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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. It's a girl! a baby daughter. The Hewitts celebrate gives Van Nguyen hope. Singapore's hangman on low-fat label claims. And strict new rules Ten News with Tracey Spicer.

Good morning. for celebrity couple It's a healthy baby girl

Lleyton and Bec Hewitt. before the Australian media. Their pregnancy played out Ten reporter Katherine Robinson Private Hospital. is outside Sydney's North Shore Katherine, when was the baby born?

Good morning, Tracey. I can confirm

Bec and Lleyton Hewitt are the

proud parents of a baby girl born

here at Sydney's Royal North Shore

private hospital around 1:45 this

morning. Lleyton's manager has

released a statement and says the

birth went smoothly and the couple

are absolutely thrilled at the

birth of their baby girl. Thaif

also asked their thanks to be

conveyed to the Australian public

for their support in the lead-up to

the birth. This of course caps off for their support in the lead-up to

a stellar and very busy year for

the couple who started dating at a stellar and very busy year for

the end of last year and after just

a 6-week courtship, Lleyton got

down on bended knee and popped the

question for Bec asking for her

hand in marriage the night he lost

the Australian Open final. Three

month later they announced they the Australian Open final. Three

were expecting a baby and July was month later they announced they

the month if the lavish wedding the

two had in Sydney and it was the month if the lavish wedding the

attended by Australia's sporting

and acting elite. Since then the

couple have been touring the

international tennis set and it

brings us here today wheres you've

said, they is had a baby girl at

Royal North Shore's private

hospital at 1:45 this morning. If

it's any international of the type

of father Lleyton is going to be,

he pull out of the Shanghai masters

this month with a prize money of $6

million. He was pretty committed

then and I imagine he's committed

now. Everyone wants to know what

they're going to call their baby

girl but they'll be going home in

the next couple of days so I'm sure

we'll fine out more then. I'm sure

we will too. Thank you. It's less than 72 hours

drug trafficker Van Nguyen until convicted Australian is executed in Singapore. is outside the prison Ten reporter Allan Raskall and joins us on the phone. where Nguyen is being held

for an eleventh hour reprieve? Allan, there are still faint hopes

That's right, Tracey.

While Van Nguyen's mum and brother

say good-bye in Changi prison, Attorney-General

Philip Ruddock is seeking advice as Attorney-General

to whether an appeal can be lodged

for clemency under Singaporean laws.

Singapore's hangman Darshan Singh for clemency under Singaporean laws.

claims Singapore itself might grant

clemency. Here is a little of what

he has to say. Maybe they say - clemency. Here is a little of what

they may say at the 11th hour,

It's still possible. after they give him life sentence.

rethought - If the Singapore government the execution, first of all if they rethought the obvious solution. then of course that would be If they rethought their willingness the International Court of Justice to go to that they accepted the challenge on the basis in that court, to debate their process then that would be another option a stay. that would necessarily involve I know some other lawyers the extradition issue are continuing to look at possibility in that and perhaps there's some that there's only really three days but you have to keep bearing in mind in which to do these things.

Alan, what sort of reaction is the

impending execution getting in

Singapore? Traceae the reaction in

Singapore can be gauged by looking

at the local papers and while Van

Nguyen's hanging is big news in

Australia, over here it rates a

mention on page 19 in one of the

major daily newspapers. Van

Nguyen's family and friends are

saying good-byes but cling

thoomantra while it there is life

there is hope. They're making

arrangements for collection of

Van's body if the execution goes

ahead this Friday at 6:00am

Singapore time or 9:00am Australian

eastern standard time. Singapore time or 9:00am Australian is under way in Canberra A heated coalition meeting over sedition laws with the party room split in the new anti-terror legislation. has fending off criticism Attorney-General Philip Ruddock from his own senators. own senators Even though the Government's on the terror bill inquiry provisions to be scrapped, are calling for the sedition won't budge. Attorney-General Philip Ruddock Am I prepared to remove provisions who urge to use force or violence that deal with those and others? against democratic institutions

No. has been criticised as poorly drafted The sedition section and a threat to free speech. On that point Mr Ruddock may soften. Maybe it could be reframed which we want addressed. to deal with the precise issue to review the provision But he's standing by his decision after it's passed. to vote on laws It's absurd to ask the Parliament need to be changed. that the Minister has already said Who does Mr Ruddock think we are? the Parliament for granted. Absolutely silly, and it's taking the inquiry was worthwhile. The Attorney-General says It makes over 50 recommendations. I can imagine amongst them I am quite prepared to accept. there will be recommendations Sedition isn't the only issue will debate in the party room today. the Coalition on another controversial matter - Members are being briefed RU486. lifting the ban on abortion drug for all MPs An information session advocating the pill. will hear from experts I believe it's wrong. I thinks it's dangerous. I will be opposing it.

