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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight, Olympic terror - the foiled plot - what it means for Australia's athletes.

there is no doubt about that. It is a crisis, Fighting back - most controversial swimmer Australia's trying to save his Olympic dream. I really have to fight for my spot.

It's disgusting.

Australian fashion uproar. The child model who's caused

which is when I pulled the plug. I found out she was 14 Welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Kathryn Robinson. Also tonight, who was almost an 'American Idol'. for passengers First, a security scare from Adelaide to Melbourne tonight. on a Qantas flight Qantas saying A hijack alert was activated, between the pilot and control tower. it was a misunderstanding When the 737 touched down from Tullamarine's terminal. the aircraft was parked well away

beside the runway for 20 minutes Passengers had to stay while Federal Police went through the aircraft, they had nothing to worry about. only to find for an urgent briefing Australia has asked China on a foiled Olympic terror plot. The Prime Minister promises to ensure the safety of our athletes. every practical measure will be taken to the opening ceremony, With just four months

as it prepares to host the Olympics. excitement is building in Beijing But some in China for the Games. have very different plans The Ministry of Public Security says equipment and jihadist handbooks it's seized firearms, bomb-making and arrested 35 Islamist separatists. to planning to blow up buildings It claims they've confessed

and tourists at the Games. and kidnap athletes, journalists Despite more bad news, insists the Games are not in doubt. the International Olympic Committee

there's no doubt about that. It is a crisis, many bigger storms. But the IOC has weathered was timed to distract If the terror threat revelation

the Olympic torch and Tibet, from the controversy over Minister's last day in Beijing. Mr Rudd says briefing on the thwarted terrorists the Government has asked for a full is posed for the Olympics. and what, if any, threat must be taken Every practical measure

of Australian athletes. to ensure safety That is why we will be taking these matters very seriously. extremists throughout the world We've got Islamic and other key international event that will use any their violent message. to try to press home will be top of mind And containing terrorists In Beijing, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Buenos Aires amid security so tight The Olympic torch has landed in at the airport was cancelled. even the scheduled photo op Authorities taking no chances, to an undisclosed location overnight whisking the flame before it hits the streets. have been deployed More than 6,000 police and volunteers

to protect the torch - from anti-China protesters organisers keen to avoid disruptions

Paris and San Francisco. similar to those seen in London, soccer great Diego Maradona If all goes to plan will run with the flame. and tennis star Gabriela Sabatini is back in the pool. Swimmer Nick D'Arcy for the Olympics, He's resumed training won't stop him going to Beijing. still hopeful his assault charge was back in the pool today Embattled butterflyer Nick D'Arcy he'll still make the Olympic team. with hopes high I really have to fight for my spot into the public eye a lot. because I have come say it's been a harrowing two weeks. Team D'Arcy, his family and coach, The intense public scrutiny fellow swimmer Simon Cowley after being charged with assaulting has taken its toll. a viral infection. He's also been fighting off Mum and I have been really worried about him -

and really very distressing.

a 40% drop in fitness, And despite suffering

D'Arcy remains optimistic. this morning, Actually it felt pretty good after two weeks out of the water. which was surprising but I felt good in the water. I got a little bit sick His coach, Brian Stehr, wants the AOC to make its decision soon. for much more than another week. I can't believe it will go on

of sitting on the fence It would give us three weeks waiting for someone to push us off. His supporters believe he'll still make the Australian team, there's a 75% chance every last ounce of his strength. but it will take Go in a boy and come out a man over this whole thing. The butterfly swimmer says just yet. his wings haven't been clipped

that I can possibly be in I want to be in my best form if I do get a favourable outcome. I did everything I could do. And if I don't, then at least Nicholas Boot, Ten News. On the Sunshine Coast,

Public furore over a 14-year-old model at Australian Fashion Week

into an embarrassing backdown. has forced organisers will be banned from their catwalks. Now all models under the age of 16

of world fashion. She's tipped to be a superstar Monica Jagaciak But the buzz surrounding Polish model Rosemount Australian Fashion Week headlining quickly became a roar of outrage. which is when I pulled the plug I found out she was 14 that's too young. because I just think It's disgusting. Why?

