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(generated from captions) Live. This morning - stalled peace negotiations dominate talks between US President peace negotiations dominate

talks between US President

Barack Obama and true Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A

Minister Benjamin Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A true peace can

true peace can only occur Israel to Israel to defend itself against threats.

Also today - at least 30 dead again erupt across Syria. A as anti-government protests

senior 'News of the executive allegedly implicated senior 'News of the World'

in the phone hacking And the Queen leaves Ireland And the Queen

watching a smed BC news 24, Jane Hutcheon. watching a smed BC news 24, I'm

look at Jane Hutcheon. First a quick

look at today's weather: look Jane Hutcheon. First a quick

There is severe weather

expected across SA today with the risk of tornado activity. Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected

US President Barack Obama's calls for Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders. Prime Minister Netanyahu is visiting

Washington in the wake of the President's comments yesterday

endorsing Palestinian demands

for a State based on the

pre-six-day war borders. But Mr Netanyahu has poured cold water

would leave Israel ins on the proposition saying it

defensible and isolate major Israeli Israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace,

it cannot go back to the 1967 lines because these lines indefensible, because they lines because these lines are

don't take into account certain

changes that have taken place on the ground,

changes that have taken on the ground, demographic

changes that have taken place

over the last 44 years. Israel

obviously cannot be asked to

negotiate with a government that is backed by the

Palestinian version of

Al-Qaeda. There are obviously

some differences between us,

the precise formulations and language and to happen between friends but

what we are in complete accord

about is that a true peace about is that a true peace can only occur if

resolution allows Israel defend itself against resolution allows Israel to

threats. That's President

Barack Obama and BB Netanyahu. Ben Knight is in Ben Knight is in the Palestinian ter toirs and he

filed this report on the

Obama's plans reaction there to Barack reaction there to

peace. Welcome to what's known

in much of the world as the

West Bank but to some Jews this

area is called Judea and

Samaria. They are the biblical names. That's why Samaria. They are the old


there is such a strong particularly by religious Jews on particularly by religious

on this area. This mound is

called the Herodian, wits one

of the palaces of the Jewish king Herod. You can see how

intertwined everything is here

and how difficult it is to

unpick. The other reason why

it's all very difficult to

unpick is this. This is one of

what's called the outposts. A

lot of times the settlements

here are very large, they're

very well established, very well established, they're

big cities but what you also

get are outposts like get are outposts like these are establish themselves on the land. When Benjamin Netanyahu

say there's is no way that the

Israel can pull back to 1967 lines he's talk about the larger cities being isolated,

that near not going to be able

to defend themselves, they're

going to be cut off from

support like the Israeli army

which has just pulled up next

to us here. This is the

occupation. This is how Israel

manages to patrol and manages to patrol and protect

their settlements and the

was to pull back to the 1967

lines of course these soldiers

and these patrols would simply disappear and Benjamin

Netanyahu says that Israel

position to defend itself. The would simply not be in a

alternative is to continue the

occupation. The rest of the

world basically says that's not

sustainable and that's not

possible but no-one here in Israel, at least at a government level, seems to have

come up with a suggestion for

occupation might be. That's Ben come what the alternative

Knight showing us the situation on on the ground there. For more joined by the ABC's Washington

correspondent Craig McMurtrie.

Craig, Benjamin Netanyahu has

ind kaiteded he's not going to

accept two states on the 1967

borders. I wonder the two

leaders looked fairly con-Vivial when they were

talking but inside he must have been

been bristling? It's hard to

say. Certainly White House

officials are trying to put a

positive spin obit. They're

pointing out the talks went for

1.5 hours, that constructive. In fact Barack

Obama said that they were

prolonged. White House

officials are saying that they

certainly the were useful and productive but

certainly the difference between the two was laid bare

in that quite excruciating and

long event where the press were

ushered into the Oval Office, where the President spoke, when

Benjamin Netanyahu spoke and there was the image of the Israeli Prime no to '67 Israeli Prime Minister saying

the return of Palestinian

refugees to Israel with the US

President sitting alongside him

mute, basically. So the mute, basically. So

differences between the two

were laid bare and it were laid bare and it was interesting, no questions were taken, reporters were shown out and that was that and then there was a White House briefing afterwards where the

