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(generated from captions) Andy Griffiths. We hope you've enjoyed our program, you can go to at You can email us with your comments and you can find me on Twitter. have a good weekend, Join us again next week, Captioned by CSI. Good evening, Bevan. On tonight's

Julia Gillard talks up Bevan. On tonight's program -

Minister says an agreement would protect both nations shocks. However, there is one

form of to block, vowing backdown on whaling. to block, vowing not to

backdown on whaling. You're Program is Captioned Live We are opposed opposition, we have initiated the proceedings you refer to in Justice and we do intend the International Court of

continue with those Justice and we do intend to

proceedings. Despite the Minister says the strong. Also ahead - the Federal

punishment for those behind Federal Government promises

Villawood riot. Help from above - the US above - the US sends drones to attack government targets attack government targets in Libya. The Queen celebrating her 85th birthday but leaves plenty in veer for the Royal Wedding. A chat with

art, Guy Warren, one of the elders of Australian

portraits have been right on art, Guy Warren, whose

the money. First to Tokyo where Julia Gillard international legal challenge

to Japan's whale hunt. On

two of her state visit, the

Prime Minister was urged to seem fazed by the whaling issue and was fulsome with praise. Ms Gillard also took the the time to deliver a very

special letter from home. Chief political Mark Simkin reports from Chief political correspondent

Tokyo. Mixing pleasure Tokyo. Mixing pleasure with

business - Julia Gillard took time hunting. Thank you. The Prime hunting. Discount there. Oh.

pushing for for a free-trade deal and appropriately found a mess of that. some Aussie beef. I'm making

a mess of that. You take that. Julia Gillard got mouthful at the that. Julia Gillard got another

One questioner took issue with Australia's legal against Japanese whaling. Australia's legal action

TRANSLATION: Will you be

withdrawing your petition from the International Court of

Justice? We are opposed commercial Justice? We are opposed to Prime Minister scientific whaling. Japan's

Prime Minister isn't fazed by

the whaling issue. TRANSLATION: I'm certain that

the friendly relationship between Australia and continue for another 50 to 100 years. The two Prime years. The two Prime Ministers

met last night agreeing

pursue closer trade and defence met last night agreeing to

ties. It? ties.


that Japan Minister's visit to Japan shows

the visit is more 1 million words and so I symbol thanks. Julia Gillard brought a that belonged to Rob McNeil, the head of the search and rescue team sent to Japan. It

has got significantly amount of really meaning that helmet because of where it's been because of where it's been and

done. The Australian also gave her Japanese counterpart a letter. her Japanese counterpart

letter. It was written to him

by an eight-year-old Perth boy. Ashwin Cresswell wrote:

wanted to help a Japanese child orphaned by the catastrophe.

He's really hoping that it they'll be able to find Toshihito and that Toshihito can come live with Kay with that? Kay with that? Absolutely. In

a child's words it is about

offering to share his toys. In

the words of adults, it's the words of adults, it's about

the two of us working the two of us working

together. This trip's been characterised gestures and tomorrow Julia characterised by symbolic

Gillard will make an even

bigger one. She'll become the

first foreign leader to see the devastation first hand when she

hardest hit areas. helicopters into one of the

Simkin, ABC News, Tokyo. 22

by police detainees are being questioned

night's riot at Sydney's by police over Wednesday

Villawood Detention Centre. The Federal Government says

those involved will feel the

full force of the law. Up to

100 detainees are believed to have taken part. More have taken part. More are expected to be

police. Tonight, a handful of

protesters are still on the roof of the detainees slept, police roof of the facility. As most

detainees slept, police moved

in to remove some of those

thought to be involved in the protests two nights ago.

Relatives maintaining a outside the facility watched on. I don't know just I was

shocked, you know, I'm shaking, on. I try to call to my

husband, he's crying and his

brother crying and say quooe we don't owe know what's happen. Refugee advocates say police were police were heavy-handed. They were feeling

were feeling very bad,

humiliated because why 2 o'clock in the morning? detainees were taken Immigration Department says 22

Silverwater Gaol in Sydney's

south-west by bus south-west by bus at daylight. wouldn't comment on the

operation to remove the 22 wouldn't comment on the

detainees saying it is an ongoing investigation. The more people could be taken possible criminal charges. They will certainly feel force of the law. The acting

Serco, the company that runs drawn on the performance

the detention centre, and is now under scrutiny. see the results of the inquiry

and then we'll governments has ruled out in as many months, the

taking back control of the facilities. The opposition was

reluctant to buy into the issue

at Easter. All I really should

do is make the observation that

it is deeply regrettable what's

further comment happened there, but leave any

day. Tempers flared outside

Villawood as Hayne full detainees whose refugee claims

have been rejected continued

their protest. They come by boat or whatever. It is Barrett, ABC News. The United States is using its unmanned predator drones to target

