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Hello, I'm Sandra Sully and welcome to Ten's Late News. that's consumed the Socceroos coach before
our fight with Italy. The crucial talk that's changed the way Australia and Indonesia think about
each other.

Do you come here often?

Three times within my time now.

The wedding's over and now for the mystery - where are these two heading tonight for their
honeymoon? And Ryan Phelan joins us with Sports Tonight. Ryan, mystery still surrounds Harry
Kewell's place in the team.

That's right, Sandra, but what we do know is Kewell is traveling to Kaiserslauten with his
team-mates. He'll be given up to 90 minutes before the match to prove his fitness. He's still
undergoing extensive physio treatment. There are reports he won't play but those rumors were around
for their last game too.

And Ryan, this groin injury hasn't stopped him before and I doubt it will this time. We're also
told tonight, despite all the hype and pressure, the team is calm, relaxed and confident. Frank
Coletta is there with the latest from the stage of tonight's World Cup thriller. Frank. Sandra and
Ryan, will he or won't he? It's the question on everyone's lips. Harry Kewell in serious doubt for
the match against Italy. After two years of torment through injury after injury, he now has
blistered feet, to go with the ongoing groin problem. The man the PM refers to as King Harry has
not been seen at training since the Croatia game. Harry Kewell the lonely figure as the Socceroos
went through their final training session in Oehringen.

One day it can be fantastic and next day it can be terrible and it's just flaring up here and

The cloud over the Liverpool star's fitness worrying team-mates.

We've got to wait and see how the situation unfolds. Obviously Harry's a very important player for
us and, you know, we want him to be fit 100%.

It's Australia against the world if you believe the comments from the Socceroos.

Nobody expected us to qualify for the World Cup, nobody expected us to get past the group and
nobody expects us to beat Italy. So yet again we look forward to going into the game very much as

The players continuing to show a relaxed front.

We've surpassed all expectations so everything for us now is a bonus. So we're just enjoying the
experience. We've smiled on the first day we got here and we're still smiling now.

The Socceroos are now back in Kaiserslautern where it all began 14 days ago against Japan. The
venue set to bring back fond and positive memories when they take on the Italians. The fans too are
happy to be back in the city which successfully kicked off Australia's campaign and they're already
looking ahead.

We're very optimistic and hopefully in a couple of weeks we're picking up a ticket to Berlin.

These supporters are among the lucky ones who preordered tickets as they pick up catagory one entry
at a bargain $300. Online auctions have been selling them for almost five times that. Anyone
looking for a last-minute cheap seat will be disappointed. Neil Cordy in Kaiserslautern for Ten
News. In terms of our chance as well the Italian coach thinks we are a real danger. Marcello Lippi
calls Guus Hiddink a very tactical manager, someone who can frame his teamwork around the
opposition without any problems. And he does have it over the Italians, guiding Korea to a 2002 win
over Italy. If it goes down to penalty shootouts the Italians are not very adept there, they've
lost all three. So fingers crossed that we could be writing another chapter in this fairytale and
remembering that with the dozen teams that now remain, six of those are World Cup winners, so
Australia is very much in the elite. The one that's missing from the World Cup winners is Uruguay.
You know what happened to them. Ryan, any victorious chapter written tonight will almost certainly
be dedicated to Guus Hiddink?

Sandra, everyone's acknowledged the pivotal role Guus has played. He can now catapult us into a new
sporting stratosphere against one of Soccer's blue bloods and you could say he will help change the
sporting landscape in this country.

