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(generated from captions) Live. Today, its diplomatic efforts to try situation

to secure the release of a

14-year-old Australian boy arrested in arrested in Bali over alleged drug possession. Also today, New Zealand

authorities stem the flow of oil from a container ship grounded in the Bay of Plenty. Three women share Peace Prize for their Three women share the Nobel

women's rights. And Black non-violent struggle for non-violent struggle

Caviar matches Phar Lap's record of

record of 14 consecutive wins

to take out the 1,000m

Schillaci Stakes. Hello, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm Simon Palan. A at tomorrow's weather around the nation: Rain for Melbourne

and Hobart, showers for Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin,

a cloudy day for Perth and Sydney and fine in Brisbane. The Australian ambassador to

Indonesia is on his way toe

Bali to head up diplomatic efforts to free a New South Wales teenager arrested on

drugs charges. The 14-year-old boy

the island's capital Denpasar after allegedly being caught with

with a small amount of marijuana on

marijuana on Tuesday. The Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin

Rudd ordered the ambassador

Greg Moriarty to fly to the island to lie eyes with Indonesian officials. Bali's police headquarters the Indonesian officials. At

family is trying hard to keep family is trying hard to

up the boy's spirits. The

condition for the boy at this time is quite the parents give the support time is quite stable. Because

and then the police is

helpful. An official from Indonesia's human ministry is Indonesia's human rights

ministry is now overseeing the

police investigation. He could recommend the boy be released into his parents' custody. However, the decision will be up to a judge and the

Australian Government's warning

the case may not be resolved

quickly. One of those officials

is Australian Consul-General

Brett farmer. I'm going talk to the family. What do Brett farmer. I'm going in to

about? The general welfare of you hope to ta

the the child and the legal process. The Prime Minister is

monitoring the case monitoring the case closely. He is subject to Indonesian

law, which requires us

sure we deal with this

carefully and in a sensitive

way. We will do that and have our best officials in way. We will do that and we

Indonesia not job. Bali police

say the boy bought marijuana

from a man on Kuta beach on

but Tuesday. It's a serious crime

but his lawyers have convinced the investigators to ensure

he's not treated as an adult. Are

Are you optimistic about his case? We are still optimistic,

yes. The boy attended high

school near Newcastle in New school then a religious private

South Wales, where news of his

arrest has begun to filter

through. In a quiet street in

Morrisset Park the neighbours

were stunned to learn of a

local boy in

local boy in trouble To happen

to a 14-year-old boy, it would

kill you. If he gets charged,

he will be there for years in jail. The Foreign Minister says he has spoken to the

father. The lad is sleeping in his own cell. advised that the police his own cell. I'm further

authorities have made it possible for his dad to sleep

in an office immediately

adjacent to adjacent to his cell. If boy's parents can prove he's adjacent to his cell. If the

been getting treatment for a marijuana problem in Australia

he could be released into their

custody. That's still an

option, even if he's charged

and goes to trial. There's

always the chance he could face

up to six years in prison. Darwin barrister Simon Lee has

written to Kevin Rudd to raise

the plight of his own clients,

some of the 50 or so

Australia, despite their claims Indonesians detained in

to be minors. I basically to be minors. I basically said

that it was hypocritical that

we have Indonesian children we have Indonesian

here in detention - here in detention - some

charged, some not charged - and

be, however that as a possibility it may

release of the Indonesian

children for the Australian child. Indonesia's Foreign Ministry has already played down any link between the two

in New Zealand say oil appears issues. Maritime authorities

to have stopped leaking from a

cargo ship that struck a reef

off the country's North Island.

