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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - taking on the big guns - who refuses to be crushed by Coles. the struggling grocer an historic Sydney cemetery. Grave outrage - vandals attack

These are our heritage. And the Prime Minister's manservant - for his personal butler? should we be paying and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening.

to Queensland gas. the grand plan to link 500,000 homes And the queen of the road - 17th solo drive around the country. the 90-year old setting off on her fighting a giant competitor the small Sydney grocer

over soaring food prices. He's begging customers to help him beat Coles.

But the grocer won't speak on camera, fearing what might happen.

The battle over food prices in this tiny Sydney shopping centre. is taking drastic steps A new independent grocer against Coles, in his fight for survival

stopping customers in their tracks. "Is desperate for your support. a case of severe predatory pricing." until I saw the sign, I wouldn't have noticed

so it's a good idea. I think they need to take them on. I think it's good. posts its morning prices, When the grocer is a Coles employee, usually the first person taking note

who then returns to their store, or even, it's claimed, undercut. adjusting their prices to match to $1.99 Today the grocer slashed mandarins even cheaper at $1.98. and Coles was soon selling them

Are you the store manager? Yes. Hi. I'm Ali from Channel Ten News. going on with the grocer next door? Just wanted to ask you about what's I'm not allowed to comment. But her big boss did spell it out into grocery prices. at the ACCC inquiry A small fresh produce merchant outside the front door of our supermarket

is a significant competitor for us. The owner of this grocer through his signs at the moment, is only prepared to speak

from the supermarket giant. fearing further repercussions great scrutiny at the moment All of this area is under in terms of laws and there have been moves that concerns predatory pricing, and there's a promise more prosecutions in the future. that perhaps we could see

in two months. The ACCC will hand down its report Ali Donaldson, Ten News. There are plans for an 800km pipeline

with Queensland gas. to power NSW homes

$1 million a kilometre to build, It'll cost more than but taxpayers won't pay a cent. It was no coincidence to the Hunter Valley today. that the Premier took his cabinet

he needed Morris Iemma produced the power boost to tackle his privatisation critics, gas pipeline announcing plans for an $850 million

to the Hunter. linking south-east Queensland It's win-win. It's a win for the environment. and will boost jobs. It's cleaner, cheaper would take 18 months to build. The 820km underground pipe at the Chinchilla coal fields It would start reserves in the New England region and run through other potential gas en route to Muswellbrook, for a new gas power station. the preferred site

The entire project will be funded through a joint venture

ANZ Bank and Toyota. between the Queensland Gas Company, be piped to the Hunter The methane gas which would to coal. is seen as a greener alternative At the end of the day, on average the CO2 emissions are about 40%

of a coal-fired power station. to be complete by 2011, The pipeline is expected

to up to 500,000 homes. supplying electricity and natural gas the Greens to support the project. Energy Minister Michael Costa expects Well, the Greens should, This policy and this package has enough electricity is all about ensuring NSW

and for families. for investment, for jobs James Boyce, Ten News. patients, including sick children, Hundreds of elective surgery will have their operations cancelled the World Youth Day shutdown. because of a cruel cost-cutting measure. But angry doctors say it's just shuts down for World Youth Day. Seven weeks to go until the city

500 clearways, There'll be 300 roads closed, elective surgery will be postponed. and now the potential for an emergency The Government is using elective surgery to save money. as a ruse to shut down will be affected, Hundreds of patients Prince of Wales, Sydney Children's, with surgeries cancelled at the over four days. Royal North Shore and the RPA

will be on stand-by St Vincent's Hospital in case Pope Benedict gets sick. it's proper planning - The Government insists freeing up hospitals or even a gastro outbreak. in case of a wide-scale emergency There will be catch-up critical cases, still get done. and all emergency cases, all those

Doctors, though, aren't convinced. your capacity If you're looking at increasing

to look after an emergency, for a hospital or a disaster even, it really doesn't make any sense if that's what the plan is, off on leave. to send any of your clinical staff And expectant mums will be praying to hospital around that time. they won't need to make a mad dash Royal Hospital for Women at Randwick Those due to deliver at the have been warned up to an extra hour road closures in the area could add

onto travelling times. for a miracle, But the Government is still hoping from July 15. and that Sydneysiders will leave town Belinda Heggen, Ten News. by an outbreak of the bacteria Nepean Hospital has been hit legionnaire's disease. which causes the potentially deadly of the hot water system Routine testing for legionella bacterium. has revealed a positive test result of the disease at the hospital, There are no confirmed cases

is being distributed but bottled water before showering patients and the hospital is running hot water as a precaution. we'd be testing, If anyone had any symptoms,

even remotely suggesting anything but there's been nothing at this stage. with chlorine The system has been flushed are due back tomorrow. and more test results Vandals have attacked a Sydney cemetery, smashing the graves of some of our early pioneers.

