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(generated from captions) live. This program is captioned Australia's worst air disasters; Tonight - no survivors in one of its second day; the Risdon Prison siege enters Douglas Wood's release; an Australian Muslim leader seeks making the war's end in Europe. and 60 years on - with ABC News. Good evening, Felicity Davey all 15 people aboard the plane It's been confirmed that

continues tonight The siege at Risdon Prison after a tense day of negotiations. from the jail's reception area Late today one prisoner was released a prison officer hostage. where 19 inmates are holding They're armed with broken furniture has not been harmed. but its understood the officer around 7:00 this morning Negotiations resumed after a quiet night inside the jail. cars into the jail, There was a steady stream of police special operations group. including members of Tasmania's determine how many prisoners We still haven't been able to against their will. who are being held

there are any? REPORTER: Do you believe Yes, there are some. are armed with chairs and tables, Mr Barber says the prisoners but says there's been no threat being held hostage. to the prison officer of response groups I have support of a number from Tasmania's police of their tactical response. that come under the banner involved in the siege The family of one of the prisoners gathered in Lindisfarne today. he's not a ringleader. He's a good person - spoke to the ABC yesterday afternoon Rachel's brother, Conway Richardson, from the reception area. and all that If they want to come in and gas us hostages. they're stupid to their own They've got their own kind in here. believe Conway is violent. His sick father, Michael, doesn't

He spoke to his son last night, being held hostage. and to the prison officer he's been threatened or anything He was happy and I asked him if Conway's looking after me. like that and he said no, no-one at the prison service Conway's mother, Christine, says has told her what's happening of special operation teams. and she's worried about the arrival won't care what they'll do - The SOGs will go in and they they'll shoot for sure. Conway's fiance of two months says they're still being ignored. the prisoners are concerned looking after the dogs better than God, go to the RSPCA - they're the guys in Risdon. the prisoners was released. Late this afternoon one of Nick Pedley, ABC News, Risdon Vale. is outside Risdon Prison ABC's reporter Gary Magnussen just a few minutes ago. and filed this update a prisoner Negotiators brokered the release of There is a new list of demands - 24 all have been resolved but a few, resolution Director of Prison wants peaceful has thrown his support A senior federal cabinet minister transition of power behind calls for an orderly and Peter Costello. between John Howard comments Defence Minister Robert Hill's prepares to deliver come as the treasurer will be his last budget. what his supporters hope to promote Tuesday's budget - Mr Costello is getting in early confirming it will include childcare places. funding for thousands of extra Robert Hill is third in seniority As government leader in the Senate, and Peter Costello. behind John Howard to decide when to go, but... He says the PM's got the right No-one stays forever a transition at some time. and there will need to be an orderly transition. I'm confident that that would be the Costello camp, That's heartened four backbenchers over the weekend which points to statements by for a hand-over next year. as evidence of mounting support timetable on his aspirations today, The Treasurer wouldn't put any over leadership has distracted him. but denies the latest jostling I never lose focus, ever. I'll tell you this - good economic and social policy You cannot put together of a knock-down political brawl. while you are in the middle off welfare and into work, As part of its push to get people unpopular measures. Tuesday's Budget will include on how it goes, But with so much personally riding there are sweeteners in there too Peter Costello has ensured of announcing one already. and has taken charge childcare places outside-school hours An extra 80,000 of $200 million over four years. will be funded at a cost

To help families

to help mothers, single mothers, and also, particularly, who may be returning to work. Labor welcomes any extra places the number of places needed. but these are less than half The much-criticised proposal for IVF treatment to limit Medicare funding in the too-hard basket. has been put in the Budget - No announcement will be made will resolve this question. a medical opinion Building for the future given to his 10th Budget, is the theme Peter Costello's what his own holds still not certain his last instalment. or whether this is Greg Jennett, ABC News, Canberra. all 15 people aboard the plane It's been confirmed that North Queensland yesterday which crashed in remote are dead. Crash investigators have confirmed into a steep hill that the plane slammed at speed and burst into flames on impact The investigation has begun yesterday afternoon The crash site was located

until this morning to land but it took search crews and confirm their worst fears. passenger service, The flight was a regular the Cape York community of Bamaga. returning to Cairns from similar to this one, The Fairchild Metroliner aeroplane, 19 passengers. is capable of carrying The pilot radioed Lockhart River his final descent to say he was beginning but the plane never arrived. the Iron Range rainforest, Instead, it slammed into 10 kilometres away from its destination. of any problems with the aircraft There's no indication prior to the incident. There's no indication that the pilot had of any concerns prior to the incident. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau flew to the area today. While they work to retrieve the plane's voice and data recorder, recovery crews will try to recover the 15 bodies of crew and passengers. Police warn it may be weeks before the bodies are identified, while the wreckage itself may never be retrieved. We're dealing with rainforest and very rugged terrain -