Colonel Gaddafi's forces in

Libya. The use of the drones has been approved by President Obama observe. US has been using of drones to target Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The US Defence deployment is evidence of mission creep in Libya

there are still no plans to put

said that where we have some unique capabilities, he is willing fact he has approved the use fact he has approved the use of

armed predators and I think

that today may in fact have

been their first mission. So I think that will think that will give us some

precision capability. They're uniquely suited for areas,

urban areas where you can get

low collateral damage. We're

trying to manage that chat cal

damage but that's the best

platform to do that. Their

persistence on the target,

they're out there a full day working the targets. Have you

those capabilities in addition

to being able to get to being able to get in targets

out in the open where collateral damage is a worry, for instance around ammo depots and

and things like that you want

but you don't want to hit the depot and have the secondaries.

It brings some capabilities to NATO Commander that they didn't

have before. Staying on the

Libyan issue, NATO says it Libyan issue, NATO says it is focusing much of its airstrikes

around city of Misratah under prolonged siege from Colonel Gaddafi's forces. Hospital doctors stay they're unable to cope. Resting after a night of

battle. They call themselves

the eagle fighters. Some are

neighbours, some cousins, all

are brothers in arms. Their

leader, a steel worker, me the rebels lost three last night, including streets - for now. streets - for now. They display remnants display remnants of cluster bombs which they homes and a supermarket. homes and a supermarket. This is the tail fin of homes and a supermarket. is the tail fin of one is the tail fin of one of them. These weapons are indiscriminate, deadly widely banned. Then they surprised us with a bomblet, handling it, although still explode. still neighbourhood, everyone neighbourhood, everyone knows

the no go zones. Here among the rek king civilians are prime target. This is as far

as we can go. We have told that Colonel Gaddafi's

forces are in position.

shielded here, but if we advance, we'll of the sniper's guns. Local people say several civilians

have been corner, including a 15-year-old boy who was just trying to reach the shop across the road.

This man, an airline pilot, lives a few family has been here for generations. This is my brother. I have two brothers

up there. We area. He's staying put to

defend his home. The house has already been hit once, landed close to his son. Snipers set the Don't move. Don't cross the street. This street is illegal to cross. Anyone who will die. His teenage daughters have hard Le been outside for

the past two months.

doctor but can't even go to school. TRANSLATION: We can't bear it. No without bombs and the sound of bullets. We are Gaddafi's people and he's bombing 21-year-old student One was of those killed on the street. I love him too much. He belongs to us. belongs to us. At the main hospital tonight, a desperate

attempt to save life. But this rebel fighter injuries. And the injuries. And the death toll

kept rising. In all, six

fighters were killed during fighters were killed during the

afternoon and evening. Among

them, a rebel hero shot by a sniper.

led 300 men. There was chaos

as his body emerged. For the rebels, it is a significant

loss, but they're heading back

to the frontline. That report

by Orla Gurin. In South Africa six police officers are behind

bars awaiting trial over the

death of a protester. The

shocking killing was broadcast on state TV as voters on state TV as voters rallied

ahead of local elections. the ruling African National

Congress, there are increasing signs that their 17-year hold

on power is being challenged by

a growing opposition. Africa

correspondent Ginny Stein

reports. Andries Tatane's final

moment of defiance. He joined

thousands of people in the

rural city of rural city of Ficksburg

protesting against the State's failure to provide basic

services. But police turned on

him, savagely beating him and moments later he dead. With local elections looming large, it is protest season in South Africa. Images

of the state firing on its own are Rekindled memories of the country's dark days unenforced

racial segregation. I want to

tell you something. These

people they've got guns. You

don't have guns. At issue here, 17 years

17 years after being 17 years after being elected,

is the is the failure of the

Government to deliver services to all. to all. This growing dissatisfaction is what the

opposition hopes to capitalise on. We starting to see more protest, more and more people anxious about what anxious about what tomorrow holds. The government has lost control of a number of

cities to the DA. The ANC

wants them back. We want to win back Cape win back Cape Town. We want to win. For many who have only ever voted for the ANC, their decision made. No. We not going to vote any more. South Africa remains one of the polarised nations and with the

gap between rich and poor growing, a hate speech trial has this campaign. At issue, the right to sing this song, calling on people to

farmer. The case has provided a platform for the ANC reinforce its credentials but it's also highlighted the uneasy highlighted the uneasy racial divisions that exist in South Africa. For now, trying to keep the Benedict has marked the start of Easter with of Easter with a warning to the West to not become weary of the Christian faith.

