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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled This program is captioned live. Tonight - disaster at sea - but there are survivors. hundreds die, ticket stampede turns deadly. Mayhem in Manila as a ends in bloodshed. Another Sydney beach side brawl And side by side - his wife's cancer. Glenn McGrath upbeat despite

Felicity Davey with ABC News. Good evening. world's worst shipping disasters. It's being described as one of the As many as 1,000 people drowned in the Red Sea. when a passenger ferry capsized Fewer than 400 survived. from Saudi Arabia to Egypt, The ship was crossing from the port of Hurghada, when it listed and sank 70km pilgrims returning from the hajj. a traditional landing place for told of problems with the ferry Distraught survivors soon after it set out to turn back to port. and the captain's refusal Matt Brown reports. Middle East correspondent The Egyptian ferry capsized across the Red Sea little more than half way in strong winds and rough waters. It was soon clear of the 1,400 people on board that only a fraction had survived. onto lifeboats The few who had made it were spotted from the air

rescue boats could reach them. but faced a day-long ordeal before said there had been a fire on board. The first survivors to come ashore

says this man. "The engine room was burning", while they tried to put it out." "They kept going for three hours, of chaos as the ship went down. Other survivors described a scene boats for us", this man says. "They didn't even launch the rescue to hold on to. "We only had two chairs and the fish started to eat us." "20 hours in the water Some passengers said soon after it set sail, the ferry began listing before listing further, but continued for two hours then going down fast. to have docked, At the port where the ferry was there was no news of the disaster... relatives were angry that from Kuwait, and he's missing", "My cousin was coming back this man says. "We're not getting any information." what happened to him." "We just want to know ferry was seaworthy, The company said the 35-year-old the Egyptian President said but a spokesman for including a shortage of life rafts. the ship had safety problems, for the shipping company - It's not the first loss the Suez Canal just four months ago the ferry's sister-ship sank in with a freight carrier. after a collision Two lives were lost then. is far worse. This time the human tragedy the search will continue, Rescue coordinators say many more survivors. but they're not expecting to find Matt Brown, ABC News. In the Philippines capital Manila, in a stampede at a stadium. almost 90 people have been killed trying to get tickets The victims were part of a crowd for a television game show. They'd come to take part in a game

at winning a fortune, which offered them a chance

but the day ended in tragedy. had gathered outside the stadium - Police said up to 30,000 people hoping to get in. some of them camping out for days heard tickets would be available. They converged on an area where they According to one report, shouted, "Bomb!" someone in the crowd narrow passageway into the stadium. as people tried to enter a (Speaks Filipino) and they fell on top of each other. TRANSLATION: The crowd was jammed, and this railing fell down. They were pushing That's when people started to fall and other people stepped on them. at the scene, Many of the survivors remained of friends and relatives. desperate for news would still be recorded. Others were still hoping the show their only way to escape poverty. Many people saw the game show as

to urge the crowd to go home, A network executive went on the air to continue with the program. saying it would be insensitive Jonathan Flynn, ABC News. of Sydney's beaches. Violence has again erupted at one to hospital Five men and one woman were taken with multiple stab wounds, overnight. after a wild brawl at Bondi wasn't racially motivated, Police believe the melee demanding more officers on the beat. but the Opposition is still the injured, As ambulances arrived to treat tensions were still simmering. I swear I'll smash your camera in. I'll smash your camera! were stabbed Police say five men and one woman near Bondi's beach front when a brawl erupted in a car park around midnight. were involved. Witnesses say more than 20 people a few guys hitting girls - There was fights happening, that's what I think started it - the guys came back, and then, I suppose, heap of screaming, yeah. and, yeah, just a One father saw his son stabbed. Grabbed the knife and...and bang! A very lucky boy. with multiple stab wounds, The injured were taken to hospital some jeered by onlookers, into ambulances. even as they were loaded triggered the confrontation Police don't know what searching for evidence. and this morning were still were of Middle Eastern appearance, They confirmed the attackers to be race related. but say the violence does not appear that's come to us at this stage. There's nothing, nothing It would appear contact of these two young women. that it's something to do with the wasn't commenting - This State Government

not so, the Opposition. the Government's been in denial, This is a violent city,

on the rampage, and these thugs are still instead of being in Long Bay Jail. are worried too. Bondi locals and tourists alike people think twice It would definitely make come down here at night-time, before they wanted to that's for sure. of peace and quiet to see Australia, Because you come here for a bit what you imagined. and it's not exactly first arrests in Sydney's west This afternoon, police made their and are appealing for public help their investigation. as they continue Oscar McLaren, ABC News. to the Liberal Party is complete. Julian McGauran's defection The former Nationals senator was welcomed into the fold last night, but not before an hour-long grilling by Liberal Party members.

