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(generated from captions) Hello. On tonight's program

- world powers map out a future for Libya post Colonel Gaddafi. 35 Foreign Ministers have been

meeting in reason London to

discuss how to end the violence

and remove Gaddafi from power.

As the fighting continues, the

US won't rule out helping to

'The World'. arm the rebels. You're watching

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Live. All of us have to deepen All of us have to deepen the

regime. How lng isolation of the Gaddafi

hold on? We'll discuss the regime. How lng will Gaddafi

implications with Britain's

former ambassador to Libya. forced to quit in the wake of Also ahead, Syria's government

huge protests. More than a

million people flee Ivory Coast

of the as battles rage who's in charge

East Timor rules out becoming a

regional fix for asylum

seekers. And the pressure is on

for Australian cricket's new

captain. I'm not Ricky Ponting.

I'm me I want to do things my


NATO says it's on track to

take Chan of the international

intervention in Libya but the coalition's next step is unclear. Foreign Ministers unclear. Foreign Ministers and

diplomats from around the globe

have met in London to debate

how far they should go to force part the US says it will an end to the violence. For its

applying pressure on Colonel part the US says it will keep applying pressure

Gaddafi to step down from power

and is hasn't ruled out supplying weapons to the

opposition fighters. After days coalition nations it was an of mixed

front. The British Foreign opportunity to present a united

Secretary met first with

Mahmoud Jabril, who came to Mahmoud Jabril, who came

London to present a road map a free and democratic London to present a road map to

Libya. The real aspirations of

the Libyan people are to

free, to live under a

constitutional, democratic

system. The summit ended with a

vow to further pressure alienate the Gaddafi regime. vow to further pressure and

The coalition will help fund

the rebel army, even though

NATO intelligence officers on

the ground have found what they call flickers of al-Qaeda in

the rebel ranks. Of course

there is a danger that if

things go wrong in the region

on a sustained basis, there

could be now terrorism or extremism. The US

is adamant that UN resolution

1973 allows NATO and its allies to arm the forces. There could be to arm the opposition

legitimate transfer of arms if

a country were to choose to do

that. As I said, we have not

made that decision at this

time. The end game might involve granting Muammar Gaddafi immunity from

sig couldn't outcomes from this prosecution. One of

conference has been conference has been a commitment by the coalition to

enter into a dialogue with Colonel Gaddafi. It's not they

say an admission that the military operation isn't working; it's just not working

fast enough. After 10 days of

coalition air strikes and coalition air strikes

significant gains rebels have met a barrage of firepower

halting their march towards Tripoli. Ben Knight reports from dab gab in eastern Libya.

The rebels desperately wanted

to keep up their mow 10 aumed

hoped that their weekend

success would inspire the people inside the city of Sirte

to rise up and help them march to rise up and help

in. Instead they got a hammering from Muammar

Gaddafi's army and its

artillery, which far outguns

anything the rebels have to

respond. It didn't just stop

their advance t began pushing them back down the road. Suddenly the opposition forces were fighting to were fighting to hold onto the

coalition jet town of bin Jawad. The

to be seen. We can hear the sound

sound of very, very heavy shelling and bombardment, also

missiles and rockets big fired

way back from just down here. We're quite a

Sirte. The front line is being pushed back and the counter

attack has begun. The town of

bin Jawad shortly after fell to

the Gaddafi forces. There are

clear signs of fatigue among

the rebels. This has now

going on for more than a month

and some here estimate that up to 20,000 opposition fighters

and civilians have been To discuss this issue further I'm

I'm joined now by Oxford from the former British to Libya, Oliver Myles. Good evening. Thanks for joining

us. Good evening. What do you make of the way things are

currently playing out on the currently playing out on

ground in Libya? It's very likely there will be these rapid moves back and forth

between the cities. You've got

to remember this is desert terrain. And both the

forces black the necessary

logistics to do what you might

call a serious military attack

at the other end of the line.

