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(generated from captions) if the Government's re-elected... in the second term this election for either party, Mental health alone may not win there is growing unease but across Australia for far too long. that the issue has been neglected every single day I get phone calls and letters about this issue. from Sydney yesterday A mother rang me around psychotic in Bondi saying that her son was wandering and what could she do about that a very hard road for her to hoe and I knew this was going to be to try to get help for her son. that we're neglecting this issue. Now it's a national obscenity in our hands We have the solutions tomorrow. and we need to put them on deck Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live. by how damaging he is Well, Peter, I'm more concerned for the Nine Network. with Julia Gillard There was an ugly incident yesterday and Nine CEO, David Gyngell, crossed the line, and to apologise. was right to say Mark Latham Mark Latham knows where the line is. The trouble is I'm not sure that He's not a journalist, and settling old scores, he's still full of bile 60 Minutes or the network I don't think it really does posing as a journalist really much of a favour to have him in the press room today and certainly when he turned up it was just embarrassing, Peter. for me to say - There's really nothing left except to note that it seems some kind of segment next Sunday 60 Minutes is still planning to air with Mark Latham as its reporter. He may not be a journalist, Laurie, since 60 Minutes did much journalism. but then it's a long time ABC Sydney's Deborah Cameron Last Friday morning, the campaign so far was chatting about to veteran Liberal strategist, the messenger. Well, it's easy to blame politicians are reacting to problems But there are some areas where the from molehills into mountains. that the media have helped to turn Like, for example, boat people. Why does a nation of immigrants or even a few thousand, get so upset over a few hundred, by headlines like this. The fear is partly aroused Up to 12 illegal boats! We'll be overrun! Swamped! Blitzed! watch out! When the media says 'up to', Or 'illegal Centrelink-seekers', likes to call them. as 4BC's Michael Smith, in Brisbane, He's one of the many however they arrive. who fan resentment of asylum-seekers, They're all queue-jumpers, of course, as refugees, they'll be jumping another queue. about homelessness. Smith had got hold of a report families It showed that most Australian can't be immediately housed. who ask for emergency accommodation It is a shocking statistic. Well, Smith's right. By contrast, he went on - Not only do they get VIP treatment Now, that is just arrant nonsense. or asylum-seekers. It's nothing to do with boat people, It's the total number of people visas each year, granted refugee and humanitarian the vast majority of whom for years. have been waiting in so-called queues in the private rental market. in fact, most end up Centrelink payments either. And they get no special in Smith's claim The only shred of truth is that when refugees first arrive, the Commonwealth does... or are released from detention, looking for emergency housing Well, Australian families four to six weeks free accommodation. would no doubt be grateful for and their families that - to say of asylum-seekers Yet Smith said it were infuriated. No wonder his listeners What made Smithy's heart pound to justify his nonsense. was when Media Watch asked him a rather hopeless one, I agree - Smithy, our job - is to try to shame people like you something approaching the truth. into telling your listeners to make. You had a perfectly good point why when the Commonwealth If you'd asked for refugees, can't fund emergency housing it and state governments for Australian families in need, we wouldn't have had a word to say. But to claim that refugees... a divisive myth. simply to perpetuate that people have And then there's all the worry about knives and knuckledusters. Three weeks ago, for example, up fear about violent youth gangs. we looked at Seven's attempt to whip We are here, we are multiplying. They're frightening. It's an urban war zone. more attacks. We're definitely going to see auctions in State elections. lead to the familiar law and order for federal office are joining in. Now even the contestants the book Julia Gillard vowed to throw stun guns and other weapons. at importers of knuckledusters, There's no excuse in the world with a knife in your pocket. for wandering around wasn't going to be outplayed. Tony Abbott for the Commonwealth to do. means there is more work of Criminology The Australian Institute of any statistical evidence tells us it's not aware is on the increase. that gang violence Daily Telegraph. But tell that to Sydney's that these three are: The Tele told its readers last week But then it changed its mind. and stripes in the background. Perhaps it noticed the stars now describes them as: The Telegraph online warned its readers: Meanwhile, the Melbourne Herald Sun So who are the Juggalos? that they're a violent youth gang And what's the evidence in a News Ltd suburban weekly paper, Well, the story started the Fairfield Advance. OK, an unpleasant crime. were wearing clown make-up. And the perpetrators And the report went on - had done her homework. Melissa Matheson Here's an Insane Clown Posse video. and I'll toss you a dead chicken. # Toss me an axe It certainly suggests a somewhat antisocial attitude. as the Fairfield Advance said, that some Juggalos... that Sydney police believe But is it true in Fairfield - that the three young suspects here they are on CCTV

