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Tonight - red dawn. Sydney wakes to

a stunning glow. Armageddon, they

keep saying, but possibly not -

just dust. I actually thought the

whole city was on fire or something,

it was just so red. Flights

diverted, ferries cancelled as the

halt. freak weather ground the city to a

And choking hazard - hundreds

treated for respiratory problems.

Since yesterday, the ambulance

service has had an approximate 900%

increase in calls to breathing problems.

Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight.

And I'm Bill Woods. Also - the

parents of junior rugby league

brawlers face criminal charges.

And crunch time for the Eels as a

young star tries to prove his fitness for the final.

But first, what could be Sydney's But first, what could be Sydney's

worst ever dust storm - with the

threat of another on the way. threat of another on the way.

Today more than 75,000 tonnes of

dust was recorded every hour moving dust was recorded every hour moving

off the coast, causing havoc and

awe. While the sight was one to

behold, it came at a price for

commuters and business. When Sydney

went to a blood red dawn it proved

an absolute show-stopper. The

city's world-class sides were done

and dusted. I actually thought the

whole city was on fire, it was a

red. As the storms which through,

even catching the bus looked

dangerous and if you thought it was dangerous and if you thought it was

crazy to step outside then tried

going for the morning jog. Then

there was the extreme workout. At

Boot Camp, they were left seeing Boot Camp, they were left seeing

red. This is the biggest of storm I

have ever seen in Sydney. It

travelled more than 1,000 travelled more than 1,000

kilometres from Australia's red

heart. The storm swept through heart. The storm swept through

Broken Hill, turning day two nights,

dust as fine as talcum powder. Oh,

my gosh. Carried on wins that were

not only strong but persistent.

What normally happens is the winds

tend to dial for at night and the

dust does not make it over the

Rangers but in this case the wins

kept blowing all night and we woke

up to that amazing sight in Sydney

this morning it was the most

gorgeous thing I have ever seen. I

was ready to take a photo. I

thought it was the end of the world.

She was not alone. Just about

everyone tried to capture the

moment. But not everyone enjoyed

the spectacle. It is horrible. It

is hard to believe this is Sydney's

morning peak hour. This ability is

so poor you can barely see the

Harbour Bridge. They have all but

closed the shipping lanes on the

harbour and the port of parity is

sounding the fog alarm. Tourists

were still trying hard to see this

sides. Welcome to beautiful Sydney!

At least we can see the bridge a

little bit. Am glad I did not book

a bridge climb today. You cannot

blame them for walking straight

past the opera house. It even gave

the snowfields are pink dusting.

It was an incredible sight but it

did come at a price for commuters

and business. Worst of all was the

health risk, with hundreds of

asthmatics going to hospital.

Sydney airport was hardest hit by

the dust storm. Planes were

grounded for more than four hours.

It is getting very frustrating now.

We need more information. When I

phoned up they said it could be a phoned up they said it could be a

two to 3-hour delay for our flight.

As the fog rolled in across the

harbour, every ferry service was

suspended. Thousands were stranded.

Very replacement service. It was a

memorable peak hour on the M5,

shrouded by in the eerie orange

glow. As the dust thickened, masks

and scarves did little to protect

those suffering from asthma who

found it impossible to breed. 350

patients were hospitalised.

