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(generated from captions) of being able to sit in safety Now Betty finally has her dream with her daughter, granddaughter, and Bumble and Dougal. understatement, darling, To say I'm amazed is an the same dogs. I can't believe they're both ourselves, that we've achieved so I think we're really proud of much in such a shot space of time. to say what it's meant to us, I think it's really difficult cos it's meant so much. the dogs seem happier, They seem happier,

is actually now coming together. and a family that was split apart It has changed our lives completely. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. Tonight - get set to party! line the harbour foreshore Huge crowds to welcome the New Year in in style. The deadly inferno - as bushfires sweep WA. three lives lost

And Sydney's wild weather - shut most of the city's beaches. rough seas That's what's being promised New Year's Eve festivities in tonight's on Sydney Harbour, there are plenty expecting just that and it seems

with tens of thousands of revellers along the foreshore. already packed in Among them is our own Eddy Meyer.

can we deliver? Eddy, it's been a big build-up -

I think these people behind me

certainly hope so. They have been

waiting all day. They have probably

got one of the best got one of the best positions in

town. We are being entertained by

planes overhead. These people are

waiting for what is billed to be

one of the best shows on earth. It

is certainly one of the ones the

world watches and one of the first

to welcome in the new year. It is

billed as the time of our lives and

is something we can look forward to.

the best free shows on earth - It's billed as one of and do it early. critical, then, to get a good spot expected to line the Harbour More than a million people are for the fireworks, from first thing this morning - and they made their way down a little effort for enormous gain. a really good view of the fireworks. We think we're going to get a really good atmosphere. It's going to be We're suspecting people around here. there will be a few hundred thousand so we'll survive the afternoon. We've got food, like Mrs Macquaries Chair, The prime positions, drew the queues - with thousands lining up. this before 10am, it was solidly packed, And by this afternoon like many spots on the foreshore. I hope it will be the best ever. A lot to live up to, 14 months of planning, especially after is promising. but just what the City of Sydney It's Wayne's last New Year's Eve the time of our lives and he has promised us everyone is preparing for. and I think that's what that spans 7km, 6 barges Wayne Harrison has coordinated a show on the bridge alone. and 20,000 individual fireworks It's more of a centrepiece than ever a special appearance by Bart Simpson. and there'll even be that we've had a bridge effect I think this is the first time

that's actually funny, the midnight fireworks and when we get to

and you get the whole shebang, you're going to be gobsmacked. I think the new year But Sydney will also welcome in from the official charity partner. with a message

more at threat than it is at the moment, there is a sense of optimism but I also think address things like climate change. that we might be beginning to spectacular weather, And basking in Sydney's tonight the 30% of those around the Harbour who are much more used to a Northern Hemisphere winter.

The big fireworks. and we have beautiful weather. Must be one of the biggest, the effort and sit it out We just thought we've got to make and make sure we see the whole lot. We're very excited. now, so not too long. Only another 12 hours to go, though, being on a boat big or small And for locals and tourists alike, one of the best vantage points. easily provides it leaves just one thing to say. So with the plans in place,

ALL: Happy new year!

The atmosphere is obviously

building. People are getting building. People are

excited. If you aren't here at the

harbour, you will not miss out.

Network 10 has two shows tonight.

There is one at 830 and another one

fireworks. at 1130, leading up to the midnight

fireworks. We have cameras all over

the harbour and the City. You will

not miss a shot. They will also be

entertainment. It is going to be a

lot of fun, a family-friendly show

that everybody can enjoy. And you

can enjoy the fireworks from the comfort of your own home. comfort

challenge around Sydney tonight. Transport is emerging as a major will require plenty of patience. Getting to and from the celebrations some of the best seats in the house They've secured

but, like most revellers, biggest challenge of the new year - they'll soon face the getting home. Hopefully get there eventually. Just going to wing it. do you think you'll get home? What time I don't know. Whenever the party stops! move the masses aren't so sure. Even those expected to help

with my family. I'll be staying at home on the move, There's more than a million people the best harbour vantage points, flocking to and from for the fireworks. the human tide only pausing around the clock tonight, All 31 ferries will be operating and train services, along with extra buses you do not want to be heading home... but there are two ways paramedics or police. the company of are out in force. Record numbers of both and the safety of others Be careful of your own safety

