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Live This afternoon, the focus

on Victoria as more towns brace

for unprecedented flooding. Since this time last

week, the number of houses that week, the number of houses

have been inundated has

have been inundated has

doubled, the number of

properties impacted in some way

has trebled. Also today scale of the Queensland flood

disaster continues to grow and

the death toll climbs to 17.

A desperate appeal for

solidarity as the Treasurer

calls on people to dig deep for

Queensland. We need all

Australians to go an extra mile

because the scale of this disaster is probably one of the Australian history. And biggest in economic terms in biggest in

Australian history. And England gets off to a flying start in its one day international against Australia.

Good afternoon, you're

watching ABC News 24. I'm Neena Mairata. Let's take a

quick look at today's weather

around the capital cities. The focus is on this afternoon The focus is on Victoria

have swol lowed the gauges in several towns in the state's

west. The SES says it means

can no longer measure

Floodwaters are inundating the snrood levels in those areas.

small towns of Rupanyup and Culgoa. The Wimmera River Culgoa. The Wimmera River is

expected to peak at Horsham

tomorrow night. It could be

the worst flood in 100 years

with predictions 100 homes

could be flooded and a further

500 surrounded by water.

cross to ABC reporter Emily

Stewart who is at the banks of the Wimmera River at Horsham where waters are continuing to

rise. What's the situation

there now? The river is looking very swollen at the

moment. Some nearby walking

tracks are underwater and tracks are underwater and the

backyards, the water is backyards, the water is rising up to the backyards of up to the backyards of several

houses and is starting to go

of people over one low-lying road. Lots

at this stage it is expected to of people are having a look but

peak tomorrow. What are people

in the area doing to prepare? sandbagging properties. The A lot of people are

Horsham depot has given Horsham depot has given out

more than 10 more than 10 thousand bags

there are lots of volunteers within a couple of hours and

down there helping to fill sandbags. I've come from a

friend's house where friends are sandbagging all day and are

ready to tackle the

water. Obviously no-one knows

how far the situation will go.

What effects are being far in the community. Because What effects are being felt so

it is affecting such a wide of roads have been closed and the Victorian roads authority says many of

undermined. For two days the Main Road Adelaide, the western highway,

as been closed and trucks have been unable to get through, so

supplies were running low in

staples like bread and milk in Horsham. Just this afternoon the western highway has

reopened so we're expecting to

get restocked later on today. Smaller towns have very isolated and they're out of food and water. It isolated and they're running causing a lot of inconvenience

to a lot of people in the area.

Thousands have been without

power because a stakes was a stakes was flooded at Charlton

which is nearby and phone

services have been disrupted. Thank you for your

time. ABC reporter Emily

Stewart there. On to

Queensland now, and the death

toll from the state's floods

has reached 17. Recovery crews have found a woman's building

in Grantham in the Lockyer

Valley. A man was found doesn't. Police have released details of the 17 people details of the 17 people who

have died in the state's flood crisis. A coronial inquiry has

been launched into the flood

related deaths across southern

said it could take months to Queensland. The State Coroner

recover and identify the bodies of those still missing from

devastating Lockyer Valley flash floods. flash floods. The flooding in

Queensland is not over yet. Floodwaters approaching

Condamine are expected to hit

record levels. The town has

been evacuated and a number of already been inundated. homes

already been inundated. A

flood peak of 15 metres is

That's close to the record predicted for later tonight.

level of 15.25 metres set earlier this month. It is the second time in second time in 10 days the town

has been swamped by water with

the previous record high water level from just over a week

ago. The City of Brisbane is

pulling together for day two of

the weekend's mass clean-up.

