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(generated from captions) Captioned Live. Tonight - a

matter of national security.

The country's top spy issues a

candid assessment of terrorism

threats in Australia. ASIO threats in Australia. ASIO and

its partner s at this very its partner s at this very time are investigating hundreds are investigating hundreds of

CT or counter-terrorism related

The politics of austerity. Stark contrasts as Stark contrasts as European

governments tighten the fiscal

belt. A state of relief as NSW

is given the all-clear from a decade-long drought.

Live across Australia. This

is ABC News 24. Good is ABC News 24. Good evening.

I'm Scott Bevan. The head ASIO has revealed I'm Scott Bevan. The head of

investigating hundreds ASIO has revealed his agency is

terrorist leads that could pose investigating hundreds of

also warned that the

possibility of an attack on

Australian soil is real. The Government says there have already been some near already been some near misses and the country's intelligence

agencies are thwarted a number

of plots. Stephanie Kennedy reports from Canberra. It was reports from Canberra. It was a

rare chance to go behind the

concrete facade to the inner sanctum of the country's sanctum of the country's top

spy agency. It was here the

Prime Minister delivered a candid assessment of the

current terrorist current terrorist threats. We are under no illusions we in a dangerous time. To counter

these times, the Government has

control industry. Due opened a new counterterrorism

security reasons, there was access to the area where it has security reasons, there was no

together ASIO, the Federal been set up. It does bring

Police, the Secret Police, the Secret Intelligence

service and elements of defence under one roof. ASIO and its

partners are investigating hundreds of CT counter-terrorism related

matters which could impact directly on the security of Australia and its people. The

political masters are just as

frank. The reality is the work of our intelligence of our intelligence agencies

have disrupted a number of

plots, literally, that if not

disrupted, would have caused

mass casualties within this

country. It is unusual for ASIO

and the Government to be this candid. I was surprised at the

number of investigations that

he mentioned that are running

at the moment. The former

intelligence says the main

throat is from home grown

Australia who want to support extremists. Muslims born this

globalgy had. Mostly would globalgy had. Mostly would be

a shooter or a bomber using IEDs. The intelligence chief and the Government say there

are no guarantees there won't

be an incident on be an incident on Australian

soil. ASIO and other agtsys believe they are doing the best

possible job to head off a

terrorist attack. The Federal Opposition spent the day bashing the banks the Government bashed the the day bashing the banks while

Coalition. The Coalition. The Shadow

threatening legislation to Treasurer Joe Hockey is

punish the banks if they raise

rates above official increases.

The Government called the idea

dangerous. Even a Coalition MP crazy. The banks called it

thought it came from the Greens. Chief correspondent Mark Simkins reports. Parliament sometimes

that the Foreign Minister have surprises. I was going to move

answered the question so an extension of time because he an extension of time

beautifully. Hear hear. back Kevin. Bring back beautifully. Hear hear. Bring

Kevin. But there are other

things you can bank on and rate

rage is one of them. He wants

to regulate interest rates and

he wants to take punitive

action against banks. The

Member for North Sydney will withdraw. Member for Cannin ... withdraw. I withdraw. The

order. The Shadow Treasurer

demanded a debate on the of banks and what he called

their superprofits. He wants lenders punished if they lenders punished if they raise

rates more than the central

bank does. What is

going to do to pull banks into

line? If the Treasurer doesn't

do it, legislation might.

There are a number of

It is an There are a number of leavers.

It is an in effectual

government being government being stood

over. The government people have lost the plot. The doubt where it stands. These

banks came back. It is a

dangerous situation. I am not aware of any precedence for Parliament regulating interest rates, at least in recent

years. You should speak to about that. So unprecedented, a years. You should speak to Joe

Coalition back bencher thought

the idea came from the

their Greens. This is another one of

their lunatic fringe ideas. An

idea that's populist.

Economists believe there is a

one in three chance rates will

Just days after billionaire Just days after billionaire

James Packer swooped in to buy

up shares in channel Ten, the

company has turned around its

fortunes and recorded a big

boost in proftd. Profit. The competition watch dog wants to have a closer look have a closer look on the

move. The TV station James

Packer has snatched has gone

gang busters this year. The

home of Masterchef juggernaut

has posted a profit after a

lefty loss last year. But it is

Packer's 18 % holding that is

stealing the show. I think it is a bad thing the TV station

should be a thing of a rich man who wants to make he sold his interest in channel Nine, James Packer made deep

cuts, there are fears he will

do the same at Ten. We will speculatesing on the effect of the recent the recent activity. The ACCC says it will conduct a review of James of James Packer's acquisition