to be dressed as sexy models. Because they're too young

have a lot to answer, Those who've employed a 14-year-old particularly young girls at a time when in relation to body image. are under enormous stress is used to stirring up controversy. The annual catwalk showdown faced with the mounting furore, But today, and revised their guidelines. it would be controversial They must have known and there would be a backlash similar happen in Queensland. because we've already seen something

expressed outrage Even the Prime Minister the face of Gold Coast Fashion Week. when this 12-year-old became Kirstie Clements 'Vogue' magazine editor has children the same age. I still tuck them into bed at night. is still a child model. She's says the Polish beauty who hasn't even become a woman yet You're putting a girl on the catwalk and that's a body image question and it also tips into the sexualisation of young girls. There's so much stress and pressure. There's pressure to be a certain image as a 14-year-old, that's too much to cope with. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Cadbury-Schweppes is seeing red after a fight to keep control of its purple packaging. The Federal Court has delivered a sweet victory to rival Darrell Lea after a multimillion-dollar battle. was left empty Cadbury's glass and a half after the Federal Court ruled Darrell Lea had not contravened the Trade Practices Act by wrapping its sweets in purple packaging. We regard ourself as an Aussie company and if we can't stand up for ourselves and fight for when we think it is right, then there's absolutely no hope. Michael Lea, whose grandfather founded the company, says the multinational first accused them of misleading consumers more than five years ago. Cadbury, angered by this band of purple, but Darrell Lea claims it has used various shades of the hue for decades. Justice Heerey in his decision noted other companies

such as Nestle with Violet Crumble have used purple widely and in his opinion consumers confronted with the colour purple and with other branding, would not consider it was a Cadbury product. The trial heard colour is a powerful marketing tool because it is uncommon. to trademark green. BP lost a push Cadbury has a similar application. The case illustrates the difficulty in obtaining exclusive rights to a colour, For its part, Darrell Lea says the decision doesn't mean

it's going to increase the number of purple products in its stores. The multimillion-dollar legal action isn't over, Cadbury maintaining it will continue to protect its brand and plans to appeal the decision. It does not own the colour trade mark and until such times as it does, it can't assert rights.

Martine Griffiths, Ten News. Prince William has become the latest British royal to earn his wings. at a special ceremony, after William spent four months with the RAF learning about the service's ethos, tradition and military role.

Prince William later joined fellow graduates for his class photo, along with stepmother Camilla. Girlfriend Kate Middleton keeping a few steps behind as William left the building. Still to come - the end of a dream in line to be the next American Idol. Brushing your teeth can leave your mouth feeling clean...

..but it doesn't kill all the germs. These germs build up into a thick layer which we know as 'plaque'. But did you know that no other mouthwash is more effective than Listerine's unique antiseptic formula

to break through plaque and kill germs? BOOM! To keep your whole mouth healthy. Listerine. This program is captioned live. Police have charged two teenage boys over a violent attack at a careers expo in Melbourne which left three students in hospital with stab wounds. It's believed verbal exchanges inside a pavilion led to a physical fight outside. Something tantamount to a schoolyard incident, which has then escalated into a push and a shove and at some point a weapon has been used. The 17- and 15-year-olds are facing more than a dozen charges each.

A blow for shopkeepers trying to shame young thieves. They put pictures of the offenders on public display, but now they've been forced to remove them. Vishal and Neeta Patel's Goodna discount store

was being targeted by shoplifters up to 15 times a day. Frustrated the thieves weren't being punished, they put them on a wall of shame. The problem is some of the offenders were under the age of 16 and in Queensland it's illegal to show their faces. By law I was doing the wrong thing, but in my heart I was doing the right thing because I wanted people to realise that stealing is wrong. To remove the photos the couple demanded offenders donate $100 to the local Rotary club, but Rotary knew nothing about it and locals began to complain. This is an undesirable development in Queensland for shopkeepers to be putting up photos of juvenile offenders. But an increasing number of frustrated business owners have adopted the shaming tactics. We don't know what else to do. That's just a way of us getting the shoplifters to come in here and tell us, "Look, we did it." The owners took the wall down as soon as they were made aware

what they were doing was against the law, but they say business owners need to be allowed to do more to protect themselves from shoplifters. My solution was half-good, half-bad. Now if somebody can come up with a good solution, I would join that campaign.

