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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned cesium Buckingham Palace

Live. Today, the man accused

over the collar bomb hoax

arrives in Sydney and

charged with kidnapping.

Also ahead, mixed reactions to the the historic Palestinian bid

for statehood at the UN.

Tensions run high at the funeral of the assassinated former Afghan President Burhanuddin

the Burhanuddin Rabbani. And, in

the AFL, the Geelong Cats are too strong for the West Coast Eagles. Hello, you're News 24. I'm Simon Palan. Checking the weather first:

A court hearing has been held

for the man accused over Sydney's collar bomb extortion hoax. Paul Douglas touched down in Sydney this hoax. Paul Douglas Peters

morning after being extradited

from the United States. NSW Police have their man.

Detectives from strike force

Haddin and US police worked for

more than a month to bring Paul Douglas Peters Douglas Peters from Los Angeles. Australian police

officers escorted him on a flight bound for Sydney. Getting to the point where we result of a very complex where we are now has been the

investigation and extensive

cooperation between the Police Force and various cooperation between the NSW

agencies, both in Australia the United States. Police agencies, both in Australia and

allege he attached a fake

collar bomb to the neck of 18-year-old Madeleine Pulver 18-year-old Madeleine Pulver at

her Mosman home last her Mosman home last month. It

was an attempt, they say, to family. tort money from Ms Pulver's with kidnapping, breaking and family. He has been charged

entering and demanding money

with menaces. It has brought

some relief to the

Pulvers. It is a slightly

strange feeling to see him

coming back into the country. Obviously it is an important

step in the process to move

this thing through the courts. I have great admiration family, for the way they for Madeleine Pulver and her

family, for the way they have dealt with this matter in what

has been obviously a very The investigators will be traumatic time of their lives.

maintaining close contact with them throughout the judicial them

process. Paul Peters did

appear in the Parramatta bail

court and his lawyer did not court and his lawyer did not

apply for bail. returns to court in November.

Overseas now and there has

been mixed reactions around the

world to the bid by the Palestinian leader Mahmoud

Abbas for recognition of statehood by the United Nations

. This move is an attempt to

side step the stalled Middle

East peace process but it

underlines deep divisions in

the peace process after the peace process after Mr Abbas accused Israel of a colonial military organisation. The United The United States opposes the

bid and Prime Minister Benjamin

Netanyahu insist s lasting

peace can only be achieved through direction negotiations.

New York City disappeared into

the fog and the rain. A brewing

early autumn storm was not a

metaphor for almost 20 years of failed peace failed peace negotiations

according to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The storm was here when he left hotel. With a line in his

speech that the time is now for

the Palestinian spring, the

time he said for independence. President Abbas presented the formal application membership to the UN Secretary

General. For a Palestinian

state based on the West Bank in

Gaza with a capital in

Jerusalem. Land Israel captured

in the war. (APPLAUSE). Then the UN in the 1967

General Assembly, normally sedate, its best welcome. So did

Palestinians in Ramallah on the

West Bank. President

seen as weak by many of them, ignored American pressure to keep their future away keep their future away from the

United Nations. President United Nations. President Abbas said he wanted to said he wanted to negotiate but

not in the way they had been

doing it since 1993. He accused Israel of apart settlement. TRANSLATION: Settlement activities embody the core of the policy of

colonial military of the brutal

ity of the people and the racial discrimination against

our people this policy entails. This policy is the primary

cause for the failure of the

peace process. Israel's path to

independence came from a UN vote. The UK vote. The UK abstain. The US,

yes. In 1947, resolution 181 divided divided British-ruled

Palestine. The plan created a Jewish State alongside one for Palestinians with Jerusalem control. The rejected the plan. Israel control. The Palestinians

the war that followed which rejected the plan. Israel won

Palestinians called the catastrophe. Palestinians are

prepared to accept much less prepared to accept much

than they rejected in 1947.

They want a State on the West

Bank and Gaza and a capital in East Jerusalem, land occupied

by Israel since the 1967 war.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's

Prime Minister, condemned the

UN as a theatre of the ab surds

- absurd. In an uncompromising

speech, he connected President

Abbas with the weapons held by Hamas. President Abbas just

said on this podium that the Palestinians are Palestinians are armed only

with their hopes and dreams. Hopes, Hopes, dreams and 10,000

missiles and rocket supplied by

Iran, not to mention the river of lethal weapons now flying

into Gaza from the Sinai.