Angry descendents are now calling for a giant security fence to be built around the Liverpool park. 180 years of heritage ripped apart in just a few moments. Over the weekend, the graves of at least eight early settlers

buried in Liverpool's Pioneer Memorial Park were smashed up by vandals. They are old gravestones to repair,

but there have been some stones pushed over and others trampled on and broken. The headstone marking the graves of Peter Bull's ancestors are among those which have been damaged. How does it make you feel? Very, very cranky. They've got no respect for the past generations whatsoever - it's unbelievable. Peter and William Bull were buried here in the early 1800s. Obviously they've got no respect for the deceased,

no respect for history, and I hope they do get caught. Police put the vandals' damage bill at over $150,000. Make sure they have a sandwich board put on them with a message on the front and back - "I am a vandal - I desecrate graves and public property. Make them march through Westfields on a Thursday night. Ever since it was built, this cemetery has been public open space

for everyone to appreciate this area's rich heritage. But now residents are voicing their support for a security fence, with gates which can be locked at night-time. If they destroy these, we've got nothing - nothing left. Police are appealing for witnesses to contact them. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Kevin Rudd's Energy Minister has been forced into an embarrassing backdown

after a Cabinet leak exposed deep divisions over the Government's FuelWatch scheme. Martin Ferguson said the scheme was a waste of money that would leave battlers out of pocket, but now insists it will work.

FuelWatch has been operating in Perth for the past seven years. Service stations are required

to nominate the price they will sell petrol for the next 24 hours. Consumers can then access where the cheapest buy is.

Independent operators hate it. We're not aware of anybody in the industry that is actually supportive And to the embarrassment Energy Minister Martin Ferguson believes FuelWatch is anti-competitive and would leave battlers out of pocket. Or at least he did last month in a leaked submission to Cabinet - a gift to the Opposition. The biggest losers would again be working families

in places like western Sydney. The Prime Minister retaliated with the findings of an ACCC inquiry that found over a period of six years motorists in Perth were better off.

The net impact in price of 1.9 cents per litre less than this for reasonable course of action. provides a basis Martin Ferguson now says after being rolled in Cabinet he did more homework

and agrees with the consumer watchdog. Since Cabinet I have done further detailed work, as I should as the Minister for Energy. The Opposition demanded a guarantee that Australians will not pay one cent more after FuelWatch. He will not answer the question because the answer is they will, Prime Minister. Mr Rudd dared the Opposition to vote down the scheme. We stand for transparency. Those opposite stand for non-transparency. Giving edge to the debate, motorists have been warned to brace for a record petrol price tomorrow, surging through $1.60 a litre, thanks to an overnight rise in the wholesale price. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The Prime Minister has been accused of living a life of luxury, with a personal butler and staff in five-star hotels. The Government denies it's been living it up at a time when many Australian families are struggling. He's been nicknamed '24 Kevin' for his unrelenting schedule since winning office. Now the Opposition has sparked angry exchanges in Senate Estimate as they questioned what help the PM has. People are paying $1.60 a litre for petrol.

Your Government is doing absolutely nothing about it and here we have Jeeves, Jeeves, putting out the clothes in the morning. A staff list from Mr Rudd's recent world trip includes a travelling assistant. The Opposition describing him as a butler or manservant. But the Government says he is actually an executive assistant who helps the PM with correspondence and travel arrangements.

I don't think it is particularly helpful to have a two or three minute, well, I was going to say rant, but diatribe. Five star accommodation for staff during his Washington visit also attacked. Groceries, and all these other promises, terribly funny I don't think you would find it that nine people were staying at a five star hotel. The Government says savings were made as the Prime Minister stayed with our diplomats in Washington and New York. For years Labor used these same committees to embarrass the Howard Government over its spending. Today's fiery exchanges show the tables have turned.

