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(generated from captions) need to get some sleep. Look, um, Been a long and trying day. I'm sure it has been. OK. Goodnight. (Whispers) Goodnight, darling. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, the privatisation showdown - support for his power sale plan. Premier Iemma desperately shores up Sydney's mercy killing - suspected murder of an elderly man. two women stand trial over the to slash organ waiting lists. And the controversial plan Compensate young Australians to other Australians. to donate their kidneys and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - their employer as a cash cow. the RailCorp rorters who treated grizzly new movie trailer. And Heath Ledger's Kill the Batman. But first tonight - faces another gruelling showdown Premier Morris Iemma over power privatisation. are preparing to take him on Angry backbenchers tomorrow morning. at a party room meeting joins us live from Macquarie Street, State Political reporter Kevin Wilde regardless? Kevin, Cabinet is pressing ahead

There have been chaotic scenes over

the weekend. They need to work at

the legislation of the partial

privatisation. Let's hear from the

Premier. The debate got fiery and Premier. The debate got fiery and

there were several speakers who led

emotion, and I can understand that,

take over, because it is an emotive

issue for the Labour Party. It does

inside passions on both sides. It

sounds as if the Premier is

expecting some fireworks?

Absolutely. Some of the people

involved really do almost hate the

treasurer. He inflamed the debate

over the weekend. They are trying

to turn the focus away from the Premier. They simply do not have Premier. They simply do not have

a the numbers to roll the Premier. In

a caucus of 71 they are nowhere

near knocking of the Premier so it

is a damaging time for the

government but the plan will go

through and we will see it facing

Parliament later this year. Another

issue. The government under fire

for buses. When will the buses be ready?

ready? The new gas buses are just

about be handed over on Friday and

people across Sydney will be able

to use them later this month. It

has been a long and embarrassing

battle for the government. Let's

hear about the details of this

latest development. the Government's fleet is ageing, Most bus passengers are aware at just how old they are but may be surprised they've travelled. and how many kilometres behind us, over 20 years old, A couple of these buses here a million kilometres each they've travelled more than in that time - but they've been virtually rebuilt total refurbishment. new gearboxes, new engines, the fleet's nearly 13 years old - On average, the Government's own target. a few months above In the transport industry, isn't a lot of miles. a million clicks on a bus

The family car's done once a year, a minimum six times a year. the buses, our buses, are done

has been delayed The retirement of older buses as passenger numbers rise for newer models. and the Government waits It's much better, I figure, older bus than no bus. having a refurbished, safe, These new gas buses are months late for the road. after being ruled too heavy from the RTA, they're almost ready. But now, after special approval liquid natural gas buses The first 30 to the State Government on Friday. will be handed over In total, 250 will be made available. next week. They'll start hitting the roads It's been a long time coming. on the road in October last year, These buses should have been commuters through seven months but the State Government has put and bungling. of further incompetence Commuters around Ryde and Port Botany the new buses later in the month. will be the first to ride Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A confronting day in court Lauren Huxley. for the family of Sydney teenager They left distraught after her alleged attacker repeatedly denied

and setting her on fire. before beating her Robert Farmer again took the stand. The Huxley family was in court as The 39-year-old repeatedly denied through a back door, entering the family's Northmead home attacking Lauren in a bedroom wall to prevent her calling for help. and pulling a phone chord from the

the attack continued in the garage. The court heard Farmer gave no explanation inside the Huxley home on a bedpost as to why his DNA was found found in the garage matching his was a coincidence. he was depressed for other reasons He told the jury

when he fled town hours later or extra clothes - only his passport. with no mobile phone