in the back of a police truck so that you don't end up the new year in a police cell. and you don't welcome in

on trouble hot spots - Police will focus Cronulla, Bondi and Manly. the City, Darling Harbour, like and idiot or a thug, Anyone who wants to behave

record numbers of police - 1,750. we're going to have We'll also have the mounted police - after the equine influenza outbreak. they'll be back There's also the issue with the very large crowds - with people getting crushed and twisting ankles and people step on them. Which doesn't help if you're forced to take the free ride home - walking in the new year. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. But for those planning on driving, many of the inner-city roads will remain closed until the early hours of New Year's Day. The Harbour Bridge will be affected, as will access ramps, footpaths and the cycleway. The Anzac Bridge will also be off-limits. Parts of the Cahill Expressway and surrounding streets will be closed, as will Blues Point Road, Blue, Miller, Arthur, and Lavender Streets in the north.

Special event clearways have been set up in the CBD, Kings Cross Three people are dead after a bushfire swept across a major highway overnight. in a remote part of Western Australia With temperatures well into the 40s

the fire has been raging out of control for three days. The complete destruction of the trucks trapped on the highway gave the victims no chance. Bushfire crews thought they had it under control late yesterday and decided it would be safe enough to reopen the highway just before dark. It was then a convoy of 15 trucks and prime movers left Coolgardie, heading west,

for what they were about to run into. a sudden wind change swept flames across the highway

about halfway between Coolgardie and Southern Cross. We then crept over the sweeping hills

and suddenly saw a 5km stretch coming straight for us. Some drivers abandoned their trailers along a 20km stretch and made a desperate dash for safety.

We had blokes driving road trains turn them round. You heard people on the two-way saying, "Get me out of here!"

John Savage was another lucky driver after finding himself in the middle of the firestorm. Within 10 seconds she swept over me. I saw another truck pass over me. I was on my own for about 20 minutes, poured Coke over my head, sucking in air as much as I could.

Tragically not everyone got out. Two drivers, one with a child passenger, couldn't outrun the inferno and died in their rigs. Angry truck drivers are now attacking authorities for letting the convoy through in the first place. Whoever decided to reopen the road deserves a kick in the ass. It should have never been reopened. The fire is still not under control. So far more than 10,000 hectares of bush have been wiped out. into the tragedy An inquiry is now under way with questions being asked about fire management procedures. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. The super-storm menacing south-east Queensland is having a major impact on New Year's celebrations. Fireworks on the Gold Coast have been cancelled while strong winds and high seas are still hammering Fraser Island.

What would New Year's be without a spectacle? On Fraser Island they don't need fireworks -

Mother Nature's fury is turning on more than enough excitement. While it's not quite a cyclone, 100km/h winds are whipping up monstrous seas which are pounding in, forcing the evacuation of most campers. Those left behind are weathering a different kind of white Christmas. Today it's a really windy day and it's really high tide

and all the froth is coming into the water.

Some aren't heeding the warnings - this four-wheel-drive tourist bus pushed its luck a bit far. Campers who've stayed have huddled in sheds and garages, taken in by locals on a treacherous night. Well, I thought I was going to get a hiding, to be honest with you. all day It's been blowing it's ring out and now it's just getting more and more and more intense. The low pressure system is causing havoc further south - giant waves of up to 5m are carving away the beaches and any hopes of fireworks have been dashed by high winds.

They've been cancelled for the Gold Coast and Ipswich. Brisbane's should go ahead but numbers are expected to be well down. Meanwhile, the weather continues churning off Fraser Island, where there mightn't be big parties or fireworks

but it'll still be a wild night. Max Futcher, Ten News. More than a dozen beaches across Sydney have been closed as wild seas batter the coast. Swimmers are being warned to steer clear of the pounding surf with waves reaching 3m in height. Lifesavers were forced to rescue nearly a dozen people. Hundreds of surfers, however, are making the most of the rough conditions, sparked by that tropical low in Queensland.

The huge swells are expected to continue until Friday. A look at sport now with Rob Canning, and Australia and India have arrived in Sydney ahead of the second cricket Test. That's right, Kath, and the Aussies are refusing to comment on next year's tour of Pakistan. Instead they're focusing on the present - that is, Wednesday's match. We'll talk to Brad Hogg a little later.

