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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Climate conference delegates finally reach a draft agreement

agreement after two extra days of negotiations. We agreement after two extra days

our flexibility and we have

agreed to this.

demanding an end to Vladimir flood the streets of Moscow,

Putin's rule. The Prime planning a cabinet reshuffle, Minister, Julia Gillard,

so who will be the winners and losers? Australia 240 runs for victory over New

Zealand in the second Test. This is ABC News 24. Hello. I'm Nick Grimm. Checking

tomorrow's weather first of

all: The United Nations climate

change conference has been change conference has been a

marathon talkfest, but finally

there's some consensus. agreement on a draft deal to Delegates

cut carbon emissions. The

meeting had to be extended

meeting had to be extended by

two days in an attempt two days in an attempt to

settle negotiations. The

agreed draft deal involves a

text. Reports from the change in the wording of

conference say the Kyoto Protocol will be extended to text. bind some countries to cut greenhouse

greenhouse gas emissions. Other poor nations were pushing

for a legal agreement that would begin immediately. But China, the United States,

Brazil and especially India had been holding out. We've had

very intense discussions. Of

course, as you know, we

not happy with reopening the text, but in the spirit of flexibility and accommodation,

shown by all, we have shown our

flexibility and we have agreed

to this. Thank you in

particular for India for this

flexibility. We believe that

now we have three to develop a legal instrument, or to develop a protocol, another

legal instrument, or an agreed

outcome with legal force under the convention applicable to all

all parties. We think

a good and a strong result.

Thank you to all for helping to

create that result. A powerful

earthquake has hit Mexico. The

magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck

the State of gererro in the

country's south-west. It rattled buildings in the capital, Mexico of kilometres away. Residents

ran out of buildings and

gathered in the streets as the gathered in the streets as

quake was taking place. Tens

of thousands of demonstrators

Moscow protesting against have taken to the streets in have taken to the streets

alleged election fraud alleged

demanding an end alleged election fraud and

Putin's rule. Authorities demanding an end to Vladimir

allowed the rally to go allowed the rally to go ahead

place in on the condition that it took

place in a public square on an

island just south of the

Kremlin, where access points

can be easily controlled by

authorities. At least 50,000 authorities. At least

police and riot troops were

hundreds deployed to keep order and

It's the biggest show hundreds have been arrested.

It's the biggest show of

defiance in Moscow since It's defiance in Moscow since

Vladimir Putin took power more

than a decade ago and there was than a decade ago and there

no disguising why these

protesters were there.

Carrying banners caricaturing

the united Russia's emblem, a

rat, they chanted "Putin is a

worm". This is one of the

first in a planned wave nation-wide first in a planned wave of nation-wide demonstrations TRANSLATION: I don't agree Putin and his party.

with the results of the

elections at all. I would say

for the first time in my life

I'm not indifferent to what is

going on in politics. Well, I going on in politics.

just watch videos and saw

observers. photos, the reports made by

observers. It's shocking. It

is not right. They should not

fraud in do this. Reports of widespread

fraud in the December 4

election has angered these

protesters. There's a sense

among them that the elections

exposed the vulnerabilities of

party. TRANSLATION: I support Mr Putin and his United

the people who come out to protest against the fall fikation of the election

result. I would not call this election simply an election but

a referendum on people's trust

of the authority. The ruling

party and Putin as party and Putin as well. The

image of Prime Minister Putin image of Prime Minister

was that of a man who held the affection

affection of most Russians.

That's an image now undercut.

His United Party only narrowly

retains a majority of seats,

losing the two-thirds majority

it held in the previous parliament. The

TRANSLATION: Of course people

have run out of patience,

where especially in large cities

where people are well have

they are not ready to they are not ready to tolerate

such lawlessness when they are

ignored and their votes are

cynically stolen. Protest

leaders say this show of public

anger is the largest in the

country since the collapse of

the Soviet Union 20 years ago. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is announce a cabinet reshuffle

soon. The Prime Minister's

office has ruled out announcing

a reshuffle today, but refused to dismiss suggestions a change

to the front bench is afoot. to the front bench

It's believed Bill Shorten It's believed Bill Shorten will

be promoted at the expense of Attorney-General Robert McClelland and Ministers McClelland and Ministers Joe Ludwig and Nick Sherry.