Brad Hodson, Ten News. In sport with Tim Webster, the Socceroos still don't know if they're playing Iraq this week. The players are still training, but the political row surrounding Sunday's World Cup qualifying game against Iraq Soccer's governing body, FIFA, has given the Iraqi Government a deadline to reinstate sporting bodies it sacked. The power of positive thinking - the Socceroos trained for nearly two hours this morning.

Their coach was willing the World Cup qualifier to go ahead.

We're training like we are going to play. But it seems less likely now. all its national sporting bodies Iraq has dissolved and has been suspended from international football with a complete ban expected on Friday. Today we had to take a very sad decision.

Queensland stands to lose a major sporting coup. The Cup qualifying round will be weaker

by the loss of the Asian champions, and tarnished. I think it would be a very serious mistake if FIFA goes ahead with these threats. Players also want to win the points, not be handed them by default.

We have to feel confident in our own ability we can get the job done. Fans say it'll be a disaster. I really hope it's not going to disappoint, not only myself, but a lot of fans all around the country. It would be a big blow to the Iraqi fans Iraqi people - it's their passion. because soccer means a lot to the Ticket prices would be refunded, costing Australia's Football Federation about $3 million. 17 those here this morning have flown in from overseas. A long haul for training sessions and disappointment.

They are preparing for other training opportunities.

Plan B is only for the management.

Iraq's team is due to arrive tonight. Mark Suleau, Ten News. Also coming up, highlights of an at times fiery match between the Bulldogs and Sharks. And a sight to gladden the hearts of Rabbitohs fans, as Craig Wing builds towards a much-awaited comeback for the cellar dwellers.

Also - the man who took the Kings to the top has called for the NBL to be shut down. His radical plan - shortly.

And an Aussie surfer's long, long tube for a perfect score. Next - the melanoma breakthrough showing remarkable results. Also tonight - a couple charged over Patti Newton's stolen heirlooms. And express delivery - the baby girl who couldn't

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This program is captioned live. Justice at long last for wrongly jailed woman Roseanne Catt. A jury has found she's been defamed by the Nine Network's '60 Minutes' program. Seven years ago the network aired a story which implied Ms Catt sexually abused her stepchildren and forced them to help poison their father. But the story was broadcast after Ms Catt had been cleared of the charges and released from prison. A decision on damages is yet to be made. Two people charged with stealing television personality Patti Newton's jewellery have been remanded in custody.

Thinking they were lost forever, Patti was delighted some of her treasured possessions were recovered. I'm actually thrilled to bits that I've got two pieces back and maybe they've caught the people. Two diamond encrusted bracelets which were in Patti's bag when it was stolen have been found, more than 20 years ago but one her husband Bert gave her is still missing. A breakthrough in skin cancer research

could save up to 1,200 lives a year. Scientists have discovered that injecting a special dye can make tumours self-destruct. 59-year-old David Smith had a cluster of melanomas the size of an orange on the heel of his foot. While past treatments have failed, a new procedure he underwent just a fortnight ago is looking positive. I'm extremely excited. It's considerably less intrusive than other treatment options. of 20 patients in a clinical trial. The engineering consultant was one All had a recurring melanoma. The trial involved a synthetic red dye called rose bengal - which has been used for half a century for liver and eye tests. Within 48 hours of injecting the tumour with the dye, the tumour falls off, allowing the skin to heal. Lead researcher Professor John Thompson says the dye works because it destroys the cells' self-destructing particles called lisosomes.

If the lisosomes burst it's like a little pack of suicide bombs, really, inside a cell.

The amazing thing about this dye is that whilst it's very toxic to the tumour it has almost no effect to the surrounding normal tissue. It's hoped the treatment will be able to wipe out tumours below the skin's surface. Where it's exciting we've got a new treatment,

we don't want people to get the disease in the first place. And that means avoid getting sunburnt. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. The ACTU is calling for paid maternity leave of 14 weeks at the minimum wage. Sharan Burrow has defended the submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry as an important first step despite demands by other unions for mothers to be given 6 or even 12 months paid leave. Oh, look, I'm sure every woman in Australia, every family in Australia, thinks that 12 months would just be nirvana,

but, frankly, I don't think that's affordable at this point. The ACTU says its scheme would cost taxpayers $500 million a year. An early-morning dash to hospital has ended with a father delivering his own baby by the side of the road. Andy Lim was forced to call an ambulance after pulling over at around 4:30. Minutes later the couple's baby girl, Ophelia, entered the world. She says she can't hold anymore, and her waters start breaking and the baby's just come out straightaway. It's believed mother Kinin waited two hours after going into labour, because she didn't want to wake her partner. Mum and bub are both doing well.