So there's a lot of rushing backwards and forwards hoping

the guy at the other end will

give in without a fight and

then find you're running out of

ammunition and you have to go

fighting like that back. How long do you expect

fighting like that to

gone on continue? It seems to have

gone on already in some areas

for some weeks. I for some weeks. continue it's fairly low level

stuff. I would expect it to

stay low level. The pro Gaddafi groups don't have the

capability now to use heavy weaponry in these advance and retreats because they're

prevented by the UN forces and the anti-Gaddafi forces don't They're both confined to rather hit and run type tactics. When

cruise missiles were raining I spoke to you 10 days ooh

down on Libya. You down on Libya. You were quite pessimistic then about the

prospects for the intervention. prospects for the

Has anything happened since then to change your view? No.

It's true the intervention the UN forces for the alliance, It's true the intervention by

whatever we reduced the ability of the government side to use heavy

weaponry. That has I'm weaponry. That has I'm sure

saved plenty of civilian lives

but it doesn't create the conditions for a decisive move on the military front. Most

likely we'll face a likely we'll face a military stand-off with a little

skirmishing and a morale struggle between the pro-and anti-Gaddafi elements, each

trying to undermine the other's

will happen and I think the

odds are that Gaddafi will lose. But that may tairk some

time. What do you currently see as the pitfalls awaiting as the pitfalls awaiting unwary

western governments who are involved in this intervention? It

who said you can do anything with them except sit on them.

We're stuck We're stuck with a rather high

profile military role which is bound to cause trouble in my view. There are bound to be

mishaps, civilian casualties,

caused by our

There are also going to be very

difficult situations which will arise. We deal with them. For example I

heard a couple of days ago from a Libyan friend. I don't know

whether this is true, but it's

the sort of thing that's going

to happen. In the town to happen. In the town of

Sebha, right down in the far south, anti-Gadded forces were

mounting an attack and they killed civilians. The mandate

from the from the UN is to protect

civilian lives. Are we going civilian lives. Are we going to

protect pro-Gaddafi civilians by holding back rebel forces?

If so we'll get ourselves into

a very complicated situation. What about the

prospect of sending troops in

on the ground if order to carry

out that sort of protection

role? I don't think that will happen. One can't be quite

certain. The UN mandate

specifically includes occupation forces. exclude ground forces as simple

as that. There is the possibility that ground forces

might be used for some limited

operation but I don't think

anyone is looking at

the moment. I very much doubt

whether the British or American

Governments will want to do

that. It's possible and it will

depend on developments on the ground. One can always get sucked in. The UN resolutions

exclude that. A simple reading of the of the UN resolutions, or

provision of arms to Libya no

matter for which side or for

what purpose are banned. I'm

sure if that hadn't been in the resolutions they wouldn't have got through the Security

Council. So yes of course with

legal help you with pick up

things in the text and

interpret them but I think you

have to push the meaning pretty

much to strain the much to strain the meeting

pretty far to legitimatise any kind of introduction of weapons

into the fighting. You can see

why people want to do it why people want to do it . For example, one of the purposes of

the air intervention is so we

can prevent Gaddafi using his tanks. Some of the tanks of course are tucked away inside civilian areas, maybe already engaged in fighting as they are

in Misrata and have been for some weeks. The temptation to

give the other side some anti-tank weapons is pretty strong but I think it would be against the UN

resolutions. Presuming for resolutions. Presuming for a moment a new UN resolution

could be achieved could be achieved endorsing that, what potential risks of providing

weapons to rebel forces in Libya? Depends what the

weapons are. But they can

always go away. One of decisive moves in dealing with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan decision to give decision to give stinger

missiles to the resistance. The risk of handing out hand risk of handing out hand held anti-aircraft missiles is

perfectly obvious. You

know whose hands they'll end up

in and what aircraft they'll

shoot at. We've had mention

today of so-called flickers of

al-Qaeda involvement in the rebel force? Yes, I take that with a big pinch of with a big pinch of salt myself. I simply don't believe

it. I think that this is is the

- I don't know whether your

listeners are old enough to

remember the red under the bed.