White House briefing official

Jay Carney was at pains to say that nothing that Benjamin Netanyahu had said today on

President yesterday because camera contradicted the US

they're making the Obama called for negotiations and over again that when Barack

starting on pf 67 borders acknowledged mutually agreed

land swaps. The President

wasn't suggesting yesterday that it needed to be a return

to the borders of 1967, that to the borders of 1967, that he was acknowledging that there

would need to be further negotiations. Obviously

negotiations. Obviously that's some kind of a diplomatic win

for the Palestinians just to

have the US President have the US President uttering those words but where in

reality does it leave the peace

process now? Well that's Carney in the White House briefing that followed briefing that followed the

talks was asked several times

about whether there had been outreach to the outreach to the Palestinians.

He said there had been consultations. There was no indication of Barack indication of Barack Obama would be phoning President

Abbas, for example, and the

abiding sense of this is

there's no real progress. There

is no clear path forward and

there is no real progress. So if yesterday was a change if yesterday was a change in

strategy by the President to be more explicit about a that this is going to lead to

what the White House wants

which is a return to direct negotiations. And Craig, on a

completely different issue, the bail deal for Dominique

Strauss-Khan, the former IMF chief, has run into problems? Yes, it has. This has

been quite an extraordinary

saga. Yesterday New York judge granted bail to the former IMF chief with very restrictive

conditions, $1 million in cash

he had to put up a $5 million bond, he had to wear an ankle bracelet, he had to agree to be

under home detention with a

guard posted outside. That's

all arranged. He's been on Rikers Island for the last

several days in custody. His

wife had rented an apartment wife had rented an apartment in

a luxury building in New York's

upper East side. Things were supposed to proceed supposed to proceed smoothly

earlier today except that other

residents in the building

complained about the publicity

because there was a huge media

pack waiting outside. pack waiting outside. Building management reportedly out of the deal. That threw all of the arrangements of the arrangements into disarray and we're now disarray and we're now being told that Dominique

Strauss-Khan will be staying

a corporate building complex used by the security firm

that's been hired to guard him.

But this whole saga continues. He's

He's due back in court on June

6 for an arraignment hearing

where his lawyers say he will plead not guilty to the charges

of sexual assault of this hotel

employee. It It is a saga

indeed. Craig McMurtrie in Washington, many thanks. Syrian

security forces have opened fire on anti-government

protestors killing more than 30 people. Across the country thousands

thousands of demonstrators

defied the military and taken to

to the streets after Friday

prayers. In the third prayers. In the third largest

city, Homs, reports say a child

was among the 8 shot dead in the protests there. Meanwhile the United Nations refugee agency says it believes around

4,000 people have fled Syria to

Lebanon in recent weeks. It says the refugees have arrived

with nothing and they need food, shelter and food, shelter and medical help. A suspected American missile strike missile strike has killed at

least 5 people in least 5 people in Pakistan's northern Waziristan tribal

region. Pakistani officials say

the attack but an unmanned US aircraft targeted suspected militants in a vehicle. militants in a vehicle. It

comes as the whistle blowing Internet site WikiLeaks released released what it said released what it said were

diplomatic cables indicating the Pakistan army's support for

such attacks even though such attacks even though the Government has Government has publicly criticised them. criticised them. A spokesman

for the army say the reports are untrue. There's growing anger in Australian company's plan to set up a plant in the country that will process radioactive

materials. Demonstrations have

taken place outside the Australian High

Kuala Lumpur against the Lynas Corporation's rare earth mineral mineral plant. More than 150

people gathered outside the

Australian High Commission Australian High Commission in Malaysia's capital demanding

that the Lynas plant be

abandoned. They are actually

taking advantage of our very

poor environmental regulations in Malaysia. So we seriously appeal to the Australian

