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(generated from captions) This afternoon overtakes policy again. Both This afternoon politics

sides accuse the other of playing playing dirty. While Kevin's in hospital recovering from an operation here's the Liberal

Party out there with a disgraceful political attack. We've seen attack. We've seen the way that

Labor turns savagely on Labor turns savagely on its own. This Program is Captioned

Live. Bob Brown asks for the

electorate's trust and makes a

pitch for its vote as he launches the official Green 's campaign. The vision for this

great south land which is lack

ing from the big parties. Also

today monsoonal floods

Pakistan leave 800 people dead,

a million more are affected.

punishment following his send And Drew Mitchell escapes

off in the Wallabies' Bledisloe

Cup loss to the All Blacks.

Hello, you're watching ABC

new 24, weather first: Taking a quick look at the

On the federal election

campaign trail policy announcements have again announcements have again been

overshadowed by politics and in particular claims of smear

campaigns. The former foreign affairs affairs minister Alexander Downer has denied using former prime minister Kevin Downer has denied using the

Rudd as a so-called double agent. Mr Downer is quoted

as saying he gave Mr Rudd

used against a information that would then be

used against a colleague.

However Mr Downer said the interpretation of his comments interpretation of

is wrong. The Prime Minister

says the timing of allegations is distasteful. Kevin Rudd is

lying on a hospital bed. I'm

concerned about Kevin, I want

to make sure that he gets fit

and well and strong. And while Kevin's in hospital recovering

from an operation, here's the

Liberal Party out there with a disgraceful political attack.

today. The Opposition That's what's

has accused Labor of running today. The Opposition meanwhile

the mother of all smear

campaigns. The ALP has been Tony distributing quotes made by

Tony Abbott on issues including industrial relations, climate

Minister Julia change and abortion. The Prime

Minister Julia Gillard says

Australians are entitled to

know what the Liberal leader

thinks. For his part Mr Abbott

says the tactic will backfire

on the Government. The sort on the Government. The sort of

thing that I'd expect but I

suspect also that it will backfire because it indicates

that this is

has no real record other than

record debt, record deficit and

getting rid of an elected prime minister in record time, all

they've got is a negative attack perhaps an nasty attack on the attack perhaps an increasingly

Coalition. Well among all this nasty attack on the

there have been some policy

announcements made today. Labor has pledged to make changes to

superannuation to boost people's retirement savings if

scheme would be kauld MySuper it's re-elected. The no frills

charges. The Government and have no unnecessary fees

estimates it will give a

30-year-old on an average wage

an extra $40,000 by retirement

age. We think that a low-cost, default superannuation

mechanism is the right answer

for Australians. For those who

disagree with that, I would ask

them to make their arguments on

public policy grounds but we

constructive discussions have had some very fruitful and

the retail funds sect tor work constructive discussions with

through the issues they

review was launched. The identified when the Cooper

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has

aged care policy at a

retirement village on the NSW

south coast. The policy is

and will include 3,000 worth $935 million over 4 years

high-care hospital beds. Mr

Abbott also pledged to cut the

red tape associated with

securing a place in a nursing

home. Political reporter Hayden Cooper has been travelling with

the Opposition Leader. He filed

this report a short time ago.

Tony Abbott ended last week on

a high so he clearly main tame the momentum heading

into campaign week 3. Opposition Leader came here to into campaign week 3. The

the south coast of NSW n fact

to this nursing home, announce the party's policy on to this nursing home, to

aged care. It's a $935 million

announcement with two key

headline themes. The first is

that the Opposition wants to

provide another 3,000 aged care

beds in the sector and the way

that they plan to do that is offering cash that they plan to do that is by

aged care providers. The second

part of the plan is to get about 20,000 older about 20,000 older Australians out of hospitals and into

short-term stays in homes. Tony Abbott believes short-term stays in aged care

this policy is a game changer.