Federal Opposition leader Tony

Abbott says the Prime Minister

needs to remove Kevin Rudd from

the cabinet, describing him as

"a poison at the heart of her government". After fielding

whether he would allow a questions all

conscience vote on gay

marriage, the Opposition Leader

has outlined his stance on the

matter today. In an

Tony Abbott made very clear

that he wouldn't let his that he wouldn't let his MPs vote on the issue according to

their conscience, saying that

the party was bound to the

long-held coalition policy that

marriage is an institution between

between a man and a woman. between a man and a woman. The news will come as a disappointment for disappointment for Liberal

frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull,

who has publicly lobbied Mr Abbott for a conscience vote the matter. The last thing any

of us would want to be is un sympathetic to gay sympathetic to gay Australians. We all have gay friends, of us have gay relatives.

We've got to be decent above

all else, we've got to have

government which is decent.

But - and this is very,

But - and this is very, very

important - I went to the

election saying that we had a

clear policy on this, it wasn't just a personal position, although it personal position, it was the clear policy of personal clear policy of the Coalition

at the election that marriage

was between a man and a woman. Greens leader Bob Brown

has hit out at Tony Abbott's demand

demand for Coalition unity on

the issue of gay marriage. He says Coalition members be says Coalition members should be able to vote according to

their consciences. More than half of the Opposition members will vote against their

conscience. In the Liberal and

National Parties they're alive

to the fact that of their voters want equality

in marriage, and now it's up to

them. There should be a rebellion against Tony Abbott

putting his putting his narrow-minded moral viewpoint on top of every other

member of the Liberal and

National Party. This is the

Liberal Party. This is the

party which says that a

conscience vote should be

exercised, but here we have

this narrow-minded and quite bigoted viewpoint from Tony Abbott being imposed rest of his party members. Well,

Well, really they have to Well, really they have to do

better than allow that clamp to

be applied by Tony

of chaotic scenes after a

petrol tanker exploded in

Melbourne's south east. The

driver of the tanker was

refuelling underground storages

at a petrol station in Rowville

when his vehicle burst into

flames. He suffered burns to

his hands and legs and is in

hospital in a critical but

stable condition. Worksafe Vic

says the explosion was caused

by leaking fuel and damaged two cars. The fire

then travelled back to the

tanker, causing the explosion.

Another vehicle hit a tree

while trying to escape the flames.

flames. Police are trying to

determine why a group of determine why a group of masked men gate crashed a men gate crashed a 21st birthday party and stabbed four

guests in Sydney's west

overnight. Police say the five men were armed with knives and machetes and started machetes and started fighting

with party-goers in the house's driveway.

driveway. Four men in driveway. Four men in their

20s were stabbed and a machete. Two of the machete. Two of the injured

men were taken to hospital.

Police are appealing to the

public to track down the group,

who fled the scene in a silver sedan. The six directors of a

private hospital in the Indian city of Kolkata have appeared

in court after a fire which

killed 90 people. Authorities

say the management of the

hospital failed to observe the

correct safety procedures.

Stories are now emerging about

how local residents rescued patients from the blaze. charred exterior of the AMRI Hospital,

Hospital, locals look on in

disbelief, still wondering how so many people died. The

number of people killed is high, but could

higher if it hadn't been for

the slum-dwelling community

living here behind the

building. They were tt first

to offer help. This man showed

me how he and other men broke

through a wall to catch staff

and patients jumping from the upper floors of the building. entering the hospital, but the

guards locked the gate. They

thought we were trying to raid

the hospital. They didn't

believe us when we said it was

on fire. We broke the wall and managed to drag out at least 20

to 30 people. His story is similar to his friend's, Krishna,

Krishna, who burnt his foot in

the rescue effort.

