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(generated from captions) A deadly gunfight claims the life of another Australian

digger in Afghanistan. It's all

very hard, but we know their very hard, but we know

service will be honoured by

their family, their mates and their family, their mates and their country. This Program is Captioned

Live. Also on ABC News 24 - Julia

Gillard hits the farm trail,

promising incentives for environmentally environmentally friendly

agriculture. While Tony Abbott

ventures west to throw his support behind clean coal. And rallies held across Australia

calling for the legislation of gay marriage. You're watching ABC News 24.

I'm Jeremy Fernandez. Taking a

look at the weather around the

South Australia into Victoria country - cloud is moving from

and New South Wales. A causing isolated showers in WA.


An Australian soldier has

died in a gunfight with insurgents in Afghanistan early

this morning. Trooper Jason

Brown from the Special Air Service Regiment was shot

several times during an

operation in Kandahar The 29-year-old Perth-based operation in Kandahar province.

soldier was on his first deployment there and

Trooper Brown is the 18th three times in East Timor.

Australian soldier to die in Trooper Brown is the 18th

conflict conflict in conflict in Afghanistan. The

Defence Force says Trooper

Brown was an outstanding career soldier and that he will sorely missed by soldier and that he will be

colleagues. The Special Operations Task Group was

operating with its Afghan

partners from the provincial

response company. This combined response company. This combined

force element was conducting a disruption operation northern Kandahar region when disruption operation in the

they were engaged by several The trooper from the

Perth-based Special Air Service rdgement received multiple

gunshot wounds. Members of his

patrol provided immediate first aid and he was helicopter to the major aid and he was evacuated by

coalition medical facility in coalition

Kandahar. Unfortunately,

despite the best efforts of his

despite the best efforts of his

mates and the coalition medical

staff, the soldier died from

his wounds. The Prime Minister

Julia Gillard says Australia

remains firmly committed to the operation in Afghanistan. Our

mission in Afghanistan

important one, an important one

because our nation cannot see

Afghanistan once again become a

safe haven for safe haven safe haven for terrorists, a

safe haven for terrorists who

are trained and trained to take the lives of Australians. We

have seen that happen in the

past at the World Trade Center

and in the Bali bombing, so our

mission in Afghanistan is a

vital one. It is a vital one

which we will pursue. But it is a dangerous mission, a

dangerous mission

personnel as they go about challenges our very brave

personnel as they go about this dangerous mission.

It's a tradge - it's that we have now lost 18 Australian soldiers in operations in Afghanistan, but Australian soldiers in combat

it is very important that Afghanistan never again become

is important that Australia a safe haven for terrorism. It

pull its weight in the world

and the Opposition continues to

and the Opposition continues to fully and strongly support

Australian fully and strongly support the

Afghanistan. To the election

campaign now. The Prime

Minister has promised to reward

farmers who reduce pollution

and store carbon on properties. Political reporter Dana Robertson is travelling

with the Prime Minister in

Prime Minister has travelled to northern New South Wales. The

the north coast of New South

Wales to a farm near the town

of Ballina today to make a combined agriculture

climate change combined agriculture and

climate change announcement.

She has announced She has announced that farmers

will be rewarded for greener

practices through carbon

credits. So farmers will get

those credits if they trees on marginal land or adopt greener herd management greener herd management and soil practices. Those credits

will then be able to be sold on

the open market for around $20

a tonne. a tonne. Now, the Prime Minister says that this is Minister says that this is a

good plan because it will involve the

involve the open market rather

than the bureaucracy, and that

polluters will ultimately be

the ones who are Indeed, she says, it is good the ones who are paying.

for the world, it's good for the atmosphere and it's the atmosphere and it's good for farmers. At the same time,

while Julia Gillard was here in

Ballina, she was asked

shows the Government up 4

points to 53% of the two-party

preferred vote. She says that she still thinks that this be she still thinks that this will

be the tightest election in Australian history, and she

will be fighting for the fight of her life, she says, and she

says she is not nervous per se,

about you she is nervous about

the outcome of the election because she because she says Tony Abbott

will take the country backwards. Dana Robertson on the New South Wales north

coast. The Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has money to support mining

technologies exploration and clean coal

technologies while campaigning in Perth.

in Perth. Political reporter

Nick Harmsen is travelling with

Mr Abbott and he sent this report. Well, Tony Abbott come here to a suburban

football ground in the

electorate of Swan which is one

of Labor's most marginal seats

and it's really quite apt that he is here at an AFL game

because the Liberal Party and

the Coalition has been doing very well in Queensland and New

South Wales, the rugby league

states, but not so well in the southern states or the AFL

states. One thing that has been southern states or the AFL

though, here in the west is its playing well for the Coalition,

tax . Today Tony Abbott stance against Labor's mining

tax . Today Tony Abbott has

unveiled his pining policy,

$418 million towards a series of programs. of programs. $150 million will go towards mining exploration.

