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(generated from captions) Yep. returned in their hundreds The community of Marysville Fisk had been part of their lives. to show how much Lizzie and Dalton That they had belonged here. formed a guard of honour The emergency services one of their number has paid. as a tribute to the terrible price volunteers, who give of their time, Most, like Glenn Fisk, are to give this much. but nobody should be asked will be asking the question - The royal commission in the front line, did those who put them their duty of care? properly discharge and the communications Were the systems, the preparation up to the job on the day? fire danger. A day they knew would be of extreme of the Country Fire Authority The senior ranks to Four Corners, have declined to speak of Sustainability and Environment. as has the head of the Department Glen Fiske has no axe to grind. for their support. I just thank everybody of the fires It's been the whole aftermath experience I've had my life. has been the most humbling this side of people before. I've never experienced has looked after us. Australia as a whole has, ah, I think it's great. Closed Captions by CSI

a TV picture now, Houston? MAN: Are you getting we are getting a TV picture. MAN 2: Neil, yes, and welcome to television. Good evening, # Born free... # (MATT MUNRO SINGS) We say sorry. for not turning up today is a bum. Any boss who sacks anyone (LAUGHTER) # The world still astounds you # Each time you look at a star # Stay free... # has died. MAN: Diana, Princess of Wales, MAN 2: President Kennedy died. the Victorian bushfire disaster. IAN ROSS: ground zero for I like the boy. (LAUGHTER) Your Australian Idol! gives us so much. VOICEOVER: Television television now and get more - Switch to Freeview digital for free. more moments, more channels - CC THEME MUSIC

SBS THEME MUSIC Australia at 9:30 - Coming up in SBS World News Thailand have ended their siege anti-government protesters in of Government buildings in Bangkok. on the protesters with at least... The Thai army has been cracking down ..are we going to get some pictures? Not this time, Ben. and we'll put that take in the bin? Why don't you go again But instead, SBS put it to air. I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to Media Watch. A couple of weeks ago, with its new computer system, Ignite. we looked at the ABC's struggles

as we always are, But to be scrupulously fair, we should point out accident-prone recently too. that SBS News has also been on its 6:30 bulletin For example, this was the lead story last Monday night: (GARBLED SOUND) Karen, what's happened to your voice?

two interminable minutes. That went on for more than from newsreader Neena Mairata - We did get a nice apology it happened again. but then a few stories later,

Another 1.5 minutes of garble on Rio Tinto's fiery AGM. instead of Rena Sarumpaet's report

last week. And that wasn't Rena's only problem she's also a part-time newsreader. As well as a reporter, a bit early But they seem to have crossed to her for this news update. a future, you know. FLOOR STAFF: ...walking towards on the map. Rena was hunting for Barrow Island

a bit of Australian geography One of the studio crew obliged with to say if it's north or west. Yeah, so I just need I'd say north Western Australia. Well, I haven't got that... We're all watching! Hi there Rena! viewers never did find out In the end, where Barrow Island was. whether Rena found out new Australian feature PROMO VOICE: Saved - a gripping starring Claudia Karvan... Saved indeed! tells Media Watch: SBS Head of News Paul Cutler we call them 'teething problems.' Paul, over here at the ABC for the last couple of weeks, Meanwhile, get its stories to the public any news medium that could of asylum-seekers. was dealing with the issue illegals... Or, as many preferred to call them,

a new boatload of illegal immigrants The navy is also monitoring already on their way.

..Malcolm Turnball's push visas for illegal asylum seekers... to re-introduce temporary protection "illegal immigrants" When the media keep using the term "illegal asylum-seekers", and even more bizarre, understand that it's perfectly legal no wonder a lot of the public doesn't from persecution in your own. to ask for asylum in another country back in 2004, Which is why the Press Council, cautioned Australian newspapers: complaints this time around The Press Council has passed on to a number of papers, about the use of the word "illegal" at expanding its guidelines. and tells Media Watch it's looking seem to think Meanwhile some media commentators of persecution - that to have a well-founded fear the test of a genuine refugee - you have to be dirt poor. in his Herald Sun blog, Andrew Bolt, in The Australian: quoted from an article

Bolt then commented: the same information 2GB's Ray Hadley used

to come to the same conclusion: I don't follow the logic. the safety of their families If people have genuine fears for they have - they're going to spend every penny and some they haven't - trying to get them somewhere safer. is surely irrelevant. Whether they're rich or poor posted on 2GB's website, really help? And does this sort of question, result in sensible debate. Now that's a question bound to who ought to be illegal, And now to an electronic immigrant but apparently isn't.

at 3am on Channel Nine. You can find him doing his stuff God has used Reverend Peter Popoff and ministry throughout his entire life to hundreds of thousands of people to bring miraculous deliverance around the world.