An oil slick more than 5km long

was created when the ship ran

aground in the Bay of Plenty on Wednesday. The slick appears to be moving away from nearby islands. has responded to criticism that

the operation to remove a complicated operation. taking too long by saying it's

Salvage equipment has been Salvage equipment has been sent

fuel from the 47,000 tonne from Australia to help remove

ship. 16 racehorses from a property at property at Kooralbyn west of

the Gold Coast are now dead

after a mystery illness. Seven

horses died from the sickness and another nine have euthanased. Biosecurity and another nine have been

euthanased. Biosecurity

Queensland is monitoring the 9 surviving horses. Tests

yesterday ruled out the Hendra virus as the cause of the postmortem results to see

whether noxious weeds or paralysis tick could have been responsible. paralysis tick infestations

Says crews are mopping up after South-East Queensland this thunderstorms battered

than morning. They have had more morning. They have

than 30 calls for help, most of than 30 calls for help, most

them damaged roofs and one for

flooding at Loganlea south of Brisbane. A severe

warning is current for Brisbane. A severe storm

Capricornia, Wide Bay and

Burnett but further south storm

cells are moving out to sea.

over Police are questioning a man

destroyed a unit at Preston.

Emergency services were called

manways body to the blaze this morning and a

manways body was found inside the unit. A 40-year-old Preston

man is assisting man is assisting police with

the investigation. The group responsible for a protest at the Sydney Opera House earlier

today says now is the time to stop a large furniture retailer

from selling goods made from

Australian forests. Two Australian forests. Two women

and a man from the group called The Last Stand scaled the roof

of the building before unveiling a banner targeting retailer Harvey

retailer Harvey Norman. retailer Harvey Norman. Police arrested four people over the

protest. The defended the action. Qantas

has warned a major travel

disruption on Monday when

engineers plan to strike for

four hours. Planes won't be

able to take off because the

airline won't have enough staff

to inspect them. Qantas

estimates 11,000 passengers

will be affected. 40 flights

have been cancelled, 27

have been cancelled, 27 delayed

or brought forward and 11

international flights rescheduled. The International

Monetary Fund says the Federal Government would be in a strong enough financial position delay returning the Budget to surplus if global markets got

worse. The IMF says the country's performance since the onset of onset of the global financial

crisis has been enviable, largely thanks to good policy responses, a healthy responses, a healthy banking system and Asia's strong

system and Asia's strong deplanned for Australian commodities. It said that given

Australia's relatively low net debt the government would have the fiscal space to delay

bringing the Budget back into black. The central Treasurer

Wayne Swan has told the ABC

he's pleased with the report

but says the government is committed to returning to surplus next financial year. There would be Finance

Ministers around the globe who

would give anything to get a

report like this from the IMF.

It makes the point that we have strong strong fundamentals, it makes

the point there is room to move

if necessary in terms of

macroeconomic policy, but the government is determined to

come back to surplus in 2012-13. Wayne Swan 2012-13. Wayne Swan speaking earlier. The British Chancellor George Osborne says

he's confident banks in the

United Kingdom capitalised and could withstand another economic downturn. His assurances came after a dozen British banks and British banks and building societies had their societies had their credit rating downgraded by Moody's,

which says the move does not reflect a deterioration in reflect a deterioration in the

strength of the bankying system. No one is immune, 12

British banks and building societies have seen their

credit rating downgraded by the

agency Moody's. It is a

recognition that if there recognition that if there are problems ahead they are less

likely to be bailed out by

Westminster Abbey. The government is

with a reforeman which will require banks to keep high

street separations separate

from riskier investment banking

activities. The idea is to keep

depositors cash secure if there are problems, to reduce the

likelihood of bail-outs funded

by taxpayers. Moody's said by taxpayers. Moody's said it thought the government would

provide some support for provide some support for bigger

banks but was more likely to allow smaller institution toss

fail. The down grades do not

reflect a dorltation in the financial banking system. It is very much the aim that the banks

should be able to fund themselves on the strength of

their own balance sheet, not on the strength of the balance sheet and should not be

borrowing public money if the rating agencies are rating agencies are beginning to recognise the to recognise the British

