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(generated from captions) Born in Born in the USA - President

certificate to quash persistent Obama releases his birth

rumours We do not have time for

for this kind of silliness.

We've got better stuff to do. We need each other - Julia

Gillard's message to China's

President. So I believe this

an arrangement of mutual benefit. Eight American

soldiers shot dead during an

argument in Afghanistan. And a

young Tasmanian writer wins

this year's Vogel award:

Good morning, it's Thursday,

28 April I'm Michael Rowland And I'm Virginia

Trioli. The top story - Bruce Springsteen sang about it, now

President Obama has had to

prove it. In an extraordinary

the President has released his

birth certificate to show once

and for

born in 2 USA. Rum vors

persisted for years now that

the President had actually been

born in his father's native

Kenya and therefore was not eligible to be President. Those

rumours with recently revived

by potential candidate and

billionaire Trump. An exasperate ed President Obama

says it's time to end the

silliness. We do not have time

for this kind of silly ntion.

We've got better stuff to

do. I've got better stuff to do. We've got big problems to

solve them but we have to focus

on them. That was the end of a rather lengthy press conference

which at length the President

went over why this was irrelevant but nudges

doing it. For more, Craig

McMurtrie joins us now from

Washington. Why has it taken

the President so long to

release this birth certificate? Well, good morning, Virginia. Essentially

they did release a birth certificate. It was the legal

standard that is required in

Hawaii. It was released in the rumours have persisted and they

had been given new life more

recently by Trump, a very

prominent, very flamboyant

property tycoon, reality TV

star. He has really been

thumping this birth issue, as

it's called, challenging

whether Barack Obama was a

natural born US citizen which

is a requirement for anyone who

wants to be a legitimate President of the United States.

Barack Obama definitely took a

shot at Donald Trump in all of

this. In his press conference

he said we're not going to be

able to solve our problems if

an carnival bae,. But Donald we're distracted by side shows

Trump was

Trump was on his way to New

Hampshire: He is toying with the idea of making a presidential run. He hasn't confirmed anything yet. Says he

won't do that until the final

episode of his reality TV show.

He went up to reporters this

morning and far from being

embarrassed that it came to

this, he was proud of what he

had achieved: Food I am very

proud of myself - today I am very proud of myself because I

have accomplished something that to accomplish. I was just that nobody else has been able

informed while on the

helicopter that our President

has finally released a birth certificate. And that is what

Donald Trump has been calling

for for some time. He and

others have made this a really

great side show does this put

the matter to rest? The debate

on the fringe will like go

Even some members of the

Republican establishment have

become embarrassed by the pursuit. The Republicans who

been more transparent about have set up exploratory kes

their interest in running for President have distanced themselves from the birth

debate. Turning to another key

figure in American political life, Ben Bernanke of course,

the chief banker of the

step and country, is taking an unusual

himself more available to make the Federal Reserve's workings

more transparent. Yes, he has. He

He held a press conference, the

first ever by a Federal Reserve chairman. It was an extraordinary event. It was

anticipated by all the cable

shows. There was the speth kl

of an #e6r7 ity press

conference room. It was a press

conference really that was

designed not to deliver any nu,

not to move the markets but

chairman Berners-Lee wanted to be more came out after the policy

meeting by the Fed, the policy

settings of the Fed haven't

changed. They're saying

economic recovery in the US

will move at a moderate pace. will move at a

Their're saying that underlying

inflation is still subdued: He

spoke of a slight down ward

revision in US growth to 3.1,

3.3%. Spoke about slow

improvement of employment to

8.4%. He said on inflation he

didn't know when the tightening

process would begin because the Federal funds rate is between

zero and a quarter of a per

cent. It wasn't really about

the policy settings. Analysts

were saying it was important to

set the trend by having this

press conference at a time when

things are fairly boring and

that the Fed is not announcing

any significant change to avoid

overstimulating the markets

when they do have something to say. Chairman Berners-Lee was asked about his press conference and this is what he

had to say. Well, the Federal

Reserve has been transparency now for a lot of ways to increase its

years and we have made a lot of

progress. It used to be that

the miss teak of central

banking was all about not letting anybody know

were doing. As recently as

1994, the Federal Reserve

didn't even tell the public

when it changed the target for the Federal

the Federal funds rate. . And

chairman Ben Bernanke at the press conference there speaking

to reporters. It went on for

about an hour. He took 15

questions. If market moved up

slightly on his remarks but of

interesting when the Fed course thing

announces a change in policy,

that is still some time

away. Good to talk to you again, Craig. Thank you so much. OK. In other news, an

arrangement of mutual benefit

is how Julia Gillard is

describing Australia's relationship with China after

meeting the country's President

Hu Jintao. The pair discussed closer defence and security

ties during their talks. The Prime Minister again raised the

subject of human rights. Ms

Gillard will make her way to

London later today to attend

the royal wedding. An Afghan military pilot has contractor at a NATO training

centre. The man opened fire

after an argument erupted at

Kabul airport. It is not clear what caused the outburst. The

pilot is also dead. Afghan

officials haven't been able to

confirm it was an insurgent

attack. United Nations

investigators are in Libya to

look into possible human rights

violations by all sides

involved in the conflict. They

will enquire into alleged

abuses by the regime and investigate claims against the

rebels and NATO forces. The Government says it cooperate with the inquiry. The

team will travel widely visit

ing hospitals and prisons. The

nation's ports will grind to a

halt on Saturday because of a pay dus put. The maritime union

has been locked in a dispute

with Patrick stevedores over pay and working conditions. A

24-hour strike will shut ports

in Sydney, Brisbane in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The Fremantle dock