The wall of shame has both supporters and critics. Go for it - stop the bastards.

What's wrong with it? They did the crime, didn't they? Juveniles, I don't think they should have pictures. Shoplifters, they've beaten me now.

Summer Burke, Ten News. The Prime Minister has echoed new warnings about the impact of climate change on Australia's water security. And he wants China to do more to cut its greenhouse gas emissions to avert an environmental disaster. Australia is the largest coal exporter, China the world's biggest coal consumer. (Speaks Mandarin) The Prime Minister wants to maintain a dialogue with China on ways of reducing carbon emissions without harming our coal trade. What we want to do is work with China to produce a better outcome globally on climate change - critical for the planet, critical long-term in terms of the impact of climate change in our country as well. The Prime Minister toured a coal-fired plant in China which will trial carbon capture technology being developed by the CSIRO. This is a very small start, but it's an important start. on a large scale,

it could have major environmental benefits. There is no comprehensive global agreement to tackle climate change unless China is closely engaged with the climate change issue. But the Greens claim the Rudd Government is more concerned with protecting the Australian coal industry. We've heard a lot about climate change and wanting to be a leader on climate change, but what we've now seen is that's a thinly-disguised veil for more money going into the coal sector. And there are warnings about the future of Australia's water resources, that by 2030, with new reports suggesting

Australian homes and farms could be subject to even greater levels of what's being called 'water stress'. We are already the world's driest continent. The impact of climate change, therefore, for us and for our agriculture is significant. I believe that countries recognise that failure is not an option The impacts of climate change are being seen around us. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. To finance news now and CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. And Tom, investors burnt today on stocks they thought were a safe bet? Yes, Kath, a bad day for the gambling sector today, because yesterday evening the Victorian Government announced a restructure of the Victorian gaming landscape. The two companies most heavily leveraged to that, Tabcorp and Tattersalls, suffered today - dramatic falls for them, down by more than 20% in relation to the share price. The weeks to come will bring further clarification in relation to that proposed legislation, so some more volatility can be expected. Elsewhere, those sort of falls have made it very difficult for companies that are highly leveraged. Lift Capital Partners is an organisation that has run into a lot of difficulty. It's been placed into voluntary administration, but notwithstanding that, we did see some reasonable performances from the financial sector today. OK, Tom, thank you. After a week of embarrassing headlines, Terri Irwin claims her family is as close as ever. She says she loves her father-in-law, Bob, and it's time for everyone to move on. A packed Crocoseum and Bindi in full swing - it's business as usual at Australia Zoo. The singing and smiles are a stark contrast to this week's headlines of a speculated rift between Terri Irwin and Bob Senior. The Croc Hunter's widow says the truth is much different. Whatever is portrayed publicly,

it's important to remember that privately, we're a very close-knit family. Always about family - I love Bob so much. Bob's television interview was followed by yesterday's announcement of a lucrative retirement plan. But Terri says more than monetary. the relationship will be with working through everything that's happened since losing Steve. and asked for a change of life I'm very happy that when Bob came that we were able to help him. The speculation has done no damage to the Australia Zoo brand, judging by the crowds and the companies lining up to do business with the Irwins.

Today they launched Croc Chocs and Zoogle lollies onto the international market. I was just totally inspired by Steve Irwin. to contribute I mean, we're pretty happy a fairly significant part of our takings back to this place. Terri Irwin now hopes family and business can again take centre stage. I like what my dad always says. He says everything comes out in the wash - you just gotta do the right thing and be an honest, honourable, loving person, and you're gonna be OK. Max Futcher, Ten News. has come to an end. The 29-year-old has been eliminated from the competition after making it through to the final eight.