Government is serious about

this, I would regard that as a

wholly welcome step. The

Chancellor said he was not

unhappy with Moody's verdict. Credit rating agencies Credit rating agencies and

others will say the banks have

to show they can pay their way in the world. I'm confident that British banks are well

capitalised, liquid. Analysts

said there was no question

depositors money was safe but

pointed out that today's was a reminder of the challenges ahead for British

banks at a time of heightened

risk across Europe's financial landscape. In Libya, the

National Transitional Council fighters have launched their

largest assault on the city of Sirte, one of the last proper Gaddafi strongholds, closing in on the centre of the city from

the east and west under of tank shells and heavy of tank shells and heavy ah till remember. They are meeting heavy resistance. The biggest

attack on Sirte dwret. This time the objective is to take control of the city.

fighters launched a full scale

assault, advancing from three directions, east, south and west, using all their heavy fire power. Rockets, tank

shells. Loyalists are

surrounded in the heart of the city. They are fiercely

defending the seat of Gaddafi's

family and tribe. Loyalists have have been putting up a fight,

it seems they would rather die

than surrender. Snipers are

positioned on high buildings

around Sirte and they have been

slowing the advance of

anti-Gaddafi fighters. Gaddafi loyalists are believed to be in

what is known as Giza, an area

where people who were given

Libyan citizenship live. Not

far from that neighbourhood is the conference centre where Gaddafi received Gaddafi received world leaders. The artillery barrages are turning their focus on areas. For many fighters, this

area is more than a loyalist

stronghold, it it is a symbol

of the preferential status of

Sirte under TRANSLATION: If we control Sirte, it would mean we

liberated Libya, it was Gaddafi's political bastion, we

can declare victory after Sirte falls. Fighters have suffered casualties. The battle has been

costly on both sides and civilians. Thousands have left Sirte. The preferential status that earned

has made from parts of the population

has made some choose to stay.

Reports of fighters from African countries Reports of fighters from other

persist. TRANSLATION: It mainly those from Mauritania

and Chad who are inside and

firing at us. The city firing at us. The city centre

is 5km from the frontline but

proving to be a difficult

fight, breaking of off with the

push for liberation, a city past, it is more than a final

that brought

for these that brought Gaddafi to power,

for these fighters it's a place that will bring an end to his rule.

Lebanese Islamists have rallied

in support of the uprisings in neighbouring Syria, carrying

plaque cards supporting the

Syrian people and denouncing the crackdown Bashar al-Assad. Bashar al-Assad. Protesters criticised the decision to

video toe a UN resolution

imposing new sanctions on

Syria. 2,900 people have killed in Syria since the Syria. 2,900 people have been

crackdown began. In the crackdown began. In the US

there will be no official observance of the 10 operations in Afghanistan. Many

will remember those who have

died in the conflict. More than

1,600 US service men and women

have lost have lost their lives in Afghanistan. When their remains

return home they arrive first

at Dover Air Force base. It

could be a classroom anywhere

in the United States. It

could be a religious service.

But at Dover Air Force base in

the US state of Delaware the US state of Delaware these routine. In small ways they

give comfort to the community,

whose job it is to repatriate

the remains of US service

the war in Afghanistan began, members killed overseas. Since

the task has been repeated more

the task has been repeated more

than 6,200 times. The

services were closed to the

press for most of the last 10

years, until President Barack

Obama reversed the The Commander may ask for Obama reversed the media ban.

The Commander may ask for men

to come out and talk to to come out and talk to the

unit, at

may be in shock, at other

moments they may be angry moments they may be angry or

sad or depressed. At Dover Air Force base sacrifice is Force base sacrifice is much

more than a word, it is the

fallen service members that the

troops honour, and what they,

their families and the their families and

community live every day. To return those fallen heroes

their families and

communities. This is where the

care givers at Dover step in.

I live all the way over here.

