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Good morning to you, Australia. We

love a Friday. And that's what

we've got for you today, especially

when the Friday leads to sppd when the Friday leads to sppd

weekend. But plenty to get through

-- to St Patrick's Day weekend, but

plenty to get through until then.

Especially in Queensland, when the

findings of the flood inquiry are

released in the next hour.

Success for Trickett and Rice in

the pool overnight, but everyone's

talking about Thorpey. He hits the

water today. We have got a swimming

insider at the team hotel and we'll

be chatting to them throughout the

morning. And geeks gushing with

glee - the new iPad today is on the

market in Australia. Our nerd is in

the queue with those digital

desperados waiting for the store to

open. I thought I was a nerd. Today

- a tropical low in the north and a

storm in the south-east. More

details in a few minutes' time.

Collar bomb attacker Paul Peters

will today be back br a Sydney

court for a pre-sentence hearing.

The former businessman attacked

schoolgirl Madeleine Pulver as she

studied in her home late August. A

fake bomb and ransom note was

attached to her neck. The 51-year-

old has admitted to a charge of

aggravated breaking and entering.

The Queensland floods commission

will hand over its final report to

Premier Anna Bligh in just a few

hours. It's expected to determine

if the operator of the Wivenhoe Dam

was in any way to blame for the

devastating floods that swamped the

region in January last year. If it

finds the company didn't follow the

dam guidelines, lawyers

representing up to 2,000 flood

victims will launch a class action.

It's deadline day to settle the

Victorian nurses' pay dispute once

and for all. The Nurses' Federation

and the State Government have

promised to reach an agreement by

2pm. A dispute over pay and nurse-

patient ratios has been going on

for four months.

The US soldier accused of passing

classified material to WikiLeaks

has been back before a military

court. Private Bradley Manning is

facing 22 charges of participating

in the largest leak of classified

information in American history.

One of the charges - aiding the

enemy - could carry the death

penalty. But the prosecution says

it will seek a life sentence

instead. A date for Manning's court

next few days. martial trial could be set in the

Well, people have been queuing

through the night to get the first

bite of Apple's newest iPad.

Australia is one of 10 countries

where the new tablet is on sale and

it's already selling well. 1.4

million were sold her last year.

With all its new features, twice as

many is expected to fly off the

shelves in 2012. Yeah, I always

told mieds I would buy the third

product -- myself that I would buy

the third product that Apple

releases, because they have worked

out all the problems. I am gonna do

it. Stephanie Rice was booked a

place in the London Olympics,

winning the 400m IM. It was a good

night too for Libby Trickett,

qualifying sixth fastest for

today's 100m free sometime final.

Today, Ian Thorpe takes to the pool.

Good morning. As we have heard in

headlines, Apple is right now

preparing to take another big bite

out of the global consume -- and

handed investors a return of 55% in

recent years. On Wall Street, data

showing jobless claims have dropped

to a 4-year low have pushed the Dow

Jones higher for a sessionth

straight session. And the Australian dollar has firmed

against the greenback.

It is a big day of weather. We're

seeing so much across the tropics

at the moment. You can see this

mass of cloud affecting Queensland,

the Top End, most of Western

Australia. Now that cyclone is

expected to move towards the

coastline today. We have got lots

part of of cloud across the south-eastern

part of the country. Here, a trough

across much of eastern Victoria and

NSW. You can see that monsoon NSW. You can see that monsoon

trough lying right across tropical

areas. That low which was in the

Territory is actually moving Territory is actually moving

towards northern areas of

Queensland. We're seeing widespread

rainfall across this region. A

tropical cyclone heading to the

Pilbara coast. That trough

spreading showers and storms across

Victoria, Tassie and most of NSW

today. Behind that we're seeing a

cooler change. Because of

everything that's happening in the

tropics, we have widespread weather

warningness place, heavy rain and

high tides. This is part of

Queensland. Heavy rains in areas of

the Territory, north of around

Elliot. And a tropical cyclone

warning and watch in place. This is

for category-2 Tropical Cyclone Lua,

expected to become even a category-

4 on Wednesday.

A clone warning in place for

coastal -- a cyclone warn inning

place for coastal communities. The

interesting thing about this system

is once it makes land fall it's

expected to continue to spread

further inland. That rain will make

its way all the way down to its way all the way down to

southern parts of Western Australia. southern parts of Western Australia.

tropics. You can see how heavy it is in the

For Perth:

For the Grand Prix, some isolated

showers about at the moment. It's

pretty much going to be dry. We'll

see that cool change around midday

and that may reinvent those showers

once again. Overall, not a very wet day.

Sydney, I am expecting showers and

thunderstorms to develop for this

afternoon. They may be severe for

some areas in NSW.

In Darwin, heavy monsoonal rain and winds. winds. In Darwin, heavy monsoonal rain and

Thank you, Magdalena. Happy Friday

to you. Mmm. I love Fridays. Don't

we all? We have a big weekend with

the F1 We're looking forward to it.

We want to go back to something

that caught our attention.

Obviously, when Kath's reading the

news, Paul and I sit here and pay

attention... No, you don't! They

are giggling. We try our best. In

the Apple story, the two people.

Can we play it again? Can I say

what I think you will say. He said,

"I always wait for the third one,

because ..." Look at his girlfriend.

He doesn't care about anything else,

she just loves her boyfriend. You

watch the way she looks at him.

Yeah, I always told myself I would

biel the third product that Apple

releases, because it's usually

better than the first and second. I

thought thts third one, so I am

gonna do it." Oh! In her mind,

she's saying, "I have no idea what

he's talking about!" So cute.

Jacqui, tell meing us just how much

Apple are making, here's my theory.