City for the Maundy Thursday mass. The

feet of 12 men. feet of 12 men. TRANSLATION: Pope Benedict spoke Pope Benedict spoke of his regret that largely become a population of non-believers, insensitive to

the presence of donations for the donations for the victims of the earthquake Japan. To the UK and the Queen has celebrated her 85th birthday by honouring senior citizens

during the royal Maundy Thursday service. 85 retired pensioners chosen from the monarch. It was a low-key event compared low-key event compared to another royal looming on the horizon. Europe correspondent Emma Alberici reports. The next Queen makes this trip to Westminster Abbey, it will be to watch to woman who could be to watch her grandson marry

queen. It was the morning of her 85th birthday and she her 85th birthday and she spent

it in the company of commoners.

For the first time, her

birthday coincided with one of

the most important days on the

Christian calendar, Maundy

Thursday come member rates the

last supper of Christ. Jesus

said I give you a new

commandment: love commandment: love one

another. For 800 years monarchs are marked the occasion by

distributing silk purses filled with Spagettios specially

minted coins to the less

privileged. For when I was

hungry you gave me food. When thirsty, you gave me drink. 64 years converted from Greek Orthodoxy to Anglicanism to marry Elizabeth the 2nd. The ABC has been given exclusive access to

a collection of gowns worn by royal brides beginning royal brides beginning with

Princess Charlotte in 1816 who in keeping with the tradition of the time, wore silver. The big

big change, I suppose, in

wedding dress design and so forth came with Queen

Victoria's dress which we Victoria's dress which we have

here now. Up until that time, royal brides, particularly

queen Regent as she was in 1840, 1840, were entitle to wear their coronation

display. Britain is gearing up

for one of the biggest parties

in its history. Here on Regent

street, one of Lon street, one of Lon dough's busy shopping strips they're else. The hope is Prince William and his bride will

bring renewal to one of

in the world. For more on this

let's talk with someone who may

not know the couple, not know the couple, maybe he does , but

is the royal correspondent 'The Daily Express' newspaper in Britain and he joins me now live from London. live from London. Richard Palmer I was being a Palmer I was being a little presumption in saying you you do. Do you

know a lot about them? I wouldn't claim to be a friend

of theirs at all. I of theirs at all. I don't

think any of the royal correspondents on the national papers really know well. We've really been kept

at a distance. Prince

we do meet every now and again.

Of a sat in a pub

last year he met us all for last year he met us all for a drink in a bar Australian press were there as well. In what ways does this Royal Wedding align tradition, in what ways does it depart from it? I think wedding

Phillip as the template.

They're trying to get over two messages, that it is an austerity wedding on hand and yet, at the same time they're trying to give us all the desperately need to cheer

us up from the economic gloom we're all in at the does the young couple balance those two things? They've tried to do it as best for example,... There will

all the normal pomp and again try one associates with a Royal Wedding but they're trying to say trying to say there's nobody extra, just people already on

duty here, no extra money than we would spend than we would spend for ceremonial tick that with a pinch of salt. That's what they're trying to do, just Winston Churchill called the 1947 wedding in a slightly grey

read on one of your tweets read on one of your tweets a splash of colour splash of colour and a splash of champagne, his favourite champagne, served at the wedding. Yes. champagne, Churchill's will be served at the wedding. Yes. Wrote that story the other day but a attributed it to a wine

magazine, not being confirm by

the palace, not being denied. They're keeping that close to their chest. favourite champagne. How much connection has there been

between the two families in

recent weeks in terms of getting to know each other better as the big day arrives? better as the big day arrives? We had the first far as we know, between the Queen and Kate Middleton's parents,

parents, Carol and Michael at parents, Carol and Michael at Windsor castle. They went to

Windsor for lunch a couple Windsor for lunch a couple of

days ago. Just as in days ago. Just as in fact we'd

been told that there would be

no public meeting and indeed

there wasn't a public meeting,

and it

a secret from virtually

everybody at Buckingham and St

James's palace. The snaf James's palace. The snaf who

work very closely with William and with Kate now say they

didn't know about it didn't know about it until they were told on the morning. Richard, as I learned

from one of your reports, the young couple as memory of Diana in the lead up to

to the wedding? Yes. It appears they've... They went to all all Thorp, the home of the spendcers, where Diana spendcers, where Diana is

buried on an island, a shrine

they call the oval, and

told that they rode across in a

boat, held hand, laid flowers

at the grave. Details very

sketchy. Again, the palace very reluctant to very reluctant to comment about

something which they see as

very personal to the couple.

