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This program is captioned live. Bankstown's deadly emergency. Tonight - into another aircraft. A pilot killed as his plane hurtles A gang-rape victim speaks out their sentences increased. after her attackers have And shots fired - suspects are rounded up. hundreds arrested as illegal fishing and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - a new record over Easter. petrol prices set to reach a spectacular family tradition And the woman upholding at the Royal Easter Show. tragedy at Bankstown airport. But first this evening - A plane crashing, killing the pilot. joins us live. Ten reporter Evan Batten

what happened this afternoon? Evan, can you take us through exactly

Yes, Ron. They say the pilot was

doing a routine training exercise

called touch-and-go. That's where

they practise take-offs and

landings, circling the runway.

Witnesses say he'd just completed

the first circuit. He'd taken off

to do another lap when he

experienced engine trouble.

Witnesses say his engine cut out

and then he nose dived to the

ground, coming down at great speed

crashing into the ground. They say

he managed to avoid other

buildings but unfortunately clipped

a few planes. I saw an aircraft

taking off in a westerly direction

from Bankstown. I heard the engine

wasn't doing too well and the

aircraft turned to the right and

turned to the right again, with

possibly the intention of returning

to the airport. And

the speed got too slow and he

stalled and then went to the ground.

That sparked a full-scale emergency.

Ambulance crews were the first on

the scene. They say there was

unfortunately nothing to do to save

the pilot. He either died on impact

or shortly after. They say there

was no-one else on board the plane

at the time. We can only say the

pilot was aged in his 40s, that's

what the ambulance estimate. We

understand the family has not been

notified. This crash happened only

a few hours ago. Thank you, evan. for two brothers More jail time tonight in Sydney's west. who gang-raped teenage girls One of their victims has spoken out upbringing explained their attacks. rejecting claims a strict Muslim Tegan Warner, on the right, by two brothers at a party was just 14 when she was raped in 2002. at their family home in Ashfield who legally cannot be identified The men, youngest brother because their co-accused

of the gang rapes, was just 15 at the time and other attacks on teenage girls. were sentenced today for that crime is good, The fact they are behind bars larger sentences for all the girls but I would've liked them to have for all of us. I would like a larger sentence sentences for other gang rapes. The trio were already serving lengthy in Australia from Pakistan The eldest brother had only arrived his first rape. a few days before he committed his strict Muslim upbringing. His excuse - this was about abusing women This wasn't about culture, to bring in culture to begin with and the fact that they had the nerve just astounds me. to 28 years. Today his sentence was increased

who also attacked Tegan, The middle brother, to 19 years. had his sentence increased did not receive extra punishment The youngest brother a 13-year-old girl. for sexually assaulting The victim's mother was devastated. Very much so. for my girl I feel very disappointed and sad and for the other victims as well. for the three brothers Justice Hidden reduced the sentences opportunistic crimes on the basis that they were

rather than part of a conspiracy. and even smiled The three men laughed, joked during their time in court today. Tegan told them to enjoy prison. As the three men were lead away, Have fun in prison boys. I won. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Cronulla riot revenge attackers Charges against at least six accused might have to be dropped. against them isn't strong enough. Police lawyers claim the evidence the force to seek a second opinion. Investigators now going outside that terrified Sydney - It was the night on the rampage at Brighton, hundreds of Arab-Australians at Cronulla earlier that day. seeking revenge for the racist riots

riot and affray charges Now, police lawyers have recommended of the revenge attackers against at least six be dropped due to a lack of evidence. individual acts of violence. Investigators must prove It was not open to them in their best copperplate hand to stand back and record individual was doing. every detail of what every sparked a phone hook-up The legal advice his superiors, between the Assistant Commissioner, and the Minister today. a second opinion They've agreed to seek from an independent senior counsel. The suggestion the charges be dropped with residents of Maroubra, isn't sitting well of the revenge attacks. who bore the brunt on the Lebanese, mate, They're going soft there seems to be a green light