I'm still thinking about it. to a conscience vote. It will likely come down Danielle Isdale, Ten News. briefly faced court in Baghdad. A defiant Saddam Hussein has again

But just hours after sitting,

for another week proceedings were adjourned were too frightened to attend. because several defence lawyers After a gap of six weeks, was just one single day in court. the defence made sure that this too edited out bits of the proceedings, The official camerawork we could see how furious Saddam was though from the press box once his handcuffs were taken off outside the courtroom. "They brought me here to the bar door and I was hand-bound." The Chief Judge says, "I will tell the police about this." Saddam says, "Please, Chief Judge, I don't want you to call them. "I want you to order them. "They are in our country. "They are Westerners and they are invaders and occupiers. Then the television coverage cuts off so the viewers can't hear how Saddam continues to get the better of the exchange and there was a voice from beyond the grave - video evidence given by an ex-secret policeman before he died last month. He'd been at the town of Dujal in 1982 when Saddam's bodyguards murdered many of the in habitants, the heart of this case. There was even some video footage from British television news of the young Saddam in Dujal. The elderly Saddam examined his former self with interest. A role call of defence lawyers who weren't in court today, frightened off by the murders of two of their number. Not even the former American Attorney-General, Ramsay Clarke, who's come to help Saddam, can take their place. The trial had to be adjourned yet again. Australian doctors are leading a world first trial of a new heart monitoring system. Principal researcher at the Alfred Hospital Professor Henry Krum joins us from Melbourne. Professor Krum, in layman's terms, how does the device work?

Well, this device sits in the part of the heart called the left atrium and that's the perfect part of the heart to monitor the overall volume state of the patient and that's particularly relevant for patients with congestive heart failure. What kinds of information does it give to the patients? What it provides is pressures within the heart and that information can be downloaded by the patient so they in fact can manage their own disease state by adjusting therapy around those pressure measurements. So what implications does have for patients and for the health system? I imagine it means a much greater quality of life for the patients? That's correct. The aim of this device is to improve the quality of life for patients but also to keep patients and when you keep patients out of hospital, that's a benefit for everyone and especially the health care system. Of course with an aging population. Now, who can can take part in the trial and when exactly do you expect to see results? Well, we've recruited four patients so far into this trial and everything's gone well so far. We're looking for a further six or so patients and these patients have to have congestive heart failure, they have to have advanced disease and to have been in hospital at least once in the past 12 months. As I mentioned before, the idea is to keep them out of hospital the next time. Alright, well, thank you very much for your time and good luck with it. Thank you. Strict new rules on food labelling, that's next in Ten's morning news.

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the sub's final resting place is near Lion Island in Broken Bay. Divers recovered pieces of cable that were matched with original cabling from a factory in Japan. But getting more proof will take some time, the site is a war grave for the two Japanese seamen on board. Strict new rules have been drawn up governing what can and can't be written on food labels. Helping explain these changes is Melanie Fisher from Food Standards Australia. What changes will shoppers see on supermarket aisles?

There will be a range of changes.

One of the more obvious changes

people will see is there will be a

whole raft of new claims on food

packages about what the food can do

for your health. An example is a

package might say, "This food is

low in saturated fat. A diet low in

saturated fat can reduce the risk

of heart disease." Other things

that may not be so obvious is we

require on the back of any packet

require on the back of any packet making a health claim, a statement

about how much of your daily intake

that will provide. Have companies

been deceptive about using labeling

such as diet and low fat in your

opinion? No, this is under a

voluntary code of conduct. We will

be bringing everything into food

law so companies have to adhere to

our requirements about what the

conditions are for making a low-fat

or diet claim and we'll be

strengthening those conditions. Our

consumer research tells us people

are quite confused by what low-fat

claims mean and how low in fat the

food is. We're trying to make the

information more useful for

consumers. For the first time

manufacturers will be able to

promote positive health claims

about their products? Thafrplt

there's only one claim

manufacturers are allowed to make

at the moment. We will be allowing

them to make any claim they can

prove is true and they have

prove is true and they have suitable scientific evidence to

support that claim. That will give

them more opportunities to develop

innovative new product and give

people a wider raipg of healthier

food choices. Thanks very much for your time. Tornadoes and blizzards are battering America's Midwest. The deadly line of storms already claiming five lives across three states. The first of the tornadoes hit Kansas. MAN: Oh my God! I've lived here all my life and it's the worst I've ever saw. Within minutes, 30 homes in one town had been destroyed.

The line of twisters stretched from one State into another. In Arkansas, a motorist died when his car was picked up and hurled onto the wrong side of the road. It's always in the back of your mind that this can happen but not this late in the season. The same deadly weather system that spawned the tornadoes

also brought blinding blizzards. Major interstate highways are blocked with some closures stretching for more than 500km. The treacherous conditions have already been blamed for at least four deaths. In one accident, a 2-car collision turned into a 30-car pile-up. Motorists unable to stop because of rain and sleet. Cars going eight different directions

trying to avoid everyone. The first winter storm of the season

has now stranded hundreds of motorists, all waiting for a break in the weather. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. An American power plant has been destroyed in a mysterious explosion.

Two transformers burst into flames early this morning, igniting more than 30,000 litres of fuel. Firefighters took almost three hours to get the blaze under control. Nearby residents were evacuated and thousands of people are still without power. The damage bill is expected to top $10 million. Australia's latest domestic airline takes off. that's coming up in Ten's morning news. And in sport - the academy where they're learning to bend it like Beckham. FOXTEL's 10th birthday means a big deal. For a limited time, you can get FOXTEL Digital installed from just $10 in metro areas. And you get your first month for just $10. FOXTEL Digital. Call 131 787 now.

