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(generated from captions) Tonight - asylum seeker children

are buried as politicians argue

about the cost of their funeral.

New technology that could threaten

the $42 billion NBN.

And Charlie Sheen - the radio

interview raising eyebrows. Hello,

I'm Kathryn Robinson. This is Ten's

Late News. Hi, I'm Brad McEwan, and

this is Sports Tonight.

A Collingwood premiership defender

to miss the entire 2011 season. A

A little bit nervous because it is

new to me. And Karmichael Hunt

warms up for his AFL debut.

First tonight to some breaking news.

And the Italian Prime Minister will

stand trial in April on serious sex

charges. Silvio Berlusconi denies

paying for sex with an underage

girl and abuse of power. He claims

he's being victimised by

prosecutors who want to topple him

from power.

Exactly two months after the

Christmas Island boat tragedy,

relatives have gathered to bury

their dead. More than 30 people

lost their lives in the disaster.

Now there are calls for the

survivors to be released from detention.

It was a reunion they had waited

years for but they never wanted one years for but they never wanted one

like this. After months at sea and

in detention asylum seekers were

reunited with their families to say

goodbye. They buried an Iranian man

along with a 3-month-old and an 8-

month-old. They died when their

boat crashed in heavy seas trying

to reach Australia. These people

have lost their loved ones. These

people have suffered a lot, they don't

don't need to suffer any more. Customs

Customs officials clashed with

asylum seekers. This man buried his

daughter, the bodies of his wife daughter, the bodies of his wife

and son were never found. I lost

everything, he says, there is nothing

nothing left. I want to stay in nothing left. I want to stay in

Australia. It is very hard to

understand, it is very rough. The

government should show some

humanity. For these families who

have lost so much, the pain is

still not over. Almost all will be still not over. Almost all will be

forced back into detention on Christmas

Christmas Island tomorrow. Among

them this boy. On what basis do

they put children in jail for doing

nothing. The opposition says the

cost of flying relatives to Sydney

was a waste. They are part of God's

creation and every person should be

treated with respect. Treatment

that saw families pulled apart by

burying their dead. customs officials minutes after

Four-year-old twins badly burned in

a garage explosion remain in a

critical condition this evening.

Something I have never seen before.

The amount of Byrnes those two

little boys had on them is

unbelievable. It is believed the

pair may have been playing with

matches. The Government has hit

back at claims the Government's

National Broadband Network is under

threat from emerging technology.

The Opposition claims Telstra's new

network further undermines the case

for building the $36 billion project.

We're on the move, and data hungry.

And Telstra has whipped up a new

dish to add to its internet menu - dish to add to its internet menu -

a 4G network that's expected to

boost mobile speeds in capital

cities and big regional centres.

Even a Government-backed report

warned 4G could pose a threat to

the fixed line National Broadband

Network. Wireless and fixed line

are complementary. There are times

when we want to be on the move and

have the technology with us. There

are times when we're in our own

homes where the quality and speed

of downloads is pivotal. But with

more people going wireless, the

Opposition says the NBN is more

trouble than its worth. Most Australians are increasingly Australians


starting to recognise this is a

reckless waste of tens of billions

of dollars. Technology experts

concede there will be an overlap

between wireless and fixed line

services, but there are some things

that just can't be done over a

wireless network. So you start

seeing that people are using the

technology in different ways, so

horses for courses.

The PM has spent the day in New

Zealand, rubbing shoulders with

business leaders and rubbing noses

with Maori leaders. Ten's Danielle

Isdale is in Wellington, where the Isdale is in Wellington, where the

PM will address the New Zealand parliament in the morning.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has

enjoyed a denial of local fare with

the New Zealand Prime Minister.

After a long day of meeting and

greeting and serious discussions.

She began the day in Auckland,

visiting a school. She had a visiting a school. She had a

traditional greeting, rubbing noses,

and she apologised for her big

Australian knows. She learnt where

Pavlova actually came from, as the

New Zealand Prime Minister insisted.

