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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Allegations police tried to get this suspected terrorist to come back to Australia. And Jelena takes the court again in Melbourne - what she's fearing most about her return to Australia. I was nervous coming here. Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning. First, startling allegations one of Saddam Hussein's former bodyguards has been allowed to live in Australia. The man was initially refused a visa

after the department found it likely he had committed crimes against humanity. As a member of Sadaam Hussein's personal bodyguard Oday Adnan al-Tikriti was suspected of murder, torture and terrorist acts. He now lives freely in Adelaide and is married to Sydney doctor Bernice Pfitzner, a former South Australian parliamentarian. He's one of dozens of men who gave the Immigration Department serious reasons to consider they had committed war crimes or crimes against humanity. Al-Tikriti fled Saddam's dictatorship before the war, arriving on Ashmore Reef in 1999 to seek asylum. He feared persecution in his homeland

claiming his father, a prominent Ba'ath party member, was poisoned following a visit to the Presidential Palace.

The 38-year-old was detained in immigration custody for more than five years until he was granted a bridging visa because of ill health. An appeal in the Federal Court against his deportation was successful, granting him temporary safe haven in Australia. His solicitor says her client is a victim of misinformation. She says the Administrative Appeals Tribunal found categorically he is not guilty of any crimes. Margie McLew, Ten News. A fugitive terror suspect has threatened to fly a plane into the Sydney Harbour Bridge if he's forced to return to Australia. Saleh Jamal says he rejected a police deal for a reduced jail sentence in Australia that would've seen him inform on six other terrorism suspects. But he claims he's now more determined than ever to launch a terrorist strike in Australia. Jamal was reportedly the key target of a counter-terrorism investigation when he fled Australia on a false passport last year. He also faced charges over the 1998 shooting of a Sydney police station. He's currently serving five years in a Lebanese jail for weapons offences. The Federal Opposition says the Government's dealings with Saleh Jamal and Oday al-Tikriti

is undermining the war on terror. Joining me now is Shadow Immigration Minister Tony Burke. Mr Burke, should either of these men been allowed entry to Australia?

Oh, I don't see how either of them

pass a character test. I don't see

how either of them, who haven't

been in Australia previously, can

been in Australia previously, can be seen to be of good character.

be seen to be of good character. Surely one of the roles of the

Department of Immigration, is meant

to be to have a competent mipster

to monitor who comes in and goes

to monitor who comes in and goes out of this country. A former war

crimes investigator said Australia

has a reputation as a haven for war

criminals who think they'll never

get prosecuted here. I wish my

information didn't back that up. I

don't know how many people are

involved in terrorist activity or

involved in terrorist activity or crimes against humanity are in

Australia. What worries me is I

don't think Vanstone vaps knows

either. It's her job to know. The

level of incompetence has got to

the point now where we deport

Australian citizens, where we have

genuine asylum seekers being locked

in detention camps, and terrorists,

in detention camps, and terrorists, or people involved in crimes

against humanity, walk freely on

the streets of Adelaide. That is

inexcusable. It's time for Amanda

Vanstone to come forward and

Vanstone to come forward and explain why her level of

incompetence is lowed to happen

happen. There are reports she will

issue a release shortly. What would

issue a release shortly. What would you like to her to say? Firstly,

"I'll resign." She'll have to

explain why she thinks this bloke

is of good character. If she's not

willing to do that, she needs to

explain how the system will be

changed to make sure that somebody

who appears by all accounts to be a

genuine threat can be walking

freely on suburban streets in

freely on suburban streets in Adelaide. Thank you for your time.