And we'll have a sneak peek at the SCG wicket

as well as hear from curator Tom Parker

about what we can expect from the pitch. And the tackle in the NFL which even made the players on the sideline wince when they saw the replays on the stadium's big screen. We'll also see how Lleyton Hewitt performed in his return to competitive action at a very hot Adelaide International, with temperatures in the 40s. We'll find out all about that shortly, as Australia swelters through a summer scorcher -

details next. Plus - the disturbing number of people who admit to driving while on illegal drugs. And one of Australia's biggest defence contracts thrown into doubt.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight - get set to party!

A shotgun and crossbows were also found along with fireworks and ammunition. Police say they also recovered a machine gun and semi-automatic weapons down a mine shaft on the property. 600 more weapons were seized from a firearms dealership in the area. Police intend to interview a 59-year-old man over the haul. More roadside drug tests will be rolled out across Sydney after a startling new survey. It found nearly half of young people have driven under the influence of illicit drugs.

Disturbing revelations about young motorists - drug-driving can kill. many are naive to the fact People take drugs to change where they're at, to alter their perception.

The one place you don't want to alter your perception is behind the wheel of a car, and definitely we've had fatalities as a result of people drug-driving. A survey of 400 young Sydney nightclubbers revealed nearly half have been alcohol- or drug-affected

while behind the wheel of a car. Three quarters have been a passenger with a drug-influenced driver. The most common drugs of choice are ecstasy and methamphetamine. The simple message for anyone who wants to take drugs and drive is there's going to be two things that happen to you - you'll either finish up in a cell or you'll finish up in a morgue. The good news is that nearly 50% of those surveyed said

the introduction of roadside random drug testing nearly a year ago will stop them from driving while drugs are in their system. will soon be added to the current one Two more mobile test vehicles used by police. can bob up in any suburb, The vehicles and equipment and around NSW. in any location around Sydney But police are facing criticism, for all drugs. because they don't test Researchers say needs to teach motorists the State Government how drugs affect them, or even over-the-counter. whether it be illegal, prescribed in terms of education - I think we do need to do much more to these users about the risks. an information campaigns Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

the alleged assault Police are investigating at a beach in Sydney's south. of a young girl was attacked They claim the 6-year-old girl

with her family yesterday afternoon. while at the Kyeemagh baths of African appearance, The offender is believed to be and is described as overweight. in his late 30s, 180cm tall to keep a close eye on their children Police are reminding parents during crowded celebrations this evening.

Three workers have resigned of residents' body parts They were caught using photos for a sickening guessing game. they don't like cameras, At Ann Nichol House was forced on the front foot The nursing home when three women quit complained about their behaviour. after their colleagues insensitive event that occurred, We believe it was a totally

totally inappropriate, and as far as we are concerned it breached a lot of our procedures and dignity of residents. around privacy, confidentiality

were taken of residents' body parts, It's claimed up to 20 photos including arms and legs, and even colostomy bags. as well as their personal belongings at a farewell party The snap shots were shown at the Portarlinton Golf Club. They're shocked a bit didn't even know about this. because some of them runs the website Aged care advocate Lynda Saltarelli at the level of respect - or lack of respect - at this aged care facility. shown by the nurses

Despite the poor behaviour of staff, residents and their families say they support the way management dealt with the issues,

is still a great place to live. claiming Ann Nichol House to work with the people. You'd have to have a heart of gold and I think it'd all be in fun. They have it would be in bad taste. I don't think

have also been cautioned Several other members of staff over the incident. Cameron Smith, Ten News.

A $6 billion contract from America to buy Super Hornet fighter jets is in doubt tonight. by former defence minister The deal was pushed through Brendan Nelson. and now Opposition Leader The Rudd Government has confirmed air combat capability options it will review Australia's scrapping the jet contract. and has not ruled out are a stopgap measure The 24 Super Hornets next-generation aircraft until Australia acquires

Time for a check of the weather.

You are at the opera house and

could not have served up a best a

New year's Eve. This is a beautiful

way to end the year. It is sunny

and we had a top of 26. Right now

it is still 25. We have had our

wettest December since 1992 and we

have had a wetter than normal year.