He went a thousand miles, all

the way over here. Giving the

very youngest the space to ask, why

why is there war and why does parent have to go parent have to go fight? There is a certain amount of

resilience that each child has

but it varies per student. Multiple deployments have a compounding influence on the

child. The people who work

here know they provide here know they provide comfort at the hardest times, for members of the mailtry and

decade of war, they have come their families. After a

to know the importance of

healing each other.

Three campaigners for

women's rights in the developing world have won 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. developing world have won the

winners 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. The Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, her come winners are Liberian president

pat rate Leymah Gbowee and the Yemen Arab spring activist

Tawakul Karman, who won for their efforts to bring

and demonstrate soy that their struggling condition

The Nobel Peace Prize has struggling condition truss.

The Nobel Peace Prize has been

awarded three ways. Ellen and Tawakul Karman, for their Johnson-Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee

non-violent struggle for the

safety of women and for women's

rights to full participation in

peace building work. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf became Johnson-Sirleaf became Africa's

state in first elected female head of

state in Liberia when she took

power in 2005, Liberia was traumatised traumatised and spent by 14

years of civil war. She has contributed to securing

in Liberia, to promoting

economic and social development

and to strengthening the position of women. While

celebrating his 80th birthday with Bono, Desmond Tutu jump for joy upon learning the news President Sirleaf was one of

President Sirleaf was one of

the winners. That says

A good day for her and for

Africa! She deserves it many

times over. She has brought

stability to a place that was

going to hell. I feel so lucky going to hell. I feel so

to have worked with her over the years, cancelling Liberia's debt. He's an extraordinary

woman, a force much nature, and

now she has the world recognise her her in this great, great way. The Nobel Peace Prize jury President Sirleaf's rise to The Nobel Peace Prize jury says

power would not have been

possible without fellow

Liberian Leymah Gbowee. A

mother of six, she organised

the movement women of Liberia mass action for peace, a powerful force in powerful force in the fight against violence. She has

worked to enhance the influence of women in West Africa during

and after the war. Gbowee says she's still in never thought I have done

anything great. Everything I do

is an act of survival for

myself, for the group of myself, for the group of people I work with. If you are

surviving, you don't take your

survival strategies or tactics

as anything else. The Arab

spring is represented by Yemeni

blogger Tawakul Karman, who is

an outspoken journalist and

human rights activist, who has long been a thorn in the side

of the Yemeni president,

demand the release of demand the release of political prisoners. She

prisoners. She stood up against the most

and autocratic regimes in the world. Tawakul Karman says the

award is a victory for Yemen and all Arab spring revolutions. I about this prize. I give the revolutions. I am very happy

prize to the Arab and to the peaceful youth prize to the Arab revolutions

revolution in Yemen and Yemeni people. I also dedicate revolution in Yemen and the

the prize to the martyrs wounded people from peaceful the prize to the martyrs and

revolutions. Only 12 women have won the peace prize before. Queen Elizabeth and

Prince Philip will meet

Queensland flood victims and visit visit the Floriade flower

festival as part of their

later official tour of Australia

later this month. Buckingham

Palace has released the full

itinerary for Her Majesty's 10

day visit to Australia. The

arrive in Canberra on Queen and Prince Philip will

arrive in Canberra on 19

October and Her Majesty will

give an audience to the

Governor-General and attend the popular flower festival, then

travel to Brisbane to meet

Queensland flood victims and emergency personnel before

returning to Canberra to lay a

wreath at the Australian War

Memorial. The royals will visit

Melbourne, before flying to Perth for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Now to the mining trial, where

prosecutors have played a police interview with Dr Conrad Murray. The interview has not been heard in public before. It

was conducted two days after mining's death and is one of the last pieces prosecutors have against him.