What's to prevent this from

happening again in the West

Bank? Palestinian supporters

sailed along the East River

passed the UN building. What

happened here today shows a

lost peace deal remains a dream,

hate. The Australian Greens leader wants the Prime Minister

and the Opposition Leader to

back Palestine's bid to be recognised as a state. Bob Brown has given notice of Senate motion which will voted on in the next Senate motion which will be

sitting. On the first day back

in the National Parliament, my motion to calling on the

Gillard Government to recognise

Palestine as an equal State in

the Middle East in the United Nations along with the majority

of other countries will be tested in the Senate. Meantime,

Treasurer Wayne Swan is in

Washington meeting with his G20

counterparts ahead of meetings

with the IMF and World Bank.

Speaking earlier, he said it is an important time, although he

offered assurance for Australia

saying it stands in a position of strength. All Australians

can be confident we are can be confident we are better

placed than any other placed than any other add

vansed economy to deal with the circumstances. The IMF predicts

the Australian economy grow faster than other advanced

economies as a whole. We have

strong public finances, low

unemployment, very low debt and

a clear plan to return our

budget to surplus in 2012-13.

We have seen overnight Standard

and Poor's have re-affirmed and Poor's have re-affirmed our

top-tiered AAA credit rating.

They affirmed that on the They affirmed that on the basis

of our very strong fiscal

situation, our strong balance sheet and our sheet and our public policy stability. We saw yesterday from the Reserve from the Reserve Bank the reaffirmation of the strength

of our financial system.

Australia is not immune from

the events in the global economy but oft is in better shape than just about any shape than just about any other

advanced economy. Wayne Swan talking earlier. Space scientists in the United States

are trying to confirm where an obsolete six tonne NASA

satellite has handed has

landed. The landed. The agency says most of the satellite will have

disintegrate ed but 200 pieces were expected to were expected to survive

re-entry. If it didn't land in the ocean, it was expected to

land over Canada, Africa or

Australia. In Australia's, Canberra's Mount Stromlo Observatory is

celebrating its centenary eight

years after the site was all

but destroyed in the Canberra

bushfires. A replica

observatory's first telescope

was unveiled. ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher took the opportunity to talk about

the future of the historic

site. Jessica Nairn reports. The first observations

began here about 100 years ago

and were carried out after the

OD ddie telescope named after

James Oddie. It became one of the most important sites for astronomical research. In 2003, the Canberra bushfires ripped through the area destroying all

the original telescopes and the

historic site. Gradualy the site has been site has been rebuilt and to mark 100 years operating, mark 100 years operating, they unveiled a replica telescope.

ACT Chief Minister Katy

Gallagher was here to unveil the replica. Katy Gallagher

says the replica is an important symbol of important symbol of the

redevelopment of the site redevelopment of the site but the site's future than observation. That's Jessica Nairn on Mount Stromlo. Buckingham Palace released details of Elizabeth's upcoming visit to

Australia as part of the

Commonwealth Heads of

Government Meeting. The Queen and Prince Philip and Prince Philip will arrive

in Canberra on 19 October

before travelling to Perth to

the meeting. Her Majesty will

make side trips to Brisbane and

Melbourne during her stay. This will be

will be the Queen's 16th visit,

the first back in 1954.

Police have fired shots into

the air at the funeral of the

asas nated former Afghan

president. The president. The streets of Kabul were bristling with heavily armed troops as thousands gathered to farewell Burhanuddin Burhanuddin Rabbani. The Chairman of Chairman of the High Peace

Council was killed by a suicide bomber dealing a blow to peace efforts. Sally Sara reports

from Kabul. The funeral began

with ceremony and reflection as

high-ranking officials gathered a at the Presidential palace.

They came to farewell former president Burhanuddin Rabbani. He was the Chairman of the High

Peace Council, a Mujahideen leader and scholar. TRANSLATION: The cost of his Excellency's blood and the sacrifices of many obligates us to continue our

struggle in reaching peace and stability. When the

moved out of the palace and

towards the people, the atmosphere changed. It was a

volatile mix of grief and an er - anger. Supporters of the

former president believed the Government failed him. Extra soldiers and police

were sent to the hill top were sent to the hill top where thousands of mourners rallied

for the burial. Professor

Rabbani's followers carried through chaotic crowds as

people surged forward trying to

touch the coffin. Burhanuddin

Rabbani was killed earlier this week by

week by a suicide bomber with

explosives hidden in his

turban. The attacker claimed to turban. The attacker claimed to

be a messenger from the Taliban

seeking peace talks

a deadly trick. There is

extremely tight security in

places. Political, religious

and tribal leaders joined

thousands of mourners for procession. There are not only

fears of a possible attack

today but many Afghans worry the peace process has been

severely damaged after the

assassination of Professor Rabbani. Some Afghans Rabbani. Some Afghans believe

the attack was planned across

the border by Pakistani terrorists. Our message is for

Pakistan, that don't annoy Afghan people. Troops and police are on alert as tension increases in the Afghan

capital. The Government, its allies and the insurgents are

locked in a deepening

Japan has found the first

instance of rice with radiation levels exceeding a government-set limit. Japan's Farm Ministry Farm Ministry said radioactive

cesium was found in a sample of

pre-harvested rice. That's 56km east of the Fukushima plant. preliminary tests found preliminary tests found rice containing radiation above a set level, more set level, more thorough

testing is required. So far, no rice crops in the region have

been banned. Investigators been banned. Investigators in the United States say a plan

that crashed lost part of its

tail. The pilot, Jimmy Leeward,

who was among those killed had

modified his plane taking 3m off

off its wing span to make it faster and more manoeuvrable.