There will also be more money

for soil carbon and for for soil carbon and for other

measures to reduce measures to reduce carbon,

about you that money will about you that money will be

coming from an existing carbon

coming from an existing carbon

capture and storage

program. And earlier, the Opposition Leader spoke to the

media in Perth, focusing on

border protection. Let's hear

what he had to fantastic to be here. I want to

say it's good of your supporters to come out this

morning just to welcome me and

Margie to this beautiful part

of Perth. It's great to be with Michael Keenan, the Shadow

Minister for Justice and Customs. Michael has Customs. Michael has been a

very important pat of the

very important pat of the

Coalition's effort Coalition's effort in highlighting the fact that the

Government has lost control of

our borders. Julia Gillard used

to say, "another boat, another

policy failure." She policy failure." She doesn't say that anymore because there have now

failures by her own reckoning

since this government came into

power, and since power, and since they weakened the laws that the Howard Government

the laws that the Howard

Government had put in place which had protected our

borders. As you know, the only

way to put the people smugglers

out of business is to change

the government. As long as this

government is in power, the

people smugglers will be in

business because this

government refuses to do government refuses to do what

is necessary to deny the people smugglers a product to sell. If

you want to stop the boats,

you've got to change the

government because on day one

of an incoming of an incoming Coalition government, I would pick up the

phone to the President of

Nauru. Within weeks we would

have an offshore processing

centre in Nauru. That centre in Nauru. That would

send the strongest possible signal to the people smugglers.

So I just think this is a very

important message that I've got to give

to give to the people to give to the people of Western Australia today. 152 boats, 152 reasons to change

the government and that's what

I will be working towards over

the next seven days. I also the next seven days. I also want to pay tribute to Don Randall. Don is an extraordinarily good local

member and I know he was particularly excited - yes,

please, give him a big round after applause. (APPLAUSE)

(APPLAUSE) I know he was I know he was particularly

excited yesterday when we

announced that an incoming Coalition government would establish at least 30

and part of that announcement

yesterday was that in the first

round of Australian technical

colleges, one will be in the

Peel region of Perth, so there

will be an Australian technical

college in this part of Perth

if there is a Coalition

government elected next

Saturday. So, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for coming out today. for coming out today. I really appreciate your support. This has

has been a tough campaign, it's

going to be tough over the last six and seven six and seven days, but it's

all there to win. We are up

against the most massive, the

against the most massive, the most ruthless political most ruthless political machine in Australia's history, one incumbent Federal Government, five incumbent five incumbent state governments. The whole weight

of the union movement which

exists not for the worker, but

for the Labor Party, big for the Labor Party, big money,

big factions, big politics are

all against us, but I think the people of this country

take the place back, and that's

take the place back, and that's

what I am determined to lead -

people taking this country back

come next Saturday. So

very much for being here and

really appreciate your support. Thank you. The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott Leader Tony Abbott speaking earlier in Perth. To discuss today's

today's campaign so far, today's campaign so far, I'm

joined from Canberra by political correspondent Melissa

Clarke. Melissa, let's go back Clarke. Melissa, let's go back to Julia Gillard's announcement today, very much one

today, very much one that seems

to appeal to environmental designed to help make up some

of the ground that Julia

Gillard lost on the issue of climate change and the

environment when she announced that she would

that she would still be keeping that Emissions Trading Scheme

on hold for a number of years,

and the pledge for a citizens

assembly to build a consensus

about climate change was rather

poorly received. So what we now

have is the Government offering a new

a new initiative which would

see a system set up so that

there would be a regulated

system for farmers and land

holders and forestry growers holders and forestry growers to get doing in terms of helping

reduce carbon levels, so this

would be a way of regulating the improvements they're making

and enable those farmers to

sell those credits on domestic or international market so they can make money

from making improvements to their land. So the idea is

their land. So the idea is this could - the Government say it

is could generate up to $500

million for farmers and land holders over a 10-year holders over a 10-year period.

