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(generated from captions) 600 mourners packing the church for his funeral of New South Wales. at Orange in the central west Green's leader Bob Brown thanked him in rural areas. for his commitment to helping people The former journalist for 11 years was the Member for Calare a move to the Senate. and was considering short battle with pancreatic cancer. He died last weekend after a Peter Andren was 61. Police have raided a 7-year-old girl starved to death. the home where the parents of little Shellay Ward Investigators re-interviewed as it emerged

to welfare authorities 14 years ago. that the family was first reported a flurry of police activity - At the Ward family home detectives from the State Crime Command

seizing two computer hard drives the household rubbish bin for clues. and going through Officers are trying to find out in her bed from starvation. how 7-year-old Shellay died

her father Blakely and mother Sharon. Today they re-interviewed killing their daughter, Both parents have denied who weighed just 9kg in her final days,

admitting the Department of Community Services it failed this little girl. the system has let this child down On the face of it, is an appalling tragedy. and the result about the appalling conditions Ten News' revelations in Sydney inside Shellay Ward's previous home on the Government to act. only increased pressure corruption in the NSW police, James Wood QC, who investigated an investigation into DoCS. was today appointed to oversee that we have We need to look at the systems the best value to ensure that we are getting for the children of this State. to authorities - Shellay Ward's family was well known over 14 years ago. DoCS was first called in It's the culture that has to change. is always better off The attitude that the child no matter what with a biological parent has to change. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. will try to eat a banned toy There are fears that teenagers when swallowed. because it turns into a drug Parents have told of their terror after swallowing Bindeez beads. when their toddler fell unconscious 18-month-old Matthew Sonda, Heading home from hospital. to the poisonous Bindeez Bead toys. the latest child to fall victim He must have ingested some - I don't know how many.

he was severely affected by it. Within 10-15 minutes, to intensive care Matthew was admitted in a serious but stable condition, for parents Kym and Glen a sleepless night before his condition improved. he came out of it very rapidly too. As rapidly as it affected him, He appears unaffected by it it was very, very frightening, but, at the time, and you just feel so helpless. a toxin or poison like this We're still at a loss to know how children's toy. got into an apparetnly harmless

This latest poison scare comes on the Chinese-made toy. as a worldwide ban is placed product is kept away from children. Parents are once again urged the And there's added concern try to ingest the toys. that some teenagers may deliberately When swalled, they create a similar reaction to party drug fantasy.

the equivalent of ecstasy tablets. Teenagers are seeing on TV they're The temptation is just enormous

these will be abused. and I say it's inevitable Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. is about to find out An American student if she'll be charged of her room-mate in Italy. over the horrific sex murder she's an innocent bystander, The student claims but police are not convinced. Amid screeching sirens, at an Italian courthouse lawyers for Amanda Knox arrived and request that she be released. to protest her innocence spend another night behind bars But the 20-year-old American will while a judge decides to keep her locked up whether there's enough evidence of her British room-mate. in connection with the murder Her lawyer says she's doing OK. he replied, "That's confidential." As to whether she accused anyone else and Congolese bartender Patrick Diya Knox, her Italian boyfriend are all being held 21-year-old student Meredith Kercher, in connection to the murder of in her bedroom last Friday who was found half-naked with her throat slit. trying to fight off a sexual attack. Italian police say she died has apparently leaked out. Some of Knox's interrogation She reportedly told police:

returned here to Britain, Meredith's family has already leaving it to Italian investigators murdered Meredith that night. to determine exactly who of Seattle, While back in Knox's home town of the allegations. former neighbours remain sceptical so out of character for her. What she is accused of doing seems I think. I have a hard time believing it, Knox should know by Friday

of murder. whether she'll formally face charges Charlie D'Agata, CBS News, London. Still to come... about fashion It's sort of tongue-in-cheek being art - as if - and particularly lingerie and, at the same time, which is a medium that I love. presenting it in a way to the bare essentials ..Elle gets down when launching her new fashion range. LIGHT MUSIC suits all shapes and sizes, The latest support for women and is available from newsagents, and Safeway supermarkets most Woolworths Commonwealth Bank branches. and selected This program is captioned live. SONG: # I'm sorry now # Who's sorry now... # in the election campaign? Taking an interest

to Finance Minister Nick Minchin Put a video question on on 'Meet The Press', and see the best Sunday morning at 8:00. has crashed in Italy, An American Black Hawk helicopter

killing five people. was on a training flight The military chopper splitting in two on impact. when it went down, when rescuers arrived at the scene, The helicopter was engulfed in flames to get out alive. but, incredibly, six people managed is still being investigated. The cause of the crash Air crash investigators have launched an inquiry into a gyrocopter smash that left one man dead fighting for his life. and an experienced pilot It's believed the homemade craft passed its final safety tests not long before the fatal fight. Investigators scour the charred remains of the gyrocopter that crashed just metres short of the Echuca airstrip. Witnesses have said that it looked perfectly normal until it didn't pull up and stopped short of the runway and hit the ground.

