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industrial dispute threatening Live. Tonight - the bitter

to cripple Australian

community, to shipping portsch Patricks need to get on

Australia, to the Australian

mines and metals that are all whinging about this action


this Portadown. We believe that this take some blame for shutting

with this is the correct way of dealing is the correct way

with this issue rather with this issue rather than

refusing to load and unload vessels and holding this to ransom. Also on News 24 - a vessels and holding this nation

former Labor boss lands a top

prompting calls for tougher job with Crown Casino

restrictions on lobbyist. A

mosquito warning after a Canadian tourist dies in Canadian tourist dies in the

Northern Territory. gardeners strike gold at the Northern Territory.Australian

Chelsea Flower Show.

Live across Australia you are

watching ABC News 24. I'm

Juanita Phillips. More than a

decade of relative peace on

Australia's waterfront may soon

be over. Maritime Union mens

started a week's industrial

into independent mediation with stevedoring company counter clales and at this There have been claims and

counter stage neither side the

to budge. Security was tight but there was no sign of picket line. It was day one of but

industrial action in Sydney and industrial action in Sydney

up and going nowhere. We're Brisbane with containers

going - doing everything

this action legally. We have applied for legally. We have applied

this action through Fair Work

Australia. We have ticked all the books there, we have turned up for work and we are still off pay. The maritime union

launching a war on have accused Patrick of

workers. What Patricks have

done is shown down this port as

workers going to work albeit in a result of stopping

have been productive. Patricks a limited way we still would

say it can't operate under

these conditions. The company these conditions. The company

party mediator to resolve the asked the union to use a third

dispute but that's been

rejected. Both parties insist

they don't want another

waterfront dispute like But already tensions are

rising. Our employees are paid

over $100,000 a year on

average, they work 182 days a

year. We have an attractive

deal on the table. We cannot deal on the table.

afford to pay a 20% wage

afford to pay a 20% wage

industrial action will cost the increase. Patricks says the

company millions of dollars.

With more than 28,000 shipping

containers affected in Sydney,

prisoner and Fremantle. Here at

Port Botany alone, 800 trucks

were cancelled today as the

company says they are not

needed because it can't operate with with staff working at 30%

capacity. Exporters are angry

too. It could cost the

too. It could cost the cot tofn industry $26 don't ship to industry $26 million. If we

be giving our buyers an excuse

to call us into default and

then them not honour the

contracts. Workers will ramp up their industrial action tomorrow with more wharfies

joining the dispute. The UN

taken human rights commissioner has human rights commissioner

taken her complaint about directly to the Prime Minister.

Navi Pillay met Julia Gillard in Canberra. The in Canberra. The commissioner

criticism of the is not backing away from her

is detention policy or

seeker deal with Malaysia. There is concern by the international community seeker where Australia's going with

its treatment of asylum

seekers. Ms Pillay vowed to

monitor the Malaysia deal

Crown limit's decision to

appoint a former ALP national

secretary as its chief

government negotiator has taken the Victorian Premier by

surprise and prompted calls tougher calls on lobbyists.

Karl Bitar won't be getting any

special treatment and they've

defended his right to pursue

second career. He was in charge defended his right to pursue a special

of Federal Labor's 2010

election campaign. Now Karl

Bitar is heading up government relations for jail relations for jail packer's

crownment willed owner

knowledge of the workings of

access Government is quite government, his ability to

unique. One of his first tasks

is taking up the fight against possibly trying proposed pokie restrictions,

possibly trying to water down

Government has promised to legislation the Gillard

introduce the keep independent

Andrew Wilkie on side and

maintain its hold on power. Mr

Bitar in his arrangements with the government will be treated

appropriately. He will not get

any special treatment or any

every other access. He will be treated like access. He will be treated

relations every other government employee Karl Bitar relations person. As a Crown

subject to the employee Karl Bitar won't be

subject to the scrutiny of the

lobbyist register. It has lobbyist register. It has been area. He has to be careful about the argument conflict. It has prompted about the argument about

others to demand an overhaul of

the rules. There at least be a

cooling off period in cooling off period in which such potent use of inside

such potent use of inside

political knowledge isn't for

says he was surprised by Karl

Bitar's appointment but not

troubled by it. There are plenty of people out there in

involved with the Labor Party involved the wider world who've been

who we work with on a daily

basis. One argument he's not

buying into.

