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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. to State Focus. Hello, I'm Peta Burton and welcome

a few laughs and a locally made doco, Today on the show, we've got lycra, Yes, we're going behind the scenes titled "The Young and Wrestlers". arena. of Canberra's professional wrestling unleaded fuel, most would've said to But first, at 95.9 cents a litre for Mark Marshall "tell him his dreamin".

the Ulladulla business operator But fed up with high fuel prices, station, Ulladulla Motors, and decided to sponsor a local service discount fuel sell-off for a few together the two businesses had a now. hours last week, and Mark's joins us weren't dreaming. Good morning to you Mark and you Peta for having me on the show. I wasn't dreaming and thank you You're very welcome. How did you make that day happen? that Sydney was already taking on It probably eventuated by the fact

fuel, but it was the service taking a loss. stations themselves that were to approach the local independent I came up with the idea one night and suggested that a local business, service station, Ulladulla Motors, reduce the fuel price down to a my own, support him in trying to in Australia @ ridiculous 95.9 ce ridiculous 95.9 cents. The cheapest

they probably would have been Look I know it wasn't allowed but they could that day. filling up Tupperware containers if criteria and Absolutely. We did have some containers definitely were out. cards, at least about 5 or 600 I But we had an enormous amount of believe was correct. $40. How was it to fill up your car for you've been able to fill up your car I mean, how long has it been since a thing. for 40 and you've got a big beast of

Commander, the top of the range and I do, I do. I've got a Jeep must admit. I was the first cab off the rank, I when the pump stopped at $40.50. I I was wondering what was going on filled my can't remember the last time I've vehicle up for that to be honest. Listen, what was the aim? suppose the local businesses in any The aim was to try to encourage I support their local independent area around Australia to try and could all bandy together, service station. If you think we if you like as a group and go in put a few hundred dollars together there and try and reduce the price. local business can make a It was also to try and show that local business and at the same time difference by supporting another dramatic giving the consumers of that town a

price drop when it comes to fuel. distributor on board as well to How was it to have a major fuel prove the point? I think that's a first to be honest. fantastic fuel distributor, for the Liberty Petroleum who is a of being able to make sure that independents, came on board by way service station to be able to there was enough fuel in the party with a donation to the fuel deliver and they also came to the service station themselves. guess it could be considered that Which I believe is a first and I fuel distributor liberty, should be you know, the local independent initiative to come on board. awarded I suppose for their in Australia that day. It ended up being the cheapest fuel ever in Australia and I think 95.9 cents was the cheapest fuel

even at this point, you know, the probably breaks the record because fuel prices are quite high. $60? What did you do with your remaining it on the family. I keep that in my pocket and spent happy about that. Well your wife would have been should say! And your four boys, oh six boys I Yes. @ Six boys, yes I've got six Six boys, yes I've got six boys. business to step in and make fuel Listen, is it really up to local prices cheaper?

up to the Government Well I don't think so. It should be to basically do what they say give consumers they're going to and that is to a price advantage over fuel. dollar has already fallen. The scenario is that the Australian fallen and if you take it on a The cost of oil per barrel has really the price that we set at parody like it was last year,

that's what we should be paying 95.9 cents was calculated that Would you do it again? I'd like to do it again. independent fuel service station to And what it takes is another sit down and discuss it and also to either give me a call, and we can of again, ensure that they have the backing a fuel distributor like Liberty. other local business? What feed back have you had from

area? Or from people in general? From the the local community and I I've had a great pat on the back by that was the idea. opportunity of having some cheap It was there to give them the example fuel. The Ulladulla area as an has historically paid, 7 to 10 because it's a captive population. cents more per litre for fuel guess, from other local businesses I've had words of congratulations I

them put their hand in their pocket but as this, as yet, I haven't seen them to do so and do the same. So I encourage happen as a regular occurrence. and get together and let's make it your actions will be heard and that Do you think at the end of the day, the long term price of fuel. you'll make a difference for I guess, what we would classify as a

it has had an immediate effect on there is higher fuel prices else our region, but look, while ever that high and unless there's where, they'll continue to stay is actually done about it, then Government invention and something fuel distributors themselves I really what's gonna happen is that

because look, the service stations believe are making the money chocolates don't. They make money out of and chips and drinks and chewing just to sell fuel and that's it. gum and really the service is there big retailers and suppliers What's been the reaction from the are just up themselves? 'Cos a couple of them the sell off happened. the road from Ulladulla Motors where