SIZZLING EVIL LAUGHTER ANGELIC HARP CHORD BUBBLES FIZZ PEOPLE GROAN COMPUTERISED VOICE DRONES DENTIST'S DRILL WHINES For a real breakfast real fast, CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMES MCDONALD'S JINGLE PLAYS This program is captioned live. Australia's newest airline has taken off, promising to get business people to their destination faster. OzJet made its first journey between Melbourne and Sydney this morning and will operate on the route eight times a day. It will offer business class service with a flight between the two cities to cost $650 return. Flights to Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth are expected to begin next year.

Airline founder and car racing identity Paul Stoddart says OzJet will have a carry-on luggage capacity of 20kg, After years of dispute, James Hardie industries has agreed to compensate asbestos victims and is now finalising those arrangements.

Payouts are estimated at $1.7 billion. NSW Premier Morris Iemma says that as part of the deal Hardie directors will be indemnified from civil actions by asbestos victims. In finance news, a heavy fall for the Australian share market. To Jacqui Maddock at Commonwealth Securities and the competition in our skies stepped up a notch today.

Well, I imagine Qantas is probably

feeling like that this morning now

that Oz Jet has taken to the fly

and it's promising to fly its

passengers between destinations 20%

faster than its rivals. There's no

secret the price war sparked by

Virgin Blue entering has been good

for tickets but bad for company profits. Airlines have been

struggling. It could prove a costly

implication for Qantas because

Qantas currently enjoys the lion's

share of corporate travellers.

What's happening are gold prices?

They're soaring. We have seen them

move to $500 US an ounce this

morning and have seen them increase

over the past couple of months

since hurricane Katrina in

September. We have seen gold

production dip off over the past

six months, to lows not seen since

1997 and at the same time we've

seen a surge in demand for

jewellery of 30%. It makes gold

jewellery a very special Christmas

gift this year. Eddie Jones' grip on the Wallabies' coaching job is looking more tenuous by the day.

The team arrived home from their tour of Europe last night with just one win from four Tests. The chairman of the performance review is signalling changes. Just like on tour coach and captain continued to present a united front as they touched down in Sydney last night. Eddie Jones resolute about hanging on to his job. Look, I'm keen to coach Australia and as I've always said, I don't make those decisions but what I will be doing is presenting to the board the facts of the matter and we'll take it from there. Jones keeping the faith with his playing group. I still think we have the nucleus of the side which can win the World Cup in 2007 We've produced some nice, good, young players who are gonna come through over the next two years and be very good players for Australia. That belief in his team reciprocated by the players. He's certainly the best coach I've ever been coached by. He's certainly brought the best out of me. I think Eddie's done exceptionally well and in terms of getting the team prepared, I think all it comes down to is the performance of us players. But the support of his charges may not be enough with a performance review already under way.

There will be some changes because we can't lose three games and not make changes. I think the review will throw up a number of things on the coaching side, on the playing side, on the support side and I think a combination of those things will turn them around. We certainly have the players. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Russell Ingall may have won the V8 Supercar title, but rival Ford driver Craig Lowndes scooped the pool at last night's series awards ceremony. The Triple Eight driver was named the championship's most popular driver, he took the award for claiming most pole positions and his night was capped off with the presentation

of the prestigious Barry Sheene Medal. Barry Sheene was a legend in his own right although I didn't get to know him really in-depth personally, he was always around, always use to give a bit of cheek and a bit of advice at times. He's obviously a huge loss. As you said it's a sought-after medal and you do win it with pride. Ingall was also presented with his maiden Supercar Championship crown. England captain and Real Madrid superstar David Beckham has unveiled his new football academy in the UK. Around 15,000 kids kids a year will now learn how to bend it like Beckham. The media have taken more than a few pot shots at David Beckham over the years so perhaps today's volley directed at them was more than just a humourous way of marking the unveiling of his gigantic football academy. The place is so vast it could comfortably hold a jumbo jet and it's the only building in Europe to house two full-size artificial pitches alongside state-of-the-art medical facilities, classrooms

and the best collection of Beckham memorabilia

outside his Madrid mansion. The first of 15,000 youngsters who'll use it over the next year were suitably impressed. I think it's brilliant. It's really good for children who haven't got that privilege of going to football training. I think it's great. It's absolutely huge, as you can see behind. From the outside it looks so small and then when you get in it's just very experienced. Beckham intends to be involved at the academy whenever his playing commitments allow and sees the project dominating his life when he hangs up his boots. It's bigger than I thought it would ever be. You know, one here, one in LA

and maybe some more in the future hopefully but, you know, coaching kids and getting kids off the street

and giving them things to do is so important. The main aim, Beckham says, is to enhance youngsters' lives through football, not find another David Beckham. But that, of course, would be a huge bonus. Next in Ten News weather around the nation.

This program is captioned live. National weather:

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer, good afternoon.

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