There was a time when

everything was blamed on the

communists. Wherever you looked

there was a Communist

conspiracy. I'm afraid

particularly in America there

are people are people who feel like that

about Islamic terrorism and so on. Wherever

on. Wherever you like there are

Islamic terrorists. It's

perfectly true that from Libya to fight the

Russians in America, to fight

the Americans in Iraq and the

Americans in Afghanistan. It's

also true that also true that they tried to

murder Gaddafi. So there are some Islamic militants some Islamic militants in Libya

or there have been in the or there have been in the past. They're not part of Al my opinion. Bin Laden tried to

get them under his control and failed. I don't believe they're a a serious factor and I don't

believe they play any

significant part in the attempts that

attempts that are being made to

put together a new Libyan - the

basis of a new Libyan government in the areas which are loyal to Gaddafi. Thanks very much for joining us this evening. Thank you. The unease

in the Middle East has also quit. The Prime Minister and

his Cabinet stood aside just hours after hundreds of thousands took to the

of Damascus. The

expected to address the nation

tonight in response to weeks of protests demanding reforms.

least 50 people have died in the anti-government

demonstrations. In Yemen, thousands of protesters have gathered in Sanaa calling for

the President to step down. The protesters blame

blame him for the fatal

shootings of protesters, among

other problems. Now to the Ivory Coast. Packed and


to leave. These residents of Abajan have had enough as the nation slides into war they say

they have no choice but to

flee. It's been a month and

I've made nothing. We live in Williamsville. There are people

who come there, into your courtyards, rape the women and

hit the men. If you put up a fight they kill forces loyal to Alassane Outtara claim to have control of tee towns.

From here they're poised to

march on the strategic port of San Pedro. From there they

claim they will advance on

claim they will advance on Abajan. But the fighting has continued and a thousand peacekeepers are currently protecting at least 10,000 people who have sought

refuge in a Catholic mission compound there. We need to provide protection for the

civilian population. The UN

also says on Monday forces opened fire on civilians

in Abajan killing 10. Their

approach to fighting described by this pro-Alassane Outtara

soldier. They just shoot on

everything they say. When they

come, they shoot at everything.

They have lots of munitions to

shoot. They have the order shoot. They have the order to shoot so when they come, they just shoot. November's

presidential election has meant

to draw a line under Ivory Coast's civil war. Now it

appears Gbagbo's refusal step down has instead reignited

it. Counter terrorism officials in Indonesia say one of the

alleged masterminds behind 2002 Bali bombings has been arrested in Pakistan. arrested in Pakistan. Umar

Patek was the alleged field coordinator for the bombings which killed 202 Indonesian authorities will now

check the suspect's

identity. We will prepare for the evidence that can clarify,

is he real or not? The physical data we have like the

fingerprints and DNA, need to -

for the police to try to clarify him, yeah? Canberra

was hoping for a deal on

processing asylum seekers, but

East Timor won't come to the

party T says it doesn't want to

house a processing centre and

has told youse to look elsewhere. This is elsewhere. This is the beginning, not the end of a

find common ground. We must find common ground. We must

address all aspects of the problem. We must strengthen

cooperation, expand our network and think outside the box.

Kevin Rudd says Kevin Rudd

says the regional agreement is

good news for Australia's processing centre plan processing centre plan for East Timor. Individual countries can agree new anti-people smuggling arrangements between them,

including the pocket of a regional centre

regional centre or regional centres to deal with the problem. However, the

Australian plan has already

suffered another heavy blow.

East Timor's delegate to the

conference told the ABC that despite the regional agreement,

his country is still opposed hosting the centre.

The Prime Minister must now

admit what everybody has known from the outset. It was a monumental error of monumental error of judgment.