On the day they didn't do anything. you know, they have their little They just kept the price high and their regular cliental to try and shop-a-docket things and relied on for over and get that. I admit that lining up hour is not a nice situation to believe that the big giants in the just get some fuel, however I truly already a price advantage by being retail environment, they have

cents I believe, cheaper. able to buy their fuel cheaper. 8 for them to get into a pricing war frankly what they'll with the independents. Quite things that will make sure that the be doing is trying to do other Closes up if you like. independent moves out of town. So in the meantime keep dreaming.

unless there's business people like Yeah keep dreaming unfortunately, myself that are prepared to get behind a project like this then I think we're stuck with the prices at are out there. Well I appreciate you joining us to share the story and let's hope there's some positive outcome, I think for Bateman's Bay is where your gonna be taking it next. I'd like to take it down the coast a little bit further.

the next on my list. Oh I can hear them lining up already. Thanks Mark for your time. Thanks Peta. Well time for a quick break, but still to come, interest rates and real estate. The President of the Real Estate Institute joins us next on State Focus.

Great to have you watching. Welcome back to State Focus. You could've probably hear a collective sigh around your

neighbourhood when the Reserve Bank recently slashed interest rates yet again. It has put some cash back in the kitty, given some confidence and others concern. And, joining us for his thoughts is the Real Estate Institute's, Michael Wellsmore. Good morning how are you. Good morning. You're looking dashing. Thank you very much. First of all, in Canberra, what have you seen? Are people rushing out of buy a home at the moment?

We've actually seen a very strong response to the cutting interest rates and to the Federal Government's new policy on first home owners grant and so that's really added a lot of strength and response back into the market. People have gained a little more confidence from that. I should probably say, have these

recent interest rates sparked a resurgence of confidence. was announced that there was, there exhibitions and all but they were still a little bit weary. the second round and we've had, the interest rates as we've given people a little more confidence and then added to that, with the first home owners grant, I think all those things all combined together

happy or more confident about the market and been confident to go out and purchase @ market and been co What about this world financial crisis and how much more paying can we expect for the real estate industry? Look the financial crisis is definitely had an impact on the market. If you've got a consistent, when you open the paper there's consistently on the front pages talk about you know, world

financial crisis, crisis in employment here and Australia and it's become the main topic of conversation, then you'd expect that people would be a little but concerned about that. But now we're finding that they're getting more perspective on it and definitely helping @ the actions The key is the perspective. It is a perspective. I think that we're still getting some negative comment being made and I was interested that the other day that we were expecting 0.5%

drop in interest rates and we got 0.75 from the Reserve Bank. But all the comment seemed to switch to whether you know, they should have given an extra 0.12 or 0.18% and I thought oh, well that's a bit strange. It was sort of the half empty glass or perhaps one fifth empty glass rather than the fact that we got this other great benefit.

of people's attitudes, but the public are beginning to see things as they are rather than some of these negative comments that come out. Are house prices gonna continue to drop? I don't believe so. I think that what we've found with the house prices is that they have stabilised at this point. I know that they have been some people who have suggested that there will be a drop in house prices and someone the other day from one of the large American merchant bank groups was talking

about a drop of 30%. That intrigued me because that's the figure that they're talking about in America and of course the whole structure of the American system is so much different in terms of the problem that they have there. They have a huge over supply to housing where in Australia we actually have a large under supply. So are they gonna go up? So, well that's the sort of the question. Is that going to happen? Are prices going to increase or not.

suggest that they would remain flat. I don't see any great spike in house prices. But we needed to have some of these incentives to get people back into comfortable about purchasing @ th Okay, if you're cashed up at the moment, what would you be doing with months? Well look, I'm a real estate agent representing the real estate industry so I would suggest to buy.

Buy, buy, buy. (LAUGHS) there is a reason for you know, housing or that phase, as safe as houses. We haven't seen that because of being the amount of the level of increases I suppose and that stock market, but you don't see situation in housing where prices drop by 20/30/40/50 or some 80 or 90%.

I mean I think that in the A.C.T. that we've seen that the overall of the last 12 months that the prices have remained flat. We would expect that you know, that perhaps some increases will move on more product still. We have an under supply of housing here in the A.C.T. We did not fix the under supply that it existed 12 months ago. It's just people's reluctance to move has now been sort of addressed I think and we'll see if people re-enter the market. Listen this is a hard question just to finish off. Purchasing a house can be so convoluted and complex at times. At times. What do you think needs to be done. What do you think the Government needs to do to make it easier? Well look I thank you for the question because it is perhaps goes to one of my pet hobby horses. I have a real issue about people

paying stamp duty on purchasing a home. tax and so you are taxed for buying your personal residence or it's the Government investing you know. Are having you invest with their, they're asking you for money so you can you know, have a property. So they become almost an investor in your home. I just think there's something fundamentally wrong. Now I understand why they're doing it and it's being done, but the

industry as a whole is seeking to approach Government about simplifying the whole process of purchase and also reducing taxes and charges on purchase. They're called the transaction costs that relate to that. And we're also wanting to simplify the approval process because that's actually one of the impediments that slows the process up and slows properties coming onto the market, new homes.