Apple know exactly what they are

doing every time they release

something. There's no point

releasing the best version of

something the first time. They know

people will keep lining up. We will

be crossing down there. All of

these people could have been

engineered by Apple just to buy

their products. We don't know. They

are much bigger than we are, aren't

they?! This is a live shot outside

the Apple store. A few weary people

in Melbourne. That just shows the

housing shortage there. There's

great Apple apps, that help people

fall to sleep. Clearly those guys

are on board with it. If you have a

comment to make at all, don't

forget, it's St Patrick's Day on

Sunday... Tomorrow. You might have

a potato yarn or something like a potato yarn or something like

that. You can phone the Henry

Hotline, and we have a fiddler on

the roof. We do. An actual fiddler.

An Irish fiddler who will be with

us all day. Her name is Louise. A

bit rough putting her out there at

this time of the morning. I love a

fiddle. Can she hear us? She smiled

a bit there. Do you know that the

fiddle refers to any bowed musical

instrument? I asked whether it was

a viola or a violin or a fiddle.

You all looked at me like I was...

Well, it is a fiddle... I violinist

would rather be called a fiddler, I

think. I met one-on-ones, and I

said, "Oh, I love a nice violin."

He said, "I am a fiddler." Who

hasn't met this Stefan?! Good guy.

We're gonna go to a You know what? I started up this restaurant 'cause I love cooking.

Not cash flow, not loans, not invoices. And I was thinking, "Surely, it shouldn't be this hard." Lucky for me, one bank was thinking the same way. An A-Z Review with my ANZ Small Business Specialist got my banking sorted. Now I can get on with what I really love.

Welcome back to Breakfast. Great to

have you with us. Daniel Sutton

joins me now to talk all things US.

Good to have you with us. Good

morning to you. The Afghanistan

terror threats obviously are having

an impact in the United States.

Homeland Security have issued a

warning. Is there any evidence in

other areas around the state that

security has been umpired up? I

think you'll find that -- Has been

amped up? I think you'll find that

security is pretty high. There's no

specific threat in this country.

What they are saying, the FBI

Department of Homeland Security

sent out a laup enforcement

bulletin overnight warning there

could be acts of terrorism as a

result of the anti-American

sentiment in Afghanistan. We have

seen the Koran burning and a

shooting spree by a US soldier -

both flare-up points. But for

travellers, is there danger heading

into the weekend that this could

delay domestic flights? No. They

don't believe there will be

anything straightaway. They believe this anti-American sentiment will

fuel into extremists and they will

plan things down the track. David

Cameron over in your neck of the

woods, visiting Barack Obama. They

are close. I mean, there have been

quite intimate shots of the two of

them together. They have given each

other presents. As we all know,

when we travel overseas to see

people we know and like, we always

think of convenience in giving

presents. How do we give them

something small and light. What did

they give? It's funny. The word

'bro-mance' is being used. David

Cameron has been here for three

days, he goes home today. They have

been to the basketball together,

have been eating hot dogs. There

was a huge state dinner last night,

George Clooney was there, they

invited all the big stars. There

has been lots of back-slapping.

Using each others first names. I

have given him a table tennis table

and he's given me a barbecue. But

when you see us standing next to

each other, it's quite clear the

person who needs to be exercising

is the Brisbane Prime Minister and

the person who needs the barbecue -

- it the British Prime Minister and

the person who needs the barbecue

is the President of the United

States. Tell me, Dan, jaching - it

is, to a -- Zaching, it is, to a

degree, becoming the latest craze?

Yeah, if you're near a computer

today, do a Google search of

Zaching. It's a lovely story. 18-

year-old Zach asked his father to

take a photograph of him as he came

out of surgery for brain cancer. He

wanted to show strength, that he

could recover from this, because

part of the tumour remained. Well,

it went online. It's got viral. It

started with friends taking similar

photos, then hundreds of strangers,

now thousands. It's all over the

internet. There are TV stories

being done, newspaper articles

being written. This guy, a wannabe

basketball team manager s now being

asked to speak on the power of

social networking. Fantastic. That

is what we need - another trend.

Russell Brand is in trouble with

the police. He's in big trouble --

David Brand, also known as Russell.

I have gotta put that right. Where

did David come from? I must have

made that up for no good reason.

That's OK. Russell Brand has the

bigger problems than you do. He's a

form sex addict. Police have issued

an arrest warrant for him, after a

run-in with a paparazzo. He pinched

the paparazzo's iPhone and threw it

through a window. Police want to

lock him up. He has taken to

Twitter in his defence. "Since

Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to

see anyone use an iPhone irrev

rently." Stupid man. Still, he's

got Katy Perry out of his life now,

so he has time to handle the police.

Thank you very much.

Today's top stories - the final

report into the Queensland floods

will be handed to State Premier

Anna Bligh this morning.

Fake collar bomb extortionist Paul

Peters will appear before a Sydney

court again later today.

And gadget geeks have been queuing

throughout the night to get their

hands on the new Apple iPad.

With St Patrick's Day coming up

tomorrow, a lot of Irishmen and

women are getting excited. We have

our own Irish fiddler, Louise, and

we've put her on the roof. How long

have you been here? Since last July.