We think this happened in We think this happened in the

last two or three weeks. Again, they're not being

terribly helpful in confirming

a lot of these details. How

much do you think the presence

of the memory of Diana will shape this event and what happens after and how the

public perceives this event -

to see the marriage of her son to Kate Middleton? I think very much the and I think certainly when I

came to Australia and New Zealand following Prince William last year the public where you and Harry as the embodiment of

Diana. Diana's heritage, if you like and Diana you like and Diana May legacy. I think most people see and Kate as the great hope for the future of the the future of the British monarchy, giving it a more vibrant image. Further to

that, how much... That sort of perception or that sort length from the couple themselves, but would that be a

consideration at all in consideration at all in the broader households that sur round the royal family, that while this is a happy occasion for the young couple in love,

it is also a great the royal family in the eyes not only the British public an international public eye? Absolutely. It is Absolutely. It is a fantastic

opportunity to sell Britain abroad, to sell it as a tourist destination and hopefully to

help British exporters help British exporters win orders. That recognition, that extra recognition that it royal household's thinking how they organise this they organise this event. Have

you got an invitation to you got an invitation to the wedding? The paper has been invited. One of my colleagues is going to be in the Abbey. I'm going in I'm going in an annex following the ceremony with people from Clarence Clarence House and then going up to the palace to see the carriage procession and the

kiss on the balcony what we hope will

hope will be the kiss on the balcony, getting day. You will be able to confirm that for us. Certainly on the day I will be, yes. Very look forward to look forward to hearing then. Richard Palmer Richard Palmer from 'The Daily Express' newspaper

tonight. Thank you. BM has pledged $1 billion for environmental restoration along the US Gulf coast.

comes a day after the one year anniversary of the massive oil spill. The money will spill. The money will be used to rebuild coastal welcome step, but it has on BP's ultimate liability which is still being assessed. Clashes on border have

from both sides. from both sides. Three Cambodian and Cambodian and two Thai soldiers were shot Both sides have accused each other of starting Both sides have accused each other of with gunfire and artillery shells. A shells. authorities are evacuating villages from the shells. A Thai official say villages from the area. It villages from the area. It is the hostilities since fighting

earlier this year near the ancient Preah Vihear Temple

temple. 15 people were temple. 15 people were killed

of a bomb tore through of a bomb tore through a

gambling club through the

southern Pakistan city. 40

people were injured in the

blast. 10 of them remain in a serious condition. No group

has yet claimed responsibility

for the attack. Officials for the attack. Officials say

it is likely that the bomb was

planted. Till in Pakistan, the Supreme Court there has

acquitted five of the six men accused of accused of gang raping a young village womb in 2002. The case gained international attention

and underscored the oppression

faced by women in rural areas. The verdict has The verdict has been condemned by local and international

rights groups. After years of legal battles, the Supreme Court you be held the much

anticipated verdict citing lack

of evidence. TRANSLATION: If they had to give this

verdict, why did they push me around for five around for five years? The decision sparked outrage among decision TRANSLATION: We are disappointed bit court's

verdict today. If courts start

giving these type of verdicts, every woman in Pakistan every woman in Pakistan will start start feeling insecure in this country. Nine years ago, this

woman was forced at gunpoint into a village stable where she

says a group of men raped her.

Her ordeal was punishment handed down by a village council after her 12-year-old

brother was accused of having

an affair with a woman from a powerful clan. powerful clan. TRANSLATION:

What happened to her happens to

women almost every day. She had the guts to stand against all those men. Six men were soon con Victoria paid local discorrect court and sentenced to death. But in five of the convictions and remaining perpetrator's death sentences was commuted to life in prison. The victim is warning of more such attacks. TRANSLATION: I believe that lot of molestation. lot of molestation. The village councils have not stopped giving out such orders and carrying them out and carrying them out sur tishsly. Fearing reprisal attacks human rights groups have urged the golf to give her

protection, but the icon of women's rights leave her village where she runs a school for girls. Let's

get the latest world weather now now with Melissa Hamilton. Let's take a look at the weather at home first.

capitals today apart from one

or two morning showers in Brisbane, Sydney Over the triggering showers about the west, while a high moves inland mornings to the south-east.

Moist south-easterly winds will

continue to cause continue to cause isolated showers along the

bortd. In New Zealand a ridge in the either a over much of the country while a complex trough with tronts moves on to the trigger rain and storms there from tonight. from tonight. It will be warm and partly cloudy chance of a late series of low pressures system should maintain storms across South-East Asia, in particular, in a in particular, in a band from Jakarta Jakarta through to ban cock. That system north-east bringing rain isolated storms to Cambodia Vietnam. It should isolated storms to Vietnam. It should be mostly fine in the south, though.