to run a riot. for the Lebanese community haven't got a lot more of them. I just can't understand why police without the proof, You can't convict them something that has to be worked out. yet, at the same time, there's Unlike the daytime riots, of the revenge attacks, there's very little camera footage and fewer witnesses. The Opposition says with the evidence they've got. police should try their luck thought that maybe, on balance, We heard this morning that police they didn't have enough evidence. Well, tell it to the judge. defines 'riot' Section 63-B of the Crimes Act as 12 or more persons using or threatening violence for a common purpose. In other words, if you were part of the violent mob here at Brighton that night, then you were rioting. The legal dilemma coincides with the sentencing of another Cronulla rioter. 19-year-old Danny Shanahan has been sentenced to up to three months. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. Accused murderer Gordon Wood will be back in a London court shortly seeking bail. The former chauffeur remains in custody following his arrest over the death of his model girlfriend in Sydney more than a decade ago. It's a far cry from his high-flying lifestyle, Gordon Wood arriving for his first London court appearance in a prison van. Before the magistrate, he sat impassively as the allegations against him were read out. Asked if understood them, he said, "Yes." Asked if he would consent to extradition to Australia, he replied, "Not today." His lawyer, Sian Williams, was reluctant to apply for bail yet. I'm not prepared to comment at all in relation to this case. It's claimed the former chauffeur to late stockbroker Rene Rivkin had an argument with his model girlfriend Caroline Byrne 11 years ago. Prosecutors allege Wood threw her from the clifftop at Sydney's notorious suicide spot, the Gap, where her body was found. He's always denied any involvement, claiming Byrne took her own life. Wood will reappear in court shortly

where he's expected to apply for bail. I don't know that it will slow down the extradition process. Those are the processes of the courts in London -

obviously not my place to comment on those. Sydney detectives will fly to London ahead of an extradition hearing in six weeks time. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Get set for more pain at the petrol pump.

Sydney fuel prices have jumped a whopping 24 cents a litre in less than a day with record highs on the way. The cost of petrol is already at the $1.35 mark and it seems negative publicity is the only thing likely to make service stations cut prices even if it's just by one cent. It's bad news for anyone considering a driving holiday this Easter. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. That is too much. It should be lowered. And they seem to do it every year around this period. The surprise 24 cent spike came

just hours after the announcement world prices were heading higher and it's only going to get worse. We'll see almost record price levels of $1.39.9 in Sydney probably on the Thursday before Easter. The worst we've witnessed is $1.49. but in the past 24 hours, the price has gone up the most it has in a given day, from $1.10.9 to $1.34.9. It's not profiteering in the sense that they have jacked up the price because of the international price movement. It's making a profit, certainly and it's taking advantage of a situation. If the trend continues after Easter, the record average monthly price of $1.30 will be broken. Fuel analysts say the best way to beat the price hikes is to buy your petrol on a Tuesday or to get your bargain from independent service stations. If you're using discount dockets offered by major supermarket and petrol companies, do it early in the week when prices are low. So you could save yourself about 25 cents a litre by filling up smart. If not, there's always the two-wheel option. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Shots have been fired on the high seas as Australia rounds up a new wave of illegal Indonesian fishing vessels. Nearly 200 fishermen have been arrested by the Navy and Customs

with the operation placing a further strain on our relationship with Jakarta. In the waters off the Top End, Customs officers board another illegal fishing boat from Indonesia. Australian Customs! Captain! A recent operation netting 23 vessels from as far away as China -

almost 200 foreign fishermen now in detention - some arrested only after warning shots were fired. There's now concern the problem could grow

if Indonesia relaxes cooperation with Canberra on border security as relations sour over West Papua. Things made worse by reports of another landing on Australian soil. We are still trying to ascertain

whether in fact there has been an illegal entry into Australia by any West Papuans. Customs patrols searching for a family of six, thought to include a union activist and a 2-month-old baby. Any further arrivals would obviously be a matter of concern to the Indonesians The last group to arrive from the troubled province

granted temporary visas under Australian law. The Government is trying to patch up ties with Jakarta over the West Papuan issue. The Prime Minister making his position crystal clear. Well, my message to the people of West Papua is simply this - I regard them as citizens of the Republic of Indonesia. The Treasurer also trying to appease our northern neighbour. We need Indonesia -