will follow on Monday. And Prince William and Kate Middleton have

Middleton have just left Westminster abbey after final

wedding rehearsals. The parents and Best man, Prince

Harry were also there for the run through. The motorcade

swept through crowds of crowds

and onlookerses keen to get a glimpse of the royal pair. Julia Gillard has held

talks with Chinese President Hu

Jintao and dis used Jintao and dis used defence cooperation between Australia

and China. Trade investment and climate change was also on the

agenda The ABC's chief

political correspondent Mark Simkin reports. On this trip,

Julia Gillard's travelled

countries and met scores of

high level people. But a her

very last meeting is arguably

the most important. She sat

down with Chinese President Hu Jintao. They discussed closer

economic ties including a

possible free trade agreement and building closer defence ties which

ties which is likely to include joint military training

exercises and Chinese warships

visits Australian ports. TRANSLATION: Since becoming

Prime Minister, you have repeat edly expressed your commitment to developing to developing a pragmatic, friendly, mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship

with China. I appreciate that

commitment. Australian officials are very the way this trip has done. There haven't been think major

announcements, agreements or breakthrough s and nor have

there been any diplomatic stup

nls. The poirnlt of the visit was to build closer relationships with three Asian leaders and closer bilateral

relationships with three key

Asian allies an that's largely now for Julia Gillard is to

translate those closer

relationship s into tran jibl

benefits for Australia. -

tangible benefits for Australia. To talk more about the Prime Minister's Visy, Melissa Clarke joins us now

from Canberra. As the Prime

Minister prepares to wing it to

London for the big wed ing she

would have to be happy with how

the visit has gone . On the

whole it's been quite a

successful trip. There was a

lot of close scrutiny of Julia

Gillard in heading off on this

Asian trip because it was seen as a big test of her US states

womanship. The trip she made to

Washington earlier this year

was seen as an easy ride this was a trick ier trip for her to

manage in managing the business

and economic side of things but

mentioning controversial issues and contentious issues such as

human rights with China and

whale ing with Japan and the

like. On the whole it seems

she's managed that balance very

well. She has seemed to have

made progress when it comes to economic issues, reinforcing

the need to make progress on

free trade agreements and closer ties. Yet, not causing

any offence yet still managing

to raise a thorny issues. But

the main purpose of this trip was to look at the business links and the economic links between Australia and China and

how important that is to both

countries. And in speaking to

the ABC's Newsline program late

last night, Julia Gillard made

it clear that she felt mutually it clear that she felt that mutually beneficial situation

between Australia and China was

one that would continue into

the future. China is hungry for the can supply. China needs energy

to keep fuelling its remarkable economic growth and

industrialisation. And we have the ability the ability to supply that

energy, through a range of products including of course

now LNG as well. So I believe

this is an arrangement of

mutual benefit and we've both

got some ability to work

through how the arrangement

should work. Julia Gillard on

the ABC's Newsline program

there. In that interview well, she also fore shadowed

much closer defence cooperation between the two countries? And

this shows where the departure

is between Australia and

America's approach to relationships with China. And Australia is forging perhaps

much closer ties with China than many other similar nations in the same position. Julia

Gillard's spent a lot of time in Japan and South Korea reinforcing the strong security

ties there and wants to bring Australia's defence ties with

South Korea up to the same

level as that with Japan. But

she's also fore shadowed

increasing military ties and the future and maybe even

having naval ships in

Australian ports. And she was

very quick to outline the

importance of that in that

Newsline program last night as

well. So we are seeing

increased defence cooperation.

It's a step at a time, we noted

that today in my discussions

with President Hu and said he

were open to first cooperation.

I think this does assist in building an understand ing

between our two countries

procedures they go through, the

protocols they work to and that is important. Julia Gillard

there speaking to Jim Middleton on Newsline. That

up nurld's tour of north Asia.

She heads this morning from

Beijing over to London for the

royal wedding of course. And 23 she thought the difficult bits

were over, she may have to re assess that because there's

going to be so much focus on

what she is wearing in the

Australian media that perhaps

the most diplomatic built the most diplomatic built is yet to come. It will yet o come. It will thank you very much. In that interview with Jim Middleton,

Jim also asked the Prime

Minister about what she would

wear to the wedding. She said something prime ministerial something dignified to mark the

occasion. We may dig that

answer out.. It's worth playing

later. But she has copped a bit

of flak over what she's worn of flak over what she's worn in Asia. Just not white. Not white

jacket which has copped crim

itself. Several white jackets.

