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(generated from captions) investigation into the fatal outbreak He's ordered a full-scale Good morning. Nice to meet you. Pity it's not on a occasion. Five people has to be responsible. Who is? The this aged care facility. Someone

people who are responsible are obviously those who run the nursing home in the first instance. I'm not trying to point the finger anybody in particular. I think residents and the families of residents, they deserve to have the residents and the families of those

answers and deserve to have reassurance their loved ones answers and deserve to have the

Broughton Hall are safe and reassurance their loved ones in

sprebgted. It would seem from what -- protected. It would seem what I have read in the press that -- protected. It would seem from

they've had concerns before. they slip through the net? they've had concerns before. How do

accreditation system they slip through the net? The enough? It's probably the most accreditation system isn't good

rigourous in the world and they haven't slipped through the Allegations have been made in the 'Herald Sun' about cleanliness in the sitens. Those allegations put to the agency responsible last the sitens. Those allegations were

year and they were satisfied Broughton Hall was across what needed to be done. They received an accreditation last year for three years but there's been a very unfortunate outbreak of gastroenteritis and salmonella in this nursing home which has cost five people's lives. I'd like to pass on my condolences to families of those people who are deceased. I was only told on Saturday that this was a problem. We swung in to action and the agency has been there Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and yesterday and will be there again today. We're having a full review audit of the nursing home and I can say we're also considering a review of the entire group which will be assigned upon today by the other agency? Do you information on this group? There's a number of stories coming utthrough the media. There's complaints line and service utthrough the media. There's a

we would be happy if people wanted complaints line and service which

to contact which is the more appropriate way to bring out these complaints rather than press. When these sort of happen, the department the records with respect to the group. The group conducts a number of nursing homes in Melbourne and that's being done. The agency will consider whether to review each of the nursing homes. We don't want people to react in a non-calm way to these kinds of problems. There is a process. We are going through it. The first thing we did was to ensure the safety of the current residents who were there. That's done and then we moved in to the review audit. Are you confident that nobody else in there is in danger at the moment? I'm confident that the Victorian Public Health Unit has reassured the Commonwealth they have no safety concerns. Say that again? The Public Health Unit are responsible for communicable diseases. We rely on them to tell us about safety. You're the State authority has told your authority that they're safe? I hadn't actually finished my answer. The first part of the answer was the Victorian department have said the place is safe and the accreditation agency have reassured me it's saifplt so the answer is we can reassure the families of the have no concerns, no immediate residents in Broughton Hall that we

concerns of a threat to their safety. Victorian health took seven days to alert their safety. Victorian health officials

Minister. Estrordinary, isn't -- extraordinary, isn't it? You're Minister. Estrordinary, isn't it?

confident in this? I'm confident in my agency. One assurance is what the Victorian department have done and I'm not responsible for them. And we ourselves, our agency, went through on Saturday and Sunday and Monday to be sure that there were no immediate threats. You must feel awfully hamstrung? Don't feel hamstrung. I feel there are overlapping responsibilities. The immediate responsible is the Public Health Unit. If it was in a cafeteria, a nursing home, the immediate responsibility is the Victorian Department. What immediate responsibility is the

upset about is that it took so long Victorian Department. What I'm

for the Victorian Department to tell us there was a problem. As soon as we knew on Saturday we swung in to action. We would have liked to have known as soon as the Victorian Department knew. Everything I'm reading papeser the State Department says this and the Health Department this and the Federal Authority says this and there seems to be so much blaming on and no-one is doing something. "I'm going to put hand up and say someone as have has something. "I'm going to put my

messed up. Let's sort it out." I'm not trying to blame anybody. are 3,000 nursing homes in not trying to blame anybody. There

Australia. Clearly the process is not working, it's working when five people die? The process since we knew on Saturday is working, which is the review audit by the analancy, the reassurances for the family. We don't run nursing homes. There are 3,000 in Australia and the Commonwealth doesn't run any. They're run by non-for-profit analancies, for-profit providers as well. They're responsible happens. I'm responsible for accreditation and overall And the Stateman's responsible for accreditation and overall quality.

things like communicable That's just the way Federation set up. All I can do in my own job That's just the way Federation is

is make sure we're covering our part as well. You're covering your part. Doing our part. On Thursday... Don't try and change my words. I repeated what you said. You said, "We're covering our part." Doing well. That's what we're doing. I'm not trying to cover up and been a suggestion of that. I just not trying to cover up and there's

repeated what you said. Five people have died. The point is that when the first resident died on April 8, four more people have died the first resident died on Sunday

since over what almost a week. Somebody has to step in, further deaths could have been Well, I don't think you know further deaths could have been avoided. There was gastroenteritis outbreak. You'd avoided. There was an