At times, Christopher Maxwell and the accused the exchange between prosecutor became heated with voices raised. Maxwell said, "You're lying, aren't you?" Farmer responding, "Absolutely not." "You're lying in that witness box." And again - is expected to finish next week. The 6-week trial Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. The euthanasia debate has been reignited

as two Sydney women stand trial. of an elderly man They've been charged over the murder at Cammeray. who died from a drug overdose She's 75 years old, in an historic trial. on her way to star Caren Jenning walked into court today accused of assisting in the murder of one of her oldest friends. Alzheimer's, Graeme Wylie was suffering was a lethal drug overdose. but what killed him Caren's also been charged barbiturate from Mexico. with importing the restricted in the dock today, Sitting alongside her Shirley Justins, Graeme's de facto of 18 years, who's standing trial for his murder. of Exit International, Both women are members suicide and voluntary euthanasia. an organisation which supports

to the jury But the judge today stressed in this trial. there was no room for compassion

went further. Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi

At the time of his death, from severe Alzheimer's. Graeme Wylie was suffering he couldn't name a pencil He didn't know if he had children,

and the Crown says he was totally incapable of deciding whether or not to commit suicide. Australia's most prominent euthanasia supporter, Dr Philip Nitschke, was at court for both women.

But the prosecution plans to call him as the star witness against them. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. There's outrage over plans to let young Australians sell their kidneys to end the huge shortage of transplant organs. The specialist pushing the idea says without such drastic action, patients will die. Ibrahim El-Sheikh is one of thousands of Australians battling a kidney disease. His only chance of survival is a transplant.

Last year I had an operation and I don't know how long I can wait. a mass shortage of organ donors. Australia is suffering believes Renal specialist Gavin Carney the solution is to commercialise donations. Pay - compensate - young Australians to donate their kidneys to other Australians. The proposal's been met by disgust from organ donor experts. So the rich are allowed to plunder the poor's organs, are they?

This is unethical on a global scale. The Federal Government has already ruled it out. We don't think it's good to put people, particularly people who might be under financial pressure, in this sort of situation. It really opens up the risk of exploitation. Well, I didn't but you can marry for money, you can do all sorts of things for money. At present there are more than 1,300 Australians waiting for a kidney transplant. The average waiting time is four to five years. Hundreds of Australians are travelling overseas to countries like Pakistan for transplants, but this carries a high risk of contracting other diseases. They actually ask for your money up front because you may not come back.

But still, many are prepared to take the risk. I'm going to go there because I'm dying here already, so I might as well go there, take a chance over there as well. There's new cause tonight for the interest rate jitters. Inflation is up - increasing pressure for another interest rate rise as early as this week. Most people don't need a survey to tell them that petrol prices, rents, health costs and food are getting dearer. The TD Securities Inflation Gauge confirms there's no let-up in sight. It reveals that inflation, if anything, is actually getting worse, rather than better. In April inflation was put at 4.3%, well above the Reserve Bank's safety zone. We need to cut spending, build a strong surplus so that we put downward pressure on inflation and downward pressure on interest rates. The Treasurer hopes the Reserve Bank is listening to his Budget spiel before it's tempted to hike rates again, but other figures show housing prices in the March quarter leapt 1.1% for a whopping 13.8% for the year. The message is mixed - Sydney and Hobart are well below the national average, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide well above it. This suggests the full weight of back to back interest rate rises hasn't fully hit yet. So the Reserve Bank is going to have to make tomorrow. To add to the confusion over what the economy is doing the ANZ job survey showed a rebound after falling the previous two months, and new car sales posted an all-time record for April, despite dearer finance. But the Opposition says it's still not time for a tough Budget. We should not be imposing further hardship on Australian families in these very difficult times. The Treasurer says a big-spending budget would make matters worse.

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A former Australian representative footballer has been charged with assaulting police. Adam Muir was arrested outside a pub in Newcastle after a late-night fight boiled over. Officers claim the 36-year-old former Knights, Souths and Norths league player lashed out at them as they tried to break up the melee. They subdued him, and another man, with capsicum spray. The pair will face court later this month. A look ahead to sport now with Tim Webster and will Sydney fans turn out for league's Centenary Test?

That's the big question after slow ticket sales. There's an all-star Aussie backline.

And also a familiar face in unfamiliar colours. Wayne Bennett has joined the men in black for this historic Test as a coaching mentor. And he's already having an impact. What the players from both sides think about it shortly.