Compared to yesterday the ambulance

service of NSW has had an 900 % service of NSW has had an 900 %

increase in calls to breathing

problems. Firefighters were 10

times busier dealing with a problem

of their own. The way the smoke

detectors operate they cannot detectors operate they cannot

distinguish between the dust

particles or smoke particles. 500

construction sites were forced to

close and 10,000 workers given the

day off after builders started

passing out on skyscrapers across

the city. Coughing, it was really

bad. Students were not given the bad. Students were not given the

day of but teachers kept them

inside their classrooms. It was all

dusty and a started to cough. The

horse racing was abandoned and

almost as quickly as it came the

dust storm disappeared, leaving our dust storm disappeared, leaving our

city covered in a chalky cloud. For

all the losers there was at least

one winner from the freakish

weather. Car washers are expecting

to do a roaring trade when all the

dust clears for good. It was one of

those days went everybody was

talking about the weather. Tim

Bailey. Since dawn it is all we

have been thinking about. This

massive blanket of dust that could

be seen from space and yet it was

so Up Close and Personal, it

smothered the city in the worst

conditions since 1940. We knew it

was a state-wide event because of

you and your fabulous images. You

started bombarding us as early as

dawn. An alien like landscape at

the beach. In Broken Hill where it

all started. Singleton, an orange

sky. All of it caused by these

blasts of gale-force winds picking

up all the iron rich soil from SA,

the NT and outback NSW and pushing

their dust cloud from outback NSW

right across the coast. What a

difference a few hours makes. Look

at it now. The wind is still an

issue. We have had gusts up to 91

km/h. There is damage in the wind.

We will now go to the roof of the

10 new centre. The winners are

supposed to be easing but as you

can see they are certainly not. It

is very breezy out here. The State

Emergency Service has been kept

very busy with 400 call-outs for

wind related damage. 3,000

residents have had blackouts. A lot

of the chaos has been felt on the

roads. Here at p a month earlier

today a driver had a near-miss when

treat came down across the road. It

was very lucky. I think he stopped

just in time. His car was wrapped

in Power lines. We must have some

concern for the poor farmers. They

are already enduring some drought

conditions and now they have the

wind and dust on top of that. The

Weather Bureau says the wind has

caused most of the problems, not

the loss of topsoil but they have

lost tens of thousands of tons of

topsoil which is not good. At this

time of year our crops are

struggling. This will be the end

for some farmers. And hopefully the

wind will die down but I think the

remainder of the dust will be here

for some days yet.

And we'll have more on the unusual

weather later this newshour. The

sporting career of the junior rugby

league player at the centre of a

vicious pitch brawl is all but over.

All four major codes say they'll

enforce his 20-year ban, and now

all the parents involved could also

be facing charges.

Mike Hughes bore the full force of

the assault on the weekend. It was

clear and no penalty was tough

enough for his attackers. They all

should have got live! Three of the

players finally got the message

last night. They were forced to

watch video of the brawl. One of

them cried. He put his head down,

did not know what to save. The play

in Jersey 17 was hit with a 20 year

ban. Two others are out for five

years. Another is out for two years.

It was a mighty fall from grace for

one who was supposed to be

Blacktown's player of the year.

They are showing remorse and disappointment and embarrassment.

The grand final turned violent in

the dying minutes of the game last

Saturday. One player will have to

have surgery on his broken nose

after he was kicked and stamped on.

Detectives are considering charging

both the players from Blacktown and

their parents. Disgusted by the

behaviour eyesore and we will be

pursuing this as a criminal matter

and hopefully send the message that

this is not what sport is about.

The manager at Blacktown and eight

players will appear before the

disciplinary hearing on Thursday

night. If the players thought they

could get around these tough

penalties by switching codes they

are in for a rude surprise. All

other Australian football codes

have said they will uphold the ban.

Players from the lower mountains

team have been praised for staying

calm and will be given free tickets

to this Friday's game between the

Bulldogs and Parramatta.

Brad McEwan with sport headlines

and, Brad, have the dust storms impacted on finals training?

Adam is out at Parramatta Stadium.

The conditions are a lot clearer

now. The Eels have turned up for

the training session. He will put

his injured hip to the test. If he

cannot stretch out it is unlikely

he will play against the Bulldogs

on Friday. The Broncos were not

quite so lucky. A number of their

players had to cover up from the

dust. Quite comical scenes up there.

Coming up we will let you know how

Daniel Mortimer is travelling. We

will also see some of the biggest

Bulldogs fans who got a late

reprieve with the tickets. Plus,

centre stage again for Justine

Henin as she confirms she's ready

for a comeback to tennis in the

wake of Kim Clijsters's successful return.

We will also hear from the Swans

coach. Still to come - new life-

saving advice on the early

detection of prostate cancer.

Also tonight, paedophile Dennis

Ferguson vows to fight laws made

solely to evict him.