TRANSLATION: We broke windows

and caught people from the

upper floors. We had nothing

to gain except to help. Ironic

last night as a poor community when we tried to get medical help help from this five-star hospital they always turned us

away because we didn't have the money

money to pay. Fire ripped through the seven-storey

building in the early hours of Friday Friday morning. It's thought it started in the basement.

Rescue workers have already

been accused of being slow to

respond. The fire authority say they found it difficult to get to the scene because of narrow

narrow streets leading to narrow streets leading to the

hospital. Kolkata is one of

India's largest cities and facilities here have been flourishing. Some believe such hospitals the right place and with the

proper fire facilities.

TRANSLATION: You need to

think about the location of a

hospital in terms

People need to get in and People need to get in and out and so do the emergency services. The question is services. The question is why was this hospital given

permission to operate here in

an area that isn't adjusted.

Those questions for the moment mean nothing to the grieving relatives who collected the

remains of their family members

on Saturday. In the fire broke out. What they're

looking for now is what caused

that fire and if it was flammable substances, how flammable substances, how long

had they been there undetected

by the hospital administrators?

This hospital boasted the best medical facilities money could

buy, but officials with the fire services have fire services have been heavily critical, saying the critical, saying the sprinkler system failed to operate and

the fire alarm had been

switched off. 13 people,

including three children, have now been confirmed dead after a light plane crashed in the

Philippines capital, Manila.

The four-seater light aircraft crashed shortly after taking

off from Manila's international airport. airport. The crash caused a

large fire that destroyed large fire that destroyed at least 100 houses and a primary

school. At least five people

are still unaccounted for. are still unaccounted for. Ten others were injured, but there

were no reports of casualties

inside the school itself. inside the school itself.

Authorities say the light Authorities say the light plane

was on its way to deliver cargo

to the western province of Mindoro. US Republican Gingrich has thrust himself into an international

controversy by declaring that the Palestinians are an

inventive people who want to destroy

interview with the Jewish

channel in the US, the former

Speaker of the US House of

Representatives sided with

Israel in its conflict with Israel in its conflict with the

Palestinians. He also says President Barack Obama's

efforts to treat Palestinians

as the same as the Israelis is

favouring the the right to have a state and I believe that the believe that the commitments

made at a time - remember there

was no Palestine as a state.

It was part of the Ottoman

Empire. I think we've had an

invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs and

historically were part of the

Arab community. For a variety of political reasons, we of political reasons, we have sustained this war against

Israel now since the 1940s. I think it's

think it's tragic. Palestinian dismay over those comments by Newt Gingrich that they're an invented people, an

described the comments as unfortunate and has called the Republican presidential

contender ignorant. This contender ignorant. This is

unfortunate and it shows that

this guy is looking for some

votes in his election campaign

and it shows how ignorant he

East and the Palestinian

people. The Palestinian people had

had been living in this area

for thousands of years. Britain's chancellor George Osborne says their Prime

Minister, David Cameron, did the right thing this week when

he refused to approve a he refused European Union treaty to deal

with the crisis in with the crisis in the Eurozone. Mr Osborne says

Britain will continue to have strong Britain will continue to have a

strong voice in Europe and the UK's economic interests have

been protected, but some have accused

accused the Prime Minister of

pandering to Euro sceptic it's

in his

the city of London is quiet.

It's a far cry from the working

week when it's usually brimming with suits spilling out on to

the streets. But feared the plan for a feared the plan for a new

Europe would have made this a

daily scene in its daily scene in its biggest

financial hub. So he refused to

to go their way and sign up to

a deal. It's left some

wondering if the UK is wondering if the UK is now facing a future outside of Europe.

Europe. We're not exiting the European Union. We are protecting the European Union

as an institution that as an institution that serves all its

Britain. What we've done Britain. What we've done is

made sure that the things that

are relevant to Britain have to

be discussed when Britain is at

the table. It was the city of

London more than any other

place with its bankers place with its bankers and

investors that David Cameron

was seeking to protect when he

wielded that veto on the early

hours of Friday morning, but

now there are serious doubts

about what Britain can do as about what Britain can do as it

stands alone in a club of one to protect this place from new

rules and regulations. If the

rest of the EU comes up with a new transaction tax, it could be hard for UK firms to avoid

it, unless they avoid all business

business in all 26 countries.