Adelaide. Thank you for your time. Thank you, Tracey. Federal Senators are bracing themselves for a huge final week of Parliament with 17 bills scheduled for debate. Opposition MPs have a different focus, keeping the pressure on Peter Costello. The onset of summer in Canberra means two things - the flies are swarming and Parliament's finishing up for another year. The Opposition has one sitting week left for a few final swats at the Government. Today's target - the Treasurer. Mr Costello's leadership ambitions have run into a brick wall called Robert Gerrard. Peter Costello's appointment to the Reserve Bank board has a controversial tax history and the Treasurer is yet to confirm before Parliament whether he knew before giving Mr Gerrard the job. And yesterday John Howard appeared to distance himself from the appointment, saying it was Peter Costello's idea. They're all worried about the consequence of his appalling political judgement. The Government wants 17 pieces of legislation through this week, including the anti-terror, welfare-to-work and industrial relations bills. If there's time the voluntary student union bill will be introduced, but it won't pass without the support of Queensland Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce. The bill hasn't changed, so my position hasn't changed. Certain amendments may mean he'll back down. The heavy pre-Christmas workload is weighing on the minds of the Opposition and minor parties, some wondering why they even bother showing up with John Howard pushing for so many bills to pass and the balance of power to make it happen. It feels absolutely farcical even being here. They may want more time but the Howard Government doesn't and of course... I'm sure Peter Costello would be relieved it's the final sitting week. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Police have recovered the body of a Victorian schoolie who drowned during celebrations on the Gold Coast. A beach walker found the remains of Hamish Sorensen in rocks close to where he vanished. The 18-year-old perished after he became caught in a rip

while surfing with two friends. Surf lifesavers pulled out the other teenagers. Family members have identified the body which will be flown home to Melbourne following a post-mortem. Homicide police are investigating the deaths of a couple in their house near the Blue Mountains. The bodies of the 47-year-old man and 49-year-old woman were found by their son yesterday afternoon. They were discovered in the garage at the rear of their Lithgow home. A post-mortem examination will be conducted to establish the cause of death. After almost two months the outback trial into the disappearance of British backpacker Peter Falconio is finally reaching its closing stages. Ten's Amber Muir is in Darwin. Media numbers are rebuilding at Darwin Supreme Court, where the city's biggest case since the Azaria Chamberlain trial is now wrapping up. All evidence has now been presented. Scores of exhibits and details from 85 witnesses for the Crown and just four for the defence. Now we begin the summing up stage where lawyers for both sides address the jury one final time

summarising their respective cases. Lawyers for Bradley John Murdoch will go first and repeat their claim that the self-trained mechanic from Broome was nowhere near Barrow Creek when Peter Falconio disappeared. Rather, they'll say, he was carrying out a drug run and turned off the Stuart Highway to avoid detection by authorities.

They've also suggested Joanne Lees might have seen Murdoch earlier in the day at Alice Springs, where both parties ate, and perhaps confused her identification of him. The defence have also challenged the validity of DNA testing techniques used to find Murdoch's profile on the Kombi and the handcuffs used on Joanne Lees. That process is expected to take a day, then the prosecution will have their turn outlining their case against Murdoch. The judge has the final opportunity to address the jury and has already indicated he'll probably send the panel out either late this week or early next week. An anxious time for the families concerned when the wait then begins for a verdict. New research shows caffeine is good for your liver - how many cups you should be drinking a day when the morning news returns. And the message behind this raunchy religious calendar.

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CHOPPING COMPUTERISED VOICE DRONES DENTIST'S DRILL WHINES try the handmade Bacon And Egg deli roll and real espresso coffee at McDonald's - CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMES MCDONALD'S JINGLE PLAYS This program is captioned live. Former Iraqi prime minister Iyad Allawi claims gunmen tried to assassinate him during a visit to Shi'ite Islam's holiest shrine. Mr Allawi's entourage flew to the holy city of Najaf as part of his re-election campaign. He says while they were praying at the Imam Ali mosque about 70 men carrying guns and knives set upon his party forcing them to flee. Allawi is mounting a strong challenge to the ruling Shi'ite Islamist bloc in the lead up to the election in 10 days. More desperate pleas for the release of the latest hostages seized by gunmen in Iraq. The wife of one has gone on Aljazeera television hoping the Arab broadcast will put more pressure on the kidnappers. Eight days since the kidnapping and tonight Aljazeera aired the plea of a desperately worried wife. Pat Kember described her husband as a caring man who'd fought all his life against injustice. She said he believed that everyone should live in peace then she called for him and his colleagues to be freed

to continue their work. This was the last time Norman Kember was seen, he's on the left here. It's the second of two videos sent by the hostage-takers and it threatens to kill him as well as his colleagues if Iraqi prisoners aren't freed from jails here.