There was a serious side. She made

an address to the Trans Tasman

business circle. Can I start by

saying during. I hope it was

something like that. In my dreadful

Australian accent. She has be

welcomed warmly here but tomorrow

will be the real test. She had been

invited to address the parliament

but that invitation was taken back

because the greens vetoed it for

procedural reasons. They did not

want to set an uncomfortable

precedent. She will address the

debating chamber before parliament

convenes instead. The Queensland

Government has tonight confirmed

the State's most wanted man was on

its payroll. Murderer Luke Hunter

was on the run for 15 years. He got

a job in a north Queensland

from jail. hospital the year after he escaped

It took a authorities nearly 15

years to catch look Andrew Hunter

but it turns out while they were

hunting him he was working for

Queensland Health. I would have

thought the first thing would have

Not been, prove who you say you are.

Not to do that, I think, is a

fundamental flaw. He escaped prison

in 1996 after serving just five

years of a 21-year murder sentence.

By November the following year he

was a Queensland Health employee.

Working towards and gardens of a

hospital under a false name. The

identity he created, it appears

also included enough official

documentation for him to work

formally. Queensland Health admits

it was fooled. The Health Minister

says the only way there could be says the only way there could be

established his true identity would

have been to fingerprint and that

is not really undertaken. The

criminal background checks are

taken out on all full-time staff

now. Inquiries now include an

investigation into a religious cult.

Tonight Hunter is in maximum-

security. Charlie Sheen claims he's

been turned away from the set of

his hit TV show. He's given a

bizarre radio interview, making a

series of jokes about illegal drugs.

He's out of rehab, but Charlie

Sheen says he's not welcome on the

set of his own show.

I went back to work and, um, I was,

um, banging on the stage door -

"Hello! Where's everybody?" I don't

know what happened. I guess they're

closed. In a ranting radio closed. In a ranting radio

interview, Sheen said he was hungry

to act again. I heal really quickly,

but I also unravel pretty quickly

so get me right now, guys. Is there

a morality clause in your contract?

Yeah, blah, blah, nitpick, nitpick.

I mean, I haven't read it. But it's

his comments about this pep-talk he

gave an LA baseball team Stay off

the crack, drink chocolate milk.

..that have really made headlines.

Stay away from the crack, which I

think is pretty good advice. Unless

you can manage it socially, Dan. If

you can manage it socially, then go you can manage it socially, then go

for it, but not a lot of people can,

you know. Did you think you could?

Yeah, yeah, but that kind of blew

up in my face. Like an exploding

crack pipe, Dan! Sorry. But you're

clean now right? Oh, yeah. 100%,

100%. The show's producers haven't

commented on the bizarre interview,

but it's clear they're worried.

Production is due to resume in two

weeks time but already four of the

remaining eight episodes this

season have been cut. Sheen also

revealed he has a girlfriend, but

refused to name her. I'm here and

I'm ready. There're not. Bring it. You know?

London Zoo's latest attraction has

become an instant video hit. Tiny,

the first western lowland gorilla

to be born at the zoo for 20 years,

is learning how to take his first

steps. When he was born keepers had

worried how his 11-year old mother

Mjukuu would take to her newborn.

They needn't have worried - she

spends her day cuddling little Tiny

and is constantly by his side.

It could be argued the storylines on

on the bald and the beautiful are a

little hard to believe sometimes

but the top rating soap has taken a dive

dive into the real world with a

series of stories involving the homeless.

These are not the glamourous scenes

we are used to seeing. The focus

has switched from multi-million- dollar homes to the homeless. Welcome

Welcome to a very special episode.

We are in downtown Los Angeles in

skid Row. The folks interviewed

today are not actors. The storyline developed

developed when lead character

Stephanie Forester was diagnosed

with lung cancer and decided to

tick things off her bucket list. On

the way she discovered a community

she knew nothing about. I got

involved with a man who was very

abusive and he looked me up in the

closet. Wrongly assuming

homelessness is the result of drug

and alcohol abuse, she learned that

is not the case. I posted about

1,000 resume his in the last couple

of years. There was nothing

scripted. And she interviewed all those

those people downtown. Catherine

Kelly Lang joined her for many of

the scenes. It has really hit

people in their hearts and it is to

help the homeless, it is such a big problem

problem in the United States and

Los Angeles. The storyline has been

incredibly well received by critics,

fans and cast. The executive

producer is committed to hiring

some of the incredible characters

he found on skid row. I think it is

good socially speaking, because it

gives people a view that they might not have had.

Sports tonight with proud. Wallabies

Wallabies veteran heading west? He

He is off to France. That is next.

Also tonight - Libby Trickett's

going home. Brisbane has a pace

that is more us. And Tiger Woods

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Simple chat, better life. Easy.