We had 505 mm more rain than last

year. Attachments started the year. Attachments started the year

at 36 % and ended at 61 %. That is

a reason to celebrate. There were a

few clouds making the date look

even more picture-perfect. The

for the fireworks and departing for evening looks set to remain fine

partying. Benazir Bhutto's teenage son of her political party. takes the reins His plans for the future, next. at yet another 'Harry Potter' novel. And J.K. Rowling hints This program is captioned live.

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This program is captioned live.

Eight traffic check now. How is it

looking above the Opera House?

There are amazing scenes. If you

are about to head into the city to

get a spot to see the fireworks,

good luck. There are millions of

people in the city. There is a fair

will bit of traffic at the moment. I

will show you pictures of how many

people are actually at the Opera

House. Behind it is Mrs Macquarie

his chair. There are thousands his chair. There are thousands of people

people lined up to see what will be

an amazing show tonight. If you're

planning on driving, think again.

Most roads in the City will be

closed from 4 o'clock onwards, so

they are close already. They they are close already. They will

not reopen until around 3 o'clock

tomorrow morning. Good luck finding a spot. the Pakistan People's Party in leading in the push for democracy. as new video footage emerged His pledge comes which claimed the life of the shooting of Pakistan's favourite daughter. The grief is still raw... ..the anger growing. Benazir Bhutto's 19-year-old son, Bilawal Zardari, will continue the political dynasty - choosing him as chairman. the PPP's leadership group

struggle for democracy The party's long and historic will continue with renewed vigour. he gave this pledge. With fighting words, "Democracy is the best revenge." My mother always said, Zardari is still studying at Oxford.

His father, Asif Ali Zardari, will lead the party until Bilawal completes his studies. contest the January 8 elections. The party has confirmed it will The determination to fight on came of the shooting emerged. as new amateur video footage

points the gun at Ms Bhutto, fires, A man, seen here, as he blows himself up. and there's an explosion Ms Bhutto falls into her vehicle. a lot of danger," her husband says. "She knew she was in and fought the enemies of Pakistan. "She went ahead for her party." "Eventually she gave her life is not lost on Bilawal Zardari - The enormity of the task ahead taken by the cause. both his mother and grandfather The response from party members is mixed. This man says the boy might be intelligent

Unrest is growing. Hundreds of protesters marched through the streets, others set fire to tyres, police firing tear gas to disperse the crowds.

I'm very sad. I'm very angry as well. I'm very angry at the Government. I'm very angry at the way I'm very angry with the lies that they're telling at this time.

Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Security forces in Iraq are on high alert

for the first anniversary of the execution of Saddam Hussein. Supporters of the late Iraqi dictator gathered at his graveside, laying flowers and chanting slogans. Police were also on alert in several Sunni strongholds where the former leader still has support. He was hanged for crimes against humanity. A fellow Guantanamo Bay inmate of David Hicks the convicted terror supporter could contribute to society if he's allowed to readjust. He may have longed for it for the best part of a decade,

but David Hicks's new-found freedom isn't the end of his journey. Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg says

this is just the start of a new and difficult chapter for the convicted terrorist-in-training. Let him have the space and time to return and readjust to the family, to the home, to the environment that he wants to be his own,

and that's really important, that people need to give him that time. Moazzam Begg spent two years in solitary confinement at Guantanamo, released without charge with three other British citizens in 2005. He says he befriended the Australian detainee when he moved into the cell next door. I know that he told me once, for example, that when they put the cameras into the cells, he felt there was an eye watching him continuously and that would go into his sleep, where he felt that this eye was penetrating into his soul and he felt paranoid. And now, on the outside, he's still being watched, under a strict police control order. I don't think that he's any danger to society at all in any way,

just from having met the man and spoken to him. He may have been a bit of an adventurer, he may have been somebody who is easily led, perhaps, but not somebody who would be a threat. He says any chance of a 'normal' life is now lost to David Hicks, but believes he could end up contributing to society. Moazzam Begg knows all too well the challenges of readjusting as a released detainee. But instead of running from his past, he's embraced it,

now working as a spokesperson for remaining prisoners and campaigning for the closure of Guantanamo Bay. In the past few years he kept in contact with David's father, Terry. Now... I would love to speak to David again as a free man. Something they weren't sure would ever happen back in their cells at Guantanamo. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Now one for all those 'Harry Potter' fans, with rumours there's an eighth book being penned. The writer behind the boy wizard, J.K. Rowling, says she hasn't ruled out another 'Potter' novel,

especially as her teen daughter has been urging her to write another book. If the talk turns out to be true, the next book won't focus on Harry Potter as the main character. 330 million copies of 'Potter' books have been sold worldwide.