of Ten shares to see if of Ten shares to see if there's

been any breach of the Trade

billionaire is Practices Act. Meanwhile, the

billionaire is motivated by a

desire for sporting rights,

particularly the AFL. James

Packer already has a pay TV

sports channel but only free to

air can bid for some of Australia's some of Australia's post

popular sports. The thing popular sports. The thing that

would be a big attraction is

owning subscription TV sports

channel and free to air and you

can bid to anything. He has put

in a couple of hundreds million

dollars, that is nothing dollars, that is nothing to him. It him. It is a cheap bet, he is

thot going to lose. It is a punt a gamble ers like James Packer can't resist. Bri tonnes are more than tightening their belts with

$130 billion to be carved out of the UK economy over the next

four years. In a bid to tackle

Europe's deficit. The Europe's deficit. The welfare sector and the public service

will be the hardest hit. The

Government says the strategy

will rescue the country from the brink of bankruptcy. Emma Alberici reports. Are the cuts

going to hurt? No, public

servant in Britain will escape

the pain of the cuts. Half a

million are expected to lose

their jobs their jobs - in the police force, prisons, defence, education and foreign affairs. Faced with the biggest

budget deficit in Europe, the

Government insists it had Government insists it had no choice. We are going to bring the years of ever-rising

borrowing to an end. We are going to ensure, like every

household in the country, what we buy we can afford. Much

of the UK's problems of the UK's problems are the direct result of the financial

crisis and the decision to pump

billions into saving the banks.

The banks will now be forced to

pay a new annual levy . It is

just a fraction of the $30

billion which will be cut to

welfare payments. For some

members opposite, this is their

ideological obtdive. Plans to

lift the retirement age to 66 have been brought have been brought forward.

Health workers

the public sector will also have to contribute more towards their state pensions. It's really just, again, the staff

are funding the deficits in lots of ways. The Coalition's done a done a good job selling these

cuts as a necessary consequence

of the former Labour Government's so-called reckless

spending. A recent poll found

that while 18% of Britons that while 18% of Britons blame the Government for the

austerity drive, 48% blame the


The French Government, meanwhile, public anger over its new

austerity measures. President

Nicolas Sarkozy says he won't

let his country let his country be particlised by protests. On the by protests. On the streets

there has been no easing on the fury of the proposed rise to

the retirement age to 62. In

the southern city of Lyon,

police used tear gas to disperse protesters who smashed phone booths and a phone booths and a bus stop in

the centre of the city. vote approving the pension changes is due before the end of the week.

In Washington, the fallout over a housing over a housing foreclosure scandal is intensifying.

America's biggest lenders are facing several facing several investigations

over allegations of shoddy

lending and home seizure

practice. Well over a practice. Well over a million

homes are expected to be re

possessed by the banks this year. US Treasury officials and regulators huddle ed in

washington as the foreclosure scandal rocks the market. Some of the biggest companies are

accused of illegally accused of illegally seizing homes. In Illinois, a sheriff

is refusing to carry out over 1,000 foreclosiour-related

convictions. I am looking for

nothing more than an affidavit to say everything was to say everything was done properly and not some robo

behind taking a house away from a family. With the big lenders

failing of reviewing documents properly, people are properly, people are joining

class action lawsuits. So many people are trying to make ends

meet but they can't meet but they can't do it

because people are ripping them

off. America's black and Latino

communities are being hit

particularly hard and the lenders are being accused lenders are being accused of discrimination. The

so broken, we can't estimate

how many people have unfairly lost their homes. After

freezing foreclosiours for an internal internal review, Bank of

America is looking to foreclose

many homes next week. many homes next week. State Attorney-Generals across

America have joined forces to launch an inquiry into sloppy foreclosiour foreclosiour practices, US

Federal agencies are

investigating and the White House is coming under pressure

to order a national freeze on foreclosiour, pressure it is resisting. In Jakarta, police

resisting. In Jakarta, police

have fired warning shots outside the presidential pal

palace. Hundreds of palace. Hundreds of protests faced off against the police. They gathered to call for the resignation of President Susilo

Bambang Yudhyono who was sworn back into office Rocks and sticks were thrown at

police who responded by firing warning shots mostly into the

air. At least one man was injured. There are safety concerns about 30,000 Toyota vehicles in

Australia as the head office in Japan starts recalling 1.5

million vehicles worldwide.