Government to consider looking into our problem Australian company has almost finished construction on

plant that will process iron

ore shipped from WA and that

iron ore contains the

radioactive element bore -

borium. But act I viss are

fearful the plant is too risky

because of uncertainty

surrounding how the surrounding how the radioactive waste will be disposed. Lynas

choose not to use the licence

because the licence will ask Lynas to be very, very stringent with regards to the environmental compliance. The

UN's atomic agency is yesterday

to assess how safe the project is but

not dangerous. In a not dangerous. In a statement the company says:

Lynas says the plant should

be open before the end of the year. Lawyers representing

Australian business woman

Mary-Ellen Field say her phone

hacking case could be the most

financially significant. Ms

Field was working for model

Elle McPherson when she was sacked by a leading accounting

firm for leaking to the press.

It was later revealed that a private investigator private investigator had

illegally accessed her voice messages on behalf of messages on behalf of the group. Hers is one of the cases

that will be held in London's High Court along with High Court along with actor

Jude Law whose case is to implication a very senior

News executive. Counsel for News executive. Counsel for the victims say it was a grand

conspiracy that targeted not only the rich and famous but those in their orbit like

Mary-Ellen Field who was one Mary-Ellen Field who was one of Elle McPherson's confidentants. She was her business manager. She accused

me not far from here in me not far from here in the

next street up, I was carbon

dioxide of 11 things that I had leaked information to press, which I knew I hadn't

but I couldn't explain it. Not

long after she was sacked

private investigator Glenn Mulcarre admitted

into Elle McPherson's telephone on behalf of

on behalf of the 'News of the

World'. In 2007 he was jailed

for tapping into phones

belonging to the royal household. T 4errias household. T 4errias later Scotland Yard is Scotland Yard is being accused of not properly investigating

the newspaper group. I was told that there were 6,000 victims. It seems that the police, the

metropolitan police's position is that 4,500 people were

hacked. Rupert Murdoch's empire

has put aside $30 million that

it expects to have to pay out in damages. The financial losses have been very substantial and 'News of

the World' really are the

people who have got the smile

people who have got the smile

on their face and it's our on their face and it's our job

to wipe the smile off their face. London's High Court will

now run 5 test cases now run 5 test cases to

establish just how much each

person should receive. The most

high profile will be the actor Jude Law whose former partner

court. The others are Sienna Miller's step mother, the

Labour MP Chris Bryant. Sports commentator Andy Gray celebrity agent Sky Andrew. The Justice said Jude Law's matter was particularly significant and that's why he wanted and that's why he wanted it

taken to trial because it's

alleged that his case, in the words of the judge, implicates a very senior 'News of the

World' executive. We have paid the police for information in

the past. Rebecca Brooks is former editor of the 'News of

the World' in in 20003 she hold

a House of Commons a House of Commons committee

that the newspaper group paid policemen for policemen for information.

She's now running Rupert Murdoch's British business.

Andy Coulson is another Andy Coulson is another former editor of the use of the world

rr. He recently resigned as the

Prime Minister's media

adviser. Six years it is now.

November 2005 so it's been a

long time but at least we've

got a bit of a chance

now. Mary-Ellen Field has been tier cases to be herd in

London's High Court just in

case the newspaper decides to

pay some people to drop their

matters. The Queen has left Irelandar

Irelandar after an historic

4-day visit theaz been heralded as a resounding success by

officials from both governments. Police governments. Police relaxed

security on the final day of

Her Majesty's trip as he

greeted large crowds of well

wishers in Cork. It's the wishers in Cork. It's the first time a British visited Ireland since it gained independence in 1921 and the

trip was aimed at healing old wounds between

wounds between the countries.

During her visit the Queen laid

a wreath in honour of those who died fighting the British crown

and visited the scene of a

massacre by British forces.

