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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. coast. Tully and Cardwell bear Tonight - Yasi slams into the

the our pool. Coastal like it in my life. All around Innisfail crops flattened, but the town stands strong. Yeah,

we just didn't get it as hard as power and region's biggest city without

supplies. Use water over the

drinking purposes. Good next couple of days simply for

evening. David Curnow with ABC

News in Queensland on ABC1 and around Australia on ABC News 24. Also tonight, another Australian the line of duty in Afghanistan. And gun the streets of Cairo supporters attack But first tonight, severe

Category 5 Cyclone Yasi into Far Category 5 Cyclone Yasi slammed after midnight. A 50km stretch of coast between the towns Cardwell of coast between the towns of of coast between the towns of Cardwell and it willy bore

brunt of the storm with a

direct hit on Mission Beach.

But Cyclone Yasi's trail of destruction stretches from

Townsville to Cairns. So far

there have been no reported missing in there have been no confirmed deaths

reported missing in the

Innisfail area. Right at this

very moment there is one, possibly two reports of missing people. More than $40 million worth of boths were swept

ashore at Port Hinchinbrook, smashed beyond repair as they

were ripped from their moorings. Thousands of homes

have been severely damaged,

many will be condemned. Vital

connects roads throughout the

Far North have been cut and

airports have been closed to

all but occasional emergency

flights. The power is out in

and it may be weeks before it more than 180,000

can be reconnected, and region's biggest city, can be reconnected, and the Townsville, could run out of

water with the treatment plant

contaminated by sewage. There contaminated by

is no power for it to be cleaned out and repaired.

Cyclone Yasi is now a Category

1 storm and heading 1 storm and heading west. It's

likely to pass through Mount

Isa early tomorrow morning with

outback communities along the Northern Territory border now

on cyclone watch. The main

streets of Tully were rip add

part this morning as shop

awnings and forest debris

hurtled down the road. Some of

the town's 2,500 residents left

for safer ground last night.

Some who stayed spent the huddled in their Some who stayed spent the night

for their lives. Paul Lockyer huddled in their cars, fearing

visited the town today. For a

full 12 hours people of Tully

huddled in their homes or shelter they could find as huddled in their homes or any

cyclone roared through shelter they could find as the

cyclone roared through the town. It disintegrated around

them. Street by street, the

image s tell the story. Amid the wreckage of businesses, trees plucked out the wreckage of homes and

by the gale force by the gale force winds. Oh, terrible. Terrible. Never seen anything like it in my life.

I've been through Winifred

and Larry and all the forecasts

were very good and they let us

know it was going to know it was going to be pretty

terrible and it lived up to the expectations they

town, the disastrous sight of

flattened banana crops. Most of

Australia's bananas are grown

here and the crop destruction

is on a scale of that of

As the cyclone Cyclone Larry five years ago.

farming land to Tully t left

Port Hinchinbrook, a marina, coastal communities in ruin. At

now a multimillion-dollar Young yard, boats smashed together by

the force of the wind and the

storm surge. A trail of

destruction that swept 20km

from the coast to bring all its

force to bear on one town. in Tully which felt the full force to bear on one town. Here

force of the cyclone, what's remarkable is that there isn't

even more damage to the remarkable is that there buildings

buildings here. Even remarkable, no reports of any

casualty. Two of the survivors,

Ross and Margaret sore Ross, how did you survive the Ross and Margaret sore bellow.

night? I think it was

miracle, I certainly do. As the full force took over and we had to come down and shelter, the

roller door blew out roller door blew out and the

only safe refuge then was in a

vehicle, so, yes, it was - I

think it was sheer luck more

than anything. So you spent the entire night in the vehicle? Yes,

because the rear blind - what is it, the rear blew out and when they both blew

blew out, we had to jump from a

Camry to a Hilux and back to

the door to stop it blowing open and that's where

we stayed from about 3 onwards. How terrifying was we stayed from about 3 o'clock

onwards. How terrifying was the

wind? Very terrifying,

noisy and we could hardly hear other talking and it was other talking and it was just

so loud, I don't want to go through that again, ever! Were there moments there, Margaret where out of it alive? Yes, a couple of times, yes. Because of those doors, if us or doors, if they would have hit vehicles t would are us or let go when changing

