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the New Zealand election. hour left until polls close for Live. This afternoon - only an

Also ahead - returning home

to see what's left - WA's

Margaret River community begins

the clean-up. the clean-up. Pressure building. Protesters in Egypt

turn out in huge numbers to challenge

challenge the ruling military.

And Crown principal says Mary

dazzles again in Melbourne for her last day of official functions. This functions. This is ABC News

24. Hello, I'm Erin Bell. Checking tomorrow's 24. Hello, I'm Erin Bell.

Checking tomorrow's weather first... We Zealand's election in a We will have more on New

Zealand's election in a moment. First to WA where First to WA where residents attending a community briefing

about the bushfires in WA's south-west have heard they may be

homes by the end of the day.

Authorities have contained the blaze which has destroyed 39 properties, although it is not

yet under control. yet under control. ABC reporter

the story in Jane Norman has been following

River. We spoke with her a the story in the Margaret

short time ago. Authorities,

as you have said fully

contained the fire. It has been

burning for three days. They

have had favourable conditions. The

The temperature has dropped

considerably and the wind has eased. The fire threat has eased.

eased. It is till there but they're hoping to bring the fire under control in the next

is that this afternoon, we will couple of days. What it

- last night and today they

have been sort of removing some

evacuation notices so residents evacuation notices so

have been able to return to their homes. Some of the -

in the worst hit areas of

Prevelly, and Redgate are

likely to be allowed back into

their houses today. As we speak, I am actually in Prevelly. The media is Prevelly. The media is being

taken for the first glimpse of

this area and, I must say, it

is carnage out here. There are

houses that look like they were

front of one of them and it is stoned and I am standing in

nothing but corrugated iron on

the ground. Tragically

next-door - or luckily for them - a house is still standing. It shows the complete randomness of this fire. In one street

there could be 10 houses that are fine and five completely gutted. Devastating news gutted. Devastating news for residents as they return home

tonight, no doubt. I understand there has been some focus on

the officer who was supposed to

be managing the controlled burn which claimed these properties?

That's right. It has been

revealed that one of the

officers who was involved - so officers in the team of people

that has organised this

prescribed burn was actually heavily criticised for his role in the Boorabbin in the Boorabbin bushfire in WA

in 2007. That was a complete

tragedy. Three truck drivers

died when they were allowed

through a convoy and were

incinerated in their trucks. A coronial inquest into that

fire, during that inquest, the

Coroner Ali stair Hope labelled this officer completely

revealed that incompetent and it has been

role in this failed prescribed

burn in Margaret River. Fair Work ombudsman has again

ordered Victorian nurses back

to work. In the dispute, the ordered nurses to end their the dispute, the tribunal

work bans which have continued

for more than a week despite earlier orders to return to

work. Fair Work decided the

wording of the previous ruling

was too narrow and has issued another ruling to put an end to

all action. The ombudsman has

launched an inquiry to action breached the Fair Work

Act. The death toll from last

week's fatal fire at a western

Sydney nursing home as risen to

10. The latest victim is 87 -

an 87-year-old man who died in

Westmead Hospital late last

night. A 35-year-old nurse,

Roger Dean has been Roger Dean has been charged with multiple counts of murder

over the fire which ripped

through the Quakers Hill

nursing home eight days ago.

Bodies of three residents were

found in the ashes of the

building and another seven have building and another seven

since died in Amnesty International has since died in hospital.

rejected claims the Government

is being reckless by granting bridging visas for asylum

seekers so they can live in the

community. The first such were announced yesterday for 27 community. The first such visas

asylum seekers who have passed

security tests. They will be

allowed to work but won't have

access to Centrelink services.

The Opposition says the

further weakens the border protection policies put in

place by former PM John Howard.