He admitted the modifications

had not been tested at speed.

Initial findings from the US National Transportation Safety

Board say photographic evidence supports witness accounts that

a piece of air frame from the plane. The former

'News of the World' editor Andy

Coulson is suing Rupert

Murdoch's News International

for refusing to pay his legal

fees. Mr Coulson was arrested in July over claims of phone

hacking during his time hacking during his time as editor of the editor of the now defunct paper. His former employer paper. His former employer was paying his fees but that ended after the after the committee hearing of Rupert Murdoch in July. From

raids deep into Nazi occupied France to dangerous entrances

into enemy territory, the SAS

has long been around but now a

detail chronicling missions in the Second World

discovered. It began in the de deserts of North Africa, a

story played out against conventional warfare which swept the region. Battles watched by an unconventional

young officer called David

Stirling. He persuaded his superiors to let him form a new

unit to strike deep behind

enemy lines. It all had this

individuality but we succeeded

in establishing a new role and that band

that band of vagabonds had to

grasp what they had to do in

order to get it done. This book, bound in scuffed that band book, bound in scuffed liberated from Germany,

contains every operation over the next four

years. In the desert, across the Mediterranean and into

western Europe, the SAS mounted

mission after mission often

with heavy losses. The diary is

a book of secrets within secrets

secrets . On this page a single

sheet of paper is the briefing

instructions for a plan to kidnap or kill Field Marshall Rommel in the weeks of D-Day.

It would have involved four

men. The method it says "Must

be left to you". Sadly, Rommel

had been wounded and returned

to Germany. Those who took part

now believe the stories should be told. We lost three men on

the beach but going across the

beach into the houses beat all

the records of the records of any Olympic runner. The SAS exploded back into public consciousness

during a siege in 1980. Today

they're invisible once more but they have never forgotten beginnings. These guys were

lions in their day. You look at this, you take just that this, you take just that here

"A French man said to the "A French man said to the major

"What about an ambush". I intend to attack them. He met the ambush with guns

blazing. At last the curtain of secrecy has

little and we can glimpse the life of men who will life of men who will always

remain in the shadows. Let's go

to sport with Amanda Shalala. Both Both grand finalists have been decided. Yes, the top two

decided. Yes, the top two

teams. Geelong has charged into

his fourth grand final in five years. The Cats were never

really troubled by the Eagles

and they will face Collingwood

in the decider. Geelong made a scintillating start with the

first four goals of the game. The Eagles didn't let them get

too far away and trailed by 25

at the main break. But the Cats

proved way too good after that.

Steve Johnson was just Steve Johnson was just as inspired. But there is some

doubt over whether he will play

next week after going off in

the third term with a knee

injury. No need a scan early next week,

see what happens. We know we

have a huge job ahead of

ourselves. We are not happy

with just winning this game,

have to recover as any other game and get ready for the

Pies. Collingwood earned the

first berth after beating the Hawks in a classic. After a scrappy start, a booming scrappy start, a booming kick

and a bounce gave Jordan Lewis

the first goal of the game. The big men made their presence

felt but the Hawks pounced on quarter time.

Lance Franklin fired in the

seconds term and the Hawks had

an eight-point advantage at the main break. Hawthorn Hawthorn continued to power

away in the third

The minor premiers clawed

their way back into the match

and hit the front with six minutes

But Franklin wouldn't let the

Hawks' grand final dream die.

The miracle kick was soon

forgotten and Luke forgotten and Luke Ball

resurrected the Pies' hopes of a second straight

The emotion of the win was

almost too much for a departing

Pies coach Mick Malthouse. Getting too old Malthouse. Getting too old or

too soft or too something for

it. All I want to do is cry. Melbourne will start as a

pretty strong favourite to beat the New Zealand Warriors in the

NRL tonight. The winner of that

match will meet Manly next week. Last night the Sea Eagles were too strong for the Broncos. Though Darren

Lockyer's career isn't over

just yet, the injured skipper

says he intends to lead the

Kangaroos on their tour Kangaroos on their tour of

Great Britain this year. The Sea Eagles Sea Eagles were white hot early

on. They raced to a 16-nil lead in just 20 minutes.

