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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. No corrupt conduct - over Orange Grove affair. the State Government cleared flooding the next - No hot water one day, for Westmead Hospital. more water woes

And the big chill - making the State shiver. the record-breaking cold snap and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening, also tonight - Kerrie Whelan the husband of murdered Sydney woman breaks down on the witness stand. see Australia at full strength And the amazing comebacks that could in the next Ashes Test. for State Government ministers Relief tonight as the long-awaited ICAC report

clears them of corruption. into the Orange Grove affair Liverpool shopping centre But the owners of the doomed are refusing to give up the fight. remains disused tonight The Orange Grove shopping centre will stay that way. and in the wake of the ICAC report and dumped shop keepers The shopping centre owners on hand to hear the bad news. and over $2 million of our money, We can't believe after a year which can not identify anything. we have come to an ICAC report of any wrongdoing The ICAC cleared the Carr Government to re-zone the Orange Grove site. over its refusal declaring: The anti-corruption watchdog The allegation? had instructed Former Premier Bob Carr Dianne Beamer assistant Planning Minister,

to remain open not to allow Orange Grove Frank Lowy - an Orange Grove rival. as a favour to Westfield boss Liverpool Council The ICAC also cleared of any corruption. and the Orange Grove operators with 25 stab wounds in the back ICAC has basically found a body and ruled that it was suicide. Roads Minister Joe Tripodi, Also cleared, While the ICAC found no-one corrupt, of the State's lobbying laws it did urge a tightening Premier has pledged to follow up. and that's something that the new in her words is a "personal relief". For Dianne Beamer, the ICAC report that there was no other way I was always of the opinion because I had not acted corruptly. in which the commission could find, they will fight on. The Orange Grove owners say Paul Mullins, Ten News. at Westmead Hospital. More plumbing problems were forced to take cold showers, Just days after patients and operating theatres shut down two wards have been flooded after pipes burst. on building contractors The problem's being blamed to the new trying to match the old water system

of Westmead Hospital. as part of a massive restoration in the intensive care unit Burst pipes to rescue unconscious patents forcing staff through the ceiling. as water flooded in that a water main has burst, We understand have had to be evacuated that all patients in intensive care be cancelled until further notice. and that all operations have had to leaked from angry doctors That information thrown the hospital into crisis. who say unfinished building work has we can't have the CT scan We were told

of problem with the water because we've had some sort and a roof had collapsed. denied by a hospital spokesman That claim to see the damage. who refused to allow the media in there were no hot showers. Earlier this week played down the problem. Then the hospital's boss you need to understand that. This is a one in 26 year incident, that it will not reoccur again. We believe strongly But two days later, there's flooding. being investigated Events are currently that they should not reoccur. and clearly I am confident taking a different approach. The Premier that it has caused patients. I do apologise for the inconvenience patients with hot showers today The hospital has managed to provide a solution to the plumbing problems. as engineers work to find furious at the disruption. The Health Minister I'm not a plumber. I'm not a hydrologist, I don't know the technical details an independent engineer's report. but I've called for John Hill, Ten News. A 14-year-old boy has been charged gang rape of a teenage boy. in connection with the brutal the attack at Mount Druitt last week. The victim was hospitalised following for a number of other males Police are searching alleged to have been involved. at the Kerry Whelan murder trial. An emotional day of evidence Her husband Bernie breaking down the triple-0 emergency call while hearing eight years ago. he made when she disappeared was supposed to fly out to Adelaide Bernie Whelan with his wife Kerry in May 1997. for a few days off to take the flight. She never turned up failed to meet her husband When Mrs Whelan

Bernie knew something was wrong. mugged for her jewellery. At first he feared she had been