We were chatting and I asked how

long you have been here and we got

confused with the timing of your

visa. You're allowed to be here,

right? Yeah. (LAUGHS) What song are

you going to be playing for us

today? Just a combination of

different Irish tunes and a few

modern ones as well. Yeah, well,

you can fire one up now, if you

would like. OK. We're gonna get to

a break. When we come back, we will

find out what's going As life moves on, you have to make some big decisions, and things never stand still. That's why hospital cover for members living in the ACT includes a whole range of new health support services called Mi Health - like advice from Medibank nurses 24/7, and, as life throws up more changes, it's good to know you can access one of Australia's largest private hospital networks. To join, call 132 331 or visit a Medibank store today. SONG: # Cereal with fibre and wholegrain was alright # But it needed something to make it come alive # So we added the amazing omega-3 # From the fantabulous flaxseed # And gave it oomph nutritionally... #

Welcome back to Breakfast. Well,

Australian showbiz greats are

expected to turn out in numbers

today to honour and celebrate the

passing of Ian Turpie. Breakfast's

Melinda Nucifora joins us now from

Sydney. Mel, what's on the cards

today for the passing of Ian

Turpie? Kath, the funeral service

will be held this afternoon in

North Ryde for one of Australia's

most recognisable faces. The game

show host lost his long battle with

cancer last week and, as you

mentioned, just all the who's-who

of Australian showbiz are expected

to turn out for his funeral. The

68-year-old is survived by his wife,

Jan, three children and three

grandchildren. Also making news in

Sydney today, police are urgently

asking the public for assistance to

find a woman who was kidnapped

allegedly by her ex-boyfriend at

around midnight last night in

Sydney's south-west. Police believe

Warne Wells dragged his ex-partner,

Kelly Croker from a car in south-

western parts of Sydney, at around

midnight. They really fear for her

safety. So you should be seeing

pictures of Warren and the registration number. They are

asking anyone who sees them to

contact police immediately. Yeah,

good morning, guys. More than 12

months on from last year's summer

of disaster and it seems almost

impossible to comprehend the

disaster itself. More than 35

people lost their lives in the

floods. Some 20,000 homes in and

around Brisbane were inundated by

floodwaters. Today, the long-

anticipated flood report is going

to be handed down. What it's going

to focus on more than anything is

the handling of Wivenhoe Dam. At

its capacity, it held 191%. Many

bushness and around Brisbane

believe they were sacrificed for

the sake of the city, especially

around Ipswich. At the centre of

Wivenhoe Dam are four flood

engineers. We're gonna find out

today exactly what's gonna happen

to them. They have been accused of

things like lying, collusion and

most of all, mismanagement. Bear in

mind, some 2,000 people have lined

up to be a part of a mass class

action. It's only natural the

lawyers will be circling around to

find out what's gonna be handed

down today. This is all gonna end

up falling at the State

Government's feet. Well, guys,

Stephanie Rice will be sleeping

very soundly in this Adelaide hotel

behind me. She has booked her

ticket to London after cruising

through the individual medley at

the trials last night. Today, Libby

Trickett goes head to head to

Alicia Coutts and another in the

fly. One of those girls will miss

out on a spot to London. But, of

course, all eyes will be on Thorpey.

The time for talk has past. We have

gotta stop referring to him as

shaved and tapered. It's time for

him to dive into the pool and show

the world if he's a real Olympic

contender. And a bit of a sad story

- one in six country pubs is on the

market. They are up for sale

because the owners are being

crushed by rising costs and

dwindling patrons. A lot of owners

seem resigned to the fact it's just

the way of the future. Good morning

from Melbourne. We are at Chadstone

Shopping Centre for the release of

the brand-new iPad. It's not the

iPad 3, I have been told, just the

third incarnation of the iPad. The

doors on the Apple store up there

don't actually open until 8:00 this

morning. That hasn't stopped

hundreds of people from lining up

in the queue here from 6:00 last

night, spending the night sleeping

in the shopping centre. People of

all ages. Later on, we will have a

chat with some of these guys, find

out what makes them such big fants.

Do nerds dream of electric Isheep?

It is hard to go who they dream of.

Do they dream? Is it too late to

give one a shake? Can we see one

wake up live on television? Is

there one completely asleep? Let's

go here. Hamish Russell, cameraman

to the stars. We will find one...

Get the camera nice and close and

give them a shake. I am a little

bit worried everyone's already

awake, Paul. It's a bit of an issue.

We can get somebody to go back to

sleep and we'll give them a good

kicking, if you like. I thought

that one next to you in the blue

sleeping bag might have been

asleep... Yeah, that was a large

sleeping bag. OK. Alright.

Fantastic. Thank you very much for

that. We will wake one up later.

Sure as eggs are eggs, they will

fall asleep this morning.

Big day in the pool today. Big day

for swimming. Particularly big day

for Ian Thorpe. If he's ever had a

nervous night, it will have been

last night. If things go well for

him in his first race, he will also

have the final today. Coverage will

be on Ten. Everything else sport we

will discuss with Wendell Sailor

when we're back in just a minute.

Oh, no! Yeah, yeah. Is it my turn? That's what I do. Yeah!

It's just gone 6:30 here on

Breakfast. Well, renewed efforts

are being made this morning to

track down a missing mum and her

newborn baby. The 1-day-old girl

needs urgent medical care. She was

taken from Taree's Manning Hospital

in NSW without permission by her 26-year-old mother,ission by her

26-year-old mother, Wotherspoon

woth, around midday yesterday. The

woman was last -- Emily Wotherspoon,

around midday yesterday. Anyone

with information should ring 000.

The man who told a Sydney

schoolgirl she had a bomb strapped

to her neck is due in court again

later today. Paul Peters will

appear before a judge and a pre-

sentencing hearing after pleading

guilty to holding Madeleine Pulver

hostage last year. Peters subjected

the 18-year-old to a 10-hour ordeal

as he attempted to extort money

from her family before fleeing to America.

A new website has been launched

today to help children across

Australia deal with bullying. The

Bullying. No Way! Site has been set

up by education authorities and

offers facts about bullying, tips

on how to deal with it, and how to

talk to -- and who to talk to if it

becomes too much. An app for the

iPhone has also been set up

alongside the website as part of a

national campaign against bullying

and violence. In a few Minister we

will be talking to Wendell Sailor,

who was a bullying victim himself.