An experienced pilot and his student were trapped inside as the home-made craft went up in flames. There is obviously not a lot of protection around them and, at this stage, most of their injuries are in fact burns. Experienced pilot Paul Bruty, who's been flying gyrocopters for more than 30 years, suffered burns to 50% of his body. The 58-year-old was flown to the Alfred Hospital where he's in a serious but stable condition. His 50-year-old student from Hoppers Crossing was also airlifted to the Alfred, but he died overnight after sustaining burns to 90% of his body. Mr Bruty is well known in aviation circles after getting his pilot's licence in Ballarat when he was just 16. Colleagues at the Ballarat Aero Club said Mr Bruty was one of the safest pilots they know. But he was well aware of the risks that come with flying gyrocopters after his father died in a similar crash about 10 years ago. He'd recently moved to Echuca to fulfil his dream - making and selling gyrocopters that he developed after inventing a device to help steady the aircraft. This is a prototype - that's just getting off the ground. it's a company The craft involved in the crash had just passed its final flight tests and inspection. Cameron Smith, Ten News. of leading a military-style raid O.J. Simpson has been accused to take back sports memorabilia he claims was his. The former footballer was in court to see if he'll face trial on robbery and kidnapping charges. Surrounded by police and lawyers, OJ Simpson battled through a media frenzy. Inside the courtroom, the former footballer faced the judge who will decide if he'll have to fight to stay out of jail for the second time in his life. State of Nevada against Orenthal James Simpson. The 60-year-old is no stranger to the courtroom. 13 years ago he was acquitted of murdering his wife, Nicole, and her friend. It was dubbed the trial of the century. And this could be the trial of the 21st century, with charges of armed robbery and kidnapping after an alleged armed confrontation at a Las Vegas hotel room in September over sports memorabilia. Simpson claims the items were his and denies guns were involved. The alleged victims of the heist testified otherwise. The second man came in with a drawn semiautomatic which was pointed at me. There was a lot of yelling and screaming going on and the first thing that I really remember from that was a statement made by Mr OJ Simpson saying, "Don't let anyone out of this room." The prosecution plans to call eight witnesses during the 2-day pre-trial hearing, including three of the alleged gang, who've reached deals with prosecution to testify against Simpson. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. A chance to shoot for a piece of history when a gun belonging to the Kelly Gang is auctioned next week. The revolver was recently uncovered in a house that was once occupied by Ned Kelly's sister. This is the story of a gun, a gang and a girl - Kate Kelly, or K.K., Ned's little sister. It all started when a drunken constable stormed her home

looking for trouble. And at that time, the brothers and the mother came to support her which led to an altercation with Constable Fitszpatrick. and the gun - its whereabouts have never been known. Until now, when it showed up in a crack between the walls still covered in lard and wrapped in leather. There must have been very high drama in that house

that particular night in 1878 and there's a very good chance that Ned Kelly handled it at some stage. They say the clash became the catalyst for the Kelly clan's demise, the infamous Glenrowan siege. Now its owners are cashing in.

We're expecting a six-figure sum. But just who will pay the princely price is causing concern among historians. Victoria's State Library, which houses Ned's armour, has ruled out a bid. Whether it's a private collector or an institution, the fact people see it important enough to preserve is the most important thing. The auction coincides with the 127th anniversary of Ned Kelly's hanging here at the Old Melbourne Gaol, which is now home to the last gun he used during the siege. The legend that grows with each generation still holding up after all these years. If I had enough money, I'd buy it. Such is life. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. and CommSec's Savanth Sevastian. To finance news for Rio Tinto Savanth, BHP Billiton's bid is still going strong? shows the commodities boom

We saw

We saw merger and acquisition

activity on the mining sector

taking the benchmark up 27 points.