And that has added to this problem of price pressure because we've had those sorts of issues and things that we would like to see addressed. Wouldn't you want to run for the country? (LAUGHS) Wouldn't you want to run the Why aren't you running the country? Well I'm just a real estate agent and you know, we have our perspective but you know, a lot of the work that we do is I think, is as a politician you miss it.

I mean the REI here in the A.C.T and also around the country, the work that we do actually works to make the whole process easier for purchase of a home and we are beginning to look at this process very carefully and on a national level and wanting to push Government about withdrawing from being involved in the transaction. The problem is that they've almost become a junkie and hooked onto that income stream, but as we'll see as they slow down in market, say in New South Wales, there's this big hole in the New South Wales budget because of the property transaction cost that they were earning money off property transaction costs. So I think that it's a flawed approach to financing their budget. Can't wait to have you on again. You'll be running for PM one day. (LAUGHS) Thank you so much for your time. And, coming up, you'll wanna take them home to meet your mum. Ahmed, Jorge, Cross, Crofty, Jak and Kane 'Mikey' Broderick. They're just a few of Canberra's big boys who make up all the drama in "The Young and the Wrestlers", next on State Focus.

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to deliver 70% more antioxidants than green tea. It's amazing what two can do. Welcome back to State Focus.

Whether you're a skeptic or a fanatic of professional wrestling, take yourself to see "The Young and The Wrestlers", a locally made doco by David Farrell which premiers in Canberra on Thursday night. And just to advise, the film is currently unrated, which means 18 is the film's Director, David Farrell and wrestler, Kane "Mikey" Broderick. How you doing? Good morning guys. How are you going? I'm going alright. (LAUGHS) A bit stunned are ya? All the lycra? A bit bright? It is. I am a bit stunned is the word. I've gotta say, is there enough room for you guys on the couch there? He's a pretty big guy, but I think we're managing. It is. I was actually worried you were gonna pick up the couch and throw it. I was thinking about it, but he's kind of slipped me a few dollars under the table, so we're all good. Mmmm, all under control.

Now before we get into the outfit, tell us, what did you uncover is probably the safest word to use? What did you uncover about wresting and wrestlers in Canberra Dave? Well I had no idea that this scene even existed basically. Okay. I was walking through Civic... Luckily. (LAUGHS) Don't know how you could miss me, but.. Don't know how you could m Yeah I was walking around in different circles clearly, but um, basically I've been a wrestling fan in the past and I'd sort of put that into my childhood and then saw a poster in the city and basically had no idea that it existed. Went and checked it out and was a bit stunned myself. What a great name, great title. The Young and the Wrestlers. It's perfect. Now listen, let's get into this, let's get this out of the way. The outfit. Explain. (LAUGHS) It's all yours. Well what can I say? Chicks dig the lycra. And when you go out there looking like this, what can you expect @ when you told her that you were gonna become a professional wrestler? And wear this? Actually it's her fault that I'm actually doing it because there was a show on. I didn't know it existed either in Canberra and she basically drove me there for my birthday and went to the show and thought, I could do this and went from there. Okay. And did you sort of think that you could wear the outfit though. I mean, don't you need to be a certain character. I mean it's a whole completely new world isn't it? It's a world of it's own. Depends but when you lookin' like this you can get away with pretty much anything. Okay. (LAUGHS) Do you actually get hurt though? Let's clear that up. 'Cos I know that your girlfriend was a bit worried about you getting injured. You look a bit buff though. I think your could handle anything. Well a lot of people don't realise that it is a lot on your body. I mean I played rugby league and union before but when your falling

constantly and on the floor, on the tiles, you're always gonna get injured. Like I currently got an injured shoulder at the moment, so I can't really, I don't have much movement in it. Seriously how hurt though do you get? I mean isn't a lot of it just acting? See that's what people don't understand. It is acting, but it's a lot on your body, I mean I have to go to the gym pretty much five days a week and when I went overseas to get training, it was five days a week, four hours a day and then two

hours at the gym after and it's pretty full on. Okay, so there is a serious side to it. Definitely. Tell us a little bit about how, what is it that gets people hooked into the sport. You know, you said that your a huge fan and how do you convert those who just think it's ridiculous? Well I think on some levels some people will always think it's ridiculous. It's not for everybody, but it is entertaining. I think when you go in and you watch a show for the first time you

are swept up in the atmosphere. They come out and they draw you in. Somebody will come out and you know, give all the little kids in the front row high fives. And everyone will recognise, oh they're kind of a pretty good guy and then another guy will come out and basically the crowd will know when to boo. Because the way that they've put themselves together, their heels, heels and faces, which... Touch off there.