A search-and-recovery effort is

entering its second day after a

boat capsized in NZ waters. It was

travelling between Foveaux Strait

yesterday when it was hit by a huge

wave. One survivor was pulled from

the water after 18 hours. Two

children are believed to be among

those still missing.

Stars of the showbiz world will

gather in Sydney today for the

funeral of Ian 'Turps' Turpie.

Turpie spent more than 50 years

entertaining the nation and is best

known for his catchphrase "Come on

down". The 68-year-old game show

host lost his battle with cancer last Sunday.

Crowds are descending on Melbourne

for what's set to be a big weekend

as the glitz and glamour of the

Formula One arrives in the city.

Organisers say more than 300,000

people will head to the track over

the next three days, despite

showers being forecast. The Grand

Prix at Albert Park is the curtain-

raiser of the 2012 season, with

Aussie star Mark Webber calling it

one of the best races on the

calendar. It's worth millions to

the local economy.

And parents behind our Olympians

largely go unnoticed. Well, not

last night. Ten's cameras captured

this great vision of Denis Fraser

at the Australian Olympic Trials.

Denis is the dad of Thomas Fraser-

Holmes, who won the 400m individual

medley. What a proud moment for

father and son.

Isn't that lovely? Good morning

again. Wall Street has managed

seven straight days of gains,

putting the local market in a great

position to capitalise on that

strength morning. On Wall Street,

data showing jobless numbers have

dropped to a 4-year low, pushing

the Dow higher for a seventh

straight session.

The Australian dollar is firmer.

The cupboard is a little bit bare

today in terms of data and company

news to provide direction. Look out,

though, for Myer shares. We may see

a rebound there after yesterday's

falls on the back of that 20% profit slide.

An absolute drenching for the

tropics, with this approaching

tropical cyclone, a very active

monsoon and a low making its way from the Territory across to

northern Queensland. We can expect

very heavy falls, damaging winds,

abnormally high tides and in the

south-east, showers and thunderstorms spreading across east

of Victoria and most of NSW. More

details on that cyclone when we get

to Western Australia. Firstly,

let's start with Queensland. Today,

widespread rain and thunderstorm

activity through the tropic and

north-western corner. This is to do

with the monsoon. As a result, the

severe weather warning is in place

tore heavy rain and high tides for

the areas. For south-east

Queensland, just seeing some Queensland, just seeing some

showers, mainly south of Rocky

today. Those showers easing back

with a shower or two and a high of

28 degrees. NSW - showers through

the north-eastern corner. Elsewhere,

fairly heavy rain through the south.

We're expecting showers and storms

to develop through the central

areas. They could be severe. For

Sydney, a warm and humid day, Sydney, a warm and humid day,

generally partly cloudy. Afternoon

showers and thunderstorms

developing. Therapy generally

staying away from the coastline --

they are generally staying away from the coastline.

For Victorians today, we're seeing

rain and storms mainly through the

eastern half. A sear weather eastern half. A sear weather

warning in place. It is falling

across flood-affected areas

unfortunately, but z good news is unfortunately, but z good news is

it is clearing out by the end of

today. Fairly isolated showers and

a cool change spreading throughout.

For the Grand Prix today, just some

fairly isolated showers this

morning. You will see a cool change morning. You will see a cool change

around midday with a high of 24

degrees. That cool change may spark

a few more showers. Generally

speaking, a dry day.

South Australia, seeing very

interesting weather. Rain and

storms spreading through the

pastoral, Flinders, right across to

the Riverland and Murray districts.

If you're living in Adelaide, just If you're living in Adelaide, just

one or two morning showers expected

today and a fairly cool top of just

23 degrees. Now for Western

Australia, we're seeing some sunny

skies across Perth today. Up north,

showers and thunderstorms. And this

tropical cyclone is currently a

category two. It's expected to

intensify into a category three

today, as it approaches the

coastline, making landfall probably coastline, making landfall probably

some time tomorrow in the afternoon. some time tomorrowlandfall probably some time tomorrow in the afternoon.

It is a big weekend in footy.

That's why I am joined by dual

international Wendell Sailor to

cover all the tips. There's big

news coming out of 'The Age' in

Melbourne, that in the AFL some

recruiters are potentially avoiding

Indigenous players because of their

heritage. Do you think this is

literally going on? If it is, I

would be disappointed. I have

worked through the culture of

Indigenous. At a football club, I

hope in the AFL, it would take it a

long way back. I remember Nicky

Winmar years ago talking about the

colour of his skin and jersey. For

me, that's etched in my mind. It's

proud to be Indigenous. Because of

the Liam Jurrah incident, just

because of one or two incidents,

it's very backwards. I think it

sets a bad precedent. It's sad. I

have worked in a couple of those

communities. For Aboriginal kids,

AFL is like a religion. Let's hope

that's not true. Moving on to the

sport, rugby league. The big grudge

match of the weekend. Dragons

versus Tigers. I know where you sit

on this. Is it going to be the

match we're hoping it will be? I

think it will. Benji Marshall, he's

a wonderful talent and he's the

reason why you go to games. Jamie

Soward at the Dragons, he's gonna

be wanting to prove himself tonight.

Always a good clash, these two. I

am pretty sure the crowd's gonna

turn out. Don't forget Tim Moltzen.

He signed with the Dragons last

year, then he reneged on the deal.

It's gonna be a spicy match tonight.

Now, Dale Cherry-Evans, this is big

news. Obviously he's a superstar.

Plays for the Sea Eagles, lots of

talk of him walking away from that

club because he's not getting paid

as much. He's on an $85,000

contract, but he could be making

$450,000. Are these true? No-one

would have thought he was gonna

play and be a premiership player by

now. I actually blame his

management. You have to put clauses

in your contract where you get

upgraded. He's been on the Kangaroo

tour. If there's a half-back out

there, you want this kid. The

salary cap now does its job.

