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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Today - family speak of their pain Live. Today - the Morcombe

after yesterday's arrest of a

suspect in Daniel's murder

case. Of course we're only halfway there and we're halfway there and we're still

looking for Daniel and, looking for Daniel and, you

know, that's the personal focus

for us is to see if we can find Daniel. Also today - mixed messages

from the Opposition over seam gas mining as the Greens from the Opposition over coal

call for legislation to protect

farmers. Game on - US Tea Party candidate Michele Bachmann wins

a key presidential poll as Rick

Perry officially throws his hat

into the ring for the

Republicans. A student from

Victoria wins Australia's

biggest fun run,

to Surf. Australia's try nation

hopes well and truly alive

after the Wallabies downed the

Springboks in Durban.

Your ewatching ABC News I'm Simon Palan. First to the Your ewatching ABC News 24.

weather: The father of Sunshine The father of Sunshine Coast he teenager Daniel Morcombe says

man had been charged over his

son's disappearance. A

41-year-old man is in police

custody and will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates' Brisbane Magistrates' Court

tomorrow charged with five offences including murder and child stealing. Daniel Morcombe's father, Bruce

Morcombe says it is a big step

forward in the investigation

and he says he hasn't lost hope

of finding Daniel. It is a very

difficult place Dennis and I

and the family find ourselves in, which is somewhere we have worked extremely

be in and yet when you are

there it is a place you don't

want to be. It is an extremely difficult time and last night

was not pleasant at all but we're really indebted to the

police that have worked

extremely hard over the full

course of the journey to ensure

that we are where we are today, which is a man being and we're just obviously which is a man being charged

and we're just obviously with

the matter before the courts Denise members are very limited in

what we can say and the last

thing we want to do is

prejudice any legal matters ahead of us. We're

hopeful - every day we get up

we were thinking today's the day we'll find the answer and

certainly as we worked towards

the coronial process, that was

an extremely difficult time but

we got up knowing that that had

a purpose and shadow of doubt that a purpose and without any

perhaps crucial in getting

where we are today. It was that

review process that somebody to become even more in review process that enabled

the spotlight and there's been

an enormous amount of work in

the four months since that

person gave evidence and I'm

sure that will be evident as

this goes to trial down the

Closure is not a word we are

please very comfortable with and

please consider that a man's

been charged. Our priority as

Daniel. That is what we are parents of Daniel is to find

driven to do and we reassured that the police reassured that driven to do and we are

service is very much hard nosed

in finding Daniel and returning

his remains to the family.We'd

never given up hope. We've

find that information and truly always said today's the day we

little did we know that

got up that we did find some yesterday was the day that we

information.We long way to go and really our focus is

focus is not so much on the man

that's been charged, we'll that's been charged, we'll let

the legal process run that the legal process

course, and really we're

observers in that. There is not

a lot we can do. What we want do is find Danny. The Federal Government is

accusing the Opposition Leader,

Tony Abbott, of putting mining

investment at risk. Mr Abbott

suggested farmers should be

able to stop exploration on their land. One opposition frontbenchers has to clarify those comments.

Senator Bob Brown plans to introduce a bill into the

Senate to protect farmers from having coal seam gas mining

without their companies come onto their land

addressed the media a short without their agreement. He

time ago in with Queensland Green's senator time ago in Hobart. I'm working

Larissa Waters to bring a bill

into the Senate which will use

section 61 of the constitution

- the corporation's power - to

ensure coal seam gas

corporations don't go onto farmer's agreement of the farmer whose authority, without the

land is at stake. It is land is at stake. It is a

pretty simple collusion. It is a power that the

has and when you look at the configuration in parliament

with the Coalition, the Greens

would be able to get this

legislation through and into

law before Christmas. Now, I've

and written today to Tony Abbott

been very strongly advocating and to Barnaby Joyce, who has

to ensure that we work together farmers' rights on this issue,

and will be looking forward to

meeting both leaders in the coming fortnight of parliament sittings to get this legislation up. It is simply a

move to give food security the

priority it deserves in the 21st century over this

extraordinary outbreak of coal seam gas extractors in seam gas extractors in pursuit

of quick profit, cutting fences, going in onto farms

with their roads and their

drills. Even where farmers

don't want it. Well reporter George Roberts who is this we are joined by political

