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(generated from captions) Today's top stories - the

toll from an earthquake

south-eastern Turkey is rising

with 138 people now confirmed

dead. At least 500 have been

injured and up to 400 people

are missing after the quake

Van. struck near the large city of

Van. Rescue crews are working

through the night to try to

find people trapped under find people trapped under the

rubble and collapsed buildings. Libya's National Transitional Council has declared the revolt against Moammar

Gaddafi began. Tens of

thousands of people packed thousands

Freedom Square to hear NTC

officials make the officials make

announcement. The NTC says

there will be elections within eight months to create a interim eight months to create a proper

interim government and full

Presidential elections at a

later date. Wayne Swan says European leaders must develop a

comprehensive plan this week to solve the Eurozone debt crisis. Eurozone leaders are getting

closer to a deal following talks in Brussels but

until a second summit on Wednesday. The Queen and Duke

of Edinburgh will visit

Australian Brisbane today as part of their

Australian tour. They

cruise up the Brisbane River Southbank. There will be a cruise up the Brisbane River to


private reception for January floods and the communities affected by the emergency

emergency service personnel who

saved their lives. We just saw

the shots of the Queen on that

plane 10 minutes ago heading

off from Canberra for Brisbane. to a thousand people may have Turkish authorities fear close

been killed in

been killed in a powerful

earthquake which struck the

country's east. The 7.2

magnitude quake collapsed

dozens of buildings in Ercis

and Van. Turkish television

pictures captured the confusion in

in the immediate aftermath of

the earthquake. Buildings in Van collapsed but

Van collapsed but the epicentre was some distance been casualties in a number of

nearby towns. Phone lines and electricity supplies were cut. There was an immediate call for

about a thousand buildings have assistance. It is thought

been damaged. The earthquake

measured 7.2. It has also

resulted in powerful aftershocks. Britain and measured

America are among

America are among the countries ready to help, but so ready to help, but so far

Turkey has not said it needs aid from arrived in Van this evening as Minister Recap Tayyip Erdogan

the rescue operation got into

full swing. Search teams are trying to find people trapped

under rubble. The temperature

is expected to drop to freezing

is expected to drop to freezing

point. They have a night long

ahead of them. Some of the victims, among them children,

are being cared for in the

because garden of the local hospital

because the building has been damaged. Tents and blankets

have been dispatched. Tonight

the casualty toll looks certain

to rise. to rise. That's the situation in Turkey. government has declared liberation before a

liberation before a jubilant crowd in Benghazi. Tens of thousands of people packed into

Freedom Square to hear the announcement and outline for the future of the country.

The NTC says there will be

elections within eight months to elect a proper interim government. The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says any

welcomed an inclusive one. She has

welcomed the announcement of an

independent investigation into

Moammar Gaddafi's death.

Obviously no-one wants to see

any human being in that condition. Yet I know what a

great relief it was to millions

of Libyans that the past was

finished and now they can move

into a different future without

fear and intimidation and try

to make up for lost time of 42 years to develop a country that

has so much natural wealth and

deserves to have a deserves to have a democracy and prosperity. I think

everyone would hope that he

could have been captured and

brought to justice and I am

very pleased that the National brought to justice and I am

Transitional Council has for an independent Transitional Council has called for

investigation along with the investigation along

United Nations. I fully support

that, because I think that the

new Libya needs to start accountability, the rule of

law, a sense of unity and reconciliation in order to

build an inclusive democracy so

people who supported the former regime, unless they do have blood

blood on their hands, should be safe

safe and spheel included in

this new - feel included in this country. Hillary Clinton there. Still in North Africa,

Tunisians are voting in the

first first free elections in the

Middle East since the Arab

Spring began in Tunisia just

under a year ago. They under a year ago. They are

voting for a constituent

interim president who will Constitution and appoint an assembly which will draft a

choose a new

choose a new government. To

vote is most precious

who have been denied it. They

stood in the sun for hours quietly, patiently, quietly, patiently, to stake

their claim to a democratic future, to take charge of their

own destiny. It is the biggest

day ever. For the first time in our life

our life we have a true and clear elections and we don't know the outcome. This is the know

beauty of it. It might show the beauty of it. It might show

other Arab countries the way to

do it. I asked one man who he thought would win the election.

result, because we voted "We will all win, whatever the

democratically and clearly democratically and clearly and that's

that's the real victory", he

told me. More than 100 new

political parties, 9,000

polling stations, millions of

polling stations, millions of votes. It is a huge undertaking

achieved from a standing start in just

is a huge popular will among

Tunisians to get this right. Tunisians

This is the young democracy

still very much in the making.