The Government has announced

the details of an external

legal review into allegations

of sexual and physical abuse in

the Defence Force. The Defence Minister Stephen Smith ordered the eare view last month after several allegations surfaced several allegations surfaced in the wake of the Defence academy

webcam scandal. The law firm

DLA Piper has been appointed to

carry out the review. Allegations can be referred to

the team until the the team until the middle of

next month. In the 1980s sheep

farmers were shooting their

sheep because they were considered worthless. considered worthless. Well,

several decades on the market

can't get enough of them but record high led many to question if

customers will reject lamb for cheaper meats. cheaper meats. It's boom cheaper for the lamb industry. After

more than 10 years of droug the

nation's sheep flock is at

historic lows. Consumers and people overseas are demanding

lamb and it's dramatically

pushing up prices. At the

moment we're sort of moment we're sort of grinning from ear to ear and hoping it

will last for a fair bit longer. For the time on record

during the March quarter the national

of lamb overtook the average

beef price. I think perhaps beef price. I think perhaps the

price is going to be a bit of an issue but there will be a

market for everyone because

people don't eat one thing

seven night asweek. Last year

the average lamb price jumped

cheaper. There are worries lamb

will get too expensive for

consumers who will switch meats

to save money. As farmers to save money. As farmers we'd

like to see it up there but the

reality is if they stop eating

it the price will have to come down, won't industry's marketing industry's marketing research and developing organisation

meat and livestock Australia

says the current lamb price is sustainable. Farmers agree,

saying much of Australia's lamb

is exported. With our dollar so

high to the US and them high to the US and them still

buying it, it must be sustainable otherwise they

wouldn't be buying it. And then

the local markets again reading some of the MLA information there that the butchers there that the butchers are sort of saying that they're

slowing down. High prices are sending processors broke as

competition for sheep increases

at sale yards. And the nation's

commodity forecaster tips commodity forecaster tips the lamb price to keep heading up. ABARE or the Australian Bureau of Agricultural resource and

economic sciences excepts 27

million sheep by 2015, a rise

of 7%. I think they're all just saying

saying supply and demand, you

know, there's not the turms around

around and everybody's got to

eat. Like their farmer clients livestock agents celebrating soaring prices. You

can always say it's going to

get a bit tough in the

supermarkets and the butcher shops but everything else is

going up from fuel and everything so, yeah, meat will

go the same way. As an agent

it's terrific and it's terrific

for my clients. I can

understand the buyers having a

bit of resistance but we're very happy at the moment. The very happy at the moment. The commodity forecaster

prices to remain high as prices to remain high as far out as 2015 thanks out as 2015 thanks to strong demand domestic ally and internationally. In business, a multibillion dollar offshore

LNG facility has been given the

green light off the WA coast.

The Prelude floating LNG plant The Prelude floating LNG plant has been developed by has been developed by Royal

Dutch Shell. It will be the

first time that onshore processing techniques are used

at sea. It's expected to add $1.8 billion a year to the

economy. In Japan the President Fukushima nuclear power plant, has resigned after the has resigned after the company reported a record loss of reported a record loss of $15 billion. The plant was billion. The plant was recked

by this year's earthquake

tsunami. Masataka Shimizu has

resigned to take responsibility

for the nuclear disaster. One

of the owners of the oil well

that was involved in the Gulf of

of Mexico oil spill has agreed

to contribute $1 billion to BP's compensation fund. Moex

Offshore is a subsidiary

Japanese trading house Mitsui.

It owned 10% of the Macondo

well that leaked millions of

barrels into the sea last barrels into the sea last year. The local share market ended

the weak about 0.5% lower

because of falls in the mining

sector. And time now

sport with Tulsen Tollett and

Geelong is marching on the

AFL. They're doing pretty well.