The judges were clearly shocked and encouraged the Aussie to pursue his singing career. I'm definitely surprised. I enjoyed singing that song, it's a song about dreams. If there's a song to go out on, well, that's not a bad one. Originally from Perth, he moved to the US on a tennis scholarship in his late teens. Next - BELL CHIMES a landmark celebration for the heartbeat of London. This program is captioned live. Air travel in the United States has been thrown into chaos after the cancellation of more than 900 flights on one day. American Airlines, The country's largest airline, was forced to cancel the flights because of safety concerns over wiring in its fleet of MD-80 aircraft. Hundreds of thousands of frustrated passengers have been stranded across the US. We called. they said it was cancelled. Now we're waiting to see if we can get to Dallas, some way to rent a car and get home from there.

It's estimated the cancellations have cost the company more than $50 million, with hundreds more flights to be affected over the next two days. Here's proof that peace can be achieved between long-standing enemies. Tonight marks 10 years since the signing of the Northern Ireland peace accord, helping end decades of violence and misery. APPLAUSE old enemies applauding a final agreement. But this is what it grew from - the rubble of massacres. It was an agreement forged by the war-weary to end 30 years of killing. The road to peace had twists - still has. Alan McBride's wife and nine others were killed at this spot. Today it's a tourist attraction

and 1.5 million people took the terror tours last year. They were talking about an atrocity in which I lost my wife and you sort of have to stand back from it and go, "That's distasteful." His world disintegrated when the IRA blew up this shop on the Shankill Road. But five years later, the bomber would be freed - by the peace agreement he campaigned for. I've nearly bumped into him on a couple of occasions very recently, and I saw him, and I left, 'cause I couldn't be there. The feelings I had was just that I had to get out of there. I was almost crying. Alan McBride now helps the traumatised to recover, and there are plenty of them. One week after his loss, a revenge attack on a Halloween party killed eight people. The gunmen, who later taunted bereaved relatives, had shouted, "Trick or treat?" as they opened fire. There is peace here now, but there's no forgetting. You never forget that in your life. You never, ever forget that - all your friends lying dead around the place. Sometimes I don't want to talk about it - I don't want to remember that night, but it does come back. Oh, they'll never forget it, but I think it is much safer - you feel safer now, you know, you do feel much safer. Peace didn't flower that week, but hard men planted seeds. I think that's when people started to say, you know, 'cause if you don't we are pushing ourselves here into a really vicious, bloody civil war.

The peace agreement freed 400 terrorists - their prison is now being demolished. This is one of them. to have a better future? Martina Anderson, once of the IRA, is now on the Police Board. I think as politicians, and as someone who has been involved in a conflict and has come through what I have come through and I don't try to compare that with anyone who has lost a loved one, however, I think we have a duty and responsibility to ensure what happened here must never happen again. Belfast's peace wall is growing, not falling. It's now 13 miles long. The dead killers are celebrated, the past endlessly retouched and never far away. But Good Friday made this a better place. No-one wants the wheel to turn back. The heartbeat of London is celebrating a landmark birthday. It's been 150 years since Big Ben, the most famous clock in the world, first chimed. Commonly mistaken as the clock tower, Big Ben is the name given to the 15-tonne bell inside the belfry. BELL CHIMES Earlier this week, Big Ben was named Britain's favourite landmark, beating Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace to secure the top spot. Sports Tonight is next with Rob Canning. And, Rob, it was an exciting night of football? In all codes, Kath - we'll bring you the results and the reaction from a furious night on the field. Dogs and Bombers get it on.

Billy the Kid beats up on Manly. And surfing up a storm in WA. Brushing your teeth can leave your mouth feeling clean... ..but it doesn't kill all the germs.

These germs build up into a thick layer which we know as 'plaque'. But did you know that no other mouthwash is more effective than Listerine's unique antiseptic formula to break through plaque and kill germs? BOOM! To keep your whole mouth healthy. Listerine. This program is captioned live. The weather. Mostly sunny in Cairns, mostly cloudy in Brisbane, fog then sunny in Sydney, cloud increasing in Canberra,

rain in Melbourne, rain clearing in Hobart.

A possible shower in Adelaide, sunny in Perth and Darwin, cloudy in Alice Springs.