But already everybody knows what a heavy burden it carries. For what is happening

here today has the potential to

change the nature of the state

in the Arab world. Yes, a lot can still

can still go wrong, but right

here, right now, this feels

like a moment of like a moment of real

consequence. The Islamist party

al-Nahda is likely to emerge as

they want an Islamic State?

Far from it, they say. We have

said clearly we need said clearly we need a democratic state, a democratic state, a civil state, that is open to all citizens, that is where there is

is no discrimination on the basis of colour, race, basis of colour, race, gender or faith. That is open to all

Tunisians of all faith and Tunisians of all faith and no faith. In 10 months, Tunisians

have built something new and of great promise in the Arab

world. They led the Spring, they are leading it still. That report from the

BBC. Dawn gun fire in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa has

left one person dead as

left one person dead as protest

ers continue to demand the removal removal of Abdullah Saleh. Demonstrators have accused the government

snipers of targeting their protest camp. Despite the death,

death, tens of thousands of

people staged a rally through

the city calling on the President to step down. President to step down. Mr

Saleh has previously agreed to

leave office several times only

to go back on his word. Later today, Australia's

general in Bali will visit the

Australian teenager facing a

trial on alleged drug offences.

The 14-year-old was moved over

the weekend to more humane

facilities after by senior Indonesian Ministers

and the chief of police. Helen

Brown reports from Bali. It is

the second night in a row for

the Australian teenager being

held in this immigration

detention centre after detention centre after what's

been an odd weekend where he

had to push his way through a

media scrum when he first

arrived and then sit through a press briefing. Indonesian

officials have explained

they wanted to protect the

boy's identity while also show

they do have concerns for they do have concerns for the

rights of juveniles in

cell he is now is a far cry

from that he was being held in

at the police station. There is

room for him and his parents. It has

It has its own bathroom and

authorities tell us there is

also some exercising equipment

and an area in the courtyard

for him to stretch his legs in.

It has transpired it wasn't

just the Justice Minister who

took an interest and made the decision to move him after consulting with other

high-ranking Indonesian

officials. The Justice Minister

says that Indonesia's President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Yudhoyono, is also taking

interest in the case, in the conditions

conditions that boy might have

faced if he had gone to Kerobokan jail, but also the conditions that other

Indonesian juveniles face when

they go into the prison system.

So, the concern is being felt

right at the very top. It right at the very top. It is

not known, of course, how long

the boy will have to stay here. involved in that decision, but for now, he is a

for now, he is a lot more

comfortable than he was a

couple of days ago. Qantas baggage caterers

Qantas baggage handlers,

caterers and ground crews have cancelled industrial action

planned for this week. The Transport Workers' Union had

organised stop-work meetings in Sydney, Canberra and Cairns on

Wednesday. The union says it

has cancelled the action so it

has cancelled the action so it

can negotiate a new enterprise bargaining agreement with follows the other unions

involved in that action against

Qantas cancelling their

industrial action over the next

couple of weeks as well. Fisheries officers in WA say it

will be almost impossible to

identify the shark responsible

for the a tack that killed a 32-year-old man off Rottnest Island this

Island this weekend. Island this weekend. The

government has ordered sharks

to be destroyed if they pose a threat to human life. It is the

first time such an order has

been gi ven. A 3m Great wheet is believed to be is believed to be responsible for the attack on George Thomas Wainwright. The first class

action from Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires has settled. Electricity

distributor Powercor has agreed to to pay

to pay Horsham residents and

businesses up to $40 million.

Faulty powerlines owned by the

company were found to have

started a fire that destroyed started a fire that destroyed

13 homes and land on the

outskirt of the town.

advocates are calling on

Federal and State Governments

to provide more support for the

nation's unsun heros. They say

nation's unsun heros. They say

recognition is not enough and urgent action is needed to

improve the lives of carers.

There are now more than 300,000

Australians aged under 25

caring for others. Half of caring for others. Half of them

are younger than 18, are younger than 18, including Canberra's Liesl May. It has definitely been challenging at

times and it has kind of made

me feel like I'm the only one in my friendship group besides

my sister who cares for someone else. The 12-year-old's brother, Simon, has high-functioning brother, he is stressed or anxious, he is stressed or anxious, he will shut down, stop talking, stop looking at people and stop

being able to let us know what's going on with him. My relationship with my relationship with my brother

has kind of bloomed after we

found that we could both found that we could both play

computer games together because that was one thing to that I could vaguely relate to. The Federal Government released a National Carers strategy earlier this year but

carers want more. I'd say carers want more. I'd say put teeth behind the National