One veteran Tory with One veteran Tory with close ties to Downing Street is worried about the threat

isolation. Britain has isolation. Britain has done extraordinarily well up until

now, but we have to be very

clear that we don't become the

wrong end of the policy making

of the 26 who are now, as we

know, an essential part of the

market place that the city

serves. Just hours after veto, David Cameron hosted a

private dinner at Checkers, his

official country home. Tory MPs toasted the Prime

Minister's success. Some in

his party want more now, maybe a referendum, but the Coalition

partners think Britain needs to

make friends again. We have to

make sure that we don't lose

friends within Europe and friends within Europe and that

we don't sound as if we are

happy to be going our own way

and to the Euro sceptics I say

don't think this is the

beginning of us pulling out of Europe. It absolutely isn't. For now the UK

alone. David Cameron said it was worth it to protect the national interest. The test

will be what influence he has around around the tabling in the

future, or is it the

of the end for Britain in

Europe? Sky watchers have turned out across Australia and

Asia overnight to see the moon

turn red in a total lunar

eclipse. The cloud cleared in Sydney, giving those gathered

at the city's observatory a spectacular view of the

eclipse. The full moon started

to enter the earth's shadow

last night at 11.45 Australian

eastern time and was completely

in shadow from just after 1 this morning. In Sydney the

event lasted for a total of

three and a half hours. The

eclipse also grew crowds eclipse

Hong Kong and New Delhi. We

came here to capture the

eclipse, because it's a

magnificent photo. In the umplt magnificent photo. In the umplt

S state of Washington salmon is

a major driver for the economy,

but a dam built on the Elle wa

river caused fish stocks to

plummet. Now the dam is coming

down after years of protests,

raising hopes and salmon will run wild

again. The river runs pure and

clean in north-west clean in north-west wilderness, surrounded by pristine national

parkland. For 1,000 generation, the native people

fished here for abundant

salmon, but in the early 20th

century industrialists built a

dam to generate electricity.

For the salmon and the clalum, it

it was a disaster. The elders were very frustrated and very

angry in many ways to

seeing the Shinnook salmon

beating against the walls of

the dam. Salmon returned from

the river to the ocean to

spawn. Now the river was cut

off. Before they may have had

access to 80 miles or so of

channel within a watershed, channel within a watershed, the dam near the mouth of such a watershed would block all of that habitat for those fish. Now in a fish. Now in a remarkable reversal, the dam is coming

down. It's the biggest dam

removal project in US history. It took decades of It took decades of pressure from from the tribe and environmentalists, fold by

years of planning, environmental review, engineering, studies and legislation.

legislation. But removal legislation. But removal work

finally began in September. Before this dam was built,

there were 400,000 salmon

living in the Elwa river. Now there living in the Elwa river. Now

there are just 3,000. The hope

is once this dam is completely

gone, those fish will return.

Over time, many other forms of

life will flourish as well.

The salmon are the cornerstone

and as they spawn and then die, they provide everything from insects to bear

s, really replenishing the

entire ecosystem. Over the past

US rivers have been torn down. decade, more than 400 dams on

Some go out with a bang. Many ageing dams are structurally

unsound and others are no

longer - A lot of these structures were built almost

100 years ago and so they're failing. The day the demolition on the Elwa demolition on the Elwa Dam

began, the clolum rejoiced Our

elders are ecstatic. The tears

of joy the day that everything

had transpired and of seeing

that dam starting to come

down. And then one day soon the

Elwa will be free, free to run wild again from the to the wild again from the mountains to the sea. Australia's torn through New Zealand's batting

order on the third day of the second cricket Test against New Zealand. New Zealand Zealand. New Zealand was dismissed for 226, with captain Ross Taylor the standout, Ross Taylor the standout, with 56 runs. So Australia's

chasing 241 runs for victory.