BHP Billiton announced a bid for BHP Billiton announced a bid for

Rio Tinto, which saw it close up 15

%. The BHP Billiton offer was three

shares for one, valued at over $200

billion. There is a positive outlook for commodities and

economic growth in general. The

takeover talk also fuelled further

speculation within the sector of

more merger and acquisition

activity. In the banking sector we

sort National Australia Bank gained

2.9 % after strong earnings. They

expected earnings to be above the

industry average. It was not all

plain sailing. We did see brambles

fall by one is looming off California, An environmental disaster

spreading across San Francisco Bay 220,000 litres of oil

after a cargo ship hit a bridge pylon in thick fog, in the ship's fuel tanks. the collision ripping a gash with the number one problem, We're dealing

continues to move around the bay. which is the floating oil that in the area have been closed, Dozens of beaches are working to save wildlife. and clean-up crews After the break... (Speaks Italian) MAN: He's just arrived, to see what's going on. he's got a little bit of time

This is his first visit. makes history down-under. ..Italy's legendary fashion guru

'QUE SERA, SERA' PLAYS can't protect you from. There are some things Mastercard

But when it comes to fraud, there's the unrivalled security of Mastercard's new microchip technology.

This program is captioned live. Benazir Bhutto Pakistan's former prime minister

has been placed under house arrest. a huge protest rally It comes hours before emergency rule against President Pervez Musharraf's was due to take place.

were arrested in the crackdown. 5,000 opposition supporters hold elections within three months. Earlier General Musharraf promised to

as soon as possible. Elections must be held

I have never been in doubt Mrs Bhutto says the President is just trying to buy himself time.

has been used A revolutionary implant device to restore a woman's hearing. in a unique operation The first of its kind in Australia, the start of a new era it's hoped the surgery will be in treating hearing loss.

For nearly half her life Lillian Jameson has had difficulty hearing all that will change. but today she hopes that hopefully it might work - It's a really wonderful feeling but yes, very excited. I've got my fingers crossed, Significantly deaf in both ears, is the first Australian the 66-year-old an active middle-ear implant - to receive known as the Vibrant Soundbridge.

have two hits - Using this device you can actually overcome the middle-ear problems your inner-ear hearing loss. as well as amplify You make excuses for it and you learn to read lips and all of that,

worse and worse. but it's been getting over the age of 65 Three out of four Australians suffer from the condition with many cases too severe to be managed with hearing aids. will provide patients Surgeons hope the new device for treating mixed hearing loss. with another alternative

with this very new procedure, This device, to treat such patients opens up a whole new era with normal hearing aids. who have not been able a last-ditch attempt for Lillian The delicate procedure is seen as failed to correct her condition. after many operations in the past

something like this about To think that there is it's just wonderful. and it could help so many people - to be switched on early next month. Lillian's implant is expected Elena Kane, Ten News. have stepped out together Two very fashionable celebrities in Sydney tonight. a baby-bumped Cate Blanchett Georgio Armani squiring at the Sydney Theatre Company, as co-artistic director. where she acts

73-year-old Armani has given the theatre

what's reported to be donations ever made in Australia. one of the largest theatrical he's here. But that's not the only reason Within minutes of arriving in Australia, seemed very much at home. Italy's style icon take your time, take your time. We're not going anywhere, Giorgio Armani's first media event, as a photo opportunity, not so much a press conference with talking limited to Italian. (Speaks Italian) MAN: He's just arrived, to see what's going on. he's got a little bit of time This is his first visit.

was concerned. Not that the 73-year-old with a practised smile, He happily posed to vary the shots. even shifting to another location He was about to host a cocktail party but never mind the iconic suit - a tracksuit top and sneakers. Mr Armani opted for and Aussie fashion like that. We could teach him about stubbies in mind. But perhaps he had a sporting theme rugby league's Rabbitohs After all, he's now made among Australia's best dressed. And now they talk the talk too. Image is so important - building your brand performing on the field and it's important about into the other. 'cause one translates

that effect on people. Mr Armani seems to have sunglasses a must, even in the rain. Even his security dressed to impress,

Amber Muir, Ten News. Not a scantily dressed model in sight new lingerie line, at the unveiling of Elle Macpherson's gallery to display her collection. 'the Body' instead choosing an art hung from the ceiling, A mass of bras and knickers stuck on the walls, with more of the pretty delicates almost like paintings. Looking pretty fabulous herself, was just a bit of fun. Elle insists the unusual showing

about fashion It's sort of tongue-in-cheek being art - as if - and particularly lingerie and, at the same time, which is a medium that I love. presenting it in a way have been posted on YouTube. Ads for the new line Sports Tonight's Rob Canning had an Elle calender as a 13-year-old, and, Rob, Australia is in control of the first Test.