And a Biggest Loser makes an

inspiring career change. I can

share the secrets that I've picked

up along the way, the story, with

them and help them succeed. MAN: Great Aussie snag - beef, pepper and spices - lightly charred on a barbie. Mmm. And what makes them taste even better is that every one we sell during our hospital appeal will help raise more money for kids' hospitals all over Australia. That'll be your fifth act of charity today, wouldn't it, Rodney? I believe so. BOY: Please give generously to the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Hospital Appeal, and help us help sick kids.

This program is captioned live.

A law to let the government evict

Dennis Ferguson, has been slammed

as a win for vigilantes. Tonight

the convicted paedophile is vowing

to fight the move.

Dennis Ferguson said he would only

leave his Ryde unit in a coffin and

last week his angry neighbours put

one on his doorstep. Now the

Premier has delivered the

legalequivalent. We will introduce

a bill today that will deal with

extreme cases like this. The

legislation gives the police

commissioner new powers to

recommend that a convicted child

sex offender like Ferguson be

evicted from his home. The minute

they become law I'll be dealing as

quickly as I need to and that'll be

very swiftly. The Department of

Housing will then ultimately decide

if and where relocation occurs. And

it won't matter if a lease has been

signed. In Ferguson's case, the

rental agreement was for 5 years.

It is unusual but it's an unusual

set of circumstances. The Premier

admits it's likely to be a one man

law and will only ever apply to

Dennis Ferguson. But the

paedophile's supporters claim he's

preparing to fight it. This action

by the Premier really is a green

light for vigilantes. It breaks the

right to stay It says he's prepared

to lead the bullying. It's

frightening to see a Government

engaging in such specific action to

break somebody's right to stay in

their property. The law will do

little to prevent a repeat of the

suburban unrest in the next place

housing officials choose to move

him. There's no ideal locations.

There are only better and worse

ones. For better or worse, the

government won't reveal where Ferguson goes next.

Sydney Roosters player Setaimata Sa

has been banned from being drunk in

public after facing charges of

bashing a policewoman with a gate.

In his first court appearance over

last month's incident, the 22-year

old is also accused of smashing

glass and abusing staff at the

Coogee Bay Hotel. His bail

conditions have been relaxed to not

being drunk in public or going to

that hotel. The New Zealand rugby

international is due back in court

in three weeks.

There's a dramatic decrease in the

age men should be checked for

prostate cancer. Doctors now say

men aged 40 and above should be


At just 48 Ross Jeffery is young

for a prostate cancer survivor. The

father of two was diagnosed four

years ago when his older brother

also developed the disease. One of

those conversations nobody wants to

have where the doctor says, well,

I'm afraid we've found cancer, and

it's aggressive and we need to do

something about it. Last year he

underwent surgery to remove his

prostate. Because I was able to be

identified early and was proactive

about it, it now means that the

cancer is gone. Had I delayed, it

would have been a difficult outcome.

In the past doctors have not

recommended prostate cancer checks

for men of Ross Jeffery's age but

today that officially changed. With

more than 3,000 prostate cancer

deaths in Australia every year,

experts now want all men over 40 to

see their doctor to test for early

signs of the disease. Prostate

cancer is not just an odd but man's

illness. The Checa pinballs boast a

blood test and an internal

examination. Both of those are

uncomfortable, but no Winnie as uncomfortable as comes up.

Belinda Neal has publicly dickhead

have large for her cheating husband

in a national women's magazine. The

newly made over federal MP showed

her support. Her husband quit as a

minister after admitting he had an

affair. She says she begins her

husband and that they will not separate.

The soaring dollar sparked some

overseas travel boom. Also, Kevin

Rudd wins fans at the UN climate

change summit. He is one of the

most well-informed and well bred

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This program is captioned live. The

winds have become quite savage. So

savage that they were unable to get

a helicopter in the air. For an

update, Emily Rice joins us. I hope

you can see me through my hair. It

is quite windy out here. It is

causing widespread traffic problems.