In fact, most of the money In fact, most of the money is

already being spent in the

sector but he believes it can be better directed. As a minister for health I'm be better directed. As a former

reasonably familiar with the pressures in the Essentially we don't have enough beds, particularly

high-care beds. We don't have a smooth transition from back to appropriate levels back to appropriate levels of

care and we have too much

paperwork and red tape in the

system and what we announce

today addresses all three of these particular issues. The

Liberals will be anxiously

awaiting the next set of poll results to reveal whether or not the last set of numbers was in fact a does hold the lead in this

election he knows that now more

than ever he needs to campaign

carefully and avoid at all costs

The body for small and medium sized miners will launch a advertising campaign tomorrow sized miners will launch a new

attacking the Federal Government's revised resource

rent tax. The advertisements

are designed to suggest the tax's impact will be felt

beyond the mining sector in broader economy. beyond the mining sector in the ADVERTISEMENT: Or your ADVERTISEMENT:

get whacked. For your

electricity bill. By the mining

tax. The advertisement will run 6 to 10 time asday in most

cities and rooedge - regions

until the end of the election

campaign. The Government could solve this tomorrow solve this tomorrow quite

happily and they could take the

tax off the table and

approach us for a consultation process post the election no matter what happened. So the

ball's in their court as far as we're unions have responded to the

mining industry campaign with new advertisements of

new advertisements of their

own. The spoof advertising campaign, a fair go for

billionaires, seeks to pillory the industry and the Federal

Opposition. The advertisements will run mainly online but some

will feature on television. The

Australian Greens have launched

their election campaign their election campaign in Canberra. The party's leader

Bob Brown says his party offer

asgenuine alternative. And I offer to Australians who

frustrated with the bickering, the short sighted ness, the

leadership spills and the failure of vision in this

country a Greens party which

not only for the future in our

promise but on our record has shown a stability neither of

the big parties have shown, a leadership, and wonderful parliamentary colleagues all in this, which

neither Labor nor the Coalition

can emulate, and a vision can emulate, and a vision for this great south land which is

lack ing from the big parties. To the day's other

John Brumby has apologised for news now, Victorian Premier

the failings of the State's emergency response on Black Saturday. It came ahead afternoon to discuss the

findings of yesterday's Royal

Commission report. The

Commission made recommendations including an Commission made 67

increase in prescribed burns, a

cabling move to underground power

cabling and changes to how Victoria's fire services are funded. The State Opposition

implement all of the Leader Ted Baillieu said he'd

recommendations in the report

but John Brumby says there's no rush. The reality is that in relation to this relation to this report there

will be a number of

will see as more difficult recommendations that people

reaching implications and expensive too. With far

people will want to have a say

and I think a government would want to get and I think a responsible

this right and I feel the weight of responsibility to get weight of

this right and I will act

swiftly but I would say that Cabinet deserves the right to

be fully informed and the people of Victoria, whether it's the bereaved community

with whom I met yesterday, whether it's CFA volunteers,

whether it's the Local Government Associations,

whether it's energy point of view. So I will deserve the right to put a consumers, whether it's energy companies,

respond with an interim set recommendations. I hope to do respond with an interim set of

that in the next few days a full response within the next

few weeks but I think it's entirely appropriate thing to few weeks but I think it's an

listen to what people

say. Pakistan is struggling to

cope with its worst flooding in

living memory. Officials say at least 800 people have died,

another million are homeless as

monsoon rains inundate large

parts of the country's everything. Across this poor north-west. Water surrounds

rural part of the country a million people are cut off.

Army helicopters are able to

deliveries are small and the bring some food but the

area in need vast. With roads

flooded or washed away, it's a TRANSLATION: These are terrible difficult journey out.

conditions. People sitting on

the roof of their house the roof of their house without any water or anything to

eat. The monsoon brought 30 eat. The monsoon brought 30 cm of rain in 36 hours. It washed

away people, houses and

livestock and overran supplies of clean drinking water.

Doctors treating the survivors

widespread sickness. are already reporting


problem for the children and old people is their

All of them have diarrhoea and

children are complaining of most of the men, women and

itching and

itching and their skin is covered in spots. The flooding covered

is the worst in Pakistan since

1929. It's on such a scale that

no-one really knows how many people have been affected. The level

widespread, so large that it is quite possible that in many

areas there are damages, there

are deaths which may not have been reported. In parts of the north-west the water north-west

north-west the water is

starting to recede but rivers

are taking it south where heavy

rain is set to add to the

problem over the coming days.

