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(generated from captions) at a church in Washington. with with the US President John Howard has shared a pew Good morning. Ten News with Tracy Spicer. major title at the British Open. Tiger Woods takes his 10th And as good as it gets - in Iraq. during a suicide bombing blitz against Saddam Hussein First charges laid with the President. the Prime Minister shares a pew at the White House - Warming up for talks This program is captioned live.

himself up next to a petrol tanker. 100 people killed as a terrorist blew a shocking suicide bombing - The news came shortly after by early September. and is now expected to stand trial has finally been charged Saddam Hussein, Former Iraqi dictator, Ten News. In Washington, Paul Bongiorno, and it's going to be a long slog. It's a long slog Richard Armitage has no illusions. Former Deputy Secretary of State from giving any exit timetable. but is refraining than some of the top US military, more upbeat about Iraq's future The Administration is considerably with Vice President Dick Cheney. The PM had a private lunch in order to embrace democracy. and threats of death in defying violence, intimidation of the Iraqi people the extraordinary courage I'll certainly be talking about democracy like Indonesia and Iraq. of support for countries embracing Mr Howard will stress the importance In a major speech to the IDU tomorrow but you never know in politics. or last-minute coup d'etats, I'm not aware of any other candidate in Washington. at this week's IDU meeting to be re-elected unopposed but he is expected is up Mr Howard's 3-year term as chairman the International Democratic Union. both men are members of As leaders of centre-right parties and an exchange of pleasantries. there were warm personal greetings After the service myself included. We can all take a bit from that, when in doubt. to seek help from others her high-powered congregation She also encouraged separate the weeds from the flowers. talked about praying for wisdom to in her sermon as the Episcopalian priest sat beside each other The first families near the White House. attend the Bush's parish church saw the Howard's The call to Sunday worship BELL TOLLS is already clearly evident. but the warmth of their relationship at the White House later this week, formal talks on terrorism and trade The two leaders will hold

bomb plotter Jack Roche. he also wants to speak with convicted It's understood to carry out a terrorist attack. and to have come to Australia with al-Qa'ida who is alleged to have links interrogated Willie Brigitte, Judge Bruguiere to global terrorism. is in Australia to investigate links dubbed 'Le Cowboy', Frenchman Jean-Louis Bruguiere, Philip Ruddock this afternoon. will meet Attorney-General top terror hunters One of the world's against him back in 1982. after a failed assassination attempt in the massacre of 150 people of involvement He's now formally accused charges have been made against him. it's been announced that the first Today, a year and a half later, time as a blow to the insurgency. was billed by the Americans at the The capture of Saddam Hussein may be actually provoking violence. that their presence rejecting the view it needs them here - The Iraqi government says haven't been able to stop the bombs. So far 135,000 American troops are thought to have been killed. not hundreds but thousands of Iraqis Since the elections in January, to halt the bloodshed. was meant to start coupled with political progress, Building up the security forces, being trained and put on the streets. More and more police and soldiers are too in relentless attacks. But Iraq's police have been targeted "And where were the police?" this survivor says. "How could the bomber do it?" to nearby towns for treatment. dozens had to be taken There was so many injured, government took office in April. since the new Shi'ite-dominated the deadliest there's been in Iraq in the bombing - This woman lost a son to try to save them. their children out of windows Witnesses speak of parents throwing and the people inside. homes and cars A giant fireball then engulfed shops, fuel tanker, blew himself up. when a bomber, driving a stolen in the cool of the evening had been crowded The centre of Musayyib becomes clear. as the full horror of what happened Musayyib is now burying its dead