Thai moved 2 wins clear of Collingwood with a Collingwood with a the-pint win

over Carlton at Docklands. over Carlton at Docklands. The

Cats held out the persistent Blues to remain the Blues to remain the only

undefeated team in the comp ition the. Carlton got out to a

20-point advantage before the

Cats reeled them in with

travets Travis Varcoe kicked 3

Robbie Warnock had a chance

to win but he missed from point-blank range as the Cats

celebrated the win following

the death of club legend Bob

Davis during the week. We saw a

pretty emotional DVD before the game.

game. I suppose once you've had

a look during the week at all

the stuff on TV and a lot has

been spoken about him a lot

means everything to

tonight for him. To the NRL

where the Canberra Raiders have

won 2 games in a row for the

first time this season. They

hung on for a 20-12 victory over the Bulldogs in their

round 1 # 1 match. After missing Origin selection for

the Blues Jamaal Idris came out

fired but up the Raiders were

the ones to stretch the

Bulldogs' defence early on and

Joel Thompson had their first.

Robinson pounced to make it 10-0 at

Joe Pickers try sealed the

game for the green machine. game for the green machine. The

Bulldogs gave the Raiders a bit of a scare of a scare with two tries to

get within 6 points but the

home side wasn't to be denied,

just its third win of the year. In Super Rugby the Stormers

have kept the pressure up on the leaders. They secured a 28-26 win over the 28-26 win over the auckland

Blues at Eden Park. The New

Zealand conference leaders started well

started well and they had a 16 South African leaders at half

time. The Stormers started

finding holes in the Blues

defence though and two quick

tries got them back within a

point. Dewaldt Duvenage Dewaldt Duvenage missed a relatively easy conversion Atem

and Lachie Munro happily reestablished a bigger buffer

for the blues. Schalk Burger's try try levelled the scores with minutes left and this time

duchb - Duvenage completed the

Australia's Mark Webber set a

blistering pace on the blistering pace on the opening

day of practice for the Spanish

Grand Prix near Barcelona Grand Prix near Barcelona in Spain. Webber recorded the

fastest times in both the

morning and afternoon free

practice sessions and was able

to secure provisional poll.

Lewis Hamilton was able to

break the Red Bull domination in his McLaren finishing second of the day just ahead of

Sebastien Vettel who holds a 34-point lead in 34-point lead in the

championship a head of race 5.

Australia's world number

last year's beaten finalist last year's beaten finalist Sam

Stosur has drawn a testing

first round opponent at the

French Open. Stosur will play the 53rd ranked Iveta Benesova. Lleyton Hewitt will play Albert

Mon Tania. World number one Rafael Nadal

quest for a #th french quest for a #th french Open

against American John Isner.

Novak Djokovic he's been drawn to play Dutchman Thiemo da

backer. It's been the last 5

months the best time of months the best time of my

tennis career and I'm trying to

enjoy every moment of it. I

know there is a lot of know there is a lot of obvious pressure and expectation that

come with it but I handle it

much better, much better, I think I'm a better player in general on the

court and more matured

mentally, I know what to do and have a lot of tournament gets under way tomorrow. Prosecutors bringing

charges against 3 Pakistani

cricketers and a sport agent accused of taking bribe are seeking a tribunal. Former a tribunal. Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt, Mohammad

Asif and Mohammad Amir and muz

Har Majeed were charged were

conspirlcy to obtain corrupt

payment. The trial date has

been fixed for 4 October but a

legal argument about the case

at the end of July. Lawyer

Yasin Patel was in court

defending Butt. And Shane Warne has bowed out of first-class

cricket after leading the

Rajastan Royals to a 10-wicket

win over the Mumbai Indians in their Indian Premier League match.

The satellite image shows

high cloud over the south-east

but that should not bring but that should not bring any rain. Low cloud over

coasts due to onshore winds coasts due to onshore winds is

causing showers. In causing showers. In Queensland

isolated showers are developing

inland over the east and

interior. Showers interior. Showers will become more frequent about more frequent about the

north-east, tropical and

south-east coasts. Now to the NSW coast and there will be a

chance of showers on the northern coast and about the central parts of the central parts of the State.