Yes, Deb, Sri Lanka with a lot of work to do tomorrow following two tons of Aussie power. Hussey and Clarke turn it on at the Gabba.

Who wants to be a Wallaby? And fancy a game of snakes and ladders without the ladders?

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This program is captioned live. A look at the weather around the nation.

That is the latest from the Ten news room. Stay with us - Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is next. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

Enjoy your weekend. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

This program is captioned live. Hello and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. I'm Rob Canning. Tonight - Ben Cousins's L.A. story - the real story. a horror story - the real story, a horror story -

the Eagle has landed amid a mass of allegations as another investigation is launched.

It was a day of dominance at the Gabba -

twin tons for the Huss Cat and the Pup. We'll play the numbers game as three clubs fight for Willie, five men are grilled for the Wallabies gig and there's one scandalous poison allegation. Also tonight, the A-League, UEFA Cup, hoops, racing - on the track and on the turf, we've got it all. Sports Tonight. Ben Cousins has been a bad boy in his time but things have intensified to disturbing new proportions tonight. More startling allegations of drug abuse have emerged with the former West Coast captain recently rushed to hospital in America. It's the latest in the Ben Cousins crisis. After arriving in the US two weeks ago, it was reported that Cousins had gone missing - today, more revelations that he had a 5-day cocaine binge and needed urgent medical attention at an L.A. hospital last Wednesday. The next day, Cousins's father Bryan rejected talk

that his son had failed to front a drug rehabilitation clinic. Bryan Cousins flew back to Perth earlier today but made no comment. His son is expected in town tonight.

Cousins's dream of returning to footy is to be decided on Monday-week to an out-of-patience AFL Commission. when he pleads his case

Meanwhile, the West Coast Eagles have ruled a line in the sand, announcing their own investigation into the club's dealings as they desperately try to clean up their tarnished image.

The reviews will be empowered to look at all elements of our club, to interview any internal and external stakeholders they see fit, to review the changes made this year and, most importantly, to build an action plan for change. So far have the Eagles fallen,

their chairman says the 2006 premiership has been tarnished. with the greatest prize available in our game - the Premiership Cup - but within 12 months, I would say we have lost at least the equivalent of that honour in damage to the club's reputation and disappointment, hurt and even terrible tragedy. The club is desperately trying to regain respect and standing. At the end of the day, that is the most critical part of all of this -

it is effectively winning back the confidence and respect of the community. We need to do something because the perception is that our club is off the rails and our current player group and the player group we have going forward

deserves a lot more than that. Darren Glass has jumped into the hot seat vacated by Chris Judd. The All Australian is the new captain and facing a mammoth task both on and off the field.

Mike Hussey and Michael Clarke have overpowered Sri Lanka's bowlers in a stunning double-century partnership of the first Test.

as Australia dominated day two The tourists were reeling at stumps,

after Brett Lee took two late wickets. An early start to make up for time lost to rain yesterday - it merely prolonged Sri Lanka's agony. COMMENTATOR: Well, that one's been flat batted

straight back over Maharoof's head. Clarke and Hussey mixing patience with power but Sri Lanka's bowlers didn't help their cause. Woah - lovely shot. Well, there's a four. Clarke taking on Murali, clearing the rope before lunch. He dined out on Chaminda Vaas when they returned, his cover driving textbook perfect. Oh, good shot again. With records piling up, Hussey reached another individual milestone... He's got it away fine. Will this go for four? that's Michael Hussey's century. Yes, it will - That's magnificently played. ..a sixth Test ton for the West Australian.

Clarke wasn't far behind. Ah, he's got it.

That's an exceptional 100 from Michael Clarke. Well, he might smile. The partnership was 245 when it was broken.

And gone! Finally a wicket - the breakthrough for Sri Lanka. After dropping him yesterday on 13, for one 33. the tourists finally had Hussey for 133. There was no relief though - in his first Test on his home ground, Andrew Symonds was in a mood to score quickly, smashing an unbeaten half-century before the declaration came. Mitchell Johnson It gave hometown debutant time to take the new ball in front of friends and family but it was Brett Lee with the breakthrough. They've gone up.