No white or cream at the

white at weddings? So charming,

we will look at the front pages

of the newspapers. The

'Australian' says the Prime

Minister is under increasing

pressure to gich export ears

special deal under the proposed carbon tax. Queensland floods

and cyclone and soaring international oil prices international oil prices have

pushed inflation to a height

not topped since the

introduction of the GST, that

story in the 'Sydney Morning Herald'. The Anglican Church

says the baby bonus should be

scrapped to rein in rampant population growth, reports the Daily Telegraph. The

'Advertiser' says key advisory group has described population growth as

a taboo subject and the

elephant in the room. The

'Herald Sun' reports that in a

submission to the Federal population inquiry, advisory group also says it

also wants migration cut. The

Victorian Government's accusing

Canberra of trying to welsh on

its promise to pay $500 million

in flood levy funding to the flood affected communities in

the State. The 'Canberra Times'

says the cost of running Australia's immigration

detention system is blowing out

as people remain in detention financial planning industry has

contrinceed the Federal

Government to water down its

overall of the sector. The

'West Australian' says the

mother of a 15-year-old boy

killed in a high speed police chase doesn't believe blame the office Force her son's

death. The The 'Mercury' says

the Chaser's satirical coverage of the royal wedding has been

axed because of restrictions

imposed by the royal family

. We will hear from Julian

Morrow this morning on that

axing. Very disappointed Chaser

team. That was going to be I guess the serious part of the

coverage. And in the 'Northern Territory News' today, news

that the paper says the victim of

of a vicious machete attack says his injuries are

result of a gang war that's

been going on in Darwin's northern suburbs for too two

years now. Now the ABC's email

system and the Twitterverse did erupt once the news of the

axing of the Chaser program was announced last night. What do

you think is the royal family

and the BBC being a bit too

cute or indeed do you believe

the royal wedding is such a event, such a paj entrir

occasion and should not be the

subject of satire or it's their wedding and they're

running it, if they're paying

for it, they get to call the

shots. They get to decide

whether or not someone gets to

mercilessly send it up. I find that News of the Chaser's

satirical show got all the way

to Clarence House, which is HQ

for the Prince of Wales and

show they're watching. We have

a very wide audience. Thank you

for watching. We are some

distance from the United Kingdom United States and we

can laugh at the event s there surrounding the birth certificate. I am always

surprise and I shouldn't be

about events in America. You've been there and worked

there. This is one out of the box. How much responsibility,

though, does Barack Obama in a sense

sense - hear me out for a

moment here, have bear here.

How long has he taken

this? This birth issue has been

going on ever since he

nominated as a candidate. Why

didn't he produce it then In he

did release two birth

certificates during the

campaign. From the Republicans critics point of view didn't

provide the details necessary

to once and for all he was born

in that Hawaii hospital. That

feeds the conspiracy theer ey - theories. Why release an

extract of when you could

release the entire thing and

knock it raise is we've talked about

this before, there's been much criticism

criticism of Barack Obama that

he doesn't fully enter into the

spirit of being the President, which is being the mourniner

chief when things go chief when things go wrong, to

be the nation's conscious when

the superannuation trouble and then to say I am a citizen of

the USA. That seems a bit

beneath him. I think he's

contributed to the furore. The argument was as President of the United States he didn't

feel he needed to dignify the response from the press office

briefing roomtor east

room. This is more dignified now It's killed it stone dead.

We can move on. It's interesting now that Donald Trump and other birthers are

moving their questions on from

if President's birth place to

how he got into Harvard and the

Columbia University given that

he himself has confessed he was

a rather terrible student

growing up. That is the series

of questions for you this

morning and that of course any

other issue you would like to comment comment on too. Let's take a quick look at the weather. Barack Obama birth certificate to prove he

was born in America. It follows

most persistent rumours revived

by Donald Trump that the

President was born overseas. Prime Minister Julia

Gillard has discussed defence and security with China's President Hu Jintao. She again

raised the issue of human

rights during those talks. The

Prime Minister will fly to

London later today for the

royal wedding. An Afghan

military pilot has shot eight

US troops dead during an

argument in Kabul airport. It is not disagreement. The pilot was

also shot dead in the

altercation. An Afghan military

pilot has killed eight coalition troops an a foreign

contractor during a shooting at

the airport in the Afghan

capital of Kabul. Officials are

now investigating the cause of now investigating the cause of that that incident. President Hamid Karzai has condemned the violence. Sally Sara reports from Kabul. The Defence

Ministry here in Kabul is

saying that the information so

far is that pilot became involved in an

argument with his coalition

colleague s, in a military section of Kabul's international airport. After

that argument, he opened fire.

He killed eight members of the international security

assistance Force and also one

foreign crotor. In response,

several Afghan soldiers came to

the scene and shot dead the scene and shot dead the

Afghan pilot. The President of

Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, has

condemned this violence. He's

ordered a full investigation. Defence officials are still trying to

understand exactly what

happened. Initially the Taliban

claimed responsibility for the claimed responsibility for the

incident but the Defence

Ministry here is saying that at

this stage there's no evidence that there was any insurgent involvement. International

opposition to the crackdown in

Syria is growing. Germany has

now joined the chorus of

European Union nations calling

for sanctions Five EU nations

have also summoned Syrian

ambassadors. For more Middle

East correspondent barng Anne Barker Barker joins us now from

Jerusalem. The pressure to be really mounting on Syria.

But how will they respond? As

you have said there is obviously a loot of pressure on Syria with international

condemnation from the US, which

two days ago said it was

consider ing sanctions. Five union nationance the United

Nations has now announced a

special session on Friday to

consider what other action it

could take, if any. Syria is a

very isolated nation as it is. It's already an international

pariah so it doesn't have as much might in the face of

international sanctions. So

it's hard to see any effect at

all so far on the Syrian

regime. In the last 24 hours

we've seen an increase in the

troop presence at dera, that flash point in the south of

Syria, where 30 people now are

estimated to have died since

Monday. There is clearly no

sign that Syria is backing away

from its very brutal

crackdown. Apart from that

troop activity then, what if

anything are we hearing

directly from the Syrian regime? They're maintaining

that they will go about this as

they choose. The Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations in New York has rejected any call for

international intervention.

