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bikie shooting. Tonight - the east Sydney the suspect before his enemies do. Ppolice desperate to catch A serial rapist sentenced for attacking his victims. after giving a ridiculous excuse And picking up the pieces - the violence-ravaged Solomon Islands. more Australian troops leave for and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - after a Central Coast bashing. fears of revenge attacks this weekend And the Queen's fitness secret her 80th birthday. as she prepares to celebrate But first this evening - of a Sydney bikie club president. the cold-blooded execution on the volatile Bandidos gang Police are trying to keep a lid after an internal row busy restaurant strip. led to bloodshed in east Sydney's by a renegade bikie. Gunned down in cold blood

of the Sydney chapter Rodney Monk, the president motorcycle gang, of the Bandidos outlaw

to the head in this inner-city lane. was killed by a single bullet Neighbours heard the shots ring out. We were watching TV, just chatting. did you hear? REPORTER: So how many shots Two, two straight up. Bang, bang. Monk, known by the nickname 'Hooks', at this popular restaurant. was dining with fellow bikies one of the bikies out of the gang. Ten News has learned they met to kick there were no signs of animosity According to staff here, tables talking last night. as the two men sat at one of these a false sense of security The victim possibly lulled into before his execution. The conversation became heated to discuss their differences. and the two went outside to eat and that's what happened. Two friends, you know, they come The disgruntled bikie pulled a gun, and fled in a taxi, shot his club president which dropped him off in the city. plain clothes operation nearby Police carrying out an unrelated

were quickly on the scene. that has kept a low profile He was a senior member of a gang since the 1997 executions of its Sydney president and two other bikies. the Bandidos Police are now trying to prevent seeking their own form of justice. in no uncertain terms, As I've said to them to investigate one murder. it's bad enough we have

investigating any more. We don't want to have to be Police believe they know the killer. before his fellow bikies do. They're trying to find him Shaun Fewings, Ten News. have been arrested in South Australia And three Sydney bikies and blackmail attempt. over a vicious bashing gang members Police rounded up the Highway 61 as they arrived at Adelaide Airport.

an Adelaide man last month They're accused of beating over a drug debt. We're becoming increasingly aware

and their associates that motorcycle gang members members of the community are threatening and extorting for financial gain. to obtain money and financial assets The victim is in police protection. A call for calm tonight of a teenager savagely bashed from the friends and family on the Central Coast. this weekend. Police fear payback attacks to patrol the streets. Teams of riot officers on their way three squads of riot police 30 extra officers will join

patrolling Umina tonight on an Internet chatroom site. after warnings were posted as payback There's talk of drive-by shootings from western Sydney were bashed after a group of teenagers on Good Friday. in the Central Coast carpark remains in a serious condition 18-year-old Wycliff Manapori

after being hit with a plank of wood. teenagers had provoked the attack Chatroom users suggest the nine by dancing in the carpark, drawing attention to themselves. to those planning revenge attacks. Today, police issued a warning Desperate to avoid more violence, Let

the police do the job that

they're paid to do. They should

have the confidence that we will

provide an adequate response to the

communities within our command. Desperate to avoid more violence, calling for calm on both sides. parents of the victims what you guys are thinking or doing It's not worth it

someone's going to get hurt. because, at the end of the day, Locals welcome the extra police. there's graffiti. There's broken glass everywhere, it's out of control down here. On Friday and Saturday nights,

recovering in a high-dependency unit Wycliff Manapori is tonight after 13 hours of surgery in one eye. in an attempt to save the sight watch Wycliff slowly recover, As family and friends making a complaint against the police they're considering on the scene - who were first to arrive his friends got what they deserved they allegedly said that Wycliff and up to the Central Coast. for travelling Evan Batten, Ten News. Police are tonight investigating that claim. Evan Batten, Ten News. for a Sydney serial rapist. 24 years jail tonight two who were heavily pregnant, He attacked seven women, including on the breakdown of his marriage. and tried to blame his behaviour on Sydney's streets This is the man who terrorised women for almost a decade. targeted prostitutes Wayne Anthony Trindall by luring them into Centennial Park

for money. with offers to take their photograph to the ground, tie them to a tree Once there, he'd punch them at knife-point. and repeatedly rape them the attack had left her feeling: One victim said, even years on, were 7 months pregnant at the time. At least two of the women uncovered the pattern 11 years on, DNA evidence eventually and led police to Trindall. never go away It represents that these matters them a long time down the track. and we'll continue to investigate the police brief It was only when faced with that Trindall admitted his crimes. 18 charges in all.