The world's oldest orangutan has passed away at the ripe old age of 55. Nonja, who was born in the wild on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, died from a tumor on the brain. Nicknamed the grande dame, she was moved to Miami Zoo in 1983 where she became a major attraction. A typical life span for Sumatran orangutans is 40-50 years.

Universal Internet censorship in the pipeline - that story next. Also - as Sydney prepares to party we'll check out Australia's top New Year's resolution. And motorcycle ace Mick Doohan launches a racy new nightclub.

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heart attack and stroke. Reduce your waist, reduce your risk. Call the Diabetes Infoline or see your doctor now. This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - most of the city's beaches closed because of the wild seas. Waves of up to 3m have been pounding the coast.

to continue until Friday. The huge swells are expected after a ferocious bushfire in WA. Three people are dead They were trapped in two prime movers in the State's eastern Goldfields. that were part of a convoy

due to the fires, The road had been closed a short time before the tragedy. but was reopened are now expected to witness And more than one million people on Sydney Harbour. tonight's fireworks The crowds have been streaming to the foreshore all day

to secure the prime spots. on hand to deal with any trouble. A record number of police will be to block predatory websites Internet companies will be forced which pose a threat to children. a hit list The Federal Government is compiling of dangerous sites it wants targeted. But it's sparked concerns Internet connection speeds. the safeguards will slow whatsoever And Labor makes no apology a mandatory ISP filtering scheme for introducing which will block these sites and children's bedrooms. from families' lounge rooms over the next few months A trial will be conducted to streamline the plan. Losing weight and quitting smoking the top New Year's resolutions. are no longer is getting their finances in order. The biggest wish for most Australians Six days after Christmas at the post-Christmas sales, people are still and still spending. around $8,000 around Christmas. Yeah, my Visa usually runs Just save and try and pay it off. No, I don't know. are typical Australians - Don and Rita and credit card debts. kids, a mortgage it's getting harder and harder Every month to make ends meet. what to do They desperately want to know in better financial shape to finish next year than this one. because I have none. Yeah, I could use a bit of strategy for the coming year I think the most important thing is to have goals. Financial expert Noel Whittaker says are: the top three things to do this year

at the shops in December, We spent $8 billion adding further pressure to inflation, we could face an interest rate rise and experts say as early as February. $250,000 on their home. The average Australian now owes Another 0.25% rise means another $50 in the monthly budget. you'll have to find

but we can cut our other debts, There's not much we can do about that is much worse. where the interest rate to get out of credit card debt One of your major goals should be

and stay out of credit card debt. turning financial worries around now, for next year's sales. which means more money

Anthony Donaghy, Ten News.

has closed down slightly today The Australian share market on its last trading day of the year. in Las Vegas There's been a star turn-out

multimillion-dollar club. for the opening of Mick Doohan's and cricketer Shane Warne Movie stars, rocker Tommy Lee

were just some of the celebrities the former world motorcycle champ joining

for the CatHouse launch party. here in Vegas, I think it's going to work well

from Australia, from wherever, but anybody, from Europe, in this environment. I think will feel comfortable So we hope everybody enjoys it.

18 months in the making, a glitzy lounge and restaurant. the $11 million establishment boasts

Another of weather check. What can

we expect tonight, and next year?

We are expecting a

We are expecting a perfect night to

round out 2007. No problems

predicted that could interfere with

important things like fireworks. important things like fireworks.

Everything should be situation

normal. It is 25 degrees now and

won't get much cooler than that.

Next year, which means tomorrow, a

few clouds will creep in. I will

have more details about that later.