Norton is in Tully tonight. Francene, what's it like today, seeing the first-hand? Well, David, started the day off in Cairns

which came out of the pretty OK, but the further we

drove south, the worse the damage got. There were just entire banana plantations just

snapped in half like twigs all

along the way. When we finally managed to Beach, I was just astonished at managed to get into Mission

the amount of the damage. There was just debris everywhere, there were powerlines there were powerlines down

everywhere, entire tree trunks had just been washed up people's front yards. had just been washed up into

people's front yards. I've

never seen so many coconuts

just strewn across the place homes has been quite indiscriminate. One house would

be fine and then the one be fine and then the one right

next door would be missing its

roof or missing its walls,. And coming here to

damage is even worse, if that's even possible. been dazed and amazed at how

ruined the town looks, and

people don't know start. It's quite heartbreaking to see. So to see. So what next for these damaged towns? Well, for the authorities, they are still assessing the extent damage in some of these places, but their first priority - well, one of them is going to be to get power back on to places like Tully and to clear all of the roads, and residents it's about clearing

all the debris from inside

their homes and around their

homes and to secure their

homes. But, David, this is a

massive job for everyone. It's

going to take months and

years. Francene Norton there in

it willy, thank you very

much. Earlier in the day, as

Francene mentioned, she spent

the day in the town of Mission Beach, we also hit from the cyclone. With

roofs ripped off houses and

cars swept away. It is a major

blow to the seaside destination

that is already suffering an economic downturn. Driving into Mission Beach was a

challenge in itself and

challenge in itself and it

revealed a beachside town in ruins. Some houses escaped

major damage, but other major damage, but other people

have this had come down to. The

whole top level is just gone,

over into our pool over into our pool and

house. It's hard to know where to begin when the only thing left standing is the think it will take a while, Mission Beach will suffer. We've copped it this time and

worse than when Larry come

through, I think. Trees that once lined the once lined the village green were ripped apart

were ripped apart and tossed

around like twigs, while around like twigs, while the normally idyllic beach scars of the cyclone's destructive force. Residents and businesses along the beach front not only had the

terrifying experience of a Category 5 cyclone with, but the dual effect of with, but the dual effect of a

storm surge and this is the the result - devastation. Home owners like

Christine Beitfuss are left to

pick up the pieces. It is a swimming pool and this is the

perimeter here and it goes all

the way back. It is a 12m pool

by 5m. It's full of co-ke nuts,

debris, bottles, tree trunks,

fences. I'm amazed because this

is a whole lot worse than

Larry. But it will take weeks, already struggling financially,

it is another setback. A lot of

here were closed prior to the

cyclone, so everyone is going

to be in really, really big trouble financially, yes. In

the nearby town of El Arish,

the carnage was just as bad.

Roofs were peeled like paper.

This one spared the house next

door. SES worker Wayne Griffin

was helping in Tully when the

cyclone struck. He arrived cyclone struck. He arrived home to see what's left. I'm actually glad to see the house

is still standing. The shed - I

had a funny feeling about it. A

bit broken hearted but what can

you do? For now, his house will

have to wait those most in need. Innisfail residents were warned residents were warned Yasi would dwarf Cyclone Larry in terms of destruction, but they

have been spared. After 2006

the town was rebuilt and last

night it stood the night it stood the toughest test nature could throw. But

the same can't be said for the surrounding fields. surrounding fields. Sugar cane