pondering: The 44-year-old father of two The court told: against Trindall. Each of the women fought valiantly psychological techniques One even using a disease if he raped her warning him he risked getting and taunting him for being a small man. He was also a long-term user of cannabis and amphetamines. If someone is sexually assaulted we encourage them to come forward and tell police about it. Trindall will be eligible for release in 2026. Amber Muir, Ten News. More Australian troops are about to confront scenes of devastation in the Solomon Islands. They'll land shortly in Honiara and join efforts to keep the peace as the nation rebuilds. Keeping the peace. Australian troops on night patrol in the troubled Solomons' capital. A relative calm is slowly being restored to the streets of Honiara but it's still a dangerous place with 22 arrests overnight. Our PM today announcing a deployment of 110 extra troops and pledging to send more if needed. This is our patch, nobody else is to be expected to bear this burden. The reinforcements are on their way to the troubled region

flying out from Sydney's Richmond air base today. All the guys are trained to a very high level. We are obviously ready to deploy at almost no notice and we are trained specifically to deal with the sort of circumstances that we might have to face in Honiara at the moment. The Australians will arrive to a damaged city. Locals facing the enormous task of cleaning up Honiara's business district. Buildings in the worst hit Chinatown area have finally stopped smouldering. Forensic experts now starting to examine the rubble for clues to who started the fires. Chinese locals who fled during Tuesday's mob attacks are being housed at police headquarters. I'm not really scared but I just want to save my family. There are just two toilets and two showers being shared by 600 people but they have nowhere else to go. Yesterday the toilets were blocked but today they are working again. The Red Cross is treating and feeding those left with nothing but food and water are fast running out. While many locals are ignoring the dusk-til-dawn curfew, there's been little violence. A joint police and military patrol came under fire of a rock-throwing incident but there were no injuries. Banks and essential public services began operating again this morning but controversial new Prime Minister Snyder Rini is still under close guard. The coalition that opposed PM Rini in the election will now move to oust him through a motion of no confidence. If the motion is passed it would mean an annulment of the PM's leadership. Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty arrived in the Solomons this afternoon to oversee the peace mission. While the threat of violence has died down, the curfew will remain in place tonight, along with a ban on alcohol. But for locals, the economic and personal cost of the riots will be felt for years. In Honiara, Chloe Baker, Ten News.

Australian troops in the Solomons will be joined tomorrow by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer

who will tour the devastated area and hold emergency talks with the country's controversial new Prime Minister. New calls for tax cuts as the Federal Government finally becomes debt free. It's now saving $8 billion a year in interest, raising hopes some will be given back in the coming budget. When it comes to repaying government debt, Peter Costello certainly hasn't dropped the ball. The $96 billion he inherited 10 years ago now paid off. That will take the debt monkey off the back of Australian taxpayers. Not quite, according to the Opposition. Peter Costello has paid off public debt

by cutting public spending,

which has forced up the cost of living for many families. And the foreign debt up massively for all of us

from something like $180 billion when this government came to come to office to $500 billion - half a trillion now. It was a point hammered home by the Liberals 11 years ago when they were in Opposition. Their debt truck accurately prophetic. The nation's red ink has continued to grow. But Peter Costello now looks on the bright side. Our saving on interest alone is now about $8 billion a year

and that means we can free up that $8 billion for more important investments. Business and the Opposition are calling for an investment in tax relief in the May Budget. The Government coy. And in a call some would see as crazy brave, Kim Beazley has seized on John Howard's backing and filling over whether he will stay or go in the top job to throw down this gauntlet. I challenge him to stay on and fight me on industrial relations as the premier election issue. John Howard, after saying he has no plans to retire yesterday, was back on message today. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Rob Canning with a look at sport, and Ben Kennedy says he's available for State of Origin again. Yes, the on again, off again availability of star players

for rep footy is causing confusion for officials. League great Brad Fittler had an eye on the long term future today but he's all for Kennedy's comeback. In sport - Freddie tells why Andrew Johns should definitely make an Origin farewell. And there are calls for rugby union to get a salary cap, with Matt Giteau set to earn more than $1 million a season through his new contract. Also, the young rookie under pressure for this weekend's V8 round. The worker who claims he was sacked for smirking on the job. That's next. Plus, former rugby league international Terry Hill charged with stealing lobsters from pots on the Central Coast. And back to the future - Aussie soccer legends drumming up support for the World Cup showdown.