Sir Elton John has thrown his support behind Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States. for the former first lady, Performing at a fundraiser the British singer said he surprised at the prejudice the New York senator faced from some with the US.

I never ceased to be amazed at the misogynistic attitude of some of the people in this country. And I say to hell with them. The concert raised more than $2.6 million for Hillary Clinton's campaign. And that's the latest from Ten News. Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is next. I'm Kathryn Robinson, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Rob Canning. Welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. We've mastered tonight's show - mastered it. The Masters is under way, but where are our Aussies? Coming up we'll cross to Augusta.

We've got a phat feast of footy. AFL and the Bulldogs play the Bombers. NRL - the grand final rematch - Storm versus Sea Eagles and the Gold Coast takes on Parramatta. More football - Super 14 and the UEFA Cup. Davis Cup tennis. Surfing - it's sick. We start with a shoot-out at Telstra Dome and the Western Bulldogs survived a scare from an undermanned Essendon before notching their fourth straight win. Six goals to none in the final term ensuring the Bulldogs' unbeaten start to the year remains intact. No Lloyd, no Lucas, and there was no early spark from the Bombers as the Bulldogs put on a clinic during the first term. COMMENTATOR: Hahn kicks Unbeaten in 2008, Rodney Eade's men quickly showed why. Johnson marks, plays on and goals from 5m! The bloody affair continued throughout the first quarter as Bomber skill errors helped the Dogs to a 26-point lead at break one. New quarter, new attitude

from the 'Dons. That's the start the Bombers wanted. A one-sided match suddenly became a contest as back-to-back goals from Brent Stanton reduced the margin to 12. The blood rule continued to plague the Bombers, but the growing casualty list failed to stop their charge. Some Akermanis class stemmed the flow. The Bulldogs with the last two goals of the half to restore order. Brian Lake did his best to intimidate a smaller opponent and it seemed to work, the Bulldogs defender with the first goal of the second half. Lake marks 5m from goal, plays on and goals. 22 points down, Stanton again inspired a Bomber fightback as stand-in skipper Mark McVeigh admirably filled Matthew Lloyd shoes. This for the lead. Remarkable!

But not as remarkable as this. The highlight reel continuing. The Bombers with a 10-point lead at the last break. The frenetic pace took its toll during the final term, with hamstring injuries to Bomber duo Sam Lonergan and McVeigh stalling their momentum. Sniffing a weakening opponent, the Dogs again began to dictate

before regaining the lead. Puts the Doggies in front! One-way traffic from then on. The Bombers held goal-less in the fourth quarter. to notch a fourth straight win. The Bulldogs in overdrive He goals. They're home! The injury curse continues at Bomberland, McVeigh and Lonergan to have scans early next week. But it's all positive for the Bulldogs who tonight equalled their best ever start to a season.

I just had a feeling that they were

looking a bit fatigued. At looking a bit fatigued. At three-

quarter time I thought if we can

just lift the intensity of it and

not make mistakes we will deal to

hit our target. Once that five

minutes was over, we were able to

hit our target and that was the

difference in the end. They really

came at us in the third quarter.

They had a ten-point lead. We were

able to turn it around which shows able to turn it around which shows

we are maturing as a side.

Melbourne has poured misery on Manly's grand final revenge mission. The Storm clinically dissecting the Sea Eagles. Billy Slater stamping himself as Australia's next fullback. Branded womanly by Melbourne during the week there was nothing girlish about the Sea Eagles defence early.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, stripped from Quinn. Anthony Watmough slamming Slater into the turf. Unfazed, the fullback quickly recovered to show some individual brilliance. Slater gets away from Bell. Billy Slater is over!

The home side crossing again just three minutes later.

And Inglis will score. Oh, he brushes them away like flies on a summer's day. Jamie Lyon's dash for the line met by a wall of Melbourne defence as the cracks began to appear in Manly's. This is Chambers - puts the kick in. Slater finishing off a length-of-the-field set of six from the Storm to help his side to a 14-nil half-time lead. Slips it back to Slater. Slater scores for Melbourne. They were in again directly after the break, Anthony Quinn landing his fourth try in two matches. There's another try for Anthony Quinn. Down 18-nil, Steven Bell attempted to throw Manly a lifeline. Travelling for the corner, Melbourne can't hold him. You'd think it would be benefit of the doubt, surely.