Bernie Whelan fought back tears In court today

reporting his wife missing as his emergency call at the murder trial of Bruce Burrell. was replayed

the two men, once considered friends, An earlier conversation between described as: against him is circumstantial. Burrell's legal team say the case has never been found Kerry Whelan's body linking Burrell to her death. and there is no DNA evidence was made... A link to another prominent case

for another 15 weeks. The case will continue Kevin Wilde, Ten News. with a vengence. Winter has struck back their coldest August day on record Parts of New South Wales experiencing dumps of snow. and enjoying some impressive landed in Australia last night. A little piece of Antarctica While the effects of the cold front the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney, were felt as far north as just west of the Blue Mountains it was Oberon that took the biggest hit in NSW falling in the last 24 hours. with an unseasonal 5cm of snow on the roads, The chilly conditions saw ice form creating chaos for locals. hours there this morning, Well, it does, for four or five the town was effectively closed off. we've had this year It's the biggest fall we've had for the last couple years. and probably the biggest fall Slippery roads were a problem right across the region. Black ice causing a truck driver to lose control, spinning the rig 180 degrees on to the wrong side of the road. The Great Western Highway closed until 9:00 this morning. Katoomba residents waking to a dusting of snow up to 2cm deep. Children left to entertain themselves after six schools were put on snow alert. Hundreds of students and teachers excused from classes. Weather experts say this is the last of the big snow falls for this season -

in this part of the State anyway. That cold front that brought these conditions

has now gone out to sea and much warmer conditions are expected soon. That can't come soon enough for Tasmanians. A road weather alert warns of snow and ice on roads.

Up to 20cm of snow dumped across the southern State. Victorians too feeling the pinch of a 1-in-20-year snowfall

providing a boost for the ski fields. Mount Hotham plunging to minus 9 degrees overnight. Evan Batten, Ten News.

Tim Bailey, it is certainly

freezing, I needed my Spencer today.

Am I going to ted need it tomorrow?

Did he say minus 9 degrees in

Hotham? We went to minus 10 in

Thredbo now. It is minus 3 here. If

my mouth stops working and I start

dribbleing, bear with me because

wind chill is minus 9 degrees. In

answer to your question, a cold

night tonight. It could be the

coldest night of the year down to

around about 5 degrees. We have to

get under 5.6 to get that record

and I think that will happen. That

temperature taken at Observatory

xil hill. Warmer weather on the way,

bright blue skies. There's nothing

wrong with the colour of the sky at

wrong with the colour of the sky at the moment, it is just the air

temperature. And by the weekend,

you wonder where it is all gone. It

will be 21 degrees and beach

weather again. Let's look at sky

watch on a crystal clear day. Right

across the south-east of Australia,

the Antarctic air gave us a whish

up the skirts. What have we got

tomorrow? Already been across that,

17 degrees and a fine one. Up

around 21 degrees for the weekend.

Keep an eye on the mercury, it is

going to go that way. Will it be

the coldest night in Sydney? I

think it will be. See you again in ten minutes. Telstra has recorded the biggest annual profit in Australian corporate history.

But the telco's new boss admits its services aren't up to scratch, fuelling a fierce debate in Canberra. Telstra's new chief, Sol Trujillo, flew into the national capital with a $5 billion plan for a high-tech upgrade of the creaking network. What's not clear is who he expects to pay for it.

Certainly he's not strapped for cash, announcing a $4.44 billion record corporate profit, up 8% on last year.

The American high flier brutally frank in his assessment that the Australian network is technically in urgent need of a fix. We have to streamline, we have to innovate better,

we have to provide better service. Labor is gobsmacked. The admission, it says, is a direct result of the Government wanting to fatten the cow before selling it. One year's profit could put all this cutting edge technology all over Australia and that is the solution. Not to come to Canberra and ask for government handouts. Mr Trujillo wouldn't spell out details ahead of his meeting with John Howard, but the Communications Minister under pressure from the Nationals appears sympathetic. I think it's encouraging to see the new CEO looking at having some vision for Telstra. Obviously the Government wants to have a look at what the proposal is. Last week Mr Howard said the Telstra boss needed a reality check. The PM is caught between The PM is caught between two competing interests.