Indonesia counts as a valuable ally and friend, and no-one wants to push the relationship. Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has paid a surprise visit to West Papua to reinforce Jakarta's grip on the troubled porvince. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster -

and just how close did Justin Langer come to defying a neurosurgeon's advice? Very close. In fact, it was a real issue for the team and officials. As the tension built on the final day, Langer was certainly faced with the biggest decision of his career - whether to risk his long-term health for a Test victory. Later, the pact our tail-enders made to save him. Also later, Billy Slater to plead his case on that stomping charge. And Robert Allenby will tee it up with Tiger at the US Masters. The man fingered as the Bali Nine drug pin appears in court. That's next. Plus, tough new tactics in a crackdown on hard-core juvenile offenders. And a drenching for a Sydney suburb as a water main bursts.

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Tragedy in the State's north with a horror car smash claiming the lives of two young boys being driven to school. They died when the 4-wheel drive, a truck and another car collided. The children's mother, who was driving the car, was seriously injured.

The semi-trailer left hanging perilously over a guard rail near a river. The truck driver and the driver of a second vehicle involved escaped with minor injuries. A man known as Bali Buddha has been fingered as the drug kingpin behind the Bali Nine operation. A Brisbane court has been told he worked with condemned ringleader Myuran Sukamaran and a man known only as Porn Star to recruit mules. It's clear Andrew Ly wants to keep a low profile.

But a confessed drug courier claims he's "Bali Buddha", the brains behind a major heroin smuggling ring

which included the Bali Nine. Danny Huang told how Buddha and Myuran Sukamaran, along with a man known only as "Porn Star", made regular recruiting trips to Brisbane from Sydney. The alleged smuggling bosses would meet potential couriers at a Karaoke Bar. There, Huang says, he was given tasks like convincing friends to become mules, making travel bookings and payments and arranging passport photos.

Along with "Buddha", Danny Lee is also accused of being a major player in the ring. Alice Yang, Francis Lee, Jackie Cao and Atoalii Partsch are also facing heroin smuggling charges. Danny Huang recalled the group met at an apartment in 2004 where Sukamaran patted them down, checking their body shapes. But while Mr Huang has maintained throughout the hearing that he was simply a low-level courier, Andrew Ly, or "Buddah's", lawyer suggested that the student was operating on a much higher level in the smuggling ring. He, however, was granted immunity by the Federal Police to testify against the others. They face up to 25 years behind bars. Chloe Baker, Ten News. Jail riot squads will be deployed to deal with violence in the State's juvenile detention centres. The move follows a disturbance in January at Grafton's Acmena facility when staff were threatened and property damaged. Special legislation will allow riot squads to be used along with chemical agents and dogs. Young thugs who think they can buck the system will have to think again particularly when they're met by these specialist teams. The State Government says there are hard-core young offenders entering the system now who are far more violent than previous inmates. More than 50 homes in the city's south-west are still without water after a main burst in Padstow. The flash flood forcing Sydney Water to shut-down the supply to six suburbs for most of the morning. Neighbours thought nothing of the leak around 7:00 this morning, but that was before the main burst. Water gushing through a retirement village. Then all of a sudden you could hear it and I came out and I couldn't get out of the front door.

The birds actually discovered it. They were making a racket. Units were flooded. Elderly residents rescuing a wheelchair-bound woman

stranded in her home. The chapel was also swamped. It's disastrous for the village for the people who live underneath. The waterway rushed downhill cascading into a backyard. Probably 18 inches deep right across. Water and mud and slush. The force of the channel cracking the foundation. To stop the flood, Sydney Water shut-down the main, cutting off the supply to hundreds of homes in Padstow

and five surrounding suburbs. The service was restored to most homes by midday, but around 60 will have to wait until late this evening. It's the second main in the area that's ruptured in four years. I thought "Here we go again, the water main's blown". Last time it blew it was just down the road from here it showered house bricks on top of the roof of the house.

Sydney Water is trying to determine what caused the main to burst. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Tim Bailey, I'd last to thank Merle

for suggesting we should call that

baby white rhino Ronnie. I'm not

sure what the infor instance is

though. First off, a little bit of crucial weather information.

crucial weather information. Darling Harbour is sparkling at the

moment. 32 degrees today, Sydney.