Germany, for example, is

calling for an investigation,

as are many err countries. They

want monitors posted to Syria

to see for themselves. Syria is

I is saying they've implemented

their own inquiry into what's

happened in the last month and

that they don't need any outside help. It's difficult know whether the orders for the

crackdown that has taken place

since March 16, whether it has

gone right to the top to the

President or whether it is the security forces or rogue elements in the security forces that are behind this. Without

any kind of objective international sort of presence,

we may never know the answer to that. So then reading between

the lines of what we've been

hearing from foreign countries,

from, say, William Hague in the United Kingdom and also United Kingdom and also from Germany now calling also for

sanctions, what action do you believe or do you this might end up translating into? It's difficult to see things really changing. We have

a very dreadful incident 30

years ago when there was an

massacre of Sunni Muslims when

there was an uprising then, 30

years ago. People are wondering

how far could this go. It is

not just the town of Deraa that

is bearing the brunt of this. in a fairly heavy presence

Damascus and other towns. Last

Friday we saw mass protest and

hundreds of thousands of people

on the streets in Syria. Every

Friday for the last five or six

week es there's been huge

protests getting bigger by the

week. It will be interesting to

see whether Syrian s do take to

the streets in the same numbers

that they have, knowing they

could be shot or arrested as

have so many people now. 453 I

think is the latest death

toll. And before I let you go, just on Libya, we are reporting investigators riving in Libya to investigate the situation there. What is the latest? That

is right. There are is right. There are three United Nations investigators

who landed in

last 24 hours. The Libyan

Government has actually said

they will cooperate with this

inquiry. They will be gathering

evidence right around the country, they will be

travelling to rebel-held areas

and to areas controlled by

Colonel Gaddafi's forces. They

will be interviewing those

combatant, civilian, people who

claim they've been a victim of

torture and of rape and so on to the United Nations human

rights tribunal at some stage

down the track. Good ta talk to

you this morning, Anne. Thank

you. Thank you. We will have more on that more on that human rights investigation into Libya a little later in the program. In

finance news now investors are

to get better protection when they receive financial advice.

Under re forms flagged by the

Federal Government, finance

advisory or also have to get

their customers to opt in to advice advice every couple of years. Let's look at the

markets for you. US stocks rose

overnight on assurances from

the US Federal Reserve that the

economic recovery is apparently

on track. That sound you hear is the sound of primary producers

weeping. It makes it hard for them. Let's look at the sport headlines now. There's been a

bit of movement on the cricket

coaching front. It's become a

global game. Gary Kirsten has

been replaced after he guided

India to the World Cup try um

6. A statement from the board of criminal says first

assignment will be to lead the team in July. India ranked

first in Test matches and in

one-day internationals. In

Australia, in 2005, he says his

task will be tough. You always

confident I would rather be changing room than their changing room. We just appreciate how difficult to

bowl them out. It's going to

take a lot of hard

work. Staying overseas for the

moment and a quick look at the English Premier League. Fulham

has taken a 2-0 lead in the

clash against Bolton. Dempsey

was the scorer for Fulham in

the 14th minute and again in

the 47th. The last three league

meetings between the two

meetings have ended in Mark Schwarzer is in action for

Fulham. In the UEFA cleeg, the

world's two bigger football

teams with the most intense

rivalry, a meeting for rivalry, a meeting for their first clash in 10 days. Real

Madrid and Barcelona are playing in Real Madrid in playing in Real Madrid in the

first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League. Both teams are yet to score. Back

home now and AFL match

reviewers have fine and reprimanded two Hawthorn players Monday's game against

Geelong. As Nick Bailey report, Geelong defender Matthew

Scarlett can breathe a sigh of relief. Matthew Scarlett will now only have fond memories of

his 250th AFL outing after the

match review panel ruled this

contact on Jordan Lewis

legitimate attempt to spoil the

mark. The high contact mark. The high contact was

accidental. Sam Mitchell has

entered an early guilty plea

for his charge. A move means he

will not miss any matches but

is out of Brownlow contention. Gold Coast naitian

Bock and Jackson have one match

bans . The defend er features

in an exhibition at in an exhibition at Melbourne's

immigration museum about diversity and

he believes resonates strongly

within the AFL community. When

you walk lu this exhibition it

shows you in terms of the

timeline how much we have

evolved. We have come so far in

a short amount of time and we're moving in the right

direction. Also featured is fashion design er chin Copeland who design ed hijabs

in the football Col Organisation for her daughters

to wear. It brings people

together. It's part of the Australian Australian culture and it's fantastic to see that. Fresh from conquering the AFL market

she's looking at marking hijabs

for cricket and rugby fans.

And later in sport we will

be speaking to Lauren Jackson,

Australia's best known Australia's best known female basketballer about her plans and preparations London Olympics. ABC News

Breakfast can be watched live on the web. Just visit the main

ABC News website . There's a

link to us link to us there. Here is Vanessa O'Hanlon with a look at

the weather. Good morning. In

the west, a trough has been

giving the south-west some much

needed rain over the past few

days. Since the weekend, the

town of Harvey has had over 60mm. And moist east to

south-easterly winds are

pushing ape long the east coast, since 9am Sydney has

recorded nearly 20pm and Brisbane over 12. The heaviest

rain is likely to be along the

east coast and mostly around

Queensland's central coast and

Capricornia districts with 15

to 25mm. With the

system controlling most of our weather still, clear skies

about the south-east and the interior, a foggy morning again, especially in Tasmania

where dizability is low.