Checking the weather we've entered

a bishop. He did mention something

about some shower activity today.

She showers and thunderstorms were

being predicted but they have not a

venture rated in the city. There

has been rain in Blue Mountains and

Wollongong. We try to fix these

things and you just get perfect things and you just get perfect day

after perfect day. Another one of

these is supposedly on the way

tomorrow. If that happens some

records will be broken. Today got

to a top of 23 at Canterbury and 22

in the city. Overnight low of only

11. Right now it is 18. More of the

same tomorrow with the same warning

of possibly an afternoon shower but

we will see if that her eventuates. Next - the search begins for our World War I diggers missing on the battlefields of France. And Hollywood legend Sydney Pollack loses his battle with cancer.


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Both Jack the traffic. It is a car

park on the M4. A I am trying to

get the traffic to clear away but

there are major traffic delays

heading west. The car broke heading west. The car broke down

just out of the toll booth. I'm

turning in from Homebush to North

Sheffield. It is a sea of headlights and an absolute traffic-

jam heading towards Prospect and

Penrith. Motorists should add an

extra 20 to 25 minutes travel time.

You can see Parramatta Road is

choking up. Tribal wars are breaking out in the north Queensland town of Mt Isa, with Aborigines from the Northern Territory invading the mining town. The groups have fled the Federal Government's military-style intervention

on alcohol and violence. Mount Isa mayor John Molony wants what he's called the "boozers and losers" out of his town. They need to come over here and collect those people and relocate them back home. Up to 100 Aborigines have crossed the border since the intervention began in the Northern Territory last year, they can legally buy as much alcohol as they like. Here they got no rules and regulations and people just drink till they drop, you know. Those, like George, admit they're running away because of the policeman problem. Through the policeman problem they give me fine. That's why I come. The traditional owners don't want them. They say it's causing tribal wars. If we go over there causing trouble they'll tell us to get,

because we don't come from that country and if they don't tell us to get

they'll turn around and give us a boomerang across the back. Not only are they not welcome, there is nowhere for them to live. It's 4:00 in the afternoon and groups of men and women from the Northern Territory are making their way from the pub to this dry river bed. It is littered with alcohol cans, littered with rubbish. By tonight up to 100 of them will be sleeping here rough because they have nowhere else to go. The mayor wants the Federal Government to intervene in Mount Isa to fix the problem. It's already given $10,000 to charities but he says it's not enough. They got into the centres and started to intervene without looking at what was going to happen. The Government is due to review the Northern Territory intervention in July but Clive Sam fears his community can't wait that long. Leisa Roles, Ten News. China's earthquake survivors are facing another threat from nature - severe flooding. Dozens of dams formed by landslides are threatening to burst, putting thousands of people at risk. Troops are desperately trying to unblock the so-called quake lakes, bringing in special earth-moving equipment by helicopter. The official death toll from the quake now stands at 65,000, with more than 23,000 still missing. Excavation work has started in northern France, where the bodies of up to 400 Allied soldiers are believed to be buried. Archaeologists say around 170 Australian diggers but it's not known if they've been moved. The muddy earth of Pheasant Wood in northern France may hold the answer to a 92-year-old mystery.

It's here Australian, French and Scottish archaeologists, armed with high-tech excavation equipment, are searching for a mass grave of World War I diggers. is hallowed ground. What you are standing on It was certainly, at one point, the burial place of Australian soldiers. beyond reasonable doubt. That much we've established And, soon enough, they'll know whether the bodies are still buried here,