very difficult to get access to. And current weather conditions are not helping,

with very strong winds. Of the 15 on board the flight, six were from communities on the tip of Cape York, while others were from Brisbane, Mackay, the Gold Coast and Canberra. One of the passengers was Constable Sally Urquhart,

a police officer working in the Aboriginal community of Bamaga. Yesterday we lost our beautiful daughter, Sally, forever. She was 28. Constable Urquhart was due to marry another officer working in Bamaga later this year. Sally touched the hearts of everyone with whom she came in contact, from her childhood to the present, in the many parts of Queensland where we've lived. Cairns-based Aerotropics leased the plane from a Brisbane company, Transair, which also owns Big Sky Express airlines in NSW. Three of Aerotropics' staff are among the dead. The company says it is devastated by the crash. It's an operator's worst nightmare. Ric Lippmann says the aircraft was a reliable plane with no history of concern. We'll be cooperating 100% with authorities and the investigation. It's important to us that the facts come out as quickly as possible, that it be all fact and no speculation.

But a former employee of Tarnsair's Big Sky Express says he left the company last year because of his concerns over safety. There seems to be a big cost-cutting culture there and a lack of standardisation amongst all the crews throughout NSW and Queensland. People have been confirmed dead No substance to allegations David Curnow, ABC News. I spoke to David Curnow a short time ago and asked him whether investigators have been able to locate the flight recorder? Yes, late this afternoon investigators were able to confirm they did find the black box recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. Now, obviously these two things are going to be crucial in determining what caused this crash. Now, we do know that they said they were on their final descent and they were about to land, but we don't know what the conversations were inside the cockpit so hopefully this recorder will be able to tell us what, if anything, that can tell us about the events leading up to the crash. The data will be able to be contained in the black box recorder, that will tell us what the instrumentation said in the plane. That will be taken to Canberra over the next few days to be studied, both items are a bit heat affected but they should get some usable information over the next few weeks. How difficult is this recovery proving to be? Very difficult - it is a very remote part of Australia. Lockhart River is about 3 - 3.5 hours flying time from Cairns alone. The crash site is about 10km north-west of Lockhart River, on the side of a mountain and in rainforest and the winds in the area are high. David Curnow in Cairns, thank you. A senior Australian Muslim figure plans to personally negotiate from his captors in Iraq. the release of Douglas Wood A videotaped plea from the cleric Arabic television stations has been broadcast on over the next few days. and he is hoping to travel to Iraq running out, With the kidnappers' deadline is still pessimistic the Defence Minister will be released. about chances Mr Wood Sheikh al-Hilali joined his brothers to Douglas Wood's captors. in an appeal Arabic news channels overnight The videotape was aired on the kidnappers have seen it. and the mufti is confident He now plans to go to Iraq, Mr Wood's freedom. to try to negotiate He's hoping that through go-betweens to the captors that somebody will take him to negotiate with them and he would be able

directly. or with one of their leaders In the last video of Mr Wood, his captors had given Australia until 5:00am on Tuesday to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq. If the deadline is extended by the abductors this will be very strong indication that this trip will be fruitful. that his delegation will be welcome. The mufti is still waiting for word it's likely Sheikh al-Hilali If that comes Federation of Islamic Councils, and the head of the as soon as tomorrow. will travel to Iraq via Iran Australian government officials, They won't be escorted by elders will provide security. but instead believe Iraqi tribal has welcomed the mission, The federal government about the chance of success. but is still pessimistic I was confident Well, I was asked whether and I said I couldn't be confident that we could recover him safely and that's still my position. is more upbeat. The chief of the Defence Force will listen to the pleas we make Yes, I am very hopeful that they to let this man go. is no doubt clinging to. A sentiment Mr Wood's family Adrian Raschella, ABC News. rival factions have agreed The Iraqi prime minister says in the government. on who should fill five vacancies Ibrahim al-Jaafari said to the national assembly the names will be submitted later today. The violence which followed the formation of the government has continued,

Baghdad in the last 24 hours. with two car bomb attacks in central 22 people were killed, and several foreigners. including three children The Australian Federal Police denies have been involved any of its officers

through Australian airports. in drug trafficking operations

claims A former federal police detective been protecting drug smugglers. some state and federal officers have the Balinese drug squad admits Meanwhile, the head of against Schapelle Corby. there are gaps in the case has always maintained Gold Coast woman Shapelle Corby in Bali the drugs found in her luggage Australia last October. were planted there before she left detective says Now a former federal police in the Australian Federal Police it's common knowledge to move drugs around the country. that passengers' bags are used the federal police It was well known amongst and this particular strategy that this particular operation was being adopted by criminals. He's told Channel Nine

