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Talking Heads -

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Still catch the same amount of fish we were when I was 16. Yeah, so we've got about 250 metres of
rope left now... Here's hopin'. Here's hopin' we made some money today.

As you can see, the lines have come closer together, which means it's nearly time for the net to
come on board. I s'pose these guys are all crossing their fingers hoping to get some money. Here's
the seine right now.

'The crew are working furiously pulling the nets in. They don't want to lose a single fish.'

Well, you can see down here some big snapper that they've caught already. Look at that. Look at
that! The bag's full of fish.

'The net has to be winched up on deck. Just check out all those fish.'

Well, here we go. The catch of the day. I honestly, in my life, I've never seen this many fish in
the one place at the one time. This is just from one shot. They've just dragged the net, caught
pretty much everything. This is a prize today. Just look at the size of that snapper.

That's what you want.


'As the rest of the fish get sorted out in buckets, some have to be returned to the ocean.' Port
Jackson shark. Throw him back. Another one. So would you say this is a pretty average-sized catch
for you.

Oh, it's just an overage shot, yeah.

Average shot, yeah. And how many shots like this would you do, say, a week?

Um...oh...well, we average about three days a week over the year.

And how many shots a...

Uh... In the summer we do nine shots. In the winter we do about six shots.