issued by the police - may be members of the Juggalos? would only tell us The Fairfield Advance 'task force member'. that its source was a police But Detective Inspector Gary Bailey, Crime Manager at Fairfield, told Media Watch that he'd never heard of the Juggalos until he read about them in the Fairfield Advance. Then there's the news that the Juggalos "gang" is about to "descend on Victoria". The Herald-Sun breathlessly told its readers... Well, on its Facebook page the... ..sounds distinctly unthreatening: Doesn't mention knives, chains, or knuckledusters. So far, 35 Juggalos and Juggalettes have said they're coming. Its organiser posted, ironically...

But where's the story in that? Meanwhile, our friends at the Northern Territory News know that there's one thing far scarier Last Thursday's front page. And inside, this story... That day we got an email from a viewer with a link to this story Same picture, same croc, different state - On Friday, the NT News bit back... It insisted that the croc was the Territory's own. But it's been dead a long time. The NT News reported that its original informant... Which is presumably how it reached the NT News's front page. The online edition of the original yarn does say the monster croc: But the story in the hard copy newspaper simply said... Notice what's missing? was thirteen years old. In two weeks time, Paul Barry will be presenting Media Watch while I go on long service leave. He last sat in this chair back in 2000 - but his Media Watch career was rather rudely cut short, after he conducted a bold interview with the ABC's former Chairman Donald McDonald about then Managing Director, Jonathan Shier. To ensure that nothing of the sort happens to Paul this time, I'm getting in first. Next week, a special program. world in flux, I'll be interviewing ABC Managing Director Mark Scott. Join me next Monday. Till then, goodnight. Tonight Julia Gillard has

promised to show Tuesday

'real' Julia and she is facing

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Good evening, Leigh Sales with a

Lateline update teachers who meet

performance benchmarks performance benchmarks could be

rewarded with bonus payments of up

rewarded with bonus payments of up to $8000 under a re-elected Labor

government. Prime Minister julia

Gillard unveiled the bonus payments in

in Perth as part of a package

education policies. The proposal includes incentive payments for

schools of up

schools of up to a 100 000 if

schools of up to a 100 000 if they improve standards. A national

improve standards. A national on-line

assessment and learning bank. And an A

Australian baccalaureate qualification for students.

qualification for students. Meanwhile the Federal Treasuer Wayne Swan and

his opposition counterpart Joe

his opposition counterpart Joe Hockey have disputed the impact of the

government's stimulus spending in a

debate on the economy. Mr Hockey

debate on the economy. Mr Hockey says he supported some form of stimulus

he supported some form of stimulus to deal with the global financial

crisis. But Labor poured in too much.

Mr Hockey says there's

Mr Hockey says there's now evidence money was money was wasted on the school building program, the home

building program, the home insulation scheme and several other initiatives.

And the Nationals Senate leader

Barnaby Joyce will be Lateline's

guest tonight live in our Sydney

studio. The radical

studio. The radical Muslim Cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has been arrested by

Indonesian police on terror charges.

He's been accused of having links

He's been accused of having links to

an Islamic militant training camp in

Aceh. The 71-year-old served more

than two years in jail for

than two years in jail for conspiracy over the 2002 Bali bombings, in

over the 2002 Bali bombings, in which 202 people died. Including 88

Australians. Mr Bashir denies that