The Broncos got one

The Broncos got one back before the break but the Sea

Eagles continued to cut through the Broncos defence.

The result brought an

club career. For me the end was

coming either this week or next week. It has been a fantastic

year, we have as a team come a

long way. I'm not - I guess we are all disappointed with are all disappointed with the result but it is not the end of the world. We still have one

game to go. These players are

know what it's about. It is bit

of a cliche but we won't be

getting too carried away ourselves. The Wallabies have incurred

toll in their massive win over

the USA at the Rugby World Cup

last night. England is on its

way to a big win over row way to a big win over row main. - Romania. Faingaa was

stretchered off after being

knocked out at the end game. That wasn't all. Pat McCabe sublacked his shoulder.

We will do thorough We will do thorough checks.

Cliffy Palu, hamstring pain, he

will be scanned. The score line

was obviously very flattering

but we stuck to what we wanted

to do and we were

disciplined. Harry Kewell has

made an impressive start to his

A-League soccer career with the Melbourne Victory. He played the first half of the one-all

draw with Adelaide. The Reds went ahead just before the break. Carlos Hernandez ensured

the match ended in a draw with his 88th minute equaliser. But

the game really was all the game really was all about Harry. The

for 45 minutes was phenomenal.

His touches, his running, his

ball passing, he set up Archie

a couple of times tonight, a couple of times tonight, he

could have scored himself

tonight. I am very happy with

his formance tonight. Adam Scot

is on top is on top of the leader board

in Atlanta. Scott is one shot

ahead of KJ Choi while Jason

Day is two shots from

Scott had a round of 65. Day had a good round to stay in touch. Championship touch. Championship leader

Sebastian Vettel has topped practice for the Singapore

Formula One. Sir Paul McCartney

as achieved another first, a ballet called 'Ocean's

Kingdom'. The show had its

premiere in New York. The

dancers of the New York City Ballet Company performing a

brand new brand new piece called 'Ocean's

Kingdom'. It is by a famous composer who has never written

a ballet before. Sir Paul

McCartney. The New York City

Ballet Company is one of the

most revere ed dance companies

in the world. To be asked to

write a new piece for them is write a new piece for them is a bit like being asked to play

for Manchester United or having your museum. That's to say, it is a

big deal, even if you are an ex

Beatle. Clients of classical

music have all composed for this company. It must be quite intimidating, following in their footsteps. The great

thing is I don't know much

about ballet, so I come to this

with an open mind. It didn't

worry me, I thought "I on with it, do my own thing", which is what I always do

anyway and I will try and

explore what I can do, just try

and be the best I can and so the answer is no, I wasn't really worried about really worried about them. You are getting me worried,

He certainly got stuck in,

offering advice to the dancers,

making suggestions about the

scenery and writing the story,

which is a traditional tale of

young love kept apart by

conflicting loyalties. He conflicting loyalties. He even had a quiet word

the costume designer, but then

I expect she is used to I expect she is used to that.

Has she enjoyed working with

her dad? It is funny, there are two sides to it, One side is I'm working with my

dad for the first time so

dad for the first time so you

have that emotion, feeling very

proud and, you know, very

excited about having that

opportunity. Then there is the other side where I guess you think to yourself "I'm working with Paul with Paul McCartney" as well. Paul McCartney so much so young with the

Beatles. Does he

direction could begin to be as artistically fruitful? The

next thing you do, you hope it

will be the best thing ever. But having done the Beatle, that was pretty hot. It was. So

I don't really - I'm not trying to get better than the Beatles. The New York City Ballet Company is Ballet Company is already

talking to McCartney about

another object. The audience

sounds happy. Seems people do

still need him now he's 69. Taking a look at the Taking a look at the satellite

image first, low cloud over

eastern NSW is bringing a

shower or two. Patchy cloud over southern Victoria, Tasmania and SA is triggering

the odd shower. Cloud over the

interior is staying mostly dry.

Around the States tomorrow:

I will be back with a reminder of the day's news

After that, it is 'One Plus

One'. You are

One'. You are watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned

Live. - the man accused of strapping

a fake bomb to a a fake bomb to a Sydney

teenager has been refused bail.

Paul Peters arrived on a flight this morning. Police alleged he

strapped strapped a fake bomb to 18-year-old Madeleine Pulver early last month. He has early last month. He has been charged with charged with kis napping,

demanding money with menace

demanding money with menace and aggravated break and enter. Wayne

Wayne Swan is in Washington for

meetings. He said it is a

critical time for the global economy as economy as it enters a

dangerous phase. The Treasurer

said bankers are ready to act

to assist the Eurozone. Space scientist s in the United States

States are trying to confirm where a six-tonne NASA satellite has landed. Experts

say it is possible the