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what you have to do. STEPHANIE: You know that can save your brother. You're the only one So end it. End it. No, no. What is it? Donna, what is it? What? I...I'm OK. Something's wrong. No, you're not. You're not OK. what it is, Donna. You need to tell me to know what it is right now. Something's wrong, and I want Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, the cold-blooded killer - who murdered his pregnant wife. at least 20 years for a man We will just miss her forever. Terror plot - threat to the Beijing Olympics. Chinese authorities foil a serious And a 14-year-old model barred from Australian Fashion Week in Sydney.

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening.

ambitious water recycling scheme. Also tonight, western Sydney's back in the pool, And swimmer Nick D'Arcy of making it to Beijing. still hopeful But heading Ten News this evening, who murdered his pregnant wife a Sydney man in front of their infant child behind bars. will spend at least 20 years Mark Galante maintained his innocence three months after Jody disappeared. until his arrest as calculated and cold-blooded. The judge described the killing of their lives, After the worst two years from Jody Galante's family. tears of relief and one for her baby. He got 26 years for killing Jody

The and he and I go and is in January 2006. at the time. She was three months pregnant Your family, everyone's worried. We're really worried about you. for information. Mark spearheaded the appeal

And when her body was found, he presented as the broken husband at her funeral.

when he dropped her off He claimed he last saw his wife to do shopping at Parklea Markets. two months after her disappearance, But, he was charged with her murder. He later confessed. he was out to inherit the family home It was argued at his trial and $800,000 in life insurance. in 2026. Galante will be eligible for parole harbour crash that killed a fisherman The ferry master charged over a has been found not guilty.

getting his job back. Now he's thinking about after he was first charged More than a year causing death, with negligent navigation from court late this afternoon. 51-year-old Ezra Hilkiah walked free this afternoon? You must be feeling relieved was fishing with his son 72-year-old Peter Karatasas under the Harbour Bridge in their small boat ran over the top of them. when the Rivercat 'Dawn Fraser' great the 72-year-old lost his leg. The impact of the collision was so a few days later in hospital. He suffered a heart attack and died Sorry, that's all. The prosecution alleged at the time of the crash. Hilkiah was speeding by the setting sun, While he was blinded he should have used a sun visor they maintain at the front of the ferry. and had a lookout in court, As the verdict was read aloud but breathed heavily. Mr Hilkiah showed almost no emotion after the jury was discharged It wasn't until

Since the accident, for Sydney Ferries Mr Hilkiah has continued to work but not as a ferry master.

he wants to reapply for his old job. He will now consider whether

Evan Batten, Ten News. over Sydney's desalination plant, The Premier has gone on the attack claiming it's a myth are better options. that recycling sewage or stormwater the figures don't stack up. Morris Iemma says sewerage recycling plant at St Mary's When finished, this new $250 million from nearby treatment plants, will take water near-drinking quality water. producing It saves drinking water. It's a smart solution.

in Warragamba Dam for families It means more drinking water and we can use recycled water rivers healthier. to make the Hawkesbury and Nepean

and toilet flushing And also for outdoor use to be built nearby. in 13,000 new homes don't stack up on a larger scale. But the Premier says the numbers Treating the same amount of water for drinking at the desalination plant. costs $1.9 billion Up to $4 billion for sewage recycling The sort of stormwater harvesting to our drinking water that would make a difference of industrial recycling comes at a cost far in excess and desalination. throughout Sydney is the costly part. The transportation of water and have very many small plants, You either treat them local of doing this, which is an inefficient way the water to a centralised plant or you've got to pump and pipe and that costs a lot of money. one independent expert The Premier's been unable to produce about the cost, to substantiate his claims of the desal plant. about the environmental impact the St Mary's plant is completed, When construction of of a football field it will be the size it's only a couple of containers. at present, Testing will take place next week

should be fully operational and the plant by the end of the month Olympic-sized swimming pool of water when it is almost an will be recycled every day. When it's finished in two years time,

will be recycled annually. 27 billion litres of water Kevin Wilde, Ten News. model at Australian Fashion Week Public furore over a 14-year-old into an embarrassing backdown. has forced organisers will be banned from their catwalks. Now all models under the age of 16 of world fashion. She's tipped to be a superstar

It is believed the 18 month-old boy

was on an excursion with his family

and day-care group Perth playing on

wandered this Park behind the when he

wandered away from the other children. particularly young girls at a time when in relation to body image. are under enormous stress The annual catwalk showdown is used to stirring up controversy.

faced with the mounting furore, But today, and revised their guidelines. organisers caved in They must have known it would be controversial and there would be a backlash because we've already seen something similar happen in Queensland.