SONG: # How will you feel when it happens?

# How will you feel if it's you # When the big red ball comes rolling in # To make your dreams come true? # You'll be throwing Lotto parties... # (Hoots and clucks) # You'll be having Lotto fun # You'll have lots of Lotto money if you win the big one # 'Cause it's the big red ball that makes dreams come true... # (Both laugh) # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. #

Former rugby league international Terry Hill has faced court on lobster-poaching charges. If found guilty, the keen angler and his brother-in-law face heavy fines - even jail. Terry Hill and co-accused Scott Fulton face a total of 19 charges. The most serious being poaching at least one lobster from the pots of a commercial fisherman. Leaving the court, Hill, who was well known for being one of rugby league's most talkative characters on the field, remained tight-lipped. No comment, thank you. REPORTER: You've admitted to the paper taking the lobster The former international did joke with his brother-in-law.

Apologies. We had difficulty there.

We'll try to come back to it. Britain has given the go ahead for the extradition of Gordon Wood, the man accused of murdering his former girlfriend Caroline Byrnes. The ruling means he'll be flown back to Sydney within weeks. Wood was arrested in London earlier this month over the model's death 11 years ago at notorious suicide spot The Gap. At the time, the 43-year-old was a chauffeur to late stockbroker Rene Rivkin.

Koby Abberton's court battles are finally behind him with the latest police case dismissed today. The professinal surfer was charged for allegedly failing to leave the Maroubra Bay Hotel when directed by the licensee. However, a court has found Abberton has no case to answer. Yeah, all my courts finally over so it's a good day. I'm rapt, stoked. Abberton now plans to focus on his surfing starting with a trip to Tahiti. Some Aussie soccer legends are back in the limelight decades after qualifying for the World Cup finals. They're drumming up support for today's Socceroos ahead of their historic showdown in Germany. (All sing) # Don't be mistaken, don't be misled.

# He's not a horses. # They may be out of tune but they have plenty to sing about. The '74 Socceroos together again after all these years on the same day their beloved game scored a $120 million PAY TV deal. People now want to talk to us. I think that is a reflection of the administration that has come into play. They whipped up World Cup fever as they travelled through Sydney in a bus, just like the one that carted them across West Germany 32 years ago. The hair may be thinner and greyer, but their legend still grows. It's just wonderful and the interest today is great. I hope they grow up to be Australian players as well. Those who played a part in our sporting history confident the 2006 team can go all the way. We need to beat Japan first. That's the one that counts and I think that we will do that. The traffic-stopping tour coincided with the launch of Rale Rasic's tell-all book. He's certain the nation will stop in its tracks again come June. And I think these cities, this country is absolutely buzzing. Rale Rasic's career has never been far from controversy and his book is no different. He's been asked to select his best ever Australian XI and he's found no place for superstars like Harry Kewell and Mark Viduka. As far as my assessment is concerned, Harry could have given a 100 times more than what he's given. Despite landing the mega PAY TV deal, Rasic still has doubts about Football Federation officials, nowhere to be seen at this promotion. Frank Coletta, Ten News.

Check of the weather now. Tim

Bailey, after a weekend of blazing

skies across Sydney, I hear rumours

of drips and drops on rooftops. A

bit of drizzle tonight and tomorrow

morning as a southerly change comes

through Sydney. I've been on fire

with the weather this week. In fact,

April so far is around about 3.4

degrees up on long-term averages

for this month. Doing it live from

Hurstville fire station. A real

good charity manoeuvre on the way.

Later in the bulletin, what they're

doing is four of the fieries are

riding from here out to Wagga Wagga,

400km, the four of them will put

through their legs for the Westmead

burns unit. The alarm has just gone

here, the boys are going to a fire

in south Hurstville, so bear with

us if you start hearing bells and

whistles and everything. 20 degrees

tomorrow. A blue sky after the

early shower.