Relatives of theirs have also been pleading for them on their behalf. I want to be able to communicate just how loved my father is but more than that, I just want to hug him. I want to find a way to give back the strength he has given to me This British Muslim envoy is continuing his mission here in Baghdad. Meeting the media is crucial because no-one's had any direct contact with the kidnappers. There has been a growing chorus of condemnation including from some prominent Iraqi Muslim groups. The hope now, a gamble, is that the hostage-takes are watching Aljazeera and just might be swayed. Another swimming centre tragedy in Russia with at least 10 people dead and others injured.

The 100sqm concrete roof of the public swimming pool in the Ural Mountains collapsed suddenly, trapping many under tonnes of rubble. At least two children are among the dead while 6 of 11 people hospitalised are children.

Emergency crews fear more could be trapped beneath debris

and are still struggling to clear concrete slabs. A Californian woman is alive, thanks to her Internet camera. Her son raised the alarm from the other side of the world after realising his mother was in serious danger. 69-year-old Karin Jordal owes her life to her web cam. When I woke up and my living room was full of all these paramedics and I wondered what was going on. From her remote California home she regularly speaks with her sons overseas and often forgets to turn off the camera. When son Tore logged on from the Philippines he saw his diabetic mother lying motionless on the floor. Tore phoned his brother in Norway who's wife Tammy called California police. Emergency crews found Karin in a diabetic coma. It was the most unusual medical aid call I've ever been on. Her sons were watching via the web cam. I knelt down at the computer and continued to talk to the family in the Philippines to get as much information as I could about the mom.

Doctors say Karin would probably have suffered serious brain damage had help not arrived when it did. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. A Protestant youth group in Germany is raising more than eyebrows with their latest fund-raising effort. They've used some of the raunchier tales in the Bible as the theme for a calendar. 20 young men and women posed for the erotic church calendar, depicting stories such as Delilah cutting Samson's hair and a naked Eve offering Adam an apple. They're hoping it will also attract more young people to their group. Their local pastor is right behind them, saying it's refreshing to see today's youth taking an interest in the church. One of the world's richest women is officially off the market. Athina Roussel Onassis has wed her boyfriend in Brazil. Unprecedented security surrounded the ceremony between the 20-year-old Greek billionaire

and the 32-year-old divorced polo star. The media frenzy almost bringing the city to a standstill.

Onassis is the sole heir to the fortune of her late grandfather, Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. Her new husband, Alvaro de Miranda is the son of an insurance broker. The couple reportedly signed a prenuptial agreement before saying their vows in front of 750 guests. Some good news for caffeine lovers. Researchers in the US found that drinking coffee and tea can reduce the risk of serious liver damage in people who are overweight, consume too much alcohol or have excessive iron in their blood. The study of 10,000 people showed that those who drank more than two cups of coffee or tea a day were half as likely to develop chronic liver disease as those who had less than one cup each day.

Jelena Dokic hits the courts in her Aussie comeback, that's when Ten's morning news returns. And the shot that cost Aussie Adam Scott $1.6 million. WOMAN: The true meaning of Christmas for us will struggle to survive. and is badly malnourished. Her mother barely earns enough to provide one meal a day.

(Speaks Kiswahili) You can help change the life of a child like Napendaeli Our sponsorship helps provide food, clean drinking water, and a chance for a better life. you'll receive this special folder with a picture of your sponsored child Sponsoring a child is one of the best gifts you can give. or call World Vision on 13 32 40 now. Imagine if everything you liked EXCITING MUSIC Introducing the new Mazda6. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom! # Sporty looks, award-winning safety and handling, and to top it all off, The very new Mazda6. Now twice as good. No, make that three times. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom! # This program is captioned live. In finance news, a slow start to the week for the Australian share market.

Donahue D'Souza at Commonwealth Securities. It's all about the employment market this week.