It wouldn't start until at

least mid next year T would take that long for the Government to set out

frameworks and guidelines and figure

measure and regulate these

sorts of improvements. Initially it would just be for re-forestation, but re-forestation, but the Government say it is would work up regulation so that up regulation so that other activities such as changing

livestock practices or changing soil management and biochar

initiatives might well be able

to be integrated into to be integrated into this program. It is a $46 program. It is a $46 million

initiative that the Government

hopes will give it some credibility

credibility on the climate

change front come polling

day. We've just heard that Tony

Abbott has been if Perth

announcing a range of

initiatives, all this on a day where polls show that the

Coalition is trailing Labor? It

shows that they've lost a bit of the momentum that Tony

Abbott picked up in the second week. We had Tony Abbott back

in Perth, back talking about

the mining tax which has been a successful campaigning point

for him. He was in Perth in

some very marginal seats in

Hasluck and Swan reminding

people that the Coalition people that the Coalition would

scrap a resources rent tax and he announced today

he announced today that one of

the things the Coalition would

do instead is offer tax breaks

for small mining

within Australia, so he it

would work by giving a tax credit to shareholders of companies that are companies that are undertaking exploration in new areas. this is a $150 million initiative. The Coalition is

also proposing to invest more

money in new technologies in terms of carbon terms of carbon abatement, so

that would be liking at taking

money from the carbon capture

and storage flagship program

and redirecting that towards

research and development soil carbons, in biochar, in biological sequestration, so

things like algae, those kind

of programs, and the

also announce - sorry, the

Coalition also announced today that it

that it would overturn a

government stance of having a

ban on uranium, on selling

uranium to India if it were elected to government, so

that's also a very big point of difference between the difference between the two parties that has

emerged. Certainly a big change from the Government's current

stance. Now a big week ahead. We're into the the campaign and certainly no

shortage of things to look out

for in the next couple of

days? The big thing will be

Labor's campaign launch on

Labor's campaign launch on

Monday. This will be their big event, their centrepiece for

comeg into the last week T will

be held in Brisbane which of course is

course is right in the centre of the pivotal area for them in

the State of Queensland. But

Julia Gillard may find that she is losing some of the headlines that would normally that would normally be generated about I a big campaign launch because on

Sunday night we've got two former Labor leaders who will be stealing the spotlight interview, first extended

television interview to the Seven Network. So that will Seven Network. So that will go

on air on Sunday night and also the the now infamous report from

Mark Latham in his new job as a journalist for '60 journalist for '60 Minutes'.

That program will go to air on

Sunday night as well. So that will no doubt frustrate Labor strategists who would want all the attention

the attention on previewing Labor's launch on Monday. A lot

of attention will be on former

current ALP leader. It will be

interesting to watch it all

unfold. Thank you, Melissa. Victorian police investigating yesterday's dowel shooting in

playing down links to organised crime. They're questioning crime. They're questioning a

suspect and reviewing security

video after two men

video after two men were shot

death in Carlton. One man was

shot dead on the footpath in

Lygon. A few hours earlier the

head of an alleged crime

family, Macchour Chaouk, was Melbourne's west. Police

arrested a 57-year-old man from

Altona North over that

shooting, however, he has now

been released without been released without charge.

Police say there apooers to be no link between the incidents. Rallies have been held across the country held across the country in support of gay marriage support of gay marriage T has been six years since the Federal Government amended the Marriage Act to exclude

same-sex couples. In Hobart,

hundreds of people gathered out#150id Parliament House knocking done a symbolic wall of discrimination.

of the capital cities. I think

today as rally has sent a

strong message to

strong message to both major parties that Australians not

only support same-sex but are strongly committed but are strongly committed to

achieving that reform. With only a small amount of advertising, quite a large turn out here today, very

out here today, very committed

people. The people here are

saying to both major parties,

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, it's time to stop bigotry, stop treating all Australians as

equal. Still to come, all the day's sports news with Amanda

Shalala and one of Britain's

best known faces gets a little cosmetic surgery. These are today's top

stories - Australia has lost

its 18th soldier in the war in Afghanistan with the death of

Afghanistan with the death of

Trooper Jason Brown who was on

his first deployment to the

country. The Prime Minister has promised new credits for environmentally

friendly farmers in a campaign

stop on the New South Wales

north coast. Tony Abbott has

also been targeting the

environment with a promise to

spend more than a quarter of a billion dollars on clean coal and biofuel research. Victorian

police investigating

yesterday's double shooting in

Melbourne are playing down links to links to organised

links to organised crime.

