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Howard announces new Cabinet -

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(generated from captions) Welcome to the program.

in terms of political change. It's been quite a day premier-elect Alan Carpenter, A new leader in the West, joins us later in the program,

to the winners and losers but first tonight ministerial reshuffle. in John Howard's On the back of recriminations to the Liberal Party, over Julian McGauran's defection

Deann Kelly it's the Queensland National senator who seems to have paid the price. from the ministry. She's been dropped and Julie Bishop. But big promotions for Mal Brough They move into the Cabinet. Malcolm Turnbull and Andrew Robb And rookie parliamentarians become parliamentary secretaries. of commentators But what hasn't escaped the notice is that there are no promotions more prominent supporters. for any of the Treasurer's Matt Peacock looks at the changes.

The last time we caught up with

Malcolm Turnbull at Sydney

Rose Bay he was Malcolm Turnbull at Sydney Harbour's

tight-lipped. Oh, you know, my lips Rose Bay he was uncharacteristically

are sealed on the matter of the

pre-selection, you know that.

Turnbull was then locked in one of

the political battles of his life

for the seat of Wentworth. Canberra

was proving no shoe-in.

Congratulations. Thanks, thanks

much. Much happier today after a Congratulations. Thanks, thanks very

little more than 12 months on the

backbench the Turnbull express was

getting ever closer to what many

hold to be its final destination.

He's now the Prime Minister's

right-hand man - John Howard's

parliamentary secretary. I've get

work for him to do and I'm sure

he'll do it well. I think Malcolm

Turnbull is anable person and he's

highly intelligent and very

energetic. He's only been in party

year. I think he deserves a run in energetic. He's only been in party a

the paddock as a parliamentary

secretary and we'll see how he goes.

Turnbull couldn't be happier.

It's his paddock, isn't it? Yeah.

I'm very happy to have a run in the

paddock, but I'm really incredibly

thrilled and honoured. And the

Liberal roaring down another track

from Victoria Andrew Robb has

already landed an apprentice.

Parliamentary secretary to

Immigration Minister Amanda

Vanstone. But the real winner in

ministers soon the be sworn in is Vanstone. But the real winner in the

Brendan Nelson. In education he

scuttled student unions and ran up

flagpoles. Now his battle fronts

come with bullets. Brendan Nelson

takes the critical assignment of

defence. Brendan is a detail man.

Defence is a very challenging

detail-driven portfolio. It's a

big portfolio. It's a huge job. You detail-driven portfolio. It's a very

want somebody in it who will burn

the Midnight Oil. Filling Nelson's

shoes in education, West Australian

Julie Bishop. Now the third woman

Cabinet. Everybody brings a Julie Bishop. Now the third woman in

different style. They bring their

own individual approach to matters

and I I sume I'll be different to

Brendan, just as Brendan will be

different to Robert Hill in defence.

And Queenslander Mal Brough is

promoted into a mega ministry,

families, community services and

the mainstreamed indigenous affairs. families, community services and now

Real listically, the best thing you

can do for anyone is to allow them

to be self-sufficient and jobs are

important. So there's a lot to be

done in the area of indigenous

affairs and I look forward to this

challenging part of the part feelio.

The last time Mr Howard handed out

his ministerial rewards in 200 #,

his long-serving Treasurer appeared

to be in the asent dense. But this

deft reshuffle already has the

tongues wagging. The Prime Minister

is not just relaxed and comfortable.

He's positively beeping. He appears

not to be going anywhere any time

soon. Missed you and it's good to


back. I should say in the soon. Missed you and it's good to be

interduckion I mistakenly said