Australia's Peter Siddle

combined with Ricky Ponting to

show Williamson who's boss on

only his second ball. Oh, only his second ball. Oh, what

a catch. Ricky Ponting has

started the day perfectly for

the Australians. Siddle,

Ponting the man who took the catch. Black Caps captain catch. Black Caps captain Ross

Taylor reached his #50 and

looked like he was having

easy time of it until James

Pattinson showed his skills.

Michael Clarke moving nicely

with the ball, soft hands.

That's an excellent catch.

Good bowling. Nice full ball

that from Patinson. Pattinson backed

that up a short time later,

dismissing Brownlie, then lower order dismissing Brownlie, then the quick succession. Sydney FC

will be out to end its in the

A-League fixture. They haven't

beaten the Gold Coast away from home since the team entered the competition. Yesterday Central

Coast went to equal first on

the ladder with a win over Newcastle and Melbourne Victory

conceded conceded a late goal to draw

with Adelaide in their A-League clash. After an underwhelming start to his A-League career, brighter in the first half at Harry

Docklands. He pep Adelaide's goal, but Gal ec Vic Docklands. He pep ered

produce -- Dahl Dahl ek Vic

was produced several saves. Kewell

was involved in all of the

action in the first half, where

there was everything except a goal. They came after the break, though, the ever-reliable Archy Thompson broke through for the Victory. broke

The Reds responded soon after. Chance for Adelaide and

they've scored. aminy forced a brilliant aminy forced a brilliant save

from Matthew Nash, but Nash couldn't stop Griffiths. The

Mariners take the lead. Regulation really. And Bernie

Ibini found Matt Simon for Ibini found

simple putaway. Matt Simon

does it again. He loves so

scoring against the Jets. The

Mariners are now only behind

ladder leader Brisbane on goal

after an uneventful first half,

sig mond brought the game

iks ended the game with 10 light. What a goal. The Fien

iks ended the game with 10 men.

The Australian men's hockey

team has gone through the pool

stages of the champion's trophy undefeated. The Kookaburras warmed up for the gold medal

match with a 2-1 win match with a 2-1 win over New

Zealand. Already in the final, Australia received more good news news with Jamie Dwyer named the

world player of the year for a

fifth time. The Kookaburras

opened the scoring in

deflected it the fortuitous fashion. He's

black sticks had deflected it the wrong way. The

black sticks had the

Australians on their knees and capitalised on the capitalised on the penalty

corner. Shortly after corner. Shortly after the

break, New Zealand wasted a

golden opportunity to go ahead. Glen Simpson scored the match

winner in the 58th minute.

the first nation to win the Australia's on target

tournament four years in a row.

The Australian surfer Perrow has secured his Perrow has secured his first

victory on the world suffering

tour. He defeated Joel

Parkinson in this morning's

pipeline masters final. It's

the first time the 34-year-old

has won a world surfing tour

event. It's amazing. everyone and I just can't event. It's amazing. Thanks

believe I made the final and

didn't get second. I can't

even - it's beyond how I'm in

so this place again, it just felt

so good to get back here. I

just felt comfortable, just felt comfortable, didn't

feel nervous the whole time.

I've got all my family here, my

brother has come over. It's amazing. To golf now, England's Luke

Luke Donald is set to create history by becoming the

first-ever player to win the

money list on both the US PGA and European tours in the same

season. Donald produced a

par 66, his closest rival Rory solid third round of 6 under

McIlroy needs to win the world championship to have a McIlroy needs to win the Dubai

chance of winning the world

tour, with a 1 under par round

of 71. I'm not going to on anything. Rory has produced

great comebacks before, I

remember he shot 10 under in

one round, came from well back.

I'm just going to keep playing my own game my

position. Hopefully I can continue to play like I did

today. Only two shotsz behind Luke, so I think I can him. Let's check the weather

for tomorrow now and have for tomorrow now and have a

look at the satellite picture.