They're questioning a suspect and reviewing security video after two men were shot dead after two men were shot dead in Carlton in Melbourne's inner north. Tomorrow's weather for

the major capitals:

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

is flying to Pakistan

is flying to Pakistan to

examine the extent of the flood

disaster. At least 1600 people

have died and much of the country is devastated with aid workers workers increasingly concerned about the spread of waterborne

diseases. More than two weeks

into this disaster, the

desperation of many of its

victims far from abating.

the aid they're getting comes from a politician on a personal

mission. The man pushing out

sacks of food and bottled

sacks of food and bottled water is Punjab's Chief Minister.

Staying on whatever dry land

they could find, the top priority for these people was saving their precious

saving their precious animals,

their livelihood. The Indus

looks more like a vast looks more like a vast lake

than a river. If it rises again to new

to new and dangerous to new and dangerous levels,

the aid operation will only become even more challenging. The Chief

aid operation will be

transparent. He wants to

convince those who have been

criticising the politicians for their response to the floods

that his own administration is

doing what it

effective it is here is

critical. The consequences are

going to be extremely damaging

not only for Punjab, but for

the entire country, because we are the engine for growth are the engine for growth in this country. Therefore, this country. Therefore, not

only we need huge funds for

relief and rescue work, but also for rehabilitation. The

disrupted communications has

been felt in the food market.

The wholesale price of vegetables has shot up because

supply routes are supply routes are blocked. One of the growing worries now

of the growing worries now is

the impact of the flooding on

the economy, on this the

nation's most populous province and the economy of the

and the economy of the nation

as a whole. It's already showing in the food showing in the food markets. The longer-term impact The longer-term impact can only

be estimated for now. The World

Bank came up with a rough calculation

calculation of crop losses - around $1 billion. At this

relief town, this woman can't

even begin to think of the

eventual return home. She came here here barefoot with her three

children. She says

children. She says their land

is now part of the river, their crops destroyed and she would have

have no way of knowing now

where their home once was.

Doctors at the camp are

treating cases of

gastroenteritis, skin infection and increasingly malaria

because of all the

because of all the stagnant

water, and children are

is, in many ways, a still

developing disaster. There have been more landslides in China's flood-ravaged north-west. Continuing torrential rain triggered new landslips,

ravaging towns and villages in the remote Gansu province. Officials say thousands of

people had to be evacuated.

This latest disaster adds to

the devastation from last week's deluge where more than a thousand people were killed. China

China has been battling China has been battling its worst floods worst floods in a decade. Amanda Shalala, a close game under way game under way in Perth? Yes, Fremantle and Sydney are going

goal for goal at Subiaco Oval. Carlton is out to a massive

lead over Richmond at the MCG

and the Swans and Freo and the Swans and Freo are

keeping it close as they jostle

for top 8 positions. Here are some of the first-half

highlights. COMMENTATOR: Clever handball. Good Coming around. He has got it. How about that. To Hayes

Selby in the square. McGlynn. Man forward is

White. McGlynn doesn't need

him. He just goes alone and kicks a

kicks a sausage

roll. Collingwood has continued to firm as AFL to firm as AFL premiership favourites. The Pies easily

defeated none at the MCG last

night to all but guarantee the

minor premiership and end the Bombers' Essendon Bombers' faint finals hopes. Essendon kicked two of the

first three goals, then first three goals, then the Collingwood assault began - 14

goals to 5 in the first half of

the it was a repeat of the

Pies' destruction of

Bombers on ANZAC Day. Cameron

Cloke kicked five for Collingwood in the 98-point

win, but it was a true team effort. Another five effort. Another five players helped themselves to doubles,

including Dean Swan with this superb kick. Raisz raze Everyone is playing

fantastic and everyone is their bit, so making it easy on

me and they're kicking goals which

which is making the forward line work very line work very well. Tonight: The Eagles have lost six of

their last seven their last seven encounters against the Power to. The in. RL now and Parramatta Eels

coach Daniel Anderson has admitted

admitted his future is out of

his hands despite the club's last night: The Eels are still

in with a shot of making the

finals after their 16-point win, but Anderson is under

plenty of pressure with rumours

the Eels are courting Stephen

Kearney. Meanwhile, the

Roosters looking imperious form

against Cronulla as they took a 12-6 lead into

12-6 lead into the break. But

the sharks fought their way

back into the contest thanks back into the contest thanks to

Dean Collis. And Nathan Dean Collis. And Nathan Gardner

put the home side in front just minutes minutes from full-time to give Shane Flanagan his first win as

coach. And Round 23 of the NRL

continues this afternoon when

the Gold Coast Titans host the North Queensland Cowboys. The

Canberra Raiders need to beat the Bulldogs at the Bulldogs at Sydney's

Olympic Stadium to keep their

season alive, while Michael Henderson and bird brd bird won't run on for won't run on for the Gold

Coast's clash. Bird has been sidelined by an injured

hamstring for the past month.