lies flattened, banana trees

cut in half. Kirrin McKechnie reports

reports from Innisfail. Gale

force winds and heavy force winds and heavy rain warn

ed Cyclone Yasi was imminent,

Innisfail residents braced for

worse than they had ever seen

before. Daybreak showed a very

different picture to the different picture to the misery

they thought they had in store. We didn't get it as hard

as they expected. Gary Bolten's home Larry five years ago. He expected it to be gone

expected it to be gone again. This time very minimal

damage, just a window or damage, just a window or two, a

bit of water inside, but bit of water inside, but other than that, everything than that, everything was already. Gilbert Kelly, too, was expecting catastrophe. Not

to have a house, but we have a

house and a little bit of house and a little bit of water inside, a little bit of damage. Right across town, the damage was minimal. Trees were uprooted and river front areas were drenched in the slight storm surge. Despite Yasi's

Category 5 force, amazingly, no lives were lost. No lives and lives were lost. No lives and

no injury, in fact, a life

gained. A baby born at 1 o'clock in Innisfail

Hospital. A new life for a town

that thought, like last time that thought, like last time t

would have to rebuild again. The residents of nearby

Flying Fish Point regard

themselves as doubleably lucky.

Not only did they survive the

cyclone, but also missed out on the predicted storm surge which could

could have wiped out this area. But that luck ran out for farmers.

farmers. Cane fields have been

flattened. Banana trees snapped in two. It's devastating. The

way the banana industry was, it

wasn't looking real bright, but

the thing is there are not many

growers who will have enough

money to get back on their

feet. That's the hard thing. A hard reality when so many

others were spared. Ingham residents are facing a new

threat. During a harrowing

night they stared down night they stared down Yasi's

might and came out relatively unscathed. But now there flooding to contend with. The

Herbert River has risen above

12m, cutting roads to the north

and south. Jessica van Vonderen

spent the day spent the day in Ingham. Keith

Hogg owns Ingham's oldest pub. The 1925 building has withstood

all sorts of weather but not the power of Cyclone Yasi. When

the storm started, the glass

caved in and then all the

timber caved down inside, yeah, and we had some boarders upstairs. We had to evacuate

them out of them out of their rooms. Luckily no-one mop up. This is my mop up. This is my watering hole. I thought we would come and give Keith and Dulcie a

hand. I'm just cleaning up we've thrown all the timber out. Elsewhere in town, tin

roofs were torn off and trees uprooted. The power is out so

the sewage pumps aren't the sewage pumps aren't working but locals are surprised there wasn't more damage. Oh, this was a massive cyclone, so we

were lucky with what were lucky with what we got. They may have survived

Yasi's fury, but they haven't been spared flooding. In the

pouring rain, Belinda Russo

moved her family's belongings

to a friend's place on higher

ground. We heard people say 13m which was higher than 2009. In

2009 we had it over my head

under the house, so expecting

pretty big water. As you can

see from the water rushing down

this hillside the rain has been

relentless. That doesn't just

mean flooding for the town, but

damage to cane crops and for a

region that relies so heavily

on the sugar industry, that's bad news. The sandbags laid down before the cyclone down before the cyclone will

come in handy once again. And

Jessica van Vonderen is now back in Townsville and filed this update a this update a short time ago. David, we were lucky to

get out of Ingham when get out of Ingham when we did

because the roads are now cut.

When we heard about When we heard about the

potential for flooding and the

town being isolated, we

essentially bolted. It was a pretty hairy drive, I've got to

say, out of Ingham and back to

Townsville. The Townsville. The water was

already up over the roads and it was rising quickly.