Well, job advertisements whrirsed

today. Advertisements rose nearly

4% in November. I like to call

today's figures the appetiser

before the main meal. The main meal

will be served on Thursday - the nation's employment figures.

Despite falls in the last two

months, we still expect Thursday's

figures to show that the job market

figures to show that the job market is still in pretty good shape. Very

nice analogy. The Reserve Bank is

due to meet for the final time this

year. As always, there will be some

interest in tomorrow's meeting but

it has all the hallmarks, once

it has all the hallmarks, once again, of being a non-event, the

market once again anticipated a

rates-on-hold decision. Many in the

market are anticipating rates will

be on hold until at least March.

That gives us plenty of time to get

our finances in order after the

Christmas splurge. Thank you. Troubled Tennis star Jelena Dokic says her fears of being ostracised by Tennis Australia are unfounded as she's almost guaranteed a wildcard entry in next month's Australian Open. After nearly five years' absence, Dokic has hit the court ahead of this week's training camp and wildcard play-off. The 22-year-old desperate to redeem herself after her family's acrimonious departure. I'm here to earn respect again from players, tennis-wise, and the people as well, and that's OK. Now estranged from her father, Dokic is searching for a new coach. Celebrations in Croatia after the country's first Davis Cup title. They did it with a 3-2 win over Slovakia, the first time either country had made the Cup final. CROWD CHEERS Croatia is also the first unseeded country to win the prestigious trophy. The country's favourite tennis son, former Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic, was a non-playing member of the squad. Australian and New Zealand cricket officials are holding emergency talks about beefing up security before Wednesday's one-dayer in Wellington. Game one of the series was marred by ugly crowd behaviour. Brett Lee pelted with rubbish while fielding on the fence. I don't mind getting sledged or having a bit of fun with the crowd. It's all a part of it. It happens in every stadium. Happens in Australia. Happens throughout any subcontinent and definitely over here. But the apples being thrown at your head is something you don't really want to have in cricket. Fans have been banned from sitting in the front three rows for the remaining two matches. Robert Allenby has declared he can become the first player to win Australian golf's triple crown. The Victorian yesterday adding the PGA trophy to the Australian Open title he won last weekend. Robert Allenby is a player on a roll. His stunning approach to 18th setting up a one-shot win over Matthew Goggin at the PGA. COMMENTATOR: Look at this. The shot of the tournament. As soon as I hit it, I knew it was perfect. And perhaps the most perfect shot of his career. I'd say it was, yeah. I mean I was under the gun. I needed to make birdie and definitely I pulled it off when I needed to do it. Allenby now two from two this Australian summer. The Masters title beckons next weekend at Huntingdale. A showcase finish, too, at the Sun City tournament. Darren Clarke sensationally working his way into a 4-man play-off. An astonishing shot. Australia's Adam Scott finishing in a share of first at 6-under along with Clarke, South African Retief Goosen and American Jim Furyk. Scott ensuring the play-off spot with a big save at the last. Oh, this is one of the shots of the week.

A clutch putt at the first play-off hole keeping Scott in the contest but nobody could match Furyk's effort at the second extra hole. He's got it and it's Furyk's tournament. Furyk collecting $1.6 million. Leanne West, Ten News. In the A-League, the Perth Glory fought back to grab an exciting draw with the Central Coast last night. The Mariners moved up to fifth on the ladder after the 2-2 draw. They couldn't have asked for a better start with John Hutchinson scoring in the 8th minute. Just five minutes later,

Stewart Petrie put the Mariners further ahead. COMMENTATOR: Second chance and the Mariners now have it by two! The Glory responded with two second-half goals. This brilliant solo effort from Hiroyuki Ishida levelled the match giving Perth a share of the points. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation. Ever wished your bike could travel faster? Well now it can on an Action bus. When getting on remove all loose items on your bike, squeeze the handle to lower the rack, and load the bike with the front wheel towards the spring loaded bar. Then secure by raising the bar over the front tyre. When getting off tell the driver you'll be removing your bike, fold up the rack and wave the driver when clear. Now that's a head start. Take it easy, take action, take your bike and ride. This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer, good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.