Yes, he's given him out. Jayasuriya gone and perhaps unlucky.

No doubt over Lee's second - Vandort gone and Sri Lanka in all sorts of trouble. The tourists 2/31 at stumps, chasing Australia's 4/551 declared. Clarke's fifth Test ton and Hussey's sixth 245-run fourth-wicket partnership.

saw them post a record breaking 245-run fourth-wicket partnership. The chase for Willie Mason's signature will intensify over the weekend after the renegade Bulldogs forward returned to Sydney today. Mason spent the past week at the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. The Dragons today met with his manager, putting them in a fight with the Roosters and the Sharks

for Willie's services. Mason wouldn't talk on the matter today. Meanwhile, Bulldogs players have successfully lobbied the club to close training from the media next week until "the Willie issues" are sorted out. The process to find the next Wallabies coach gathered momentum today with five men interviewed and one of the favourites assistant coach Scott Johnson not interested in the head coaching role. The others are stepping all over each other. There was no doubt about who caused the greatest fuss on arrival at the ARU headquarters. We didn't have these sort of salubrious circumstances when I was coaching. When the former national coach emerged a little over an hour later,

he confirmed the pitch he made to the 5-man panel - how the public is disillusioned about the way the Wallabies play the game.

And that means that kids as they are thinking of their sporting options after they leave high school

are much more vulnerable to the rugby league offer or the Sydney Kings or the Swans. We've go to make people feel like this is the only game. Earlier, Wallabies assistant coach John Muggleton for teaching a now young squad argued for the need and made a humorous assessment of his chances compared to Alan Jones.

Well, I think I've got an advantage over Alan Jones because I've coached this century. this millennium is Scott Johnson, but the contest was reduced to five when he withdrew his application this morning. Another surprising absentee from today's interview process is the man who will have a big say in who gets the job, ARU boss John O'Neill today recovering in hospital after a neck operation.

David Nucifora remains the favourite for the job. Waratahs coach Ewen McEnzie wore the power-red tie and admitted to nerves but believes he has what it takes to do the job, Brumbies coach Laurie Fisher I'm just a strong believer in the markets and I was $21 this morning and I know Efficient won the Cup, but can it happen twice in a week?

I dunno. You're watching Sports Tonight - there's a lot more to go. Up next, tonight's A-League action. The day's Pura Cup cricket from around the nation. And Mark Zahra returns to the scene of his horrific fall.

This program is captioned live. Perth Glory has snapped a year-long losing streak tonight, upstaging Newcastle 4-1. It was new Glory coach Dave Mitchell's first night in charge, one to remember. A new coach and a new start for the hapless Glory, but the early signs not good for the cellar dwellers, Newcastle peppering the net The early exit of Sekulovski made little difference up forward to netting the opener... COMMENTATOR: Great save from Covic and kicked away by the Jets' number one. Superb goalkeeping. ..the Jets also blowing a chance to go one up.

But finally one of their players found the back the net - albeit at the wrong end, Duarante suffering a brain meltdown as he gifted the Glory a goal. And Perth Glory have their first goal under new coach Dave Mitchell and it's been provided courtesy of the opposition. Into injury time and the visitors had to chance and the visitors had the chance to go further ahead, this time off their own boot.

This is 2-0, surely. How did he miss that? That is unbelievable. After the break and Joel Griffiths's golden run continued as the Jets grabbed the equaliser. Joel Griffiths, real tatts... Joel Griffiths, real chance... beautifully finished. But the Glory were chasing just that - Simpson snatching the ascendancy. Rukavytsya - brilliant stop and followed up... Perth Glory back in the lead - incredible.

The second-half goal spree not stopping there. Rukavytsya. 3-1 Perth! Maybe their long dismal run is about to end. another one for good measure. Rukavytsya - oh, that's it! That'll do for Perth Glory. Finally a win for the battling franchise - their first in 18 matches. It was an emphatic win for Perth. Rukavytsya with a double, Simpson with one, for the Jets. Griffith the only scorer Sydney FC coach John Kosmina is itching to beat Melbourne at the Telstra Dome tomorrow night, but he does fear his nemesis, Victory skipper Kevin Muscat. That's what I'm worried about with Melbourne. Muskie's that sort of character - he can pull something out when things go against his side.

and we've got the players here to do it.