the roads that had fallen over,

but obviously we managed

make it safely back. I have to say, though, it was a concern returning back to rainy Townsville to hear that the city's water supplies could city's water supplies could be running out. We have received

advice, though, that with some help from the Army , the problem with the problem with the water treatment plant could be fixed as early as tonight. Now, ABC

reporter Josh Bavas spent the day touring damaged streets. Despite last night's drenching, Townsville's

water supply is about to run out. Use water over the next

couple of days simply for drinking drinking purposes. As powerlines tumbled down, they cut off crucial operations, including the main reservoir. Our water treatment

plant is at Douglas. Our major sewage treatment plants and the council's communications system

have all been put off line. This morning's tidal surge also carried sewage through thousands of Townsville

homes and business authorities say say it could be several weeks

before emergency repairs can be

carried out. The railway line and dozens of roads were swallowed by the ocean. And

residents are pitching in where

they can to help get the city up and running again. Just

driving past. I've got a tree-lopping business and tree-lopping business and just

thought I would help everybody

out, just driving around, see

if anyone wants their cars cut

out. Despite being more than

200km from where the cyclone crossed the coast, wind gusts in Townsville were still strong

enough to blow out walls and

rip roofs from scores of homes.

Robert Richards and his wife felt the force felt the force of these hurricane winds

They made a run for the

smallest room in the house as the intense storm battered

their home. It was horrendous.

It frightened me. Yeah, never

been through nothing like that

before. Have been through a

couple of cyclones, but that, it really frightened me. This

morning they were cleaning up

what was left of their what was left of their drenched possessions. Mate, you tin, the cracking of the

timbers and took off like timbers and took off like a

bloody flying saucer. They

missed the worst but feels like

they were hit hard. It was a

close call for residents of

Cairns. The tourist hub was spared the worst of Cyclone Yasi, but locals weren't taking any chances. any chances. Thousands hunkered

down in a makeshift cyclone shelter to ride out the storm. Kim Landers spent the night

there. In Cairns, a shopping

centre became a storm shelter.

the food court and down the

aisles. Numbers at another

centre grew by one with the

surprise arrival, a baby girl

born just as the cyclone had

passed. The due date was actually today. Apparently the statistics are that women actually would happen during would happen would happen during a

cyclone. A hot and sleepless

night, but safety in

numbers. By midnight, really hear the wind outside numbers. By midnight, you could really hear really hear the wind outside and things really hear the wind When we lost power, we lost

airconditioning and with little

ventilation and so many ventilation and so many people here, heat here, heat building up really quickly. By morning, quickly. By morning, relieved evacuees started heading

home. Happy to head home, yeah, see if I've got a house.

We brought the kids here We brought the kids here just to make it to make it a little easier for them, less frightening, and it was, it was fine, was, it was fine, yes. About

11,000 people spent the night

in 20 storm shelters across North and Far North Queensland. All the buildings were spared

any damage. Pleased to be going

home? Bloody oath. Only half a mile down the road here because there is a generator. Residents who generator. Residents who rode out the a lucky escape. Sitting in

there watching the tch V and

all of a sudden loud bang! all of a sudden loud bang! And

that September the TV off and into the bunker we went. Some

roads were cut, but it stopped the clean-up under way. Cairns authorities

sweep through the CBD. That hasn't happened but the hasn't happened but the high tide has certainly tide has certainly brought pounding waves onto this beach.-the-wild weather is now the city's newest attraction even authorities are urging people to stay away from the water. But with Cairns relatively unscathed, the mayor

tourist centre will soon re-open for business. And I

spoke to reporter Kim Landers a short time ago. Kim, kdges there weren't as bad as feared overnight, overnight, but more rain there today? Yes, At one stage the city had At one stage the city had 120mm in in two hours. Very localised, though. Parts further west of

the city, about 20km west had much less rain, so heavy downpours. We saw some downpours. We saw some local flooding in the streets, flooding in the streets, the water rising up in the industry gutters, for example, gutters, for example, and across footpaths here in the

city's city's CBD, but nothing like

the storm surge that authorities had been so worried about when they about when they thought Cyclone Yasi was on path direct hit on

damage, what does an event do to its reputation I guess among people like

people like tourists? 'This Morning' will be interesting because there were

a lot of tourists caught up in

this. At the emergency this. At the emergency shelter there were backpackers there were backpackers from Germany, all absolutely bewildered as to what was