Further north, there will be

scattered showers about central China and north and South

Korea. A large front crossing

Japan from the west is expected to generate heavy showers and

storms there. Tokyo can expect

moderate to heavy falls a top temperature of 16 degrees is

expected there. A kro to India

with qur a band of cloud with qur a band of cloud is triggering showers and storms

from the north-eastern corner

down to the southern tip. It should be fairly dry in the

west, though and across most of Pakistan. A large cloud mass

extending over Iran, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia is and Saudi Arabia is causing

isolated showers and storms there. Lows in a band from

Italy through to Spain Italy through to Spain are maintaining showers about southern Europe and there's also a large low pressure

system associated with a cold

front west of the Ireland. Over the weekend it is expected

to sweep east bringing widespread rain widespread rain and storms to the UK. It is already

generating moderate rainfall in

Dublin. It should be mostly fine across northern Africa

apart from one or two isolated showers and storms. The far mostly fine weather, but through the centre two large

low pressure system one on either side of the country are

triggering showers and storms from Guinea through to Ethiopia. In the US, a low pressure system in the

north-east is expected to feel snow showers snow showers from northern New

York through to Maine with

winter storm warnings current

through the state. More

activity, more active weather will develop near a associated cold cold front, scat sters showers and plains through to much of plains through to much of the south-east. south-east. Moist warm and unstable unstable air near this front will create a slight risk for severe weather

large hail from parts of the

southern plains through to the mid Mississippi Valley. In the

west, a cold front will spread showers and high-level

across the western interior to the rock the rock keys. In South America patchy America patchy cloud associated

with the front showers from Ecuador Clear in inland parts while

further south a low pressure system maintaining rain through

Chile and western Argentina. Some early morning showers but should clear to

day a top of 21 degrees. Melissa Hamilton. Still ahead on Still ahead on the program, the smartphone heading for the courts heading for the courts and a medical evacuation horribly wrong in the horribly wrong in the ice icy waters off Norway. You're watching The World on

ABC News 24. Out ABC News 24. Out top stories - the Prime the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has used a speech to underline the importance of the

Australia Japan relationship.

Ms Gillard also said Ms Gillard also said that free-trade agreement free-trade agreement with Australia would make both nations more resilient nations more resilient to future shocks. future shocks. Tomorrow Ms Gillard will visit the tsunami

devastated town. The Immigration four men on the roof of Sydney's Villawood Detention

Centre into coming down.

They've been staging a protest over their failed asylum

applications. A riot broke at the centre on Wednesday and nine buildings were torched. The United States is using its unmanned predator drones to target Colonel Gaddafi's forces

in Libya. The two armed drones have been approved for use by President Obama observe. US military chiefs

have no plans have no plans to deploy ground has destroyed millions of illegal DVDs and illegal DVDs and books in a

demonstration of its crackdown

on piracy in the country. The government says it progress, but there's a long way to go. More than 26 music than 26 million pirated DVDs, music CDs and books were music CDs and books were seized and destroyed at the year-long nationwide campaign.

China's Government says all it needs for more needs for more results is more time. I'm not saying that we've we've done a perfect job. This

is because China is a transitional period and Chinese society is developing. But the developing. But the streets of

Beijing tell a different story. Pirate copies of block bust earths and art house films can be brought for couple of dollars each entire seasons of television series sell for less than 10 dollars. Some blame the dollars. Some blame the high price of the original product for fueling the black is so obvious and The fact that piracy in is so obvious and well known is cheap to make and

policies. Pirated copies cheap to make and there's a price them billions of dollars.

China governments want to China governments want to lose

the country's reputation for pier literacy but many believe that's that's going to be difficult. I don't think this is easy to resolve because over time

everyone has got used to using pirated goods. Pirated movies

aren't the only concern.

Copies of politically sensitive

books banned on can be found for sale by

vendors. A grandmother of vendors. A grandmother of eight from north-west England is recovering in hospital being dropped from a cruise ship into the icy waters of ship into the icy waters of the Norwegian Sea. 73-year-old

Janet Richardson had fall lip

ill on board the vessel and ill on board the vessel and was

being transferred to a life boat when disaster struck.

This was the moment Janet

Richardson should have been transferred to safety, but

paramedics lost their grip on Richardson, already very will, was

was dropped into the freezing

water. In this picture, the grandmother is grandmother is just visible

above the surface some distance from the boat which eventually pulse pulse her aboard. Janet Richardson and her husband

George had decided to enjoy their retirement by their retirement by spending some of their some of their thyme travelling.

They left the quiet where they live to go on a

cruise to see the northern

lights. It was Janet lights. It was Janet who particularly wanted to go. think, and just wanted to go before she was too old to before she was too old to enjoy it. Z shock for everyone to hear

about it and obviously everyone is wishing her well. Hope is wishing her well. Hope she recovers soon.

board the ocean council rescued she was rushed to hospital where the 73-year-old received emergency treatment. Mrs Richardson was flown from Norway to this hospital where doctors spent the last 7 days condition. The ship's owners and the Norwegian authorities

are now investigating exactly what happened. I imagine will take into will take into account and assess the sea conditions at

the time, the wind the time, the wind speeds, and probably for medical evacuations which we understand were we understand were followed to a T. Whatever the cause of a T. Whatever the cause of this terrible accident, this terrible accident, this dream holiday turned into a

nightmare which left a

grandmother fighting for her life. A legal battle is heating up between the makers of popular smartphones. popular smartphones. Last week

Apple filed a lawsuit against sang sung accusing copying its IPhone and IPad

designs. Samsung has hit back filing similar suits in South Korea, Japan and Germany.