Ryan, actually the team rates us but Italians in Italy have written us off actually rating us no
chance of winning. They're confident. Their Australian cousins, meanwhile, have overwhelmed major
Italian centres gearing up for tonight's historic clash. Ten's Cameron Baud's in the heart of
Melbourne's Italian community of Carlton. Cameron, Soccer's an emotional game and so are the fans,

Lygon Street is definitely the heartland for Melbourne's Italian community and on a night like this
it is also the collective set of lungs with the fans out in full voice. We are now two hours away
voice. We are now two hours away from kick off and Lygon Street is living up to its expectations as
living up to its expectations as the livelyest of these World Cup live sites that have been set up
around Australia. We're expecting around 20,000 people here tonight. The street has been blocked
off. We've got two big screens for the fans to watch the game tonight and fans to watch the game
tonight and it's a game that for many people here it's putting their heritage against their home.
Happy to say that many people here tonight have decided to say come on Aussie, as well as go Azuri.

Soccer is an emotional game and so are the fan, as you've just mentioned. Are the divided loyalties
causing any problems yet?

Those who love the world game will tell you that the beauty of the game is the fact that it can
take you on such an emotional journey in the space of 09 minutes. At this stage the mood here is
positive, it's lively, it's up, everything is having a good time. So we're expecting a good time
tonight. There is a time tonight. There is a significant security presence on hand. We have police
both undercover and in uniform who are searching for banned items. But the overall experience of
these live overall experience of these live sites during the World Cup finals has been positive,
aside from a minority of trouble makers.

Thank you, Cameron. And hordes of Sydneysiders have braved a chilly and showery night to make their
way to live sites around Sydney, including Norton Street, Leichhardt, the city's Little Italy.
5,000 fans are expected to watch the giant screens with police shutting the road until 5:00
tomorrow morning. One place keen to see the Socceroos do well

We'll have more on the World Cup in spots tonight plus. Shane Dye's family flies out to be by his
side following the champion jockey's horrific fall in Hong Kong.

I'm a bit scared but he's a fighter and he'll hopefully get through it.

And Fernando Alonso stretches his lead in the Formula 1 Driver's championship.

Despite outrage among Bali bombing surviviors, Indonesia says there'll be no further action against
the bombers' freed spiritual leader Abu Bakar Bashir. The news follows talks tonight between John
Howard and the Indonesian President. When there's tension in the air, change the subject to

It's 30 years since we got in to qualify for the World Cup and we went a little further than many
people thought.

Even the President's spokesman got into the swing.

If you beat Italy in the football it's like us beating you in cricket!

But the substance of the meeting was heavier going, after all, relations have been so strained over
recent months, this meeting has been on the brink of cancellation. On the West Papuan asylum
seekers issue, Mr Howard reassured the President Australia has no intention of giving any
encouragement to the separatist movement there.

My Government does not wish to see Australia used as a staging post.

But there was no guarantee from Mr Howard that his tough new legislation on asylum seekers would
get through our parliament. On the controversial early release of radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir,
President Yudhoyono said he sympathised with Australian anguish over the Bali bombings, but the law
was the law.

He was prosecuted, he was judged, he was serving his term in jail and after the completion of the
punishment, based on our law, he has to be released.

The tone much lighter this morning when the two leaders bumped into each other while on beach

Do you come here often?

Three times within my time now.

Yes? It's very nice. I've had a lovely walk.

This meeting has served the purpose of re-establishing direct dialogue between the two leaders, but
in terms of concessions sought and given, it has been, in football terms, a 0-0 draw. In Batam,
Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Hopes tonight tensions will ease in East Timor after the dramatic
resignation of the scandal-plagued Prime Minister. But Canberra insists Australia won't be
interfering over a replacement. has mobilised the masses, East Timor's political paralysis the
loudest voices demanding a leadership change, that call answered by Mari Alkatiri, who is finally
stepping down as the country's prime minister, his position becoming untenable following the
resignation of two key ministers and the threat more would follow.

Assuming my own share of responsibility for the crisis affecting our country, determined not to
contribute to any deepening of the crisis, I declare I'm ready to resign from my position of Prime

Mr Alkatiri's government sparked weeks of violence after it sacked 600 from East Timor's army. The
embattled leader then failed to rein in the murder and mayhem, Mr Alkatiri also implicated in a
plot to eliminate his political opponents. It's now hoped his capitulation will bring calm to the
streets of Dili.