Brilliant blue skies, cloud just

starting to move across Sydney

right now. Current temperature - 20

degrees. No problems with pollution

levels. A good-looking weekend,

bought chilly one, folks, as April

turns on some April temperatures

and drops its impersonation of

January. I'll see you again in

around about 10. US President George W. Bush literally pulls his Chinese counterpart into line. That's next. And what's wrong with superstar Julia Roberts?

The critics give her a caning as she makes her Broadway debut.

So they're introducing a new 'farmer to you' system, where the crate that the farmer packs... OK, mate! Now that's fresh thinking.

Don't worry. Until Wednesday at Target, Excludes sleepwear. Time

for a check on the traffic

with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. The one thing

we don't like about the start of a

long weekend. Ron, definitely. The

traffic jams dash everyone trying

to escape Sydney. Currently we're

looking at traffic trying to get

out of Sydney towards the Central

Coast. This is the F3 at the big

dipper heading toward Berowra. All

three traffic lanes barely moving.

There was an accident that moved on.

Traffic all the way down towards

the Hawkesbury is at a slow pace.

Heavy traffic on the M5. Double

demerit points until midday Tuesday. Unions are rallying in support of man who says he was sacked for smirking. His employer denies the claim setting the scene for a legal test case. Out of work and angry, Harry Rai and Vince Pascuzzi believe they're victims of the Howard Government's industrial reforms. Welcome to Howard's brave new world. This morning, unionists joined the former shop stewards outside their former place of employ, the pair sacked earlier this month following a fiery meeting

where management outlined the IR changes. He told Harry to wipe the smirk off his face, and I said, "Show some respect," as he had yelled at him. And he said, "That's it, you're sacked "because you answered back to me." And I said, "What?" I said, "You can't sack a person for telling you to show respect." He said, "Oh, yes I can. You're sacked." Former boss Jim Sutton says that's wrong, and that both men were let go after they confronted and challenged him to sack them.

But he concedes he did have words with Mr Rai prior to that. I just happened to say to him, "No use keeping the smirk on your face,

"it really doesn't mean anything." The union is now taking the matter to court. It coincides with celebrations marking 150 years since Victorian workers became the first in Australia to secure an 8-hour day. About 250 unionists and students marching on Parliament House. The unions say that workers' rights are now under attack

like never before, and the fight it's now waging against the Howard Government's IR reforms is as important as those fought 150 years ago. What we do now in our campaign will have an impact on generations to come. James Wakelin, Ten News. A top-level diplomatic dash to Jakarta today to heal the rift with Indonesia over West Papua. DFAT envoy Michael L'Estrange is holding talks with Indonesian officials over Australia's approach to West Papua and our decision to grant temporary visas to a group of asylum seekers. It's always a good idea to have these very suave, diplomatic foreign ministers handle these things so everything is nicely smoothed out. Basically, Howard and Downer should have had the bottle to turn up themselves. A sudden change of venue disrupted the discussions this afternoon - the Indonesians moving the summit from the presidential palace to a secret location. Red faces at the White House after a series of diplomatic blunders involving the Chinese leader. George Bush was caught out manhandling Hu Jintao after a gate-crashing protester was arrested at the same event. It was an important day for the Chinese President, a chance to show his people the respect he commands in the US. But the carefully choreographed event was marred by a series of gaffes. China's national tune was mistakenly announced

as the anthem of the Republic of China - the name used for Taiwan, not China. President George W. Bush humiliated his Chinese counterpart, forcefully grabbing him when he forgot to stop for photos. Then, an embarrassing security breach. A protester got in with a temporary media pass obtained by a newspaper affiliated with Falun Gong, the spiritual movement outlawed in China. She yelled, "Stop China persecuting Falun Gong," and, "Mr Hu, you're a killer." The woman was hauled away and arrested just moments after President Bush urged the Chinese leader to grant his people greater freedom of speech. The incident highlights the difficult relationship between the world's two most powerful countries. The US wants China to improve its human rights record but recognises it's a very important trade partner. Mr Hu responded with superficial agreement to requests for action over the low Chinese currency US producers believe disadvantages their access to the lucrative Chinese market and promised to try to help resolve nuclear disputes with Iran and North Korea but insisted on diplomatic, not military, solutions. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Returning to our story on former rugby league international Terry Hill who has faced court on lobster-poaching charges. If found guilty, the keen angler and his brother-in-law face heavy fines - even jail.