Victoria will see a mostly fine

day after early fog day after early fog in Gippsland Gippsland renal dge and a

chance of light rain over the

far west later tonight. In

Tasmania there will be

Lit be a cool to mild day with

sunny periods in the south and

east. There will be severe east. There will be severe wind

and heavy rain in parts and heavy rain in parts of South Australia with gale warnings and a chance warnings and a chance of tornadoes. To the west of the country and isolated showers will contract to the Eucla coast

coast with some showers coast with some showers near

the south and in the Top End mostly sunny apart

mostly sunny apart from isolated showers about the

north. Patchy cloud in the far


Standby now for 'Contact Sport', News 24. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live.

# Theme music. Hello and welcome to Contact Sport, I'm Paul Kennedy. On the program today, I'll introduce you to a daredevil we'll hear the best of the tribute interviews on the late, greats, Lionel Rose, and the 'Geelong Flyer' Bob Davis. We'll preview the Trans Tasman netball grand final, and are the Queensland Firebirds the best professional sports team in the country at the moment? And I'll introduce you to Rowan Bowles, who was badly injured in a motorbike accident ten years ago, and is now an Olympic hopeful in hand cycling. I wanted to get out - I've always been a fairly sporty, fit kind of person, and just wanted to get out and do some activities instead of staying at home all the time. More from Rowan later, but firstly,

when World and Olympic champion, Steve Hooker, was injured and unavailable to take part in the recent Australian Championships, you could have been forgiven for not noticing who won the pole vault but a closer study of the man who did vault the highest reveals an intriguing rising star. Joel Pocklington is a daredevil and an amateur stuntsman, and a pianist. He's an unusual pole vaulter and not as muscular as the world's best, POCKLINGTON: People say, 'Can you fly?' That wasn't flying, that was falling with style! (Music from Reservoir Dogs) Well, one of us had the idea that it'd be kind of amusing to buy some $5 op-shop suits and jump off the cliff. We're on a mission. As we've sort of progressed through what we do, some of it starts to get so you really do have to prepare and be confident in knowing what you can do, No, we can't fly. But we can fall with style - chuck some suits on and look good while you're falling. It's pretty exhilarating. Yes, it does give you a bit of a rush. I was probably 10 years old when we went and jumped off at Blairgowrie, at the rock pool. When we first went down, Mum and Dad sort of thought, 'These guys are idiots,' but we'd been there a few times and found that other kids were doing it, so, they sort of let us do that, and we sort of worked our way up. was a competition running about you've gotta submit a photo of you doing something 'manly,' so I just thought - oh, well, this is pretty cool. Chuck this one on, and it ended up winning the $10,000 in Dick Smith vouchers. So, that really helped in buying the computer and the cameras, and all that sort of gear. Joel's Crazy Tricks has had about 40,000 views. I've got about 1,000 subscribers. (High-energy metal music) The gymnastic side of pole vault's probably the easiest thing, that I find, but we do push ourselves - running, training's often pretty hard during the winter months. You're pushing yourself with weights, and all that sort of thing. Come on, just jump. # Van Halen - Jump # There's a lot of different factors that can influence how you jump - you've got your balance your run-up speed, how far out your run-up is, where you're taking off from, what the stands are like, what the pole's doing. It's a gymnastic event for people You have to be very strong, and you have to be strong relative to your weight. So, it's all about power-to-weight ratio. He's incredibly skilled at pole vault - he's as skilled as just about anybody in the world, in terms of what he does and what he can get out of his body. Incredible aerial awareness. The problem is just that he's not quite tall enough and he's not quite fast enough, and he's also had quite a series of injuries which has prevented him from doing enough running training There is a Russian guy who's a bit shorter than him, and a bit slower, and he's jumped 5.75, and he placed at the World Championships, so, he's sort of an inspiration - Joel thinks he's the best little man in the world. I competed against him in the World University Games in 2009, but he just takes off about this much further out, because he's able to do that - he's just probably worked that through his training - getting his foot further out - he's got great technique as well, so he's able to jump 5.75. The day of the Nationals it was dark and cold. so it's not gonna be the best conditions anyway. It can effect how you jump just because you're not as warm and limber. So, Steve Hooker wasn't competing this year in the Australian Champs, so that left the field wide open. I was lucky enough to have a few first round clearances over 5.10, so I was just extremely happy to win the Australian Championship - It feels pretty good - everything just happens a lot more smoothly, you take off really confidently and the pole's rolling through and you're feeling yourself go up. And when you're just sort of, at the top end, you just sort of snake over a bar that's right up at your best, it's a pretty good feeling to know that you've just sort of cleared that bar. (Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata) His role involves travelling to different workplaces, providing them with what we call on-site physiotherapy, which means that he treats injured workers on-site at different workplaces. He also does other services - things like workplace risk assessments, manual handling training, functional capacity evaluations. Generally speaking, his role is to make sure that workplaces are safe. When I found out that Joel was an employee of ours but also knew that he completed a lot of these different stunts, and posted a lot on YouTube, there was a bit of an irony - being in an occupational health and safety role, but also doing these stunts we wanted to obviously talk to him about that, but also - we understood from his passion about both, we don't have any issue with him pursuing those extra-curricular activities. I think it's good having a good job, to come to training every night.