I am pleased, but that expression of pleasure should not be taken as an expression of view on who
should occupy what particular position in East Timor.

John Howard urging the East Timorese to quickly fill the leadership vacuum.

I want the issue of who governs in East Timor resolved as soon as possible.

The Australian Government hoping for a rapid transition to stability so it can bring the troops
home from East Timor. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Some good news tonight for families preparing
their tax returns. Parents are in line for a childcare rebate worth as much as $4,000. Come June
30, some families could be in for a lucky break. The Federal Government's childcare rebate kicks
in, which means parents can claim up to $4,000 when they lodge this year's tax return.

That's a rebate of 30% of parents' out-of-pocket expenses for their child care.

But there's a catch - the rebate isn't a cash-in-hand refund.

It is really an offset against the amount of tax that you've already paid.

In other words, you pay less tax so you could get a bigger refund. To be eligible, you must have
used approved child care in the 2004 to 2005 income year. and received the Federal Government's
Child Care Benefit. Childcare centres can help with the dreaded paperwork.

You can actually log on to the Fa mily A ssistance website, I'm not prepared. I haven't had time to
read through the information, process any of it.

If you don't have your receipts don't worry. You need to have access to the Internet.

You can log on to Family Assist website or if you see a CPA to get your tax return done we have
access to a website as well.

A word of warning to all taxpayers, the tax office is cracking down on work expense claims.

Business professionals such as lawyers and accountants, IT professionalsing people working on
mining sites.

Down time at last after a busy week of wedding preparations. Nicole and Keith start their
honeymoon. More on that story after the break.

This program is captioned live.

The safety of mobile phones is being questioned once again. A scientific study has found the
emissions excite a part of the brain cortex nearest to the phone, but the researchers say it's yet
not clear if that's harmful. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has been named the most influential
Australian of all time. The 75-year-old tops a list compiled by the 'Bulletin' magazine which also
includes the likes of Pauline Hanson. A special guest at today's announcement was the Federal
Treasurer, who suggested the list should have been announced tomorrow.

If Australia wins tonight there ought to be one G. Hiddink listed as one of Australia's 100
influential people.

Other names to appear in the top 10 included Germaine Greer and Kerry Packer. Urgent calls for a
review of how police officers patrol at night. After two brutal assaults and shootings, the Police
Union is demanding that police never patrol alone. Senior Constable Gabriel Jose was left beaten
and bloodied on the roadside. Colleagues comforted him as paramedics worked on the two people he'd
shot in self-defence. Last night, highly respected Dog Squad Sergeant Peter Myles was also forced
to open fire on a car full of suspected armed robbers who'd tried to run him down.

They made the choice, didn't they? They tried to kill a police officer and he was in fear of his
life, and he did the thing that he should have done, that he was trained to do.

Sergeant Myles and his trainee partner saw a bag lying on the floor. Inside were balaclavas, a
pistol and a sawn-off shotgun. The bullet fired from the sergeant's service pistol hit the driver's

If there hadn't been two officers there last night definitely, we might have had two funerals this
week. That was very, very lucky. That was a one-off.

Two incidents in two days has the police union furious. They say Queensland is the only State where
single-officer policing remains common practice and that some of the 1,500 officers behind desks in
police headquarters should be put back in the passenger seats of patrol cars. Officer Jose has been
released from hospital with a broken jaw.

He's also received and sustained bite wounds to the face and also down the arms.