from members of the public. Scotland Yard has confirmed that some of those received today do relate to the new image released showing the four bombers together at Luton Station. That information will now be analysed alongside 800 witness statements. And in Leeds today, further forensic examinations. Seven locations in West Yorkshire are still being searched. As those inquiries continue, investigators are still trying to establish what wider connections the bombers had. well over 3,500 calls Investigators have taken of all of the evidence gathered. to carry out a detailed analysis It will take months at all of the locations. Forensic workers continuing of two of the explosions. just a short distance from the sites It took place who died in the bombings. a rally remembered the victims this afternoon In London's Russell Square Surveillance is very costly. in surveillance. that they can apply to them are to have resources the less likely MI5 The further out they are, is like concentric circles. because this thing in MI5's operation has been identified Doesn't surprise me that this man but not considered a risk. He was one of hundreds investigated in a separate alleged terrorist plot. with a suspect because of an indirect connection was looked at by MI5 last year Mohammed Sadique Khan that 30-year-old But it's now emerged to the British security services. had been unknown that the four bombers It had been believed after deciding he wasn't a threat. but didn't take any action one of the suicide bombers last year Britain's spy agency targeted following the London bombings. A tragic error has been uncovered is something to be ashamed of. also claims being Australian One extremist publication encourage would-be terrorists. Lands' and 'The Criminal West' Books titled 'Defence of the Muslim in Lakemba and Auburn. shelves of Islamic bookshops have been found for sale on the Manuals on suicide bombing in Sydney's Muslim community. A disturbing discovery terrorist Carlos the Jackal in 1994. for tracking down international Judge Bruguiere is best known

Dozens of angry Tasmanian farmers have arrived in Melbourne in a bid to save the local fruit and veggie industry. The farmers and their machinery came on the 'Spirit of Tasmania', met by the Tasmanian Premier and Federal Agriculture Minister. They will rally on the steps of the Victorian Parliament before beginning the 2,000km trek. The farmers have lost more than $70 million-worth of contracts in recent weeks - the biggest from McDonald's who will now use overseas potatoes. Tiger Woods is a step closer to becoming golf's greatest ever player with a start to finish win at the British Open. It was his 10th major championship, all achieved before the age of 30. Tiger Woods right at home at the home of golf. COMMENTATOR: He is the champion. Woods so dominant his rivals conceding that trying to beat him was as close as it gets to a waste of time. He is the wrong name to have - having to chase. Yes, I'm sorry but he's that good and he's that experienced and that mentally tough. Woods started the final round with a 2-shot lead but not everything went his way Oh, he's hit the pin. How unlucky can you get! Spaniard Jose Maria Olazabal closed to within one shot of Woods midway through the round. And the great local hope, Scotsman Colin Montgomerie, also getting within a stroke of the great American. APPLAUSE But everything they threw at him, Woods returned with interest. By the end of the day a 5-shot winner. Beautiful touch from Tiger. Woods becoming just the second player, behind Jack Nicklaus, to have won all 4 majors twice and he's hungry for more. No matter how good you play. Your always feel like you can do better and that's what makes it exciting for the next day. Still to come - is Harry Potter losing his magic touch with the muggles? The latest book on the boy wizard is flying off the shelves, but the critics aren't convinced. Plus promises of a truce in Aceh after three decades of fighting. Volunteer firefighters killed battling a blaze in Spain. And Australians go all the way in the name of art. This program is captioned live. After 30 years of fighting peace may finally be a reality for the Indonesian province of Aceh. Indonesian authorities and Aceh rebels will sign a truce on August 15 after agreeing on a formula to end the conflict that's cost as many as 20,000 lives. Jakarta and the Free Aceh Movement will work together to disarm guerillas, withdraw Indonesian troops and monitor a ceasefire. The province was devastated by last year's Boxing Day tsunami. The disaster left 170,000 Indonesians dead, prompting both sides to return to talks. 11 firefighters are among at least 14 people killed popular holiday resorts like Cancun. thousands of tourists are fleeing As Emily's first winds make landfall roars towards Mexico. as Hurricane Emily have been ordered to evacuate 80,000 people wasn't properly extinguished. when a barbecue is believed to have started a massive trail of destruction, The fire, which has left the sun and choked the entire region. Smoke from the blaze blocked out of local towns and villages. forcing the evacuation thousands of hectares of land, Huge flames have devoured ravaging central Spain. in wild bushfires