becoming of them and they in anything like this. I

suspect there will be a tourist campaign to the city's reputation,

because you've got

after the Brisbane floods a lot of Queensland had bookings

cancelled from guests who just saw devastation in Brisbane and southern Queensland southern Queensland on their televisions and cancel holidays even North and Far North Queensland had been spared from that disaster. This were in the Yasi and I imagine this is quite damaging to quite damaging to the reputation of tourism operators appeal will be expanded to include victims to help people affected

and centre, but the Premier says the State's reconstruction effort has increased significantly. The Premier and emergency services emergency services bosses bunkered down in Brisbane overnight, preparing for the worst. I'm very relieved this morning. They say residents

played in safe and took heed of

the warnings. I think it is a

combination of the fact that

people have listened to the

advice and taken the continues west, the focus is

shifting to the destruction left behind. The Premier

the reconstruction effort will

be massive and so will the

bill. Of course, the Flood Appeal will now have to broaden

out to be a wider disaster appeal. $192 million has appeal. $192 million has been

raised so far, and much of that South-East Queensland flood victims was earmarked for the South-East Queensland

more people will be able to access their insurance access their insurance payments because there won't dispute about the definition dispute about the definition of the event they've just experienced. The Prime Minister says disaster relief payments

are available. This is the emergency money, $1,000 per

adult and $400 per child. Late

this afternoon, the Prime

Minister boarded a plane and

will meet with the Premier headed to Queensland where she

survey the cyclone damage. 500

SES volunteers will be flown into affected areas into affected areas once the damage assessment is done. When the repair crews come in, they

can be targeted at the areas of

most need. We will rebuild

from the floods, we will

rebuild from the cyclone, we

will rebuild from anything that nature throws at us. Yasi is

the third cyclone in Queensland

this year. The weather bureau says there could be more. We're

still only into the middle of we do see most of our cyclones the cyclone season

from February through to

March. The good news is there

is no imminent threat. But it's

not over yet. A cyclone warn something still in place for

Queensland's north-west and tropical interior. Residents

there are now playing the waiting game, seeing how much

punch Yasi will be packing when

it reaches them, and when it

will turn into a rain

will turn into a rain depression. As Yasi travels

away from the tropical away from the tropical coast

its impact is being felt parts of the State usually associated parts of its impact is being felt in

usually associated with

cyclones. A station owner west

of Cardwell has already felt

its impact. The damage around

here was mostly to timber. A

lot of trees with

down. We will have a lot of

fences to right in the next few days once the wind dies

down. Charters Towers west of

the local mayor expected, Townsville fared better than

despite winds of streets are strewn with fallen despite winds of 100km/h. The

trees, but overall there is

little structural damage. Early

estimates has the damage bill at

at $200,000. I at $200,000. I see a shed in one backyard that's totally

big belly full of wind and flew exploded. It must have got a

apart, but that's par for the course. Some of the buildings here are fairly old. Emergency officials say Cyclone Yasi

should be downgraded to a

tropical low by the time it hits Mount Isa 900km inland

from where it first made landfall. Residents landfall. Residents in north-west communities are

urged to remain indoors until tomorrow morning as the brunt of the storm will still bring damaging winds and heavy rainfall. Keep your mobile phone battery charge, candles,

a load of bread, a bottle of

red and probably a book of verse somewhere. Cyclone Yasi

is the third of six cyclones expected to season. And Cyclone Yasi might

have been downgraded to track to Category 1 system but it's on track to haven't seen a cyclone for

haven't seen a cyclone for 50 years. ABC reporter years. ABC reporter Stephanie fitsz Patrick is in Mount Isa. there? The rain and wind is picking up. When you look

outside a sheet of rain is covering roads and or so the rain will increase, and there will be more and there will be more water. Generally people driving around, not feeling the

threat, but a lot of people have bunkered down for the night to prepare for what might come closer to 10 o'clock tonight when it's supposed to