Brett La Frantz, Ten News. More scandalous allegations tonight from the Dianne Brimble inquest. The
court has heard that one of the men named during the hearing described the Brisbane mother's death
callously to fellow passengers. The night manager of the 'Pacific Sky' First there were the
insulting comments Leo Sylvestri made to police about her appearance and today details of the blunt
account he allegedly gave to fellow passengers about what had happened. The night manager of the
'Pacific Sky' 578 tailor says he came to see her a night after the Brisbane mother died and cried.
She says he was upset by the way passengers were talking about him. It's claimed he even asked for
advice about what to tell authorities. Mrs Brimble was last seen their n their company at a disko
along with a P and O security guard at closing time. The security officer allegedly told Mrs Tailor
he'd seen Mrs Brimble touch the thigh of one of the men, then in turn asked for a massage and swore
at her when she refused. The court heard the guard refused. The court heard the guard should have
been helping with night patrols of the ship at the time. The inquest is expected to hear from
another passenger who had an encounter with Sylvestre later this week. Former teen runaway Natasha
Ryan has defended the man who hid her for five years, a police interview played to court also
revealing what she did during her disappearance. While in hiding for almost five years, Natasha
Ryan found ways to keep busy. One was to write a diary. Police found the elaborate and well-kept
exercise books when they raided her boyfriend's home and discovered Ryan hiding in a cupboard.
played to the court, she spoke of documenting media reports about her disappearance. She'd stick
newspaper clippings in her journal, and even when serial killer Leonard Fraser was charged with her
murder she continued to meticulously cut and paste. She even included reports about her own
memorial service. When asked by Detective Sergeant Ian Tuffield why she didn't come forward when
she knew Fraser was standing trial for her murder and that of three other women, she said: But
that's not the only reason she failed to tell anyone she was still alive. Ryan claimed to be scared
and forcefully told police that her much older lover had nothing to do with her bizarre
disappearance. In fact, she claimed Scott Black had to be forced into going along with the
deception. But Black never told anyone she was still alive. And in another bizarre twist, the
former prisoner who coaxed a confession out of Fraser has come to court. Alan Quinn wants an
apology from Ryan.

It might be important for her to say to me she's sorry as well, you know, for her own life.

The trial is expect to finish tomorrow. In Rockhampton, Chloe Baker, Ten News. Some peace at last
for newlyweds Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. They've left the rat race behind, jetting off tonight
to start their honeymoon. Nicole and Keith looking blissfully happy as they strolled hand-in-hand
back from lunch with friends and family, the serene surroundings in stark contrast to the frenzy of
last night's nuptials. Nicole Kidman giggled with her father as she set off for the biggest day of
her life. As she neared Cardinal Ceretti Chapel well-wishers poured onto the street, their goodwill
moving Nicole to tears. As night fell, the bride prepared to walk down the aisle. The ceremony
itself was a very traditional Catholic one, Nicole and Keith making no alteration to the
traditional wedding vows, both crying as they pledged their undying love to one another, the priest
barely able to get the words out, "Keith, you may kiss your bride", before he dived in. Then, our
first glimpse of the married couple - and the Balenciaga frock - as the reception got into full
swing, Keith serenading his bride with the moving song 'Making Memories of Us'.

# ..and I'm gonna love you... #

It was over all too soon, Russell Crowe and heavily pregnant wife Danielle among the first to sneak
away. Finally, around midnight, Mr and Mrs Keith Urban. There she is! There she is! Nic! Keith! Did
you get that?

Yeah, there were tears from all parties. In all aspects it was a truly wonderful evening.

Did you catch the bouquet?

I got the bouquet, girl!

You should have seen her kicking everybody out of the way!

This morning, departures, Tom Cruise's sister escorting Isabella and Connor on their flight back to
Los Angeles, wedding singer Neil Finn jetting home to New Zealand.

Had a ball, yeah. Feeling a little bit sore as a result.

And finally, one last departure as Nicole and Keith head off on their honeymoon. Angela Bishop, Ten
News. The Queen turned fairy godmother to throw a Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Buckingham Palace. She
had her back garden transformed into a fantasy land, full of storybook characters, to entertain
some 2,000 wide-eyed children who rubbed shoulders with storybook favourites, her young guests far
from overwhelmed by their royal hostess.

Have you eaten your picnic already?

Um, some of it.