She should now dump the East Timor processing centre. East

Timor says it's committed to providing humanitarian assistance to refugees. But it maintains the Australian proposal could cause too many

serious problems for such serious problems for such a young serious problems for such a young nation. Others here are

worried Australia's plan undermine more realistic

long-term efforts to get more long-term efforts to get process asylum seekers. East

Timor just wants Australia to look elsewhere. Our

correspondent Matt Brown was

speaking at length with East Timor's vice Timor's vice minister at the Bali summit . He explains why

he wants Australia to he wants Australia to look

elsewhere for a regional processing centre. Vice

minister, this meeting has agreed on a regional that is the possibility of a processing centre. Timor agree to negotiate with Australia on hosting a processing statements in the meeting, clearly stated that this eschew

should be taken to the regional forum, which is the most

Leste is a new country. Only

last year will be last year will be 10 years old. We still We still have a lot of problems to solve, a lot of priorities. That is why Timor not to be asked to do this it's a

a very hard job. Even cooperation agreement on the cards you're saying your

concerns, the concerns that

East Timor has expressed all

course, of course, si. course, of course, si. We have various ideas but the most important for us difficult for Timor Leste to put

priority. But under the

at the moment for the others,

yes, but for East Timor, we think it's still not possible. Does that mean if there was to be a processing

centre under this regional

agreement, you're saying agreement, you're saying you'd rather have it in country? We'll ask the other countries to understand our real situation on the ground. So to do that, it's better,

otherwise we also say - we will

say that it's difficult in East

the door? Is this a final no the door? Is this a final no to hosting centre? Well, this issue is

complicated for us also. We need need to consult with our

leaders. As you may that after this issue, the proposal was sent to East Timor, there was a lot of

reactions, from the church, from the youth, itself, who said please at

moment, don't accept or don't take this take this issue into - don't make this issue strong in East

Timor because East Timor has a lot of priorities, has a lot lot of priorities, has a lot of things to do. Has own people. At the moment, however, however, Timor Leste

also has the commitment to protect those fleeing

persecution, someone want to


asylum hand then will be processed according processed according to immigration asylum law and if immigration asylum law and if he is found to be a protect course Timor Leste protection to that particular

person. Doesn't mean that

is very, very small. I just want to be frank with you. Very small.

small. One million population. Incomes of infrastructure of infrastructure need to be built. So this is built. So this is our main priority. Despite this regional cooperation

you're saying East Timor remains resistant to hosting the processing centre and

rather rather have it somewhere else? We have no place to

that. It is to be frank with appropriate or processing centre. Should Australia be Australia be looking elsewhere for have very, very much appreciate that can find some other places in the region. We have a very, very limited space for that. We don't want to don't want to create sociology, because the standard is very will get more facilities create problems in our country. Thank you. Thank country. Thank you. Thank you

very much. Nearly three weeks after Japan's earthquake and

tsunami, authorities are still struggling to deal with a Radioactive water and gases are seeping out of

site. Now there is a plan to

drape the reactors with special covers to limit emissions. Food

and drinking water has been contaminated and radiation contaminated and radiation is seeping into the Pacific This is the new reality seeping into the Pacific Ocean. This is the new reality in Japan. It's the threat you can't smell, see or feel.

for children, understand.

for children, understand. These people are evacuees from Japan's Their homes are now cardboard

enclosures inside cavernous

sheds. Many fear they will never be able to return to Fukushima. My biggest Fukushima. My biggest concern

is being able to go whether or not I can return to my normal life. New pictures have emerged from within the stricken nuclear plant. These eerie shots are from inside the

crippled control room. While

these aerial pictures show

reactors 2 and 3 with smoke or

steam pouring out of steam pouring out of them. Inside there are nuclear fuel rods are exposed

and melting. This is a situation in which we can't

have any optimism. But we'll

continue to deal with it and be alert. The radioactive

umbrella is now spreading outside Japan. Traces of radioactive iodine have now been found

been found in Asia. And as far

away as Europe and the United States. And Japanese proceed

dused once famed for its dused once famed for its clean green image is now under the microscope. These are microscope. These are very, very nothing to be concerned about in terms of in terms of health effects. While much of effects. While much of the focus in this diss a they are

has been on the radiation

threat from Fukushima the humanitarian situation in humanitarian situation in the earthquake and tsunami zone

remains critical. But life goes

on. This school in Awate prefecture went ahead with its graduation ceremony, even

though many students didn't

survive the tsunami. For survive the tsunami. For those

who remain, the grief will take

a long time to recede. China has executed three Filipino drug traffickers despite appeals from Filipino

authorities A man and two women were sentenced to were sentenced to death for taking heroin into China.