It's all about story telling because people love seeing good versus evil and in the end with the wrestling, usually the good guy always wins which sends people home happy. So what are you? How did you create your character? Pretty much the character I am at the moment is a fitness sort of fanatic. So I like doing the squats, the dumbbell presses, whatever, so it depends. If you go out there in your generic Dave who wears jeans, no one's gonna care about you.

Well care less. (LAUGHS) No ones gonna care. Yeah. just a character, 'cos no one want there, yeah they want to see someone's who's different, who's out there and they can cheer or boo for. @ name? Yeah, my name's Mikey Broderick. Oh that is it? Mikey? Okay. That's it, yeah. Mikey the fitness instructor. Yeah it's not the crusher, it's a bit more, those days are gone.

That is your stage name. humour about it as well? And apart from a great, obviously a great costume wardrobe? Yeah well you've gotta have a good sense of humour about it cos to wear this, you can't really be too serious. So... What have your folks said? Um in the end my mum was real worried because it does, you do get hurt, but she kind of like started coming to a few shows and seeing how much I love it and how much I can just do it.

So she's pretty cool about it now. My grandma and grandpa on the other hand don't come. They came to one show and they walked out. (LAUGHS) Listen what did you, how was life for you I should say, during the 6 months of filming. 'Cos originally it was going to be 3, it bloomed or blossomed out into 6 months, was it a love/ hate relationship? You know, we're you feed up with it all by the end of it?

Was the talent a nightmare to work it? Was editing? going to be only 3 months. basically it ballooned out to 6 because I was thinking, with the documentary, you never know what's gonna happen. You're following the events of these people's lives. It's not scripted. So I was looking for that great ending to the film and they were having the biggest show of the year, Clash in the Capital which was held, usually in July and so it ballooned out to there because everything was

building towards clash in the Clash in the Capital. All the story lines all the, everybody's just everything, it all came together. Like Lance Storm who you've actually trained with in Canada. Yeah well, me and 3 others went over there for 3 months. And it was pretty full on. We were training there with Lance Storm as you said. And pretty much, I got really good feed back at the end of it.

He said 'cos I'm in good shape and got some sort of potential, he said, I'm still in contact with him now and the goal is to go over there next year and have a crack at it. So that is the aim. To be one of the superstars. Good on you. Yeah, household name. (LAUGHS) Mikey, Mikey Broderick. Okay in the States or sorry in Canada it's gonna be. Yeah in the States as well. Listen what about the goal for you, 'cos you're serious about creating a film production distribution house in Canberra, how hard is it to get

that first big break for you? Well... Is this it? Well we'll see won't we. If people really like it, yeah, I think without tooting my own horn, this is probably gonna be the greatest documentary about professional wrestling in Canberra. I mean... reactions? Ah, no. I'm intrigued actually. Because I've watched the film so many times.

I watched when I was filming it, I watched it when I was editing it. together. So now I'm really curious to see if people will laugh where I think enjoy the bits I enjoyed the most. watching? Oh definitely. Good on you. Listen what's in it for the chicks though Mikey? Oh well they... You might have answered your own question right there. Pretty much, they get to see me every time they come. And Dave have you thought about heading into the ring? Well um, when I first started filming Mikey was actually debuting.

His first match is in the film and I watched him go through the process of becoming a brand new sort of rookie wrestler to sort of where he is now and no, not at all. (LAUGHS) I'm not interested. Can't you see yourself in some lycra? Well, I guess, well... One day. One day. (LAUGHS) One day. (LAUGHS) One day, they'll trick me in one day. Yeah.

Okay I think you're a closet wrestler. I'm a fan. I'll say I'm fan. I think there's a lot of closet fan's out there to be honest. Listen break a leg on Thursday night. Thank you for looking so gorgeous this morning. No problem. You've woken everybody up, stunned them. And, just before we go, great news for Leanne Dole from Bowral who joined us in September about an American autism program she found called "Son Rise" to help her young son, Blake.

Leanne and her hubby funded a "Son Rise" trainer to come to their home for a treatment/training session, and it has been a complete success for the entire family. They've got their fundraiser too on Saturday, so some great news there and a great cause. Okay, time to go. See you next Sunday, at the special time of 9am next week. Bye for now.

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