He is pleading not guilty to

involuntary manslaughter. If

convicted he faces up to four

years behind bars ab the years behind bars ab the loss

of his medical licence. During the interview he said he the interview he said he had given Jackson Propofol to help

Jackson sleep. Black Caviar has equalled the has equalled the great Phar Lap's record and made it 14 wins in a row, striking away

with the Schillaci Stakes at Caulfield. The 5-year-old mare continued her continued her unbeaten streak, winning by four and a half lent. What a champion, 14

straight, up there with the

greatest ever. The race was like a barrier trial for the

world's highest rated horse as

Karuta Queen came second. The Canterbury Bulldogs has

announced Manly boss announced Manly boss Des Hasler

will be their coach for the

2012-13 season. He as Sea Eagles coach for next

season but will take over the

reins on a fewer year deal. Jim

Dymock will kosh can agree season and remain as assistant

to Hasler after that. It's a

real coup for us, we have announced a five year long-term

approach to our football

program, which is very important and exciting. Our members, fans and members, fans and most Bulldogs

people will have a smile on their face. That's Bulldogs CEO Todd Greenberg. The quarterfinals of the Rugby

World Cup get under way in New Zealand. Tomorrow take Zealand. Tomorrow the Wallabies take on South Africa in Wellington and the hosts are up to against Argentina in Auckland. Australian coach Robbie Deans has Robbie Deans has recalled a

number of players to the squad

for the match against the

Springboks, with winger Digby

Ioane, who has recovered from a

broken thumb one of them and Kurtley Beale and Pat McCabe.

The A-League season is under

way today. their former manager, play heart, Victory are up against Sydney FC and in a Sydney FC and in a rematch of last year's grand final, Brisbane host the Central Coast. All eyes will be on

Kewell v Emerton in Melbourne.

There's a lot of focus on There's a lot of focus on me

and Brett, but we are both

professional enough to focus on

our job and do our best for the

clubs. Emerton is happy to be

home. The reception of

received has been fantastic, and I and I want to come back and give something back to the game

in Australia. That match

kicks off at 6:30 eastern

summer time. The Socceroos

may have been missing a few big

name players but still thrashed

Malaysia 5-0 in Canberra last night. The national anthems were barely were barely finished before the Socceroos first struck.

Australia has the lead through Luke Wilshire, after just Luke Wilshire, after just 2 minutes. The next goal wasn't

until the 33rd minute, was a big flurry. Brosque,

it's 3. It's too easy it's 3. It's too easy for Australia. Kennedy popped up

again to make it 4-0 at half-time and Brosque completed the scoring with a booming the scoring with a booming kick

after the break. New South

Wales has missed out on a place in the colleague Twenty20 in India, after narrowly going down to the Royal challengers Bangalore, despite an unbeaten

century from Dave Warner, the

The hosts won the toss and elected to field, with Warner

blasting 123 runs off 68 balls

in an innings which included

sixes. But Chris Gayle did some

power hitting on his way to

making 92 runs. This is out

of the park! This is big -

Virat Kohli added # 2 and the challengers won with 9 balls to

sparement they will face Mumbai or Somerset in the final Chennai. The Melbourne Tigers

got their NBL campaign off to a

perfect start with NBA star

Patty Mills leading them to

victory over the Sydney victory over the Sydney Kings, top scoring with 28 points.

The NZ breakers got their title

defence going with a victory

over the Gold Coast blaze in Queensland. In the WNBL, Sydney

Uni and Townsville had first-up

wins. The Kings led by 14

points late in the third

quarter but Mills helped his

side to a home win. sport, McLaren's Jenson Button

was the fastest in both

practice sessions ahead of

tomorrow's Japanese Formula One

Grand Prix at Suzuka, with Australian Mark Webber fourth

in the second session in Red Bull. Back home,

Garth Tander qualified fastest for today's top 10 shot-out for the Bathurst 1000 on Mount

Panorama. The movie star and

former Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has

returned to his home on town in Austria to open a museum dedicated to his achievements.