He needs Mr Trujillo to make Telstra as attractive as possible to big time investors

and at the same time, placate his newly assertive coalition partners. And the focus of that revolt, Senator Barnaby Joyce is feeling vindicated. It's great that the National Party is at the forefront of that and driving the agenda. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport and Glenn McGrath set for an amazing comeback? That's right Jess, he's a big chance of playing in the third Test starting at Old Trafford tonight. McGrath stunned team-mates by bowling on the ankle which had him on crutches a week ago. Brett Lee is a definite starter after making a full recovery from an infected knee. And controversial claims a Springbok forward had metal wrapped in his arm guard

when he knocked out an All Black last week. South Africa's reaction shortly. Plus, Wallabies coach Eddie Jones' response to calls for his axing if New Zealand wins this weekend. Also later, yet another new full-back for the Bulldogs. See you in half an hour, Ron. Still to come - another rumoured royal pregnancy. Also tonight, a sneak peek at the new, cash-free Cross City Tunnel. and the technology that will make you pay. And injured Aussie cyclist Katie Brown ready to get back on her bike.

KISSING NOISES KISSING NOISE ..$0 installation for Telstra full service home phone customers. KISSING NOISES

Now, that's real six appeal. To join: WOLF WHISTLE Want long lasting control of heartburn and indigestion? Unlike antacids, which only provide short term relief, Zantac Extra Strength can control excess stomach acid for up to 24 hours with one tablet. Zantac Extra Strength. Long lasting relief. This program is captioned live. Your first look tonight inside the almost completed Cross City Tunnel, Sydney's only totally cash-free motorway. Its operators promise sophisticated technology will ensure you won't get away without paying. It was promised two months ago and delayed. But motorists will finally get the chance to drive in the Cross City Tunnel in a couple of weeks. And it will be a motorway drive like no other. You will never have to fumble for a coin again and you will never have to stop at a toll plaza again. A sophisticated bank of cameras and electronic tag readers will make this the first cashless motorway. If you don't have a tag, you can pay for a temporary pass. The cameras will capture your number plate and match it to computer records. If you drive through without a pass, you'll have 48 hours to pay up. The tunnel will allow motorists to avoid nearly two dozen city traffic lights. Travelling between Rushcutters Bay in the east and the Western Distributor, the tunnel also connects to the Eastern Distributor. Westbound traffic can travel to the airport using the re-opened Bourke Street on ramp. Eastbound traffic can do the same from Darling Harbour. Unlike other motorways, the toll on this one won't go up by large amounts each year, but by a few cents every three months. In fact, it went up without the first motorist even driving through to $3.53 each way. And evading the toll is simply not an option. We will find you and we will read your number plate and even if your number plate is smeared with mud or whatever, the infrared cameras will pick that up. Not so on the M2 motorway. Transurban took it over in June and discovered the former owners, Hills,

had allowed toll evaders to go unpunished for years. But as the new owners,

we are concerned about it and we'll introduce a new, robust system.

The new Cross City Tunnel opens on August 28 with Sydneysiders invited to walk through raising money for the Salvos. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

A former top cop has blamed anonymous complaints for ending his career. Former assistant commissioner Dick Adams today broke his silence on the controversy over an expensive desk he bought for his office and the internal investigation which forced him to retire early. There were people writing a whole host of anonymous complaints about me and the desk just happens to be a vehicle. Despite being a leading contender to replace Ken Moroney when he stood down last month, Mr Adams says he's not bitter about his departure from the force. Forensic examiners are combing a station wagon for clues after it was used in an overnight ram raid. Thieves drove a car through the front doors of a North Rocks shopping centre

around 4:45 this morning. The bandits managed to drag an ATM from the building before escaping in a white van. It's the fourth teller machine to be stolen in similar circumstances in the last week. One of the Aussie cyclists injured in Germany has returned home to Sydney vowing to get back on her bike. Katie Brown is determined to compete again,

setting her sights on the Beijing Olympics. There's no place like home. And that's where Katie Brown will be spending some quality time before she begins rehab. I'm sort of going a little bonkers. The 22-year-old returned from Germany on Saturday. Doctors there stabilising her after the horrific accident that killed Amy Gillet and seriously injured Katie and four of her team-mates three weeks ago. What did you think when you first saw that car coming towards you? The first thought was, I thought she was actually just parked there doing a burnout like a typical teenager. But then it sort of came closer to us. Incredibly, the 18-year-old German driver is back on the road after offering an apology to our cyclists. Apparently she did apologise. I'm not too sure about that because we weren't really allowed to associate or really talk to her. And I don't really want to talk to her at the present time. Maybe in a couple months I might have a chat. Katie's courage and positive outlook are apparent when you meet her.

