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Live. Today - the Australian

Government offers Indonesia

help after a boat carrying asylum seekers sinks in heavy

seas off the coast of java. If

there is anyone to blame for

this it is the scum that take

them the money off people and put

them onto a boat and risk their

Also today - the death toll

rises to almost 500 deadly storms and flash

flooding lash the Philippines.

A fourth inquest to be A fourth inquest to be held

into the disappearance of baby

Azaria Chamberlain 31 years after

after she went missing in the

Australian outback. Farewell to an immortal - thousands turn

out in Sydney and Brisbane to

pay tribute to rugby league great Artie Beetson.

This is ABC News 24. I'm Nick

Grimm. Checking tomorrow's weather first of all: The Australian Government has

offered Indonesia assistance in

the search for survivors from a

boat that sank off the main

island of Java. The Government

says about 250 people were

onboard the wooden boat. It was believed

believed to be heading for

Australia with asylum seekers

mainly from Afghanistan and

East Java Disaster Mitigation Iran. Sahrul Arifin from the

Centre says very few people have been rescued so far. The boat

boat was about 90 kilometres

out to sea when it sank. A

search and rescue team has Ben

sent to the area but extremely bad weather and poor visibility

are making its work difficult.

Eight people died in the same

area last month when a boat carrying 70 asylum carrying 70 asylum seekers

sank. For the latest on the

search the Indonesia correspondent Helen search the Australia network's

Brown joins me on the phone now.

now. Can you tell us what is

the latest from Indonesian authorities on the story? We've more survivor, initially there just heard that there is one

were 33 survivors, there are were 33 survivors, there

now 34. There were reports now 34. There were reports that

maybe up to 250 people onboard the boat but it seems

more likely it was around 215,

that is the figure coming that is the figure coming out

from the disaster management agency. from the Indonesian national

These people are being taken to

a small clinic on one of the

small cities off the coast. The

pictures of them show them very

shaken of course say, 90 kilometres out to sea

and still many people missing.

The search and rescue team is continuing. Teams from three

different areas near the

have been called in and they

have two boats out at the moment sweeping the area. How much

much do we know about the circumstances surrounding the sinking? The local authorities

are telling us that the boat

left sometime between 7 and on Saturday morning and the left sometime between 7 and 10

at were found Bi-Lo call fishermen survivors - first survivors

at around 3 o'clock or 4

o'clock . They came across a

group of people who were in the

water, only a few had lifejackets, the rest were

clinging to each other and the

weather was very bad. There

were high waves, strong winds

and dark clouds hanging. That bad weather is efforts a little bit at the bad weather is hampering


moment. The local moment. The local authorities

also say that the boat was only

built to carry around 100

people and that it sank being hit by a strong wave. Where are the survivors now and have any reports

emerged of anything they have

had to say about had to say about the

sinking? No, we haven't had anyone talking - any of the survivors talking specifically survivors talking

about what happened to them. We

are getting reports from the

police who given the language barrier, it is proving difficult to get much difficult

information out. They have been

taken to a shelter. It seems

they are from Iran Afghanistan. They they are from Iran or

- into Jakarta from Dubai and

spent 23 hours on a bus spent 23 hours on a bus Afghanistan.

Indonesia where travelling to this part of

going from at the moment. They are trying to do this are trying to do this before

the worse of the monsoon season comes

comes up but clearly this how dangerous the voyage comes up but clearly this shows

already is. Given this latest

tragedy and others in the recent past, what are

Indonesian authorities doing in

order to try and crack down on people passed a law which makes it a criminal offence. They are

doing what they can with the

money and resources that they

have to crack down on the trade. Indonesia has, you trade. Indonesia has, you know,

thousands and thousands of

thousands and thousands of

coastline and it is a islands and a very long

difficult job for them. They

were recently provided were recently provided with

three more patrol boats by

Australia to help them in their

efforts but it is a business are determined to try and are determined to try and get

you have people who are you to Australia, for instance, and

determined to make money out of

it. It makes it very hard to

Government has today offered to

to assist send a reconnaissance aircraft

to assist with the search.