The Sea Eagles controversially denied their chance at a comeback as Watmough narrowly avoided a serious foot injury. COMMENTATOR: Oh, oh, oh. Ryan Hoffman scoring the Storm's fifth try of the match. Manly finding some consolation with Michael Bani crossing in the final stages. The Storm every bit as convincing as their grand final triumph in 2007. Billy Slater's double pushing his claims to an Australian number 1 jersey. The Gold Coast played Parramatta tonight and the Titans' engine room promised to lift their game without their leader Luke Bailey. They did lift, and won the match by eight points. The Titans were out to end their away-game hoodoo, But Parramatta Stadium on a friday night is not the easiest place to do it. It took a former Eel to show them the way. COMMENTATOR: Now Prince, and Petersen scores the first try of the night. From one former Parra player to another, Aaron Cannings with the Titans' second. Cannings is close...Cannings! Nathan Hindmarsh hit straight back.

That's trouble - Parramatta with Hindmarsh. Matt Rogers wasn't impressed. Oh, hang on a second. He was put on report for a dangerous throw, but his aggression had the desired effect. And Nathan Friend, he looks good - and Nathan Friend! Up by eight at the break, Titans skipper Scott Prince continued to stake his claim to be the game's number one halfback. Dummies to Harrison, now show and go -

he's not the prince, he's the king! With the Eels staring down the barrel of their third loss in five games, Joel Reddy closed the gap. Reddy with a dummy, Reddy gets over for the Eels. It sparked them back into action. Brett Finch did it all himself to get his side to within two. The kick has found open space and Finch... ..and Finch has followed through to score. But with just over five minutes remaining, Josh Graham crashed over for the winner. And Josh Graham is over - no double movment. Scott Prince kicked the extras, for a rare win on the road. on top of the table for the very first time. They also scored their first hat-trick of wins in the NRL. Scott Prince with another stand-out performance, which has his coach calling for a rep football recall. The game's chocfull of good fullbacks, good halfbacks and good hookers.

Best thing from Prince's angle and our angle - at club level he's working really hard and he's experienced enough now to know that if the chance comes, he'll be more than ready to take it. I love my Queensland State so if I get picked, I get picked, if I don't, I don't. I'll just work hard and build on what we've done tonight. I've got to congratulate the players for coming back to get ourselves in the game again and with probably 10 to go, the game was there to be won or lost I just think again, a bit of discipline and a bit of concentration is hurting us. You're watching Sports Tonight. Up next - we'll cross to golf's first major of the year - the US Masters. What's wrong with Tiger? And what's up with Poulter?

Davis Cup tennis - Australia versus Thailand. And carving it up at Margaret River. MID-TEMPO ELECTRO-ROCK MUSIC (Both scream) SONG: # I gotta run away # I gotta go today # I gotta fly away # This ain't good... #

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This program is captioned live.

Day one of the US Masters had a little bit of everything. Tiger's prowling as usual, while a couple of internationals lead the field. Sports Tonight's Leigh Diffey is there and joins us with all the details. The key talking points from the opening day's play here at Augusta for the Masters 2008 - firstly, Tiger Woods is not leading this tournament.

Secondly - the start of play was delayed by a full hour due to a heavy fog this morning. Now, some players enjoyed the extra break, some complained that it took them out of their rhythm. On a historical note, Gary Player, at 72, was playing Sadly, Gary finished at the tail-end while at the other end of the field, some other international players of a much younger age featured.

So it's England's Justin Rose and South Africa's Trevor Immelman who are at the top of the order, and Masters rookie Brian Bateman. a stroke ahead of Brandt Snedeker Peter Lonard at 1-under. The best of the Australians - the last four times I've come here after Thursday afternoon. so it's just nice to be under par I really would have thought 5- or 6-under today, that someone would have shot it was really there - because I thought but that's just Augusta. a long one, Day one of the Masters has been to day two. but we're already looking forward

here on Ten and Ten HD You can see all the action from 5:45 tomorrow morning. Thai? What did you have for dinner tonight? Because Australians love Thai, at Thailand and Australia's eating away in their Davis Cup...Thai. a vocal Townsville crowd watched First up though, Yeah, sorry about that, fellas. I'm feeling great.