Onshore winds will maintain on the east coast until the

weekend and a deepening trough

in WA will be follow bade cold

front. That trough is moving

east and by tomorrow east and by tomorrow the showers will be from a coming down from around the

Pilbara in WA all the way down to

to SA's south-east. Around the

States for today - Queensland

isolated showers over the

eastern and central interior and along and along the east coast.

Moderate falls over the central

coast and islands, and cooler than average temperatures

across the State. NSW, mostly

sunny for those on the western

side of the divide, continuing

showers on the east coast and

adjacent ranges. Dangerous sur

ch conditions along the coast

north of Illawarra. Victoria - fog in the south and east.

Isolated showers over the far

east. Tasmania - similar weather for the whole State

like Victoria, widespread fog especially over the north and

Midlands. We could get some

drizzle about if north late

this afternoon. SA - mostly dry

and sunny again, al thee the

west is in for a cooler change

with a southerly wind change. The cooler south-easterly winds

will develop over the southern parts of WA. I ang along with

isolated showers. They're

likely to fall over the Gascoyne and Pilbara sunny day again in the north with a few showers over the

north-east coast. Tomorrow: You're watching ABC News Breakfast. Still to come, Breakfast. Still to come, we will be speak ing to Fred Abrahams from the Human Rights

Watch about that UN investigative team that's just arrived in Libya to allege

human rights abuses an we will

this morning we will be joined

by Sanger, from the law by Sanger, from the law firm

Maurice Blackburn, but I warn

you she's also going slightly ga-ga over the royal

wedding. And I guess she's a

Republican too. Leading the

news this morning in an unprecedented move President

Barack Obama has decided to

release his full birth

certificate to prove once and

for all he was born in America.

Rum vors persisted for years

that the President had actually

been born in his father's native native Kenna. There they were

recent ly revived by

Presidential potential

candidate Donald Trump. A pilot

has shot dead eight at an

airport. Now it's not clear

what caused this outburst. The pilot was also shot dead. Prime

Minister Julia Gillard has discussed defence and security during talks

during talks with China's

President Hu Jintao. Ms Gillard

gain raised the subject of

human rights. She will now make

her way to London and that will

attend the royal wedding.

Tibetans living in exile have a new political leader. Harvard legal scholar Lobsang legal scholar Lobsang Sangay replaces the Dalai Lama. The

42-year-old now becomes the

Prime Minister of the Tibetan government in exile based in

India. He's expected to take a more confrontation al approach

with China than that taken by his predecessor. And Prince

William and Kate Middleton have just left Westminster abbey

after final wedding rehearsals.

The bride's parents man, Prince Harry, were there

for the run through. Their

motorcade swept past crowds of

tourists and onlookers who are

keen to get a glimpse of the royal royal pair. Those United

Nations investigators are now

on the ground in Libya. Anyway

will be looking a at possible human right s violations by the

Government as well as claim

against the rebels an NATO forces. Fred Abrahams is with

Hume rights Watch he is based

in New York and joins us now

via webcam. How difficult is it

going to be for this UN team to investigate abuses while there is still

fierce fighting happening in so many Libyan cities? In some

areas, the investigations can

be done certainly the eastern parts of Libya

to the team. There is no reason

they cannot conducted their

work there freely, but in other

parts of the country and the

western parts where the

Government has control, these investigation s will be investigation s will be highly problematic. The most difficult

is the city of Misrata, this

embattled and besieged city now

for two months, still ongoing

fierce fighting in fierce fighting in Misrata. So

access in restricted there.

They may go to Tripoli, but how much freedom

do a proper independent investigation remains a serious

question. Fred Abrahams, base

ons the information coming into your groupks which side of this

conflict has stronger case to answer when it comes to possible human rights violation

s? Well, fir of all, all sides are obliged to rights an the laws of rights an the laws of law. There are coalition force and the rebel forces tan

government. If you were to add

up the allegations so far and what what we've documented, others have documented, without any question it's the Libyan

government that has so far

commit ed the most serious and

widespread violations. These increase in discriminate attacks

attacks that have killed civilians in places like

Misrata, it includes using rockets cluster bombs have been used in

Misrata. So the list is very

long. On the rebel side as

well, we do have concerns.

We've got some We've got some abusive detainees captured, government

soldiers, also some reports the

rebel rsz using

rebel rsz using land Michael Brissenden. It is not that

they're clean here but the Government is chiefly

responsible for most of the

violations. Libyan Government

as you know is promising to cooperate with this

investigation. Can we take the Government at its word

with a large grain of salt .

This Government has proven

again and again that it's made promises that it doesn't keep. Most recently it said

publicly it would the city of Misrata and the

next day it commenced with an

ongoing in discriminate rocket

atic on the city. So, no, I

don't think this is a

government that has proven its

word can be trusted. But at the

same time, if they invite these

investigators in, that is a

positive step. We welcome that.

Let's have them go and conduct their then whether they've been able

to do it independently and without interference. Finally,

talking figures, what are the

latest figures that your group has on the number of civilians

killed in this ongoing

conflict? We're not keeping

tabs. And it's too difficult

even if we wanted to do that because reporting is in complete. I can focus attention

for a moment on Misrata where

the most serious fighting is

going on. We do have the

hospital records from that city which

people have been wounded, more

than 300 have been killed, and

the majority of those are

civilians. I think that is a minimal number because some

people just don't make to it

the hospital to report. So it's clear that city is under

intense fire and civilians are

bearing the brunt. Fred

Abrahams from Hume rights watch in New York, thank you very

much. Thank you. Farmers have

given a mixed response to the

Victorian Government's offer to buy back the State's north. It's part of

a $21 million assistance packet

for those in the Kerang region.