has Given the amount of time that

has passed now and the amount

of time it will take to reach the

the area is it likely to be of

much assistance? Hard to say. I know that the know that the Indonesian

authorities are having trouble

getting enough craft up into the air. the air. The local search and

small helicopters which rescue teams only have very

small helicopters which they

say aren't suitable and they

are requesting some help from

the military. So, I would imagine, whatever can be given,

regardless of the time frame, will

will probably be accepted

because they just need help to cover the area and cover the area and also

something that can tackle this

bad weather that's up. The Australia network's

Indonesia correspondent Helen Brown. Thanks very much Brown. Thanks very much for talking to us. Thank you. The

federal home affairs conference in Sydney today where he pledged where he pledged Government

assistance to Indonesia. A terrible tragedy is happening off the off the coast of Indonesia.S

Information is still coming in

but I will give you as much

information as I have information as I have obviously

threw the course of the day more information will more information will become available. available. At approximately 7am

local time yesterday a vessel

capsized 40 nautical

the coast of Java. Advice from

Indonesian authorities is Indonesian authorities is that

approximately 250 people were

onboard. The current

information from Indonesian

authorities is that 87 people

have been rescued and 2 have been rescued and 2 bodies

have been recovered. Obviously

grave fears are held for those

onboard. The search and effort is continuing and Indonesian authorities are

coordinating the search and

rescue effort. The Australian maritime safety authority has been working been working with Indonesian

authorities through the morning

and Australia has offered a P3

Orion aircraft and an Armadale

class patrol boat to assist

with the rescue effort if

required. This is a terrible

tragedy. People have died. There are people

at sea. Our focus today is on

the search and rescue effort

and our thoughts today are with the people

the families of those still

lost at sea. Federal home

affairs minister Jason Clare

speaking there. The opposition spokesman for spokesman

Scott Morrison, has released a statement this afternoon. He is

saying the Coalition is saddened by the reports about the tragedy. Coalition supports all efforts

necessary to support the rescue

and recovery operation as

requested - as may be requested by the Indonesian Government. Mr Morrison also says: This

tragedy once again confirms our

worst fears and the extremely dangerous worst fears and the extremely dangerous nature of

dangerous nature of these journeys, especially at this

time of year. In other news now,

now, almost 500 people have been killed in a tropical storm

in the Philippines. Tens of thousands of people in the island on Mindanao island on Mindanao have moved

to evacuation soldiers have been mobilised to

help with the rescue

effort. The people of the

Philippines are no strangers to flooding but Tropical Storm Washi Washi caught the island Mindanao by surprise. soldiers

people were asleep when the

flash floods struck on Friday

night in the towns of Cagayan

de Oro and Iligan. Rivers burst

their banks and residents

searched desperately for higher

ground. They found shelter

where they could. Some were strand on

be rescued. TRANSLATION: All we

could see were lights flashing.

We made a hole through our roof to climb out onto. We stayed on top

top of our roof for the whole time. The Filipino military says thousands of its soldiers

are involved in the rescue

effort but for many help has

come too late.We found two

bodies over here this villager says and three more over there

and now we're looking for the

bodies in the neighbouring

village.The islands of village. Philippines are battered by around 20 year but most take a more

northerly route. Rescue say northerly route. Rescue workers

say it is possible that the number

number of dead may be so high this time because the people of Mindanao simply aren't used bearing the full brunt of bearing the full brunt of 50

mile an hour winds like those

of Tropical Storm Washi. Here at home the Northern Territory

coroner has agreed to open

another inquest into the death of Azaria Chamberlain. Con

record nor Elizabeth Morris his written to Azaria's parents

Michael Chamberlain and his former wife their request to submit new

evidence about dingo attacks on

children. Azaria disappeared

from her parent's tent in Uluru

in 1980. The first inquest concluded she was taken by a

dingo, the second recommended murder murder charges against her

mother lendy and the third

returned an open finding. The new

new inquest is expected to

begin in February. Azaria's father says it is a milestone decision. I am really very pleasantly surprised