Israeli leader, Binyamin

Netanyahu, has outlined his frame work for peace in a speech to a joint speech to a joint session of

the US Congress. In a strongly-worded address punning

ovations the Israeli Prime chew waited by standing

Minister promised to make under certain conditions.

Washington correspondent Craig

McMurtrie reports.

(APPLAUSE) There was about how he would be welcomed

on Capitol Hill.The awkwardness

of the White House of the White House was of the White House was replaced

by sustained applause.Binyamin Netanyahu laid

framework for peace.The Israeli

leader blamed the Palestinians

for the lack of progress promising far-reaching compromise if compromise if his Palestinian counterpart would say six words. It's time for President

Abbas to stand before his

people and say, "I will accept a Jewish (APPLAUSE)

While he pledged to be

generous on the size of a Palestinian generous acknowledged some Jewish

settlements will end up outside Israel's limits there was

standing ovation when he

repeated his rejection of 1967 borders. Israel will not Israel's limits

to the indefensible boundaries

of 1967. Binyamin Netanyahu

ruled out giving Jerusalem, the return of

Jerusalem, the return of

Palestinian refugees and to

more applause he refused to

negotiate with the Palestinian government backed by Hamas. So

I say to President Abbas, "Tear

up your pact with Hamas." There

restart peace talks and the spectacle

spectacle of more than spectacle of more than two dozen ovations in 50 minutes won't make the

won't make the administration's

outreach to the Arab world any

easier. In the West Bank a

of war. Others were similarly

unimpressed. This was a

statement of someone who wants

to dictate the negotiations

before they begin. Despite the warmth in Congress, the Israeli

leader leaves Washington with

the chill over the peace process as

process as deep as ever. Egyptian President, Hosni

Mubarak has been ordered to

stand trial over the deaths of Egyptian sons have alsoing been charged and could face the death penalty if convicted. Unlike other Hosni Mubarak chose to stay in Egypt after stepping down, at

his home on the Red

his home on the Red Sea. But if

he was gambling that he would

be left alone by the military

council that took over. The

former President and his two

sons have been formally charged

over the death of protesters

during the Egyptian uprising,

including the charge of carries the death penalty. More than 300 people are have than 300 people are believed to

have been killed in the protest

that led to Hosni Mubarak's downfall. Now

downfall. Now the army

downfall. Now the army that kept the family in long will send them to trial

for their lives.It's a stunning

development. For weeks downfall. Now development. For weeks Egyptian opposition groups have been

fearing for the future of their

revolution worried that the

military council that took over

the reins of power was dragging

its feet on reform up a newer version of the old regime. This has

regime. This has been welcomed

oi the streets of

Cairo. TRANSLATION: He deserves

a harsh punishment. It is a enough to refer him criminal court. criminal court. He stole from

us for 30 years. He robbed us

of our lives and stole the country's wealth. The former

President will face charges President will face charges of profiteering and profiteering and accepting bribes for political favours. The estimates of how much Hosni

Mubarak allegedly stole during his

his decades in power run into tens of billions of dollars. Mubarak has been a major test

for the ruling military council

and its commitment to transform the country towards a working democracy. The greater

will be whether Hosni Mubarak

and his and his sons get a fair trial

in a justice system that in a justice system that has, itself been seen as part of the proob - problem. In

proob - problem. In the United

States tornados have hit

central Oklahoma killing at

least two people. Across the

border in Joplin Missouri 122

hundreds are still missing

after Monday's ferocious

twister ripped through twister ripped through the city. Search and rescue teams

and their Dogs continue to pick

their way through one home at a time looking for survivors. For

those who did make it many are homeless and all of them

homeless facing the huge task of cleaning up. Just trying cleaning up. Just trying to

salvage what we can and make the best of it. Neighbours are

helping out neighbours and

we've got a little bit of

sunshine today so everybody's

trying to get what they trying to get what they can get

before the tornados are tonight. Even though the

tornado was the deadliest

twister in the US since 1947 some forecasters say the worst

may yet be to come. The travel

passengers in Europe have been

disrupted by the ash cloud disrupted by the ash cloud from

a volcano in Iceland. More than 500 flights were grounded as the ash swept over Britain and moved towards Germany. moved towards Germany. Scotland was hardest hit with a number

of passengers sleeping at airports. Some airlines clashed

with regulators over with regulators over the shutdown. We want to fly from Glasgow to

Glasgow to London and there is no

Scotland. We are back to the had that caused chaos for passengers last year. Air

safety authorities in Germany

stopped planes stopped planes from taking off and landing at several

airports. The US President

airports. The US President is meeting with his British counterpart in counterpart in London. Barack

Obama and David Cameron are

expected to discut Libya and the

Libya and the world economy. Barack Obama the second US President to be

accorded the full honours of a

state visit to Britain. The highlight so highlight so far, a glittering

state banquet at buts.-

Buckingham Palace.Welcome back.