once you've been there. and you never forget It's place everyone wants to go Disneyland is a true original. have enjoyed the Disney experience. Since then over 515 million people first magical theme park. Walt Disney opened the world's It was 50 years ago today has officially turned 50. The 'happiest place on Earth' married her 35-year-old beau 'Miss Congeniality' star The 40-year-old reality TV mechanic Jesse James. Actress Sandra Bullock has married Hollywood wedding. There's been another secret the fastest selling book in history. is expected to become The 'Half-blood Prince' of 13 books a second. reporting first hour sales with one British chain store haven't hurt sales - But a few harsh reviews and not very well edited. labelling it wordy, flabby and the half-blood Prince,' 'Harry Potter with JK Rowlings' latest release, readers are less than impressed Early feedback suggests some older trainee wizard's more mature fans. It seems it might be for some of the for 'Harry Potter'? Is the magic wearing off by Margaret Thatcher as Tory leader. and later replaced as Prime Minister in 1974 Sir Edward was ousted the 1969 Sydney to Hobart yacht race. a passion for sailing helped him win Away from politics He was elected as Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath has died at age 89. Former British Prime Minister later in the week. It's expected to hit Texas several lives in Granada and Jamaica. The monster storm has already claimed We didn't care where it landed. that would get us out of Cancun. We just took the last flight travelling at around 230km/h. July storm on US records, The hurricane is the strongest in 1970 and spent 3.5 years at Downing Street. He regarded Britain's entry into the European Community as his greatest achievement. in front of several hundred guests at a ranch outside Santa Barbara. Jesse James is best known as host of US reality show 'Monster Garage'. It's Bullock's first marriage, James's third.

And in sport the West Coast Eagles Hurricane Emily on the price of oil. concerns about the impact of Still to come - with the more memorable date 5/5/05. The first party held to coincide celebrated the anniversary. It's the second time Disneyland's or visit Optus World. So call 1800 555 558 it all adds up with Optus. and 6 months free Broadband, $0 connection So, with no excess download fees, in your first year. 6 months free Broadband access you'll also receive an amazing an eligible mobile plan as well, And if you have you'll enjoy $0 connection. Plus, for a limited time, guaranteed. with no excess download fees to choose from There's a range of plans your home phone with Optus. when you also have from just $29.95 a month with plans starting from Broadband Internet, You get all the speed you'd expect for choosing OptusNet Broadband. here are some simple reasons When it comes to the Internet, Shane Webcke could be in trouble. Also why Broncos' veteran panel's findings on striking charges. sweat on the AFL's match review

which is exciting for us. of football we want to play We're a long way away from the type they're a long way from their best. he's says from the coach, But an ominous warning It does. Magical goal! after annihilating the Bulldogs. are a game clear in second place Neil Craig's Crows for a tilt at the title. Interstate contenders are lining up so it's going to be a tough game. to beat them there'd only been one team at the ladder and the last time I looked next week we've got the West Coast Eagles track, you know, six weeks (Laughs) That's a long way down the premiership the way you travel? REPORTER: Can you win the against the flag favourite. and eager to test themselves of their past 10 matches who have won 8 to face the Swans The Eagles next week travel to Sydney for head-butting. And Chris Johnson is under review Lion Jamie Charman is also on report. from the Subiaco clash, In a spiteful fallout is the main objective. Obviously the next contest retaliated but nothing crazy. I think a couple of the boys at the moment. Plenty of little things going on will wait and see on this spat. Chad Fletcher and Ash McGrath on a striking charge for an elbow. Brownlow Medal fancy Dean Cox also against Michael Gardiner. And that is a free kick down field COMMENTATOR: Ooooh! is on report for this. Michael Gardiner In his first game back from injury, of the Eagles' ruck division. will decide the immediate fate But Peter Schwab's match review panel on top of the AFL ladder. They sit four games clear They've won 15 from 16 starts. on their striking charges. the match review panel's findings are both awaiting and Michael Gardiner Star ruck duo Dean Cox ladder leaders the West Coast Eagles. It's a nervous day ahead for the AFL two weeks. on the oil markets over the next have to wait and see if it impacts away from the oil rigs but we will unrest in Iraq. At the moment it is markets - we have seen a lot of new factor weighing heavily on the oil on the gulf. There is another non-essential staff from oil rigs we have heard they have removed any reaction from Emily so far but the prois of oil? We haven't seen Hurricane Emily? Has that impacted are having a great day. What about are lower today but the industries and material and banking sectors our reporting season. The energy busy. We only have two weeks until which is keeping the big players middle of the U.S. reporting season the moment because we we are in the overseas interest in the market at Well, Tracey, we've got no large Juliana? and a quiet day on the markets, at Commonwealth Securities Juliana Roadley is having a slow start to the day. the Australian sharemarket In finance news - This program is captioned live.