Mat Rogers has made the

Bird Areas absence. Rogers is now in line for a contract

extension after Norwegianly - ormgly been ormgly been told this season would be his

would be his last at would be his last at the

club. Almost half the field are

yet to complete the second round at the US PGA. Aussie

Stevele Kingston and Jason Day

are in contention. Tiger Woods

is 7 shots off the pace and

despite landing in some

trouble, managed to remain at

one under par. Australia's last

PGA champion,le Kingston, was

on target from long range, but Mark Kuchar will be the man

Mark Kuchar will be the man to

catch. He produced a solid

display in the difficult conditions. In soccer,

Melbourne Heart claimed its

first point of the season

thanks to a lucky 1-1 draw with

nuz. Gold Coast snatched a late

draw with Wellington Phoenix,

while Melbourne had an

equaliser in nuz. It took 60

minutes for a goal in Newcastle and

and germ my Brockie delighted the home crowd with his but Ben Kantarovski's own goal

silenced the Jets' faithful silenced the Jets' faithful and handed the Heart its first ever

A-League goal I thought played quite well apart from

the goal which was poor on my

behalf. It was good to see we

created a couple of opportunities the first half and hopefully we can bag a and hopefully we can bag a few more. Two games in the A-League

tonight. North Queensland hosts

defending champion Sydney defending champion Sydney FC. Robbie Kruse won't line up for Melbourne Victory against Perth, still recovering hamstring injury. And a very

determined Mark Schwarzer has

stepped up his bid to join English Premier League club Arsenal. He has handed in Arsenal. He has handed in a

transfer request to Fulham.

Fulham coach Mark Hughes is keen to keep the Socceroos keen to keep the Socceroos goal

keeper, but Schwarzer is

desperate to join the EPL giants. In tennis, Roger Federer is through to Federer is through to the

semifinals of the Toronto finals, beating Tomas Berdych. Now the town that

house The tower that houses Big

Ben is being repaired and it's

no easy task - workers

no easy task - workers are suspended suspended 60m up in the air

with ear muffs to avoid being

deafened when the clock

strikes. At 151 years of age,

it's no surprise it's no surprise Westminster's most famous face needs a little work. This cosmetic work. This cosmetic repair

requires the most careful of

glaze yeahs abseiling

the ground. They're repairing this

this in panes like these, but the damage isn't caused by the damage isn't caused by the great clock's great clock's age, it's

London's wildlife that's to blame. Pigeons unfortunately are flying along, minding their own business, really and they

fly straight into this glass fly straight into this glass .

It's translucent, so to them it probably looks like the sky, I

imagine. As this glass is just

3mm thick, it doesn't take much

to smash it and even the interior repairs require

something of a head for

heights. The is a rather more robust piece of Victorian engineering. Wound

three times a week t only needs

a major refurbishment once

every 50 years W the every 50 years W the pigeon

damage repair, they hope this

clock will soon look as good as it sounds. BELL TOLLS .

Checking the weather now. Checking the weather now. It should stay fine throughout

much of Queensland,

a few isolate ed showers in the

far north. Isolated showers

will develop in the western parts of New South Wales and far southern inland. Mostly

sunny in the rest of

sunny in the rest of the State.

Rain for the north and west

of Tasmania. It will be a cool day with moderate northerly

winds. Isolated showers will contract to South Australia's agricultural areas tomorrow.

Moderate south-easterly wind also be strong also be strong on the southern coast. Over to Western Australia - there will Australia - there will be

isolated showers about the

south coast, patchy rain on the Eucla coast with clear conditions during

conditions during the morning. It will be fine and sunny

sunny for much sunny for much of the Northern Territory with some gusty winds

in the east. Around the nation tomorrow:

New, just to some developing

news now. Nine people are in hospital following a hospital following a partial bridge collapse

o pa on a new span of the

bridge across the Barton

Highway across the north of the

city. We will bring