in Parliament House. How likely

is this Green's proposal to go ahead? The Greens

the support of one of the major

parties in the Upper House

where the Greens hold the

balance of power and they would

need the support of a major

party in the Lower House as well as some of the cross

benches to get this through

both Houses of Parliament. This

is a highly controversial issue. Farmers by law have

rights to the topsoil and they

can do what they like with that but it's the minerals and gases underneath

those topsoils which are the do

main of the states which are

effectively Crown resources and

the states can then hand

the rights to find and mine those resources to other

corporations. The Federal

Government says that there are already appropriate procedures

in place to ensure that there's proper consultation between

mining interests and farming interests over the use, the

exploration and the mining of these resources. The Federal Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, played into the controversial this week by saying that he

thought farmers should be able

to say no if they didn't want

certain things happening on their land. Now their land. Now the Federal Government has jumped on that,

as have the Greens. The Greens

are taking that as support for

their legislation. The Federal

Government is saying those

kinds of comments create a sovereign risk and a risk to

further investment in the mining sector. Here is what mining sector. Here is what the resources minister, Martin Fergusson had to say about Fergusson had to say about the comments today. Abbott boss has shown himself yet again to be

an absolute rank opportunist and economic vandal when it comes to Australia's economic

future. The last thing we need

is any issues of sovereign risk

going to investment in the

methane coal seam industry or saying to international investors such as British Gas

and Shell, you are not welcome

in Australia. Are there any

moves to back down by the

Opposition, to back down from

Tony Abbott's initial

comments? The leader of

- Pyne pines told

- Pyne pines told 'Insiders'

this morning he does not think

Tony Abbott was saying there

should be a be part -

departure from the departure from the current system. He appears to system. He appears to be distancing distancing himself or the party from any quif call from any quif call comments

that farming rights should supercede those

supercede those of the mining

industry. Here is a little bit

of what Pyne pine had to say

this morning. I think what me

is saying is that they should have more opportunities to negotiate and consult with the miners than they are currently

being given. There has been being given. There has been a cavalier attitude, apparently,

from some of the miners explorers, particularly in New

South Wales and there needs to

be a proper balance. I don't think Tony Abbott think Tony Abbott was

suggesting for one minute that we should overturn hundreds we should overturn hundreds of years of common law that has been well-established in this country. So those country. So those comments there appear to be distanced

from what Tony Abbott had to say earlier this week.

Interestingly as well, Interestingly as well, the national Senate leader, Barnaby Joyce, says he is happy to talk

to the Greens about ways to protect farmer - farmers interests on interests on prime agricultural

land. Protesters held valley -

rallies in several capital

cities today in a bid cities today in a bid to end live cattle exports. Hundreds of concerned citizens and

animal activists groups plooked

to the lawns of Parliament House. They are le canning for

MPs to pass legislation to

phase out live cattle exports

over three years. Two private members bills are being introduced to part introduced to part on Thursday

by the Greens. It is less than

a week since exports resumed to Indonesia. The Gillard Government has a choice. It can

be revered for ending the animal export trade or be remembered for allowing this

cruel and unnecessary trade to continue. Already Australia's

meat exports are both 6 times

as much as its live exports.

The MLA figures show that just

in the first quarter of this

year Australia's beef and veal

exports grew by 9% compared

with the previous year. We are

not starting from a nil basis. We are just talking about an

expanding of an expanding of an already thriving meat thriving meat export trade. The

Australian Government and the

industry have known about these welfare abuses since the 1980s

and to the shame have failed to take effective action. CROWD:

Shame! Shame claim Surely is

time has now come for this

cruel and archaic trade to be

brought to an end. Animal exty hazieses there speaking at Parliament House in Canberra. The Western Australian government wants to automatically automatically jail adults who injured children injured children in clandestine drug labs. The proposed changes to the Misuse of Drugs Act to the Misuse of Drugs Act will be introduced in the WA

parliament this week. Under those changes anyone who

injures a child under 16

exposing them to chemicals or a

drug lab explosion will be

financed - sentenced to at

least 12 months jail. The

changes come after police last week found the 120th illegal

drug lab in WA this year. A

woman has been charged with

prostituting a child in the inner Sydney suburb of Potts Point. The 48-year-old was arrested on were told a 14-year-old girl