Fit goes well, it just may be tried elsewhere. Lindsey

Schultz can still see the

recommend about ins of the

stlauj overtook his property in

January. For months he and his

neighbour s had to get around

by boat. He is happy to lose

land to make a floodway. I will

have some farming area through

the centre of my property that

I will be able to farm but

might go under water once every 20 years or whatever it

does. But it will prevent a lot

of people from being drowned. The amount of water

that passes Kerang physically cannot fit in the river and

under the bridge at Benjeroop. Farmer Jamie Semler

is hoping the flood package,

including the $12 million land

buyback scheme will meep mean

in the feature flood water will

be able to spread out. He

doesn't want to sell up but ask for compensation. One

property has Duck Creek running

through it. The idea has through it. The idea has been resurrected from resurrected from a Kennett

government policy of 13 years

ago when flood ravaged farmers

in East Gippsland were bought

out. While this Government is still sorting out which land

holders will be eligible for

the buy bae, it's considering broadening the scheme. If it

works an the community is happy

with it it can be done in other

places in the future. But some

farmers are unsure. This is

Steve hawk yen yen in January

when his dairy farm went under. He's

be enough. It seems to me that

it ease easier to get rid of us

than it is to help us get back

on our feet. The money that's

available, that simply will not

be enough. The 21 million dollar flood package also

includes money for levee

repairs. A Tasmanian writer

has won this year's Vogel literature award. Rohan Wilson was awarded

was awarded the $30,000 prize for his historical novel 'The

Roving Party'. The prize is for un published manuscripts writers under 35 years of age

for the first time the November

legal be published to coincide

with the announcement. For a

long time I thought there was nothing magical about I thought it was hard slog,

grind alone in your room with a

flashing screen: But tonight I

can tell you it feels pretty

magical. There is the Vogel

winning winner. It's often a

controversial prize but one

that is still really highly

regard and it comes with the

cash prize but with promise of

publication. Now we know there

will be a

two band of golds depending on

whether he is going to wear one

but the royal wedding whether

feature a ring of

steel. British law enforcement

is out in force to provide security for Will and Kate's

big day. Phillip Williams

reports. In the dead of

night, those guarding their

prized positions along the wed

ing route are sound asleep.

At the same time those

guard ing the Prince and his

bride were wide awake rehearse

ing a once in a generation

event that will be scene by billions. The carriage and the a-Xi'aning cavalry were put lu

their precision pace s,

preparing for the show of a

lifetime. I think on this

occasion we are looking for a wow factor. And I am sure we

will get one. Nothing is being left to chance. No room for

mistakes. And that applies to a massive security operation.

Everything from the suers to

the trees inside the abbey are

check and rechecked. We are

ready for all eventual ity,. We

have worked very hard with all our parters if from the and the security service and we

are confident that we have a

plan in place to deal with all eventualities on the day.

One group called One group called Muslims

Against Crusades has been

banned from holding a rally

outside the abbey . They say

members of the royal family are

guilty of war crimes, and warn

& a potential terrorist & a potential terrorist attacks

on the day. They should stay

away from the bus, the trains

the tube, the public places and public builds

public builds around central re-Septemberive audience. Long

live the Queen! Royal Britannia, royal rules our waves. While the

police manage ed to keep them

apart, a short distance away a

more serious threat had them scrambling

scrambling to clear the

streets. This is exactly the

sort of threat that's got

police on edge. There's a truck

parked just down there, it

shouldn't be there, police are

clearing the streets, they're with the wedding just a couple

of days ahead. The bomb squad

Qantas called, a false alarl

this time. Thousands of

security personnel security personnel determined

the big day will not be

disrupted. We all know how

crowded London is on any

average day. It will an absolute nightmare on the

wedding day. There's no truth

to the rumour that bobbies are

being dispatched to stand

outside the house of the

Chasers boys to ensure they

don't leave. It seems they've

been pretty well contained. Morrow

from the Choicer this morning.

They can no longer have their

satirical broadcast. On

Twitter says do it on the radio on do it as a blog. You could

watch the coverage, turn the

sound down and follow it on the

blog or turn the sound up

because we of course will have

the BBC's cover age from 6 prime minister on Friday

evening and Saturday morning we will have a special program here on ABC News Breakfast. While you are

watching ABC TV's coverage of

the wedding on Friday, there

will in fact be a blog on the ABC's ABC's website so you can follow

the events in real time on the

Internet and on the box. The

Prime Minister will be among the 1900 guests attending the

wedding in London on Friday. There's been

criticism about her dress sense on international visits.

Earlier this week horse trainer

Gai Waterhouse Syd said the

Prime Minister needed a makeover. The Prime Minister is

not revealing what she will be

wearing. I will be wering some

Australian designers. Jim, if

we were going to send a woman from Australia around the to model Australian fashion, I

don't think I would be the

first pick out of the 11

million-odd women who live in

Australia. But I will wearing some Australian fashion. I will be there at the

royal wedding representing

Australia. I am approaching it with a sense of excitement.