wouldn't tell us - It's not clear - and the Nine Network to have his half-hour message aired. whether Peter Popoff is paying But whether he is, or he isn't, it's clearly an exercise in spruiking a product: "Miracle Spring Water". We're going to share the miracle spring water with you. And I'm going to tell you how a Russian pastor found the miracle spring water, not on his own but through divine leading and direction and God miraculously spared, prospered, delivered him and God wants to do the same for you as you use the miracle spring water. And as you can see, this miracle water is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Which is clever of the Reverend Popoff. Because if he were selling you the miracle water, which he says has the power to transform your life, he'd be engaging in trade or commerce. And under the Trade Practices Act, a person or corporation... Peter Popoff has form. Back in the early '80s he was a celebrated faith healer, who miraculously knew the names and addresses of individuals scattered through his congregations... POPOFF: 1627 10th Street, is that right? OLD WOMAN: That's right! ..and without asking, he knew their ailments too. POPOFF: Burning this arthritis right out of your body. Take a few steps just to make the devil mad, hallelujah! But thanks to the detective work of an American sceptic called James Randi the hoax was exposed - on camera. POPOFF: Jodi...Dean? Jodi Dean? POPOFF: 4267 Masterson? I can see the angels of God all around your house... The female voice was that of Peter Popoff's wife Elizabeth, prompting him via a wireless earpiece from information she'd garnered before the service. Shortly after that was aired on national TV, Popoff filed for bankruptcy. But for the last decade he and Elizabeth have been back in the game. According to tax returns, Popoff's Ministry took in more than $23 million in 2005. In February 2007, reporter Matt Meagher, of the US TV program Inside Edition, described how Popoff made his money. Our miracle water came with what Popoff calls a bag of sacred Dead Sea salt. I'm supposed to sprinkle it over a cheque, made out to Popoff, for $27... As for the miracle water, I'm supposed to drink it, wait five days, and I'll be blessed with riches. But of course I'm supposed to send Popoff another cheque. And once the demands started, they didn't stop. As Peter Popoff knows, the world is full of desperate and gullible people. The Western Australian Department of Commerce runs a website called ScamNet. It pulls no punches about Peter Popoff. In the UK, the Advertising Standards Authority banned Popoff's infomercials two years ago. But in Australia, so far, the regulators have done nothing. Perhaps because it's not clear which regulator should act. If Popoff is paying Nine, it's an advertisement, and should comply with the Australian Advertisers' Code of Ethics, which says: If Popoff isn't paying Nine, but just giving this guff to the Network for free, it becomes a program. In fact Nine has the gall to refer to it as: Religious program! I prefer what ScamNet calls it - We know of one Australian network that's refused to put Peter Popoff to air. But Nine, apparently, has no such qualms. Radio 4CA in Cairns also seems to have trouble knowing what's an advertisement, and what isn't. It's well known in Cairns that the Mayor, Councillor Val Schier, has had a prickly relationship with the city's commercial talkback host, 4CA's John McKenzie. Her predecessor appeared on his show for an hour every week. But since her election last March, she's barely been heard on the station. Then, six weeks ago, McKenzie started hosting cosy talkback sessions like this... But it turns out that Mr Mackenzie's favours don't come for nothing. As the Cairns Post gleefully revealed last week, 4CA is charging the Council an hourly rate. The Council has today confirmed the arrangement. But the Mayor is indignantly pleading ignorance. The deal was negotiated by the Council's Communications Manager. Whether she did in fact tell the mayor is now a matter of dispute. But Radio 4CA - and John McKenzie - seem to think everyone's making a big fuss out about nothing. That sounds to me like he's saying, "If the Council didn't buy advertising, there's no way Councillor Schier would get on the air." Which seems an odd thing for a radio talk back host to say to the mayor of his city. Councillor Schier responded:

Indeed it is - for both the Council and 4CA. The Commercial Radio Codes of Practice state: So if the Mayor's interviews were paid for, the station should have told its listeners so. And it never did. But Macca's attitude reminds me irresistbly of Lawsie in his prime: Ah, the nostalgia! It's as if the whole Cash for Comment scandel never happened. Believe it or not, Macca, most commercial radio stations - and TV shows come to that - give air time to elected politicians without expecting to be paid for it.

The broadcasting regulator tells Media Watch that: And it's told the Cairns Post that it's doing so So we'll just have to restrain our impatience. We'll be back next week. See you then. Closed Captions by CSI This program is not subtitled This Program is Captioned Live.

Good evening, airports are

ramping up their screening procedures amid fears of a

swine flu pandemic, all pilots

landing in Australia from the

Americas will have to report on

the health of their passengers,

anyone with flu symptoms will

be guaranteed. 19 be guaranteed. 19 Australians

have been screened, but health

authorities say there's no node

to panic, four suspected

occasions in Queensland have

been cleared. Federal prosecutors dropped their

criminal case against the

businessman Richard Pratt,

because he's terminally il. Two

years ago his company Visy was

fined $36 million for price

fixing and was facing criminal

charges for lying under oath.

The Sri Lankan Government ends

combat operations against Tamil

Tigers, warning it doesn't mean

there's a cease-fire, security

forces have been told to stop

using heavy weapons to allow

civilians to be rescued from

the war zone. Fashion designers

have gone for quality rather

than can'tity. The economic

crisis forcing organisers crisis forcing organisers to

cut back to two catwalks, there

was plenty on show for the

recession-istas, a fashionista

on a Budget. Showers in

Melbourne and Hobart. Fine

elsewhere, more news on

I'm Jo. I don't like new faces. Zaf handles me, no-one else. Michael, you're our source and Zaf's left the service. Why? That's not important. I'm handling you now. You? Can you tell me why you wanted to meet? There's been some chatter at the mosque recently. I got a sense that something's going down. Yesterday this guy comes and asks if I'm interested in being active for the cause. What did he want? He's looking for a driver, for an operation. Who is he? His name's Hassan Lago. He's the cousin of Abdul Kharami. Kharami is getting his morning paper as usual. GPS tag confirmed operational. Come! Go! Ramin! I've been going to prayer meetings with him... We talk... a lot, about the jihad. He gave me a number to call him later this morning. Says he'll give me details of the op then. I think it could be as soon as today. OK, call him. Agree to whatever he asks. I'll be in touch.