Barack and Michelle Obama

strangers to Buckingham Palace hospital. But this hospital. But this is different. Their first state visit and

visit and that means the full ceremonial guard.And the 41-gun

salute.While the video cameras

were excluded there was a meeting with that other William and the Duchess William and the Duchess of

Cambridge just back from their long any moon.- honeymoon.

Westminster Abbey there was a

wreath laid in honour of the war dead and a curious momento,

the President, the day was

right but not the year, three

years shy of reality.But years shy of reality.But this

visit has focused very much on the here and now and these two

leaders face serious issues they were on the same they were on the same team putting their diplomatic ping

pong skills to a more practical

test with the meet and greets and ceremonial elements done

and dusted next comes the hard talk. Topics like talk. Topics like Libya, Afghanistan and the global

economy. Before all that a state dinner at state dinner at the palace. Today the United States

remains our most important

ally.Our two nations contribute

ally.Our two nations contribute to the security and prosperity to the security and prosperity of our through shared national interests. I bring interests. I

greetings from tens of millions

of Americans ancestry, of Americans who claim British ancestry, including me through my mother's family, I bring

warm greetings from Malia and

Sacha who adored you even

Sacha who adored you even

before you let them ride on a carriage on the palace

grounds. Just as he did in

Ireland the President charmed everyone.

Bevan we will go live to London

for a joint news for a joint news conference with British Prime Minister with British Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama. We're Barack Obama. We're expecting

that at about 9:30 eastern on

ABC News 24.

ABC News 24.

A young Canadian tourist is

dead after catching a dangerous mosquito borne disease while

travelling in the travelling in the Northern

Territory. Her death has prompted the territory health department to issue a warning Encephalitis.The Northern

Territory is known for its

dangerous wildlife but it's a seemingly innocuous mosquito that has claimed the life after

a young Canadian woman. She was travelling in travelling in the top end and central Australia earlier central Australia earlier this

month before returning home to Calgary. A day after she Calgary. A day after she came

home she became unwell and Australia hospitalised and passed away in Murray Valley Encephalitis. Can Encephalitis. Can thattedian authorities contacted their Australian counterparts Australian counterparts to

alert them to the death. The

mortality rate is about

mortality rate is about 25% it has a very high mortality

and 25% of people who asquare

Murray Valley Encephalitis Murray Valley Encephalitis end up with some permanent

child is being treated in

Darwin with a suspected case of

the disease and the territory health department confirmed two

other cases this year. other cases this year. Chickens tested across the Northern Territory have shown cases of

the disease and the

the disease and the a related

view Russ. Travellers view Russ. Travellers were shocked to hear of tested the 19-year-old Canadian. It

does make your when you know you are walking

about getting mosquito bites that something like that

that something like that can happen. If

there should be more warnings. Murray Valley Encephalitis is the most

dangerous mosquito disease in

the territory. The most common mosquito

mosquito at this time of mosquito at this time of year is a naun carrier of Murray Valley

Valley Encephalitis. Symptoms can lead to paal sis and Territoryians should wear

protective clothing and use

mosquito spray to Territoryians

bites. Onto finance now and the

Australian share market fell

for the fourth session in as global markets

as global markets continued to

tumble on concerns about

Greece's sovereign debt. Still

no let up from the gloom. The

all ordinaries has now fallen

3.5% in four trading sessions

including 1% today. The

Australian market has a whole

is not especial low out of line

with the rest of the world over

these past four days but it was another bad day today

banks down 1.1% and now 5% over four days and CBA led

four days and CBA led the four days and CBA led the falls today. Macquarie Group, which

is an investment bank, not

quite a bank, lost another quite a bank, lost another 3.5%

today and it is down nearly 30%

since last June while the market at a whole has gone up

2%. Transport group Toll

Holdings fell 2.5% today as

well. A good indicator of the economy is advertising

well. and its has collapsed again. Advertise

Advertise ing went Advertise ing went backwards during during the crisis like

everything else and is now falling again, coming out of the economy.