A low-pressure trough is

crossing eastern Australia, generating rain and thunderstorms. Flooding and

damaging winds are a risk over

western Queensland. A front is

bringing showers and cooler

winds to Tasmania, with a high

helping showers to clear SA and western Victoria. Looking

Looking around the States now:

Queensland can expect early

rain and thunderstorms over the

central and south-east

districts. In NSW - mostly

sunny in the far west, sunny in the far west, with showers and possible thunderstorms over the

remainder of the State. Moving

on to Victoria - isolated

showers over the south-west,

with a possible shower for the

far eastern ranges. There will be early showers about the

north-eastern, western and southern parts of Tasmania.

Going to SA - light showers

about the southern coast, extend ing to all coasts

throughout the morning. WA throughout the morning. WA -

isolated showers and the risk

of thunderstorms for the of thunderstorms for the south.

showers and storms north In the Top End, isolated

showers and storms north of

Tennant Creek and it will be

mostly fine elsewhere. Looking

ahead to Tuesday, clearing

showers for Melbourne, Perth,

Adelaide and Hobart. The chance

chance of a shower for Sydney.

A cloudy day for Canberra. A

fine day for Brisbane and

thunderstorms for Darwin. For more details on the stories

we're following, you can go to our website. The address is Stand by now

for '7.30 NSW'. You're watching ABC for your company. Closed Captions by CSI Autograph

Welcome to 7.30 NSW. I'm

Quentin Dempster. Tonight, who killed my party? killed my party? Please,

please, please, please, be

honest, be forthright. And the

building giant called to

account. I think it would cover

some of the most shoddy and appalling

appalling work that's ever been

done. This Program is Captioned Live. First, who

killed my party? A killed my party? A prominent member of the NSW Labor member of the NSW Labor Party

wants to publicly confess his

party has been compromised for

decades by influenced peddlers

and deal makers. and deal makers. Now battling cancer from St Vincent's Sacred

Heart Hospice in Darlinghurst

Paul O'Grady, a member of Paul O'Grady, a member of the

upper house for eight years to 1996 and a ministerial staffer

and advisor since then wants to speak

speak out. He called speak out. He called this

program after the latest

revelations that the independent commission against corruption adversely corruption adversely named former minister Ian MacDonald

and one of the party's biggest

property developers Ron Medich

and his associates. Mr O'Grady

says such as been the culture

of the NSW Labor Party of the NSW Labor Party that for

years a blind eye had been

turned by those in power at parliamentary and

organisational wings to what

was really going on within.

The Labor Party is very

good, if I could borrow the

words of Monty python words of Monty python wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no

more. This has been going on

for a long time. Pawn Francis

O'Grady, 51 is battling cancer.

Throughout a public life of

almost 25 years, he joined the

Labor Party in 1975 at the age

of 15. He's been noted for his

often brutal honest y. In 1990

at the age of 30 he was one of

the Miers MPs in Australia's history history to puck likely

acknowledge his homo

sexuality. Why bring down the

wrath of prejudice on your head

by publicly admitting your homo

sexuality . I don't see it as an

an issue. This at a time with

the fear of AIDS when the increasing death toll amongst

gay men was at its height. He

was diagnosed HIV positive

before his resignation in

parliament in 1996. I can parliament in 1996. I can never

really remember but I am one of

the earliest cases of HIV in

NSW. 310 was my number

originally because in those

days you didn't give your name,

you had a number because of the

fear and loathing of HIV at

that point. This is an

opportunity to support a basic

human right. Paul O'Grady was at the forefront of campaigns

to end vilification and

discrimination. He was in

Labor's soft left faction,

coincidentally sworn in at the

same time as Ian MacDonald from

the so-called hard left. They

never became friends of con if

I dants. Paul O'Grady won upper

house pre-selection only

through internal proportional representation reforms

introduced by the infamous

Peter Baldwin bashing at the

hands of right faction thugs. I

used to go along to the Marat

vil branch and all those sorts

of branks with Joe Meisner and

Tommy Domikan. And it was all

pretty seamy Heady stuff. These

people would try and intimidate

you and stand over you and

follow you to your car, follow you to your car, all that sort of intimidatory

things and Baldwin was a brave

human being. He stood his

ground, came within an inch ground, came within an inch of

his life. A terrible bashing, which should have no place in