That was 8 above average. 33 at

Penrith. Tomorrow - 22 degrees, so

around about 10 degrees less than

today, cold and windy. You try and

work it out. I know what you have

tried to work out and that's the

name of Sydney - no, Dubbo's brand

new baby white rhino. This has

captured Sydney's imagination.

This is how cute he is. They're the

pictures. You've suggested.

Bulldozer, Pebbles, Belvedere,

Kust aurd aard or Rompy, spike,

Ricky the rhino, rocky, raim bow,

Cumulus. What about this one, I

Can't Believe It's Not a Jury of a.

Can't Believe It's Not a Jury of a. Cheeky, Binny the baby rhino and

this isn't bad either, very clever

- it's called Saving Private Rhino

from Sean. We'll come up with a

name. Saving Private Rhino. What a

beauty. We're going to get out to

Dubbo Zoo and broadcast for two or

three days out there. If I can get

three, I will. And then we'll

christen the little fella. Don't

have to stay up there too long

because it was baby blue and that

will do. Big surprise on the TV in

10 minutes human Nature. They've

sold a lazy 300,000 CDs. That's

called showing off. And we'll talk

to them in around about 10. The town celebrating one of the first victories under the new industrial relations laws. That's next. And the first movie on the events of September 11 But is the world ready?

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we've got Brian Sanders in the

traffic chopper. Any flow-on effects

to traffic from the fatal accident

at Bankstown? No, it's near the

perimeter fence but not a high

traffic area so it won't impact the

run home. Not so

run home. Not so not so lucky on

the M4. The M4 is in a grumpy can

tank Ross mood today so the crumb

cut lets are looking a long way

from home at the moment. This is

through the Reservoir Road area

through Prospect. We've had

breakdowns and accidents along the

M4. You're not getting any sort of a

go from Homebush Bay into Eastern

Creek. A look around the city -

down through the Domain tunnel to

the Eastern Distributor is like a

dog's breakfast as well. The ACTU is investigating a possible new case of unfair dismissal with 15 oil rig workers off Darwin sacked by their employer. Their case is being compared to the Cowra meatworkers dispute which appears to have calmed afer a company backdown. Relieved to be back at work but uncertain of just how secure their future is. Workers have no doubts who's to blame.

We still believe it was because of the WorkChoices legislation that this was brought in. The timing of that indicates it to be correct Within a week of the new laws being introduced, 29 Cowra meatworkers were sacked for operational reasons.

20 were offered their jobs back on much lower rates of pay. But after a visit from the Office of Workplace Services, management has withdrawn the termination notices. Pay rates are still being negotiated. A lot of them have been here since the company opened 35 years ago, and then just to be told they were gone, it was hard on a lot of them.

The Government left red-faced. It's only been going for a week. I mean, for heaven's sake - can we get a sense of proportion? Still, the PM and his Workplace Relations Minister refuse to say whether the sacking was illegal under the new laws. The Treasurer more definitive. No, this was not what the law was contemplating, and that's why it hasn't occurred. Labor isn't buying it. Let them stand up and give a guarantee that no other individual Australian employee

will be treated in the same manner as the Cowra employees. The question now is what will happen when the focus over the new IR laws dies down. Labor and the unions fear workers will be left hanging as employers, even those with more than 100 staff,

fire and rehire as they please. Already 15 oil riggers off the Top End have been sacked and told to re-apply for their jobs on a different rate of pay. The ACTU comparing their plight to that of the meatworkers and vowing to take it up as their next fight. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Confirmation tonight a young woman has returned to Australia more than a decade after being abducted and taken overseas. Jacqueline Pascarl, formerly known as Gillespie, is getting to know her adult daughter, Shahirah, who was abducted 14 years ago by her father, Malaysian Prince Raja Bahrin. Jacqueline Pascarl and her daughter, Shahirah

would like to express their appreciation for your good wishes and support. They wish you to know that they are very, very happy in fact, joyful. Speaking from Malaysia, Prince Bahrin said it was only natural his 20-year old daughter wanted to visit her mother. American audiences are about to see the first big screen movie based on the September 11 attacks. But 4.5 half years on, many believe it's still too soon to make entertainment

out of such an atrocity. It's got all the hallmarks of a Hollywood blockbuster. FILM CLIP: We've got a possible hijack. Weapons - scramble those fighters. There's drama, suspense and lots of action. But this isn't 'Diehard' or 'Lethal Weapon'.