It was all part of the Queen's 80th birthday celebrations, and designed to encourage youngsters to
read. Ryan Phelan joins me now with Sports Tonight. Ryan, good news on leading jockey Shane Dye's

Yes, Sandra, Dye's condition was initially listed as critical but he's since emerged from a coma -
more details shortly. Also tonight - David Beckham's brilliant strike. The captain propels England
into the quarterfinals. A star Swan berates his team-mates over their lacklustre form. And the
shock selections for the Origin decider. What's great is when a customer comes in and wants to do a
project, you talk them through it and then they come back two weeks later

Bosch impact drill, $149. 4-litre British Paints Ultra Flat paint, $49.80. 12-rail clothes airer,

"You made the whole project work well."

Lowest prices are just the beginning. BOUNCY, UPBEAT MUSIC MUSIC CONTINUES WOMAN: German-engineered
2.0-litre Ford Focus. Smooth as.

This program is captioned live.

Shane Dye is recovering in hospital tonight following an horrific race fall in Hong Kong.. The
flamboyant jockey was forced to undergo emergency brain surgery. The good news is he's conscious,
his family currently at his bedside. It's the moment all jockeys fear - a clip of the heels and
Shane Dye's world came crashing down.

COMMENTATOR: There's a fall. Ambitious Marju has come down, Metro Leader's down, going straight
over the top of them Hong Kong Jemmy.

This pile up at Hong Kong's Sha T in Racecourse left Dye motionless on the track. At first
conscious, he fell into a coma and was rushed to hospital, emergency surgery performed to relieve
pressure on his brain. Today, Dye's first wife, Karla, accompanied his son, Nicholas, on a
desperate dash to be by his side.

They've relieved the pressure off his head so they're quite confident that he's going to be

I think three years ago he broke his back - it was around then - and that was pretty bad, but this
one, I think, is a lot worse.

Since leaving Australia six years ago, Dye has established himself as one of Hong Kong's top
riders. Fellow jockey Anthony De l Pesh, who was unhurt in the fall, visited Dye after his

He's got a lot of tubes in his mouth and everything else, but he's fine. He wrote to me and spoke
to me, he's OK.

It's the third heavy fall in Dye's spectacular career, which includes four consecutive Golden
Slipper victories, the 1995 Cox Plate aboard Octagonal, but his proudest moment - guiding Tawriffic
first past the post in the 1989 Melbourne Cup. Anthony Goodrich for Sports Tonight. Back to World
Cup news where Portugal has set up a quarter final clash with England after defeating Holland. And
it was a rough-house affair both teams finished with nine players after the referee handed out a
record number of cards in Portugal's 1-0 victory. A piece of David Beckham brilliance was enough to
see England over the line against Ecuador. If there's one thing that defines David Beckham on the
football field, this is it.

COMMENTATOR: Cometh the hour, cometh the man, cometh the captain. The match-winning moment.

Beckham admitted to being physically sick before fulfilling Wayne Rooney's prediction.

Wazza said to me before the game, "You've been terrible the last two days, "so you're going to get
one tonight."

But on the whole it was a disjointed performance. Ashley Cole's flying foot prevented an early
deficit. John Terry's attracted a yellow card. Wayne Rooney's barging efforts went unrewarded. And
Ecuador's attacks were few and far between. While England is celebrating, there's a big challenge
ahead - Portugal - whose eventual winner against the Netherlands came in the 23rd minute. It was a
spiteful affair which broke the record for the number of cards handed out - four reds, two on each
team, as well as eight others booked.

This could go down as one of the blackest points in terms of disciplinary action taken by a

Portugal's dismissals leaves it without stars Costinha and Deco for the England match. Figo could
also be suspended for headbutting Mark V an Bommel. An inconsolable Cristiano Ronaldo is also in
doubt after becoming the game's first victim. And it was possibly Ruud van Nistelrooy's last
international, having spent the entire match on the bench.