And the pain in Spain - an anything-goes rough-house battle in the river sees Grant Hackett disqualified as he misses out on his dream of an Olympic open water swimming spot. Also Ron, has Shane Warne unearthed a new star?

How Jodi Power spent the money she pocketed on Mercedes Corby, that's next. for spilling the beans Plus, vehicles seized - hoons pay a high price for defying the law. And the new search for artefacts from Ned Kelly's last stand. New Uncle Toby's Oat Crisp is irresistible. What do you think? Question 1 - do you love the crunchy, toasted oat flakes? Mmm. Mmm! (Laughs shyly) Do you love the deliciously sweet oaty bits on the Oat Crisp flakes? Mmm! Mmm-mmm-mmm. Do you love the juicy, plump sultanas and tasty oat clusters? I'll just put you down as a yes.

New Uncle Toby's Oat Crisp is so irresistible, you'll fall in love with breakfast. This program is captioned live. The Mercedes Corby defamation case has heard her former best friend did a series of damning TV interviews about Corby so she could pay her divorce lawyers. Jodi Power has admitted about $60,000 of the $100,000 she was paid by Channel 7

went to her lawyers. She says the rest of the money is now gone, and is yet to inform the tax man about the payment. Stuart Littlemore Mercedes Corby's lawyer claimed Power is standing by her allegations because she can't afford to pay the money back. Actress Judy Davis is also suing for defamation over stories in the 'Daily Telegraph'.

She's claiming the reports painted her as a child-hating, selfish hyprocite. The case refers to floodlights being put up at a sports field near her Birchgrove home. Railcorp workers have ripped off at least $6 million from taxpayers, with prosecutors saying employees use the public treasury like an ATM. Today, another Railcorp supervisor was accused of scamming a fortune but insists he's done nothing wrong. RailCorp maintenance team leader George Laidlaw earns a base salary of $70,000 a year, but leads a lavish lifestyle. Since 2005, his family has taken seven trips to Europe and south-east Asia. ICAC went through his personal finances and discovered $26,000-worth of travel paid for in cash.

A raid on his Blacktown home turned up almost $20,000 in cash. In four years, the family paid $192,000 off their mortgage. Now Laidlaw, his RailCorp subordinates and several contractors are being asked to explain. A culture of corruption, silence and cover-up, where the only concern is to serve themselves. a personal ATM The public treasury has become from which they withdraw at will. Laidlaw denies taking thousands in kickbacks from contractors in return for giving them work. He was unable to explain having so much cash. Mr Laidlaw was warned by the ICAC Commissioner that he was under oath. He then admitted that by sending money to his mother in England and receiving cheques back from her in return, he was trying to hide large sums of cash. The commission was told RailCorp employee Christian Hansen ran a trucking business on the side from this Warragamba home and pocketed more than $370,000 from RailCorp work. And Railcorp's former chief executive, Vince Graham, is expected to be questioned about how corruption was able to flourish under his leadership. John Hill, Ten News. Another eight hotted-up cars have been confiscated The riot squad was called in as friends and relatives of the rogue drivers clashed with police. Drive like a hoon or do a burnout,

and this is what can happen to your precious wheels. Loaded onto the back of a tow-truck by police - and dragged away to a holding yard. Last night police impounded eight cars along Foreshore Drive at Botany Bay, as officers raided a gathering of around 200 people. The vehicle - first time they're confiscated, it's three months. The second time, they lose it. Among them, a ute, three Commodores, a Torana, a Nissan 200 ZX and two GT Fords - was worth $200,000. one the driver claimed 18 defect notices were issued at a local RTA inspection yard. We had a bit of an issue

with some of the relatives and friends of the owners that turned up to that location, so we called in the riot squad to assist.

Locals around Brighton-Le-Sands and La Perouse say hoons have been a problem for years. If there isn't too many of them around, they all ring their friends up and they come down as well. We've found that with the business in the RSL, people won't come out at night because they're too frightened to go home.