Steve Corica will notch up his 50th A-League game for Sydney while Brazilian import Juninho is still nursing a shoulder injury but will play with a pain-killing injection. Queensland keeper Liam Reddy with a pain-killing injection. Queensland keeper Liam Reddy has made a remarkable recovery from an ankle injury and is now a likely starter in Sunday's clash with Wellington. Been getting physio twice a day and icing nonstop

and pulled through today what I'd like, so it'll improve tomorrow and again for Sunday. Brazilian import Marcinho will make his return from a hamstring strain as the Roar attempt to extend their winning run to five on the trot. like MacGyver or McGarnagle. Bryce McGain is an action hero - for Victoria a 35-year-old veteran leg spinner who today tore apart Tasmania on the opening day of their Pura Cup clash. Tasmania won the toss, elected to bat and immediately looked the goods - Michael Dighton and Michael Di Venuto combining for a 39-run opening stand before the Vics turned to spin and Bryce McGain broke through with his second ball. Di Venuto departed for 22 and 10 overs later Dighton was also out, thanks to a superb catch. High-fives all round for Rob Quiney. allowed the Bushrangers to claim a third scalp just after lunch. The loss of Bailey had the Tigers 3/77

and although Birt smashed a straight six, they crawled along at 2 runs an over. Some handy work off his own bowling saw McGain remove Birt for 37. Soon after, the 35-year-old leggie also claimed Dan Marsh.

CHEERING From 5/129, Tasmania slumped further when Andrew McDonald hauled in a classic - the Vics well on top after day one.

The Vics looking to wrap things up early on day two, McGain with 4 wickets. Travis Birt's 37 was the best of the Tigers' batsmen. Meanwhile, New South Wales has taken day one honors against an undermanned South Australia at Adelaide Oval, the Redbacks slumping to 4/36 - one of those wickets, Cameron Borgas for a fourth consecutive duck. Callum Ferguson's 83 was the only score of any substance. He scored almost half his side's total as South Australia was bundled out for just 178. The Redbacks did manage to make up some ground in the final session At stumps, the Blues were 2/35. Queensland Captain Jimmy Maher lifted his side to 5/220 at stumps on the first day of their Pura Cup match against Western Australia - Steve Magoffin the pick of the Warriors' attack with 3/34. Jockey Mark Zahra has limped out of hospital and returned straight to the scene of his horrific race fall on Melbourne Cup Day. a broken wrist and a broken ankle The 24-year-old suffered until the new year. and won't ride again For a man who normally moves at will on the back of a racehorse, a set of small stairs today caused havoc for Mark Zahra. A crutch and a girlfriend kept him upright as he contemplates life on the sidelines. Probably looking at two months and that depends on how fat I get too. Might be three months 'cause there's not much exercise I can do either but they think about six to eight weeks.

The wash-up from his hideous fall in the third on Tuesday is a broken left wrist and two breaks to his right ankle. In agony, he tried to hide the pain just so he could live a dream and race in the Melbourne Cup. to tell them I was all right and when I was in the back of the ambulance trying to find the casualty room out in the middle of Flemington - just going over the bumps, every second bump seemed to find a new thing that was hurting in my body. By the time I got to the casualty room I was in a bit of pain - it was time to write it off. If any good can come out of the fall

it's the fast-tracking of plastic rather than aluminium running rails to help soften the fall for wayward jockeys. sort of organised and ready to go it'll get put in. Three of Australia's best race horses of the Flemington's Cup Carnival. highlight tomorrow's final day on the new turf this week, After a heavy workload for Stakes Day. the rail will be out 9m Weekend Hussler will be the star attraction

in the Group 1 Emirates Stakes. and Gold Edition also square off Gun sprinters Miss Andretti in the $500,000 'Age Classic'. for day 4. Already 72,000 tickets have been sold After four years with Ford, speculation won't go away will return to Holden next season. that Russell Ingall The 2005 V8 Supercar champion

on Stone Brothers Racing. is likely to walk out He'd like to be in the wings is very much centre stage. but Russell Ingall's future

but it's getting close now We're still heavily in negotiations any announcements this year so probably won't be but early next year, you see me a new... you see a new... so Clipsal will be the first race Something. Something? That something, or rather someone, Team Sirromet Racing, is believed to be Paul Morris's in New Zealand in April. widely known for this perilous stack to get them back on track Ingall is hoping of the question. but he's certainly steering clear the last couple of meetings. I've been up the pointy end I don't feel I've lost anything in a quick car. so I definitely want to be