There are quite a few traffic

lights out. There has been a crash

at the intersection of Bridge Road

and Macquarie Street. There is a

tree down on the f three near the

Hawkesbury River bridge. As you can

see it is still fairly windy and

the ambulance service has just

updated what they are apt to this

afternoon. They are very busy. They

have 450 cases, most of those

asthmatics. I hope that people can

stay safe on the roads. We will

update you on the traffic situation

a bit later in the bulletin.

Welcome Turnbull has been given an ultimatum.

The Prime Minister joined more than

100 world leaders at the first UN

summit on climate change, an

important day but a long one. Which

way am I looking? He listened as

the world's biggest polluters

talked up commitments. We risk

consigning future generations to an

irreversible catastrophe. China

stands ready to build a better

future for the generation has to

come. It is now 80 days before a

new agreement is due to be signed

off. What the world needs is a

bargain between the developing

world and the developed world. If

things go business as usual we will

die. Our country will not exist.

Domestic support remains a problem.

The Government has demanded the

opposition hand in amendments to

his emission trading scheme within

one month. This is not just a piece

of political slap and tickle. This

is a serious piece of legislation.

Kevin Rudd is more interested in

playing politics than in saving the

polar bears all the Great barrier

Reef. He was spoken of in thunder

terms by a Bill Clinton. In my

opinion he is one of the most

informed and intelligent leaders in

the world today. Prime Minister

read stopped the agenda will return

to climate change tomorrow.

As world leaders meet in New York

to discuss climate change, stark

evidence has emerged of melting

glaciers on the world's highest

mountain. It's claimed global

warming on Mount Everest will leave billions billions across Asia without

drinking water. Back in 1953 Sir

Edmund Hillary scaled a different

looking mountain. The glaziers have

now visibly melted away. This man

knows plenty about global warming

and personal freezing. The

endurance swimmer famously took a

dip at the North Pole to raise

awareness of climate change. The

Glaziers in the Himalayas are

facing a similar situation.

Scientists predict within 25 years

they will be gone for good. One 5th

of the world's population rely on

the water from these places so it

is very important. It is China,

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Nine

of the big rivers in Asia come from

the Himalayas. Still, it is not too

late, he says, to stop talking

about the problem. We need to take

action now. We need to stop the

blame game. He is now planning

another punishing plunge in a lake at Everest.

The Aussie dollar could reach

parity with the American dollar by

next year. That's the prediction,

as our currency goes from strength

to strength. A 60 % increase from

July. They are making most of the

Aussie dollar's strength and they

will not be the last. Some are

predicting we could reach parity

with the American dollar in 2010.

It is certainly possible that the

dollar could reach parity with the

greenback. It is the green back

that is out of favour. The American

Federal Reserve meets tonight to

discuss interest rates. No change

from a zero cash rate is expected

but it is a different story at home.

We are seeing the are BAe more

willing to pull the trigger on

interest rate. Just as the

Australian economy has outperformed

most or -- most other economies,

the Australian dollar has been one

of the year's Stark currencies. 13

year highs against the pound

sterling. The only currency we are

not benefiting against is the New

Zealand dollar. That is only as the

Kiwi economy plays catch-up. Now to

the ING Direct finance report with

Jacqueline Maddock, and Jacqui,

those on Australia's young rich

list aren't as rich as they were

last year? It's a sad state of

affairs - as a result of the

financial crisis their collective

wealth is down about 5% to $5.8 billion. wealth is down about 5% to $5.8 billion. According to BRW magazine,

Ross Makris, a 39-year-old property

developer tops the list with a

fortune of $420 million. developer tops the list with a fortune of $420 million. Last

year's winner, horse racing

investor Nathan Tinkler, drops to

third place. investor Nathan Tinkler, drops to

third place. It's been a solid day third place. It's been a solid day

for local shares after a strong

lead from Wall Street. Gold and oil lead from Wall Street. Gold and oil

stocks led the gains. All Ords

added 1.5%. Woodside was a stand-

out, soaring 5%, while AWB shares

were placed in a trading halt after

announcing a capital raising.

On the currency front, the

Australian dollar is sitting at a

13-month high of 87.6 American cents.