This might be known, one day, as the battle of Nuremberg.

Kieran Toohey, Ten News. The Brisbane Lions injury curse has hit again all Australian defender
Chris Johnson the latest to go down facing surgery on his injured groin and to make matters worse,
the Lions will again be without star forward Jonathan Brown against Carlton this weekend. There
might be plenty of cubs in the pride but it's the older Lions that are causing concern, premiership
defender Chris Johnson finally succumbing to groin problems, and with surgery set for Wednesday
he'll be out for at least two months. Adding yet more injury woes, the troublesome hip of one-time
Brownlow Medal favourite Jonathan Brown failed a fitness test last week.

What he did on Thursday and Saturday just didn't enable you to think that he's going to be able to
play a week later, and then the concern is you're stopping the recovery.

And Matthews has again reiterated his conviction that sparring partner Jason Akermanis will be

If it was untenable it would have been finished by now. No, he's still here, still part of our
group, still part of our team and he's still part of our team. If I didn't want him I'd tell you

At Collingwood, Nathan Buckley admits this year's Magpie list is better than the two teams that
reached grand finals in '02 and '03.

We probably use the ball a bit better and use our forward options, probably, a little bit better
than we did back then.

And Buckley refused to apologise for his crack at former team-mate Nick Davis.

COMMENTATOR: I think Nathan Buckley is indicating to Nick Davis that, "You ducked your head, son."

There's a lot of mud gets thrown out on the footy field. I mean, it only hurts when it sticks, I
suppose, but that's up to the individual that's receiving it on how they handle that. I get sledged
every week.

And after back-to-back losses the 'S' word - selfish - is creeping in at the Swans.

On the night we, sort of, got to them little individual things and, sort of, started worrying about
stuff like that, so that, sort of, it put us off our game and we're not a team that can rely on
individuals to get us over the line. I think it just mainly comes down to the 22 blokes have got to
turn up for each other, not for themselves.

And Kangaroo Daniel Harris has accepted a reprimand for striking Carlton's Eddie Betts. So, too,
team-mate Josh Gibson, for striking off the ball. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. Queensland centre
Justin Hodges has failed a fitness test tonight ahead of next Wednesday's Origin decider against
NSW. Penrith's Rhys Wesser comes into the Maroons squad, both sides today springing a few
surprises. For the first time Penrith's Craig Gower will partner Mark Gasnier in the halves, the
international centre named as five-eighth with just a handful of games in the position behind him.

In a perfect world everyone would like to have a lot of preparation time going into things but it's
done now, it's picked and I'm excited about it.

I'll run the side around the park and give Gaz the ball when he wants it and hopefully it'll work

Gasnier was taken to hospital late this afternoon to have a badly swollen left hand assessed.

Had an X-ray, yeah, they was worried that there was a bit of a crack but there is nothing there.

Roosters halves Brett Finch and Braith Anasta got the chop. Paul Gallen will make his Origin debut,
replacing Bulldogs captain Andrew Ryan.

Yeah, I didn't think I was going to get picked. You always hold hope that you are going to make it.

Ben Ho rnby replaced Craig Wing on the bench. For the Maroons, Rhys Wesser comes onto the wing with
Justin Hodges tonight failing a fitness test. Brent Tait moves into the centres, partnering Josh
Hannay, who's been fighting for a spot in the Cowboy's side for most of this season.

It's probably a little left of field and it's certainly not a first for Queensland.

Raiders full-back Clinton Schifcofske was named in the Ma roons squad for the first time since

Sometimes you give up but in rugby league - a week's a long time in rugby league and four years is
even longer.

In NRL news, Benji Marshall will endure nine months of rehabilitation on his injured right
shoulder. The 21-year-old will have surgery next week, today Marshall doing his best to put on a
brave face.

He just told me I hurt my shoulder. No, I'm right mate, I'm right.