She will be there as well as the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce. And also a rather

unusual invitee - the swimmer

Ian Thorpe, who will be seated

there as well. Maybe a bit of

Greig and Greig and gold with a sprig of wattle. I will tell you one

thing who will nail it, that

will be Quentin Bryce. She will

be in just the right thing. You are watching ABC News Breakfast

this morning - the top - US President Barack Obama - US President Barack Obama has taken the unprecedented step

and released his birth

certificate to prove he was

born in America. It follow s

persistent rumours most

recently revived by Donald

Trump that the President was born overseas. The Prime

Minister, Julia Gillard, has discussed defence and security

with China's President Hu

Jintao. She again rayed the

those talks. The Prime Minister

will fly to London later today for the royal wedding. An

Afghan military pilot has shot dead eight US troops and a pilot in Kabul airport. It is

not clear what sparked this

agreement but the pilot was

also shot dead in the


Let's take a look at

today's Thursday papers. We're

joined by Sanger zng, a partner

at Maurice Blackburn. I will

take a punt and say in terms of general outlook - Republican, is that you? I

don't know where you would have

got that idea from. But yes. Nonetheless caught up in royal wedding fever? I think

the two are utterly reconcilable. I do not understand my fellow

Australians who cannot enjoy a

royal wedding. What is the ir reconcilable part? It es Princess Diana, Prince William,

Kate Middleton, it's royal wed

ing what is not to? I have the

same view. For me it's just

ceremony. I am a great fan of

watching grand ceremonies done well on television Slutsly. There is

nothing more fun. You cook

something you can eat on your

lap. You get your friends

around. And it's mezerrising. I

know Michael agree s with us. I

know he loves it when we talk

about this. We will be in wed

early: We can't watch a

thing. I am staying up late. I

am watching the whole thing. If

I if I'm bleary eyed on Saturday morning everyone has

to deal with that. One of articling I was planning on discussing later is about the

fact that the Chaser are no long er going to be able to

cover this great spectacle. I

have to say I'm a little disappointed with Clarence House about this decision

because it has put me back into

the Republican camp when it

comes to what I think about the

monarchy. I am disappointed

that the Chaser team won't be

able to provide us with a bit

more of a light Harted look at the whole affair. It would

have been nice. Let's turn to

the other stories that you're

looking at. Front page of the about what industry thinks of the carbon tax. Yes, Marius Kloppers

Kloppers has come out and said

that if we are to proceed with a carbon price in this a carbon price in this country

there does need to there does need to be compensation for those trade

exposed industries. Not real

lay surprise. We're seeing the

jockeying now before the rubber

hits the road, and those that

are going to be affected by a carbon price wanting to make

sure there's appropriate compensations. We have of

course seen a change in our

international environment. We

have seen a higher Australian

dollar and that has led to come

concerns industries. I think Kloppers

clp's intervention is

interesting, though, there's

some complexity to BHP's

interest in this and in fact

any of other companies have an international outlook. Marius Kloppers of course was

one of the first after the

election talking about the need

for a price on carbon. And he

also did talk about a range of

different initiatives that oub

needed to introduction that price. But they do operate

internationally and they do have

have an outlook which means

they're looking at what the rest of the world rest of the world is doing. For

my part, it sends a zig signal that Australia mution prove on

a price on carbon. Yes, there

needs to be appropriate

compensations but if we're going to be a country that

moved past the mining boom, the

price on carbon must be implemented. Hasn't the Prime

Minister still got her work cut out for her: It's interesting

to see the big companies like BHP Billiton positions themselves previously strongly

in support of a carbon price,

but move away from support for the model Government is pushing ahead. With I agree with you but not

clear yet whether BHP are

moving a way - Just like the Business Council, they're

having a bob both ways. And

ing a stake in the ground: It's

clear they want the price on

carbon but they don't want

their share price

affected. Staying with the 'Australian', calls for

closerfies with defence in

China. This - closer sty tie s

with defence in China. This is

winding up Julia Gillard's overseas to our Asian

neighbours and particularly to

China where she's raised the

interesting one for us to put

on the agenda with China. Some

might remember last year there were some issues raised about China in defence and our concerns about concerns about where they might be heading. But Julia Gillard

has firmly flagged that we are

wanting closer ties and we are

wanting cooperation. Again,

this is a strategic decision

and I think and I think shows Julia Gillard's leadership on this issue in China. It's impossible

to ignore the fact that China

is there and as a very nation with defence interests

and it's something that we need to participate with. Enough to participate with. Enough of

the serious weighty nonsense,

let's head straight to 'The Mercury' as you foreshadowed It's amazing

there's been any other current affairs going on on. The news has ground on Revolutionary Guardless even though they Guardless even though they are

the front page. So there's the

we are not amused story. Yes, I

know. As touched on moments earlier, I am very disappointed

that the Chaser team will not be covered the seding and I am

a little surprised as they a little surprised as they have also expressed given it appears

Dame Edna everage, the 7pm Project will be. I think the commercial networks is that