The Chinese Government says

it's going to allow the outside world to see more of the country's institutions which

result of this policy were once

journalists have been shown part of the Beijing Command and the People's part of the Beijing Military

Liberation Army seized the

public relations points of its opportunity to score a few

own. The engineers of Beijing Military Command don't own. The engineers of the

normally let reporters observe

their operations but to sell

operation Army Day - celebrate operation Army Day -

Army Day the regiment was showing off its humanitarian

side. It's as if an

Liberation Army was there on

the scene. TRANSLATION: When we arrive

can we'll start searching. If we

tell us there are survivors

under the rubble we'll start our rescue work right away. this training exercise soldiers

were trying to reach people under collapsed Significantly, one of the under collapsed buildings.

structures was meant to be structures was meant to be a school. The message here is

that if you get into trouble the army will the army will be there to help.

We were also told that these soldiers will be deployed

overseas to help others in need

and that their equipment is first class. TRANSLATION: The truck behind

me is for at sliet commune case, it's equipped me is for at sliet - satellite

with Internet, audio and transmission. China wants its with Internet, audio and video

people to trust the military and inform sizing it's search

and rescue capabilities is a

good way of doing that. The

Government also wants people to know if there's another major disaster the country TRANSLATION: We're prepared for

a mission to come at any

minute. If rescue work is

needed we can take immediately. The Government needed we can take off

here says it's opening up

institutions like the army

which were previously off

limits to outsiders. Right now

these visits are brief and highly stage managed. But the

promise is that there will be

more of them in the future. In

continuing a military push Afghanistan hundreds of British

against the Taliban in Helmand

province in the kun frrk's

south-west. Commanders say they're making progress and so

far have only faced light resistance. The BBC's resistance. The BBC's Ian

Pannell is embedded with Pannell is embedded with troops

engaged in Operation Black

Prince. In the dead of night British soldiers dig British soldiers dig in

positions. They have high tech weapons and surveillance on

tap. But we're behind Taliban lines where old fashioned sandbags sandbags and barbed wire are

essential. As the soldiers

work in the open, the

insurgents prepare to attack. GUNFIRE

A high pf powered machine gun

marks the start of day 2 of Operation Black Prince where the soldier's enemy is the soldier's enemy is more

likely to be heard than seen.

Can you confirm whether or Can you confirm whether or not

the rounds are come over the rounds are come over the

compound. Over. The rounds are

passing close but they're not

passing over the compound. Some

of the sentries believe they

may be firing at the sievies may be firing at the sievies in

the area potential ly to scare them off, over. The plan here

is to drive the insurgents ouft

their stronghold and win over been doing this for years and progress has

modest. We've been on the

ground for a few We've left the main base We've left the main base and

come to a different compound.

You can see the troops from the

brigade reconnaissance force

getting ready to leave and go

back out on patrol. The truth is it's a very slow, deliberate

process a lot of waiting, a lot

of trying to identify where the insurgents are and the slow

process of trying to win over

the population starts here but

and years to achieve. And this

is what makes the going not just slow but dangerous.

soldier s are carrying bomb making equipment discovered making equipment discovered in

a workshop making IEDs. This

time they're lucky but the push south continues and the south continues and the troops know many more lay ahead buried and waiting. Standby.

Today's top stories on ABC

News 24. The election News 24. The election campaign has been dominated by has been dominated by claim of dirty tricks today. The Coalition says Labor is running

the mother of all smear

campaigns while Kevin Rudd

strongly denied newspaper

reports he used leaked

information against his

colleagues. The main parties

have found some time for policy announcements. Labor is promising a no

promising a no frills superannuation scheme if re-elected while the Coalition has pledged more than million for aged care. And

Victorian Premier John Brumby has apologised for the failings

of the State's emergency

response on Black Saturday. A quick look at tomorrow weather.

The mothers of 3 American

hikers in detention in Iran

have held an emotional protest

calling for their release. The

New York vigil was held New York vigil was held exactly one year after the womens'

children were jailed. American Shane Baur, Sarah Josh Fattal have been in Josh Fattal have been in an Iranian alill for a Iranian alill for a yearment they strayed over the border while hiking in Iraq. Marking the anniversary the anniversary and pleading for action for the trio's

release their mothers held

protest outside the Iran mission in the United mission in the United States in New York. It's been frustrating

all along not to be able to

talk to someone who's directly responsible for holding responsible for holding our

can get but we're knocking on

the door symbolically

here. Iran has no diplomatic relations with the United

States and US interests in

Tehran are handled by the Tehran are handled by the Swiss

Embassy. We want the Iranians to see this for what it is.

It's not a political It's not a political issue.