Even the Prime Minister expressed outrage when this 12-year-old became the face of Gold Coast Fashion Week. 'Vogue' magazine editor Kirstie Clements has children the same age. I still tuck them into bed at night.

She's says the Polish beauty is still a child model. You're putting a girl on the catwalk who hasn't even become a woman yet and that's a body image question and it also tips into the sexualisation of young girls.

There's so much stress and pressure. There's pressure to be a certain image as a 14-year-old, that's too much to cope with. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Australia has asked China for an urgent briefing on a foiled Olympic terror plot. The Prime Minister promises every practical measure will be taken to ensure the safety of our athletes.

to the opening ceremony, With just four months excitement is building in Beijing as it prepares to host the Olympics.

But some in China have very different plans for the Games. The Ministry of Public Security says it's seized firearms, bomb-making equipment and jihadist handbooks and arrested 35 Islamist separatists. It claims they've confessed to planning to blow up buildings and kidnap athletes, journalists and tourists at the Games. Despite more bad news, the International Olympic Committee insists the Games are not in doubt. It is a crisis, there's no doubt about that. But the IOC has weathered many bigger storms. If the terror threat revelation was timed to distract from the controversy over the Olympic torch and Tibet, it certainly overshadowed the Prime Minister's last day in Beijing. Mr Rudd says the Government has asked for a full briefing on the thwarted terrorists and what, if any, threat is posed for the Olympics. Every practical measure must be taken to ensure safety of Australian athletes. That is why we will be taking these matters very seriously. We've got Islamic and other extremists throughout the world that will use any key international event to try to press home their violent message.

And containing terrorists will be top of mind when the Prime Minister meets Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf in southern China. He has a blunt message for him. I'm concerned at the extent to which, in recent months, that cooperation has been less than it could otherwise be. In Beijing, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Swimmer Nick D'Arcy is back in the pool. He's resumed training for the Olympics,

still hopeful his assault charge won't stop him going to Beijing. Embattled butterflyer Nick D'Arcy was back in the pool today with hopes high he'll still make the Olympic team. I really have to fight for my spot because I have come into the public eye a lot. Team D'Arcy, his family and coach, say it's been a harrowing two weeks. The intense public scrutiny after being charged with assaulting fellow swimmer Simon Cowley

has taken its toll. He's also been fighting off a viral infection. Mum and I have been really worried about him -

and really very distressing. And despite suffering a 40% drop in fitness, D'Arcy remains optimistic. Actually it felt pretty good this morning, which was surprising after two weeks out of the water. I got a little bit sick but I felt good in the water. There is one thing for certain - His coach, Brian Stehr, wants the AOC to make its decision soon. I can't believe it will go on for much more than another week. It would give us three weeks of sitting on the fence waiting for someone to push us off. His supporters believe there's a 75% chance he'll still make the Australian team, but it will take every last ounce of his strength. Go in a boy and come out a man over this whole thing. The butterfly swimmer says his wings haven't been clipped just yet. I want to be in my best form that I can possibly be in if I do get a favourable outcome. And if I don't, then at least I did everything I could do. On the Sunshine Coast, Nicholas Boot, Ten News. A look ahead to sport with Tim Webster and a mixed start for the Aussies at Augusta. Yes, Peter Lonard's our best after day one -

three shots from the leaders and one ahead of Tiger Woods.

We'll show you the shots of the day including a Tiger eagle. And would you believe this was a recovery putt by Phil Mickelson from out in the gallery? And trying not to sink any further in world tennis - our Davis Cup team forced to battle against Thailand in Townsville. Also, we'll preview the Eels-Titans and Eagles-Storm games. for the Wests Tigers' Robbie Farah. Plus, some bad news Still to come,

the Sydney suburbs where pokies are taking food off the table. by its cover - wildlife smugglers caught red-handed. And they're still waiting - the Sydney storm victims who feel abandoned by their insurers.