But Amnesty International says

there is no evidence that mandatory detention deters

people from attempting to reach

Australia by boat. The Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young says the Government's new the Government's new policy should be made law. Opposition's immigration spokesman Scott Morrison says

the election of Peter Slipper the

to the speaker chair means the Government could pass changes

to the Migration Act allowing

the refugee swap deal with

Malaysia. Mr Morrison says

there was no need for Ms Gillard to change the

Government's policy when it

solution into law. The changes could have voted the Malaysia

announced on Friday will take us back more the pre-Tampa situation. The

give have done this in an

absolute capitulation to the

Greens, the biggest we have seen ever since Kevin Rudd

abolished the pacific solution

and they have done this on the

eve of the monsoon season when

it is the most dangerous period

of time to get on a boat and

come to Australia. This is extremely dangerous time

these sorts of changes to have

been made. The Government, I

think has been reckless making that decision and think has been reckless in

making that decision and what

we will see is having their product super

charged. People will be able to

matter come to Australia within a

matter of months, they will be

able to go into the community

regardless of whether

regardless of whether their

claim has been accepted or not and in fact in many cases when

it has already been rejected on

at least one occasion. will at least one occasion. They will be able to live and work

in the community and pursue

their claims in the courts

endlessly as people used to do for up to 10 years. This is not

the message we want to send. No

serious #2k3w69, who is serious about border protection would engage in this sort of a

decision. The Australian engage

Government says it plans to establish the world's largest marine reserve in the Coral

Sea. Environment minister Tony

Burke says the park could cost

around $1 million around $1 million square kilometres and could help protect

protect fish, pristine coral and nesting sites for the seabirds and the green turtle. Earlier Imogen Zethoven from the PEW Environment Group

told me she was pleased with the minister's announcement? We're pleased. It

is a good first step. It recognises

recognises that the Coral Sea

is a unique

and important place. It is full

of marine life and not just the

little dainty reef fish in the coral reefs but it is

remarkable for its big ocean going life, like tuna and

marlin and sword fish and

whales and dolphins. It is just

full of marine life. QLD police

say this year's schoolies

relers have been the best

behaved yet. Up to 35,000 QLD teenagers descended on the Gold

Coast this week to celebrate their

their end of schooling years.

Police say the final night of partying passed without serious

incident. Most of the students

are expected to leave today as

older schoolies from NSW and Victoria

Victoria begin to arrive. Two adults died after falling adults died after falling from

balconies in the tourist town

this week. The Coroner is

expected to investigate the

Beth of BMX champion Dane

Searls. The other fall is not

considered suspicious. Crown Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark are completing

completing their last official

engagements in Victoria before

heading to heading to Tasmania. The royal couple visited the Hume global learning centre at broad mow

dose this morning and discussed cyber safety in schools. They were joined by PM Julia Gillard

at the engagement where they were greeted by school children bearing were greeted by school children bearing flowers. This evening

the royal couple will attend a charity dinner which will conclude their tour of Victoria.

Victoria. Egypt's military

rulers have picked a

78-year-old former PM to lead

the government until elections

have taken place. The appointment of Kamal

al-Ganzouri came following resignation of cabinet last week. But it has done little to

quell the protests in Tahrir

Square. Calling for the military to step military to step aside

immediately. The wire is immediately. The wire is to help the truth to hold. The

road were protesters and riot

police have fought has been

sealed off by the army.

sealed off by the army. Outside

the square soldiers kept their

distance. Inside the cordon

it was a day for candy floss

not clashes. Tahrir Square was

much more relaxed. This is not a place for every Egyptian. The

Muslim brotherhood's leaders

say they support the Tahrir people but are staying away. Many

Many demonstrators believe the

brotherhood and the again rals are conspiring over a flawed

election the square once postponed. The leaders are not clear. The leaders are

- They're with the army? - They're with the army? Yes,

the army. Even if they the army. Even if they say

they're not but the truth is

they are with them. It was the

biggest turn-out in Tahrir Square this week. The message

politics is a powerful one.

It politics is a powerful one. It wasn't among the chants across Cairo at the historic

Azhir mosque. This was the alternative protest supported by the Muslim brotherhood, Egypt's biggest political

movement. Here, the chants were all about Palestine, Israel and Jerusalem. The

Muslim brotherhood speaker had nothing to say nothing to say about Tahrir name. That is because the brotherhood would prefer the protesters

protesters in Tahrir Square to

go home. They don't want anything to disrupt the

progress towards elections on

Monday and what is expected to be their victory. Some

brotherhood supporters went on brotherhood supporters went on

from the mosque to Tahrir

Square. The leaders calculate

they're far enough ahead to

play it safe by cooperating

with the generals. If we had the elections results the elections results in our

mind we would have probably taken

taken the decision to go to Tahrir Square because this Tahrir Square because this is