She says it's thanks to the support of her family and hundreds of emails from well-wishers and her team-mates, including Louise Yaxley and Alexis Rhodes, who remain in hospital in Germany. I rang them yesterday afternoon and they're doing great. Louise just got her stitches out and she sounds like she's going well, and Alexis was at physio. Katie is also throwing her weight behind Amy Gillet's husband Simon's campaign to raise awareness of cyclists on the road, but maintains as soon as she's well enough, she'll be out there training in Sydney traffic. This is where I grew up and learned how to ride my bike with the traffic. So I'm not real concerned about it. Doctors say she should be back on her bike in six months. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Next in the 5:00 news - a thrill-seeker cheats death after a 300m BASE-jump goes wrong. A why the space shuttle crew are so full of praise for Australia's Andy Thomas.

This program is captioned live.

You're watching the 5:00 news, time

to check on the traffic with Vic

Lorusso in the Traffic Helicopter.

Traffic all jammed up north of the

bridge tonight snfrplts it sure is,

there was an accident near north

north with bumper to bumper delays

just as traffic comes off the

bridge. This is the traffic passing

under Miller Street crawling in all

three lanes until it gets to Lane

Cove and then heavy as a result of

the accident in North Ryde. If you

know of anybody heading to Campsie,

get them to take Bexley Road and

we'll have another update after the sport. Adrenaline junkies have copped a serve from rescue workers, who say they're putting innocent lives at risk. The attack comes after another BASE-jump almost ended in tragedy. It's Australia's longest waterfall jump.

Incredibly, the adrenalin junkie from Northern New South Wales survived the 300m plunge after his chute only opened at the last minute. He suffered suspected spinal injuries after smashing into the water. But his fellow thrillseekers were apparently too busy giving each other high fives than helping the paramedic who'd trekked for two hours to rescue their colleague. Having taken the danger of getting to the scene as quickly as he could, they seemed to be more interested in what a great jump it was, not their friend. A high-profile Sydney BASE-jumper was critically injured in the same spot last year. uThe person ended up on he same rock at the bottom of the falls. The incident was very similar. It's extremely frustrating to see the same event occur again.

Unlike other States, BASE-jumping is not banned in Queensland national parks. Participants don't even need a permit. He's in the water! National Parks want the extreme sport banned at popular Wallaman Falls and permits issued for less accessible spots. It's not something we encourage. We consider it to be extremely high risk. Emergency crews enraged

that the latest rescue tied up their valuable helicopter and put them at risk in dangerous terrain. Rescuers themselves are fed up. There's a feeling that it's only a matter of time before attending a thrill-seeking accident could cost them the life of one of their own. Our people were put in a lot of danger just to go and get these people because of something foolish that they have done. A review of national park regulations is now under way. The Islamic group linked to the London bombings will be allowed to continue operating in Australia. Hizb ut-Tahrir advocates a pan-Islamic state. British authorities are about to ban the group but ASIO has decided its members don't pose a threat here. ASIO has advised me that as present there is no basis under current legislation

for specifying Hizb ut-Tahrir as a terrorist organisation under the criminal code. Hizb ut-Tahrir supports Islamic uprisings in Iraq and Afghanistan but it denies advocating suicide bombings. A mountaineer has beaten the odds to survive six days

stranded on one of the Himalayas' highest peaks. A special high altitude helicopter of the Pakistani Army finally pulled off the rescue. It plucked 36-year-old Slovenian climber Tomaz Humar

from an ice ledge 6,000m up Nanga Parbat mountain where he'd been trapped by blizzards. Doctors say Humar is perfectly alright, despite exposure and not eating for several days. Welcome home celebrations for the crew of space shuttle 'Discovery'. Australian-born astronaut Andy Thomas praised for his role in the risky mission. NASA rolled out the red carpet for its new generation of space heroes. APPLAUSE Commander Eileen Collins leading her crew one last time. And there, caught up in the sea of American patriotism, Australian-born Andy Thomas. I think you'll all agree with me that it's great to be alive and in Houston. Amid the fanfare they thanked God and the NASA family for getting them home safely and paid special tribute to the sacrifice of the 'Columbia' crew.