And that's finance news for now.

A suspected pirate attack has been

thwarted by our navy off Africa.

HMAS 'Toowoomba' responded to a

distress call from a merchant

vessel reporting a suspicious boat

approaching at high speed in the approaching at high speed in the

Gulf of Aden. That that vessel was

quite likely to - was just about to

- conduct an act of piracy and

fortunately we were able to respond

accordingly. The boarding party confiscated weapons from the

suspect boat. The eight Somalis on board denied being pirates.

It was more likely to be worn by

the Queen than Posh Spice - now

British label Burberry has dazzled

the fashion world with a comeback

show in London. Victoria Beckham

was among the A-listers jostling

for a front row place, along with

stars Emma Watson and Gwyneth

Paltrow. The 153-year-old brand,

most famous for its classic

Burberry check trench coat, hasn't

shown a collection on home soil for

10 years. In case you're wondering,

the inspiration for the show was reef knots.

Up next - more on Sydney's red dawn.

We speak with an expert about the cause.

Also, the winds that whipped up the

dust storm leave a trail of damage.

And a Biggest Loser uses his

journey to inspire others. I can

share the secrets that I've picked

up along the way, the story, with

them and help them succeed. Whether you have strong back pain, period pain or migraine, leave strong pain behind with powerful Panadeine. VOICEOVER: Target's Incredible Disney Book Sale starts tomorrow, with a huge range of Disney books, at great prices.

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This program is captioned live.

Sydney is being warned to prepare

for another dust storm as early as

Saturday. Forecasters are

predicting more wild winds and a

dust-dumping which could be as bad

as today's. Sydney has always

enjoyed being the centre of

attention but this morning's Blood

Red Dawn had even the non-believers

wondering if their time had come. I

thought it was a beautiful sun rise

and I was ready to take a photo

until opened the blind and then I

thought it was the end of the world.

Sydney was almost unrecognisable. I

actually got -- thought the whole

city was on fire. This was Bondi at

6am. This is by far the biggest

storm I have ever seen in Sydney.

It travelled more than 1,000

kilometres from Australia's red

heart. But the dust did provide a

once-in-a-lifetime memory for

tourists. Welcome to beautiful

Sydney! At least we can see the

bridge a little bit. I am glad I

did not book about planned. At the

airport dozens of planes were

standard. No town was spared on the

Mid East Coast. Tourists were still

seeking a town. Brisbane choked,

golfers could not resist a swing.

Being able to see the ball will be

the biggest challenge. It was just

as frightening out west at Broken

Hill. That is horrible! It has gone

completely black. It is now moving

its way offshore. We have had cases

in the past where dust has

travelled all the way to New

Zealand. For more on this wacky

weather we're joined live by Lee

Brooks from the Weather Channel.

Lee, what's caused this dust storm?

It is a combination of the dry

conditions in inland Australia and

then we had a cold front which was

far north enough to pick up plenty

of dust and drag it in a cross NSW.

We had very strong westerly winds

continuing throughout the night.

Normally they start to die down

when night falls but these

continued right through the State,

up to 100 km/h so dragging a wall up to 100 km/h so dragging a wall

of dust right the way through to

the coast. This is why besought the

dust in Sydney. They are talking

about another system coming through

on Saturday. It is possible,

however, we are not expecting these

wins to carry on right throughout

the night so the situation should

not be a severe. When we think of

pollution, we tend to think of the

man made sort. This is the worst

pollution Sydney has seen in

history. We are used to pollution

levels of 200 being dangerous. We

had 900 in North Sydney. Country

people might be having a giggle

because they are used to wet. In

Victoria we had an enormous dusts

Storm back in 1983. Thanks, Lee.

Lee Brooks from the Weather Channel.

It's a remarkable turnaround for

one of the country's Biggest Losers.

Sharif Deen lost more than 70

kilograms on the TV show and now

he's helping others do the same -

graduating as a personal trainer.

