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(generated from captions) absolutely thoroughly sick of

it. Kim Landers in Ashgrove,

thanks for the update Thank you. The Federal Government

will today outline just how much the Commonwealth will offer the states for offer the states for vocational education and training. It is

also releasing a report on the

skills challenge facing

Australia. For more, the skills

Minister Senator Chris Evans

Evans, good joins us from Canberra. Senator

you. Good morning, Evans, good morning to

Michael. Just how much money is the Commonwealth lovering

the Commonwealth lovering the

states in relation to training? Well, as part of our ongoing commitment we're

putting a $1.75 billion on the

table for negotiation with states, to try to get them to table for negotiation with the

the lift the numbers for the

training, lift the quality and

make sure those make sure those people are

finishing their training, to make sure we meet the shortages, but also giving make sure we meet the skills

people better chance of

of training and better prospects

enough to meet the various future. But will that money be

challenges? That's in addition

to the ongoing funding to the ongoing funding we're

making to the training system,

but this is designed to drive a

reform program. What we know is

that the best chance of young people getting well-paying jobs, staying in the workforce, as are if they've got skills, jobs, staying in the workforce,

so it is a young people. Secondly it is so it is a good opportunity for

about meeting the skills

economy and are likely to grow. shortages we know exist in the

When Australia's future is a

high-skilled workforce, we've got to make sure we're getting got to make sure we're getting

the training needed to equip

our people to take up the job

opportunities, and the current system is just not producing enough people with the enough people with the skills

they need. We all knows the

skills shortages facing many industries, clueing mining.

Does this later report

challenge it is for some underscore just how much of a

sectors of the economy? Look t does. It focuses on mining in one sense, but it's equally true we've got huge shortages

in the medical workforce and in

areas like aged care. It is

right across our economy and it is a reflection that unskilled

jobs are a thing of the past.

People are looking for higher People are looking for

skills in the workforce and so

we've got to make sure that people, when they leave school,

are getting post-school

training in a skill, and so by

lifting the effort, by lifting

sure the numbers we train, by making

sure it's quality training,

we're going to provide the

workforce we need, but

importantly make sure young

people and other people in the

workforce aren't left behind.

The skills is a really important part of whether

people stay connected to the

workforce, and whether life prospects workforce, and whether their life prospects are positive Northern Territory or not, so

there is an individual aspect

and a broader economy

aspect. Senator Evans, the

mining tax is set to pass through the Senate tonight.

Given all the trouble it Given all the trouble it has

caused the Government, you've

been at war with some of the

big niners, it has cost you a

first-term prime minister, how

psychologically significant or

important will this move be for

the Labor Party? Look, it is a

very important moment. What it

does is show that this

government can get the job

done. We've got the carbon

price in place. Now the Mineral price in place. Now the Mineral

another big achievement and Resource Rent Tax will be

this will make sure we benefit

from the mining boo.. As a West Australian, I know that not

everyone is doing well out of

the mining boom. It's about

spreading the benefits to people who are working in other

industries to ensure we improve people's superannuation, give

small business a tax break, all

of these things that, as I say,

are about making sure that the

mining boom benefits all of Australia, so the tax is really important part of that Australia, so the tax is a

approach, and I think we it will be a really significant

victory for the Government. At

the same time the Coalition and

some mining companies are

reiterating their criticism of

the mining tax, saying that on

the contrary t will destroy large parts of the mining industry? What nonsense. We the figures for exploration industry? What nonsense. We saw

the figures for exploration in

the last quarter of last year,

$1 billion spent on mining exploration. That's about the

mines of the future, so the

industry is investing heavily

not only in the current operations , but in operations , but in the prospects for exploring and

mining into the future. We've

heard these scare campaigns before. Business will go on,

mine lg go on, we'll continue to grow the sector and the

will get some benefits from the economy, but all Australians

resources boom. After all, their resources that the miners resources boom. After all, it's

are digging up. As part getting the Greens on board, are digging up. As part of

the Government has agreed to

two main things, monthly review

of mining tax revenues, but

also leaving the way open for a possible increase in the mining

tax. How likely is it that we will see an increase in the mining tax in the year as head? What we can say with

confidence is the Government is

passing the legislation this

week. We know the rates and any decisions down the track are ones for future parliaments,

but the mining tax has been negotiated with the major

company companies. People think it's fair, people think it's

balanced and it will be brought in and will deliver huge benefits to all Australians and

it is a very significant day in

terms of providing proper

taxation of the resources taxation of the resources

industry in this country, much

like we can about oil and gas

20, 30 years ago . Chris Evans