Pole vaulters are thrill-seeking, risk-taking type individuals. Olympic gold medalist, Steve Hooker, was a skydiver. I once jumped off 27 metres - this cliff in South Australia. And yeah, did a ligament in my knee. So, I set a limit at 20 metres for a while after that because my coach wasn't too impresses. I just don't want him to show up injured, because if they show up injured, then they're wasting my time. Mark's generally OK with it as long as you're safe. being able to be risk-taking, but you've just gotta be calculated and sensible, Hopefully some time this year, I'll look into getting into a stunt course, and getting stunt-qualified properly, If you make it all about pole vault then you sort of forget about everything else, and when things don't go well pole vaulting, you don't have another outlet. Ivan Doeden produced that story which might even be Joel Pocklington's resume when he tries to get a job as a stunt man. which beat the Swifts and the Magic to qualify for the big one. The Firebirds have achieved their success this season despite the injury to captain, Lauren Nurse. And to preview the 'granny' and to tell us why Queensland are so good I interviewed Vixen, Bianca Chatfield, this week on ABC News Breakfast. Queensland have gone through un-defeated

which is, you know, amazed me.

but I don't know whether it will play on their minds at all Before we talk about the key players as you see them, and really the game is theirs to take if they want it.

as you see them,

did anyone see this coming because it was a really tough season, the Swifts, the Vixens, and the Thunderbirds they all had a really big crack at this season