Terry Hill and co-accused Scott Fulton face a total of 19 charges. The most serious being poaching at least one lobster from the pots of a commercial fisherman. Leaving the court, Hill, who was well known for being one of rugby league's most talkative characters on the field, remained tight-lipped. No comment, thank you. REPORTER: You've admitted to the paper taking the lobster The former international did joke with his brother-in-law. It's alleged just after 5:30am on December 29, the pair went out on Hill's fishing boat and committed the offences on the Central Coast. Among the charges also are not having a fishing licence and illegally setting their own lobster pots. Fisheries officers set up a sting operation here on the Central Coast. They allegedly video-taped the two former footballers interfere with seven commercial lobster pots in just 15 minutes. If found guilty, the pair face up to a year's jail and fines totalling $85,000. They'll defend the charges in August. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Julia Roberts may be Hollywood's ultimate 'Pretty Woman' but critics have panned her Broadway debut. Fellow celebrities turned out to support the Oscar winner. Fans forced to pay $800 for an opening night ticket. There you are shirtlessly doing things. LAUGHTER Critics have savaged her performance. One comparing her on-stage charisma to an industrial lamp post. I'd give her maybe a 2, but I'd give her a lot more for trying and being there. It's a very brave thing to do. The reviews won't hurt ticket sales. The play's 12-week season has already sold out. Travelling overseas about to become more expensive. Details next. Also more horror stories from the Solomons as families arrive to take refuge in Australia. And the Queen's fitness secret. We'll join Her Majesty as she prepares to celebrate her 80th birthday. MAN: OK, it's time to get out of the studio and save heaps Work hard, play harder in the 110-kilowatt Navara ST-R Turbo Diesel, now from just $34,888 for ABN holders, plus a free bullbar - save over $2,500. Or take the new 7-seat Pathfinder V6 with 5-speed auto. Save thousands from just $40,888. Hurry, while there's enough to go around. Now anyone can get broadband Internet. That's because Optus have plans from just $19.95 a month when combined with either an Optus Home Phone or eligible mobile. Plus, it's easy to get started. Because for a limited time, you'll enjoy: And as a new Optus Broadband customer, you get a: So if you decide broadband isn't for you, there'll be no cancellation fee. So call Optus now on 1800 555 558. Yeah! Top stories this newshour - police are desperate to find the man who killed the president of the Sydney chapter of Bandidos bikie gang. Rodney Monk was gunned down in east Sydney overnight after a meal with the suspect in a local restaurant. Detectives fear the killer's enemies may catch up with him before they do. A serial rapist jailed for 24 years after claiming he committed the crimes because his marriage failed. Wayne Anthony Trindall attacked seven women including two who were heavily pregnant. He was tracked down after 11 years through DNA evidence. And 110 extra Australian troops

are about to confront scenes of devastation in the Solomon Islands. They'll land shortly in Honiara and join efforts to keep the peace as the nation rebuilds.

More survivors of the riots have returned home all with horror stories of how they narrowly escaped the violence. Many are vowing to return to Honiara but they know it won't be for some time. A young Chinese family forced out and terrified. Our lives have been threatened and people were pelting stones and rocks at us. As violence in Honiara erupted the Sang family barricaded themselves inside their shop knowing they were a target. We were inside and people were trying to break into the shop and the building next to me had already been burned down. His wife fearing the worst about the fate of two children. Two of the childs already dead in the incident in Chinatown. I'm very sad. Even those there to help had to leave. I actually walked into town near Chinatown and we were threatened once or twice so I was scared when we saw a big mob in the distance so we walked back home. My family owns a business down there. See they've just destroyed the whole place, hey. Everything's gone. We don't feel safe going back to Honiara for the meantime. And for injured Australian police, like John Casella, it'll be months before they can think of returning. Today, he was rewarded for his efforts with a bedside visit from the PM. I found him in very good spirits. I thanked him for what he was doing for Australia and for the people of the Solomon Islands. For most of those living in the Solomon Islands, they're just thankful help came. It could be sooner but being here is good enough. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. The Australian share market ended the week on a softer note. Amber Higlett at Commonwealth Securities. Travelling overseas is about to become more expensive?