The Nationals admit it may be years before they regain their lost Senate seat. Julian McGauran may have survived a grilling by the Liberals' rank and file, but he still has critics to win over. Shame! I am very pleased to have been accepted into the Liberal Party... Shame on you! ..and thanks the delegates. His appearance kept brief, the Party executive was left to defend its decision. We're not revealing the margin of the vote. The Nationals are still seething about the controversial defection of their only Victorian senator. You could, perhaps, put it down to a situation where your best friend pinches your bike

and that would really upset anyone. Mr Tanner says Senator McGauran's act of disloyalty will be top of the agenda when Party heavyweights meet next week. And in what has been one of Federal Labor's worst-kept secrets, Australian Workers' Union boss Bill Shorten says he'll run for ALP preselection in the Melbourne seat of Maribyrnong. Sitting member Bob Sercombe has held the safe seat for a decade

and is in the shadow ministry. There's no secret that Bill's been sniffing around the seat for quite a long while. Mr Sercombe believes he has strong local support but Mr Shorten belongs to the powerful right faction, which dominates the State committee. He says Federal Labor needs re-invigorating. If you have a football team who loses four grand finals in a row I think supporters say maybe it's time to have a look at the team list. I'd rather use the Monty Python analogy and say - he's not the Messiah, he's really a naughty, very right-wing boy. The preselection ballot begins on 5 March. Pauline Braniff, ABC News, Melbourne. Australia's ambassador to the United States has stepped up efforts

to limit the damage caused by the Iraqi wheat affair. Ambassador Dennis Richardson has written to the powerful US senator Norm Coleman, who's raised concerns about the scandal. The letter says: Senator Coleman says he was assured in 2004 that no improper payments at all had been made. But the Cole inquiry has heard allegations that the Department of Foreign Affairs knew about the payments. The German driver whose car crashed into the Australian women's cycling team, has escaped with a fine and a short licence suspension. 29-year-old Amy Gillett was killed and five team-mates injured while they were training near the German town of Zeulenroda last July. The 19-year-old driver, Stefanie Magner, was fined about $2,000 and had her licence revoked for eight months. The United Nations Security Council is taking steps to send peacekeeping troops into one of Africa's worst war zones. The Darfur region of Sudan has been wracked by three years of conflict,

with pro-government militia groups accused of a reign of terror

against rebels and their civilian supporters. As Africa correspondent Zoe Daniel reports from north Darfur, African Union troops can do little to stop the fighting. In the bleak desert hills of north Darfur, there's a humanitarian crisis -

but the war remains largely hidden from world attention. Officially, there's a cease-fire in place here, but rebels haven't stopped fighting and, too often, the campaign of government and militia retaliation is directed at civilians. This was once the village of Tiwela. of deserted huts, Now, it's a collection watched over by government soldiers. into a squalid camp. Nearby, thousands are crammed that he and his neighbours ran Musa Mukhtar Bakour tells me and pro-government Arab militias when government soldiers

attacked. and bashed and killed people. They raided houses, burnt shops didn't help. African Union peace monitors (Speaks Arabic) in this place in front of you, When a person was shot in front of the AU compound here, they did not open to let them in. Despite the AU presence here, and rebels more than 100 government soldiers in Darfur have been killed in fighting in the last couple of weeks. Many aid workers have been evacuated for safety reasons, but the AU doesn't have a mandate to move in, so local people have little or no protection. There are similar attacks in this area every week, but the African Union has only 7,000 troops in Darfur - a region the size of France. There's an increasing sense that a UN-led force must be introduced.

Any force - AU or UN - should be big - we have on the ground now, at least twice as big as what gets me to 15,000, 20,000. which is 7,500, so, twice as big, international peacekeepers. But Sudan has, so far, refused so does war. While debate rages, In Tiwela, the lee of the African Union base villagers are now cowering in in the hope of some protection. Their town is all but deserted, and so are they. Zoe Daniel, ABC News, north Darfur.