Carers legislation so it is not

just a statement of goodwill

but has a real function and

makes a difference to the lives

of carers. Advocates are

working for flexible haur

hours or carers for young carers like Liesl. It

is important to identify a

choice of options, choice of options, particularly

in the area of respite, school vacation time and after school

care. I don't know how a single

parent manages to raise a child

with special needs, it is hard

to juggle the needs of the child, their work place and

their own sanity time. It would

be hard. Carers are calling for

access for a wider range of those they care for. A team of Australian

scientists has set out scientists has set out for Antarctica on the first voyage of the new research

of the new research season. It

marks 100 years since the explorer Sir Douglas Mawson led

Australia's first expedition to

the icy continent. The research ship Aurora Australis

ship Aurora Australis was

docked in Hobart for the final preparation before its journey south.

south. The trip marks 100 years of Australian Antarctic

research. Over the research. Over the next six

months, more than 500 people

months, more than 500 people will travel Hobart. They will work on 90

scientific, policy and

logistical projects, following

the legacy established logistical Douglas Mawson a

ago. Douglas Mawson looked to

the future and he the future and he saw Antarctica as a critical place

to understand. The frozen continue independent provides scientists with

scientists with a unique window

into the natural

world. Antarctica has a

world. Antarctica has a huge impact on the world's climate

and so if you don't understand

you have a huge hole in your

models of world climate. Of models of world climate. Of of

of will use a laser and three

atmospheric radars based at

Davis station to measure wind and

and temperature changes 85km

aborf the earth. This is like an early warning for climate change because if you have a

small change in the temperature

down below, it might be

difficult to detect that but

higher up the impact on the temperature should be difficult

will be commemorated with a

voyage following in the

footsteps of Sir Douglas Mawson in December. The team is

in December. The team is due to arrive at Mawson's huts 100

years to the day after the explorer's first visit on January 7, 1912.

Let's check the markets with

Alicia Barry. I'm sorry about that before, we were rudely

interrupted by the Queen, you

were standing at the ready.

There was a big jump on the US markets flowed through here today? It

flowed through here today? It

has indeed, Joe. Investors grew confident European leaders

would find a solution to the

debt crisis over the weekend

and that positivity has

filtered through to the local and

share market. In early trade, the Lords index is - All Ords

Index is up 1.6% and the ASX 200 index is up by a 200 index is up by a little

more. The mining sector is

doing the best at the moment.

On Friday, the Dow Jones industrial average added

industrial average added 2.3%

on hopes of solution to the EU debt problems and after strong earngings results. The NASDAQ

added 1 and a third per cent.

Big gains in Europe as

On commodity markets, spot

gold is heading lower and crude

oil is heading higher. The Australian dollar gained against

against the Greenback over the

weekend however it did ease

back this morning as investors

headed out of risky assets. It

is buying 103.2 US cents. More on the leaders have met in Brussels to

try and solve the region's

worsening sovereign debt crisis

but no concrete decisions have

been made just yet. There has

been progress on a $145 billion recapitalisation plan to shore

up European banks but up European banks but lenders will still have to will still have to agree to shoulder greater losses of their

their Greek debt holdings. The

biggest sticking point is how

to bolster the bail-out fund in

case called on to help Italy case called on to help Italy or Spain. Spain. The leaders meet on Wednesday. The latest Spain. Commonwealth Bank State of the

States report shows WA's

economy remains the best in the country. The

country. The report bases

rankings on eight indicators

including economic growth,

retail spending and

unemployment. NSW, Queensland

and Tasmania are the and Tasmania are the worst

performing States. A new report is forecasting Australia's resources industry will resources industry will reach

its highest rate of growth in

more than 20 years by 2016. BIS report is tipping production will soar by

will soar by 45% in the next

five years. It is also

predicting annual mining investment will reach more than

$80 billion by 2015. But the

report warns shortages in

skills and equipment, a lack of infrastructure and rising construction costs could see major projects experience large

cost blow-outs. I will cost blow-outs. I will have more from the markets shortly.

Thank you. An ancient story from Arnhem Land has been transformed into an animated short film. With traditional

languages becoming almost

extinct, the film is seen as a way of preserving the past. It

is an ancient story being told with state-of-the-art


It tells the journey of It tells the journey of the

turtles and the osprey over

country, over the islands,

through tu the sea. The film is

an Aboriginal Dreaming story from

from the north-west gulf

country. The engage young people as well as

preserve local knowledge and the Yanyuwa language.

There are now only There are now only five women

who speak the language

fluently. Those old people are

really worried about what is it

they can give to their younger

people, how can they pass on

knowledge to the younger

people? It is a fantastic way

of getting kids enthusiastic about the old stories and about the old stories and that knowledge. That will hopefully

help us all look after country better. Anthropologist s animators worked with the local

people to help at the time the

story. The animation was used using the same technology as

'Avatar'. Some parts of the

film are graphic but they make

no apology. The basis we work on on are the original on are the original narratives

told by the Elders, the way they used to tell the stories. We

We don't cut anything out, they are the

are the way the stories were

told. The film has been so well

received another is already in

In Bhutan, a controversial no smoking law is smoking law is stirring opposition to the government.