Samsung is one of growing smartphone manufacturers in the world. It

also supplies components like chips and LCD displays chips and LCD displays to

Apple. On one level, Guy Warren faces. After all, he won the

Archibald Prize in 1985. What

this Australian artist loves to

capture in his art is what you

can't see, the feeling of

in the landscape and belonging

to it. It is an idea he learnt

about in New Guinea when he was

a soldier there during the

second world war. It is an

idea that he's followed all

around the world and it even

led him into a friendship with another fine observer of the environment Sir David

Attenborough. This week Guy Warren has celebrated his

know the artist's face, chances

are that at some stage you've

had one of the faces had one of the faces he's portrayed in your pocket or

your purse. Guy Warren thanks so much for

for inviting us into your studio. You're welcome. Happy 90th birthday. Thank you. I

don't know how the Pell hell hell that hell that happened. It crept

up on me my think. What does it

feel like creating and putting out

out their vital images. I'm out their vital images. I'm deeply grateful to be able to

do it. I'm grateful to be able

to do anything. I'm very lucky

being an artist. One of the things about being an things about being an artist

you don't retire. You just

keep on working. You stop

earning money maybe but you

keep on working. To retire as

an artist would mean putting all of

suspending this. . It is an

insane insane idea. John

Olsson said to me a year ago do

people still ask you are you are. Some woman in the local

greengrocer said to me the other What is there to do. As a young man you went off to New

Guinea on active service during

the Second World War. Yes. What

was that like. What was that was that like. What was experience like both for experience like both for you as a young man approach as an artist? Oddly enough, I was smiling because

it made a difference. I'm very grateful in a way to have gone. I in a way to have gone. I did a lot of drawing while I lot of drawing while I was

there. I had studied part-time before I

before I went into the army. By the time I was in the army,

I could draw reasonably well.

Very well indeed. In fact, I don't think it was great don't think it was great art but I could put down what I saw in front of me. I had those skills. Why were do that, if I may ask, you were over there, when there question. I think it is

something one just simply does. I drew charge them 10 bob a charge them 10 bob a portrait. I drew

I drew the landscape. I drew the local peoples and they were great.

great. The local great. The local peoples...

Those were colonial days when

you had to pay them. They'd pose for you pose for you and you'd pay them

with cigarettes and with cigarettes and tobacco. I

had this black bloke posing for

me one day, big black guy, this was I had nothing to pay him I ran out of cigarettes. I found a tin of in the tent which in the tent which the comforts fund had send up. I fund had send up. I handed him the talcum powder and

it into his hand and then drew these wonderful big marks all mother his big black body. The first thing he thought of doing marks. They had tribal marks or had whatever, anything you would put in their hair or they'd decorate themselves it somehow. Given that it somehow. Given that the landscape was very decorative indeed, full was making a connection between

people and the landscape, environment. I don't know that

I thought about it all that

clearly then, but 10 clearly then, but 10 years

later I did. 10 years was in London with my wife trying

paint. I'd done a full art course. I had a lot art course. I had a lot of

skill. I went to London like what to paint. It is what to paint. It is all very well what to paint. It is all very

well to have skill buff's got

to have something to say. I didn't want

didn't want to paint the England

a great park, it wasn't my

landscape, and I didn't want landscape, and I didn't want to paint London in desperation I

started to paint my memories of

New Guinea, of the peoples who

were there and decorated

themselves to the point they

became part of the landscape.

At that point, I thought what great meta fr for it is exactly great meta fr for it is for exactly that, for long

belonging for the environment.

That's something Aboriginal

artists have always known, Aboriginal people have always known, we don't rule the known, we don't rule the earth, we are part of it and it is part of us. Then at that

particular point, we had a little black and white television set and I saw a documentary of some bloke who

had been in mount Harrigan in

the highlands and had done a documentary of the dancers with

their wonderful head dresses

their wonderful head dresses

and body decorations, wonderful stuff. Wrote to the BBC and said I'm a young Australian painter in London, painting New Guinea, which Guinea, which probably sounded a bit peculiar to them. Could

I buy some of your stills because you must have had a still photographer there. And

about a woke or two later I got a phone call from some bloke who who said he thought he might be able to help me and his name was David Attenborough. was David Attenborough. He invited for drinks to He loaned them to me and I did

a lot of work, some of which are here. I did a lot of paints from that had a slow paints from that had a slow at London and before the invited him to asked him, gave him his photographs back and if he want add add painting, take one, which he D it was For a while there every Australian owned a