Yes, airline passengers face a new

round of price hikes. British

Airways and American Airlines the

first to increase their fuel levies

to cover the steep rise in the cost

of jet fuel, while air New Zealand

has announced a 10% increase in

domestic and international ticket

prices. Other airlines are watching

closely, with Qantas considering a

price hike in the next few days,

adding to the $75 levy already in

place for overseas fares. It's not

the best news are for

holiday-makers and will mean saving

that little bit more when it comes

to travelling overseas. Domestically

things aren't much better? Our

weaker Aussie dollar doesn't seem

to be luring Aussie tourists. Short

trips to Australia fell to 460,000

after gains earlier in the year.

The biggest number of tourists came

from north-east Asia, with 127,000

visitors, followed closely by

Europe and New Zealand. Thank you. The Queen's big day is just getting under way in the UK but royal fans have been celebrating her 80th birthday for days. Her Majesty keeping up a busy schedule and giving a rare glimpse into her private life. Her Majesty certainly knows how to party - it's likely even a person half her age would have trouble keeping up with Queen Elizabeth's 80th birthday celebrations. A visit to the BBC - also 80 this year - was a highlight, the Queen clearly a fan. Just one small grumble about a time slot change for one of her favourite shows, 'The Woman's Hour'. Why was it moved to the morning? Revelations, too, about the fitness regime that keeps her feeling young - daily walks with her beloved corgis. Many are descended from Susan,

who was a present for her 18th birthday, but there's at least one whose parentage is a little more uncertain. And then that thing was very, very unexpected, because they're meant to come out like her, you see, and he came out looking like that. And here, Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy

gathered to send a loyal message to the Queen, and a political message to Republicans. Her Majesty at 80, impeccable service in an indispensable office. Australia Post putting their stamp of approval on the big event. But it's back in Windsor where it's all about to happen - crowds already gathering for what's expected to be a longer than average royal walkabout. I'd like to see her stay until the end. The man who would be king, son Charles, has the honour of throwing a private dinner on the evening of her actual birthday - no doubt the washing up will be completed using a commemorative tea towel. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

She certainly is a trooper. Let's

take another look at the weather

with Tim Bailey, who's got the

station all to himself, with the

firies called out to do what they

do best in Hurstville. Never a dull

moment on the first at 5 clk news

on live television, folks. Both

appliances got called out to a

serious fire in south Hurstville.

We need is some talent on this show.

What's happening out there at the

momoment It sounds like there's a

momoment It sounds like there's a factory fire at south Hurstville. A

fair bit of smoke. We have four

fire trucks, an aerial appliance

and a rescue truck down there. It's

a bit of a job at the moment.

Hopefully everything will be OK.

We've alerted Vic Lorusso in our

chopper, and they will bring you

exclusive pictures of that fire as

soon as we possibly can. Big

charity bike ride. You'll ride

400km from here to Wagga Wagga.

Thanks for the update on that fire. Thanks for the update on that fire.

Right now, the map of NSW:

An early shower, a southerly change

tonight, and a cool day, but mainly

tonight, and a cool day, but mainly sunsy and 20 degrees. On your

television - proof that I never was

quite tall enough to be a

firefighter. Back to the news.

firefighter. Back to the news. He'll have a sore neck later, I think. Rob Canning is next with all the day's sport and the Eels will be desperate tonight. Yes, the pressure's mounting at the Eels

but they've had some good news in terms of signings today. More shortly. Also league great Brad Fittler has his say on stars opting in and out of rep footy. And calls for a rugby salary cap amid reports of $1 million a season being offered to Matt Giteau. If you're caught speeding or not wearing a seatbelt this Easter and Anzac holidays, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one passenger isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences. We understand it's only natural for a dog to fetch stuff. It's only natural to dig a hole, So we made new Pedigree Natural with no artificial colours or flavours added. A delicious blend of natural ingredients like fresh chicken, Australian rice, vegies, ..whatever that was. A local match-up fires up round 7 of the NRL tonight with the Eels meeting Wests Tigers at Parramatta stadium. Which is where league reporter Adam Hawse joins us. Adam, desperate times for the Eels?