you could see it brewing that they had the players,

So this is the first year, I guess, that we've all been waiting for, waiting for them to be able to put it out there You know, they've done some great things on the court and they thoroughly deserve to have the home grand final this weekend. What about their key players, they're attackers? We're looking at Romelda Aitken Is that one that you see as being able to win those close matches? For Queensland Romelda Aitken and Nat Medhurst are on fire. And then also down the other end with the Northern Mystics from Auckland, best shooters in the competition. And then all the Mystics are fielding a pretty strong team at the moment as well. they've probably been a little bit of a shock. They didn't start off very strong but they've come home very quickly and yeah, I don't know, I think Queensland are gonna win look after the competition and keep the New Zealanders happy that they've got a premiership team over there. And the Firebirds are sharing something with your team, we saw Sharelle McMahon go down with a really bad injury Just before we get your comment on her we'll throw to a comment from her. She was at training and didn't look as bubbly as she would've otherwise. sitting on the sidelines but it's such an exciting week to be a part of the team and obviously still here doing everything that I can and you know, absorbing the vibe, it's really fantastic. Obviously I'd prefer to be on court but being there and helping the girls as much as I can and working closely with Rose and I guess being involved in the analysis where I can is important. Is it easier to replace a centre-court player than one of your shooters? I think Queensland probably have more talent on their bench in their centre-court, so they have been able to replace her. Very heart-breaking for Loz to miss out on this game, you know, Queensland have never made the or the previous one. So, heart-breaking but she's a great person and like she said, hanging around and just absorbing the vibe as much as she can and you know, the team will rely on her to be like that. And has their been much talk about the World Championships coming up? about selection? Yeah, it's starting to warm up now sorry, Wednesday next week, so we find out if we're in the squad and then the Canberra selections take place three or four days after that. I mean for me, I've all I can out there now for the Vixens, and I just have to see what my position will be in the next couple of weeks. Great, well good luck, we're hoping you can get back into that Australian squad. Thank you. That was Bianca Chatfield and best wishes to the Queensland Firebirds and to the Mystics for the Grand Final this weekend. individual performance in the English Premier League, the score has been settled as far as the title holders go, Manchester United has taken the points there. But we want to give a hats off to Carlos Tevez for his two goals against Stoaks City. Of course he's playing for Manchester City, and they speak for themselves. ANNOUNCER: Tevez around the corner to Milner, back to Carlos Tevez, Tevez dancing through, brilliant, absolutely brilliant. The dancing feet of Carlos Tevez and then the thunderous finish. Lifted in by Johnson, Johnny Lescott! Breathing space for Manchester City. It's Carlos Tevez! That is special. Carlos Tevez with a goal from the heavens. It's 3-nil to Manchester City. Not bad. Now, Lionel Rose was laid to rest at a State funeral We all know the back story about the day Rose became a legend by upsetting Fighting Harada in Tokyo in 1968. The man in his corner and our reporter Tony Nichols spoke to the 80-year-old trainer # Lionel Rose 'I thank you' Festival Hall for 22 wins Lionel Rose fought 23 times at in front of packed audiences. And in his corner the whole time was his trainer, Jack Rennie, and he joins us right now. And Jack, what do you remember of Lionel Rose, when you first spotted him as a teenager? Well, he was first bought to me as a teenager, 16 at the time, by Frank Oatley's trainer, up the bush. As soon as I saw him, I thought, this guy's got talent. Plenty of talent, you know. Immediately- he had the Aboriginal gifts, good eyesight and fast reflexes. I thought this blokes going to be alright, you know? what did he need to be taught about boxing? there was the moves and all the rest. And what was he like to teach, was he open to new ideas? No job at all to teach Lionel.

How ambitious was Lionel Rose as a young man? Oh, his main boxer who taught him was George Bracken. George was a big star at the time, and Lionel admired him like nothing. And of course the great memories taking out the title in 1968, what do you recall of that Fighting Harada fight? That was the big thing about winning the title, and when we went to Japan it was completely strange, we couldn't understand the language, we didn't know what they were talking about half the time.

It was all off to us. As a matter of fact, after one fight a bloke came up and clocked him. There was a big burly Jap, jumped him and flattened him. And that was quite a sensation for him. And what do you remember of that time, 23 fights, he had that terrific era there for three years at the top of world boxing. Well, they were bouts that were And people had gotten to know him And a very emotional time for you this afternoon. Oh, it's a bad day, a very bad day. How do you think Lionel Rose should be remembered, As a great sportsman and a great man. No arguments, no fights. He was great to live with. # Lionel Rose 'I thank you'. That was Tony Nichols with Jack Rennie who wrote perhaps the most touching piece about Lionel Rose in the Sydney Morning Herald. I'll attach that to my Twitter account. You can find my Twitter account at @paulwkennedy. for yet another tribute and for another legend who's passed away. Former Geelong Premiership player and coach, Bob Davis, died at the age of 82. A man who followed in Bobby's footsteps as a legend for the Cats and as a TV sports personality was Sam Newman. Bobby Davis spotted Sammy Newman as up-and-coming football talent in 1963 and Sam joins us right now. Sam, what do you remember of that moment when Bob pulled you aside after the game? Well, I remember Bob, who was a famous figure then because he was the coach of the Cats, came out to the school I was at and a bit of a crowd gathered around the car and he got out and walked over to me and he said, 'I'd like you to come in and train with the Cats and see if you can start next year when you leave school.' And I became an

instant hero at school,