This program is captioned live. Students are having their lives put at risk at because of red tape

but government authorities are refusing to do anything about it. One child was hit by a car outside Our Lady of the Rosary a day after a classmate had a close call. Traffic chaos grips this street each day during drop-off in the morning and the pick-up peak in the afternoon.

A had quite extensive grazing and

bruising and we're very fortunate

that he was not injured more. Incredibly, it's danger which could be fixed with the stroke of a pen. The Catholic school in the heart of Kellyville has made a bid to buy a small parcel of land next to the school and set up a parking area,

I've to put on 14 teachers on every

afternoon to ensure the safety of the children. The owner has repeatedly knocked them back, preferring to auction it off in three weeks. The owner is the Education Department and a clause in its constitution prohibits sale to another education provider. Local police agree the traffic problems around here are nothing short of horrendous. It seems such a simple fix but, according to the Education Department, it's not. Another letter has been sent to the Director-General by the school, pleading with him to make the necessary changes to paperwork to allow them to buy the land before it goes to auction. Frank Coletta, Ten News. There's been another frightening laser attack on a light aircraft. for several seconds last night, A Port Macquarie pilot told police a green laser beemed into his cockpit for several seconds last night, leaving him disoriented. There were no passengers in the Cessna,

which was on a training flight. Frustrated police have renewed warnings that lasers could cause a plane to crash. There's damning new evidence about the pain caused by poker machines. A report has found are losing some families the one-armed-bandits more than three-quarters of their disposable income. Locals can barely afford it the gambling den of the state. but Fairfield-Cabramatta has become the gambling den of the State. The average wage is below $400 a week, but adults in Fairfield spend 78% of their disposable income on pokies. It's an epidemic. It ruins not just their life but those of their family, and it ruins their business.

It just ruins the fabric of society. Fairfield is not alone. A study has found in Canterbury almost half the family's spare cash is gambled away.

On the South Coast, in Eurobodalla, nearly all their disposable income goes into the pokies. In contrast, richer regions such as Baulkham Hills and Kuringai barely gamble at all. Since they were introduced to pubs in 1997, State poker machine profits have doubled but the Government is blaming the gamblers. There is a deeper issue which is problems gamblers have a real problem with gambling. They spend money that should go on rent, they spend money that should go on food. There will soon be laws to cap poker machines in problem areas. Pubs and clubs in these suburbs would be encouraged to sell their pokies to lower-risk regions.

Why would you get something that's profitable and move it somewhere else? Now, that just won't happen. The Cabra-Vale Diggers has applied for another 34 pokies for a total of 450 machines. They fear reducing pokies would hurt their customers. $25 for a steak. You'd be paying $5 for a schooner. You'd be paying all top prices. But the cost to the community of keeping all the pokies could be far greater.

James Boyce, Ten News. A plot to export native Australian animals has been foiled by Customs. Australia Post alerted authorities after discovering a suspicious package. Custom officers discovered a book with its pages cut out and inside, geckos, dead beetles and eggs. A similar package was found a few days later,

both were bound for the Czech Republic.

In parts of Europe, collectors pay up to $20,000 for some Australian reptiles. If caught, such an offence can incur 10 years imprisonment. Hundreds of weary Blacktown residents are still living in homes without roofs, four months after wild storms devastated the area. But authorities insist repairs to Tarp City are going well. Battered, broken and still buried in tarps - after four long months, storm-ravaged Blacktown remains a tent city. Angry residents have been forced to weather lengthy delays from insurers. Neighbours that are still waiting for repairs, homes still getting flooded with water. 800 homes are still without roofs. Work has finally begun on John McCann's Lancaster Street home, though not without a fight. I felt they under-quoted, under-assessed the job. When they did their quote, no-one got up on the roof and looked. They just guessed. In total, $40,000 damage was done. Other properties in his street also bear scars. Lander Avenue is one of the worst-affected. Every second home is covered by a tarpaulin.