This is the true story of 44 passengers and crew who were en route from New Jersey to San Francisco on September 11, 2001. Good morning sir. You just made it. 4D. United 93 was the fourth plane hijacked that day, the one whose passengers tried to overthrow the hijackers, eventually crashing in a field in Pennsylvania. We have to do it now, because we know what happens if we just sit here and do nothing. But 4.5 years on it seems many Americans aren't ready to see their saddest day sensationalised on the big screen. Yes, I think it's way too soon, way, way, way - if ever. I think there are just too many emotions

that people are feeling too strongly on that. Have some respect for the people who died. After getting complaints, some cinemas stopped airing the trailer. Others are considering banning the movie out of respect for victims and their families. But audiences are being urged not to boycott the film by relatives of passengers on United 93. They say the film's a fitting tribute to the brave men and women who died on that flight. We cannot be offended by the truth. Flight 93 was a beautiful story in all that ugliness. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. A boost of nearly $2 billion for mental health funding. That's next. Also, a health alert over the pills offering so-called herbal drug highs. And what's on at the Royal Easter Show?

We'll check out some new attractions and old favourites. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. $6 million Powerball jackpot. You could:

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Tonight's top stories - fears petrol prices will hit record highs over Easter. In Sydney, they've already jumped a whopping 24 cents a litre in less than a day, adding more than $13 to the cost of filling family-sized cars. The victim of a gang rape speaks out after the sentences of her attackers are increased. Tegan Warner was just 14 when she was raped by two brothers at their Ashfield home four years ago. She's claiming victory after an often difficult process.

And a pilot dies at Bankstown Airport as his plane hurtles into the ground slamming into another aircraft. The pilot was doing practise manoeuvres making a steep right hand turn before hitting the ground upside down at high speed. Witnesses say he had no hope of survival. A $1.8 billion pledge from Canberra today to improve Australia's struggling mental health system. The Prime Minister says the money will go towards better health services as well as a new community awareness program over the next five years. There will also be more accommodation made available to the mentally ill with increased funding for suicide prevention programs. It's a terribly chronic need and it is a tragic gap in our community.

A wealthy community such as ours should be doing more. The Opposition and doctors' groups say it's still not enough. About 1 in 10 Australians suffer from mental illness. A stark warning about the dangers of herbal stimulants offering a safe alternative to so-called party drugs. Doctors say they're more harmful than they sound and could even kill.

Speedballs, liquid X and red racers - cheap herbal stimulants designed to mimic the effects of ecstasy, speed and cocaine, something doctors fear they do far too well.

They may be safer than illicit substances but they are still by no means safe. The extreme herbs are marketed as confectionary, promising warm and fuzzy feelings, excessive talking and eye-popping energy - effects not of the herbs themselves, but the caffeine supplements. Caffeine, like any other substance, can be very dangerous when taken in overdose, so you get nothing for free, I'm afraid. Just last week, a 14-year-old Adelaide boy collapsed after taking three guarana speedballs. He bought them believing they'd make him run faster for a school athletics carnival. He felt very dizzy and his heart began to race quite substantially. He also was very sick, which caused further dehydration to him. At worst, these pseudo drugs can be deadly. Six years ago, a Perth woman suffered a caffeine-induced heart attack after consuming a 55ml energy booster. These pseudo drugs are legal, sold over the counter without health warnings or advice on dosages. If it's not, then some child will take too many one time and someone may even die. Kimberley Harper, Ten News. Another big close on the local share market. Amber Higlett at Commonwealth Securities -

the Australian car industry has bounced back.