His before and after shots from the

biggest loser are amazing. His

results speak for themselves. I was

180 kilos. Now I am 105. The weight

is still off and he has big things

planned. While he may be half the

size of what he once was his goals

are twice as big. Gone are the fast

food, lack of exercise and even his

office job. This Friday he

graduates as a personal trainer of.

I can share the secrets I have

picked up along the way and share

the story with them and help them

succeed. They have not been any

short cuts. His own trade at --

trainer. He says look at me, you

cannot tell me that you cannot do

it because I have probably defeated

every excuse I could come up with.

He says his career change is not

just about the lifestyle. It has

also been a life-saver. He knows if

he went back to his desk job he

would have piled the way back on.

The biggest fear was that was on

the downward slope to diabetes and

instead of staring down the barrel

of dying by the age of 40, I have

20 years extra on my life.

Brad's back with sport and a key

night of the Eels finals? Two

players are trying to prove their

fitness for Friday night against the Bulldogs.

One of them is desperate to line up,

Daniel Mortimer. Plus, it's

Daniel's deadline as young five-

eighth Mortimer arrives at training,

trying to prove his fitness. Also,

fears the Bulldogs' mascots could

be locked out of the ground on the club's big night. MAN: Great Aussie snag - beef, pepper and spices - lightly charred on a barbie. Mmm. And what makes them taste even better is that every one we sell during our hospital appeal will help raise more money for kids' hospitals all over Australia. That'll be your fifth act of charity today, wouldn't it, Rodney? I believe so. BOY: Please give generously to the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Hospital Appeal, and help us help sick kids. ANDIE MACDOWELL: To redefine the face, contours and neck, I need the best in lifting skincare. I've made my decision. VOICEOVER: Innovation - Revitalift face, contours and neck. Complete lifting action from L'Oreal Paris. Deep re-meshing skincare

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This program is captioned live.

A big night at Eels training as the

Daniel Mortimer and Krisnan Inu try

to prove their fitness for Friday's

final against the Bulldogs. Adam

Hawse joins us again from

Parramatta Stadium and how are they

going? Daniel Mortimer is training.

It is a closed session so we cannot

tell you exactly what is going on.

From what we can see through the

fence, he looks a little bit

gingerly. Not really at full pace.

If he is ruled out, Feleti Mateo

will come in at 58. The ills some

question marks -- the Eels with

some question marks over their team.

At the ticket sold smashed the

record. They also have extra

motivation to perform. They've

played a staggering 687 games

between them and every one was in

blue and gold but Nathan Hindmarsh,

Nathan Cayless and Luke Burt have

yet to taste a premiership win.

Something team mates are determined

to rectify. Those guys would

probably say they don't want us to probably say they don't want us to

play for them but I really hope we

can do well and not let them down.

The veterans want to win one but

don't want themselves to be the

sole cause. The team wants to win

for everyone. The young blokes want

to win a grand final too, just as

much as what we do.' I think

Hindy's made it pretty clear how

desperate he is for one, especially

when you're playing the Bulldogs.

You cannot look too far ahead. And

not everyone's happy about Friday

night's near sell-out. The Bulldogs

long time mascots the General and

Harry have been left in the

doghouse without a ticket to the

game. Despite being part of the sideline entertainment at every

Bulldogs home game this year. Their

owners say the pair are victims of

the game's popularity. They do not

normally sit on hayseed. They're

very good. By stay in their cages.

We would even be happy to stand

with them. The match was expected

retirement. to be Harry's last before

He looks a lot like Billy wards.

Damon lorry has been released from

the club, signing with Penrith.

Australian halfback Johnathan

Thurston has all but written off

Brisbane's chances against

Melbourne without their injured

number seven Peter Wallace. Broncos

forward Ben Te'o adding to the air

of mystery over the team as they

arrived for training at a dusty

Suncorp Stadium. Meantime, Thurston

was launching February's match

between the NRL all-stars and the

indigenous all-stars. I've played

in Origins and you know they're all

special but you know you're

representing your people and your

family and it means so much to them.

The match will kick off the 2010


Swans coach Paul Roos hasn't given

up hope of Tadhg Kennelly making a

return to the Swans. Roos has just

returned from Dublin where he

watched the Irishman fulfil his

life long dream of winning an All

Ireland Final with his home county

of Kerry. Now that he's achieved

what he wanted to achieve he may

want to stay there and do it again.

