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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. in federal politics, Well, it's been quite a week the shock declaration with the Prime Minister making

if he wins the upcoming election. that he won't serve a full term of the PM's exit strategy, To discuss the implications Arts Minister Senator George Brandis I'm joined by for Human Services, Tanya Plibersek. and Labor's Shadow Minister Good morning to you both.

There has been many months of

speculation. But you believe the

Prime Minister's announcement was a

clever strategy? I do not accept

that. I think it is simple. The

Prime Minister like everybody has

reached the day when he has to

retire. Not just in the government

have a succession planning. You but in a corporation. You have to

have to have a have to have a transition

arrangement. When the Labor Party

does these transitions they are

other do them in the dark or they

lie about their intentions. lie about their intentions. The

Prime Minister has been up front

and transparent. He says if the

Government is re-elected they will

be a transition to Peter Costello.

That frames the choice at the

election. A future under Kevin Rudd

and the unknown or a future under

Peter Costello his reputation for

economic management and being a

safe pair of hands is exemplary. A

lot of people are saying the

transition has been messy. But some

people saying that he has been very

honest? I do not think Australians

are into a lay-by in one go are into a lay-by in one go one

freak deal on the prime

honestly is about necessity. John ministership. This is not about

Howard was not honest when he

refused to talk about work choices.

He was not honest we said they

would never BHP St. He was not on

his many fear we will be out of

Iraq in month. It is not about

honesty but necessity. The last

time they did a deal on the

leadership it was in secret. The

Prime Minister reneged on the deal.

This time pipit, Stella said you

have to face something public or we

were not the state. It is not there

honestly it is about necessity. It

I am amazed at Harrow people keep

talking about the past. Nobody's

interested in it. They are

interested in talking about the

future. The announcement Prime

Minister made friends the choice

clearly. You can have a smooth

transition. The mood of this

country is this - people are

interested in change. They also

want to keep continuity. They want

to keep the gains that have been achieved

achieved over the last 11 years.

The idea of the Prime Minister

indicating his intentions and for

shuddering a peaceful transition to

the man who has been the author of

our economic good fortune has it

that what people want. It is be anything

anything but peaceful. It has been a

a mess. He wants to talk about the

future hoping it'll be that the

long-term issues that face us as a

nation that the Prime Minister he

will only be around for a year or

two. Climate change will not be

fixed in a year or two. Housing

affordability will not be fixed and

the rule 2. Building prosperity

will not be fixed in a year or two.

We need someone who is committed to

the long term. He has plans for the long term. He has plans for the

future. There is Kevin Rudd. John

Howard is the person who was change

the future for the better. By

reforming the economy. Labour

market reform. Owning Istria up to

of the world. Would you get the idea

of there must be insulting for

older Australians are people in

their 60s cannot think about the

future. His one of the most

creative minds in public life but

we have seen in a lifetime. You do

have to transition as home tie. If

you're looking for an employee E

and and they said I would be gone

in a year, would you hire them? The

view had been extremely successful

business that been run very

successfully for almost 11 years by

a managing director and chief

financial officer and the managing

director was in his 60s has said I

will retire and constantly put the

business in the hands of the chief

financial officer was run it so

probably for so long, I think the

shareholders would be quite happy.

If your colleagues believe Peter

Costello can win an election than

they should run him in the next

election campaign. You want John

Howard to be elected and then the

job that Peter Costello could not

win a to vote for him as Prime

Minister, for that job to be handed

to him on a platter. He wanted to

go stellar to lead the country you

should play that to the Australian

people. See if they agree with you.

I do not think the Australian

people are much interested in

squabbles between politicians. This

has been such an inside issue. Can

I interrupt. It seems that Kevin

Rudd stole the show had a peck?

Kevin Rudd speaks Mandarin. Kevin Rudd speaks Mandarin. Good

luck to him. Most Australians

because second language. I do not

detract from his credibility but I

think both went John Howard and

Peter Costello Aga that are

speaking plainly to the Australian

people. Kevin Rudd showed during

the conference they were make a

fine prime minister. He is able not

just speak Mandarin Books be the

language of all those world leaders.

In terms of looking at the future.

What the challenges are not just as

a nation but as a planet. Kevin

Rudd shone.