The company says vehicles may

have minor brake fluid which can diminish performance

over time. It affects warnings against the Avalon, Highlander

and several of Lexus

class. It's another huge PR

blow for the car giant blow for the car giant which

recalled more than 8 recalled more than 8 million vehicles this year due vehicles this year due to

safety concerns. It's the news

that farmers in NSW have been

waiting for. After almost waiting for. After almost a

decade of drought, the big dry is officially over.

turn around from a few years

back when 99.5% of the State was drought-declared. It's

taken almost a decade for

farmers around

again. Three years again. Three years ago on this property in the

they were hand feeding sheep. Today, that's a Today, that's a distant memory. It's lovely to see such

lush, green grass and the best

spring for the last 12 to 15

years. For the first time since

2001, NSW is drought-free.

Dams are full

are expected to be some of the

best ever produced here. best ever produced here. The

State is now forecast to

harvest a $2.8 billion wheat

crop. We saw from December

last year when we had only 5%

of the State saf ry satisfy tri

to now where the whole State is

marginal, there is a break

through in the drought. At its

peak, 99.5% of NSW was in drought. The great thing about farmers is they stick

I tell ya what, it is a relief

because we couldn't have gone

much longer. While the latest

figure is good news, some parts of the State of the State are marginal and

it may take some time for farmers to start making money

again. They need to get the

money for the crops to help

to continue the them pay back debt, they need

product. The weather bureau says the La Nina weather pat ern means facialers can expect higher than average rainfall over summer. For many graziers, it means they now

have enough feed for their stock until next spring.

To sport now with Amanda

Shalala. Australia has again

lost to India in the cricket.

Some massive sort of Some massive sort of hoodoo.

India has won game two of the one day series. Michael one day series. Michael Clarke

an unbroken century and Cameron White combined

partnership. It still wasn't

enough as they won by

with Mitchell five. Australia had a new look

with Mitchell Starc and John Hastings handing their first

caps. A Cameron White was explosive, smashing 89 off 49 balls. Australia made a promising start to its defence of 289 but the inexperienced bowling attack was unable bowling attack was unable to contain India. Virat Kohli

made 118. As the home team won

an over to spare, to take by five wickets with more than

an over to spare, to take 1-0

lead in the series. The final game is on Sunday. game is on Sunday. Australia's next opponent on home next opponent on home turf will be Sri Lanka. India has been

tough for them and then they

have to play us and prepare for

the Ashes. It is going to be tough. The Sri

Bulls tomorrow at gaba. FIFA

has suspended two members of

executive committee over allegations they tried allegations they tried to sell

their votes as decisions looms

on who will vote hold the World Cups. Amos Adamu and

Reynald Temarii have been

suspended. Our society is full

of devils and these devils, will find them of devils and these devils, you

have to fight for fair play, we

have to fight for respect. Two

under suspicion, insist votes weren't under suspicion, insist their

votes weren't for sale. They

have been banned pending a full investigation. Decisions on the

December. Australia is two World Cups will be made in

candidate for 2022. Still on

football and injured Manchester United Wayne Rooney United Wayne Rooney has

revealed whie he wants to leave

the club. He's released a

statement confirming he wants to quit Old Trafford because

the club no longer attracts the

best player. Nani's brilliant

solo effort gave the Red a win over Bursaspor. Bart solo effort gave the Red Devils Cummings is already looking beyond Saturday's Cox plate beyond Saturday's Cox plate for

So You Think. He says he's likely to set the 4-year-old

for the Melbourne Cup as well.

It's 4:30 in the morning at Flemington and a 4-year-old

emerges from the cover of darkness. It's So You Think. secret to the horse's Bart Cummings says there's no

success. Big powerful horse,

great constitution, good

to win. With the action. He's got a great will

to win. With the stable foreman

and track rider deep in

discussion, there appeared to

be concern for the champion

horse. Not so, says the

champion trainer. He worked on

his own, did his work, no

problem. He cleaned his break

fast up within 40 minutes. He's trouble-free. Others are plotting his downfall. He come plotting

off a hard run, ran the off a hard run, ran the fastest

two furlong s, broken the

record there, did things haven't haven't been done before.

Apart from last year's Cox

at Moonee Valley. Shoot Out Plate Whobegotyou is unbeaten

will the sentiment favourite after the death Katsidis on Monday night. We'd after the death of Stathi

love to win for him. He was part of the team him. Corey Brown will wear him. Corey Brown will wear the Katsidis silks If Shoot Out

could win, one of the could win, one of the most

emotional wins from Damien Oliver. I would say so. As

predicted, the much anticipated

clash of the champion sprinters

won't go ahead on Saturday. It's unbeaten mare Black Caviar

running in the running in the millionaire sdaix moir has been withdrawn. Lote Tuqiri

will make history when he plays

for the Kangaroos in the four-nations rugby league test

in Sydney. He'll become the first dual international to

play for Australia a second

union. Tuqiri was called in to time after returning from rugby

replace union. Tuqiri was called in to

replace injured Jarryd Hayne.