Others are littered with broken tiles and scaffolding. A storm recovery task force was established in February.

It insists progress has been swift, with more than 8,000 homes already fixed. Because of the scale of this, some are going to take longer than others. The Insurance Council has blamed the delay on dangerous working conditions and claims some residents might not have even taken out insurance. Just because you see a tarpaulin on a roof, doesn't mean that person has an insurance company. Belinda Heggen, Ten News.

If you stand on your toes can you

see what the weekend is doing? One

need to ask a question - hands up

if you're addicted to weekend so.

Doesn't the Sydney two autumn just

brilliantly? 14 degrees last night

but today a sparkling 23. Tomorrow

- 24-26 degrees and glorious. A

good-looking Saturday and has dodgy looking Sunday. Violence flares at a career expo, that story after the break. And the nude photo of France's first lady sells for a stunning figure.

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We'll check the traffic now. The

Friday feet free for all was under

way. There have if three cars and a

truck have collided in the West.

There will be delays. This is

westbound traffic barely moving.

The delays go back past The delays go back past Parramatta.

If you've friends heading west on the M four they'll take the M four they'll take a bit longer this evening. A careers expo has ended in violence in Melbourne, with three students taken to hospital with knife wounds. It's believed

verbal exchanges inside a pavilion led to a physical fight outside. Something tantamount to a schoolyard incident

which has then escalated into a push and a shove and at some point a weapon has been used. Police are hoping security cameras will identify the attackers. Cadbury Schweppes is seeing red following a fight to keep control of its purple packaging. The Federal Court has delivered a sweet victory to rival Darrell Lea after a multimillion-dollar battle. Cadbury's glass and a half was left empty after the Federal Court ruled Darrell Lea had not contravened the Trade Practices Act by wrapping its sweets in purple packaging. We regard ourself as an Aussie company and if we can't stand up for ourselves and fight for when we think it is right, then there's absolutely no hope. founded the company, Michael Lea, whose grandfather them of misleading consumers says the multinational first accused more than five years ago. Cadbury, angered by this band of purple, but Darrell Lea claims it has used various shades of the hue for decades. Justice Heerey in his decision noted other companies such as Nestle with Violet Crumble have used purple widely and in his opinion consumers confronted with the colour purple and with other branding, would not consider it was a Cadbury product. The trial heard colour is a powerful marketing tool

and purple reigns because it is uncommon. BP lost a push to trademark green. Cadbury has a similar application.

The case illustrates the difficulty in obtaining exclusive rights to a colour, For its part, Darrell Lea says

the decision doesn't mean it's going to increase in its stores. The multimillion-dollar

Cadbury maintaining it will continue to protect its brand and plans to appeal the decision. It does not own the colour trade mark and until such times as it does, it can't assert rights. Martine Griffiths, Ten News. Sir Elton John has thrown his support behind Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States. Performing at a fundraiser for the former first lady, the British singer said he surprised at the prejudice I never ceased to be amazed at the misogynistic attitude of some of the people in this country and I say to hell with them. The lady is not for turning! The concert raised more than $2.6 million for Hillary Clinton's campaign. A nude photo of France's first lady has gone under the hammer and sold for a record price. The controversial image of Carla Bruni fetched more than 20 times its expected price. The winning bidder, a Chinese art collector, paid more than $100,000 for the black and white photo. We all kind of had, I think, a number in our head but this far exceeded what anyone kind of guessed, so it was a very pleasant surprise. The image shot to prominence on Bruni's recent visit to the UK. The media dubbed her the new Princess Diana, suggesting her presence had outweighed that of her husband's. A Sydney lawyer accused of faking an armed robbery - details after the break. Also, Bindi Incorporated - yet another business venture for the 9-year-old star. And crunch time for the Aussie in 'American Idol'.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - Australia asks China for an urgent briefing on a foiled Olympic terror plot.