intensify then. So are taking this cyclone warning seriously? Oh, 4 o'clock, lockdown. A few residents were streaming the streets. Generally, though, taking this seriously because and it's and it's different to a wet

season, what they're accustomed or minor flooding yet in Mount Isa obviously in the next several hours. Thanks, Stephanie Fitzpatrick in Mount Isa. Now

here is Jenny Ward ward with more on

tonight Thanks, Dave. A warning current

current for current for communities across

the tropical interior from west

of Hughenden to the Northern Territory border, Mount Isa Territory border, including now a category is system with a

central pressure of tapas Cals and gusts at the

centre of up to 95km/h. Currently 16 o 0km east north-east of Mount north-east of Mount Isa. By the

time is reaches Mount Isa early in the morning it will likely be in the morning it will most likely be a tropical gradually easing over the the channel country so north-west but may persist the channel country so take care in back with more details later. Sugar and industries representatives it may take years to fully recover, while consumers across the country face higher food prices and insurance premiums. This menacing sight

sent sugar for shattered producers with for shattered producers with nothing to sell. The cyclone came you like, and bananas you like, and bananas get affected pretty heavily so it

will have knocked over the production capacity for production capacity for a lot 90% of the industry may have been destroyed leaving some

producers without a

income and stratosphere ic prices. Up to half the sugar industry has we're getting from our districts are - they're districts are - they're using words such as absolutely unheard of. It means

up to half a billion dollars in

lost income It will take

something in the order of three years

years to for the years to for the industry to

fully get back up and running. The insurance running. The insurance sector

is already preparing to spread the pain beyond Queensland. Yes

t will put pressure on

premiums, no doubt about premiums, no doubt about it, but how it will play out for individual companies, I can't

tell you. It played out pretty

well for some on the share

market partly because investors

see premiums rising? Is there a long-term risk to the industry? Highly unlikely. And the

Reserve Bank is unlikely to see

a long-term risk to the

economy. It's already

economy. It's already said it

doesn't see the flood having major everlasting impact on inflation at this stage. Now onto today's other news and another Australian soldier has died fighting in Afghanistan.

He is the 22nd soldier to die in the warn and there in the warn and there are

warnings of more danger ahead. Greg Jennett reports from Canberra. Only days ago

Australia's mentoring Doors

seized an enemy arms stash As a

result of this cache find and

the large amount, certainly

Oruzgan is safer. But just a

short distance in Oruzgan's

Tangi Valley, the Taliban has

again proven its resilience and

tenacity. Under cover of rain

and a dust storm, a hidden improvised bomb was alongside an Australian foot improvised bomb was detonated patrol. It killed 22-year-old

Corporal Richard Atkinson Corporal Richard Atkinson from the Darwin-based 1st combat

Engineer Regiment The entire

ADF and Defence family is deeply saddened by the death of this fine, young soldier. Corporal Atkinson was

engaged to marry his fiance Danielle. He was. A second soldier was

in Tarin Kowt and remains in a satisfactory condition I said

there would be many days - many

hard day as head and this is one of those hard days. It is the the first Australian loss in

five months and now details five months and now details are

emerging about how active emerging about how active the

coalition has been during win

tr to seize weapons and

bomb-making ingredients from a

marketed shift from its

campaign last year. More than 1,200 armed cache raids have

been held in the last 12 weeks,

compared to just 160 in the same period same period last year. US commanders same period last commanders believe it same period last year. commanders believe it will frs

a change in Taliban tactics in

the fighting season, but the

dangers remain. Woo he have to steel ourselves for the

prospect that further

casualties, further will occur in the future. Defence future. Defence is investigating investigating Corporal

Atkinson's death and planning a military funeral. Afghanistan

correspondent Sally Sara says

bad weather in Afghanistan may be hampering be hampering coalition operations there. Well, coalition commanders regard this winter season as this winter season as crucial for the campaign in