Cherry-Evans, I am happy if he will

stay there. I wouldn't like to lose

him. No, we're not gonna lose him,

hopefully. Union - Waratahs versus

the Force. The Force have been

around for a while now, not making

any inroads. Are they a chance? The

Force have a wonderful brand, but

they are not winning enough games.

They lost James O'Conner. The

Waratahs under pressure. They are

not losing. A bland gaix rugby.

It's expectation on the Waratahs.

So many injuries. Rocky Elsom, Drew

Mitchell has been ruled out for

another five or six months. For the

Tahs fans, disappointing. For the

Force, they need to win a few games.

It's been depressing. The NAB Cup

final on this weekend - West Coast

Eagles versus Adelaide Crows. Who

is gonna take it out? They are both

pretty strong clubs. I am gonna go

West Coast. Nic Naitanui is a

strong player of the future.

Hopefully we have cleared a few

things up for you there. Wendell is

gonna stick around. As you said, he

was bullied as a kid. As No

Bullying Day rolls out today, he

will tell more. I would not bully

Wendell Sailor. I was bullied a

weany bit when I was younger. Only weany bit when I was younger. Only

a weany bit. Queuing - let's have a

look. We have shown you the Apple

queue in Melbourne. You can buy

Apple computers in so many

different places, though. This is

Sydney. Where's the queue? I think

it's starting to form somewhere

there. It got us thinking, what

would you...? You can see their

heads. See the railings there? They

are in the dark. They are resting.

It got us thinking, what would you

queue for? Would you quie for an

iPad? I probably -- Would you queue

for an iPad? I probably wouldn't. I

have queued and slept on the street

for tickets to Madonna, when I was

about 14. What would you queue for

now? It would be a tough call. The

only thing I queued for in my life

was I took my daughters to queue

for Teletubbies. They were scarce

as hen's teeth. That's the number

for the Henry Hotline. We have

plenty more coming up on Breakfast.

The news headlines are coming up.

Welcome back to the program. I'm

Alexis Christoforous with your CBS

money watch. Topping the news - the

International Monetary Fund has

approved more than $36 billion for

Greece over the next four years.

Buff the ratings agency Standard

and Poor's says the country is

still vulnerable to default. Here

in the US, fewer Americans applied

for unemployment benefits last week

- another sign the job market is

gaining momentum. Applications for

unemployment aid dropped by 14,000

to a 4-year low. And foreclosure

activity shot up last month across

half the US. Banks tackled a

backlog of homes, with mortgages

gone unpaid. The increase occurred

across 26 states, where the courts

supersize the foreclosure process.

In the states where the courts do

not, foreclosure activity declined

last month. And Apple stocks

briefly touched $600 a share for

the first time, one day before the

country'si pal sale goes on in the

US -- iPad sale goes on in the US.

It's already happening in Australia.

Apple is one of the richest

companies in the country. And

that's your money watch, live from

New York. Kath, back over to you.

Alexis Christoforous, thank you

very much. Well, today's top

stories here on Breakfast - unions

have withdrawn their support for

Bob Katter this morning because of

his anti-gay election ad. Police in

NSW are looking for a man allegedly

for kidnapping his ex-girlfriend overnight.

Now, with just eight days to go

before Queenslanders head to the

polls to vote on who will be their

new premier, there is indication

that Labor could lose as many as

half of their seats they hold right

now. Overnight, Bligh and Newman

went head to head in a debate,

fielding questions from 200

undecided voters. Premier Bligh was

asked about the future of Labor in

Queensland. I would like to know,

if you lose your seat in this

election, who will lead the Labor Party? (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE)

So, if I don't win the seat of

South Brisbane, the Labor Party

won't be electing a premier, it

will be electing an opposition

leader. It's an interesting answer, because Campbell Newman's also

found himself in a tough spot, not

only about win thag seat, but

something else. She was questioned

about his public displays of

affection with his wife. Behind

every good man there's a good woman.

So I think she needs to be behind

you, not all over you. (APPLAUSE)

(LAUGHS) He didn't have a very good

answer for that one. But like any

good leadership debate, many

punters, those 200 there to get the

answers, were left unfulfilled.

Raise your hand if you would like a

better answer on that. Looks like

it. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen...

Not gonna get one? That's it. No

surprise there. We have been trying

to track down Campbell Newman for

weeks now. Our very own Jonathan

Lea tracked him down to have a one- on-one.

You're a tough man to get on the

show. How is the campaign going? I

am happy. People have worked out

that final lip the only team,

political party, that has got a

plan for Queensland's future that

is strong and united and is talking

about positive things is the LNP

under my leadership. We haven't won

in the past, but we've now got a

winner in this bloke. And somebody

who's prepared to put his own

personal future on the line and

tackle a tough seat. I admire that.

Two months ago you were seemingly

untouchable. They have really done

damage to you in the ad campaigns?

I will let the political

commentators make a comment on that.

I am out there, talking to people

across Queensland and in the

Ashgrove electorate. What they are

saying to me is, "That's it.