He last played for the kong roos in 2002. Not too many

times an older bloke like

myself gets another chance. Put hopefully stay here. Just see

how we go. It will be a how we go. It will be a tough

game. Can't believe it. It's

awesome. The NRL is a step closer closer to establishing an

independent commission with the

ARL approving a new constitution. Off season

housekeeping. And it will be a

good move for the game. A 20-year-old female college

student has been appointed the

new police chief in one new police chief in one of Mexico's most dangerous drug

war towns. Marisol Valles heads a nors of 13 agents, nine of them women. It is claimed her

appointment is aimed at a new

family strategy. She's

described as the best candidate

among the several who applied.

Mexico has been waging war over Mexico has been waging war

smuggling routes into Texas. Authorities staged Authorities staged a public burnoff of its largest

marijuana haul ever seized in a raid. 105 tonnes of marijuana

were seized under gun fire. The record haul was worth

At least 15 people At least 15 people have died

in a week of heavy flooding in

Thailand. The Thailand. The country's disaster officials say the

flood has affected flood has affected 4,000

villages. Rescue workers villages. Rescue workers are

continuing to rescue people

trapped in their homes. More

heavy rains are forecast for

large parts of the country.

Thailand is not the Thailand is not the only country suffering with country suffering with floods also hitting Vietnam and

Typhoon Megi bearing down Central China. China is to offer tax dis counts to tempt

parents to reg stir all their children at the next children at the next census. Officials admit people may be

reluctant to the army of census takees. There is an awful lot

of people in China, but nobody

knows how many. The official

estimate at 1.3347 billion.

Even Chinese officials admit that's several million the population. 6 million

census takers have been mar

shled for a national population

take next month. Chinese people are suspicious of national government ss privatery awareness increases. Some have Some have things, like children, to hide.

TRANSLATION: I think some

rural people have two to three

children. I heard the population number in cities is

more realistic but rural more realistic but rural people

are trying to avoid being

registered. The officials know

the one-child policy is being breached, particularly in rural

areas. They are hoping a tax concession will tell them by

how much. TRANSLATION: how much. TRANSLATION: In order to encourage people to

cooperate, we are proposing tax concessions. People are concessions. People are being guaranteed the information will

not be passed on to law

enforcement authorities. The

census will count people where

they actually live rather than

registered. Officials hope

this will allow them to learn

the size the size of the flood of migrant areas from rural - migrant workers. Foreigners

will be counted for the first time. TRANSLATION: The United Nations is focusing on international influx. In the past, we haven't foreigners. Some things

sensitive even for Beijing

bureaucrats. They have decided

not to ask questions about the

language they speak at home or religion, fearing even hire

non-cooperation levels.

To the markets and local

shares finished the day flat.

The All Ords and the ASX 200

climbed 1% earlier but those

gains were lost partly because

of disappointing GDP figures

out of China. The Ten network

is uped to. Tab corp led the ASX top 100 stocks.

Graham Creed with the two-day outlook. We will see warm temperatures developing across

eastern Australia. That will

take us back into well below

average conditions. Let's see how the system the

We have got northerly winds

south-east drawing warm air across the

pushing up in behind it. That

will trigger some showers

through SA into Victoria and some rain developing in Tasmania during Friday. At

this stage, we're not looking

at overly significant falls.

It won't be until the system

moves into NSW, we will see

some higher moisture values some higher moisture values in the atmosphere.

It is on Saturday the trough

and front will move into NSW.

It could produce falls between

10 and 20mm through much of

eastern NSW during Saturday Sunday. Cold eastern NSW during Saturday and

temperatures much cooler. We

can already see that.

Graham Creed. Recapping tonight's stories - ASIO says the

the terrorist threat the terrorist threat to

revelations of several near Australia is very real

misses and a number of misses and a number of plots

which Joe Hockey to already thwarted. Threats

which Joe Hockey to punish

banks if they raise rates above

official rates have been

derided by a government and a

member of his own party.

That's the news for now. Stay

with us for the snorp '7:30

Report' . I'm Scott Bevan. Closed Captions by CSI

People can go online and actually purchase credit cards,

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other people's computers, other

people's logins, the funds

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