Protests and prayer vigils were

held after an appeal for

clemency was rejected. China

says it homes the says it homes the excuses won't damage its relations with the

Philippines. An Australian

journaly. Has been released on

jail from a prison in Burma

after seven weeks behind bars. Ross drunk lee is facing

charges of drugging a local woman and violating immigration

law by committing an illegal act. Bail was set at $9,000. I don't want to comment on the

case while it's under way. His

supporters believe the supporters believe the charges are related to a business

dispute targeting his ownership

of the English language Myanmar Times newspaper. Severe flooding in

has killed 11 and has killed 11 and left

thousands stranded. The floods have affected almost one

million people. Authorities say

thousands of people, including tourists, have been cut off

from air and land transport.

More on the weather around the world with Graham Creed.

Embattled Italian Prime

Minister Silvio Berlusconi could is have an extraordinary

new defence witness. According to the

to the girl at the centre of

the case against Mr Berlusconi,

Clooney and his Italian partner attended one of the PM's new

infamous parties. The infamous parties. The girl

known as Ruby made the claim Italian prosecutors, but Mr

Clooney says he can only recall spending time with the Italian

PM once at a meeting about African

African aid. The trial gets

under way next week. under way next week. Still

ahead, inside the find of a

female suicide bomber. And

later the Arctic later the Arctic prince. Harry joins soldiers Afghanistan on a trek to the North Pole. You're watching 'The World'. Our top continue military strikes Gaddafi steps down. The US says the United

not rule out arming the rebels

but they favour a diplomatic

solution. The solution. The Syrian Prime Minister and his Cabinet quit thousands of people took to the streets of Damascus pro-democracy demonstrations, but the President but the President is staying

put and is due to address nation shortly. Australia's hopes of

regional processing centre regional processing centre in East Timor have been dashed at the people smuggling summit in Bali. East Timor Bali. East Timor says it

doesn't want a

centre and it has told

Australia to look else. In Iraq stormed a provincial council building and took scores of hostage s. It happened in Tikrit, once the home town of the former dictator Saddam Hussein. Security officials say a suicide say a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the council himself up outside the council

building, clearing the way for gunmen to enter and gunmen to enter and take hostages then hostages then as security forces closed in the gunmen outside the building as police arrived, killing two

a journalist. It's a journalist. It's still unclear how many people were inside the building or taken hostage. But witnesses say hostage. But witnesses say some managed to unfolded. Tikrit north of

Baghdad is capital of

Baghdad is capital of a majority where insurgent groups have long had a presence. India long had a presence. India and Pakistan have agreed to

exchange information

terrorism at the highest levels of in New Delhi. This is bus carrying some of the lucky Pakistani fans with the match across the border. Love grows when people from both countries get

together, sit together to cheer their teams and it helps other. It was in that spirit that India's Prime Minister part to the match part to the match it's hoped the move can kick-start peace talks stalled since the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008. It's terror attacks in 2008. It's an important event. It important event. It also adds

the sill blichl in having the two Prime Ministers there in

is nothing new on the

subcontinent. But it's little real effect on bilateral relations. But this trip breaks the ice and comes as both

countries engage in talks here in New with the Home with the Home Secretaries of both countries setting up a

terror hotline for the real-time exchange real-time exchange of information. Hopefully comfort level increases. A much

on the complex issues of terrorism and Kashmir. An Australian author missing in China China at the weekend is safe is says. He apparently says sick and his phone wasn't working. In it's necessary to say certain things in order to obtain things in order to obtain your liberty. The doctors who liberty. The doctors who Han missing since Sunday has re emerged. He has emerged. He has been out of contact because he contact because he has been

sick and had problems with his mobile phone. It was he'd been taken

abuses here. But one of his friends who spoke to Dr Young told us he sounded strange

the phone when he was feeling

like a way of giving him of face in the weeks leading up Gillard's visit to Either way, at least his knows that he is safe. An British newspaper vendor at the G20 British newspaper vendor at the