On a flat and relatively straight stretch of road like this one,

it's easy to think an accident could be avoided. But it's pitch-black along here at night, and local police know all too well left a young male driver dead. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. If you witness a breaking story on Ten News, and would like to see your pictures email them to or MMS on 0405 10 10 10. We're interested in both photos and video. Excavations are under way at the site of Ned Kelly's legendary last stand. Artifacts have emerged more than 120 years after the infamous siege in north-eastern Victoria. It's where Ned Kelly and his gang had their final battle in 1880, an eager team of archeologists now hoping to unearth its secrets. The prime focus is to find the physical remains that we can attribute to the seige -

that is the burned remains of the building and the projectiles and cartridges. During the 12-hour siege at the Glenrowan Inn in north-east Victoria, three Kelly gang members and two hostages were killed, and the infamous bushranger Ned Kelly was finally captured. It was a very brutal battle and I think we underestimate how great the conflict was. The dig's aim - to find missing pieces of the puzzle,

including the pub's cellar, some of Australia's most experienced archeologists joined by University students to help hand-sift soil from the site. Coming on to a massive project like this, it really blows you away. to find some bullets. I think everyone wants And they didn't have to wait long - were discovered. within hours several bullet casings excavating the site. The team will spend four weeks Everything they find will be analysed to determine if it is from the famous historical event. If they are they'll be displayed in Glen Rowan, conserving a legendary chapter of our history for future generations. Angelina Anictomatis, Ten News.

And what a beautiful day. Bruce

skies and sunshine all day.

Overnight it was quite chilly in

Sydney. It dipped to nine degrees

but in Richmond it dipped as low as

two degrees. Today in Sydney two degrees. Today in Sydney it

reached. Currently it is 19 degrees.

The highest recorded temperature at.

The rest of the week, I will have

the rest of the weather at 5:55pm. Deadly storms lash some of the world's most vulnerable people - details after the break. And - they're becoming surrogate children - the fortunes being lavished on Sydney pets. (Pants) (Grunts) VOICEOVER: New Liquid Blast from Extra helps wash away that furry feeling and freshens your mouth. The Australian Football Hall of Fame - where we honour men like 'Polly' Farmer, the first bloke to kick the ball with his hands. And Alex Jesaulenko, who gave kids across the country an excuse to jump all over their mates' backs. And all the other hall-of-famers that made Australian football what it is today. So on 10 May, with a tribute match featuring the best of the best.

This program is captioned live. Investigators have raised the wreck of the boat that exploded in Melbourne, killing two people on board. Neighbours have remembered Lex and Jennifer Elliot as a loving couple who went out of their way to help others. Police worked late into the night to recover the hull of the 'Leda II' from the bottom of the Yarra. Saturday's blast, which claimed two lives, stripped the 12-metre boat to its bare bones.

Looking at the vessel it is quite extensively damaged from the explosion. The whole side of it is gone and there is quite a lot of internal damage. SES crews collected every piece of debris as a potential source of evidence.

Forensic experts and marine engineers are now sifting through the wreckage looking for the cause of the explosion. Meanwhile, neighbours of the elderly couple that died, say the heart has been ripped out of their little community. I'm still in shock. I've just been crying for... ..still crying, so... around for dinner and they'd walk the dog if you were sick. They'd lived at this South Melbourne complex for 20 years, Lex serving as a chairman of the body corporate, Jennifer helping anyone she could. He was a gentleman and she was the nicest lady.

My heart goes out to Anthony, their son. Just can't imagine what he's going through. It's just tragic. As the investigation continues the Premier has rejected calls for tighter regulation of second-hand boat sales, saying he'll await a coroner's report into the tragedy. You'd want to put in place all of the necessary steps to ensure that it couldn't occur again, but no-one knows what those steps are until the reports have been undertaken. Andrew Leahy, Ten News. A powerful cyclone has struck Burma, killing more than 350 people. Tropical cyclone Nargis hit with winds up to 190km/h. It flattened villages and brought down trees and power lines, cutting electricity supplies. Burma's military regime has declared a state of emergency Despite the damage, a planned referendum on a new constitution will go ahead on May 10. Prisoners have threatened to kill Austria's dungeon father who's now in solitary confinement on suicide watch after confessing to having seven children with his sex-slave daughter. Josef Fritzl's sister-in-law has also revealed he was jailed for raping a nurse around the time his dungeon-daughter, Elisabeth, was born. She's described the 73-year-old as a tyrant,

and claims Fritzl's wife, her sister Rosemarie, didn't know the truth about her daughter's disappearance for 24 years. Fritzl is facing up to 15 years in prison. His lawyer says his client shouldn't be jailed because he's mentally ill. Actor Jackie Chan has added some star quality to the Olympic torch relay, carrying the flame on its first leg of mainland China. Chan says he hopes the flame can send compassion, peace and love to the entire world. The torch will travel through China for the next three months,

arriving in Beijing for the opening ceremony on the 8th August. A new upper class of pet is emerging as privileged pooches become the new kids for young couples delaying children. Proud pet parents are increasingly splurging small fortunes on their animals. They're man's best friend, but in 2008 are they becoming a whole lot more? Are our interest rates too high for us to afford to have children and have a house for them to live in? So do we then turn to our pets as surrogate children? Interesting question - and you don't have to go too far to see how costly extreme pet care can be. This boutique fashion is simply the start.

It's all about looking after the children. Pauline Halkitis was a little embarrassed to tell us exactly how much she spends on Chloe and Molly, but it involves all the trimmings. We celebrate their birthdays every year, we get the party hats out and the balloons, and we get them presents and they get to unwrap their presents. incredibly popular is dog haircuts. What's also becoming Little Zanda here is just about to go upstairs for what's known as a lion cut. Three hours in the salon later, and it's the cuddliest lion you've seen. A little more serious is pet physiotherapy, a growing trend where the practitioner uses food to help dogs stretch, dog acupuncture, which has the same results on dogs as it does on humans, and for Buffy it's a 3-minute session in the doggie hydrotherapy treadmill.

Animals have pain, they have bad backs, they need help. If they've had surgery or they've been hit by a car, they don't just bounce back. Suzannah's dog, Dante, is in physio now after she paid $4,000 for a knee reconstruction. When you love something so much you do whatever and you end up being

and acting like they are your children. It's definitely going to grow. I think more and more people will be appreciating pets a lot more. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Still to come, life in the slow lane - gridlock worsens for Sydney motorists. Also, celebrities party hard after the Logies - we'll go behind the scenes. And Heath Ledger's grizzly new movie trailer. Kill the Batman. The Australian Football Hall of Fame - where we honour men like 'Polly' Farmer, the first bloke to kick the ball with his hands. And Alex Jesaulenko, who gave kids across the country an excuse to jump all over their mates' backs. And all the other hall-of-famers So on 10 May, While you care for others, A lifetime of difference. HESTA, the industry super fund for health and community services. This program is captioned live.

Top stories this news hour - interest rate rise fears of yet another following more unfavourable economic news. Inflation is growing at its fastest rate on record as petrol prices reach new heights. The Reserve Bank board meets to review interest rates tomorrow. There's widespread opposition to a proposal

to allow young Australians to sell their kidneys for $50,000. Canberra specialist Gavin Carney believes the move would slash waiting lists. Some patients now have to wait up to 10 years for a donor kidney. And another showdown for Premier Morris Iemma over electricity privatisation. Angry backbenchers are preparing to take him on at a party room meeting tomorrow morning. But he's vowing to press on, acknowledging it's an emotive issue. A senior Labor leader has bitterly denounced the Rudd Government's refusal to allow ceremonies to celebrate gay civil unions. ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope says the Federal Labor Government is no different from its Liberal predecessors. I'm personally deeply disappointed at the attitude of my federal colleagues.

It's a matter of some embarrassment to me that a Federal Labor Government would, in two instances here, deny the human rights of gay and lesbian people within my community. The ACT will now join Tasmania and Victoria in allowing same-sex relationships to be registered but without any formal commitment ceremony. The State Government is under fire tonight for failing on both roads and public transport. New figures show traffic on major roads has slowed in the last decade,

even though billions has been spent. It's competing for the title of Australia's slowest road - Victoria Road in the morning peak - average speed just 22km/h.

It's shocking.

It's enough to turn you off ever considering coming back to Sydney. Data the RTA didn't want you see shows most major routes have slowed. The M4 is the worst - 10 years ago a journey in the morning peak took 68 minutes. Now it takes 79 minutes. Travelling the Princes Highway used to take 60 minutes - now it's 9 minutes longer. And Victoria Road has jumped from 58 minutes to 64 minutes. We're like other global cities - growing population, a million more vehicles on our roads in the last decade and we continually upgrade the network and public transport to keep people moving. These travel times come despite billions spent on the road network in the past decade and the experts say the results are not surprising because in that time, rail travel times have also slowed and what happens on one affects the other. When public transport speeds are slow,

people shift off the public transport network and that creates traffic congestion. Add to that difficulties parking near railway stations and it's a commuter headache. the design Others have also criticised of the toll roads we have built, arguing their capacity has often been compromised by private sector deal-making. towards the future and make sure that we're building roads to cater for future growth. And that, the NRMA says, means completing the links still missing between major arteries. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report, and in breaking news, Australian jewellery retailer Kleins has been placed into voluntary administration, after the company collapsed owing more than $20 million. Onto the markets -

The average price of unleaded in Sydney tonight is $1.46, but we found it as low as $1.40 Roselands, Bass Hill and Fairfield. There'll be a lot of TV stars nursing sore heads tonight only wrapping up with after-Logie parties earlier this morning. But it was golden girl Kate Ritchie who had the most to celebrate. It's the night where too much glamour is barely enough, but in these new, greener times a number of celebrities ditched the limousines and instead walked to the Logies, even in heels. Well, Rhys, I can't believe it - your first Logies and your heels are even higher than mine! That's right. That's right. It's all about the dancers tonight. With this being the Awards' 50th year organisers are hopeful that there will be just as much interest in who wins what as there is in who wears what. A change to online voting brought some new faces into the race for Gold. The point is though, Ange, it's not me, it's the little people that are making me the Gold Logie winner tonight. I've already explained to Jennifer that when that happens - as John would explain to me - I will be having sex with a lot of other people. You're not too concerned about these ABC types

muscling in on the Gold nomination area? I'm hoping they'll get distracted on a show with ad breaks and it will just confuse them. Are you feel a sort of warm fuzziness about the 50 years of the Logies? I thought that was prostate! In fact, there wasn't much nostalgia at all for the Logies' birthday with some young ones stealing the show. I would definitely like to dedicate this to my mum and my dad. Chris Lilley won two Logies and performed a show-stopping number. # The smell of life The smell of children. # And 'Bondi Rescue' won the first ever Logie for most popular factual program. John Clark earned a standing ovation as he joined the Logies elite. Some fantastic people are already in the hall of fame, and hopefully they've got the kettle on. Kate Ritchie rose to take the gold for the second year running, proving some old faces I almost feel a bit guilty about how perfect it is. If I had written a script like this you wouldn't have believed it. One other Logies tradition not going anywhere - plenty of late, late-night partying. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sport now, and Tim, there are some relieved Rabbitohs fans out there. Relief is not confined to the long-suffering supporters and coach next. We'll hear from the players but will fans warm to the Centenary match with an old-fashioned crowd? Also - battered and bruised - what went on in Grant Hackett's controversial disqualification from the Olympics open water swimming trial. With Instant Scratchies Mother's Day bonus offer, buy a $10 Scratchie and get two free $2 Scratchies. Or buy a $5 Scratchie and get one free $2 Scratchie. Give your mum a Mother's Day she'll never forget. (Woman sings) # Scratch me happy! # Hi, Dad! As a young boy, do you know what I want for most? That's right, for you to save money on your car insurance with AAMI. With the savings, you can buy yourself -

or possibly, a favourite son - something they really want. Oops! This program is captioned live. Darren Lockyer faces more knee surgery and will miss the first game of the State of Origin series

after being ruled out of the Centenary Test team. But his former Maroons and Kangaroos coach Wayne Bennett

turned heads today as an official member in his first appearance of the New Zealand squad - right in front of the Aussies. His defection to the Kiwis has been applauded by both sides. If Wayne Bennett was trying to keep a low profile in his new job, it ended the moment he ambled onto the SCG. Cameras followed his every move - the icon of Aussie coaching now with the enemy. The joint photo shoot for Friday's Centenary Test meaning the Kangaroos saw the odd spectacle first-hand. When I walked in I had to look twice, actually. He was in the black suit. He's a massive rugby league fan and loves it and wants to help the game. It's probably a good thing, him helping New Zealand out. From a personal point of view, it's fine. If it's going to benefit the game, so be it.

Bennett hired to help rookie coach Stephen Kearney.

I think he's brought in more of a professionalism, letting the boys know what is required throughout the week and that's something we haven't had in the past. The Australians wearing a replica of the Test strip from a century ago. Enforcer Carl Webb to make his debut alongside Willie Mason, just weeks after challenging him to an end-of-year fight. We're actually room-mates. No, er, we haven't spoken about that as yet, but I'm sure we'll have a good week. One of the greatest challenges facing players this week is actually getting people to come and watch them. A mere 6,500 tickets have been sold for what is one of the showpiece events of the Centenary season. Yeah, I think it's a bit surprising. Permitting the weather, I thought it would have been close to full. Injured Test skipper Darren Lockyer today announced he'll need surgery on his troublesome knee, also putting him out of Origin I. The Titans are unhappy Scott Prince wasn't given a Test call-up in his place. That's just a slap in the face for Princey once again. That's quite disappointing. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The four South Sydney players dropped for disciplinary reasons will get a chance to redeem themselves when they turn out in the NSW Cup competition next weekend. But coach Jason Taylor looks set to keep the faith with the players who finally delivered the club's first win of the season. Until today, there's been no rise and shine in Jason Taylor's Monday mornings. The first thought that's gone through my mind has been, "Oh no, that wasn't a nightmare and we really did lose another one." And then this morning was sort of the opposite. It was, "Thank God that wasn't a dream." His players, too, admitting their seven straight losses weren't just hurting on the pitch. pretty down, pretty shattered. You're not in the mood and it brings your confidence down. Now the breakthrough win - and the kind of problem coaches want. Last week four players were dropped for breaching the club's tough alcohol policy. Now, they'll have to fight their way back. Yeah, the pressure's on in that regard. My first thoughts are that the team will be fairly similar to what it was. may also have to wait. He wants it back badly, but he's gonna have to feel that pain a little longer at this stage. with their celebrity owner's return from Hollywood. Maybe he should stay in town and give us some more luck. Leanne West, Ten News.

Swans midfielder Adam Goodes was born in South Australia, but has no problem lining up for Victoria against a rest-of-Australia dream team in Saturday night's Hall of Fame match at the MCG. Goodes and his team-mates soaked up the morning sunshine at Clovelly as they recovered from yesterday's 18-point loss to the Western Bulldogs. The dual Brownlow medallist spent the first 13 years of his life in South Australia before moving to Victoria A couple of weeks before the squads were announced, they asked what did I see myself as. Well, I said I was born in South Australia. Then they told me the rules that wherever you play the majority of your junior football, that's what State you represent. Goodes has returned to form in the last two weeks after a slow start to the season. Australian opener Matt Hayden says the IPL has healed plenty of wounds opened during India's controversial tour last summer. The Aussies are in camp in Brisbane before travelling to the West Indies. And while they spent plenty of time clearing the fences during the IPL, it seems they spent a bit of time mending them too. It's an incredible experience. It's been one that has broken down a lot of the cultural barriers that perhaps existed throughout the course of this summer. Shaun Tait made a surprise appearance at the camp today, in town for contract talks with Cricket Australia. 23-year-old Rajasthan Royals bowler Sohail Tanvir has bagged an IPL record six wickets as he ripped through the Chennai batting order in a pair of 2-over spells. COMMENTATOR: Bowled him! Tanvir strikes the minute he comes back. His captain-coach Shane Warne grabbed a wicket as the Royals won their fifth straight game to top the table. Glen McGrath had little effect with the bat or ball for Delhi. The Chargers lost by 29 runs to Mumbai. Grant Hackett has been disqualified from a rough-house 10km Olympic qualifying event in Spain. With the first 10 placegetters earning trips to Beijing, after he was kicked and hit by fellow competitors throughout the race. His disappointment later compounded by his disqualification