has been 31 years now and has been 31 years now and I

just hope that when I - I'm

sure this time it will be the

ultimate verdict which we've

been looking for for this

length of time. John Lawrence

is the vice-president of the

length Northern Territory Bar

Association. He worked for the

Crown during the third inquest into the Azaria Chamberlain

case. Earlier he said he

believes there is a case for another since the last inquest there since the last inquest there is

a large body of evidence which shows clearly that dingos have a propensity and history a propensity and history of attacking people. Humans,

children, et cetera. Indeed it

killed one. None of that was

before any of the previous inquests or, indeed, the trial

or the appeals. So that would -

I'm speculating but I would

have thought that was justification in allowing yet another inquest into the cause

and manner of death of Azaria, which will involve evidence supplementing what has gone

before, namely instances of

previous dingo attacks in

Australia on people, including children. Can I ask you your children. Can I ask you from

your point of view, what is this likely to mean for the

parties involved? I would

imagine the Chamberlain's themselves will be cock-a-hoop

about it because they've always

maintained that the dingos took

their daughter and They obviously weren't involved nor nor with any other involvement.

That now leaves the door open

for that finding to occur,

subject to the evidence course. The US army says it

course. The US army says it has

completed its withdrawal from

Iraq almost nine years after

the invasion that lead to

thousands of deaths. The US

army says it has completed its

withdrawal from Iraq - the army says a small group of says a small group of troops

are left for training and

security at the US embassy. security at the US embassy. US President George Bush claimed

Saddam Hussein had nuclear and

biological weapons but none were

were ever found. Tens of thousands of Iraqis have died

and half - as well as 4,500 American soldiers. A New

Zealand Defence Force Hercules aircraft has dropped equipment

and fuel to the stricken Russian ship 'Sparta' in the

Ross Sea of Antarctica. The ship stranded after being hulled stranded after being hulled by

ice that caused seawater to

flood aboard. The ship has a 30 centimetre hole in its side but

the crew managed to seal

hold and stop further water coming onboard. The crew will be using the equipment to continue

continue making repairs to the ship's hull. Two other ships be

are on their way to

are on their way to the 'Sparta' but are hampered by

sea ice and are at least three

days' away.Sophie Hazel Hurst from Maritime New holes on the ships are being repaired. At this stage it is a

slow burning rescue. We have

the two rescue ships, the nearby Norwegian ship and the

sister ship to the sister ship to the 'Sparta' which are a couple of hundreds nautical miles away. They are

making their way towards the

vessel very slowly because they

are hampered by sea ice. They

left New Zealand last night and

that is 8 days away. We hope to

get a rescue ship to them

eventually, hopefully in the next next couple of time hopefully they next

stabilised the ship and have it reasonably secure and I reasonably secure and I would imagine that the owner will

make efforts to salvage the ship at that ship at that stage. Violence continues continues to rage in the

Egyptian capital Cairo with

protesters there setting a

number of Government buildings

on fire. Troops and police are out

out in force in an effort to quell

quell the demonstrations which

have claimed the lives of at least 8 protesters in recent

days. For a second day running

violence has erupted in central

Cairo as protesters again took to

to streets and clashed soldiers and police. Hundreds

of demonstrators threw stones

and petrol bombs at the

security forces as they fought

running battles in the streets

around Tahrir Square. around Tahrir Square. In retaliation soldiers on

rooftops hurled stones back

into the crowd. Many on the

ground were beaten while others

took helmets and metal sheets

to protect themselves. At least 8

8 people have been killed and hundreds wounded . TRANSLATION:

This is a chaotic situation. We can't work anymore because of military should intervene wisely with protesters to end

this. Earlier in the day angry

mobs set fire to

building demanding the removal of Egypt's military regime.