Good evening and welcome to Toyota

Sports Tonight. He hasn't even

played a game in 2011 yet it's

already season over for

Collingwood's Nathan Brown. The 22-

year-old Premiership defender will

have a traditional knee

reconstruction after rupturing his

anterior cruciate ligament at training.

Having recovered from off-season

shoulder surgery, a training mishap

has wrecked Nathan Brown's knee and

ruined his season. There's never a

good time for these things to

happen. To happen before you have

played a game in season, maybe a

whole season or part of your season

in shot, but would be more hard to

handle. The Premiership defender,

who shadowed St Kilda skipper Nick

Riewoldt in last year's two grand

finals, will have surgery next week.

At 22, the Pies have opted for

Brown to have a traditional

reconstruction rather than the

revolutionary LARS. After

consultation with the experts,

we've decided on normal

reconstruction. The Chris Scott era

officially begins at Geelong this

weekend. And we can expect a

different Cats style of play. There

is no doubt if we roll out what we

rolled out last year we will not

win the Premiership. Scott already

facing similar questions to his predecessor over players' loyalty.

Asked if he thought Jimmy Bartel

would be a GWS target Sydney's

established side has a new co-

captain. I am very confident that

he is happy at Duong. It will be a

really hard decision for him. NSW

boy Jared McVeigh elevated to the

top job alongside Adam Goodes. To

be able to play for the swans in my

home town and to now be one of the

captains is very exciting and I am very very proud.

Karmichael Hunt admits to having a

cue nervous ahead of his NAB Cup

debut on Saturday night, the former

rugby league star's code switch

will reach its climax when he lines

up against the Swans. When

Karmichael Hunt signed on to play

AFL with the fledgling Gold Coast

Suns, it was a groundbreaking code

switch. A decorated rugby league

player who also succeeded in top

flight European rugby union, his

defection was met with derision and

scepticism. It also meant Hunt has

been under intense scrutiny. Oh

mate, pressure is nothing. I've

never really felt pressure before

I've just gone out there and played

footy mate. I enjoy it. An attitude

which has not only seen him improve

in the code, but earn the respect

of seasoned team mates. Surprised

me how good a kick he was because

it's a pretty hard thing to pick up

especially if you've been playing

rugby all your life.

The Hunt experiment will be put to

the test on Saturday night when he

lines up in the NAB Cup against the Swans.

A little bit nervous purely because

it's obviously a new experience for

me. But if he's going to play AFL

footy he needs to play against AFL

sides so he'll certainly be having

a run against Sydney.

Coach Guy McKenna isn't taking him

away as a sideshow. He says Hunt is

definitely in the frame to play in

the Suns' premiership opener in

Round 2 against Carlton, and he's

done it on his own merits. So

there's no free handouts or free

gifts or AFL or anyone else tapping

me on the shoulder and say can

Karmichael play this week? Through

Hunt's progress, he's shed about

eight kgs, improved his endurance

and fitness but lost nothing in

strength. The only question left is,

can he make it?

Yeah absolutely, he'll make it.

Yeah definitely. I mean I feel I'm

ready for it, I guess I'll never

know until I get out there. Gold Coast Titans Foundation Coach

John Cartwright today signed a new

five-year contract that'll see him

guide the club until the end of

2016. Cartwright steered the Titans

to the finals in the last two

seasons and now wants to create his

own slice of history. The Gold

Coast I don't think in any code of

sport and be the first team to do

it would be enormous. The new deal

won't stop the former international

from assisting Blues coach Ricky

Stuart in this season's State of

Origin series. The ball. Have encroached

encroached on Sydney Roosters

territory in a bid to sign more

members for the upcoming season,

the players pounded the pavement as

the club further distance itself

from the Ryan Tandy betting scandal.

The Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs

unleashed in Sydney's CBD. Leave no

stone unturned, ok? Get out there &

sign some members up. Players

signed more autographs than members.

And in rugby league it's long

overdue that they get community

friendly because we always rely on

the leagues clubs and those days

are really dissipating. Off

contract at season's end, Coach

Kevin Moore's under pressure to

retain his position after an

abysmal 2010. We just want to be in

the finals, you know what I mean,

and hopefully we can continue on

from 2009 and skip 2010. They've

recruited well, they got Pritchard,

Greg Eastwood, we absolutely missed

him last year and we've got five or

six halfbacks going for two

positions so it looks pretty good for the Bulldogs.