$2, $10, and $20 notes. Is

that right? Yes. How did that come

committee running it, I think hall missing ham had to do with I would draw the portraits for the notes. I thought it the notes. I thought it was

day fun thing to do. It puts me

me in history. I don't think

it paid a lot. It was it paid a lot. It was a fun thing to do. Dy the portraits for each side of the for each side of the $2, front

of the 10 and the front of the 20. Some

20. Some of these guys had ago, and there was photograph extant of them. them. I had to more or less guess what they looked like. But I guess nobody would

probably question it too deeply anyway. I hope they leave to the kids, leave to the kids, you know. The old man did the drawings on long. They designs were created within a

very few years. Money comes, money goes. It

does. But art does. But art lives on. You didn't always put tonne paper or on board. You

made marks in the sky. Marks

in the sky too, yes. I've been drawing this

obviously about a flying creature

hang gliders and birds, if you like. It

idea of the Greek myth. Is it art even though it just literally wafts and drifts

away? There's nothing to show for it but your photographs.

That's a good question. This

arrangement here, photographs in a frame like that, in one of the early Dobell drawing prizes, I understand from

on the grapevine there was great it was a drawing would have been proud. I think he would proud. Talking of something

else fleeting and it Drift away, fame you had fame winning stid study from prize. Winning the Archibald prize, how does that change you as an artist. an artist. I don't think artists take all that artists take all that much notice of it. I don't notice of it. I don't know if

Maybe they do, I don't know. I think there are higher accolades than accolades than that. Look, it's fun to win and I'm

delighted I've done it and yes, I suppose it probably gave me a bit more bit more publicity, but I wouldn't see it as the peak of one's artistic life. There

other things that are more important. What are the Painting a bloody good

painting you're satisfied with yourself, I guess. far as I'm concerned, with me, anyway. So after many years painting, having reached this wonderful

going to do? There are a lot of of things I want to do.

There's a lot

to do . You still have to do, not want to do. There things I have to do. There are things I have to do. There things I want to do. I know I things I want to do them. things I want to do. I know I want to do them. Look, it

keeps me off the street

anyway. What else would I do? No, you've got to do them. The

same way writers have to

I have I'd be bored out of my mind if I didn't do mind if I didn't do that. Guy Warren, may you keep Warren, may you keep creating and may you never retire. I

won't do that. A gentleman and

an artist. Guy Warren. an artist. Guy Warren. To sport now with Amanda Shalala.

There's a new leader in the Super Rugby. A New Zealand

team. downed the rebels downed the rebels 40 points to 23 to move not top the Super Rugby table. They posted Rugby table. They posted two tries within the first 12 minutes. But the rebels

responded with two tries responded with two tries of

their own. They were down by just 6 points at halftime.

Lachlan Mitchell has scored the

second try for the rebels. How

did he manage to keep that ball

in play? The Blues hit back

with three second half tries with three second half tries to see off the rebels' challenge and secure the Eight weeks ago the Queensland Reds were thrashed by the

Waratahs in Sydney. Since

then, the Reds haven't lost a

game while the Waratahs have

floundered. Tomorrow night in a sellout it the Lang a sellout it the Lang Park the

hostilities will resume between

Australia's two great

provincial rugby rivals. Under

this season's format with more local derbies, an early opportunity to avenge its worst Super Rugby loss to

NSW. In February, the Waratahs Olympic Stadium for a

for 7 wins in a row. We need

to physically match up to physically match up and also the enthusiasm need to be there. We weren't probably

where we needed to be in where we needed to be in the game. Queensland had

upper hand for 10 years. It's

gone the other way. It's

probably about time the bat top

changed hands. A win on home

turf would give the Reds a lead

of up to 13 competition point over the Waratahs in Easter grudge match is Easter grudge match is being

promoted with word often promoted with word often used by other codes. It's our time since the QRU. NSW

held its captain's run in Sydney. Phil Waugh returns

from a bicep injury time to lead his troops into what could be the pivotal clash. Certainly it

will have a significant role will have a significant role to

play in where we finish up and where they finish up in where they finish up in the competition. The more people better we'll play. The better we'll play. The Reds have momentum have momentum but NSW welcomes back experience. by number 8 Wycliffe Palu

it will be decided that can perform that can perform under pressure and can do that for 80 atmosphere at Lang Park should bring out the best in sides and individual battles such as Quade Cooper and Kurtley Beale and Will Genia.

It shapes as one of important wallabies selection trial they'll Easter Classic at Bells Beach. He took advantage of the day's

best swells to lead a host of big names into the fourth

round. Back at the bowl round three, there were more big big waves. Amid some flat

ones. Joel Parkinson made the most of the scoring 9.2 in the ride of the day.