suggested his own investigations 10 years ago were involved in the practice. some state and federal police Queensland police one weekend We ran an operation with the at the Coolangatta airport, and we found some narcotics, where we put sniffer dogs over bags for the operation. and were were criticised Mr Cooper says investigate the AFP failed to properly drug trafficking allegations part of the practice. because senior officers were That's part of it. of the federal police I think the leadership were not capable or strong enough and open investigation. to conduct a thorough and honest of their reputation. They were afraid A spokesman for the AFP rejects has stifled investigations suggestions that the organisation involved in trafficking. and that any officers have been As Schapelle Corby waits of smuggling marijuana to find out if she's found guilty into Indonesia the head of the Balinese drug squad has raised doubts has been handled. about the way the investigation with Indonesian television, During an interview Colonel Bambang Sugiharto suggests in the case against her. there are gaps and weaknesses She'll find out later this month, in an Indonesian jail. whether she faces life Rebecca Barrett, ABC News. Police in Fiji are investigating of an Australian tourist. the apparent murder

man Dale Raymond Groeger The body of 22-year-old Queensland at the Peninsula Hotel in Suva was found in a room yesterday morning. only the day before he died. Mr Groeger had arrived from Nadi is on alert The Burmese capital, Rangoon, killed at least 11 people. after a series of explosions a convention centre The attacks targeted and two busy marketplaces. death toll would be much higher Witnesses said they thought the

by the military government. than the number reported and an exiled opposition group. Officials blame ethnic rebel armies arrives in Moscow tonight The US President, George W. Bush,

about Russia's role amid controversy over his statements after World War II. the Latvian capital, Riga, Making a speech in of the Nazis President Bush said the defeat made way for decades of Communist oppression. in Central and Eastern Europe The captivities of million the greatest wrongs of history. will be remembered as one of At a memorial service in Moscow, forces showed unprecedented heroism the Russian President said Soviet from Nazi occupation. and liberated countries talks with his Russian counterpart President Bush will hold private and attend ceremonies in Moscow of the end of the war in Europe. to mark the 60th anniversary in Australia today The anniversary was commemorated with a gathering in Canberra

came together. where old comrades and enemies Australians The Russian government honoured Nazi Germany. for their part in helping to defeat It was a day of great celebration. On 8 May 1945, of Germany was ratified, the unconditional surrender to an end. bringing the war in Europe But the toll was heavy and cruel. More than 30 million people lost their lives,

including 20 million Russians and 17,000 Australians.

Europe will never ever forget the support and sacrifice offered unstintingly

by Australians and other friends and allies

from across the oceans in our darkest hour. For Russia, the anniversary of the defeat of Nazism

is one the most significant on their national calendar. It was the greatest ordeal in the 1000 year of Russia. The Russian government has forged a special medal to honour around 500 Australian citizens for their support during the war. One of those medals was awarded to Irina Sinelnikova who survived the 900-day siege of Leningrad. I even can't say what is worse. To have no bread or to have no water. And Dennis Turner who was in the British Navy. I know my mother nearly had a fit when she heard, you know, the war on. She said, "Oh, crikey, he's going to be sunk". (Laughs) We weren't, though - we were lucky. With commemorations in Australia now drawing to a close, festivities are about to begin in the Northern Hemisphere, with European nations preparing to mark this 60th anniversary. Caroline Fisher, ABC News, Canberra. Another furniture factory in Sydney has been destroyed by fire. About 100 firefighters took two hours to put out a blaze in the factory at Punchbowl. The damage bill is expected to top a million dollars. It's the fourth Sydney furniture business to be gutted by fire in the past two months.

A team of Australian scientists has come up with a solution to killing most infectious waterborne diseases.

They've developed a filter that targets toxic parasites. Scientists are hoping it will help eradicate disease-ridden water in the Third World. Five million people die from waterborne diseases around the world each year. Parasites like giardia, cryptosporidium and e-coli cause gastro infections and sometimes even death. But scientists in Australia may have come up with a solution. We've managed to produce powdered filtration cartridge which will actually filter out many of the things that occur in nature but are harmful to us. Developed in this lab at the Australian National University - scientists used chemical materials that attract the parasite. It's normally difficult to kill because of its resistant shell.