Security forces with batons

charged the protesters to take

control. At least one soldier

was seen firing a pistol into

the crowd.One of those killed

was a prominent Muslim was a prominent Muslim cler

Rick shot outside the outside the Government's cabinet office. This latest violence comes days violence comes days after Egyptians voted in a second round of parliamentary elections. Many are the military will agree to

transfer power to a civilian

Government. The interim Prime Minister denies security forces opened fire and instead accused

protesters of hijacking the revolution. TRANSLATION: calling revolution. TRANSLATION: I'm calling for all the political

parties to protect Egypt. parties to protect Egypt. What is happening today is not a

part of the revolution, it is a turning against the

revolution. It is the worst

violence in Cairo since mass

protests last month left around 40 people dead.

There's been no change in music music personality Ian 'Molly'

Meldrum's condition three days after

after he fell from a ladder at

his Melbourne home. The Alfred

Hospital says the 65-year-old

remains in a critical by stable

condition. He is expected to be

in a coma after brain surgery.Thousands

of people have gathered for a

memorial service in Brisbane

today to celebrate the life of rugby league great Arthur Beetson. Artie was the first

Indigenous Australian to

captain a national team in any

sport. He played 28 during his career and is

credited with creating State of

Origin rugby league. Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and Beetson's former team-mate Wally Lewis spoke at Wally Lewis spoke at the memorial service held earlier

today. The best judges league all agree on one thing that the best player ever at

keeping the ball alive in a

tackle was Arthur Beetson. But Artie kept more than the ball

alive. He kept hope alive for a generation of Queenslanders.

Queensland's momentous defeat

of New South Wales in the first Queensland's

State of Origin game held right here on this ground in here on this ground in 1985

gave new hope to an entire

state. Hope that we could make

up for decades of floggings at if hands teams that had stolen our teams that had stolen our best

players. Hope that we players. Hope that we could become winners instead of

valiant losers. Arthur Beetson

was there at the birth of

Origin and his big hands and big heart helped to big heart helped to shape Queensland's approach to

Origin. Play with pride, Origin. Play with pride, play

with passion and play for each other. Ladies and gentlemen, it

has been a privilege to have

known Arthur. I'm sure

everybody would agree. He was a

wonderful footballer, a great role

role model for the Indigenous community and

Australian. But an even better

bloke who made life more

enjoyable for millions of

Australians that he never Australians that he never ever

met. To ahture, they were met. To ahture, they were just

as important as everybody else.

May he rest in peace. Let's

find out about the day's sport

now. How is Jeff Ogilvy going

at the masters? He was doing so

well yesterday but today not as well

well as he would have liked. He has

has lost his lead on the final

day of the Australian Masters. He

He has been replaced at the top

of the leaderboard of Ian Poulter. Ian Poulter. He is tied with

Marcus Fraser three shots

further back. After shooting further back. After shooting a course record 8 under par 63

yesterday Ogilvy's quest for a

golden jacket started shakily this afternoon while Ian Poulter's putting has allowed him to draw level on him to draw level with an eagle

on the first, a birdie then on

the seventh put him ahead of Ogilvy.

Ogilvy. He has made

it. Ogilvy's game has it. Ogilvy's Victoria Golf Club although he is

is still in the hunt for that

golden jacket. The only thing

that seems to be worrying the Englishman at the Englishman at the moment,

Poulter, is the wildlife.To

soccer now and Adelaide United

has sacked coach Rini Coolen less

less than 48 hours after the

for embattled A-League club fell

for its fifth loss of the

season to the lowly Gold Coast Coolen

Coolen has been given his marching orders. The Reds won just two games from 11 marching orders. The Reds have won

starts. The club has almost

conceded the most scored the fewest. Coolen has

been replaced by former

Adelaide boss John Kosmina. He

four led the Reds to the grand final

four years ago but was sacked

after his team was thrashed

whole 6-0. I am truly humbled by the 6-0. I am truly humbled by

whole thing. Probably emotional

as well. It is not often you get a second chance at get a second chance at things.