the scene of one of Australia's worst days at war. More than 5,500 diggers were killed, injured or taken prisoner over a period of 24 hours, many left in the mud to be buried by the enemy in the days that followed. After the Battle of Fromelles on the 19th and 20th of July 1916, German soldiers recovered the dead and buried them, we think, in this area. Locating a mass grave undisturbed for so long is both difficult and delicate work. The dig could take weeks, but for those searching it's well worth it. For Australians and for the British, their war dead are important, and the commemoration of the part that they played in the great battles of the First World War is particularly important. So the short answer is to honour the dead. To mark their long-lost graves so they can finally rest in peace. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Oscar-winning director and actor Sydney Pollack has died. The Hollywood legend, whose screen credits include 'Out of Africa' and 'Tootsie', had been battling cancer. Sydney Pollack was the director as well as actor behind some of the silver screen's most memorable moments. You are psychotic. No, I'm not - I'm employed. As a director he transformed Dustin Hoffman into a woman in 'Tootsie' and Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand into lovers in 'The Way We Were'. You really think that's what I'm talking about? Yes, I do. His greatest success was 'Out of Africa'. Robert Redford again starred as Pollack's leading man, alongside Meryl Streep. He prayeth well who loveth well. The 1985 film won him an Oscar for Best Director, as well as Best Picture. Beyond awards, he succeeded where other directors had failed, convincing the United Nations to allow cameras inside its New York headquarters for the first time for his film 'The Interpreter', starring Australia's Nicole Kidman. My job is to make a film in which you are genuinely interested and care about the characters. And when I'm given Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman as raw material, half my job is done - more. The son of Jewish migrants from Russia, Pollack began his showbiz career in front of the camera. eventually combining acting, directing and producing, including recently for the legal thriller 'Michael Clayton'. They're going to sue us for legal malpractice, except there won't be anything for them to win because by then the merger and we'll be selling off the furniture. The father of three died at his home in California aged 73. Bank customers warned about a sophisticated new Internet scam -

that's next. Also - posthumous pardon - a man cleared of child murder, 86 years after he was hanged. And a 90-year-old petrol head sets off on her 17th solo trip around Australia.

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - an historic Western Sydney cemetery has been vandalised. The gravestones of at least eight early settlers at Liverpool's Pioneers Memorial Park were smashed. Some of them are up to 180 years old. The Prime Minister has been accused of indulging in a life of luxury, with a personal butler and staff in five-star hotels. The revelations came during Senate estimates. The Opposition is accusing Kevin Rudd of "living it up" while many families are struggling. And a struggling independent Sydney grocer is refusing to be crushed by Coles. He's posted signs throughout his store pleading for customer support against the supermarket giant.

In a stunning legal first, a man has been pardoned 86 years after he was hanged. Modern technology and a judicial review have proven Colin Ross was wrongly convicted over the murder of a 12-year-old girl. Generations on, and nearly 90 years too late, justice is served for Colin Ross. I think it's more than relief, I think it's just wonderful that this is gone from my family now forever.

The unprecedented pardon issued after advice was sought from three Supreme Court judges. I hope the pardon does go some way in making amends for the tragedy that befell both families. On New Years Eve 1921 the naked body of Alma Tirtschke was found in a city laneway, now the site of the Department of Justice Building. Within four months, Ross, the licensee of a wine bar, had been convicted and hanged after two failed appeals.

My mother had kept this as a surprise for 75 years, and she didn't want anyone to know about it. She had even changed her name. 13 years ago historian and author Kevin Morgan obtained forensic testing which proved the crucial piece of evidence used to convict Ross - strands of hair found at his home - did not belong to the victim. A living link to the notorious case, 99-year-old Kit Thompson knew Colin Ross, and was spoken to by police during the investigation. at that particular time All along from the start we all thought he was guilty. It's believed Colin Ross's remains

His family would like them to be identified It's believed Colin Ross's remains are now with the Coroner. His family would like them to be identified

and released for cremation. with his ashes to be scattered at a secret location. The Tirtschke family suspects the real murderer may have a been a relative. It is possible that it was this man but we cannot be sure. For now the only confirmed killer is the State. Let's say it never happens again. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Does staying at home and earning a 6-figure income sound appealing? Well, meet the growing number of online entrepreneurs who are shunning the peak-hour panic and blogging their way to financial security. I guess they're thinking, "I wish I could commute 3m from my bedroom every morning." The full story tomorrow on Ten News. and ANZ customers are being warned about a high-tech phishing scam. The bank says under no circumstances should customers reply to fake emails telling them their accounts have been suspended. Information supplied could be used to steal funds. On to the markets: Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest Fortescue Metals chief may now be worth almost twice as much as James Packer, as shares in his company smashed the $10 mark. The average price of petrol across Sydney is $1.51. You can get it as low as $1.47 at Bexley. Now to the great-grandmother so much who loves being in the driver's seat she's started her 17th solo trip around Australia. It's a fitting adventure for the 90-year-old, nicknamed the 'Queen of the Open Road'. If Mary Taylor's not on the road, she's planning a road trip.