We were able to fix our vehicle to come home because of what they did for us.

The man who made those historic repairs to the shuttle thanked the calm voice who talked him through the mid-flight drama - Andy Thomas. Andy Thomas is a scientist, an astronaut, a veteran space explorer, a space walker. In his own life, a philosopher and a gentleman. APPLAUSE Sit down, sit. A veteran of four space missions, the 53-year-old didn't talk of his pending retirement today, just the future. On behalf of the crew I want to thank you for everything you have done and I share the hope that it won't be too long before another crew stands here and can tell about the adventures you have made possible for them. In the not too distant future he hopes that will include his wife, Shanon, a fellow astronaut. How about one more round of applause for this wonderful crew. APPLAUSE In the US, Lesia Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Barbara Bel Geddes, world famous as Miss Ellie in the soapie 'Dallas', has died. The long-time smoker has succumbed to lung cancer. Bel Geddes was best known as the matriarch of one of the world's most watched shows of the 1980s and won an Emmy for the role. Her acting career dates back to Broadway in 1945. She was nominated for an Oscar three years later. Barbara Bel Geddes was 82. Buckingham Palace is refusing to confirm reports of another royal pregnancy. A British paper claims Prince Edward and wife Sophie are expecting their second child.

The 40-year-old Countess of Wessex is said to be three months pregnant. It was thought problems with earlier pregnancies had made it impossible for her to have another child. Almost four years ago she suffered an ectopic pregnancy

that left her critically ill. The couple's 2-year-old daughter, Lady Louise, was born four weeks prematurely by emergency Caesarean section.

Still to come - another record-breaking day on the Aussie share market. Also tonight - the female frontline - what's behind the push for women soldiers to join combat units.

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You're watching the 5:00 news and

Tim Bailey, you are in the perfect

place tonight to be enjoying the

freezing conditions? Look, the

Australian alps in the best nick

they've been all season. Tremendous

snow falls across south eastern

Australia as you've seen. Down in

Hobart at sea level, 300 metres.

Across Melbourne and on Parliament

house and across NSW in the Blue

Mountain, it's been falling

everywhere including here. 15

centimetres of snow, 40 centimetres

in the past 24 hours. What is the

world famous Uggometer doing. You

people are funny there! Let's check

in with the Uggometer. How many ug

boots? A season first, nine. Listen

to them going, ding, ding, ding.

We've had 36 hours of non-stop snow

making today, Thredbo, entered the

record books simply because it was

the lowest maximum temperature in

history. Minus 7 degrees and it is

around minus 8 here at the moment.

Let's do the resort report for you.

And quickly to Thredbo. Flesh, deep

and dry the cover.

Around the map of NSW, some

temperatures for you. We were

chilly everywhere you looked.

Took the top of the pops, back on

the television at 5:55 with a

feel-good community event that will

help one of the tiny schools. The top stories we're following this news hour - record-breaking temperatures for parts of the State as winter has its last hurrah. The central west has enjoyed some impressive snow dumps but the Bureau says much warmer conditions are on the way.

First there was no hot water, now there are floods. More plumbing problems at Westmead Hospital

with burst pipes putting two wards under water and shutting down operating theatres. And the State's corruption watchdog has cleared the Government of any wrongdoing over the Orange Grove affair. But the owners of the doomed Liverpool shopping centre on the frontline of our defence forces. Federal Cabinet is considering the move to combat a looming recruitment crisis. More than 100 Australian women are currently serving in the Middle East - 15 in al-Muthanna alone, but their roles are limited. The proposed changes would see women able to join direct combat units such as the infantry and artillery as long as it's a support role. It gives the army, navy and air force the opportunity to make better use of its very competent servicewomen. But they still won't be involved in hand-to-hand combat. A move welcomed by veterans.

