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(generated from captions) PHONE CUTS OUT The controllers' work was done. they directed For three days the gunmen had dominated the world's headlines. 170 people had died. controllers had briefed a gunman During the attack, one of the on what to say when the media called. PHONE RINGS THEME MUSIC

Closed Captions by CSI . This program is not subtitled This program is captioned live. THEME MUSIC one year and one month ago. That was how we started Media Watch just how much fun Last week, the nation learned Kyle and Jackie O can have. of a 14 year-old kid. Flashing around the sex life I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to Media Watch. Those headlines are wrong, Austereo, this morning. said the owners of 2DayFM, hasn't been suspended. The Kyle and Jackie O Show It's "in recess". doesn't it? Makes all the difference, And it will stay "in recess"... principles and protocols Apparently there are that apply to Kyle and Jackie O. guessed that Well you certainly wouldn't have from last Wednesday's performance. of how the show It's worth reminding ourselves lie detector test. led up to the now-notorious the 14-year-old extensively, Kyle and Jackie discussed with her extraordinary mother. behind her back, To protect the child's identity, mother and daughter. we've distorted the voices of both

to discuss her sex life. She's nervous. She doesn't want Chortle chortle. Even with her own mother. to force her to discuss it, So that makes it a great idea strapped to a lie detector, radio audiences in Australia. in front of one of the biggest In fact, it'll be fun. She's scared. Ho ho ho. red lights and screaming alarms, And so, despite all the flashing steam on towards the train wreck. Kyle and Jackie and the mother, Austereo could see nothing wrong Astonishingly, last week, of Kyle and Jackie O. with the behaviour over the weekend Its apparent change of attitude its major sponsors have reacted. might owe something to the way

told the station that it's appalled. We know that Optus has

Qantas today told Media Watch: because the regulator, Or perhaps the network has acted and Media Authority, ACMA, the Australian Communications put out this statement last Friday: even threatens It's very rare that ACMA initiative. to investigate a licensee on its own it says, The most obvious line of inquiry, this clause is to ask whether the program met

of Practice: of the Commercial Radio Codes asked last year. Well that's exactly what Media Watch by far, listen to 2DayFM More 10 to 17 year-olds, than to any other Sydney station. Yet up to now ACMA has done nothing with boobs and willies, about Kyle and Jackie's obsession their discussions of anal sex their parade of vaginas and penises, and faeces-eating during sex and oral sex delights. and other such breakfast-time routine humiliation And then there's the program's of its "guests". and emotional manipulation its "principles and protocols", Tonight, while Austereo reviews particularly sickening example. we're going to look at a It was about heartless exploitation. It wasn't about sex, or juveniles. Sally's real name is Saveth Chorn. too complicated for their listeners, 2DayFM said that name was

Sally on her. so they foisted the name Saveth and her parents were refugees in Cambodia. from Pol Pot's vicious regime sister was granted permission Back in 1986 her older, married

to go to the United States. They haven't seen each other since. for the first time, Desperate to meet her sister's kids

competition. Saveth entered the Home or Away niece Dana from California. 2DayFM agreed to fly her 19-year-old to board her flight, But on the day before she was due about the "twist" Dana and Saveth were told, on-air, into the competition. that Kyle and Jackie O had built will be Geoff the newsreader. Behind the second door

Behind the third, Joey, sex-mad American backpacker. an American actor pretending to be a Good twist, eh? if she wanted to pull out. On air they asked Dana Dana says she was told: Off-air, beforehand, So, Dana boarded her plane in a fever of anxiety. and Saveth stewed all weekend Even after Dana landed in Sydney,

she couldn't contact her. Saveth was told A producer told Saveth that: with real emotions. These are real people, on the following Monday morning, Which is why, when Saveth picked the wrong door, for 2DayFM. it all went so deliciously well On a count of 3. 1, 2, 3... You picked door no 2 right? Oh no!

Dana was distraught. provides a gallery on its website As well as a brief video, 2DayFM desperation. where you can revel in the womens' by a soundproof glass screen. They're separated of tears and pleading, After another whole minute it's time for an ad break. traffic. And then the weather. And then the news. And then the And then some listeners' calls. minutes, during which, For the women, eight interminable a producer called Chrissy Dana told Media Watch, was with her in her soundproof booth: And so, as the web gallery records,

on their knees. both women dutifully beg, And the begging did the trick... showing on their website. That's the bit they're still The happy ending. (BOTH WEEP) I'm so happy. their week together. Well, the women did get And they're grateful for that. they've been exploited. But they both know going to be flown straight home. Dana Vann really thought she was She told us: Sheer sadism is closer to the mark. A little bit cruel? when one of his nasty stunts But last week, Kyle Sandilands whinged: finally unravelled on him, and nauseating self-pity That mixture of overweening ego reminds me of someone. Oh yes, I know. The Golden Tonsils. Now who could it be? having a go at Neil Mitchell The formerly-famous John Laws on Melbourne's 3AW last week. Commenting on Kyle and Jackie O's adventures, Mitchell had taken a sideswipe at Lawsie and Alan Jones: Well, Lawsie rang up and demanded to know what possible grounds Mitchell had for calling him and Jones idiots with grubby ways. And Mitchell told him. Gob-smacking. The ABA inquiry into cash for comment found that John Laws's numerous, lucrative sponsorships were neither declared, nor public: And yet, all these years later, he's still denying it, still banging on. And so on. Well, I agree with Neil Mitchell. Cash for comment was grubby. But Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O have set a whole new standard for grubbiness. We'll wait in fascination to see if ACMA, finally, acts. Until next week, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned


Good evening, the OzCar

affair is set to hit Opposition

Leader Malcolm Turnbull a

second time. After a month-long

probe the National Audit Office

will shed light on what the

Government did to assist car

dealer John Grant. Labor plans

to use the report to to use the report to attack

Malcolm Turnbull's credibility

and his involvement with

Treasury official frech . There

are signs that the economy is

recovering, the manufacturing

sector is bouncing back,

optimistic indicators comes as the Reserve Bank is preparing

to hold a meeting on interest

rates tomorrow. Israel is

criticised for evicting

Palestinian families from their

homes in East Jerusalem to make

way for Jewish settlers, more

than 50 Palestinians, including

19 children were forced out by

an Israeli court, angering an Israeli court, angering the

United States, which is

increasing pressure on Israel

to stop its settlement

expansion. There's been plenty

of colour and excitement at of colour and excitement at the

Darwin Cup, thousands much

people flocking to the finale,

shrugging off financial gloom.

Organisers say about $5 million

changed hands.More news in

Lateline at 10:30. Russian leaders reacted to the announcement

of US plans to place missile defence bases in Eastern Poland. The world is on the edge of an abyss. I need you to meet a contact. Moscow.

I had to plant the package. This is too important to lose. Connie is the mole. She is the Russian mole.

Almost made it. Almost. We remain at a state of heightened alert. Ready for imminent Russian reprisals. Then we need to deal with this. Tyricius wakes 3pm tomorrow. What the hell is Tyricius? RUSSIAN RADIO TALK