You're in total control of your life. The retiree's first taste for adventure came at 75 after her husband passed away. Now at trip 17 she's learnt a few things - always travel anti-clockwise and stick to the inside lane. It's actually 38km shorter. (Laughs). After one encounter with a passenger there's a reason she drives solo. It was a disaster. We had all these "Oh, how lovely," stops and I thought, "What a waste of time." Rising petrol prices aren't putting the brakes on Mary, even though this trip will cost her a grand more than three years ago. Honda is keeping her on the road and in touch with a new satellite phone. But modern technology's no match for her truckie mates or the many characters at the pubs she calls home. Well, some of them are not suitable for family television. So, some good old sorts out there? (Laughs). Yes.

Mary says to ensure her skills are up to scratch she recently had a driving assessment which she passed with flying colours. And of the thousands of kilometres she's travelled, she's never been booked by the police. And she likes her nick-name - 'Queen of the Open Road.'

Well, I think that's fantastic. Mignon Stewart, Ten News. Sport now, and Craig Wing's return is imminent for the Bunnies. Just how good he's looking shortly. Also - the Bulldogs make another major signing after a fiery match last night. And calls for the NBL to be shut down and start again. Plus - Andrew Symonds's super catch in the victory over the Windies. What a catch by Symonds. And the Aussie who disappeared down a long tube for a perfect 10. MID-TEMPO ELECTRO-ROCK MUSIC (Both scream) SONG: # I gotta run away # I gotta go today

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This program is captioned live. The Bulldogs continue to rebuild.

They've now signed Brisbane's Ben Hannant. And Broncos team-mate Michael Ennis could be about to join him if the Dogs win out over offers from Parramatta and the Dragons. At Souths, Craig Wing has endorsed the changes from the latest round of boardroom dramas. He's closing in on a return to the field. Finally, some positive pictures to emerge from the Rabbitohs -

Craig Wing getting through an intense session as he closes in on a comeback. Just trying to get some running back into my legs and just get used to the load a little bit. It's going well. At this stage, Wing's comeback from a shoulder injury looks like being Round 15 against the Gold Coast. In the meantime he's looking forward to the arrival of John Lang, Souths' new football consultant to coach Jason Taylor. Having Johnny Lang in will be good. It can only help, having another mind for JT to work some things out with and hopefully pick a few points up off. Souths today held talks with Luke Lewis, who has cold feet about his move from Penrith to the Bunnies. He could still end up staying with the Panthers. Meanwhile, Sonny Bill Williams was in a happy place at Bulldogs recovery, a far cry from last night when he took to the Sharks, his one-man war endorsed by his coach. Opposition players have got up and pushed him around and any competitive guy on a football field doesn't want to be pushed around, so it's normal for someone like that to push back. We could do with 17 blokes with that same fire. The victory doubled as a teary farewell for Wigan-bound Cameron Phelps, but it looked like his farewell game might have ended earlier than expected. Phelps does well and then gets cleaned up! While he's going, big Broncos prop Ben Hannant is Bulldogs-bound. He's signed a 3-year contract. I'll be heading to a great club with a great culture next year. Adam Hawse, Ten News. to shut down the competition down. The Kings today avoided being deregistered from the League

after making a last-minute payment to ex-captain Jason Smith, while other players remain unpaid. Things are so bad in the NBL Mike Wrublewski thinks it's time to take a break. They need to close the league down, shut down for a season and a half, get some serious people involved that are gonna make some hard decisions, The NBL is fighting battles to save key franchises around the country. The Sydney Kings narrowly avoided deregistration today,

by paying captain Jason Smith his monthly salary, overdue since April. The rest of the team are still waiting for May's wages. Foundation club the Brisbane Bullets won the NBL title last year but could be defunct by the end of the week

after a rescue takeover of Eddy Groves's NBL licence fell through. For me it's greatly disappointing. You know, it's something that I put nine years of my life into.

I'm passionate about the club, I'm passionate about the NBL. NBL boss Chuck Harmison is currently reviewing the health of the competition and is prepared to press on without the Sydney Kings and the Brisbane Bullets. The league will keep going.