Enough's enough." The countdown

continues. Eight days to go. After this break, ACT Police have issued another appeal for information about a knifepoint robbery at the Belconnen McDonald's. On Tuesday, March six a man entered the Emu Bank restaurant and used a knife to steal a phone and wallet from a couple. A facefit of the alleged offender has now been released by police. As parts of the Southern Tablelands and Riverina recover from recent flooding, and southern parts of the state look back on a week of high temperatures, the Climate Condition has released it's

latest report. The report out of the Australian National University in Canberra has confirmed last year was the country's warmest La Nina year on record... And climate change is still a reality. TO SPORTS NEWS NOW, And the boys may have met their match in talented Canberra United star Ellie Brush... The twenty-three year old Canberra girl is hoping to hit the field in the senior men's and reserve men's divisions in Albury. She's got the backing of new Boomers FC coach Andrew Grove... Who says her inclusion will be based on merit. To the satellite... Cloud over eastern New South Wales is triggering showers and storms... mostly clear in the north. Across the country... Headed for a top of 26 and a possible storm for Canberra.... Morning rain in Melbourne... 28 for Sydney.

Closer to home now... Headed for a top of 28 and late thunder for Dubbo... 25 and storms for Wollongong... 27 and storms as well for Bega. 26 and storms for Bathurst... Headed for a top of 26 in Goulburn... Storms for Batemans Bay. 27 and a stormy day for Nowra... Late thunder for Parkes... A top of 13 in Thredbo. To the forecast for Canberra... Headed for a top of 23 and a possible shower on Saturday... for a top of 23 and a possible shower on Saturday... Mostly sunny and 22 on Sunday ... Mostly fine and 20 on Monday. . You know what? I started up this restaurant 'cause I love cooking. Not cash flow, not loans, not invoices. The money side was taking over. And I was thinking, "Surely, it shouldn't be this hard." Lucky for me, one bank was thinking the same way. An A-Z Review with my ANZ Small Business Specialist got my banking sorted. Now I can get on with what I really love. As life moves on, it's good to know if you join Medibank Hospital and Extras cover by March 31, you get: To join, call 132 331 or visit a Medibank store today.

There were some standout

performances in the pool at the

Australian Swimming Championships

overnight. Mark Howard joins us now.

Howie, let's start with Stephanie

Rice. She sizzled in the pool, 4.5

seconds ahead of her closest rival?

As always, you know your swimming.

I am in the lobby of the hotel.

Some of the swimmers have been up

and about, on their way to training.

Stephanie Rice, she came under so

many injury concerns. She tore a

tendon in her right shoulder, that

can't be repaired until after the

Olympics. She is the Olympic gold

medallist in this event and she

came out last night and blew them

away. She did a red-hot time. She's

a girl under so much pressure,

because people expect such big

things of the Stephanie Rice. When

she got out of the pool last night,

for the first time in two years I

saw Stephanie Rice happy, relaxed,

pumped. She was the first

Australian on the plane to the

Olympics for London, as far as the

swim team goes. She's an absolute

star. She is. Another star is Libby

Trickett. 100m butterfly. She

qualified sixth last night, she

will go to the final. Has she got

what it takes for the final? Well,

if you saw the rig on her, she's in

unbelievable nick. She has got

tennis ball biceps, shoulders like

that. She's up against Jessica

Schipper and Alicia Coutts. Whether

she can get it done, hard to say. I

reckon she will get on her way to

the Olympics. Just watch tonight to

see the shape she's in. It will

even inspire you. She does. A name

not so familiar with Australian

households - Thomas Fraser-Holmes,

he won his IM, broke the Australian

record. His dad went nuts?

Absolutely. The hyphen, as they

call him on the pool deck, the

fastest time. His old man, Denis

Fraser-Holmes, he will be on the

plane to London as well. We have a

grab of him. Have a listen to him

as Thomas was coming towards the

end of his race. Come on! Go! On

the plane! We hope.

Oh! New record! Yeah! Whoo!

Lovely, lovely to see that. Now,

Howie, two really quick questions

on Thorpey. He's on at 10:30 today.

Everyone's gonna work out if he's

fit and if he's got what it takes

when he hits the pool. He's jumping

in from lane seven. He's not used

to that. Who are his biggest

competitors? There's a lot of

fellas in there. Thomas Fraser-

Holmes will be in there. There's

young blokes as well, who are

saying they don't care what Ian Thorpe's done. Fraser-Holmes said

he's just another swimmer, which is

a pretty big statement. Thorpey

needs to get into the top six to

qualify through to tonight's final.

He will do it. He's got a massive

intimidation factor. I think you

will see him in the finals tonight.

A cracker of a night. Indeed.

Thorpey's mum has said if he does

indeed miss out on these

qualifications, his Olympic dream

is not over. Does this mean he's

gonna go for 2016? I was talking

about this with him the other day.

He said he's look at the Glascow Commonwealth Gamesat the Glascow

Commonwealth Games. He has not said

if it doesn't work out in London,

he won't go on. I don't think he

will be retiring after this event.

You have gotta keep an eye out

tonight on Ten. I would be queuing

up for Thorpey swimming tonight.

It's gonna be a belter.

It's just gonna 7:00 here on

Breakfast. The top stories are -

union leaders have just announced

they are withdrawing their support

for Katter's Australian Party. The

Queensland Council of Unions says

Katter controversial anti-gay

election ad has caused considerable

distress in the union movement. QCU

President John Battams is attending

a special breakfast this morning to

celebrate Queensland's recent

legislation for civil unions for

Sex couples. Anna Bligh will be the

first to get her hands on the final

report by the floods commission

inquiry this morning. It's expected

to reveal whether Wivenhoe Dam

operatoring guidelines were

breached when deadly floodwaters

ravaged the state in January last

year. If the report finds engineers

didn't follow protocol, lawyers

representing up to 2,000 victims

will launch a class action. We'll

be speaking to someone involved in

that action shortly.

Police in NSW have issued an urgent

appeal this morning to help find a

suspected kidnapper. They want to

find 43-year-old Warren Wells, who

they believe abducted his ex-

girlfriend, Kelly Crocker, from

Thirlmere, south-west of Sydney,

around midnight. The pair is in a

silver car with the rego BDB78W.