He may decide he wants to talk to

us and the door is open as far as

we're concerned. It was reported in

the Irish Times Kennelly was about

Kerry. to commit to another season with

A poor start this morning for hosts

South Africa at cricket's Champions

Trophy. Sri Lanka downed the

tournament favourites by 55 runs in

a rain-affected match. Tillakaratne

Dilshan was the star for Sri Lanka.

He smashed 106, while half-

centuries captain Kumar Sangakkara

and Mahela Jaywardene got them to

319. And that ended up being more

than enough. Brilliant, brilliant.

Completely out foxed Graeme Smith.

Ajantha Mendis the standout with

the ball with three key wickets.

Former world No.1 Justine Henin is

set to make a comeback to

competitive tennis in Australia

next year. The 27-year-old made the

announcement on Belgian television,

saying she's rediscovered her

passion for the sport. She retired

in May 2008 after a decade long

career including 7 grand slams and

an Olympic gold medal. Initially

Henin ruled out any return, saying

she was physically and emotionally

drained from the sport. Her

decision comes just a week after

compatriot Kim Clijsters capped her

return from retirement with a second US Open title.

Tomorrow on Ten News. - as rugby

league's diehards prepare for this

Friday's western Sydney derby, New

South Wales cricket is looking to

cash in on the sporting bonanza.

75% of our elite players through

the underage groups are all coming

from the western corridor of Sydney.

We'll tell you all about the plans

to set up a home away from the SCG

and take the game to the people.

I will be back with a sports tonight.

Thank you. You are able dog fan but

you do not really look like one. --

Bulldogs fan. Tim Bailey's next

with all the weather details. COMPUTER: Temperature 22. Who's most likely to give you VOICEOVER: with voice control? the only car in its class COMPUTER: Track number, please. CD changer. Track... (BARKS) Four! Track four. and faithful dog SONG: # There's a great # He's the German shepherd... # Ford, of course. Who's most likely? Introducing the new Ford Mondeo.

This program is captioned live.

Sydney? It is a very different looking

Some third rubber underwhelming

after the March showed would on by

the Red Dawn. The light reflecting

through the soil, giving us that

deep red this morning. A man said

this morning, I took my white dog

for a walk at six, I brought him

back at 610 and he was an orange

dog. It came from SA, the NT, dog. It came from SA, the NT,

picking up all that I am a rich

soil and tossing it like a big

blanket over Sydney. You can see it

from, it was so big. The West North,

North wins have taken care of it.

We have a pressure systems sitting

overruns and the wind will go south,

south-west tomorrow. Temperatures

will stay around 23-25 degrees. Out

it will again be breathable after

all the health concerns tomorrow.

When the particles get to 200, in

terms of pollution, it can be gunge

-- dangers. We walk all over that.

It was an incredible day of dust.

A totally different day then it was

just a few hours ago.

A dust cloud over eastern parts of

the NSW - we know all about that.

And Queensland. Does the wind

easing. Some winds causing showers

are mainly in Victoria, low cloud

in SA. Tomorrow, a week-will cause

wins to ease. A few showers in

Victoria, Tasmania and coastal NSW.

The hype or keep the east and north

mostly sunny. Dry across NSW apart

for light showers in the West and

Rangers. Showers in Victoria and

Tasmania. A lot of top today, after

the big dance event, will it come

again? It looks highly unlikely. It

does not look as though the wind

will be strong enough. It looks

like we will have a typical spring

day. The high seating overruns

delivering sunny blue skies and

through to Monday. bright fruit to Monday. -- right

That's it from May. From Wednesday,

the day of dust. That's Ten News

for now, I'm Deborah Knight I'm

Bill Woods, thanks for your company.

We'll have updates throughout the

evening before the Late News with

Sports Tonight at 11:00. Our first

bulletin tomorrow is at 6:00am.

We'll leave with more images from

Goodnight. this morning's stunning dust storm.

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