Adriano de Souza who

Kelly Slater contested his heat during one of brought him undone. The number 1 lacked Kennedy failed to capitalise be

not final wave. Both of us

weren't in sink. He had world number two Jordy Smith re

capped yrd his form beating Bobby Martinez in a tight Mick Fanning was at Mick Fanning was at the top of his game. sloppy conditions to defeat the women's event Australia's

Stephanie Gilmore one of four

surfers to squaur a place in heats in the third-round. In tennis Australia's Samantha Stosur continues to She's into She's into the semifinals of the WTA event Stosur took Stosur took three sets to tame world number world number three Vera

Zvonareva 2,6, 63, 76. Stosur after the German straight sets. World number straight sets. World number 1 Caroline number 1 Rafael Nadal won his

31st straight match on clay to progress into

progress into the quarterfinals at at the Barcelona open. The Manly Sea Eagles have held Manly Sea Eagles have held off day Manly Sea Eagles have held

day fast finishing Panthers

outfit at Brookvale Oval. The outfit at Brookvale Oval. The

Brisbane Broncos were too good

for the west Tigers. It was

the Broncos blitz in the

first-half. They stormed

to a 25 points to 6 lead. The

Tigers staged a mini come back after the break to get to within 7 points. Darren

Lockyer was at his wily best to close-out the game for the

visitors. His lordship, Governor-General, Governor-General, whatever,

call him what you like. The

win cease the Broncos move to

out right first on the ladder. In America's NBA In America's NBA the Chicago Bulls have taken a

lead in their play lead in their play off play-off. His lordship Darren

Lockyer has a certain ring to

it. I think king Lockyer. I don't know if Wally Lewis would agree with you. King mark 2. Son of

much. Talking of kings and sons of kings, 7 sleeps to go

until the Royal Wedding and until the Royal Wedding and ass the frantic

the frantic preparations continue in London, the island

of Anglesea in Wales is gearing

up to welcome the newlyweds.

After the wed, the island will

be home to Prince William and Kate Middleton for a couple of

years. London correspondent

Rachael Brown paid their new neighbours a visit. I'm in

Beaumaris in Anglesea in Wales

where the happy couple will be

living after the wedding so Prince William can be living

near his RAF base. The near his RAF base. The talk of the town is starting the town is starting to buzz with news of the wedding.

Shops are displacing Shops are displacing pictures tan souvenirs of their soon to be royal neighbours. Let's take a take a look. Raymond, hello.

You run this shop. Is the interest ( It is. Ing interest ( It is. Ing it creating quite an creating quite an interesting in Anglesea nought couple is

staying here. I staying here. I noticed plates outside but the real thing outside your

window exactly where they are. Yes, Beaumaris. How are you celebrating the celebrating the wedding? Is the town preparing something special. The town is special. The town is preparing

two parties. There are two

areas, one up at Thomas Close areas, one up at Thomas Close

and other one down in the main

square and everybody is going to have a good time, I one hairdressing salons with my

wife and I've got to give the staff either the day off them for the privilege. I don't mind don't mind giving them the day off but paying for the privilege it's costing me quite after the event. He's after the event. He's getting his wedding present out of me. I'm sure he'll be me. I'm sure he'll be very

grateful. . I'm sure In truth I'm excited In truth I'm excited as I think a lot of nation is getting quite ekts sited. What going into search and rescue I think is very important because that's that people saw in Prince Andrew when he went off to Andrew when he went off to the Falklands as a royal getting

his hands dirty, if you like. Here at the castle bakery, quite bakery, quite fitting, Glenda, what do you think? Are you excited about neighbours. Best thing that ever happened to island. What's the some island. What's the some recent other exciting things that other exciting things that you remember happening here? think the Royal Wedding is just I wish them well, but I wish them well, but it's basically for have a day off which is have a day off which is great, and that's about been drawn between Will and

Kate and Charles and Diana. Kate and Charles and Diana. They steam to be in love one another. living together before. That he tried it disaster. To keep up-to-date on all the stories following, can you log on to our website. The Friday evening and for the

week. Have a wonderful Easter long weekend and talking

Easter, we'll leave you with pictures of pictures of Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem's old on Good Friday. I'm Scott Bevan. Thanks for your company.

This Program is Captioned Live Good evening, this is ABC Live Good evening, News 24. gathered in Sydney's west for a

candlelight vigil at the unit

where Kiesha Abrahams once lived. It was the girl Kiesha Abrahams missing

for nine months would have

turned 7. But on her birthday, her mother her mother and stepfather have been charged with her detectives that worked on her case. We have got closer.

want to put her to rest. without his hard work I happened. As a community, I would like to thank would like to thank you all. Police today what they believe to be what they believe to be her

remains in bushland and it is a