has called for calm The United Nations Secretary General in the widening controversy the Prophet Mohammed. over newspaper cartoons depicting in the Middle East There were more angry protests from Friday prayers. as Muslims emerged (Protesters yell angrily) In London, for violent retribution a small group of protesters called on those who insulted Islam. should not be reprinted, Kofi Annan says the cartoons by the Danish newspaper and he's welcomed the apology which first published them. nation of Denmark or all of Europe We should not tarnish the whole with this should accept the apology. and I think my Muslim brothers has also criticised newspapers The United States by printing the cartoons. for inciting religious hatred in northern Victoria today, Hundreds of people gathered murdered in Melbourne last weekend. to farewell two sisters who were as talented, generous women. They were remembered could have never expected to face - This is a tragedy the Irwin family just 21 and 23, home to Toolamba bringing two women, aged for their funeral. We'll never understand why, of our family and friends, but we know that the support to come to terms with what happened. we will eventually help us were stabbed to death Laura and Colleen Irwin in Melbourne's west last weekend. at their home in Altona North

a convicted criminal, The prime suspected was 38-year-old William Watkins,

who lived next door. could track him down, But before police the country he'd made his way across Pilbara region. to Western Australia's during an unrelated fight He was shot dead with a policeman. Today, as hard-working, loving girls the Irwin sisters were remembered who cherished each other. loved together, and died together. Colleen and Laura grew up together, so they will always be together. And today we bury them together, In another tragic twist, Telstra yesterday revealed for help, the sisters had dialled 000 on the other end of the line, but the operator didn't hear anyone on the caller's end. and the call was terminated her 24th birthday next week. Colleen Irwin would have celebrated ABC News, Toolamba. Jeremy Fernandez, largest Anglican Ordination service What's been called Australia's was held in Sydney today. were ordained 51 deacons and lay workers at St Andrews Cathedral. in a ceremony For this large group - larger than any other group of workers that has been commissioned in this cathedral - this large group is not the product of some astute recruitment campaign, it's not something that we or our leaders have been able to engineer. While women can be ordained in the Anglican Church,

all the deacons today were men, while two women were ordained as lay workers.

at parishes around Sydney The new deacons will start work in the next few weeks. in a new way Using a long standing medication

has given Australian doctors an edge

Crohn's disease. in the fight against a well-known cancer drug Patients are trialling of the illness, that seems to treat the cause not just the symptoms. Erin Coman has Crohn's disease, in the small intestine. which causes pain and inflammation The standard treatment is steroids. a different approach But Australian doctors are trying with a drug called Leukine. stimulates the immune system, Unlike other drugs, the medication not just the symptoms. attacking the cause of the disease, of the gut, By bolstering the defences may be able to - Leukine, and similar drugs, by treating a primary defect - in terms of keeping the disease may have longer term consequences under better control perhaps. than what I have had previously I certainly have a lot more energy on any medication, when I've not been so ,certainly not as tired, and joint pain and just general abdominal Crohn's has certainly settled down. that I was experiencing with my weeks. Patients inject the drug for eight but, at the moment, I can only speak for our experience, a 50% response rate. there is at least will trial the drug. 1,000 patients around the world of this drug One of the advantages treatment for cancer patients is that it's been safely used as a for more than 10 years. side effect was bone pain. The only reported short-term of the clinical trial Doctors hope to have the results by the end of the year. Sophie Scott, ABC News. It's Mardi Gras time in Sydney. to see Hundreds turned out overnight opening event. the Gay and Lesbian Festival's mix of music, theatre and cabaret Organisers are promising the usual over the next month. It marks 25 years since the first summer Mardi Gras Parade and the first post-parade party held at the Paddington Town Hall. CHEERING Now, Mardi Gras is an integral part of Sydney's summer. The biggest event is, of course, the Parade - last year, 500,000 people turned out. for even more. This year, they're hoping top story - Now, a recap of tonight's in the Red Sea ferry disaster, Up to 1,000 people are feared dead

shipping disasters in history. making it one of the worst And still to come - her world record double. Leisel Jones on Glenn McGrath hasn't yet decided one-dayer against South Africa if he'll play in tomorrow's at the SCG. with cancer His wife is facing another battle and she'll begin radiotherapy treatment next week. The Australian team has rallied behind the McGraths. Ricky Ponting says

the couple's welfare is the only thing that matters. The news of Jane McGrath's reoccurrence of cancer has affected the entire team. It is an emotional day, it's part of our family it feels like, so, ah, but, you know, everyone's remaining very, very positive about it,

none more than Glenn and Jane themselves. The players didn't get a chance to speak to Glenn McGrath before his sudden trip back to Sydney, but since hearing the news

they've all sent messages of support to the McGraths as they begin their third battle with cancer. Jane McGrath was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997 and secondary bone cancer appeared in 2003.