For exactly the same reason that all the front row in the Wallabies are all blokes and all the Wallabies are all blokes, all infantries are all blokes too. Soldiers live together, fight together, share very, very close pieces of sleeping space and I think that's the sort of things that blokes do best. The plan is expected to be considered at next week's Cabinet meeting. But not everyone is convinced. I personally have reservations about it, frankly. REPORTER: Could you explain that, what are your reservations? All of the traditional reservations. With employment at its highest level in history, the Defence Force is battling to attract new recruits. The Government hopes lifting the restrictions on women will help make the armed services a more attractive career path. But others say it will have little effect. That necessity is because of the Government's neglect of recruitment to the point where we now have a real skills shortage in our armed forces. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. To finance, and the Australian share market has surged even further into record territory.

Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. It's a case of good news, bad news for the share market.

I'm sure I saw you doing a jig

behind the camera? In terms of the

broader share market, it is very

much good news. Gang busters is the

appropriate term for the broader

share market. It sums it up quite

nicely. But gang busters doesn't

sum up Telstra's share price which

is going south. Those people who

bought Telstra shares six years ago

are still a dollar a share out of

pocket despite the good flow of

dividends. Can our employment

figures possibly get any better? I

think they can. But at the moment,

they're very good. Unemployment at

28-year lows and 5%. And employment

has risen for 11 consecutive months.

We're doing better here in NSW,

4.8% is the unemployment rate and

that's the best for years. And it

is not just those with jobs who are

happy, it is those in jobs. One

measure of job security is that it

is at the best level ever. It might be cold outside but it was sizzling on the catwalk last night as supermodel Megan Gale launched David Jones' warm weather wear. Sydney's celebrity A list were the first to see this year's spring-summer collection, which features soft and sexy backless pieces with floor-skimming hemlines. A kaftan-inspired design proving to be the must-have look of the season. And for the most fashionable piece on the beach this year look for bold geometric cuts. Sport with Tim Webster

and Parramatta get a rev up on two fronts. Ahead - who the Bulldogs will be targeting. And the V8 driver who gave the Eels a friendly rev up. Also, is Australia set for an unexpected double boost going into tonight's Test? And the knock-out claim about what's inside one Springbok's arm guard.. This program is captioned live. Odds of Australia winning the third Test against England have been slashed with news Glenn McGrath could make a stunning comeback. A decision on his inclusion will be made when the Aussies get to the ground. Brett Lee's a definite starter.

It's a sight English batsmen were hoping not to see before the third Test. Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee desperate to bolster an attack that had been in crisis 48 hours ago. McGrath not called a quick for nothing. The world's best fast bowler making a bold bid to play just seven days after torn ankle ligaments forced him out of the second Test. in that last Test Match. It hurt him a lot not to take part in that last Test Match. I know that for a fact. He'll be pretty keen to prove everyone wrong. Lee goes from taking antibiotics to taking the new ball, rejoining the squad after two nights in hospital treating an infected left knee. Had the opportunity to go out there and have a bowl this afternoon and felt fantastic. It's not ideal preparations, I know that. I'd much rather be out there turning the wheels over and making sure that I'm going through the motions. While Lee's a certainty,

it's a case of waiting to see how McGrath's ankle pulls up. After dropping the last Test, his return would be a huge morale boost for the Aussies. But it's the batsmen on notice - only Langer and Clarke average more than 30 this series. I think we've played some very good cricket at times and we've played some cricket that's been below par. I think that's where we're at as a team. We haven't been able to - when we've had our good moments, or our great moments in the series so far, we just haven't had those moments last for long enough. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. Yet another re-shuffle for the Bulldogs with Luke Young returning to first grade