But this filtration system passes the water through a column of crystalline material which cracks the armour. When you break the protective shell of the cryptosporidium, you actually can kill the sporozoites inside and of course, once you've done that it's no longer infective. The filter also can be adapted to clean up public swimming pools and for a range of other uses. The applications are not only for use in water utilities, but also for travellers going overseas, for the treatment of animal effluent and the actual oral applications in use in humans as well as animals. Eventually, this team hopes the simple filter can be adapted to purify water supplies in the Third World. Sarah Clarke, ABC News. First there was just beer, then there was light beer, now, in Japan at least, there's a third kind. What's so different about it? Foreign affairs editor Peter Cave reports from Japan it's made from dried peas. The Japanese like their beer. They drink 7 million kilolitres a year - think 3,000 Olympic swimming pools. The reason that Japan's big beer companies have decided to turn this into this has more to do with the country's complex tax system than anything else. Tax is levied on the percentage of malt that goes into the brew. So the researchers set themselves the task of finding something else. Yuru Kobayashi says it took four years of research for his company to decide on the dried peas, which were previously best known to drinkers roasted as a bar snack. "It's priced right for people who drink a lot," he says. At $1.50 a can, it's the same strength as regular beer,

which sells for twice the price. This drinker says he's tried it and it's cheap, but rich and ful flavoured, but asked which he prefers, he doesn't hesitate long.

Hmmm... beer. At the moment the new brew has 5% of the market, but Sapporo is pushing it hard with ads filmed on a Sydney beach and says with other companies' brands it should be 10%-15% soon. Sadly, or perhaps fortunately depending on your point of view, the company has no plans to export type three beer to Australa. Peter Cave, ABC News, Chiba. The defending NRL champions, the Bulldogs, have slipped to 11th place on the table after going down to the Broncos in a thrilling match in Brisbane. Last night the Sharks and the Raiders both came from behind

to retain their share of the competition lead. The Roosters and Sea Eagles won today,

the Eels stunned the Cowboys, and Brisbane broke a 28-28 deadlock in the last minute. The defending NRL champions, the Bulldogs, have slipped to 11th place on the table after going down to the Broncos on a thrilling match in Brisbane. Last night the Sharks and the Raiders both came from behind to retain their share of the competition lead. The Broncos went into the second half well The Dogs had two tries took the lead a kick backfired badly The Cowboys started well the Eels stunned the Cowboys and Brisbane broke a 28-all deadlock in the last minute. The Tigers lost, Eagles won by 8

Warriors had the points until a late try Brumbies Super 12 coach Laurie Fisher has described his team's second-half-slump against the chiefs last night

as disgraceful. The Stormers beat the Cats and the Bulls downed the Sharks. While the Brumbies drew with the Chiefs. After a decade as one of the cornerstones of Brumbies rugby Owen Finegan said goodbye to Canberra with his 30th career try. COMMENTATOR: In his farewell performance from Canberra stadium - fairytale time!

The Brumbies of old appeared to be back.

A double to skipper Stirling Mortlock put the Champions in control. But the Chiefs rallied to draw level at 28 apiece. David Hill had the chance to win but kicked poorly. To go from 21-7 up to 28-all at the end of the game - that's a disgraceful second half. All emotion aside that's a very very poor 40 minutes of football.

Next week's clash with Queensland will be Finegan's game for the Brumbies. During the week their captain stood down and their playing style was criticised. But the Sydney Swans have responded with a narrow home victory over Essendon. Barry Hall kicked four goals for Sydney, the Bulldogs upset Brisbane, the West Coast beat Hawthorn Port Adelaide defeated Kangaroos and Fremantle is on the way to a massive victory against Collingwood. Singing the club song for the first time in a month proved the perfect way to end a troubled week. (All sing) # Swans will go in and win overall... # Win overall they did, but Essendon had the better of the first three quarters and looked set to extend the Swans' miserable run. Dangerous forward Nick Davis injured his hamstring in the opening minute but there was still enough goal-kicking power to keep within reach of the Bombers. COMMENTATOR: Around the corner - it's a ripper! Brett Kirk put forward an impressive bid to be Sydney's full-time captain. While Luke Vogels and Jarred Moore produced promising displays

in their initial appearances in the AFL. Moore, in his first game, has kicked a goal - he's snaffled it! Essendon went out to a four-goal-lead with a 50m effort from Scott Lucas midway through the third term. But the Swans dug deep, kicking four goals to Essendon's one in the final term to win by six points. Sydney Swans are in front! Western Bulldogs captain Brad Johnson led his team to a shock victory over the Lions in Brisbane. Oh, what a goal, Brad Johnson! Oh, that's a match winner by the skipper! There was some feeling in the West Coast - Hawthorn game. Quentin Lynch's charge on Campbell Brown sparked a lively melee which is sure to get a mention at the AFL tribunal this week. The Eagles' 19-point win was their seventh in a row to start this season. Last week it was soccer violence that made headlines, now a basketball game has been marred by an ugly brawl. The South-East Australian Basketball League clash between North-West Tasmania and the Canberra Gunners erupted last night with the referee caught in the middle. All 10 players on court were involved in the melee and were subsequently reported by match officials. Now the weather on a fine and fairly sunny Mother's Day. And that's ABC News this Sunday night, I'm Felicity Davey. Join me for our next news update in just under an hour. Until then, enjoy your evening. Captions by Captioning and Subtitling International.