Yes. It seems petrol prices haven't

scared us off buying new cars or

trucks. 87,000 new purchases last

month, the highest March figure on

record. Toyota were the top-selling

company ahead of Holden on 13,000

and Ford on 11,000. With the job

market in good shape, wages rising,

and car prices falling, it suggests

the car market will be healthy for

the rest of the year. The countdown to the Easter Show is almost over. It kicks off this Friday, but we have a sneak peak of what you can expect this year. It's almost show time but there's still time for some last-minute practice before the big crowds start rolling in. ANNOUNCER: Ben Jones soaring 80m through the air. This year the show celebrates 75 years of rodeo and high hopes are pinned on our Aussie cowboys who'll go head-to-head with team USA. The cherry on the banana split, so to say, as far as rodeos go. A new act to the show - Lady Cannonball's performance is dynamite. For 21-year-old Stephanie Havens, the risky talent runs in the family. Her father holds the Guinness World Record for distance, even her brother fired across a section of the Grand Canyon. I shock people with how high I get. They'll see somebody fly to about 120 to 130 feet. The dare-devil dirt bike riders are back. Speaking of dirt, so too are the Holden storm riders. Want to know what it feels like to fly an F1-11 jetfighter? Then this is the ride for you. Straight from Europe, it's called 'No Limit' and I'm the first one to try it at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. SCREAMS I tried to warn them. SCREAMING New rides to also try which are sure to get the adrenaline pumping are Space Roller and Speed. Around 1 million people are expected to pass through the gates during the 14-day event. Adult showlink tickets are $29, children $19.50. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

She's braver than I am. Another

look at the weather with Tim Bailey.

From rhino names to boy bands. You

do offer us some varied subject

matter in the weather segment. Yes.

We've got lots of diversity

coming your way. Deb, be careful

not to wet yourself. I know how

much you like this mob. Ronnie, be

careful there. Above average today,

10 degrees above average. Above

average - you bet, they've sold

300,000 CDs , the Motown album

going through the roof. (All sing)

* Baby, I need your loving

# Got to have all your loving

# Baby I need your loving... # Haish

Beautiful stuff. The Deborah

Knight-gets-divorced band. Live on

your television.

See you again with

See you again with the Deborah

Knight-gets-divorced band at 5:55.

Thank you very much. Sport with Tim Webster and a war of words over an NRL judiciary case. Yes, it concerns comments we ran last night from Penrith's Joel Clinton who was accused of taking a dive.

More shortly. Also just how close Justin Langer came to risking his long-term health for a Test victory. And the incident that led to this in the Champions League. Grab a KFC Family Fun bucket. Six pieces of Original Recipe, six Crispy Strips, a Maxi Popcorn Chicken, six Nuggets, plenty of sides, and a special edition Cranium game on the bucket.

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Melbourne fullback Billy Slater has arrived in Sydney to try and have a Grade 5 kicking charge downgraded. Also seeking a downgrade at the judiciary is Canberra hooker Simon Woolford and he's continued the war of words with Penrith prop Joel Clinton. Simon Woolford today escalating his feud with Joel Clinton, repeating his claims the Penrith prop's a faker. Joel can attack my tackling style all he likes but at the end of the day, he laid down on the tackle. Whether it's good or bad for us, it was good for Penrith. He got them a penalty. Woolford claiming the proof is irrefutable. It was there on the video, on the screen, for all to see. So he can hide from that all he likes but that's what happened on the weekend.

Rugby league's representative season launched today.

New Blues coach Graham Murray putting his stamp on proceedings. He's scrapped the pre-series bonding camp introduced by former coach Phil Gould. No, it won't be happening. We've all got our different styles and I think what that does is nominate a number of players who are eligible for the position. What I'd like to say is they're all eligible for positions. Murray later declaring Dragons duo Mark Gasnier and Trent Barrett, who may be quitting the NRL, shouldn't be blackbanned by selectors. Without being too political, if you're playing in that competition for that season, you should be available for those games that are available for that season. Parramatta's Nathan Hindmarsh a definite contender for the Blues. An NRL record 63 tackles last weekend still not good enough. Three hit-ups isn't something to brag about either. It's something that's got to be improved. Hindmarsh shrugging off his tackling feat. It's something you do on the field. They seem to count them for some reason. I don't even know why they bother counting tackles. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Waratahs flanker Phil Waugh has fired up Friday night's Grand Final re-match with the Crusaders by questioning the tactics of one of their star players. Waugh reckons Crusaders and All Blacks flanker Richie McCaw is constantly flouting the rules at the breakdown and getting away with it. It's every open side's job to try to push the referee as far as they can to get the ball back for our team so he's done it very well. Despite a horror cauliflowered ear,