The adrenaline's pumping I'd have the edge in the fifth. and I knew if I got the fourth set

in the final set, Guccione was forced to fight hard

in a 'Thai'-break. but eventually prevailed for Lleyton Hewitt. It was a different story dropping just one game The Aussie number one against his little-known opponent. surfers use when the swell is up. Rad, stoked, sick - three words with 3- to 4-metre waves on offer And they got a good workout today in the Margaret River Pro Dubbed Fantasy Friday, had competitiors on edge. some big, bad surf in the 10-foot swell The major casualty of the day Kieren Perrow - was defending champion in the third heat. the Aussie eliminated remains in contention, Former world champ Sunny Garcia despite being upstaged in the dying stages of his heat. and finishing second and Nathan Hedge both bowed out. Big names Corey Lopez 'BMX Bandits', Actor Nicole Kidman was in the movie with this next story. but she's got nothing to do

of the BMX World Cup is this weekend, The second leg in Adelaide, an Olympic berth. and the competitors are fighting for for the faint-hearted BMX racing is not to eye off the competition especially when there's a chance in an Olympic year. We're all friends off the track, but once you're on the track position for the Olympic team, everyone's fighting for that so it gets tough and can definitely So tough is the competition within the Australian squad,

BMX track in his own backyard, Madill, who has an Olympic-size to just one training session each. has restricted team-mate's access third in in the world, Currently, the Aussie men are ranked the women are second. A strong showing in Adelaide qualify for Beijing. will ensure a maximum five riders it's rare to get through a year At this level at least a few bones,. without breaking involved, Despite the risks and commitment it will take Olympic medals riders expect before the sport is taken seriously. that BMX is just a kids' sport It's always been a frustration racing for a living but we have 30-year-old guys and making over six figures. I don't think they know how professional we are, how much we train, how much we're dedicated to the sport. Time trial qualification starts tomorrow with racing on Sunday. Still to come on ST - we'll preview the weekend ahead in the AFL, in the NRL, in the Super 14. I don't know what he wants. Ah. He wants a Stunner Deal. back the Cheeseburger Stunner Deal. VOICEOVER: Now Hungry Jack's brings You can get a flame-grilled Cheeseburger, all for just $4.95. Cheeseburger Stunner Deals - stunning value for everyone. at Hungry Jack's. The burgers are better JAUNTY BASS MUSIC SONG: # Take it on down # Build the ultimate sound # Yeah, yeah, yeah # Yeah, yeah, yeah

# Yeah, yeah, yeah... # You've only got one down there, so, for the ultimate care make it U. # I love U. # This program is captioned live. West Coast Eagles vice-captain Andrew Embley

against Sydney at ANZ Stadium. will miss tomorrow night's game tests for glandular fever. The midfielder is set to undergo was a no-show The Norm Smith Medallist as the Eagles headed to Sydney, forcing the club to confirm Andrew Embley is showing signs of glandular fever. were very, very late The events that happened yesterday and he's in the hands a series of tests on him over there. and no doubt they'll run at this stage so we'll need to wait on that. Dean Cox trained in Sydney, a hairline fracture in his foot. despite rumours he's carrying And while he's expected to play, to beat the Swans. the Eagles remain $5 outsiders last year in Round 1. I think we proved that I mean, we came over here gave us a chance on that occasion and I don't think too many people was outstanding and our performance that night and we're looking for that again tomorrow night. for the favourites, It was a casual Friday a close contest. but they too are expecting against West Coast, Every game that we play tight, contested brand of footy. for some reason, it's just a really

at the MCG tomorrow The Kangaroos take on Melbourne

for the Gold Coast. in a match originally planned calling on its fans The new North Melbourne and send a message to the AFL. to attend in droves people there and show, I suppose, We want to get 30,000 to 40,000

and the football public in general the AFL that we're really here to stay. be out to avoid an unwanted record, And the current crop of Blues will on Sunday. when they take on Collingwood kicked against you and be happy You can't come away with 150 points and we've gone to work this week, and we weren't those things overnight. but, as I said, you don't fix Carlton's 15th straight - Another loss will be an all-time club low. immediate future in rugby league Wests Tigers hooker Robbie Farah's is in doubt. has him sidelined A recurring back injury switch positions in the future. and could see the instrumental rake It's a problem threatening to change plays rugby league. the way Robbie Farah