G20 protest two years G20 protest two years ago has

seen new video he died. he died. His widow was in tears as she watched pictures of as she watched pictures of her husband being push tot ground around a quarter past 7 in the evening and a middle aged man

is trying to get home. But his way is way is blocked by police officers who wave him Within an hour of the dead. Today's inquest was dead. Today's trying unsuccessfully to get He found himself caught up in through various police

summit. And then this. The

47-year-old is shoved 47-year-old is shoved to the

ground by a police officer. A

police investigation video shows shows the incident again in

slow motion. At first, Mr

Tomlinson appears unhurt and

walks away. But shortly

afterwards he is on the floor having collapsed. A medical

student, Lucy Apps, goes to his aid. The police officers aid. The police officers and paramedics then arrive and

attempt to revive jury members were also jury members were also shown video of PC Harwood before he

came into contact with Mr

Tomlinson. Here he is seen

dragging a BBC cameraman to the

ground. Mr Tomlinson's widow

Julia, who attended today's hearing, wept as she watched

the footage of her husband. She told the inquest that despite

his problems with alcohol, he was the best thing that had

ever happened to her. Earlier in in the day the judge

11 ill men and women of the jury to the site where Ian

Tomlinson collapsed. Almost

exactly since Ian Tomlinson was

pushed to the ground pushed to the ground here, his

last moments remain as controversial as ever but the judge has made it clear to judge has made it clear to the jury that no individual or

organisation appearing at the

inquest is on trial for his


It's a year since Russia was rocked by a deadly terrorist so-called black widow suicide bombers. Two women carried

bombs on to the Moscow bombs on to the Moscow Metro killing 40 people. Both are

believed to have been married to Islamic militants murdered

by security forces. correspondent travel ed to

speak to the father of speak to the father of one of the bombers. 28-year-old teacher with degrees in mathematics and psychology strapped 1.5 kg of TNT to her body and boarded

Moscow's Metro during the peak hour hour commute. When her bomb

exploded 26 people were killed. She was one of

strike the metro that strike Her story begins in drab post-Soviet towns and stunning vistas. She was from Dagastana violence plagued Russian republic in Caucasus, bordering Caucasus, bordering Chechnya. Predominantly ip Sur ip Sur gents carry out more attacks here than in any other part of Russia. They operate from the mountains and remote villages that can only be

reached by treacherous roads often impassable in winter.

that he meet that he meet the woman's father. Not father. Not long after the bombing he saw a pictures of the head of one of the recognised his daughter immediately. What kind reaction do you expect when a human sees in front of himself

the head of his the head of his daughter, all in wounds. What kind reaction, what to say? For

his daughter did and why. She was clever, perceptive, she she processed all this information

wasn't quite an open person. That's her upbringing. started being concerned.

college, Marian returned to this village to be a teacher.

Muslims were beliefs were

family says she destroyed all

pictures of herself and is believed to have secretly married an insurgent later

killed. It's suspected militant ordered her suicide mission.

it was an honourable way to

die. Are people for the sake die. Are people for the sake of an idea inspired an idea inspired by a person

prepared to go to death? Why is the sake of Allah when you are

promise ed a paradise? were nearly 120 insurgent attacks

attacks in Dagastan last but the government has a message: it won't back down. The republic's first Deputy

Prime Minister oversees the

campaign to cut off the flow of new recruits to the militants. Someone is trying impose an idea

here Islam is being persecuted. They try to impose an idea that

Muslims are violated here Muslims are violated here by someone, by someone, by certain occupiers. This was far person from this village person from this village to fall under the influence

isolated, this place has a place as a nest of militants and villagers say and villagers say they are treated

heavy hand of the security forces. The names of fallen insurgent leaders this woman works with the group who works with the group who tries to track the scores of young men who routinely disappear. Many are rounded up by the government as suspected

militants, detained, to approach this problem with required that our should pay required that our government

should pay attention to the

residents of this federal forces should not

perform raids here using columns of weaponry. One should just work with the years, Russia

eliminate Islamic insurgents here by force here by force and the insurgency only insurgency only grows stronger.