for the first time in three years. Young is yet another new Dogs full-back following Matt Utai's one match suspension. Bulldogs winger Matt Utai a happy man after successfully having his suspension shortened to one week. But the Bulldogs still think he should be playing tomorrow night. I thought it was a grade 1 at best, but I guess it's a decent result for us. 24-year-old fullback Luke Young comes into an already depleted Dogs side. He isn't listed in the Dogs squad. But returns to the top grade following three years in the wilderness. Yeah, I've been nervous all week since I got the call up. It's gonna be a big challenge, not only for him but every player on the field. We got a lot of young blokes and quite a bit of inexperience. For Bulldogs captain and former Eel, Andrew Ryan, tomorrow night will mark the first time he's been back to Parramatta Stadium since leaving. And he's expecting a frosty reception. That has nothing to do with the weather. It's taken a while to go back to Parramatta Stadium and I'm sure they will are giving me a bit.

It will be interesting to see what

the crowd does now he's back. But I

think he's been a Dog long enough

and I think the crowd is over that. The Eels took time out with V8 supercar series leader Marcos Ambrose today. Coach Brian Smith dismissing talk that the Dogs engine room will run a mountain of traffic at half tack Tim Smith.

They're under pressure to stay in

the race for the eight. People

react differently under pressure. The Springboks have landed in Perth and into a storm of controversy over claims one player is using a dangerous arm guard containing metal. All Blacks half-back Bryon Kelleher was knocked out in a tackle

and he'll miss this weekend's Test against the Wallabies. South African forward Victor Matfield might've been cleared by a metal detector at the airport but a Kiwi with coaching experience in the Republic is adamant rugby officials should place his arm brace under scrutiny. Victor Matfield always wears that guard on. There's some strong metal plate on it that they try and cover up and felt up, but I tell you what, you hit someone with that, they're going to know about it and I think Byron probably knows about it. Matfield was cleared by the judiciary

for his hit on All Black halfback Byron Kellaher. The claim he's re-enforced his brace with some metal was dismissed by the serious Springboks as a laugh. There's no way we could ever allow a guy like Victor to play with a guard in a Test match. Let's go one step further, imagine if he ever got caught playing with the guard. That'd be the end of his rugby career.

I don't believe anyone would ever take that chance of risking a rugby career just for a chance of wearing a guard on your arm. Also laughing was besieged Wallabies coach Eddie Jones. His team plays New Zealand on Saturday night and he didn't mind admitting why he was going to a coaching seminar. I'm going to try and improve my coaching. Obviously I need to.

So I'd better work pretty hard today. Meanwhile, the All Blacks have given captain Tana Umaga extra time to prove he's overcome an ankle injury. Yes, it certainly will be a busy weekend at Telstra Stadium with the Bledisloe Cup to be followed the next day by the Swans clash with the Brisbane Lions. This afternoon two of the combatants from different codes, Lewis Roberts-Thompson from the Swans and Wallaby Phil Waugh swapped jerseys ahead of their matches. Funnily enough they have plenty in common - both attended Shore School before pursuing different sporting paths.

I know for the Swans, it's always a

big clash against the Brisbane

Lions who like the All Blacks have

been the leader of the pack in terms of competition. Australia's fastest men continue to impress at the World Championships in Helsinki with Patrick Johnson and Karl Steffensen both through to the finals. Johnson qualified seventh fastest in the 200m breaking a 12-year finals drought for Australia in the event. Just good to get in the final and see what I can do - like everything step by step so this is a good stepping stone for next year and beyond. Steffensen tapped his heart before setting off in the 400m. The Olympic silver medallist sneaking into the decider as the eighth fastest qualifier. 150 one players tee off in tomorrow's PGA Championship, the final golf major of the year. Defending champion Vijay Singh is chasing his third PGA. The 17th is one of the biggest challenges for the field, the longest hole in championship history. All they've done with 17 is take hitting the green in two out of play. I think, I mean, maybe someone will.

If anyone does, it'll be Tiger Woods. the world number one is favourite to finish on a high by claiming his third major of the year. A feat he achieved in the year 2000. Later in Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey - the first session of the Ashes Test and yet another contender for the sexiest man in rugby league.