hope that would happen, we want to stop further deaths from happening? We don't want any deaths. It's tragic for the residents and their families. I don't want to point the finger at anybody and blame anyone for it. I want to reassure current residents and their families we'll try and stop it again. That's why we're going through the process which is a very rigourous one, which started on Saturday, when we were told about it. The outbreaks of gastroenteritis and salmonella which occurred before we knew about it on Saturday, we can hard be be held responsible for the fact it happened. The point we're trying to make is should you not have known earlier? If the process you've now put in place is a good process, had it been put in place earlier than Saturday, things might have been different? The process wouldn't have begun until we were told about it. That's what we're trying to get to. We're not telepathic. The Victorian Department of Health which is responsible communicable diseases under the Aged Care Act, should have been informed by the nursing home as soon as there was a problem. When the system isn't working, you need to have a major overhaul. If it took a week for you to find out there's a problem, you should change it. The Victorian Health Unit weren't told for four or five days. It took them seven days to tell us. Their actions were the ones that were immediately of importance. I think that's where there's been a failure. I'm not the State Minister for Health. I'm the Federal Minister for Ageing. I have to do my part well. As a Federal Minister, don'ts you have some clout? Don't you have some say? I'm not in the State Parliament, I'm in the Federal Parliament. The say I have is running the Federal Department of Ageing as well as I have. I can't undo what's happened and can't be Bronwyn Park or Steve Bracks. What can you do Bracks. What can you do then to help the State Authority? We are helping the State Authority. We've been working with them since Saturday. We've been working with Victoria Police, which I think is very important. They started their investigation yesterday. The Victorian Coroner said they would have an inquest in to these five

deaths which I think is appropriate. We've told Victoria Plos what we're doing. We don't want to -- Police what we're doing. We don't want to undo any evidence trail either undo any evidence trail either and I think it's good for them to know what we're up to. We're working close with the Victoria Police as well. Is there any indication when we'll get some answers? There we'll get some answers? There are lots of allegations flying around? Any date? I'm hoping to get a copy of the review audit over the weekend which is the very thorough top-down and bottom-up review of the nursing home. I'm hoping to get that by early next week when it's been completed over the weekend. That will tell us what we're going to do on whether there will be sanctions, what those sanctions might be. Benetas is a large provider of nursing homes. They've usually had a pretty good record but the agency today is looking through to decide looking through to decide whether to review all their nursing and the department is reviewing all the records. You said there was a number people could contact? It's true. I have it here for memory so I don't get it wrong. We'll put it on our website too? The complaints service number - 1805 50552. If people have allegations people have allegations and complaints -- 1805 550552. The media are very helpful at uncovering these kinds of things. If they want to ring that number, they should do so. We're running out of time. The Aged Care Association claims we're on Care Association claims we're on a brink of a brink of a crisis. We have an ageing problem. Village Life retirement homes are closing down, 400 people need a place to go. Are you on top of this? Is the you on top of this? Is the Federal Government on top of this? Do Government on top of this? Do we have enough aged care facilities to cope for what's coming? You're going to hate the answer to this question, especially Kim after before. Village Life is a retirement village, it's not an aged care facility or nursing home. So it is covered entirely by State housing regulation. Not anything to do with the Commonwealth. That said, I've written to the State Minister in each of the States where Village Life exists saying, "These are Life exists saying, "These are your responsibilitys. I assume you'll be following your jobs." It's a complicated area. I can tell you the Commonwealth have a great record. We've revolutionised aged care in this country over the last 11 years. We have 250,000 allocated beds. 150,000 11 years ago there were. We have 45,000 community aged care packages, which is staying at home and being looked after. There were 4,510 years ago. We're spending close to $10 billion on aged care, $3 billion 10 years ago. $190 million on repite care and $18 million 10 years ago. We're doing a good as job as the public hope. In terms of quality and standards, terms of quality and standards, we could always do better and that's what we're hoping to do from today. With an ageing population, is it enough, though? Is it enough enough, though? Is it enough that the States can take on some responsibilitys and the Commonwealth takes on another? Is it perhaps going to have to happen in the near future, bearing in mind we have an ageing population and there will be more retirement villages and nursing homes, villages and nursing homes, does the Commonwealth need to change its approach? The Aged Care Association that you quoted before, they accused me of creating a glut of beds when I announced 32,000 new places for the next three years. They're saying there's too many beds. Not necessarily about beds. It's about are we actually on top of it? Does the Federal Authority have enough clout to be on top have enough clout to be on top of the aged care industry? I think if we were redoing the Federation of Australia today in comparison to 101 years ago, we'd think again about a whole lot of responsibilitys. There's no doubt about that. We're stuck with about that. We're stuck with the Constitution we have. We have to do the best job we can with it. If took all the responsibilities away from the States and put them in the Commonwealth. People would say, "What are the States supposed to be doing? The States have to do their job properly. These are their responsibilitys and we need to make sure they do their job well. Clearly the victims and their families deserve answers. Are you confident you'll be able to give them answers? A meeting they had last night at Broughton Hall was a meeting from the Department of Health. We've ensured that our offices are there -- officers are there working with the family and nursing homes. I was quite nursing homes. I was quite buoyed by your story in the lead-up to this interview because the families were obviously happy with the information they were getting. The priority here is the families and the residents. That's the only thing that matters here. Not me and not Bronwyn Pike or anybody else. Or is the Federation correct for today? It's to make sure at the moment those families have confidence their loved ones are going to be properly looked after. Thank you. Thank you for your time this morning. More of 9am after the break. Stay with us.