Rob, the Eels have been awful this

season. Tonight, they have to

deliver. They're playing an

deliver. They're playing an understrength Wests Tigers team in

front of a big home crowd. Another

loss would see them lose touch with

the leaders. As they aim to get their season back on track against the premiers, Parramatta know their notorious fade-outs have to end. Certainly we need to sustain our efforts for a little longer than we have in the second half of games so far this year and the boys have worked really hard at improving that. After announcing he wants one last Test, Ben Kennedy now facing the prospect of another gruelling State of Origin series meaning he could miss three vital games for the Sea Eagles. As the rules stand today, I have to make myself available for NSW if I want to play in the Test and I'm happy to go by the rules. Former Test captain Brad Fittler rejecting criticism of Kennedy over his rep football backflip. I think it's a great idea. In Ben Kennedy's case, putting his hand up and going again, he's playing the best footy of his career. So why not? Fittler, who came out of retirement with NSW in 2004, now calling on Andrew Johns to do the same. I think it'll just make State of Origin that little bit bigger. Just a name like that and the way he's been playing at the moment, just awesome. And how does Sharks coach Stuart Raper stop Matt Bowen producing plays like this tomorrow night? Ahh, an axe.

Judiciary should love that one,

Adam. Some good news for Parra

before kick off? They've re-signed

Ben Smith, Chad Robinson and Carlos

Moya for two years. Brent suren

with is out for 4-6 weeks with a

broken hand. Thank you for that. A multimillion-dollar contract offer for Brumbies centre Matt Giteau has increased calls for rugby union to introduce a salary cap. It's believed the 23-year-old has been offered over $1 million a year from the Western Force

thanks mostly to corporate sweeteners. A colossal contract leaving the Brumbies calling for urgent change. It's just not sustainable and I've expressed that clearly to the ARU and we'll do something about it in this next period of time. Some good news for the Brumbies with captain Stirling Mortlock cleared to play in tomorrow night's crucial Super 14 clash with the Hurricanes. Sunday's Anzac game between the premiers and Melbourne is set to be an emotional one for young swan Lewis Roberts-Thompson. His grandfather Athol, who served during World War II in Borneo, will toss the coin before the match. In his short career Lewis Roberts-Thompson has enjoyed some highs

and he's set for another thrill before the game on Sunday. In the back of my mind I think of what Pop did in the past and how brave he was and how courageous he and his comrades were. The Roberts-Thompson family have a rich Anzac heritage. Lewis's grandfather, Athol, today wearing the medals his father John earned when he served in the Boar War at Gallipoli and in France and getting in some coin tossing practice. I've been looking forward to it for quite a while now since I knew what was going to happen and I consider it quite an honour. The Swans have lost the last two Anzac Day matches to the Demons. Coach Paul Roos wary at drawing comparisions between football and war. I don't know, you don't want to sound corny sometimes it's relating war to footy and I know what I'd rather be doing. I know what's tougher. While the Swans have regained Tadgh Kennelly for his first match of the season, they've lost veteran Paul Williams who didn't train this afternoon because of a thigh injury. Neil Cordy, Ten News.

The v8 supercar championship moves to New Zealand this weekend for round 2 and while kiwi Greg Murphy is the main attraction, there's a new name at the top of the championship. Jamie Whincup is like saying "Jamie Who" for many, but the 23-year-old Victorian has so far been able to handle the pressure of being Craig Lowndes's team-mate, and joining one of Ford's top teams to lead the series for the first time in his three years as a V8 driver. Well, I love the team, I love the environment. The move to Brisbane has been fantastic. It's been a lot of fun and, with a couple of wins under our belt already, we're on a big rollercoaster. In contrast, Greg Murphy's ride this year has been a nightmare. He comes to the event that has made him a household name in New Zealand in the same position as last year - that is, failing to score points in the second race at Adelaide and needing to win. We had five or six mechanical failures last year, some while we were running top five, one while we were leading the race, another one while we were in the top three, and that cost us a lot of points.

And basically you can't have that happen, otherwise you're out the back door. But John Bowe is far from being shown the door. The '95 champion is celebrating his 200th round - something achieved by only three other drivers - Brock, Johnson and Glenn Seton - and Bowe knows where he's going. Records are there to be broken, and I've got my sights set on Brock's record now. So, you know, that might take me another year. And it was revealed today that V8 Supercars Australia has signed a 7-year contract to have the New Zealand round of the series on the streets of Hamilton from 2008 onwards. Leigh Diffey, Ten News. And you can see race 1 action after the AFL tomorrow night. Sunday's V8 action on air from 1:00. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Randwick tomorrow.