Parramatta's John Morris has signed a 3-year deal to partner Marshall at the Tigers. And with the
anti-tampering deadline to be scrapped this Saturday the Cowboys have re-signed Jonathan Thurston
until 2010. Rob Canning for Sports Tonight. World champion Fernando Alonso has continued his
incredible Formula 1 season, securing his 14th career win in Canada. Hometown hero Jacques
Villeneuve crashed out with just 11 laps remaining, but it was smooth driving for Alonso up front,
the Spaniard making it four chequered flags in a row to zoom to a 25-point lead in the

Well, it was good, perfect all weekend. I think the car, obviously, without safety cars, the gap
was much bigger and easy race.

Alonso's closest rival, Michael Schumacher, was second, Kimi Raikkonen third, while Australia's
Mark Webber finished 12th. And it was a chaotic opening to this morning's Champ Car race in
Cleveland. It all takes place on an airport runway with the opening turn a nightmare, but that was
nothing compared to this spectacular bingle on the second corner.

Oh, look at that! On top of Bourdais!

2-time defending series winner Sebastian Bourdais was taken to hospital for precautionary tests
after Paul Tracey's car made contact with his head. Thankfully he was OK. American A.J.
Allmendinger emerged from the pack to claim his second consecutive victory. Troy Bayliss has
extended his lead in the World Superbike Championships after a slippery day on the San Marino
circuit. Leading for most of the race, Bayliss was pressured by Troy Corser but Corser made an
unscheduled exit, allowing Bayliss to win his eighth consecutive race and take a 94-point lead in
the championship.

One foot on the peg as well for the Aussie - win number eighth in succession.

Both Bayliss and Corser slid out in the second race of the day but there was still one Aussie left
on his slicks, Andrew Pitt claiming his first ever Superbike victory. VOICEOVER: Even with its
tough four-wheel-drive heritage, no-one has ever really conquered, and that's all those people who
thought they'd never drive a four-wheel drive in the city. Introducing the new all-wheel-drive
Nissan Murano. The new Nissan Murano. It'll convert you.

I never thought of joining the police force before, but I'm glad I did.

I'm back at my old job because the kids have started school.

I never really left. And coming back is the best thing that I've done.

Serious crime rates are lower than a decade ago. Police have tough new powers and the latest
equipment. We're continuing to lower crime rates with 750 new recruits. Shouldn't you consider a
career with Australia's highest paid police force?

This program is captioned live.

Time now for our Play of the Day and we head to Dallas, Texas for the latest stop on the
professional bull riding circuit. uJust two seconds into his ride on Squirt Gun Oklahoma rider Kyle
Cudmore came unstuck but he wasn't letting go. We're not sure who was in control here but Kyle did
manage to walk away sore but uninjured and the proud owner of our play of the day. Let's hope the
Socceroos can buck the Italians out of the World Cup tonight. I'm tip ag draw after 90 minutes but
Australia to get home in a penalty shootout.

You're about the 10th person who has said that today.

As long as we win

. You're hedging bet ts but you want a dramatic finish.

Go Socceroos. To finance news, and the Australian stock market finished flat ahead of an eagerly
awaited US Federal Reserve meeting and the end of the financial year. To the weather now. A cold
front will bring strong winds and showers to Tasmania but only light falls will reach Victoria and
South Australia. A high will keep the eastern inland sunny after a cold, frosty morning. An
approaching front will cause gusty winds and showers to develop in the south-west of Western
Australia. So tomorrow - showers forecast in Cairns. A possible shower in Brisbane. Mostly sunny in
Sydney. The Bureau tips a frosty start to a sunny day in the national capital. Showers in
Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide. It'll be windy with showers in Perth. Sunny in Darwin, and frosty
and then sunny in Alice Springs. And the forecast top temperature for Kaiserlaustern is 24 degrees.
That's the latest from Ten News. A full report on the soccer in the Early News at 6:00 tomorrow
morning with Bill Woods and Kath Robinson. I'm Sandra Sully - from the Late News team, goodnight.

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