But the law has its supporters who claim the Bhutanese would

be better off with a tobacco

free country. The sale of

tobacco is banned in Bhutan but

smugglers in India ensure

cigarettes are available. The Government has tightened the

law allowing police to

law allowing police to search

homes and impose hefty jail

terms with people caught illegally-imported tobacco. The

Opposition says the Government

is going too far. People have been been unnecessarily harassed, criminalised. Many honest citizens, hard-working citizens, have been made to

feel like petty criminals. The social fabric has been unnecessary ly strained. So, it

has been difficult. Smoking at

home is permitted but there only within strictly import limits of tobacco products. Earlier this year Bhutan made Bhutan made international headlines when a monk from headlines when a monk from this month nastry on the out month nastry on the out skirts

of the capital received of the capital received a three-year jail term possessing a few dollars worth of tobacco. TRANSLATION:

Whatever happened to him was not right. It was wrong. It was

not right of them to punish

him. He does not smoke and is not involved with business about tobacco but still they

caught him. Bhutan has been careful

careful to protect many careful to protect many aspects of its way of life from the Government defends the laws,

saying the country can do without importing without importing tobacco products and the products and the health problems that come with

them. We don't grow them. We don't grow tobacco. We

don't have factories producing

tobacco. And also tame, we - at

the same time, if our people

are healthier, how happy we are

could be. However, the

Government has bowed to

criticism and says it may review review the laws.

choose a secluded spot like this one if they want to smoke. There are a few people in All

black jer jerseys black jer jerseys staggering around the city this morning after claiming the Rugby World

Cup. Ecstatic fans leaving Cup. Ecstatic fans leaving the venue after the match were happy to have got the win after they struggled in the second

half to contain the half to contain the fast

finishing French. Yeah mate,

everyone will be so relieved

and ecstatic. It will be

perfect. It is not relief. You

should have won it, mate. They

had to fight for it so good had to fight for it so good on them. (LAUGHTER) the captain

and coach have got the monkey off New Zealand's black after being labelled for chokers for numerous failiers in the -

failures in the past. It came

down to how much desire and

courage the boys had. A lot of guys have put a lot effort in

for a long time and they for a long time and they

weren't going to let the

opportunity go. This thing was

about winning. The guys have

won the World Cup and that is outstanding. We have outstanding. We have been through a lot together as Richie said and a lot of the

guys played in the last World

Cup and fell at quarterfinal and to win this is

- there is not words for it,

quite frankly. The French did

put up a good fight. There has been a couple of astonishing results

results in this English Premier League overnight.

Mario Balotelli and Edin Jecko got two goals each for got two goals each for mamp City while David Silva and Sergio Aguera grabbed one Sergio Aguera grabbed one each. Some of the highlights. Some of the highlights. Letds

get an update on the weather. Here is Paul Higgins.

Good morning. It has been an unsettled weekend across much of the nation thanks to three

pressure troughs, one over Victoria and Tasmania, another

Victoria and Tasmania, another over the Northern Territory

into SA and a third in West. In fact, yesterday evening thunderstorms were

firing up across at least one-third it will be mostly fine over Queensland and the Northern

Territory - sorry, northern NSW

today under the ridge. Halt hot too. A cold sweep through Tasmania bringing

a chilly outknreak break.

Thank you. Cult film makers

John Waters is in perform 'This filthy world'.

The man who made 'Hair spray' describes the show as self-help

for people who don't need

self-help. He spoke about his admiration of bad taste. I

think I am always looking up, bad taste is amazing to me,

that people have the freedom of

bad taste. I care what people

think. I know the rules of think. I know the rules of good taste, that's how I have learned to break them with hu mur. The Bolshoi theatre will be theatre will be reopen ed this

week. The theatre has been closed for renovations closed for renovations since

2005 but will play host to

ballet companies once more. The

project has been plagued by a

number of delays and cost

blow-out plus accusations of

fraud and embezzlement. The renovations have sought to

restore the theatre to its former glory former glory days. Stay with us an ABC News 24 for

This morning - a desperate

search for survivors. Fears up

to a thousand people may have

been killed in an earthquake in

Turkey. This Program is Captioned Live. Libya's declaration of

freedom but where to now? Day

six of the Royal tour. The

Queen leaves for Brisbane where

she will meet flood and cyclone

victims. And the pressure has

lifted. New Zealand celebrates

the Rugby World Cup win over a gallant France.

If good morning. You are watching ABC News 24. watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at

today's weather: