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(generated from captions) appears sympathetic. under pressure from the Nationals but the Communications Minister with John Howard, ahead of his meeting details Mr Trujillo wouldn't spell out and ask for government handouts. Not to come to Canberra and that is the solution. technology all over Australia could put all this cutting edge One year's profit to fatten the cow before selling it. the Government wanting is a direct result of The admission, it says, Labor is gobsmacked. we have to provide better service. we have to innovate better, We have to streamline, technically in urgent need of a fix. that the Australian network is brutally frank in his assessment The American high-flier up 8% on last year. record corporate profit, announcing a $4.44 billion Certainly he's not strapped for cash, who he expects to pay for it. What's not clear is of the creaking network. for a high-tech upgrade with a $5 billion plan flew into the national capital Telstra's new chief, Sol Trujillo, a fierce debate in Canberra. and that's fuelled its services aren't up to scratch But the telco's new boss admits with you for Ten News. Good evening - Sandra Sully This program is captioned live.

a more attractive career path. will help make the armed services the restrictions on women The Government hopes lifting to attract new recruits. the Defence Force is battling in history, With employment at its highest level All of the traditional reservations. what are your reservations? REPORTER: Could you explain that, about it, frankly. I personally have reservations But not everyone is convinced. at next week's Cabinet meeting. The plan is expected to be considered of things that blokes do best. and I think that's the sort of sleeping space share very, very close pieces fight together, Soldiers live together, all infantries are all blokes too. are all blokes, and all the Wallabies in the Wallabies are all blokes that all the front row For exactly the same reason A move welcomed by veterans. in hand-to-hand combat. But they still won't be involved of its very competent servicewomen. the opportunity to make better use and air force It gives the army, navy as long as it's a support role. such as the infantry and artillery direct combat units would see women able to join The proposed changes but their roles are limited. 15 in al-Muthanna alone, in the Middle East - are currently serving More than 100 Australian women a looming recruitment crisis. the move to prevent Federal Cabinet is considering of our defence forces. a bigger role on the frontline Women are likely to play Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. no further comment. I have already commented and I have Did you discuss the $5 billion fund? is at the forefront of that It's great that the National Party is feeling vindicated. Senator Barnaby Joyce And the focus of that revolt, newly assertive coalition partners. and at the same time, placate his to big-time investors as attractive as possible He needs Mr Trujillo to make Telstra two competing interests. The PM is caught between Telstra boss needed a reality check. Last week Mr Howard said the have a look at what the proposal is. Obviously the Government wants to having some vision for Telstra. to see the new CEO looking at I think it's encouraging

are facing court and deportation. a threat to national security Ten people Britain considers Greg Turnbull, Ten News. glamorous adjournment debate. during tonight's for Liberal MP Jackie Kelly's outfit But still no match for dinner with the Prime Minister. he'd switched to black tie By Tuesday night near his home in outback Queensland. 'roo shooting looking like he'd spent the day on Sunday night He arrived in Canberra especially on the dressing front. that he is a fast learner, But Barnaby Joyce is showing shooting his mouth off. instead of just representing Queensland when he's going to start I am interested to know and then this. with Liberal Bill Heffernan There was almost fisticuffs Coalition colleagues. in some of his Liberal who brought out the bully from Queensland the straight-talking maverick senator Barnaby Joyce, neatly summarised in two words - It was a parliamentary week as he left the Lodge a few days ago. light-heartedly saluting the media This was him to issue a rebuke. isn't quite the person Perhaps Senator Hill "It's completely inappropriate." and say, should call Senator McGauran in the Government Leader in the Senate, Senator Hill, Labor pressed for action. amusing at the time, But having found the incident I regret my action. I would like to say to the Senate, And apologise he did. but to the Australian public. to not just the Chamber and he should apologise from Senator McGauran It's quite inappropriate behaviour in the gallery. Particularly as there were children against our democratic system. of arrogance against the Chamber, It was a disgusting display See it again. Missed it the first time? over its new Senate majority. he'd personified Government arrogance With one loose hand signal in the negative. SPEAKER: Matter is resolved quickly came to regret. Nationals Senator Julian McGauran This is the moment over an offensive hand gesture. and now outrage argy-bargy within the Coalition, The arrival of new Senators, in Federal Parliament. And what a week it's been Leonie Mellor, Ten News. in our armed forces. a real skills shortage to the point where we now have Government's neglect of recruitment That necessity is because of the it will have little effect. But others say

with some areas still blanketed in snow. The cold snap proving a slippery problem for motorists across several states. The effects of the Antarctic blast blew as far north as the Hunter Valley but it was Oberon west of the Blue Mountains in NSW that endured the brunt of the icy weather. In its wake a blanket of snow. It's the biggest fall we've had this year and probably the biggest fall we've had for the last couple of years. I'm going back home into the warm. Snowflakes excused children from lessons at Katoomba and the young and the young at heart certainly didn't mind. Others happy to sit back and watch. Need a cuppa now, I think! Mother Nature's chill does have a downside - treacherous road conditions. My husband's out on the motorbike - he's a postman. So it's pretty dangerous for him today. I will be glad when he's home. through another chilly day Southern Australia has shivered all 10 as threats to security. The government plans to deport under strict new anti-terrorism laws. prosecution that could lead to a person's failing to give information Among the charges are on London's transport system. failed bombing attempts following last month's All ten were detained in raids The slippery roads caused one truck driver to lose control and swerve onto the wrong side of the road. Similar problems in Victoria's south-east this morning as the snow began to melt. But after a once in 20 year snowfall life must eventually return to normal. In Gippsland, where the primary school was forced to close yesterday, class was back in session. Everything was fine this morning. A bit icy but apart from that... ..and the rain! Certainly fine for the children who will no doubt remember the day their town turned white for many years to come. It is a bit different. Not as much snow but it's... ..still got a little bit of snow so there'll still be some snowball fighting. Tasmania shivered too - up to 20cm of snow dumped on the southern State. For those dreaming of warmer days and nights the good news is the freezing front responsible for the extreme conditions has moved out to sea,

raising hopes temperatures will soon rise. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Stay with Ten's Late News - after the break Having taken the danger of getting to the scene as quickly as he could, they seemed to be more interested in what a great jump it was, not their friend. Base jumpers cop a blast after a parachuting disaster. Andy Thomas is a scientist, an astronaut, a veteran space explorer, a space walker. In his own life, a philosopher and a gentleman. A high achiever finds himself the centre of attention as NASA celebrates the 'Discovery's safe return. Sit down. Sit This program is captioned live. A base jumper has cheated death after his parachute failed to open in time during a plunge off a spectacular North Queensland waterfall. His rescuers blasting thrill-seekers for putting other lives at risk. It's Australia's longest waterfall jump. Incredibly, the adrenaline junkie from northern NSW survived the 300m plunge after his chute only opened at the last minute. He suffered suspected spinal injuries after smashing into the water but his fellow thrill-seekers were apparently too busy giving each other high fives to help the paramedic, who'd trekked for two hours to rescue their colleague. Taken the danger of getting on scene there as quick as he could, they seemed to be interested in what a great jump it was, not their friend. A high-profile Sydney BASE-jumper was critically injured in the same spot last year. The person ended up on the same rock at the bottom of the falls. The incident is very similar. It's extremely frustrating to see the same event occur again. MAN: Oh, he pulled it off! Oh, unbelievable! Unlike other States, BASE-jumping is not banned in Queensland's national parks. Participants don't even need a permit. Oh, he's in the water! National Parks want the extreme sport banned at popular Wallaman Falls and permits issued for less accessible spots. It's not something we encourage. We consider it to be extremely high risk. Emergency crews enraged that the latest rescue tied up their valuable helicopter and put them at risk in dangerous terrain. Rescuers themselves are fed up - there's a feeling that it's only a matter of time before attending a thrill-seeking accident could cost them the life of one of their own. Our people are put in a lot of danger just to go and get these people because of something foolish that they have done. A review of National Park regulations is now under way. Brett Clappis, Ten News. One of the Australian cyclists injured in Germany has returned home keen to get back on her bike. Katie Brown is determined to compete again setting her sights on the Beijing Olympics. There's no place like home. And that's where Katie Brown will be spending some quality time before she begins rehab. I'm sort of going a little bonkers. The 22-year-old returned from Germany on Saturday. Doctors there stabilising her after the horrific accident that killed Amy Gillet and seriously injured Katie and four of her team-mates three weeks ago. What did you think when you first saw that car coming towards you? The first thought was, I thought she was actually just parked there doing a burnout like a typical teenager. But then it sort of came closer to us. Incredibly, the 18-year-old German driver is back on the road after offering an apology to our cyclists. Apparently she did apologise. I'm not too sure about that because we weren't really allowed to associate or really talk to her. And I don't really want to talk to her at the present time. Maybe in a couple months I might have a chat. Katie's courage and positive outlook are apparent when you meet her. She says it's thanks to the support of her family and hundreds of emails from well-wishers and her team-mates, including Louise Yaxley and Alexis Rhodes, who remain in hospital in Germany. I rang them yesterday afternoon and they're doing great. Louise just got her stitches out and she sounds like she's going well, and Alexis was at physio. Katie is also throwing her weight behind Amy Gillet's husband Simon's campaign to raise awareness of cyclists on the road, but maintains as soon as she's well enough, she'll be out there training in Sydney traffic. This is where I grew up and learned how to ride my bike with the traffic. So I'm not real concerned about it. Doctors say she should be back on her bike in six months. Angela Bishop, Ten News. NASA has been blowing the party budget with welcome home celebrations for the crew of space shuttle 'Discovery'. And Australian-born astronaut Andy Thomas has found himself the centre of attention for his role in the risky mission. NASA rolled out the red carpet for its new generation of space heroes. APPLAUSE Commander Eileen Collins leading her crew one last time. And there, caught up in the sea of American patriotism, Australian-born Andy Thomas. I think you'll all agree with me that it's great to be alive and in Houston. Amid the fanfare they thanked God and the NASA family for getting them home safely and paid special tribute to the sacrifice of the 'Columbia' crew. We were able to fix our vehicle to come home because of what they did for us. The man who made those historic repairs to the shuttle thanked the calm voice who talked him through the mid-flight drama - Andy Thomas. Andy Thomas is a scientist, an astronaut, a veteran space explorer, a space walker. In his own life, a philosopher and a gentleman. APPLAUSE Sit down, sit. A veteran of four space missions, the 53-year-old didn't talk of his pending retirement today, just the future. On behalf of the crew I want to thank you for everything you have done and I share the hope that it won't be too long before another crew stands here and can tell about the adventures you have made possible for them. In the not too distant future he hopes that will include his wife, Shanon, a fellow astronaut. How about one more round of applause for this wonderful crew. APPLAUSE In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Stick around - when the Late News continues. This program is captioned live. It's been an emotional day of evidence at the Kerry Whelan murder trial. Her husband, Bernie, broke down while listening to a 000 emergency call he made when his wife disappeared eight years ago. Bernie Whelan was supposed to fly out to Adelaide for a few days off with his wife Kerry in May 1997. She never turned up to take the flight. They were to: When Mrs Whelan failed to meet her husband Bernie knew something was wrong. At first he feared she had been mugged for her jewellery. In court today Bernie Whelan fought back tears as his emergency call reporting his wife missing was replayed at the murder trial of Bruce Burrell. A conversation prior to Mrs Whelan's disappearance between the two men once considered friends described as: Burrell's legal team say the case against him is circumstantial. Kerry Whelan's body has never been found and there is no DNA evidence linking Burrell to her death. A link to another prominent case was made thought. Burrell's lawyer dismissed the presecution case overall by saying it was 'irrational' and had failed to stand up to any logical analysis. The case will continue for another 15 weeks. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. At Commonwealth Securities, Tom Piotrowski. And Tom, once again we're being stunned by the economy's ability to create jobs. Sandra, there were plenty of slack jaws in the market this morning when the bureau of statistics reported that 12,500 jobs had been added to the economy? In the month of July. Most economists thought they would have shed that much. The unemployment remains at its lowest level in 28-years . Almost 375,000 jobs have been added to the economy over the past few years. Australians are spending more too? That's why employment is the Holy Grail as far as policy makers and economists are concerned. More people in jobs means more people spending. The figures from the bureau of statistics showed that, on average, the average household spends more than $880 per week on goods and services last year, which is an increase of 25% compared to five years ago. Spending on mobile phone charges is up by more than 180% childcare by 34%, and petrol up by about 25%. Thank you, Tom. Busy indeed with all those facts and figures. We appreciate it. The All Ordinaries index leapt another 40 points today as the Australian share market continued its foray into record territory. Our favourite green puppet, Kermit the Frog, is turning 50 years young. While he's somewhat in denial about hitting the big 5-0, the green guy is hopping with excitement for his big birthday bash. He's the Muppet of all Muppets. It's 'The Muppet Show'... Now our favourite green puppet is going through a mid-life crisis - Kermit's in denial he's about to turn half a century old. I'm not sure that 50 for me is the same as 50 in people years. I think there might be a difference in frog years. While the little green guy has made superstars blush... I've never talked to a frog before. We're just like anyone else - a little more jumpy, maybe. ..and given comedians a run for their money. You meet a frog without a sense of humour and you're looking at a green lump. The average frog-turned-superstar doesn't look a day older than when he first jumped onto the small screen in the mid-'50s, although he insists he is a lot wiser. You start to reflect on your life and you look back over the years at everything you've done, you know, and I think with middle age comes wisdom. (All sing) # It's time to raise the curtain # on 'The Muppet Show' tonight # To coincide with Kermit hitting the big 5-0 the Muppets have released a collectors' DVD box set of the show's first ever series, aired in 1971. It includes never-before-seen footage of the pitch given TV executives to try to get the show across the line. We'll have a hit show on our hands and we'll all get temperamental and hard to work with but you won't care because we'll all make a lot of money! Now Hollywood is acroak with rumours about the VIP birthday bash. While Kermit isn't giving anything away he has dropped a few hints of his preferred choice of entertainment. You can send a stripper to my party if you like. It won't affect me because, as you can see, I am appearing naked... ..which I always try to do because I'm kind of a natural guy. (All sing) This is what we call 'The Muppet Show'. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. The news on the national weather is next, and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Leigh Diffey. And Leigh, just like last week's second Test, the Poms have made another strong start. Sandra, they have, and they're performing at the right time - at one-all in the series, this is an important Test for both sides. And the Poms had a little luck on their side early in the first session. Yeah. What? I gotta go. Plus there are 50,000 Vodafone red SIM starter packs to be won. This program is captioned live. Now a quick look at tomorrow's weather. Rain is expected to develop around Cairns. A mostly sunny day for Brisbane and Sydney. It'll be frosty then fine in Canberra tomorrow. Hobart's in for a mostly cloudy day. Showers are forecast around Melbourne but clearing from Adelaide. It'll be windy and wet in Perth and sunny and fine in Alice Springs and Darwin. Inner Mongolia has finally given up a long-held secret - and it's nothing to do with natural wonders. After 54-years, herdsman Bao Xishun is now the world's tallest man - officially. After a little trouble finding a big enough tape, the 'Guinness Book of Records' finally accepted that Bao really is 236cm, or 7'9", tall. Bao says he just kept growing until he towered over his countrymen. Medical test have found no abnormalities - they show Bao's just tall. And that's the latest from the Ten news desk. Stick around - Leigh Diffey's along next with the latest from the 'Sports Tonight' desk. I'm Sandra Sully. from the Late News Team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.