the Crusaders All Blacks forward Chris Jack will play on Friday night in Christchurch. Thankfully, the injury was out of sight today. Swans star Jude Bolton says their opening round loss to the Bombers was the responsiblity of he and his fellow midfielders. Bolton also declared the teams on-ballers were to blame for the six goals scored on Leo Barry during the opening quarter of Saturday night's match. If you look at the replays, Leo Barry's right in behind Lloyd each time so it's the mid-field's responsibility to stop that and stifle that sort of service forward. The Swans are hoping to celebrate the unfurling of the premiership flag with a win over Port Adelaide at the SCG on Sunday. A dramatic finish to the third and final Test against South Africa with Justin Langer prepared to ignore doctor's advice and bat despite the dangers of being hit again the head. A dilemma for Langer and players from both sides avoided by a winning stand from Lee and Kasprowicz.

By the time Martyn made a century,

Langer was in his playing shirt. It

changed to the full attire after

Martyn's exit, the tail-enders

wielding willow in a bid to wrap up

the run chase. He'll take it!

Langer sensing the desperate mood

of the match and the biggest

decision of his career. Skipper

Ricky Ponting's view was to end the

match at nine wickets down, risking

his friendship with Langer, rather

than his mate's health. Kasprowicz

needing needles for a bad back,

just to bat himself. But Lee and

Kasprowicz eventually eked out the

runs. Brett Lee has played the most

superb catch-off. There's Langer

with gloves on. I noticed that

Justin Langer had the pads on as

well. We had to make sure he wasn't

going to get out there. The Aussies

now head to Bangladesh, but Langer

will return home with the other

injury casualties, Kasprowicz and

Shaun Tait. Phil Jaques the

opener's replacement. The selectors

think of me if there areiers and --

injuries and I'll try to take my

opportunities. From Glenn McGrath's

fill-in to man of the series,

Stuart Clark's immediate future is

secure, Nathan Bracken overlooked

for the next leg. Jason Gillespie

hoping his recall won't be short.

There's been a few injuries.

Hopefully if I get a chance, ki take it.

Tiger Woods will tee off alongside Australia's Robert Allenby when he begins his US Masters title defence early on Friday. The world's best player, who's looking for a fifth green jacket, won't have his number one supporter on the course. His dad Earl is battling cancer. It's very difficult. So you know, it puts in perspective really quick when you hit a bad shot out there when you think about situations like that. Woods joining the debate on changes to the Augusta National Course

saying there was no need to toughen up some of the holes. AC Milan and Villarreal are both through to the last four of soccer's Champions League. Italian giant AC knocked out Lyon while Spanish minnow Villarreal pulled off the shock of the night defeating Inter Milan in a bad tempered game. Rodolfo Arruabarrena's second half goal was enough to send the Spaniards through. But the match turned ugly after this challenge from Inter's Marco Matterazi. A trailing elbow leaving Juan Pablo Sorin covered in blood. In the other tie, two late goals, including this strike from Andriy Shevchenko helped AC Milan to a 3-1 win over Lyon. And later in Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan - boxer Danny Green proves to the media he's fit and ready to rumble with archrival Anthony Mundine.

Tim Bailey next with the weather. And 50 years of television starring now at a museum in Sydney.

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it doesn't matter what project you want to do, we have everything here so we can, um... Yeah, we can offer everything. We have everything. Except milk. (Laughs) Brunnings 65-litre feed and mulch block, just $8.98. Ozito electric chainsaw, $79. Bosch cordless drill, $147.

4-litre fence finish, $20.60. Paint roller kit, just $4.48. So everyone's happy. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning.