for a tangle with Spaniard Jose Francisco Hervas You know, I expected to have to deal with that, and I'm a big guy and I can handle myself. Hackett will still head to Beijing as he attempts to win the 1,500m freestyle for an unprecedented third consecutive time. There was joy though for fellow Aussie Ky Hurst, who finished fifth to book a spot on the Olympic team. Robert Allenby fired a six-under-par 66 to finish fourth at the Wachovia Championship, and missed several close birdie chances, like this one. And Adam Scott impressed, finishing in a tie for eighth spot. COMMENTATOR: Oh my goodness! Well, I'd say that's about 48 feet, what we saw last week from the putting surface. American Anthony Kim won it by five shots, and at 22 he's the youngest winner on the tour in six years. And in Sports Tonight, the championship team whose supporters are stoked with their rise to the premier league. Plus, NBA play-off action. Stay with us - the full weather forecast is next. This program is captioned live.

Catherine Kennedy with the weather.

I am not with some primary school

children and they are showing me what they have developed recently.

They have developed some board games to teach each other about

natural disasters, cyclones, floods,

storms. You name it, they have

developed a game about it. One of these

these board games looks more like

the board game for army personnel

but it is one that young Tom here

developed. Tell me about your developed. Tell me about your game.

It is about Army members getting

across the board without getting

hit by cyclones and the idea is to

make it your base without dying.

That is a good aim to have. Joshua,

you look at storms and floods. you look at storms and floods. I looked at interesting facts about

what happens when they hit and

after they hit. What did you do? We

learnt about where they hit and the

effect they have on the people and

the land. Here are some innovative

new ways to learn about natural

disasters, Bridge fires, cyclones,

floods. Let's have a look at the temperatures around Sydney. floods. Let's have a look at the temperatures around Sydney. In

Glassford it is 16. temperatures around Sydney. In Glassford it is 16.

Skies are mostly clear elsewhere

across the country. Tomorrow a cold

front will bring a burst of sherry

wins to the south-east. A belt of

high pressure will keep the

interior drive. Onshore winds

interior drive. Onshore winds in

Queensland will... The rain for

tomorrow, light showers in the southern New South Wales, showers

for Victoria, Tasmania and South

Australia. On the tropical

coast of Northern territory. Australia. On the tropical east coast of Northern territory. These

kids at teaching me about Nash -

natural disasters. You talked about

cyclone Tracy, the famous one in

Darwin. Tell me about that. It hit

and caused a lot of destruction to

heaps of people and caused a lot of

pain and a lot of money. You are

able to teach those facts to a lot

of your friends? We got it in the

cards and a lot of people learn

about it. Good to see kids so passionate about the weather.

It is mostly sunny everywhere in the New South Wales.

Tomorrow in Sydney,:

There will be a height of 23 degrees.

That is the weather report with the

these kids. A new trailer for the next Batman movie, starring Heath Ledger, has hit the Internet. in 'The Dark Knight', He plays the Joker which will be out in July. MAN: So, what are you proposing? It's simple. Kill the Batman. SCARY LAUGHTER Here's my card. Well, hello, beautiful. You look nervous. METALLIC SOUND And here we... ..go. This city deserves a better class of criminal. And I'm going to give it to 'em. No! You'll see, I'll show you. That's Ten News for now, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company.

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