He unveiled a statue of himself

at a young body builder outside

the museum, which is in the

house where he was born. He told locals and fans that his

philosophy in life is to stay hungry, which also hungry, which also happens to

be the title of one of his

first films. Fans of the classic film 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' descended on a New

York eatery to celebrate the

50th anniversary of the films'

rehe lease. Devoted fans

dressed as Audrey Hepburn black party dresses with cigarette holders, cocktails and vintage sun fwlaeses. 'Breakfast at 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' features Hepburn as the features Hepburn as the social climber Holly Golightly

aspiring to be part of the New

York elite. Bono has joined Nobel Peace laureate Archbishop

Desmond Tutu in South Africa to celebrate his 80 th celebrate his 80 th birthday.

Tutu won the prize in Tutu won the prize in 1984. Earlier this week

for not issuing a visa for the Dalai Lama to join in the

celebrations. A look at

the soot light. Thick cloud over South-East Queensland over South-East Queensland and eastern New South Wales is

triggering storms, some triggering storms, some severe. Patchy cloud over the

south-east is bringing the odd shower. A band of cloud is clipping southern WA, few showers. Tomorrow areas weather:

Stand by now for Queensland. You're watching ABC

News 24. Closed Captions by

Closed Captions by CSI

On 7.30 Queensland - whose business is Campbell Newman's

business? What would we have business? What would we have to expect from these expect from these people is an enormous amount of transparency as if they were made of glass. I have never heard of any other candidate who

expected to put a pecuniary

interest file in before they're elected. And interest file in before they're elected. And all agree charity

workers should be paid more.

But who will pay? We've got no

customers we can pass costs on

to, we have no profit margins to This Program Is Captioned Live.

Welcome to the program. I'm

Jessica van Vonderen. For

almost a month now, a political

slanging match has been slanging match has been playing out over Campbell Newman's financial affairs. With financial affairs. With the unofficial election campaign in

full swing, the man who wants

to be premier is coming under un

Government MPs say that

scrutiny is legitimate. The LNP leader accuses them of sleaze.

It raises some interesting

questions. How much does the

public have a right to know? And what is the best way for a

leader to deal with pressure cooker situations? cooker situations? Campbell

Newman is a risk Campbell Newman is a risk to the people

of Queensland. These grubs will

do and say anything. They stand condemned.

condemned. The odd exchange of insults is part and parcel of

politics. A government of

grubs. But the political grubs. But the political debate in Queensland is rapidly

descending from one about

policies to personalities. A test of temperament over a

contest of ideas. The LNP

leader has come under intense pressure over his financial interests and those of his family. A government

languishing in the polls languishing in the polls sees

an opportunity. What's he

trying to keep secret? All that's happening here is legitimate questions are being asked. That's Newman sees it. This is

muckraking on a grand scale by

the worst Treasurer in

Australia. Andrew Fraser. And

Anna Bligh. On one level Anna Bligh. On one level it's just a just a typical school-bus scrap

between two political rivals.

And I think both of them should

be shameful for that. The other

thing that goes through my mind

is that this is a titanic clash between the forces of openness and the forces of and the forces of secrecy. Bill de Maria is an ethics

lecturer at

and those aspiring to be them must be prepared to bare all. Public officials have to be more accountable than generation before, have to be

more open than the generation

before, have to be as I said before made of glass. I'm not telling. Why don't you? Juice ba it's my personal private

business. Despite initial reluctance, Campbell Newman

says he is being more transparent about his finances

than any other candidate. But the government doesn't believe him. I

him. I think Queensland, the media and

indeed members of the LNP are all asking themselves why won't Campbell Newman declare in full

his interest straightaway? And

the reports coming in. The CMC has been called in. Perhaps it

can provide some clarity. can provide some clarity. But

even beyond the legalitiesage

ethics there is of course ethics there is of course the

politics. The government is

fighting for its survival and

Scott Prasser says there is a

clear strategy. The political

strategy is to undermine

Campbell Newman's credibility.

But it's fair game. They're in

the game of politics and

policy. And this is what the game is. It's not a game for

amateurs who want to play this

game, be professional, and be

prepared, so get with it and

learn to deal with it. learn to deal with it. But

people inside and outside the