Of course he's being cagey.

that's his thing - Russell is cagey - the fact that he's being cagey but I think just of what's going on. gives you a pretty good indication and Murphy, in 13th, Ingall, in 9th,

for this year's championship. are out of contention

and Phillip Island remain. Just Symmons Plains Looks like it's going to be a Lowndes/Tander affair, I believe anyway, if we'll be called in so I just wonder manufacture mates out. manufacturer mates out. to help our respective it's going to go down to the wire. There's no doubt a few more instances along the way, There's going to be the way things have been going. and keep my nose clean I'll just stay out of everyone's way

The 500 starts February 24. Still to come on ST - goals, baskets, poison!

This program is captioned live. is investigating claims The International Tennis Federation

Tommy Haas was poisoned to Russia in September. during Germany's Davis Cup loss Team-mate Alexander Waske says

told him of the poison plot. an unidentified Russian informant with a severe stomach upset. Haas missed a crucial rubber and we do not speculate. I think they are rumours

will act if there is proof. The German Tennis Federation The ITF says it's taking the claims seriously, with Haas set for tests next week.

The spying scandal that's rocked Formula 1 has spread to the Renault team, which has been accused

of possessing confidential McLaren technical documents. Oddly enough, McLaren was stripped of all constructors' championship points, and fined more than $100 million for a similar offence this year. UEFA Cup action with Italian side Fiorentina on a goal-scoring spree against Swedish outfit Elfsborg. 2-1 at the break, Marco Donadel. then this from Fiorentina's CHEERING Fiorentina 6-1 winners. Another 3 goals followed,

new Tottenham coach Juande Ramos - And instant impact from Spurs against Hapoel Tel Aviv. Robbie Keane with the first goal for soon after. Dimitar Berbatov made it 2-0

CHEERING fifth victory for the season. The shut-out win just Tottenham's Tottenham now second in Group G. to the top of Group C, Fiorentina's massive win takes them narrowly missed a goal while Socceroo Tim Cahill at the top of Group A. as Everton consolidated their place from the playoffs, To the NBA, and after dumping Dallas had the edge Golden State looked like they still between the two sides, in the first meeting of the season Warriors lead but a slender 4-point half-time back of some sweet Dallas shooting. turned into a 5-point Mavs win on the

Nowitzki open for three - yes! COMMENTATOR: Stackhouse for three - yes! wasn't enough for Detroit, And 36 points from Rasheed Wallace downed by the bulls. downed by the Bulls.

of the season, a 4-point victory. Chicago winning their first game New Jersey beat Washington. In the day's other match in four games this season. The Wizards without a win You want extreme? of canopy skydiving, How about the world outside of Sydney? being held in Picton, The quality A grade,

a new world record on his run, with American Jason Moledski setting things didn't quite go as planned. though for others,

He was OK. tomorrow morning. All the jumpers going back for more in Victoria The picturesque Yarra Valley

final this weekend. hosts the National Rally Championship back-to-back titles And the man who will wrap up motorsport champion. is not your typical high-flying Simon Evans goes to work in the mud. Monday to Friday, Come the weekend, he does likewise. I think it's a reality check. is going at the moment, You know, the way our championship all get to your head. like, you can let it But this thing keeps you down on the ground and pretty well-earthed. drivers are pampered and preened, Normally, full-time racing car is a full-time concreter but this bloke as well as a champion rally ace. I've ever known to do. and it's everything Concreting also presents a chance

Sue - to have some time away from the wife, acts as Simon's navigator. who, at the track, the national rally series. Together, the pair have dominated They were last year's champions. they're yet to be beaten. This season, they'll wrap up back-to-back crowns. On the weekend at the Yarra Valley, I want to go for the clean sweep. I want to win all the rounds - That's my goal. really focus on my job - And to do that, I've got to the corners as fast as possible. and that's get that car around a night of celebrating Win, and there will be first thing Monday morning. before Simon's back to the bobcat

This program is captioned live. a world record sitting in a bath tub, It's not often you can break but this bloke has,

along with him. and invited a few friends They call him the snake man. we're calling him the nut case - Here at Sports Tonight 87 venomous rattle snakes slithering under, around, and on top of him. For not getting rattled himself or bitten, we're giving him our play of the day. And that's the show. Goodnight.

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