Release our kids. The women say

they know no more today than

they did a year ago about the

case. Our kids are being

incarcerated for no reason and

for a year so that is an outrageous and ridiculous, unnecessary and unethical

detention. The mothers detention. The mothers visited their children in May and say

they're being treated

have no access to a lawyer. The

3 have not been charged with

any crime although any crime although Iran's intelligence Minister says they

are spies. Now time for a look

at sport with Amanda Shalala.

The Bulldogs have had a good

win in the AFL A last quuteder surge has helped the Western Bulldogs to a big win

Bulldogs to a big win over

North Melbourne. Fremantle has an early lead over West Coast

and Barry Hall kicked 7 goals

in the Dog's 71-point Docklands. North had the chance to push for a top 8 spot to push for a top 8 spot and

trailed by only a couple of

goals at half time. goals at half time. But it

wasn't long until Hall stepped up and the Dogs took control of the contest. They kicked 9 goals to 2 in the final term for yet final term for yet another impressive win. Richmond's moved one step further away

from the wooden spoon after beating ealt

beating ealtAdelaide at the

this afternoon. Last night

Geelong easily disposed of Sydney and Brendan Fevola's season looks over after suffered a groin injury in Brisbane's 10-point looss loss

to the Demons. This afternoon

the Tigers claimed a the Tigers claimed a 20-point

win. Adelaide led by 19 main break but lapses by the Crows let Richmond back into

the contest. The teams had to

contend with hail as well as

each other in the last term but the Tigers managed to survive

the deluge to record only their

sixth win of the season. In

the NRL today the Storm have

run in 7 tries to

Raiders. Last night the Sydney Roosters thrashed the

Parramatta Eels and the Wests

Tigers just got home over the

Cronulla Sharks. This afternoon the Brisbane Broncos the Brisbane Broncos defeated ladder leader St George at Lang

Park while the Storm was too

good for Canberra. good for Canberra. Melbourne got the first points of the

game with a Billy Slater pass

setting up Dayne Nielson. Drury

Lowe scored on debut for Lowe scored on debut for the

Warriors. And he did the same

today in his first start with Canberra. Luck was definitely with the particularly regarding Slater's

bizarre try late in the game.

The Storm ended up comfortable

24-point winners. I thought we

were pretty ordinary I think in the first half there but at

least we hung in there and were

sort of gone in a way and we're still in the match at time. The disappointing thing

is I suppose to come out in the

second half and get blown away

like we did. If like we did. If you're fair dinkum you've got to be able to stick in for the 80 minutes and

grind these ones grind these ones out. Earlier today Mat Rodgers led the Gold

Coast Titans to a 28-20 win The home side got off to a good start running in two start running in two early tries to lead 12-0. Michaels responded with a

couple of tries of his own for the Titans

at the break. Manu Vatuvai scored his obligatory

spectacular try early in the

second half. But 3 straight

four point tors the Titan,

including a double to Roger,

sealed their 8-point win. sealed their 8-point win. To

rugby union and the Wallabies

face the enormous task of beating the All Blacks beating the All Blacks in New

Zealand next weekend

any hope of winning back any hope of winning back the

Bledisloe Cup but at least they will have Mitchell on board. The Australian winger has escaped any further punishment

for his red card in last

night's loss to the key Wiese. It was the Wallaby's 8th

straight defeat to their traditional rivals. Pedalling

hard but going no where. The

Wallabies went to water in the

face of another All Blacks on

slaugt. They're playing with

cohesion, they're playing with the world. It all started so

well. Mitchell, Mitchell. Within seconds in

Wallabies made exactly the same mistake. Charge down, now Carter get asgift. The All Blacks were in irresistible

form. No team in the world

would have stopped their would have stopped their next

attack ing rein. A man down for 10 minutes 10 minutes the visitors were

still more than a match for the Wallabies. Corey James exploited some flimsy defence.