It may not keep going in its current state - But at the end of the day it may take sacrifices from everybody,

including players. An NBL without the Kings and Bullets, Wrublewski believes, is not a credible one. No-one's going to take it seriously if that is the case. Neil Cordy, Ten News. An inspirational bowling effort from pacemen Stuart Clark and Brett Lee has delivered Australia victory in the first cricket Test against the West Indies. Ricky Ponting and Andrew Symonds pipped for man of the match honours by Clark, who recorded the second 5-wicket haul of his career. The West Indies needing 241 with 9 wickets in hand, but Andrew Symonds wasn't

or in the air. COMMENTATOR: And taken - what a catch by Symonds. Well, Sarwan goes. Early break for Australia. That was Clark's first scalp for the day. Another came soon after, with Devon Smith trapped in front. Brett Lee keen to get in amongst it, denied by Morton's quick thinking and even quicker feet. But not for long. He has his man. The Australian attack all Clark and Lee - the top order. Five wickets were taken in the morning session. It's another one. He's got it, Brett Lee. He keeps getting one more and one more and one more. Mitchell Johnson and Stuart MacGill couldn't match that success.

Ramdin and Sammy steadied for the home side with a 67-run stand. Rain threatened a draw, so MacGill found another way to break through. Stuart MacGill's the fielder and he's hit! Great bit of fielding by Stuart MacGill. And Denesh Ramdin is gone. Clark rounded out his career-best figures of 5/32 before MacGill found his line to knock off the final two in just two balls. FIELDER: Catch it! Out, and that's it - Australia have won. We knew that, going into this last innings, that if our bowlers just bowled enough balls in the right area

and used a bit of variation in the wicket then we'd make it pretty hard for the West Indies batsmen, and that's what we did really well today. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. The wild card dream for retired surfing legend Mark Occhilupo has come to an end at the Globe Pro in Fiji. The 41-year-old former world champ knocked out world number 9 Kai Otton in round 2 Kelly Slater. but he couldn't get past The ratings leader blasted Occy out of the water and will now meet defending champion Damien Hobgood in round 4. All up it was a successful day for the Aussie contingent. World champion Mick Fanning scored a near perfect 9.97 on his way to the round of 16, while Taj Burrow went one better. The West Australian picked up just the second 10-point ride of the competition so far. The event is expected to be wrapped up by the weekend.

And in Sports Tonight - world champion Nathan Deakes' unique preparation for the Beijing Games. Plus - the Australian diving team and the NBA play-offs.

The traffic jams can sometimes look

good from where you're large but

not if you're sitting in them.

not if you're sitting in them. A

deathly not. An unbelievable

backdrop. Unfortunately have a look

at peter out at the right over the

Harbour Bridge. It is jam-packed

all their way into the CBD and for

the Western Distributor. There is

one more look at the city's skyline.

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It is like It is like teaching kindergarten

here this morning. Deborah was

trying to teach me that rhyme about

how many days there are in the

month. We are at the end of May and

it looks fantastic. The is also the dying days of dying days of autumn. I am impressed

impressed you remember your

childhood rhyme. Have there been

more perfect autumn days in recent

memory? It has been beautiful - up

to 23 in some parts of Sydney. It

is still mild this evening. Makes

us think of the Environment which

brings us to the Telstra Environment Awards because we're

still looking for entries and have

lots of money to give

All the details are at the Channel

10 website. Let's look at the temperatures right now.

Satellite shows clouds gathered

over Tasmania and in many parts of

Victoria with New South Wales and Queensland in a broad trough.

Isolated showers coastal. Tomorrow a

a slow-moving trough in the east will

will trigger further showers and

thunderstorms across the South

Wales in Queensland and a high will

clear in than Victoria and South

trail leading to a foggy morning a

cloudy day. Showers and storms

across the ignored this and half of

New South Welshman the inland.

Showers and stores Showers and stores across Queensland. Showers clearing on

Victoria in coastal South astray it.

If we don't get pretty to showers

and thunderstorms which may hit the City

City tomorrow some records will be

broken because in these last days

of May we're heading for one of the

driest Mays on record so we will see what a eventuates.

So the UK - the autumn will end on

the weekend with beautiful days predicted until then.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is our next bulletin, along at 10.30. We'll see you tomorrow. Enjoy your evening. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.