'Rocky' star brought vials of the banned substance into the country in February while on a promotional tour. He's admitted to two charges of importing a prohibited substance. He faces a maximum penalty of $22,000. A Melbourne man shot in the stomach overnight didn't seek medical help until being pulled over for speeding. The man was waiting at an intersection when a number of men approached his car. Several shots were fired, one hitting the victim. He was stopped by police nearby and taken to hospital. The 23-year-old man's condition improved overnight, he's now listed as stable. Meanwhile, Ten News cameras have captured an apparent road rage attack in Melbourne. It's not known how the fight started, or if charges have been laid. A memorial service in Perth today for a local sailor lost at sea when his yacht was crippled by a storm a fortnight ago. Three survivors have now arrived in Cape Town aboard their rescue ship. It wasn't meant to end this way. One man missing, presumed drowned, another injured and two others lucky to be alive after their yacht was smashed in a wild Indian Ocean storm a fortnight ago. We had a skipper who was incapacitated, I had a bad cut on my head, Carol was injured. We were then realising we weren't in a position to be able to sail the boat any longer.

At the height of the storm Perth man John Blackman was swept away. The boat broached again and when it came up, John was gone. The 4-member crew had left Cape Town on the final leg of a round-the-world trip when the yacht was crippled. The skipper, Dale Petersen, the worst of the injured with a broken hip.

There is still a family tragedy in this because we've lost John but at the moment, I'm delighted, you know, my husband's here. A memorial service will be held today in Perth for John whose body has never been found. Tim Collits, Ten News. Fishermen stage a dramatic rescue in the icy waters off Alaska - those pictures next. And what caused this reporter to lose his cool? You were not there at the beginning of the interview. SQUELCHING (Righteous Brothers sing) # Oh, my love # My darling # Your touch... # Mmm. VOICEOVER: Germany's Ford Fiesta.

With air. From an even sexier $14,990. This program is captioned live. There's still no sign of three American soldiers believed to be kidnapped by a group linked to al-Qa'ida in Iraq. 4,000 US troops have joined in the search for the three soldiers who went missing on the weekend after their patrol was attacked south of Baghdad. A group calling themselves the 'Islamic State of Iraq' claims to have the trio, it says the soldiers won't be safe if the US-led search continues. Fisherman have staged a dramatic Fishermen have staged a dramatic rescue in icy waters off Alaska. They helped pull passengers to safety after a cruise ship ran aground and started taking on water. In the pre-dawn hours passengers on a Alaskan cruise were ordered to abandon ship after the 'Empress of the North' hit a rock and started taking on water. By the time the coastguard arrived on scene the paddle-wheel ship was tilting 6 degrees to one side and passengers had to be helped to safety of other boats. The 'Empress of the North' put out a Mayday and fishing vessels, ferries and other cruise ships in the area came to a quick rescue. 281 passengers and crew were onboard. All the passengers were evacuated without injury. It was the second day of a week-long cruise. This is the fourth time the 'Empress of the North' has hit something. Most recently, the vessel was grounded last year on the Columbia River, leaving 250 passengers stranded. She's heading back and they will be taking a look at her when she is in the marine facility. The company spokeswoman says the ship didn't lose power and the crew was able to pilot her back to port with a coastguard escort. A BBC investigation into the Church of Scientology has been overshadowed by an outburst by its reporter. During an interview, John Sweeney lost his temper. The rant was then posted on the Internet by Scientologists. Locking horns. The man from the Church of Scientology and the panorama reporter. This is the moment John Sweeney admits he resembled an exploding tomato. No! Brainwashing! No! You listen to me! You were not there at the beginning of that interview! You were not there! The Scientologist had filmed the altercation themselves and posted it on the Internet with their own commentary. VOICE OVER: Sweeney's reaction was unexpected, to say the least. You did not hear or record all of the interview! Do you understand? Do you understand? In fact, the Church of Scientology filmed John Sweeney throughout the making of the documentary. The reporter claims he was also shouted at and spied on. I'm angry. Real angry! I'm very disappointed with John, he's disappointed. But when you see the program and what goes before and what comes after, you see a portrait of an extraordinary organisation which says it does so much good work in the field of drugs and human rights and will not accept any criticism about it whatsoever. So-called video ambushing where the interviewees turn the camera on the reporter isn't completely new. What is new, is their ability to attract an instant audience. Tens of thousands of people have already seen this clip on YouTube. John Sweeney has apologised but the fact this confrontation came to light at all is an illustration of how quickly the media landscape is changing.