How many are there? Hundreds. Thank

you, back now to Vic Lorusso in the

Traffic Helicopter and delays at

Concorde? Yes, a bad accident at

Concorde Road just before the

Concorde Oval. As we zoom down, you

can see both lanes heading towards

Parramatta Road have been delayed.

This will affect traffic heading

towards Burwood for late night

shopping. If you're going to head

towards Burwood, you've got to

avoid Concorde Road. Tim Bailey is

hanging out with the vocal mob in

Thredbo. You bet you, and we've got

a message for you if you're sitting

in the loungeroom in NSW. Minus

seven degrees, see you after the commercial break. Want long lasting control of heartburn and indigestion? Unlike antacids, which only provide short term relief, Zantac Extra Strength can control excess stomach acid for up to 24 hours with one tablet. Zantac Extra Strength. Long lasting relief.

You're watching the 5:00 news.

Touch me, let me feel how cold you

are. Tim Bailey, this girl here is

an iceical. She reckons her feet

are chillier. Have you anything to

warm her up? Our nether regions

here are a wee bit shrinking too as

we broadcast live from Thredbo. You

know I love this little town and it

is a great place to be when snow is

falling across south eastern

Australia. But it is a great place

to be because this community and

communities around it have a very

big heart. Little schools like

Jindabyne public school need all

the help they can get. And I want a

round of applause for the local

grocer here in Thredbo and

Jindabyne, IGA and for Mylo as well

because they've donated $2,000 to

the Jindabyne public school for

increased resources like books and

educational games to provide

quality teach not guilty small

schools that don't always get the

run of look or all the big doe that

the big schools do. So a big round

of applause for the jind public school. APPLAUSE

Say hello mum if you're in grade

five in Jindabyne public school. Oh

five in Jindabyne public school. Oh dear and it has gone a wee bit dark

in thrid bo and that's what happens

when it gets so cold. It is minus 7

degrees and that's the best I've

looked on television in 15 years.

How cold is it? Very, very, very

cold. I hope you can see my

shining teeth, can you see me, I

hope you can. Let's go folks. Into

your back yard at the moment.

Let's look at the satellite. And

speckled cloud has driven across

Tasmania by sold southerly winds

bringing snow. We know all about it.

Tomorrow's weather map,al pine snow

to clear and ease in Victoria. A

cold front will Britain showers and

isolated storms to WA. The bris of

the brolly, predicted precipitation,

drips and drops across the roof

tops. Isolated shower on exposed

sections of the NSW coastline. Rain

over Queensland, showers easing in

Victoria and clearing from SA.

Showers in WA. By Saturday, a high

will lend itself to a sunny day

after a very cold frosty morning

across the south-east. A bit hard

to read in the dark you know. A

weak front will clip Tasmania and

southern Victoria causing some

showers and a stronger front will

clip WA causing strong winds. So

the weather playing havoc with us,

we've lost all our lights as the

temperature drops to 7 degrees.

Thredbo set a record today, minus 7

degrees, that is the coldest

maximum this place has had. Sydney

tonight also looks likely to go

into the record books with its

coldest night of the year. We have

to beat 5.6, it looks like we're

going o down to around about 5. How

cold is it? Very, very, very cold.

All right, let's go interstate. And

battling reading this as it gets darker.

Sydney tomorrow. It warms up a

little bit. A clear sky.

That's it from me. We've left you

in the dark folks. It will be the

in the dark folks. It will be the last time, we've had a great time.

Minus 7 degrees, it will do it to you. A fleet of crazy cars has hit the road, bound for the Barossa Valley. It's the annual Variety Club Bash where 110 outrageously re-designed cars drive more than 4,000km to raise money for sick and disadvantaged children. The young and the young at heart join super heros and film favourites in the race across three states. This year, the Variety Club hopes to raise $2.3 million to equal last year's record. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson, goodnight. And I'm Jesuit Rowe. We'll have the Late News at 10:30, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.