Police have grave concerns and are

asking anyone who sees the car to

dial 000.

The man who strapped a fake collar

bomb to Sydney schoolgirl Madeleine

Pulver is back in court today.

Former businessman Paul Peters will

face a presentence hearing for the

aggravated break and enter on

August 3. Madeleine Pulver was

studying in her Mosman home, when

peters locked a device to her neck,

along with a ransom note that said,

"Don't tell the cops or I will

detonate." And a long pay dispute

between the Nurses' Federation and

the Victorian Government could be

settled this afternoon. They have

promise to do reach an outcome by

2pm. After that, the Nursing Union

will update its members at a mass

meeting. Since November they have

been staging rolling work stoppages

at 15 public hospitals, seeking an

18.5% pay rides over four years.

Who ever said the Big Apple was in

the US? Well, this morning

Australia has become the first

country to release Apple's latest

iPad, even before it goes on sale

in America. Gadget gurus have

queued through the night to get

their hands on the tablet.

Well, pregnant women may be too

cautious when it comes to eating

food. New research from Newcastle

University found that Australian

women may be missing out on

essential nutrients as a result of

not eating so-called risky foods.

Professor Claire Collins, who

carried out the research, says

dietary guidelines for pregnant

women should be rewritten to give

more information about what can be eaten.

Sport now - and it's the moment of

truth for comeback kid Thorpe thomp,

hoping to score a spot -- Ian

Thorpe, hoping to score a spot on the Olympic team tonight. Stephanie Rice has already booked

for London, overcoming a shoulder

injury to win the 400m individual medley last night.

It's been one of the toughest

preparations I've ever had. And I'm

just so thankful to have qualified

and to be the first person going on

to the Olympics, I'm really excited. and to be the first person going on to the Olympics, I'm really excited.

A trough in the south-east is

spreading rain across eastern

Victoria and most of southern and

central NSW today. But ahead of

that we've got these northerly

winds leading to a very warm and

humid day for much of eastern NSW.

Behind that we will see a cool

change pushing through. Up north we

have a cyclone, a tropical low and

an active monsoon bringing nothing

short of a deluge tolt tropics.

This is that rain I -- to the

tropics. This is that rain I am

talking to up north. Over the next

four days, we're set to see heavy

falls, especially here in

Queensland as that low from the NT

starts to move in that easterly

direction. Over 400mm possible,

which is amazing. Look at that

inprint from the fropcal cyclone.

It's going to -- tropical shrofpblt

it's going to cross the coastline

tomorrow. tomorrow.

There, you can see showers and

storms across eastern Victoria and

southern areas of NSW. To the

tropical cyclone now. It is

currently a category two, it's

expected to become a category three

today. We're expecting it to make

land 'tis fall sometime tomorrow.

That yellow shading is a cyclone

watch for inland areas. A quick

check of the capital cities now.

That severe weather warning is

still in place for heavy rain and

possibly damaging still in place for heavy rain and possibly damaging winds. Just going

back to the story of research

coming out of the Newcastle

University about pregnant women

avoiding food. A lot of people know

this is a problem. The dilemma is

when you have a list, and...

Pregnancy is getting longer and

longer by the day. There's a lot of

women who say, "I will find out

whether it's good or bad." We all

default to saying, "Just put it on

the bad list," because we don't

want to run the risk. Did you have

cravings? My wife could not get

enough of Vegemite on toast and

salt and vinegar chips. I can't

remember. I wasn't paying as much

attention as I could. I was in a

household where there were endless

and expensive cravings. I would say,

"You're dreaming." Women have

cravings because of their what's-

her-name, don't they? Their

hormones. Great to have you with us

for Breakfast today. A very big day

if you're involved in the

Queensland floods, because the

Flood Commission of Inquiry

releases its report today. And this

is huge lip significant. Coming up

in a moment, -- hugely significant.

Coming up in a moment, we're going

to talk to a victim of the

Queensland floods. Rob is a lawyer,

involved in the class action.

Thanks for your time this morning.

How many people are currently

involved in the class action? The

class action has yet to commence.

We believe that following the

release of the report today that a

class action is more likely than

not. But it's important to stress

that a class action has not

commenced as yet. However, there

are semple thousand people who have

refugeeed -- semple thousand people

who have -- several thousand people

who have registered interest. The

area is building pace and we expect

it will continue to build after the

release of the report today. Rob,

put simply, do you have to

establish that this flood was not

the result of an act of God, or not

just the result of an acter God,

but was exas baited at least by

man? Yes, that's a way of sutr

putting it. We believe the report

will show today that the operation

of the dam was not as it should

have been. We also believe that

combined with some of the evidence

that will come out of the inquiry and independent evidence that we

will seek, that the lack of

operation of the dam properly made

a significant difference to the

areas downstream of Wivenhoe, and

in particular Brisbane and Ipswich.

Has this the potential of a class

action, the potential of action at

all, has it put a lot of pressure

on those compiling this Queensland

Flood Report? Because they must

realise that, if indeed they are

apportion blame to those running

the Wivenhoe Dam, then there could

be a financial cost? I doubt that.

I think that the inquiry is a huge

inquiry. And Wivenhoe is

Queensland's most dangerous piece

of infrastructure. It was built

after the 1974 floods primarily as

a flood mitigation dam. And

everyone was hoping that 1974 would

not occur again. It did and there

are serious questions, some of

which will hopefully be answered in

the release of the report today

about the operation of the dam. Was

it done as it should have been? We

believe it's most likely that twat

not operated as it should have been

-- that it was not operated as it

should have been. A great many

people have lost infrastructure, a

lot of money and had their lives

badly affected as a result of the

flooding. Many more than a thousand.