Authorities arrested 45 people overnight and seized a large quantity of potential weapons. It's believed the suspects intended to carry out suicide bomb attacks

and kidnap athletes during the Beijing Games. The organisers of Australian Fashion Week have bowed to public pressure and barred a 14-year-old model from the event. Models must now be 16 before they're allowed onto the catwalk. And the man who made a tearful plea for information after the death of his wife

has been jailed for her murder. Mark Galante will spend at least 20 years behind bars. He shot his pregnant wife, Jody, in front of their young child. A Sydney lawyer has been charged with deception and public mischief after claiming he was tied up and robbed at gunpoint. Peter Maatouk told police his office was set on fire as two masked men robbed his office one night in January. The 32-year-old father of five made a public appeal in January, claiming he'd been bashed. I foolishly did try to hit him and do something but the minute I resisted, he cocked his pistol and I said, "If you want to play games, we'll play games," pretty much. Nothing's worth dying for. Police have charged him with six offences, accusing him of making it all up. A blow for two Queensland shopkeepers trying to shame young thieves.

They put pictures of the offenders on public display but now they've been forced to remove them. Vishal and Neeta Patel's Goodna discount store was being targeted by shoplifters up to 15 times a day. Frustrated the thieves weren't being punished, they put them on a wall of shame. The problem is some of the offenders were under the age of 16 and in Queensland it's illegal to show their faces.

By law I was doing the wrong thing, but in my heart I was doing the right thing because I wanted people to realise that stealing is wrong. To remove the photos the couple demanded offenders donate $100 to the local Rotary club, but Rotary knew nothing about it and locals began to complain. This is an undesirable development in Queensland But an increasing number of frustrated business owners have adopted the shaming tactics. We don't know what else to do. That's just a way of us getting the shoplifters to come in here and tell us, "Look, we did it."

The owners took the wall down as soon as they were made aware what they were doing was against the law, but they say business owners need to be allowed

to do more to protect themselves from shoplifters. My solution was half-good, half-bad. Now if somebody can come up with a good solution, I would join that campaign. The wall of shame has both supporters and critics. Go for it - stop the bastards. What's wrong with it? They did the crime, didn't they? Juveniles, I don't think they should have pictures. Shoplifters, they've beaten me now. Summer Burke, Ten News. With the day's finance news here's Cindy Pismiris from BankWest. Consumer sentiment fell to 15-year lows this week showing just how concerned households are with the current economic environment. And it's not just interest rates we're worried about. Confidence amongst consumers who rent was sharply lower as rents soar and housing becomes less affordable. Consumers aren't alone. Businesses are also feeling the pinch. Conditions are the toughest they've been in five years with sales and profits lower. On a brighter note, employment data was strong with the unemployment rate still hovering at 33-year lows. Taking a look at today's figure:

Next week is light on the domestic data calendar so we'll be looking to the offshore markets for direction.

See you then. After a week of embarrassing headlines, Terri Irwin claims her family is as close as ever. She says she loves her father-in-law, Bob, and it's time for everyone to move on. A packed Crocoseum and Bindi in full swing - it's business as usual at Australia Zoo. The singing and smiles are a stark contrast to this week's headlines of a speculated rift between Terri Irwin and Bob Senior. The Croc Hunter's widow says the truth is much different. Whatever is portrayed publicly, it's important to remember that privately, we're a very close-knit family. Always about family - I love Bob so much. was followed Bob's television interview

by yesterday's announcement of a lucrative retirement plan. But Terri says the relationship will be more than monetary. We're moving forward with working through everything that's happened since losing Steve. I'm very happy that when Bob came and asked for a change of life that we were able to help him. The speculation has done no damage to the Australia Zoo brand, judging by the crowds and the companies lining up to do business with the Irwins. Today they launched Croc Chocs and Zoogle lollies onto the international market. I was just totally inspired by Steve Irwin. I mean, we're pretty happy to contribute a fairly significant part of our takings back to this place. Terri Irwin now hopes

family and business can again take centre stage. I like what my dad always says. He says everything comes out in the wash - you just gotta do the right thing and be an honest, honourable, loving person, and you're gonna be OK. Max Futcher, Ten News. Australian Michael Johns's dream of becoming the next American Idol has come to an end. The 29-year-old has been eliminated from the competition after making it through to the final eight. The judges were clearly shocked and encouraged the Aussie to pursue his singing career. I'm definitely surprised. I enjoyed singing that song, it's a song about dreams. If there's a song to go out on, well, that's not a bad one. Originally from Perth, he moved to the US on a tennis scholarship in his late teens. the weekend but you've some cord

and some not so good news. You'll

love me tomorrow because it'll be

fine and sunny. You might come looking for me on Sunday because

it'll be a bit dodgy. The weather

man is in the house.