Dame Edna will be topping and

tailing the coverage but not

commentate ing the coverage. At

a time when I think we have

seen in Australia a sharp reduction in support for a Republic, I saw one disappointing poll earlier this

week that had a support for a

Republic at 17%. If royal family, I know they don't

need any help this particular

week but nonetheless I would be

encouraging all the publicity

could get, satirical or otherwise. I think Dame Edna is the royal family's acceptable

face of satire. She's been

coopted into that fam licht

these guys, the Chaser gang, they don't fit the bill. They

have written to the Queen

seeking clemency. There's a

story already in the 'Herald Sun' Sun' that you're looking

at? Yes, this is fun. The

'Herald Sun' starts -

there Look at the trees. That

ire the trees going on in. That

is the avenue of maples that

Kate Middleton will be walking

down and husband and wife will

be talk walking back up out of

the Westminster abbey and the entire church is to be filled

with flaitive English

flowers. I don't know what

every other girl is having at their wedding but why wouldn't

you have that. The 'Herald Sun' starts with a photograph, the

church is free, the ring is a hand yes down rerepresentation reception is at the grand mother's

house. Who has a great back

yard: It's a home wedding. All the flowers are coming from

royal eteats. That's like mum

clipping the posies and the

afterparty is at grand mother's

house too. Can I show you this

as well, you have to have a

close look at this. Have a look

at the top, just up the top

there, this is the most nutty

part of the coverage I have

ever seen. Inseed the 'Herald Sun' today are masks that you can cut out, Kate and William

masks that I presume they're

expecting you will put on and

wear around. That is hysterical. Imagine how

freakly. Imagine if we were all sitting here - in fact... That

would be so cool. Let's cut

them and out and do that. I I

want to see you in one of those masks. We We have been

discussing Obama give ing into

pressure and he has released

the full birth certificate that shows he is entitled to be President of the US. The

natural segue to this piece is

he has not been invited to if

royal wedding, something I am

still upset about. He has

kaifed in to Republican pressure. This

pressure. This is interesting because I don't know that this

is going to assuage any of

those that are doubting his

place of birth. And I suspect this must appeal to middle

America to put this issue to

rest but I wonder whether he is

pannedering to those who are

live giving oxygen to the

topic. If you're advising him would you

keep hanging tough on this as

it goes on and on? It is a

tough one. By saying nothing

there's also an admission bit's

such a ridiculous idea and such

an offensive idea. That I

really wish he hadn't had to

stoop this low in order to

address it. To birth part two,

coming up. We need to produce the

the nurse and the doctor that

delivered? I don't know what he

does next. Good to see you, Liberty, enjoy the

wedding. Thank you. Let's look

Bainbridge a change at the top

of the Indian cricket

team. That successful team now has a new coach, Duncan

Fletcher, who has been appointed as the coach of Indian national team he

replaces South Africa Kwan Gary

Kirsten who resigned after

guiding India to the World Cup

triumph this year. A statement

from the boards of control in

India says Fletcher's first

assignment will will be to lead

the team on their tour of

England in July. India is

ranked first in Test matches an

second in one-day internationals. coached England to their Ashes victory over Australia in

2005.? In the UEFA Champions League, Barcelona and Real

Madrid are play in the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League in Madrid. At

the moment, Barcelona is up

2-0. Lionel Messi has scored

both of the goals in the match

so far. In the English Premier

League Fulham has taken a 3-0

lead in their clash against Bolton. Demp y scored. There was the third goal was scored

in the 64th minute. Tame Cahill

is playing for Bolton. We will

have an update on those have an update on those matches

next hour in sport. Here now

here is Vanessa O'Hanlon with look at the weather. Looking at

the satellite image, in the

west a trough has been giving

the south-west some much needed

rain. We have winds that are

still pushing up along the east

coast. Clear skies over the interior

interior and the south-east.

The onshore winds will maintain

the showers along the east

coast through until the weekend. A deepening trough

over in WA will be Folau ed a cold front today. For

Queensland, isolated showers

over the eastern and central

ary interior and along the

east coast. In NSW, mostly

sunny for those on the western

side of the divide, continuing

shower,, though along the coast

and adjacent ranges and

dangerous surf conditions along

the coast, north of about

Illawarra. Victoria, a sunny

day apart from morning fog in

the south and east. Isolated

showers over the far east. In Tasmania, similar weather to Victoria, Victoria, widespread fog

especially over

especially over the north and midlands, late afternoon drizzle dry and sunny in SA. The

south-west in for a cooler

change with southerly winds. The cooler south-easterly winds

will develop over southern WA, along with isolated along with isolated shower s . They're likely to fall over the

Gascoyne and Pilbara coast.

Sunny in the north apart from a

few showers over the Northern Territory's north-east coast. As we look a head to tomorrow, fine conditions fine conditions in Hobart,

possible late shower expected

in Adelaide with a top of 27

degrees and mostly sunny conditions for Darwin and

Perth. That is the latest weather. Lots President his birth certificate to quash

persistent rumours he was born

overseas. We do not have time

for this kind of silliness.

Julia Gillard underlines

close ties with China in talks

with President Hu Jintao. So I

believe this is an arrangement

of mutual benefit. An Afghan

pilot kills eight American

soldiers during a deadly

argument in Kabul. And final rehearsals for This Program is Captioned


Good morning, it's Thursday,

28 April, I'm Michael

Rowland And I'm Virginia

Trioli. The top story - he may

think it's just a silly

distraction but that hasn't

stopped President Barack Obama

from relesioning his fut birth

certificate to he was born in America. The US President has

been plagued by persistent

rumours about the place of his

birth. Some suggesting he birth. Some suggesting he was

born in Kenya. They were given

new life by recent comments by billionaire potential Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Barack Obama says it's

time to end the silliness. We

do not have time for this kind

of silliness. We've got better

stuff to do. I've got better

stuff to do. We've got big

problems to solve and I am

confident we can solve

them. Barack Obama, there Craig

McMurtrie says this is the second time the President has had to release his birth certificate. Essentially, they did release a birth

certificate. It was the standard, the legal standard that is required was released in the 2008