the popular now. We obviously we're willing to sacrifice some of our support

support in order to make sure

that the process altogether is

- this is the most important thing that we are having in

mind right now. A third rally

rally was going on in Cairo in

support of the armed forces and against the Tahrir Square protest. TRANSLATION: Elections, not support the army and the

police. We don't want Tahrir. If an Egyptian democracy

emerges it will be tested emerges it will be tested from birth by the dictator ship's

legacy. Over mighty generals

intolerance and bitter division. Polls are about to

close in New Zealand for the country's general election. Both of the election. Both of the main political leaders have cast

their ballots with PM John Key

saying he was feeling excited and slightly nervous. Voting Tasman and all political

parties have been parties have been encouraging their supporters to get to the polls. Opinion polls suggest

the Centre Right National Party of

of PM John Key is expected of PM John Key is expected to be reelected for the second term. The results should be

known later tonight. Voters in

the country are casting their

ballots to elect members of

parliament at the moment to

decide on the future of the

country's voting system. We are

now joined by Antony Green, our political election analyst.

Let's chat to him now. What is the latest with the polling

over there? The polls shut at 7 o'clock New Zealand 7 o'clock New Zealand time

which is in about 45 minutes.

At this stage there is At this stage there is no campaigning allowed on election

day, no news, there is day, no news, there is a complete black-out, no

advertising or signs in the

country. There has been a turn

out all through the day. There

is 300,000 advance votes, 12 or

13% of the total. Been counted since 3 this afternoon and begin since 3 this afternoon and they begin to be released after 7

o'clock when the polls close and figures. The opinion polls have been pointing to the National

Party of PM John Key getting

back potentially with the

majority vote. It has been hovering around the 50% level and under the system and under the system used in

New Zealand, that brings him

close to getting a majority in

his own right which is a first

time a single party has done

that since MMP has

that since MMP has been introduced in 1996. Can you

talk us through how the talk us through how the mixed member proportional system works? The ballot people get the paper with two votes, on the left you select a

party you want to represent

your interest in parliament and

on the right-hand side there is

a list of candidates

can chose an electorate vote for

for the individual candidate. The

The individual electorates is

first past the post. The party vote determines vote determines the composition

of the parliament. There are 70 individual electorates and 50

top-up seats and however many individual electorates a party wins, the number of seats the determined by the party vote.

It is a strictly proportional system. So if the National Party gets 50% of

will get roughly 50% of the

seats and they win as many seats as they can in seats as they can in the electorate and they're topped

up to that number. Some parties like

like the Greens don't win any

individual electorates and get

their members from the list system. It is a proportional

system. It is hard for party system. It is hard for one

party to get a majority and it

tends to lead to Coalition governments. You mentioned governments. You National Party needs

50% of the vote to govern in

its own right. How likely is

that to happen? The polls that to happen? The polls have consistently had them above consistently had them above 50% but as election day approached it has dropped towards 50 and one poll released yesterday had them

under that. There is two things

to watch for the election. You

will hear a lot of it will hear a lot of it over the Constable tonight. There is a

thing called a wasted vote. thing called a wasted vote. Any

party that doesn't reach 5% of the vote gets excluded from the

allocation of the seats. If

that figure gets up to 5 or the nationals won't have to get

50% to reach half of the seats.

The second thing that can occur is something called overhang,

if a party wins individual

electorates but doesn't qualify

for list seats it keeps the

individual seats. At the last

electorate, the Maori party won

five seats and they're only

entitled to three so they kept

the extra two. If there's an overhang of three or four

seats, it makes it harder for

the nationals to get a majority because because the seats on a 120 seat parliament and the the overhang seats go on

top. Can you tell us what some

of the key issues for this

election have been? It has been a rather low in the sense of a Key campaign, it

it has all been about him. He

has high approval ratings. He's

seen as having done a good job

in his three years. He hasn't

been as extremist as been as extremist as some people thought he might been. He's been very moderate

and has dealt well with a

number of issues, the Christchurch earthquake and the

Pike river mine disaster and the global financial crisis. One

One of the issues of the campaign has campaign has been that Labor has said it will not has said it will not sell

assets and it has used that assets and it has used that as a main selling point. Another

issue that has been big is

levels of income. There has been

been problems with New Zealand

income as being lower than

Australian incomes and as Australian incomes and as we know in Australia, with the

two-speed economy and the pull

of jobs in the mining sector,

New Zealand is with people with qualifications being

being lured to go and work in

the Australian mining sector.