Maybe my first chance was cut

too short anyway but that's in

the past, it is history now but

challenge having said that it is a

challenge that I couldn't knock Brisbane Roar have crashed to a back. A-League championships

club report fifth defeat. All yesterday's contest and three away sides won yesterday's

remarkably by the same scoreline of 2-1. Michael

Theoklitos won't be in a here

to see the replay of this

attempted pass but the second

was pure class. Beautifully

done, the Mariners are away

here. Scores! 2-0 for Mariners. Despite a late Roar

goal it was not enough to change the result as the Mariners move top of the ladder with a club record with

with a club record fifth

consecutive win. In Perth the its place in the top three with Melbourne Heart

a late winner to beat the Glory.

Glory. Sydney FC brushed off a

first half Newcastle goal to

win on the road and keep pace

at the top.Overseas and the English Premier League Chelsea

has missed the chance to norro a

a gap at the top of the table

managing a draw at Wigan.

Newcastle dropped points to a

promoted team for

successive week as they remain

sixth. Leon Osman secured a

piece of the points forrive or

the Vonn at home to Norwich. Stoke

Stoke came from a goal down Stoke came from a goal down to beat Wolves and Steve Kean is

refusing to quit despite losing

2-1 away to West Brom.Ment It is a good fingertip save there. off the field and Daniel Sturridge!1-0 Chelsea. Lampard Sturridge!1-0 Chelsea.

Sturridge on his own now. He is

Chelsea's top scorer. He would

love to put one over shell sea.

He played a great ball in. Mow

cess is there. Gomez! 1-1. Kapai

What a good ball and now

has hit the post as well.Swept away by Ashley Richards.Brendan

Rogers will just want the half

time whistle to go.Exactly the

same tempo to the game at the

start of the half.Bar - over

the bar. Onto cricket Sydney Thunder captain Dave Warner lead from the front as his team spoiled Shane Warne's

comeback in the Twenty20 Big Bash league. Warner's unbeaten

century saw his side home with

six balls remaining. A late

flurry from Luke Wright managed

to take the Stars past the 150

mark but Warner made light work of the run chase dispatching

Warne for six in his first over

and piling on the misery as he raced

raced toward his century. In he another six. Sensational hit goes again. Over mid-on, it is

from Warner. That is his from

Dave Warner. His head's down,

he is in and out for two Brilliant batting and he is in and out for two again.

Brilliant batting and running.

He has been booed a couple of

times tonight but now look how

much that means to him coming

off the 100 in the test match.

100 now in the Big Bash

League. Ben Dunk secured the

win with six balls remaining

and for the main attraction Warne could only and for the main attraction - Warne

of 0 for 19 off two overs.

South Africa has crushed Sri

Lanka by an innings and Lanka by an innings and 81 runs

in the opening test of their

three match series. After being

dismissed for 411 the Proteas destroyed destroyed the tourist's top

order with Vernon Philander

taking five innings. taking five wickets in each

innings. The home side needed a

touch more than 39 overs to

secure the win and Philander wrapped up the game secure the win and fittingly

picking up his fourth,

five-wicket hall in just six

innings since making his debut.

Checking the weather now.

Cloud associated with a low and

Australia into the trough is spreading from South

states. Cloud also covers the Top End and the tropics. Top

Before we go, one couple in the US town of Greenwood

Indiana has taken Christmas

decorating to whole new level.

They have covered every room of their house with festive decorations. The home has 68

Christmas trees. Even in the

Smith toilet. Home owner Brandon

Smith and his partner started

the tradition 9 years ago and

its has since grown into a

labour of love.

But where do they live? For

more details on the stories we

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