This latest bout was picked up in routine scans. Our only concern is with Glenn and Jane at the moment and the McGrath family. McGrath says he's keen to play in tomorrow's one-dayer against South Africa in Sydney, but his family comes first. His intention is to keep playing, but we'll just have to see how things unfold over the next few weeks. Brett Lee was the standout bowler last night, taking 4/30 in Australia's convincing win over South Africa, including captain Graeme Smith for a duck. Set a challenging 282 for victory, the Proteas got nowhere near the target, finishing at 9/201. Meanwhile, Sri Lankan off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan says he may boycott future Australian tours because of the abuse he gets from the crowd. Every time I go near the boundary line, they say things. That means they are not accepting me. Muralitharan has undergone further testing at the University of WA after more speculation about his bowling action. It's the fourth time the spinner has been tested,

and again he's been cleared. Sri Lanka's next tour of Australia is in November 2007. Angela Pippos, ABC News, Melbourne. NSW has suffered a disappointing outright loss to Queensland in the interstate competition. Yet another century by Phil Jaques wasn't enough for the Blues, who were dismissed with a lead of just 91 runs. The Bulls chased down the target with a day to spare. Jaques continued his good form as the Blues fought their way back into the game, figuring in several big partnerships that might have saved his team.

But his dismissal for 116 triggered a batting collapse, with NSW' lower order putting up little resistance. And Queensland has sent the women's national best-of-three one-day finals series into a decider, with a 3-wicket win over NSW. Queensland bounced back from yesterday's heavy defeat, chasing down a target of 155 after being 6 for 70. Jodie Purves starred for Queensland, hitting an unbeaten 61.

The decider will be played tomorrow. Leisel Jones has smashed another world record at the Commonwealth Games trials in Melbourne -

the 100m breast stroke. She wiped 0.49 of a second off the old mark set by American Jessica Hardy to become the first woman to swim the event under 1:06 minutes. Jones was outside world record pace at the halfway mark, but she powered home to claim her second world record in three days.

COMMENTATOR: She's got seven to go! Can she hang on? Wednesday, she was breathtaking! Tonight, astonishingly brilliant! She is totally supreme, Jones! CROWDS APPLAUDS The 100m was always my favourite and I thought that wouldn't change and now I'm almost liking the 200m more! It feels a little more fluent

and it feels a little bit more natural, I think, and with all the training I've been doing, so I think I'm starting to like the 200m more. Jones lowered her own mark in the 200m breast stroke earlier this week. The worst race of her life - is describing the 400m final that's how Jana Pittman in Sydney. at the Commonwealth Games trials expected to challenge Tamsyn Lewis The world champion hurdler was in the 400m flat, but finished a distant last New Zealander, Jane Arnott. behind the surprise winner, Pittman was shocked by her run. understand it. I just don't...I just...I don't the national title Tamsyn Lewis claimed after finishing second. She was up there 'til 300m - the girl a break. and I think you should give for a long time since injury. She''s her first 400m for the Commonwealth Games, Josh Ross booked his spot with victory in the 100m and Patrick Johnson. ahead of Ambrose Ezenwa Matt Shirvington was fifth. The NRL premiers, the Wests Tigers, side to be beaten by a British team have become the latest Australian in the annual World Club Challenge. to 10 by the Bradford Bulls, The Tigers were trampled 30 points in Huddersfield. of opposition for the Wests Tigers The change in climate and quality couldn't have been more striking. Last week in scorching heat, in Gunnedah. they thrashed a country team in chilly Huddersfield, This morning, Super League champions, Bradford. the Tigers faced the UK And they weren't helped Marcus Bai by the former Melbourne winger on the seventh tackle. scoring the opening try There were early signs last year's NRL title... of the form that won Wests COMMENTATOR: And Fitzhenry is over! barnstorming prop Stuart Fielden. ..but the visitors couldn't contain to a wonderful try! He steps out of the tackle interest from Australian clubs. Fielden showed why he's attracting Oh, look at this - Fielden. They're all on their feet! wouldn't have been pleased Tigers coach Tim Sheens with some of the attempted tackles. And the attack lacked cohesion

Benji Marshall. without injured five-eighth to iron out the kinks Sheens has just over a month before the NRL season starts. of the Tigers in the second half Bradford ran over the top for the third time. to claim the World Club Challenge and we really stuck to it We had a game plan there were absolutely tremendous. and I thought our forwards It's the fifth time in six years to their English counterparts. that the NRL champions have lost Duncan Huntsdale, ABC News. the A-League regular season Sydney FC has finished in second position Adelaide, 2-1 after defeating the minor premiers, in front of a record crowd. the scoring 25,500 saw Sydney FC open in the 47th minute after a Ross Aloisi handball led to a Dwight Yorke penalty. made no mistake - The A-League's biggest name Shengqing Qu, leveled the score Adelaide's Chinese import, only three minutes later. the match winner in the 70th minute. Alvin Ceccoli blasted CHEERING COMMENTATOR #1: Oh, yes! COMMENTATOR #2: Well, I said he had a powerful strike - but that one's literally nearly broken the net! The two teams will meet again over two legs in the major semifinal, while Central Coast will meet Newcastle in the minor semi. Dandenong is the first side through to the grand final in the Women's National Basketball League.