When Drew Mitchell was sent off

for his second professional

foul the game was nightmare for the many in gold. The Wallabies tried to

turn back the tide and restore some pride. Ashley Cooper. The

All Blacks' 7th try further highlighted Robbie highlighted Robbie Deans' massive task to close the

gap. I've got a lot of belief

in this group, there's a lot of capability and they will get

there. We still believe he's

the right person for that job

to take us through

Cup but I think the dogs will be bashing a bit. Fi had 8

losses in a row I'd find that

difficult to handle. Deans will

be hoping 8 is enough when the two teams meet in Christchurch

next weekend. Well, thank heavens for the hockey, Australia salvaged Australia salvaged some

trans-Tasman pride by thrashing

New Zealand in the Champions Trophy. The Kookaburras beat the keyies 9-1. the keyies 9-1. The trans-Tasman rivalry is a very different affair when it comes

to hockey. between Australia's first and second goal. Then came the

deluge. The fourth was struck soon

soon after before New Zealand enjoyed a rare moment in

attack. There seemed few ways attack. There seemed few ways

of stopping the Kookaburra. 5

first half goals were followed

by 4 in the second, the best of

them by Jason Wilson. What an amazing finish. Australia's quest for a third straight Champions Trophy continues

against the Dutch tomorrow. Australia's Katherine Hull stays in the hunt after 3

runtds of the British Open and

one of the best rounds of one of the best rounds of her

life. Hull shot a 6-under at Royal Royal Birkdale including 5

straight birdies and a couple

of hugs to finish the day.

She's 2 shots behind the

leader Jani Tseng from

Taiwan. The pace was cracking

in Hungary and it was set in Hungary and it was set by

Red Bull. Vettel's claimed his

7 lt poll position

year. Webber was 0.4 seconds

behind to join him on the front

of the grid. Ferrari's controversial duo Fernando

Alonso and Felipe Massa will start on the second row. Pakistan is fighting a losing battle ens England at

Trentbridge. The home side set a 435-run target thanks largely

to a century from Matt to a century from Matt Prior.

In reply the Pakistani top

order collapsed. Gone, caught display by sturd Broad and

James Anderson had the Pakistan captain declaring captain declaring the attack more dangerous than

Australia's. At stumps they

were 3/15. And the Australian

men's basketball team will face Slovenia tonight. That's in Slovenia tonight. That's in the

final of the Stankovic Cup in China. Are they are likely to

pear? They're the favourites

heading in. Let's get an update

on today's weather now. satellite image first, ragged

cloud with a front is covering

Victoria, Tasmania and southern

NSW bringing damaging winds and

showers for the south-east. A slow-moving low and front will

direct cold gusty winds over

the south-east with scattered

shower. A high will keep the

skies mostly clear in southern

and central Australia. Around the States now:

And that's ABC News up to

date. A reminder story - both Labor and the Coalition have accused each

other of underhanded political tactics as the election

campaign enters its third week.

I'll be back in half an I'll be back in half an hour coming up next another chance to see today's edition of 'Inside Business'. Stay with


G'day. Welcome to a packed

program. We've got Andrew Forest, Harold Mitchell, Gerry

Harvey, Ian McLeod of Coles and

Alan Oster of NAB talking about

interest rates. A couple of weeks after Julia Gillard

calmed down the big mining

companies and put a stop companies and put a stop to

their erksome TV ad campaign by

transforming the RSPT into transforming the RSPT into the MRRT, the small miners have

bobbed up with their own TV ads

starting last Tuesday in prime time, complaining about the

MRRT. The biggest small MRRT. The biggest small miner is Andrew Forest of is Andrew Forest of Fortescue and he's not happy with and he's not happy with the

Government or the big miners.

We'll ask him why. Inflation is

down, which is good for borrows

as Alan Oster explains, but not

good for retailers battling

shrinking margins. We'll talk to them about that. And Harold

Mitchell, Australia's biggest

media buyer, has finally media buyer, has finally sold his business to a UK-based global global player. Remember global player. Remember that song from 'Mental As Anything'

- 'If You Leave Me, Can I Come

Too?' Well, Harold is going

too. This Program is Captioned Live.

Just when the Federal

Government thought it had fixed

one of its most one of its most serious political problems, by

rejigging the mining tax,

rebellious miners remobilised

their media assault at the their media assault at the most sensitive of times, right in the middle of the election campaign. While the biggest

players, BHP, Rio and Xstrata

declined to join the fray, the smaller iron ore and coal

miners say the confusion around the

the tax is seeing doors in the capital and investment capital and investment markets

slammed in their faces. One

miner who hasn't laid down arms

is Fortescue's founder, Andrew

Forest. I caught up with him to

see why he's fighting on when

the big miners have

stopped. Andrew Forest, it's a

very interesting background to

all of this. You've said that

you had been negotiating

you had been negotiating with

Kevin Rudd before he got sacked