There is always concern of a brain

brain drain out of New

Zealand. While the polls are showing

have a controversial candidate

Winston Peters. Can you tell us

a bit about how he is going and whether he's a potential player for tonight? Winston for tonight? Winston Peters is

one of the one of the perennial characters of New Zealand characters. been of New Zealand characters. He's

been in and out of parliament

since the 1970s. He was part of

Robert Muldoon, a PM in the

and 80s. He was a national and

left them in the 1990s and became Deputy PM in a national

government and foreign minister in a Labor Government. He's

been sacked by PMs in been sacked by PMs in both sides. He's always raising

issues. He's very charismatic

and he has a lot of appeal amongst the older voters. He

used to have appeal amongst used to have appeal amongst the

Maori voters so he's quite complex character. His party

missed out last time and fell

under 5%. If the New Zealand

first gets to 5% Winston will

be back and John Key has said outright he will not deal with

Winston Peters. If he's in

there for five or six there for five or six members,

he will be a problem for

nationals because he will make

it harder for them to get a majority and they majority and they have ruled

out governing with them. We

look forward to speaking with

you later on today. ABC News 24

will be providing rolling coverage

coverage of the New Zealand election

partner TVN. From 5 p.m. eastern daylight time. We eastern daylight time. We will cross to Antony cross to Antony Green throughout the day. We will bring you that as that comes

through. For the first time ever

ever police in Tasmania will

make regular checks and visits

to gather intelligence on those

listed in the State's listed in the State's register of sex offenders. The register was created in 2005 but, until

offenders reporting offenders movements and changes movements and changes of circumstances. There are about 300 names on Tasmania's register of seconds offenders and almost every day and almost every day another is added. Most are forced to report regularly to police for

a set period determined by the

courts. Six offenders have

been placed on a list for been placed on a list for life.

The register was set up six

years ago with the aim of

limiting the risk limiting the risk of

reoffending by keeping tabs on those convicted of sex crimes

and possessing child

pornography but it relies offenders reporting to police

and being honest about any

change of name, address, employment, relationship or

contact with children. The

register up to this point

really been a toothless tiger. Under new tiger. Under new guidelines

drawn by police, each offender

on the register will be

assessed as being low, medium,

high, or very high risk. high, or very high risk. Even

those considered low risk can

expect a phone call every six

months and at least one visit a

year from police. Those at the

high end of the scale will police on their doorstep at least every two months with follow-up phone calls between visits. At long last they're going to be made going to be made accountable and fully accountable when they

get out of jail. If there is something in place that actually is making someone

accountable for the fact that

someone's on the register, that can only be a good thing. But

there are some there are some reservations

about how police will rank

confidentiality under such a offenders and maintain

visible and aggressive

monitoring system. If that means a police knocking on their door every means a police officer is

month, members of the community

will become aware of why is someone having their doorknocked every month? With

Tasmania police losing more than 100 positions under budget than

cuts there are concerns about the extra workload. The

Government is cutting our

numbers and, as I said, it is

cutting our fleet and it is

cutting the budget all over cutting the budget all over the

place and now expecting us to

what they can with deliver more. They will do

what they can with the resources that that they have

it is early days yet to see whether people will not. Inspectors will be trained in

in the new offender guidelines

next week. To sport with

Clare. Clare the Australian

cricket team has

announced? This is for the

clash with New Zealand. Plenty

of fresh faces there. David

warner Mitchell Stark and James

Pattison have received their

first call-ups ahead of the New Zealand series. Brad Haddin

will stand in as vice Pat Cummins, Ryan Harris, will stand in as vice captain.

Marsh were unable for selection. Copeland and Bier

missed selection after being part of the squad Africa. Peter Siddle has been Africa. Peter Siddle has

called back into the squad. Copeland has again missed Copeland

out. To golf and American Bubba

Watson is in a two-way tie for

first place in the third round of the Australian PGA championship at Coolum. That is

the leader board a short time


Watson started the day two

shots from the overnight leader, Marcus Fraser. Erased

the deficit with an eagle on the first hole. Fraser reclaimed his advantage soon reclaimed his advantage

after but his lead deteriorated

throughout the afternoon. All the while, Kim has been confidently moving to the

top. It ended in a stalemate at

Hindmarsh Stadium in the only A-League match last night.