There is a lot of entertainment

going on here at the Opera House

tonight, and we will speak to one tonight, and we will speak to

of the very special guest later in

the show, along with all the

important where the details. are focused and Australia's cricketers into the history books once again. on writing their names for their 16th straight Test win. Kath, they're aiming We'll bring you the latest from inside the Aussie camp.

in South Australia - Also, the heat is on of the Adelaide International, 40 degrees plus on day one for players and fans alike. causing problems And the gridiron tackle for a long time that one player will remember at all. but the other might not remember

That thing's cool. BALLS CLICK Really?

the going-away party? Yeah, when's the, er... to be a uni student online. Visit Open Universities Australia - Take a ride through Spin City, your car in top performance. the ultimate place to keep through the car wash. Start with a spin MAN: Awesome paint-job! system and you're ready to roll. Test the bounce in your sound to test your road-handling. Take the elevator up Then you control the gearshift... MAN: Race ready. Goin' up! ..on the Spin City motorised lift

down the the Spin City spiral ramp. where you rise up and then speed

Spin City Playset with motorised Cars and batteries not included.

This program is captioned live. Welcome to sport. Australia's cricketers are putting worries about next year's tour of Pakistan to the back of their minds, Test cricket history. instead focusing on equalling A win over India in the second Test number 16. will be consecutive victory On the verge of making Test cricket history, of the Australian players the remainder arriving in Sydney this afternoon against India. ahead of the second Test their upcoming tour of Pakistan, Still concerned about

their minds on the task ahead. the Aussies are determined to keep successful return to Test cricket, Brad Hogg is still smiling after his whetting his appetite his 4-wicket haul at the MCG for more matches for Australia. confidence to move forward The last Test match has given me that I'm still on my game and I've got to make sure about my business the same way and I just keep going The Indians were tight-lipped as they filed in, with a contest focused on providing the Sydney fans following their 337-run thumping in Melbourne. We don't really want to talk about the last game. We all are professional cricketers and that's the way we should approach the game and that's what we're going to do in this series. As always, the SCG pitch will offer plenty for the spinners, but also some assistance We're looking for good, consistent bounce and carry to the keeper. I think if you look back at the last few Test pitches here over the years we've seemed to increase the bounce every year and I think this one is going to be somewhat similar. But before then there's New Year's Eve celebrations to think about. I'm still worried about what I'm going to eat for tea tonight, so... We're looking forward to going on the cruise now this evening, so... Victoria Murphy, Ten News. Players at the Adelaide International have described today's conditions at Memorial Drive forced to retire from his first round match. The oven-like centre court claimed its first victim early on day one - Radek Stepanek deteriorating in the Australian heat. Definitely it's the hottest tournament I've ever played. I don't know what the temperature is right now

but on the court, it's around 50, I guess, so definitely it's maybe too much. Stepanek called for the trainer to treat a heel problem. But the pain proved too much, with Australian Joe Sirianni awarded the match, leading a break and 4-3 in the second. The 32-year-old journeyman relieved not to play a third set. I think it was the last game I was 30-love up, but I did notice a change -

like, it did get warmer and it just hit me in the face. The jury still out on the new Plexicushion surface. Stepanek likes it, but noticed a change in the hot conditions. In this heat it's different - the bounces are higher than usual and it depends, really, on the weather, I think, on this surface. In need of match practice, Lleyton Hewitt teamed up with Nathan Healey in the doubles. The pair lifted in the second, as the temperature pushed past 42 degrees.

Nicki Barnet, Ten News. Meantime, American tennis star Serena Williams says she is taking the Hopman Cup seriously, despite criticism to the contrary. Williams's mobile phone got more of a workout than she did over the Czech Republic's Lucie Safarova. she was just making sure the phone was switched off. It actually went off in the doubles - my alarm went off. "You're late," you know? So I had to turn it off. America won the tie. The Czech Republic's Tomas Berdych pulled out of the mixed doubles due to illness. Central Coast striker John Aloisi has overcome a knee injury