The Dogs forging ahead without Ryan

Tandy as he deals with illegal

betting allegations.

And obviously Ryan's got to handle

that himself - they've done that by

taking him out of training for the

time being so that we can prepare.

Dual Premiership Captain Steve

Mortimor believes Jamal Idris

should prepare to re-enter the

Origin arena, as NSW battle to end

Queensland's five-year reign.

That'll be up to Ricky Stuart of

course - it's great that we've got

an independent coach now & I'm sure

Jamal Idris will enhance the Blues'

opportunity of beating those Queenslanders.

Wallaby Matt Giteau has tonight

confirm he has signed with French

rugby union club Toulon, he has

agreed to an 18-month deal, he will join English fly-half Jonny

Wilkinson and former Western Force

team-mate Matt Henjack in France, after

after the Rugby World Cup in

September. Using social networks

like Twitter, he says he wants to

make this year with the Brumbies as

enjoyable as he can. Libby and Luke

on the move - saying see ya later

Sydney... Bring on Brizzy. It's a

holistic look at our life now and

our life as a family. And I think

this will be a really positive move

for us. We love Sydney but we think for us. We love Sydney but we think

Brisbane has a pace that's more us.

Maybe somewhere in the midst of

that 5-0 whitewash we got in the

State of Origin we realised. Qld is

the place we want to be.

Trickett's move coming in the

middle of a heavy training regime

as she looks to return to the top

of world swimming, but incredibly

the Olympic champion is about to

intensify her workload even further

- bashing out an incredible 40

hours a week under the watchful and

fierce gaze of former coach Stephan Widmar.

You know it's a little bit daunting

but I'm excited to see how far I

can push myself physically and

emotionally and montally and just

see how fast I can go. Trickett

revealing today not only that she's

leaving Sydney for Brisbane but

that just 13 days ago she suffered

the most serious injury of her

career. A jarred back, leaving her

writhing in pain, I went training

and just jammed my back after one

of the dives which has never

happened before.

Libby's monitoring the injury but

says in no way should it halt her

progress at this stage.

Out of favour West Australian

batsman Michael Swart has received

the ultimate call up, asked to play

for the Netherlands in the upcoming World Cup.

Swart only holds a Dutch passport

through his father's heritage. But,

before he boards a plane for the

sub-continent, the 28-year-old must

face a district cricket tribunal

after a recent on field incident. However, it appears certain Swart's

Cup dream won't be affected by the hearing result.

Yeah, it's awesome, I'm really looking forward to it.

Remarkably, he has never been to the Netherlands.

More problems again spin bowlers in

the build-up to the World Cup, playing

playing South Africa, the Aussies have just been

have just been dismissed for 217, the

the good news, half-centuries for

Ricky Ponting and Michael Clark. the good news, half-centuries for Ricky Ponting and Michael Clark.

Tiger Woods has apologised on

Twitter after being fined for

spitting, during the final round of

the Dubai Desert Classic. The

incident occurred on the 12th green

while he was lining up a bogey putt

on his way to a 3 over 75. You used

to have by-laws in Britain about

spitting in the street, maybe they

should bring those back in?

Absolutely, disgusting. VOICEOVER: Recently the Becketts sat down

for a simple life-changing chat

with a Commonwealth financial planner. Soon after, their opportunities were made perfectly clear. Simple chat, better life. Easy.

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Play of the Day and we are slipping

and sliding through Slovakia for

the 10th Sled Dog World

Championships, more than 150 races

from 14 countries go barking mad

for the annual event. I came here

for the fourth time and it is

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race. It is thirsty and tiresome

work for the cool canines, they

earned themselves a well deserved

nap and that is our Play of the Day.

Now we can look at the finance headlines.

The All Ordinaries fnished flat.

The big banks lost up to 1%, BHP

Billiton out performed Rio

Billiton out performed Rio Tinto

and Telstra lost one cent. The

Australian dollar is buying 100 Australian dollar is buying 100

American cents. To the commodities,

gold and oil are both firmer. American cents. To the commodities, gold and oil are both firmer.

A Possible thunderstorm in Cairns

and Adelaide Brisbane - a possible

shower Showers in sydney and

Canberra. Late thunder in Melbourne,

Perth and Alice Springs. Hobart -

Mostly sunny. Darwin - Windy with rain.

That is the latest, to not -- do

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