Construction is also pretty soft. Engineering connected to the resources boom

is rising but construction is well well down leaving the total

gain at 0.7% for the quarter,

below expectations. A lot of

this is due to the

disappearance of government stimulus. Public sector work boomed in response

boomed in response to the

crisis, which we are now paying

for of course with a blowout in

the budget deficit and it has

fallen back to where it was

before. The Australian dollar fell a cent fell a cent today, it's lowest point for a month-and-a-half.

Global markets were all low sh.

The BRW rich list came out

today with Gina Rinehart out on

top. Number 2 was Ivan

top. Number 2 was Ivan Glasenberg. No packers and

Murdoches in the top five these

days. It is all about mining, not media. Time for sport now. Origin 1 is under way. Kick off

has just begun and New South

Wales started the massive task of breaking Queensland's five-year dominance of State of the series Origin in the opening game of

the series in Brisbane. Here is

a few pictures from Lang Park

of the Blues running onto the

field a short time ago led by skipper skipper Paul Gallen. Not a whole lot of blue in the whole lot of blue in the crowd, most Lima Refund Home Loan,

because Queensland is aiming

for its sixth series win in a

row in front of a sellout crowd

of 52,500. The maroons are heavily favoured to build on

their five series wins but the

coach claimed the Blues are not

the underdogs they claim to be. It is a significant night

on the screen there, as he begins his final Origin series. Tonight he equalled Allan

Langer's record of 24 Origin

games. Let's go to AFL.

Andrew Dem misty try you says

he has not ruled out a team in

Tasmania. In an address to Tasmania. In an address to the National Press Club today

National Press Club today he criticised Paul radios for his

intervention in a junior match

last weekend. Convention at the National Press is normally the journalists who ask the question but Andrew

Demetriou appeared in a pond

drous mood. What will our

look like in 2020? Do we want

more teams and if so is it from Tasmania? A

Tasmania? A third team in

Western Australia or Queensland? With the Queensland? With the Tasmanian

government set to make a

decision on Monday as whether North Melbourne will

play two matches play two matches at Bellerive Oval next season he gave

supporters in that state reason to hope. I guess if there is

another club ever to appear, a

19th club, they would be the

most logical place to put that club because they are a state rich in history of AFL

rich in history of AFL

football. What time

is, I don't know. The is, I don't know. The league's boss was less ambiguous when

criticising Paul radios after

the Premiership coach ran onto

the field to help one of his

under 16s players last weekend. Having someone run onto the field, whatever onto the field, whatever the emotion around it, has a

potential to insight potential violence and it not the way we want to go about educating

educating people about what is

right or wrong. He will face a code of conduct tribunal

hearing on Friday night. Another man not mincing hearing on this week was Kangaroos this week was Kangaroos coach Brad Scott saying he has no

regret following his less than friendly phone call to Scott

McMahon during the loss to Brisbane. Sometimes as coach

you have to deliver a message in

in a certain fashion so it has the most effect. A young the most effect. A young Roos star will make a return to the VFL this weekend as he battles

his way back from a knee

injury. Former Australian leg

spinner Terry Jenner has spinner Terry Jenner has died

in Adelaide. He was 66. He took

4 wickets for his country in 4 wickets for his country in 9 tests before retiring in 1977.

His personal life was His personal life was troubled for a time. In the

for a time. In the 1980s he was sent to jail for embezzlement.

He returned to cricket as a coach travelling the coach travelling the world

teaching his craft. His teaching his craft. His most famous pupil was Australia's

wicket record about some of the early times

with Terry and how he gave him

the confidence to want to go that bit further with his

bowling. He suffered a major

heart attack in England in April last year and underwent

surgery. His funeral will be

held at the Adelaide Oval. To

tennis and Jarmila Gajdosova has become the

has become the third Australian

to move into the second round

of the French Open. She cruised

past local player, rots rot rot

to join stew shower players left in the singles draw. There were no draw. There

celebrations for Jarmila Gajdosova whose opponent lost her husband to a brain tumour two weeks ago. Gajdosova has had her own off court

issues. There are moments that I go up and down but I try to

be pretty steady and I am

concentrating on what I have concentrating on what I have to do. Hopefully over the time I

will get over everything. Kim

Clijsters powered through her first appearance

rarely troubled in her win over It was a lot tougher for men's defending champion,

Rafael Nadal, he fell behind

two sets to 1 against big

hitting American John Isner. He is off his tree - John

Isner. The world number Isner. The world number 1

eventually advanced in five sets. A quick update for you, Jonathan the first State of Origin try for Queensland

long - its was converted so the score at the moment is 6-0 to

Queensland. La Nina has moved

on, that is the official on, that is the official word from the Bureau of Meterology.