and will take his place in the side to face Melbourne Victory tonight. It's a huge boost for the depleted Mariners as they look to go three points clear at the top ladder. The club is hoping for a massive crowd after last round's 9-goal thriller against Sydney FC. I'm pretty sure most of them will be back on New Year's Eve and, hopefully, with us beating Melbourne, they'll get to have a great New Year's. The Victory have their own injury concerns, with striker Archie Thompson in doubt with a thigh strain, but Danny Allsop is fit enough to return. Two games overnight in the English Premier League, with Manchester City maintaining their unbeaten run at home this season. City can thank some desperate defence from their skipper, Richard Dunne, for keeping Liverpool to a scoreless draw. The Reds are now 10 points adrift of league leaders Arsenal. Derby went up a goal after 27 minutes against Blackburn. COMMENTATOR: First shot, first goal. Derby lead. Not for long, though - Rovers scoring twice just before half-time. The winner came from the boot of David Bentley, sealing a 2-1 win and adding to Derby's relegation worries. If you've ever wondered

why American footballers wear so much protective gear, this next piece of vision will explain. Tennessee Titans player Chris Henry was making steady progress on a punt return before being well and truly stopped in his tracks. COMMENTATOR: Oh, what a shot! I think this was one of the biggest hits I've ever seen in my life. Replays shown around the stadium even had the players grimacing. But Henry bounced straight back up and even had the last laugh, because the Titans booked their place in the play-offs with a 16-10 win.

That is all for sport. Everyone had

a wonderful new year. Time for a wonderful new year. Time for a

traffic check. It is pretty quiet

on the streets? There are lots of

road closures taking place as we

speak, particularly in the city. We speak, particularly in the city. We

will show you up a shot of the

Sydney Harbour Bridge. As you can

see, a lot of traffic moving slowly see, a lot of traffic moving slowly

over the bridge. Everyone is

slowing down to have a look at the

crowd. This is too readily.

Everyone is coming to see what will

be an amazing show. You can expect

delays on the bridge. If you are

looking for a spot to see the fireworks, good luck. with a 16-10 win. Stay with us, Angela Bishop has all the weather details next. This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.

Time far out final weather check of

the year. We have delivered a

beauty for the last one of 2007, an

absolutely stunning summer day.

Something else to capita off nicely

is my special guest. Welcome to the weather.

weather. You are performing here

tonight. One year ago DG dream tonight. One year ago DG dream you

would be doing it? I am honoured to

be here. It will be an awesome

night. You will be performing for

everyone. Good on these people for

sitting here and taking in the sun

all afternoon. What will you be

performing? It was recorded by

Frankie in the 1950s. It is called

time after time. I'm going to check the temperature is

On the satellite, thick cloud over

the Northern Territory from a

monsoon low is resulting in heavy

showers and storms. Cloud in the

Western Australia from the tropical

cyclone is bringing showers to the

coast. Cloud over south-east Queensland from an offshore low is

causing showers. A low will

maintain strong, showery winds on

the South Queensland and northern

New South Wales coast. A trough

will call the southern coast but it will call the southern coast but it

will stay hot inland. There will be

heavy showers in the northern

tropics. Showers on the northern New South Wales and New South Wales and Queensland coast. Isolated

coast. Isolated showers in northern

Western Australia and Victoria. A

few showers Western Australia and Victoria. A

few showers in Tasmania. What few showers in Tasmania. What would

you be doing as a member of the

Navy on year's Eve? Fortunately we

get a couple of days off. We look

after the Garden Island Wharf. The

bent will be performing for all bent will be performing for all the troops.

Thank you for joining us for the

last news bulletin of the year. See

the New Era - - new year in the New Era - - new year in well tonight. Happy new Scores of people in fancy dress got more than a little dirty as they dashed across muddy banks in southern England to raise money for charity. Once you splosh into the freezing water up to your chest I think you've had it, and there's no training you can do for that. Four legs are better than two, so we must be in with a chance. And with an excellent jockey, of course. The competition, run annually, originated in 1973 after a local publican was challenged to serve a meal on a mudbank. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Kathryn Robinson. Thanks for your company. Have a great New Year's Eve. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

Happy New Year to you all. Hello there, I'm Sandra Sully. As the curtain comes down on another year, it's a time to reflect on some of the things that have made a difference in 2007. Later, we'll look at an extraordinary political year, celebrities stealing the headlines for all the wrong reasons, and a wild ride through the year's best in sport. So stay with us for a flashback of what was '07. There's one in the corner there. REPORTER: Entire farms have been left with nothing but burnt pastures. As 60km/h winds push it on to small mining towns.