The woman's father says it's

time for a new strategy for the government. Change attitude and that's else is required. The tanks not wanted. Neither are army

personnel carriers no, bombing required. All your attitude to the people and finally reach an finally reach an agreement. But no-one insurgents' main demand separate Islamic state in negotiation and the seems convinced have Dagastan will soon be a thing thing of the past. Preventive work is being done. We have achieved serious believe we shall shortly eradicate this evil. confidence isn't shared here and the other remote and villages of Dagastan.

The US Supreme Court is

considering a massive sex

discrimination lawsuit against

Wal Mart stores on behalf of at

least half a million female workers. The world's biggest retailer is accused of

favouring men over women in

both pay and promotions. This

case is already a decade old

but passions still run high. In reality the poor people in this country are working very hard

every day and the major

corporations aren't giving them

what they need. The protesters what they need. The protesters

came armed with stories of

discrimination. My a co-worker

who was a maintenance supervisor, a female. Every

male that came into that Wal

Mart to work, they came in her 10 years to get to. This

woman joined the lawsuit woman joined the lawsuit after missing out on promotions. When

I was asking what I needed to do, I was told to blow the cobwebs off my make-up and doll

up. Six women l lodged the initial lawsuit. initial lawsuit. The Supreme

Court now has to decide if they

can lodge a class action and

represent at least half a

million employees. Wal Mart may

be a big company, but they're

not big enough not big enough where they can

be challenged in a court of law. Wal Mart has almost 4,500

stores in the US and is the world's biggest retailer. They had strong anti-discrimination policies in policies in place long before the lawsuit was filed. These

proceedings are being closely

watched by big business which

is worried if the women succeed it could open the it could open the floodgates

for other cases and billion dollar pay-outs. The court's

decision on whether to allow a

class action is due in June. A group of disabled British

veterans treking veterans treking to the North

Pole is getting a right royal send-off.

walk with them for the first five days of the expedition.

The team of wounded British

soldiers heading for the pole has been joined by a last minute addition. Prince Harry

will ski the first five days

with them across the ice with them across the ice cap.

So far, he seems to be fitting

in. There had been talk of him joining them for the final push to the pole so we asked him why

the change of plan. It the change of plan. It didn't seem right to last week and take the glory

with these guys. Each of the four servicemen has a life-changing injury suffered

while serving in

Afghanistan. These guys are not

just doing it for them is but

all their mates and comrades. It just proves, life doesn't stop there. It continues. How is prince har fiting? Brilliantly. We

couldn't have asked for a

better chap. The fact he has better chap. The fact he has had time in knows what it's like to live knows what it's like to live in close environment environments with other blokes. This week is

his last chance to get his

skills up to speed before the

whole team head off on Friday

for the polar ice cap where

there will be no margin there will be no margin for error. Conditions there are likely to be tougher likely to be tougher still.

Temperatures of 40 degree time then says Prince Harry to

think about his best man speech

for his brother's imminent

wedding. Now to sport with Claire. There's a new for Australia's cricket

for Australia's cricket team? Absolutely. Doesn't face an uphill battle! Michael

Clarke has been named as Ricky Ponting's successor as Test and

one day captain. The one day captain. The 29-year-old says he will go

back to basics as he tries to

revive a team still reeling from Ashes and World from Ashes and World Cup

disappointments. Clarke also

has some work to do when it

comes to winning over comes to winning over the Australian

asked Michael Clarke why he's not popular asked Michael Clarke why

not popular with everyone. I

don't know the exact reason why

that is. If I did I would again I think it is important that as long as I'm

myself in the right way myself in the right way on and off the field, I'm confident I can earn that respect from can earn that respect from the people that don't think, whether they don't think I'm a

good leader or good player, I'm confident I have done anything different in terms of managing your image terms of managing your image or public persona? Anything you would change? Um ... I don't think so. A lot of the things that are written unfortunately I don't have of. The one thing I have tried to do is be true to to do is be true to myself. I'm very proud of the family I'm from and how my family have