Your place tomorrow will be a

gorgeous place to call home. I love

Friday afternoons and I love Saturdays. Sport now and, Tim, the Eels will be wary of the Titans tonight. Yes, and lining up against them is a Titan everyone will remember. More shortly, including day one at the US Masters.

A complete wrap, including Tiger Woods's super eagle. And forced to fight again - our Davis Cup team needed everything against Thailand.

This program is captioned live. Well, it's a truly international leaderboard after the opening round of the US Masters. Leigh Diffey has more from the famed Augusta course. Talking points from day one of the Masters here at Augusta - firstly Tiger Woods is not leading this tournament and secondly the start of play was delayed by a full hour due to a heavy fog. That may have got some players out of their rhythm

but certainly not South Africa's Trevor Immelman or England's Justin Rose who lead the way at 4-under par.

Best of the Aussies is Peter Lonard at 1-under par. Day one of the Masters ignited by the outspoken Ian Poulter.

He'd left the wild wardrobe at home, instead making the loudest statement with his eight iron. CHEERING COMMENTATOR: For the 19th time in Masters history, the 11th time at the famed 16th, an ace, taking Ian Poulter to the top of the leaderboard. While Poulter paraded, Woods struggled. No birdies for the round, two bogies against him, he finished on even par thanks to this eagle at 15. Tugs on it. Oh, yesssss! How many times have we seen that? World number two, Phil Mickelson, just as impressive. An unlikely birdie with the putter on the first. Don't tell me he's going to get this. You gotta be kidding me. a six into a three there. At the top of the leaderboard the internationals took charge. England's Justin Rose in front after day one for the third time in four Masters starts, tied on 4 under par with South African Trevor Immelman. That's what Gary used to do. Peter Lonard the best of the Aussies with his best-ever round at the year's first major - a 1-under par 71. I've had a chequered past the last four times I've come here so it's just nice to be under par after Thursday afternoon. It's only going to get tougher. The weekend's supposed to be brutal. It'll be nice to be here for the weekend though. The top-ranked players from down-under failed to fire. Geoff Ogilvy slumped to plus three. Level-pegging with Adam Scott and Aaron Baddeley. on four over Stuart Appleby one worse while Robert Allenby is keeping pace with Tiger.

There was a few holes on the back nine that I left a few out there I could have quite easily shot 5-under on the back nine you've got to take what's given but that's Augusta, to shoot level par. and I'm quite happy And you can see all the action of the second day's play of the Masters from Augusta here on Ten tomorrow morning from 5:45 Eastern. Gold Coast take on the Parramatta Eels tonight, a team still smarting from their 38-14 drubbing by the Cowboys.

The Titans have lost prop Luke Bailey to a broken wrist, but back rower Daniel Conn is over his nasty facial injury.

A fresher-faced Daniel Conn seemingly recovered But without injured prop Luke Bailey,

the Titans know tonight will be no walk in the park. We're without Bails but we're coming off some good form. It's a good day for our style of footy so we're looking forward to it. Without him it makes it difficult for them.

Scott Prince running that team like Thurston last week. If you give him enough football and enough opportunity,

he's a player that can generate plenty of points for them. All through last year I thought he was the number one number seven in the company. It's a sentiment echoed by Storm coach Craig Bellamy when talking up his fullback Billy Slater. That's certainly no slur on any other fullback but I wouldn't swap him for anyone. He'll be up against test incumbent Brett Stewart in tonight's Grand Final rematch at Olympic Park. And Stewart says he won't be intimidated if Melbourne decide to go after him. If they wanna put some bombs up, I'm gonna be underneath them to diffuse them. Just like any other game. just hitting its straps in terms of attack and a Manly defence that's let in just 37 points all season. They're a very well drilled defensive team and they've got some guys there with some real sparkle in attack. And Tigers hooker Robbie Farah may be forced into a permanent positional change

after his recurring back injury flared up to keep him out of Sunday's match against the Raiders. Either I gotta alter the way I bend over to pick the ball up or you know, change positions. Andrew Blow, Ten News. Wallabies selectors will be keeping a close eye on Subiaco Oval

tomorrow night when the Western Force and Waratahs go head to head. While the Force were on show with an open training session, New South Wales elected to train behind closed doors. The Tahs confident they can expose the Force's running game.