What is your recommendation to

people that are out of pocket, that

have lost quality of life as a

result of this? Should they join

the class action? Yes. The economic

and personal ramifications of this

disaster are still reverberating

through South-East Queensland in

particular. And we're recommending

to people that they register with

IMF, which is the litigation

funding company that we are

partnering with, so that we can

keep them advised of the progress

on a potential class action.

Already, just quickly, if - and I

know up don't expect this to happen

- but if the report comes out today

and it exonerates those behind the

operation of the dam, is

essentially that the rug pulled out

from you, it's all over? No, it's

not. We will be seeking our own independent evidencking our own

independent evidence, independent

of the findings of the inquiry.

However, we believe that it's much

more likely that the final report

today will make findings that the

dam was not operated as it should

have been. And that, as a

consequence, the flood or at least

a significant component of the

flood downstream of Wivenhoe was

man-made and not a natural disaster.

Rod from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers,

appreciate your time. We move to a

victim, his home was in Graceville,

gutted by the floods. We appreciate

your time today. For you, what

would the best possible outcome be

today? For the insurance companies

to recognise the fact that people

were flooded and I was - my

insurance company didn't agree that

I was flooded. So if all insurance

companies back the report to say it

was flooded, yes, that will be

great. But I have my doubts about

any honesty coming out of the

inquiry. Just reading what you had

to do to get through the floods -

sleeping on the floor of a gutted

house - how angry does it make you

that we have reached this point

with insurance companies arguing

potentially it wasn't a flood? It

sort of makes me angry. I get over

it. I got knocked down, I got up

again. And I will survive. I'm out

of work. I had to attack my super

to pay for repairs. I still have me

health. Other people were worse

affected than me. Mine was all

cosmetic. Other people lost whole

home, washed away, and loss of life.

I will get on. I hope the insurance

companies will find, in their

widdom, that I paid my premiums,

and they will come to the party.

But I doubt it. Why don't you think

the inquiry will give the truth

today? I think there should have

been an open-epblded time limit on

the inquiry and let it go as long

as it can. Get Fred and Tommy Jones

to come and have a talk and put

their two bobs in. They restricted

the inquiry too much, in my liking.

No matter what the outcome today,

Paul, are you planning on getting

involved in this class action suit?

I am gonna wait a little bit.

There's plenty of time to get into

the class action. In time I

probably will. But if my insurance

company comes to the party in the

meantime, I will just go through my

insurance. I have lost wages and

sump. Paul, quickly, why is the

insurance company specifically

telling you that it wasn't a flood,

they won't pay out? Well, that's

the point. I am still fighting the

RACQ Insurance. They won't tell me

exactly why they didn't pay my

claim. Did I have riverine, flash

flood, or whatever? When a bloke

says he's got flood insurance, yep,

he thinks he has it. When you come

down to it, no, I wasn't standing

on my left foot when I paid the

premium, I wasn't covered, because

I didn't understand the fine print.

Appreciate your time. For Paul, the

best possible outcome is that

negligence can be proved of those

running the Wivenhoe Dam. That is

the best possible outcome, because

he can then join the class action

or indeed take his own independent

action. Seeing that footage of what

he had to go through, and him

saying it would be nice for the

guys to see what he went through.

And the fine print, the arguing the

moot point - and he is not alone.

This is the thing. This inquiry

will mean a lot for a lot of people

today in Queensland. This is a

doubly complex one too. If indeed

it turns out this was as a result

of mismanagement of the dam, then

that's a whole different situation

from an insurance point of view.

You take litigation, you take those

people and they claim on their

insurance. It's still very much up

in the air. The sad thing is these

people have been living with it for

so long. Today will be a very

interesting day. Today is anti--

bullying day. It is, very much so.

We have had Wendell Sailor on the

show. He will be telling us his

story. We also have mummy bloggers.

That's happening. And the new iPad is (CHEERFUL MUSIC) (VOICES HUM ALONG TO TUNE) (MORE VOICES JOIN IN HUMMING) VOICEOVER: There are so many ways to enjoy Birds Eye Oven Bake. No wonder they're Australia's favourite fish fillets. SONG: # Mmm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mmm Birds Eye. # As life moves on, you have to make some big decisions, and things never stand still. That's why hospital cover for members living in the ACT includes a whole range of new health support services called Mi Health - like advice from Medibank nurses 24/7, and, as life throws up more changes, it's good to know you can access one of Australia's largest private hospital networks. To join, call 132 331 or visit a Medibank store today.

Inside of the cheek. And you have

to swallow around... Oh, inside.

Cheek. I thought this was a

rectal... Hello. This is Ben's mum.

I am very willing to do most things

to advance my son's career. Jumping

off a building is not one of them.

I'm sorry about that. Sometimes Mum

hits the cask early in the day. Hey,

this is Jay's girlfriend. He's a

wonderful boyfriend and things are

going really well, but it might be

a little bit early for a proposal.

This is the look that actually won her over. OK! (LAUGHTER) (MUSIC PLAYS)

I'm in love. (LAUGHS) It worked for

me. How do you feel? I felt it.


Today's top stories here on

Breakfast - Bob Katter's Queensland

election campaign has taken a blow,

with unions withdrawing their

support. The search is on for a NSW

mother who left hospital with her 1-day-old child.

And the funeral of Aussie

entertainer Ian 'Turps' Turpie will

be held in Sydney this afternoon.

Well, it's a sad statistic that 87%

of schoolkids say they have

experienced some sort of cyber

bullying. It's a topic that's

always in the headlines and today

is no exception. But it's for a

better reason today, because it is

the National Day of Action Against

Bullying and Violence.

I am joined by Vanessa Hutchin, who

has been a bullying victim, and

Wendell Sailor as well. Thanks for

sticking around and thanks for

joining us.