Adelaide United drew nil all

with the Newcastle jets while

emotions erupted at Brisbane

ahead of a record-breaking

A-League clash against Perth tonight. Brisbane goalkeeper Michael

Michael Theoklitos and defender

Ivan Franjic had to be

separated by team-mates after fight broke out toward separated by team-mates after a

of training. That is probably

the first time I have seen

something like that but it something like that but it is

again a competitive edge that probably

probably boiled over a little

bit. Coach Ange Postecoglou

wants the Australian football

code record of 36 games undefeated. He's not overly concerned about the world

record of 108 games which is reportedly held by a club from

the Ivory Coast. I have heard

119. Somebody said the Harlem

Globetrotters are in the thousands. We will go 36 and then one at a then one at a time. Roar skipper Matt Smith says he's

overcome a back injury that

troubled him last week. Former Olympic

Olympic gold medallist Michael

Klim is the latest Klim is the latest Australian swim star to dive back into the deep end of competitive swimming. announced his intention swimming. He officially

qualify for the London Olympics announced his intention to

first time he publicly stepped in February.

up to the starting block. Klim

over 23 seconds. He made the 50m freestyle in just

the 100m time trial in over 51 seconds in Melbourne

and says it is great to be back

in the water. Definitely. There

is always that anticipation of

bombing out or of really the

nerves getting the better of me

and falling in or my goggles

falling off. You sometimes falling off. You sometimes

those things go through your mind. For everything to like I was here the other day mind. For everything to run

racing. It is quite enjoyable.

Most of the guys are half Most of the guys are half my

age which, that is shattering thing about being age which, that is the most

back but it is really enjoyable swimming and racing. Michael Klim there. Overseas and goal

line technology could be used

line as early as neck season in the

English Premier League. That is

according to the English

systems Football Association. Nine

systems are currently being

tested by FIFA, with a final

decision expected in July next

Villas-Boas year. Chelsea manager Andre

Villas-Boas is in favour Villas-Boas is in favour of the set choice. They should have been

set for quite some time with

the technology that we have

available. It could different games throughout but

it is something that I fully

support. Arsenal manager

Arsene Wenger is also a fan of

the technology. When you the technology. When you love

football you want to reduce the

level of injustice and that for

me has nothing to do with the money involved, I just want money involved, I just want as

much as possible the right

technology can help. There is

eight premier league matches

set to be played tonight. The full results tomorrow morning. To rugby union and will play their first fixture

since the World Cup when they

take on the Barbarians take on the Barbarians tomorrow

morning. They will be cap tend

by flanker David Pocock by flanker David Pocock against the invitational side who beat New Zealand the invitational Barbarians

South Africa over the past two the

years. We have a good record

against them. For the last two

years they have knocked off the

they Kiwis and South Africans and

continue that record against

us. I think it will make for an

exciting game and one that I am

excited by. Australia have been

forced into a late change in

their starting line-up. The

Western Force's number eight,

Dave Denis replacing Ben

McCalman who has been ruled out

with an eye injury. The

Australians will then face

Wales in Cardiff next

weekend. Novak Djokovic has

been knocked out of the

prior to the semis. The prior to the semis. The Serbian was beaten by compatriot Janko Tipsarevic

Tipsarevic but could still have gone through if Spaniard David

Ferrer beat the Czech Tomas Berdych but that failed to

materialise. Checking the weather now. The

satellite shows extensive satellite shows extensive cloud cover over QLD and NSW forming

along a trough. Cloud from a low pressure system low pressure system coarse

Victoria and Tasmania. There is also thick cloud also thick cloud over the Top End. Tomorrow's weather around the states... QLD will the states... QLD will see isolated showers and storms

over the eastern districts.

Fine and dry over the southern

parts of the country and central west

Areas of rain in the

south-east of Victoria.

Just a reminder that ABC News 24 will coverage of the New Zealand election with our broadcast

partner TVN From 5 p.m. eastern

daylight time. We will cross

live to Antony Green in