I got the ball well run around with it

it so the trick might be to try it so the trick might be to try and

get the ball and hang on to what a

bit and do a bit of tackling.

The Force have never beaten the Waratahs but go in as slight favourites. Bookmakers have turned their backs on recent history and boldly offered West Coast a 5-goal head start at ANZ Stadium tomorrow night. when they meet the Swans But the players are convinced, another cliffhanger is on the cards. Casual Friday at the Swans. The players in relaxation mode as an old rival awaits. Every game that we play against West Coast is just a really tight contested brand of footy. Their last six games, including two grand finals, decided by 12 points or less. But there are predictions Sydney could win this one in a blow-out, meeting the Eagles minus some old foes. I've played on Benny Cousins a few times obviously he's not there, and that he's obviously not there. I've played on Judd Norm Smith medallist Andrew Embley has been ruled out as well. There's fears he's got glandular fever. They've also lost David Wirrpanda and Matt Priddis. But West Coast insist the wounded Eagle is still dangerous. I think we proved that last year in Round 1, we came over here and I don't too many people gave us a chance on that occasion and you know our performance that night was outstanding. We're not taking them any more lightly. The game's best ruckman running freely. He's beaten a foot injury. Definitely fit - ready to go. Sydney will line up as named. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. versus the West Coast here on Ten And you can see the Swans from 7:30 tomorrow night. Australia is on track for victory against Thailand in their Davis Cup tie after a shaky start. Lleyton Hewitt made light work of his opponent, dropping just one game. Chris Guccione also won, in a thriller. A vocal Townsville crowd watched on as the big-serving Guccione struggled against his 204th-ranked opponent. Yeah, sorry about that, fellas. I'm feeling great. The adrenaline's pumping and I knew if I got the fourth set I'd have the edge in the fifth. Guccione was forced to fight hard in the fifth set, winning in a tie-break. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow. That's it for now. In Sports Tonight - all the highlights and reaction to all tonight's footy in all codes and plenty more.

Bitter sea of brake lights with

traffic heading to the Central

Coast this evening. You can see the

brake lights appearing from the

base of the big dipper - traffic

barely moving. If you're heading

away for the weekend you should away for the weekend you should

anticipate an extra 30 minutes travel. Stay with us, Tim Bailey's weekend forecast is next.

travel. And so there

A them and the team is trying Again

has worried about a gloomy Sunday.

You're saying that I never get the

weather wrong - I just mark the

days up. You've a fair point. Sydney Death Star's autumn

brilliantly. If you like it it's

dishing up but again it and your

place to live. Sunday has near be

worried. A southerly change and

some showers and overcast

conditions. But officially the weekend.

A cloud band across in the south

from a trough is generating light

rain over Eastern and South

Australia and Western Victoria.

That she cloud directed overt North

East New South Wales and South East

Queensland with a few showers. A

trough will bring a could change to

the south-east spreading the light rain

rain across New South Wales and

East Victoria. I front will reached

hat Tasmania and western Victoria

bring showers late in the day.

Predicted precipitation - good news

with the grain for western and

southern New South Wales, central

and eastern Victoria. Rain clearing

from but Tasmania. Isolated showers

in north-east New South Wales and

possible thundery showers over

north-west Western Australia. If

and for the Top End. A weekend of

two halves - fine sunny two halves - fine sunny on Saturday

and Sunday it'll have a cooled

changed with showers. Tomorrow will

be sparkling and no matter which

way you look at it. It's Friday

afternoon and we've been thinking

about this since we hit the snooze

button at 7am on Monday.