Fresh from rubbing shoulders with royalty, American President George W. Bush has stunned crowds in Virginia and conducted an orchestra. The US President unexpectedly took to the stage, surprising everyone, including the band. to the stage, surprising everyone, including the band. Mr Bush looked like a natural as he waved the baton. The woodwinds and horns managing to keep up. The musical treat was during celebrations for America's first British colony. Melbourne face a nervous wait with defender Ben Holland due to front the AFL tribunal. That's when the Morning News returns. Plus, the judiciary incidents impacting on State of Origin rugby league selections. Or here or here or here. Because with L'Oreal's Excellence Creme, I not only get rich, radiant colour but also perfect grey coverage. First the Excellence Serum preps and protects each hair, Then a creamy don-drip formula wraps each grey hair. It's SO conditioning, even on those wiry little ones. Excellence Creme - only by L'Oreal Paris. This program is captioned live. In finance news - the Australian share market is weaker today. Melbourne defender Ben Holland will tonight face the AFL tribunal on the serious charge of eye-gouging. But three other investigations from a spiteful weekend of football have this morning been cleared by the match review panel. Saturday's all-in brawl hogged the limelight at yesterday's match review panel. COMMENTATOR: Didak's down, Fevola's in it. $32,000 in melee fines were dished out to Collingwood and Carlton. But this morning a number of separate incidents have been more closely scrutinised.

And it's not good news for the Demons. Ben Holland must face the tribunal to answer the serious charge of face contact.

Johnson was cleared of a head butt on the Demon.

Other cases against Bulldogs Scott West and Melbourne's Simon Godrey and an investigation into a heat butt not captured by television cameras Cat hothead Cameron Mooney have all been cleared. In other football news, the AFL has met with Ben Cousins who remains some way off a return to the game. He's obviously determined and wants to play football again but he needs to get his health in order. In injury news, Crows skipper Mark Ricciuto's back trouble has flared again.

His comeback has been placed on hold. But it's slightly better news for the Saints Matt Maguire. His road back from stress fractures may be quicker than expected. It's going really well. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Wallabies star Stephen Larkham has announced plans to head to Scotland after the World Cup. The 32-year-old Brumbies fly half has sorted through a number of offers eventually deciding to settle with Edinburgh. Larkham has 95 Test caps for Australia crossing the line 24 times in his international career.

He follows in the footsteps of team-mate and Wallaby skipper George Gregan, who's off to France after the World Cup. Lleyton Hewitt's answering his critics at the Hamburg Masters, opening with a convincing win over Argentine Agustin Calleri.

Hewitt cruised past unseeded Calleri in a straight sets win, 6-3, 6-4. COMMENTATOR: Lleyton Hewitt - solid performance from the Aussie. He'll face Juan Ignacio Chela in the second round after the Argentine downed compatriot Guillermo Canas 6-1, 4-6, 6-1. Organisers of the Billabong Pro surfing contest in Tahiti have made a rare decision to extend the event which was due to wrap up today.

A 3m swell's expected to hit Teahupoo on Thursday with surfing officials opting to hang out until the big waves hit. All going to plan the quarterfinals will get under way then with four Aussies remaining in contention - Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning, Luke Stedman and Kai Otton. Embattled England batsman Andrew Flintoff's been overlooked as captain for Thursday's first Test against the West Indies, selectors instead opting for Andrew Strauss. British tabloids are claiming last summer's 5-nil Ashes surrender and drunken escapades in the Caribbean have ended Flintoff's dream of leading his country again. Freddie says he's more worried about improving his batting. I've been working with Mike Watkins down at Old Trafford and Neil as well and I'm feeling good and confident about walking up to the crease. But it may be a while away. He's in doubt for Thursday's clash due to his recurring ankle injury. The NRL has avoided a Supreme Court battle with its major sponsor Telstra and half-owner News Limited. The feud, regarding fair use of game footage, prompted Telstra to withhold its installments of the 6-year $90 million sponsorship deal with the NRL.

Overnight, News Limited heeded Telstra concerns, agreeing to limit the sale of game footage to rival telecommunication companies. The cease-fire resulting in a hefty $8 million payment to the NRL overnight. Rugby league selectors from NSW and Queensland have named their sides for next week's opening State of Origin match in Brisbane. Adam Hawse joins us and Adam, what are the main talking points of the NSW team?

The Blues have delayed naming their

side. There was a boast to name

their side at 11 o'clock and is is

now 1130. Then I its rocky was their side at 11 o'clock and is is now 1130. Then I its rocky was now 1130. Then I its rocky was supposed now 1130. Then I its rocky was supposed to get on now 1130. Then I its rocky was supposed to get on the edge. now 1130. Then I its rocky was supposed to get on the edge. now 1130. Then I its rocky was supposed to get on the edge. now 1130. Then I its rocky was supposed to get on the edge. now 1130. Then I its rocky was supposed to get on the edge. now 1130. Then I its rocky was supposed to get on the edge. now 1130. Then I its rocky was supposed to get on the edge.

There is a judiciary charge. They

will go to the judiciary tomorrow

night. He is clearly one to fight

they'd charge. It could take his

spot in the new Savoys side. If

what about the Queensland team?

They have left out police later.

Another judiciary charge is off. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation. (Speaks Italian) Aunty Ethel! Aunty Judy! With twice the fibre and a delicious taste, Continental has the first wholegrain pasta and sauce Look for the 'C'. This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather. That brings you up to date with all the news. I'm Natarsha Belling. TTN is next. Good morning. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.