The Wallabies' injury worries are on the improve still more than a week away from their Test match Tim Hodges, Ten News. who has strained a hamstring. rests with Simon Goodwin The only Crow concern as a club. We've got a lot of work to do In rugby league, Melbourne's Matt Orford is set to join Manly next season. The Storm half-back expected to make an announcement in the next 24 hours. All the talk about his future didn't affect Matt Orford's performance yesterday. And while he's yet to tell his coach that he'll be leaving Melbourne, Storm officials appear resigned to his departure. Matt obviously sees himself as being worth more than we offered and that's we're it stands, I suppose. Bellamy conceding his club made a mistake by not putting a deadline on the offer it made to Orford four months ago. The offer's been on the table for a long time and I suppose, you know, we haven't wanted to put too much pressure on him because we wanted him to stay. Orford's expected to join Manly, who suffered their fourth consecutive loss yesterday. 26-point losers to St George Illawarra, Manly's form slump coinciding with the speculation over a deal with Orford. Yeah, my form's down but, you know, I don't think it's got anything to do with the Orford thing. The team's form is down and I'm no different. It's up to myself to start picking it up because we really need to start winning games. While Manly slid to eighth on the ladder, St George Illawarra moved into sixth and now a top four position is a real possibility. The Canberra Raiders also joining the logjam of teams in the top 8 mix with an upset 8-point win over Parramatta. COMMENTATOR: That's a 90m effort. Brisbane appears certain to claim the minor premiership. The Broncos six points clear at the top of the table after yesterday's 28-15 win over Melbourne. But at least one concern for the Broncos. Prop Shane Webcke on report for a dangerous throw. Leanne West, Ten News.

believe it. George Hincapie - Tour de France stage winner - 2005. Armstrong had his own personal win, finishing alongside the new second placed cyclist Ivan Basso. Next in Ten News weather around the nation. And while it's chilly down-under Aussies are getting naked in the UK. A famous photographer has convinced hundreds of keen art fans to get their gear off. against South Africa in Johannesburg. Skipper George Gregan led the side's first session since their arrival, while Chris Latham and Matt Rogers resume full training tomorrow. The side's excited about the chance to meet former South African president Nelson Mandela at the match. It'll certainly be quite an occasion. A very special man and not that many people will be able to say they've met Nelson Mandela. Hopefully, the guys on the weekend will draw from that and be quite a special moment. The sides play for the Mandela Trophy on Saturday week. Lance Armstrong has continued his relentless charge to a seventh Tour de France, increasing his overall lead on the toughest day of the world's toughest race. Tackling four gruelling climbs through the Pyrenees, Armstrong's team-mate George Hincapie broke away with 12 other cyclists. But at the finish no other rider could stay with him, becoming only the eighth American to win a race stage. COMMENTATOR: And he cannot

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day: Residents of the northern English town of Gateshead have woken to an unusual sight - 1,500 men and women wandering the streets naked. It was all in the name of art - the nudists, volunteers for a series of pictures for photographer Spencer Tunick. Braving the early morning elements the crowd, including Australians, bared their all in various locations around the picturesque town on the River Tyne. Tunick is famous for this kind of photography, documenting live nude figures in public around the world. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.