You're watching the news. Tim

Bailey was being cheeky in the

commercial break saying the boys

were doing a national tour of

Australia and that meant the whole

of the country. I asked if that

included Tasmania. They said, "Well,

actually, no." So there. It's the

only place they're not going.

Because I am from Tasmania, I've

just called the whole gig off.

just called the whole gig off. We'll come to your place. I've got

to show you that. You know what? I

don't have to because everyone in

Australia has bought it. 300,000

copies, you guys, of the Motown

record. This is why you have bought this.

(Sings) # Well, I guess you'd say (Sings) # Well, I guess you'd say # What can

# What can make me feel this way?

# My girl

# My girl

# My girl

# My girl

# Talking about my girl... #

Haish That is beautiful. Clap

please. I don't have an awedients.

I can hear the women scream wig is

the first time that's ever happened

at 5:55. Tobie, glad you at 5:55. Tobie, glad you didn't

start dancing because it's the

wrong network and the wrong show. I

can't talk to you about it. And I'd

probably end up out there. Thanks,

Michael. Thanks, Phil. The national

tour goes on sale on Friday. Get

your tickets. Andrew. Thanks for

having us. It's been fun. Say hello

to your wife. Hi. You've just

broken many, many hearts, my friend.

broken many, many hearts, my friend. Sydney - 13, 14, June and 10 June

in Canberra. But check the website :

That is Human Nature Grand Tour.

That is quadruple platinum. Yes.

That is quadruple platinum. Yes. That is success, something that's

never happened to me. I won't talk to you about to you about it right now. What

about today, folks? 10 above

average in Sydney. It was still 33

degrees at Penrith half an hour ago.

Tomorrow, 32 to 22 and it will be

cold and chilly.

Thick cloud is forming across

Queensland and north-east NSW in a

trough generating heavy rain and

storms. The weather map for

tomorrow - a trough of low pressure heads eastwards through Queensland

causing rain and storms to

contract to the coast and tropics.

Isolated showers across southern

NSW falling as snow on the Alps

tomorrow. By Friday, a trough will

result in showers and storms across north-eastern Queensland.

Just a little one for the viewers

at home - how come when I get like

that, it looks better than the 10

publicity -- Ten publicity photo

when I'm next to Ron Wilson. Work

it out at home. I'll get back tow tomorrow.

Ladies and gentlemen, Human Nature.

The tour goes on sale Friday. Check

the website. Thank you, boys, for

making a little chimpanzee look

rather handsome tonight. You do

look good with them, Tim. Very much. Remember the gang from Matlock police? What about the Mavis Brampston show? Or Mr Squiggle? A stack of great memories from Australian TV's 50 years

have gone on display in Sydney in an exhibition called 'On the Box'. For nostalgia buffs - it's close to paradise. Costumes, characters, clips and more from Australian television's 50 years. People have been very generous in lending things for display, so we ended up with over 800 objects. There's the wedding dress Kylie wore when Charlene married Scott on 'Neighbours'

an original script with directions for a certain bush kangaroo, and even Mr Squiggle, who first landed on the small screen from his home the moon in 1959. I'm not too sure about making an exhibition of myself. 'Mavis Brampton Show' star Maggie Dence among those looking back fondly on the old days. It was daring to say bum. That was the naughty thing - bum! Who cares now? I mean - where would we be? Another part of the body, I suspect. Others might be a little more embarrassed. Take a look at 'Australian Idol' judge Mark Holden

in 'The Young Doctors'. TV CLIP: I did it on deliberately. You're Jojo Adams, aren't you? There's Channel Ten's first day. And something a bit more up to date - your chance to sit and chat with 'Big Brother'.

This is Big Brother. But, of course, it's not just television that's 50 years old. So are the ads, and this exhibition has some absolute classics. (Sings) # Oh, Mrs Sparkle. # (Sings) # Yes, Mr Sheen. # The Big Pal - big meal for a big dog. SONG: # Amoco, Amoco... # The Big Pal - SONG: # Amoco, Amoco... # Trust British Paints - sure can.

The exhibition opens at Sydney's Powerhouse museum tomorrow. Angela Bishop, Ten News. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Sandra Sully and Ryan Phelan

will have the late news and Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.