Either I gotta alter the way or, you know, change positions.

The hooker ruling himself out of the next few rounds, hoping that will be enough to avoid surgery, his State of Origin dreams now in question. You've just got to be positive. and listen to all the right people I'll work hard, I'll do all my rehab and I guess that's all I can do. The Cowboys will also be a key player down when they face the Dragons Saturday night. Inspirational fullback Matt Bowen's knee injury again keeping him in the stands. Everything is coming along fine, there's no swelling, and he looks like he'll be ready for the final week, but he needs a good week of training to get ready for that footy next week. It'll be a tough ask in Woollongong. The Dragons have won their past two games at Win Stadium, and they'll have a beefed-up defence with Ben Creagh and Dean Young returning. Jarrod Mullen not so lucky in Newcastle, the five-eight failing to overcome a calf injury in time for the Knights match against Brisbane. Captain Danny Buderus and Scott Dureau will both play after shaking niggling problems from round 4. Football is more about matching up against the best players and at the moment Brisbane are on top of the comp so we're playing the team that's in form. The last time the two teams played the Broncos won 71-6 at Suncorp Stadium. Wallabies selectors will be keeping a close eye on Subiaco Oval tomorrow night when the Western Force and NSW Waratahs meet. While the Force were on show with an open training session today, NSW elected to run around behind closed doors. The Tahs are confident they've got the game plan to exploit Australia's best side. They've got the ball, they're gonna run around with it, and not let the other team have it. So they trick might be to get the ball and hang onto it a little bit and make a little bit of tackling.

The Force has never beaten the Waratahs - but go in as slight favourites. Bayern Munich has produced a remarkable comeback to qualify for the UEFA Cup semifinals. Trailing by two goals in extra time, to stun Spanish side Getafe. Bayern Munich's UEFA Cup hopes looked over, until Frank Riberey's 89th-minute strike sent the game into extra time. But it just appeared to delay the inevitable, COMMENTATOR: It's Casquero. Oh, what a shot and what a goal. Braulio denied by Lucio and Braulio's there again - it's 3-1. Two goals down with five minutes of extra time remaining, the German side was gifted a reprieve before Luca Toni turned saviour with the last kick of the match. Up in the air. Oh, unbelievable scenes as Luca Toni, at the death. Scottish powerhouse Rangers also progressed to the semis with a 2-0 away win over Sporting Lisbon. Steven Whittaker's injury-time strike capping the historic win.

He's not going to be stopped. Steven Whittaker for Rangers - of the UEFA Cup. It was a good night for the away clubs,

with Rangers' win setting up a semifinal match with Fiorentina. Zenit St Petersburg in the other semi after the Russian club progressed 4-2 on aggregate. (Howls) CACKLING Feel like wolfing down a Domino's Pizza? Well, now we're open REALLY late. For a piping hot pizza delivered to your door, call: (Howls) Now! SONG: # Domino's. # You have a good day. WOMAN: Right from the very first taste of our new stronger, smoother, 100% arabica bean coffee blend, you'll notice a change at McCafe. So come into McCafe and try the delicious new blend yourself. This program is captioned live. Play of the Day time and in football giant Brazil there's some miniature soccer stars making a very big impact. The world's first dwarves-only side reaching some great heights, to the delight of local crowds. This little dude's our favourite. He's nicknamed Vagner Love after the famous Brazilian striker, Vagner Love. They may lack height but these pint-sized Peles certainly don't lack ability. They won the match 1-0 and our Play of the Day. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.