It has been described as

the strongest in living memory.

While the wetter than normal conditions have been

devastating for

devastating for some regions

they have been a blessing

others. It's only May but 2011 has already delivered some

weather to remember

weather to remember and the Bureau of Meterology Bureau of Meterology has confirmed the will go down in the record

books. This La Nina is the

strongest we have seen strongest

almost 40 years. Indeed it was

the early 70s was

the early 70s was the last time

we saw something in a La Nina we saw something in

as strong as this one. A La

Nina event delivered wetter conditions. This La conditions. This La Nina delivered that and more. If one

thing has stayed the same it has been relatively

the past 12 months. Last has

Australia had its wettest the past 12 months. Last year

September, December and March. Northern

Northern Australia recorded the its wettest day on record. wettest dry

There were three while those There were three cyclones and

while those in the cities may

not have relished the extra

rain head inland in the reception was more welcoming. To see the country turn around from a really dry area into green, lush country

and birdlife all over the place

it is fantastic the way it has

changed. It wasn't just wet, changed. It wasn't just

parts of WA remained extremely

dry with last year the driest on record. While the La

may be done for now scientists on record. While the La Nina

say the future may have more

wild weather in store. With events that we used to celebrate for higher rainfall

us. As for winter, relief is could tend

outlook sight. The bureau describes the

outlook as neutral. That translates to a period of fewer ex treatments.-

ex treatments.- extremes. ex treatments.- extremes.

becoming the dominant feature could tend A high pressure system is

across most of the continent.

In fact it is even affecting the In fact it is

where you consider or normally

think that a high pressure system brings clear, dry sunny

weather because it is centred

east of the south-east or west of the south-east it is delivering moist southerly


That is triggering showers across western and southern

not see Tasmania and Victoria. We will

not see that start to change

until around about Friday or

Saturday as the high edges

further east. The southerly

winds are drawing cold air up

through Queensland,

through Queensland, in fact the Atherton Tablelands pressure system that brought severe conditions about parts of

of the swales coast on of the

Wednesday will continue to move out to Still windy but not as extreme. out to sea.'Sing conditions.

Rainfall will still start Rainfall will still start to

clear. Anywhere south of showers clear by Newcastle should see the

the afternoon as we head they will hang around through

further north of Newcastle.

very slow moving on Friday, further The

still bringing the onshore

winds but we should see the wrinds's off for South Australia.We still have onshore

winds through parts of the Queensland coast and New South

Wales coast but nothing worthwhile expected there. In

worthwhile expected there. In

fact, for most of those areas

the only dry day, because come the only dry day, because come the weekend the high will move

out off the coast and onshore winds will redevelop and

showers will form again. Most

of the New South Wales coast expecting relatively expecting relatively dry

conditions. A weak front moving

bring another burst of through the south-east will

and we may bring another burst of showers

those pushing through to the and we may even see some of

southern border areas southern border areas of New

South Wales but the coastal fringe should be clear. A South Wales but the coastal

fringe should be clear. A few showers about the south-east.

We should see them easing off towards the eke end. There

could be isolated frost developing about the Atherton

ablelands. Australia has won a

gold medal at the is shell sea flower

of rare, endangered and native

plant. It explores the journey of

It explores the journey of water through the Australian

landscape. We have sent landscape. We have sent seen

over from Australia and crown a

lot of bedding plans and wild

now,. We have two rare and

threatened species. The garden

also features a fire in the shape of a boomerang. I

will be back with an update in

a moment. You are

This program is not captioned.

Live. The top stories on ABC News, the United Nations human rigs commissioner rigs commissioner has slammed

the Federal Government's plan

to send 800 asylum seekers called for safe guards to Malaysia. Navi Pillay

protect against torture under

the proposed scheme. She the proposed scheme. She says

Malaysia has a poor human rights record and assurances it

rights record and assurances it

will comply with will comply with international

standards is not sufficient. US

President Barack Obama is

meeting with meeting with Britain's Prime

Minister in London. Barack

Obama and David Cameron Afghanistan, Libya and the expected to discuss

world economy.Earlier Barack

and ma shile Obama were treated

to a star-studded ban quest at Buckingham Palace. He is only the second sitting the second sitting US President to be accorded the full honours of

of a state visit to Britain.