Vic Lorusso is getting around

tonight. You've had a look at the

fire at Hurstville? With that fire,

obviously you heard in the weather

with Tim Bailey, he sent us to see

this factory fire. Some fire units

have been called out. Plenty of

have been called out. Plenty of smoke hanging around. That smoke is

having an impact to local roads

around the south Hurstville area.

For traffic heading toward King

Georges Road, you can still get

through, which is good news. Live

over the M5 - for motorists heading

home for an extra-long weekend,

struggling. These are live pictures

of the M5. If you know anyone

heading to the south-west, you may

want to delay the journey. It's

taking an extra hour from Bankstown

to Campbelltown tonight. Thank you. Tim Bailey's back with the weekend weather forecast next. Before

we take a look at the weekend weather, More signs of a bumper ski season on the way

with snow blanketing Victoria's Falls Creek. Winter came early with a light dusting leaving around 10cm on the ground. It was enough to bring the young and young at heart out to play. The fun looks set to continue with more snow predicted across the weekend. Officially, the ski season doesn't start until June.

But we love that word 'snow'. Tim

Bailey has been in a fire station

for about five minutes and has

already picked up all the lingo.

Have a listen to this. Away you go.

I wanted to be a fireman, but I

grew out of that - or didn't grow

out of it, to be honest.And skprue

Scotty next to me. We've seen

vision of that fire at south

Hurstville. The trucks initially

went from here while we were live

on air. There has been a third

alarm now. How serious is it

getting out there? When that

progressed from second to third to

fourth, be third, it means they're

suspending an extra two fire trucks

and there are anywhere up to a

dozen appliances throughout now. We

were here for a charity ride - I

like this end of the scale a bit

better. Look at this one. He drew

the short straw, didn't you? This

is the 400 in 4. These four guys

are going to ride from Sydney to

Wagga Wagga. I think the first leg

is from Sydney to Goulburn, then

from Goulburn to Yas. Yas to gund aguy. Gundaguy

to Wagga Wagga. How much money do

you hope to raise? As much as

possible. It's all going to the

burns unit at the Westmead

children's hospital. It's a great

one. We'll raise some money for the

kids. The boys will do 400km in 4

days. I am glad it's you and not me

- and I mean you in your fire gear.

Show us those apples, mate! Look at

that, the boys. If you are ringing

Hurstville fire station right now,

can you stop it? It's making the

boys rather nervous. If you would

like to make a donation, Hurstville

fire station, or send a donation

here or ring Hurstville fire

station and tell the boys you would

like to be involved in the 400 in 4.

Weatherwise - a cold southerly

change coming through Sydney

tonight around about 7:00. I told

you to stop ringing the fire

station! They are still coming at

us. Basically tomorrow - 19 degrees

a chilly one, an early shower, and

Sunday - meiny sunny and 20 degrees.

Satellite - cloud over the Gulf of

Carpentaria is rotating around

severe cyclone Monica, generating

heavy rain. Cloud crossing Victoria

and Tassie behind a front is

bringing squally showers, small

hail and highland snow. A cold

front will maintain showers across

Tassie and southern Victoria.

Onshore winds will cause isolated

light showers along the east coast.

Severe cyclone Monica kill take

heavy rain and strong winds closer

to the Top End. What is falling

from the sky in the next 48 hours?

Heavy rain near the Gulf of

Carpentaria. Isolated showers along

the NSW and Queensland coastline.

Showers in Tasmania, Victoria and

Showers in Tasmania, Victoria and south-west WA. Sunday - a large

high will generate cool and mostly

dry weather across the south-east.

Onshore winds on the NSW and

Queensland coasts maintaining

showers. A tropical low will

persist, generating heavy rain in

the Top End. Scotty, a busy old

fire station. The phone hasn't

stopped ringing. A couple of

appliances out. Everyone is working

on that fire and we hope for the

best out there. Hopefully no-one is

injured and the boys are doing

well. Good luck. The kids that

burnout unit appreciate it. When I

say the little man -- little

weatherman appreciates it, I'm not lying, folks!

Dubbo live from Macquarie Street

Monday, Tuesday, the old jail, and

Wednesday the zoo.

On this side of the television

screen is the weatherman. He's the

firefighter. Just in case you were

getting mixed up. Can someone get

that phone, please? And a box too. That's the news at five. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Jacinta Hocking will have the late news at 11:05pm Enjoy your weekend. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.