brought me up. And I still don't feel like I have changed too much as a person to honest. Obviously my address I live now has changed. Maybe the car I drive has Maybe I have a few more tattoos than I had as a 10-year-old boy. I don't bleach the person I am has I am has changed and I don't think it will. Do you think it will. Do you feel the

need to quarantine your private

life more? I've always wanted

to keep my private life quite

private. It's just unfortunate

that it wasn't the case. And

it's hard when you have two businesses that involves the media, I guess. It's no longer so private. But I have definitely learned from mistakes. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life as a

cricketer, as a person and

certain I will continue to make mistakes. I just hope that

become a better person I guess. Michael Clarke guess. Michael Clarke there.

Arch rivals India and Pakistan are playing for a are playing for a place in cricket's World Cup final against Sri Lanka tonight. India

batting. It's off to a flying start although a one more wicket fell and the co-hosts were

Sehwag and Gambhir have fallen so far. Here are some of the highlights.

Wayne Bennett will be leaving of season. The announcement was made at a news conference today. today. Bennett's assistant Steve Price head coach role from but the multiple premiership-winning coach is staying tight lipped on where

he will be next season.

Australia's beaten Germany

international and avenged the humiliating

humiliating loss in the World

Cup. While some of Germany's

tormenters from South Africa

were there. It might HIV friendly, but Australia's friendly, but Australia's early

challenges said otherwise. The Socceroos struggled to keep as the home side moved the ball

quickly. When Gomez drove the ball home, ball home, respectability not revenge was a more pressing

concern. But it was reinvigorated Australia that Carney that's reward. It's 1-1. Two reward. It's 1-1. Two minutes

later and the Socceroos were in

front. Harry Kewell front. Harry Kewell was

adjudged to have been

Ruk Wiltshire took advantage. He doesn't miss. Australia leads on German soil. Germany thought it had been awarded a penalty of own. The otherwise. The referee points

to the spot. Or does it's a free kick for completed a win over the No. 3 ranked team in the ranked team in the world. I'm really

did a great job. And the only

thing I said to them after the game, thank you very much from least one German left least one German left the

stadium a happy man. World No. 1 Rafael Nadal Open champion Novak Djokovic are both through to the quarterfinals of quarterfinals of the Miami tennis maus through in straight sets perhaps

hope there are some hope there are some good contests to in the world and this year, Australian Booker Prize is wucht Australian author David Malouf

is in the running. For is in the running. For the

first time the winner will be

announced in Australia at the Sydney Writers Festival in Sydney Writers Festival in May.

The award

of $90,000. David Malouf is the only Australian among this

year's timists. He is a writer of tremendous imaginative

power. It's almost impossible to read a page of his without

smiling at the sheer mastery of the prose and without being

grateful to read material grateful to read material which is so a surprise move, British author

John Lecarre has asked to be

withdrawn as a finalist withdrawn as a finalist because

he says he doesn't seek award

recognition but the judges say he remains in contention.

he remains

have been killed in a plane

crash in the north west crash in the north west of New South Wales. The Rural Fire

Service says the six seater light aircraft crashed as it

was trying to land at Moree airport. Two others have freed from the wreckage and

have been taken to hospital

with serious injuries. More

details e shortly. Can details e shortly. Can you

keep up to date on all the stories we're

logging on to our web site. And that's 'The World'

that's 'The World' this

evening. I'm Nick Grim. Thank you. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned Live Hello, Nick Grimm with the

top stories from ABC Prime Minister has ordered a review

review of out GST revenue is

carved up. The year-long

assessment will try to I'm guy

the rules, reduce funding

shocks and reward states and

territories for efficiency. Former premiers Nick Greiner and John Brumby will lead the process along with South Australian businessman Carter. We're talking about a

Carter. We're talking about a federation, a federation which I want to be I want to be sustainable and I want Australians right around

the Federation to have great

opportunities to have access to quality services and I want the system to be fair. The system to be fair. The review team will hand over its final

report in September next year. The people smuggling summit in