Thousands are out attacking the

mud and rubbish in the worst

hit suburbs. The authorities

are also chipping in more. State and Federal Governments are boosting funding. Hayden Cooper reports

from Brisbane. Sunday morning

in the Queensland capital and

the broom brigade marches once more, ready to shovel, scrape and scrub away and scrub away the city's

grime. Everyone is doing it grime. Everyone is doing

so we thought have power at watch. In with the brown army The mud army. Giving a volunteer hand. Day two of the mass another impressive turn volunteer effort has delivered

but this time the heavy rigs another impressive turn out,

Bulldozers, trucks and utes all have been called in to action. have been called

to serve one vital purpose - To

try and hit it hard on the flood damaged materials and remove that waste from volunteers work a six-hour local streets. As the

shift in the worst-hit areas, everyone else has been told to stay off the roads. Those on the receiving end of the goodwill effort can hardly believe it. They did a really

good job, the people, amazing,

people you never met. One guy I had never seen I had never seen anybody work

like him in my clean-up squads continued their the night the professional

work. In some buildings water still floods the lower levels,

currently using swift-water keeping electricity off. We're keeping

rescue crews to go into this

to open up a door to allow to get water into the area we're drafting water out of. Today's 600 firefighters have been deployed to the force. There are about 160 fire appliances which has never

never been done before in Queensland's history. Where is the waterline? it was. Governments in

Brisbane and Canberra want

kick along the donation fund. Millions have been raised but it only scratches The two governments in another $10 million in another $10 million each. We need all Australians to go an extra mile because the scale of

this disaster is probably one of the biggest in economic terms in terms in Australian history. Once we get awful this rubbish history. Once we get awful this rubbish off the streets, there recovery for all of these families and rubbish off the streets is no small task in itself. This is just one makeshift tip that's

been set up to deal deluge of junk. It's only a fraction of the soggy debris that's littered across the city. city. Hayden Cooper, ABC News, Brisbane. The Queensland

Premier, Anna Bligh, has Premier, Anna Bligh, has given

a summary of the disaster so

far. We are far. We are continuing to be very grateful for the assistance we're seeing from the Australian Defence Force.

There are now 1447 Defence Queensland, largely in the south-east but we continue to

have a presence by the have a presence by the ADF in St George and in We are very pleased that minesweeper will arrive tomorrow to start checking tomorrow to start checking in Moreton Bay so we large debris and make decisions

about what, if any, should be

salvaged for the sake of cleaning out the bay. We cleaning out the bay. We have now got Air Force assets doing major photographic aerial surveys of the floodplain so

behaved and keep that record disappear. Whether it is people out on the people out on the ground getting providing either those sorts of

in a very strategic way that win hopefully help us in the future. The scale of this

disaster is certainly starting

to be understood by many people, but what people, but what happened in the last week certainly

significantly has increased the

task of rebuilding. Just the this time last week the number

of houses that have been inundated has doubled, the

number of

number of properties impacted in some way has trebled, the

number of evacuations number of evacuations across

Queensland has doubled and the

area affected by all of these

events in the last couple events in the last couple of

weeks is now almost 500,000 square kilometres and the

people who live in the 51 local

government areas that have a

disaster declaration number 2.1

million. We're seeing a very large scale event. some people have impacted in a desperate and dire way, desperate and dire way, but many others having their lives dislocated by roads cut dislocated by roads cut off, not being able to get services, not being able to keep medical appointments et

cetera. This will have a ripple effect across our

community for a very long time. We go live to Geoff Ernest at an evacuation centre in Brisbane. What's the latest, Geoff? As we saw in

Hayden's report, an army volunteers for the second day

to clean-up this flood

disaster. I'm at the RNA disaster evacuation centre. It

is one of 34 operating a cross

the state to help the state to help those in need. In Brisbane need. In Brisbane some 22,000

homes are still without power, so unfortunately some people are going to be here for some time yet. I've got some

figures of just how many figures of just how many people these centres are dealing with.

311 people stayed here across

last night and that was last night and that was just at

the RNA showground centre. Some 1,700 stayed across

centres across Queensland. The

charities and services on offer

at these places is

remarkable. We've got 30 to 40

here - that's just at an estimate.

estimate. Those include

Centrelink to help people with those government assistance

payments. We've also got non-English speaking charities

including the Muslim charity

fund and from Taiwan the

charity. One of the

charities here is flood aid.

There are scams going around so there are people asking for money from people who are

volunteering. Basically, we're

not a charity, we're not not a charity, we're not taking money from We're purely a filth for people

to get the help that they need

direct think and for people who

are in need or need help, are in need or need help, need accommodation. It where they accommodation. It is somewhere where they with ask for help as well. If anybody is asking you

for money at a time like this, call the police straight way. It is just ridiculous. That Emily quirk from flood aid. Obviously, after four to five

days stuck in these centres

tempers are starting to tempers are starting to fray,

not only the people do have not only the people do have to come home come home and sleep here during

the night, they have to go home during

during the day and clean-up

their flood affected houses.

About 30 minutes ago we saw the

police escort one gentleman

out. Tempers are getting

rather heated here. I've got

some advice for people still cleaning up their home. This is from a gentleman who over 50 years in photo

restoration. There are a lot

of people pulling photographs

out of their houses that are

just covered in mud. That's the memories that people need

to save in this clean-up.

Obviously, we can replace

furniture, we can replace white

goods, but these memories are sacred to mees families. For your photographs

clean them in water

clean them in water for minutes before adding a little clean them in water for 10

minutes before adding a little bit of is off per just for a

bit of is off per

part of all this put them face up on a window and clean the

back of them and leave them attached to the glass and they're dry and ready to they're dry and ready to go,

they'll simply just fall they'll simply just fall off

and then if there's and then if there's any remaining marks on the

photographs, you can just take them to your local photo shop

or you can use photo shop on your computer at your computer at home. Very

good advice there Geoff. I'm

sure people will try to salvage

those precious memory. You mentioned overnight at that particular evacuation centre. In people moving around with bags. Is there any indication people moving around with bags. some of them will be allowed some of them will be allowed to leave to go home, return to

their homes as floodwaters recede? Today, this recede? Today, this afternoon, we have only been here for

few hours, there have been two calls across the PA system calls across the PA system here telling them that buses telling them that buses are leaving going back to flood affected suburbs. Some affected suburbs. Some people are starting to go manager of this centre, Debbie, Ashton, I was speaking to Ashton, I was speaking to her before, she's from Cross, she said Cross, she said 311 last night was the absolute was the absolute maximum that

they could take. She told me that people who are somewhere to stay should just get in contact with foundations, get in contact with the usual foundations, that's up. Geoff Ernest, thank you your time. That was your time. That was ABC

reporter Geoff Ernest there. week. The Governor-General toured Condamine 10 days ago inexpect the

and the Lockyer Valley and the Lockyer Valley to see

firsthand the damage. ABC reporter Barbara Miller has

been travelling with the Governor-General. She this report a little earlier. The Governor-General has been

hearing a number of Ipswich about people wanting to

pitch in and help in some way, help the flood victims. She's

decided to pitch She's Donned an apron is dishing Ipswich showgrounds. It is a

very busy environment here. We've got a child minding

Children here. There's a

barbecue on the go. On the

whole it is a vibrant upbeat atmosphere. Earlier,

quite emotional after she met some families who had been badly affected by the floods. She hugged a young mother and became teary when and the long journey ahead of them. One of the children in that particular family that particular family was said to be suffering from nightmares

from the situation. She many staff have been putting in long hours. They had their three busiest three busiest days there mainly

because many people are because many people are getting shots to ward off infections from those to be allowed back into their

homes. It is something homes. It is something that

I'm actually asking that there be consideration least them being able to go

back to see back to see what's happened. It is nearly a week since the incidents and I understand the sensitivities of the area, sensitivities of the area, but I've been to the area, other politicians and media have been to be the area and in a lot of

cases these local residents are

hearing secondhand about what of them just want to know and I know there's... I've with a community representative today and there are a lot issues to juggle for the but all we're disaster response but all we're asking is that

they consider escorting some of

the residents into the town so that they come to grips with

what confronts them and not hear secondhand from others who

have been into the township. Obviously there are

wider implications and

consequences for it to have

been designated a crime scene. Wouldn't back into their

back into their homes hamper investigation efforts? Well,

they're obviously things that

can be given consideration as to whether they to whether they actually are allowed there are a number of there are a number of other issues that are affecting them, including the need to have

identification on them which

prevents them accessing other

services, but in many cases

some of those aspects of ID

have in their homes. Look, the

worst thing is for worst thing is for these residents they don't know what's happened and what's happened and they're

getting secondhand reports.

It's extremely upsetting. They've accommodation. They don't know if they have a home to return

to but others have been to but others have been given access. It is a plea to the

access. It is a plea to the authorities, understanding the sensitivities, that they be given the opportunity to return

to their homes along a police escort and even only for a

brief time is all that's being asked for by these representatives of the

community. A reminder of how to contribute to contribute to the Queensland Government's appeal to help flood victims. Can you find

all the details on the State

Government's website. There's better news for people in communities on

communities on the MacIntyre River in New South Wales. River in New South Wales. The State Emergency Service says there's no longer the threat of flooding in the towns of

Boggabilla and Toomelah on the

Queensland border. At Queensland border. At least

500 people were evacuated from

their homes on Wednesday.

About a third of Boggabilla About a third of Boggabilla was

underwater and Toomelah was

isolated. The SES says it is

now safe for people to go back to

to their homes, but they should

not drink tap water. not drink tap water. Overseas and the unit nations launch an appeal for flood

victims in Sri Lanka where at

least 32 people have died. Over

Over 300,000 people have been

displaced in floods across the

east and centre of the country.

Floodwaters are receding but aid agencies are warning of the

danger of waterborne diseases

starn vation in the worst-hit

areas. Brazilians are areas. Brazilians are started burying some of burying some of the victims of the deadly floods which killed

at least 500 people north

at least 500 people north of Rio de Janeiro. Thousands have been made homeless by by heavy rain. Some survivors

have been forced to trek

through dangerous terrain to

find food, water and medicine

after government rescuers were unable to reach them. unable to reach them. Search

crews are continuing to scour

for survivors in more built up areas. Authorities say the

death toll is likely to rise.

In Tunisia a day after the

country's President fled, the

capital at this timecy is again

under curfew. Troops are stationed throughout the city following widespread looting,

arson and violence. The number

of dead has risen. The level

of anger and speed of change in

Tunisia is causing concern.

Among the other governments

across North Africa and the

Middle East. What turned that relatively prosperous and

educated country against its leader? Tunisia has been

convulsed by protest, crackdown

and now the top building of the President. The violence has

lifted the lid on what lifted the lid on what many believed was one of North Africa's

Africa's most Africa's most stable countries.

Behind the uprising bottled Behind the uprising bottled up

frustration felt by the growing

number of educated but unemployed young people. One

of them had sparked the

protests when he set himself

alight back in alight back in December, causing horrific injuries. The

President visited him in

hospital, but his vental death

resonate add cross the country.

Anger was stoked by revelations

on WikiLeaks from Washington, publicly a Tunisian regime in a secret

cable its ambassador to Tunis

said: It has been mounting for some

time, this sense of repression from the Zine al-Abedine Ben

Ali a geem was getting too

suffocating, if you like, for

the younger generation. It is

the also the fact this

generation has not been able to

find jobs, particularly amongst

the graduates. The combination of political and economic like, has finally burst. The

shockwaves from Tunisia's political upheaval are being

felt across North Africa and the Middle East. Particularly nervous are governments Algeria, Libya, Egypt Algeria, Libya, Egypt and Jordan. over the lack of reform. Tunisians across Europe have been celebrating and hope their followed by in Egypt where President Hosni

Mubarak is 8 2 and Mubarak is 8 2 and faces growing opposition to his growing opposition to his plans

to hand power to his son. sure many governments in region feel quite concerned about what happened in Tunisia because it came very fast and Tunisia was one of the countries which was least expected to go through expected to go through this kind of change. As the

protesters in Tunisia digest their victory, the question now can possibly fulfil their expectations. To sport with

Claire Aird. England off to a good start in the

international. I do have some good taken another wicket, of Michael yard de. England won

the toss and are batting in the toss and are batting in the first one day international with England at the MCG. The tourists are 6 for 236. tourists are 6 for 236. Let's

take a look at some of the

action so far today. Australia

got off to a fairly slow start. They missed the opportunity to run out England's opener Steve

Davies. When Steve Davies. When Steve Smith fumbled at the bowler's fumbled at the bowler's end what. Could what. Could have been the

first wicket was a no-ball which cost Australia beautiful ball from David

Hussey. The Victorian then struck again to

Trott. Captain Andrew Strauss was was caught by his Australian counterpart, Michael Clarke,

then joined in for a true team effort. The

beaten Australia by four run in their their third 20/20 International at Manuka Oval in Laura Marsh is player of the match scoring 45 off 44.

in the series with only two

matches remaining. To other

news now and Iran have booked their place in the Asian Cup

win over North Korea. In day's other Group D match, their one-all draw against

South Korea yesterday. Holger Osieck's side faced early on Wednesday early on Wednesday morning knowing a win would secure top

spot in Group C. But Brett

Holman is expecting Holman is expecting a hard match. Dangerous side and

we'll have to be really sharp

and really focused for that match. It's going to be a

tough one and they're going tough one and they're going to give

give everything. We'll have to be give everything. We'll have to be ready. Back home, Mariners. That score is currently be ready. Back home, Newcastle currently nil-all. Neither

side is yet to scorement last

night the two fixtures played

both yielded a pointed for the

sides involved. sides involved. Overseas,

there's been six matches in the English Premier League overnight. Manchester City have returned to the top with

an uncomfortable 4-3 win over

Wolves. Arsenal one three-nil

away to West Ham. Stoke and

West Brom picked up valuable

wins, while Fulham snatched a

late draw at Wigan. late draw at Wigan. After a lacklustre

lacklustre first-half, Branislav Ivanovic was Branislav Ivanovic was the

first to score for Chelsea.

The ball snuck in at The ball snuck in at the

another post. The Blues another post. The Blues took advantage of some slack Blackburn defence. Blackburn defence. Another corner this time from Nicholas

Anelka hit a stray boot to seal

the result. It fired the result. It fired Chelsea

back into the top four of the

league. Meantime, Arsenal

eased to a three-nil win over struggling west ham. Robin Van Persie scored the first of his

brace. Theo Walcott the advantage for the Gunners leading up to halftime and when Wayne Bridge Wayne Bridge brought Theo Walcott down in the box, Robin

Van Persie ensured the win and all three points. It takes

them to within just two of Manchester City. Greg Jones

has failed in his bid to be the only local man to qualify for the Australian Open which

starts tomorrow at Melbourne

Park. Jones was beaten in the

final round of qualifying today

by top speed. Lleyton Hewitt

is the only Australian man to have made singles draw on merit. The

former world number one will

have a tough first round opponent in David Nalbandian.

But he says he's feeling But he says he's feeling good. Everything has gone to plan

so far. As I keep saying, the

last few days, it's I've done everything possible that I could have done so far, so it is a matter of going out and is a matter of going out and securitying and hopefully Thick Thick cloud across the

tropics in an active monsoon is storms. Cloud stretching New South storms. Cloud stretching through Western Queensland and trough is thundery showers. Around the states, in Queensland monsoonal rain in the northern tropics with thunderstorms the central parts of the central parts of the state. Mainly fine in the south-west. New South southern coast extending Central Coast later in Central Coast later in the day. Showers and thunderstorms over

parts of the north-east. Partly cloudy in the south of Victoria mostly sunny in the north, in Tasmania, scattered showers about the west

Plateau, otherwise fine until sudden showers develop in sudden showers develop in the

afternoon. SA, light showers over parts of the suth east in

Central Districts, north of the state. isolated evening showers in the Pilbara, light falls expected further south. The Northern Territory can expect scattered

rain over the Top End but a

fine day around Alice Springs. Looking ahead, south across most of the eastern capitals, storms and 31 storms and 31 in Brisbane, cloudy cloudy and 36 in Adelaide, top a 36 in storms for Darwin. I'm Neena

Mairata. I'll be pack with all of the day's news at the

And Solomon Islanders urged to switch