from Victoria will host the decider, The defending champions

by five points. after they defeated Adelaide And last night, ended Bulleen's season. Lauren Jackson's Canberra Capitals Amy Yang 16-year-old Gold Coast schoolgirl golfing history tomorrow will be shooting for the first amateur as she aims to become Australian Ladies' Masters. to win the into the final round. Yang will take a one-shot lead is also pushing for victory, Another amateur, Tiffany Joh, as are plenty of others. Karrie Webb's day began well, that included four bogeys, but a round of 74 to add to her five Masters titles. has put her at long odds was the best of the Australians, Countrywoman Katherine Hull to be six shots off the pace. shooting 6-under Little-known Frenchwoman Ludivine Kreutz provided the day's highlight with this hole-in-one on a back nine that oozed brilliance. COMMENTATOR: Can you believe that? But the tournament has been dominated by women's golf new youth brigade. 22-year-old American Catherine Cartwright opened with a bogey with three birdies. but improved her position to give herself a great chance She finished at 9-under of winning her first tournament. the rest of the field. The teenage amateurs have stunned shot a 3-under 69 19-year-old American Tiffany Joh at the top of the leader board. and was always prominent But Gold Coast schoolgirl Amy Yang the talk of the tournament. continues to be How confident was that? dose of aggression and composure She mixed confidence with a healthy at one stage. opening up a 4-shot lead Yang is shooting for history. the Australian Ladies Masters. No amateur has won on the back nine She faltered with two bogeys of tomorrow's final 18 holes. and will be tested every step Ian Eckersley, ABC News. when you're running out of space - There's no room for nostalgia in outer space. The crew of the international space station has been doing some spring cleaning - jettisoning an old Russian space suit, which has passed its sell-by date. Suit-Sat 1 was doctored to send messages in six languages to enthusiasts and schoolchildren, reported to be on the blink, but with the transmitter already space junk. Suit-Sat 1 is now officially

Back to earth -

overcast and drizzly Saturday. and to the weather this it reached 23 degrees - In Sydney, that's 4 degrees below the average. it was overcast but dry, Throughout the State, light showers apart from some isolated and in the Hunter. on the mid-north coast Conditions were hazy and southern tablelands, in the metropolitan with fog in the central tablelands. and, throughout the State, Temperatures were above average from 9 degrees at Bombala temperatures ranged to 43 degrees at Bourke and a number of other centres. In the 24 hours to 9:00am, Smokey Cape received the highest rainfall, with 3.8mm. in the six hours to 3:00pm, Nelson Bay received 2mm. Around the nation today, it was fine in Melbourne, Hobart, Perth and Darwin. Overcast or hazy elsewhere. To the satellite picture - and there's cloud extending from SA into NSW and Victoria along a jetstream. over north-west Queensland And bright cloud is building in a broad trough.

On the synoptic chart - into a trough to trigger showers moist southwesterly winds will feed northern and eastern NSW. and isolated storms across Tomorrow's rainfall prediction - WA, north Queensland some showers for the NT, of the NSW coast. and for some a partly cloudy day. Canberra -

some showers. Brisbane and Darwin - It should be mostly fine elsewhere. and evening thunderstorms Tomorrow, expect isolated afternoon and northern slopes and plains. about the northern ranges It should be cloudy and mild to warm on the coast, with isolated showers and drizzle along the central and southern coast. It should be hot inland, with the chance of very isolated showers. And there's a very high fire danger west of the divide. Sydney's forecast for Sunday - an early shower, which should clear. 25 degrees on the coast, up to 28 degrees for inland suburbs. The further outlook - the chance of a late shower or thunderstorm on Monday. Cloudy with a few showers on Tuesday. Fine and sunny on Wednesday.

And before we go, a recap of tonight's top stories. In one of the world's worst shipping disasters, more than 1,000 people have drowned when a passenger ferry capsized in the Red Sea. Fewer than 400 survived. In the Philippines, a stampede for tickets to a Manila game show has ended in tragedy, with at least 80 people crushed to death. And Sydney police have made early arrests after an overnight brawl at Bondi Beach ended with six people in hospital with stab wounds. And that's ABC News for this Saturday night. Join me for the next news update at 8:25pm. Until then, goodnight. Closed Captions produced by Captioning and Subtitling International Pty Ltd