was involved in prostitution at

a business on darling Hurst

road. The woman has been

charged with operating premises

where a child participates in

child prostitution. She has

been granted bail and will face

court next month. Police say

investigations into that matter are

are cannoting. Overseas now and

in Britain more than 2,000

people have now been arrested and over 1,000 charged and over 1,000 charged in connection with last week's

riots. Courts in London and Manchester have held special weekend sessions to weekend sessions to deal with the numbers and police have published more images

suspects. The champion champion, George Osborne, shows

how deep-seated problems how deep-seated problems in society had to society had to be tackled. Today police if London released released more pictures of

people they want to trace in

connection with the violence,

disorder and looting where disorder and looting where the rioting flared. The round up continues. Tonight a 33-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of causing the fire which

destroyed the furniture store

in Croydon. In the capital the

Metropolitan Police say they people in connection with the have arrested

people in connection with the riots. As a result here until 8 o'clock this riots. As a result courts sat

evening. They will it is

defendants tomorrow to process the

defendants as they come through

the system. One of those court today was accused of

robbing this Malaysian student

in Barking. Those pictures

caused an outcry when they were broadcast. The Prime Minister

said he felt disgusted when he

saw them. 21-year-old Reece Donovan is accused of taking a

phone and portable PlayStation

from a bleeding and dazed

Ashraf Rossli. He was in custody.A week after the

trouble began, the Chancellor

has reiterated the Government's

point that the underlying cause

of the riots was not about a

lack of money

were the public. It is not just

a question of money, if this

was just a question of money it

would have been solved years

ago. This is much more

deep-seated cultural change we

need to bring about in our

community. The Labor leader Ed

Miliband was out on the streets

talking to people in Hackney. Also pointing to problems at a

social level in an the trouble. We owe people a duty, I think, to make sure we

learn deep lessons from what happened and that means having

a proper, what I call a

commission of inquiry that

comes to places like Hackney and talks to people about

it. Now the American policeman

feigned for his sear have tolerance approach to crime

going to advise the

Government. My assignment is to

feigned focus more on the

American experience dealing with gangs and what we may be able them. Tonight a special vigil

reflections on a bad week has been held in Ealing, the

continue. To Germany now where

a minute's silence has been building of the Berlin held to mark 50 years since the held to mark

building of the Berlin Wall.

Trains and traffic came to a

commemorate those who died standstill in the capital to

trying to

trying to cross the wall that stood for 28 years and came to symbolise the Cold War.At Berlin's chapel of reconciliation there was a simple ceremony. This building church of reconciliation

demolished by the East German

authorities because it stood in

the way of the wall. Wreaths

were laid at a memorial to

those killed trying to flee.

128 people who simply wanted

their freedom were shot. This

man says a system locked in his

own people, it is a bitter

memory of this day on which

Berlin was in a state of shock.

The state of shock started on that morning exactly 50 ago when East German soldiers

laid first barbed wire and then

built the wall with its death

strip on which guards opened

fire on their own citizens trying to leave. Berlin became the focus of the Cold War

stand-off. At today's ceremony the country's remembered. Chancellor Angela

Merkel grew up in the east and

when the wall fell. German's rose to lead her united country

wall worked against its own president spoke

people but in the end freedom is unconquerable. Today virtually none of the Berlin

Wall is still standing. This is one of the few remaining

sections that wasn't

demolished. There is no

nostalgia in this city for the

brutality and division it represented. In southern Germany a helicopter has rescued 20 people who were

stranded for 18 hours in a cable

cable car. The cable car

above the ground stopped while it was 100 metres

paradwlieder collided with the

cables at a mountain in the

state of ba varya. A state of ba varya. A mountain

rescue specialist was lowered

into the car to supply food and

blankets as well as the six children aboard waiting for strong winds the six children aboard while

waiting for strong winds to die

down. The paraglider and his

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann passengers were also freed. US

has consolidated her place

among the frontrunners for the

Republican nomination in next

year's presidential election. The outspoken conservative and

The outspoken conservative and

Tea Party favourite know regard

low beat her rival Ron

an Iowa straw an Iowa straw poll. President of the United States I will

stand for life, I will stand

for marriage and I will stand

for the right for you to

the fruits of your own labour.

This year's City to Surf has

been won by a 24hold university student from Victoria. Liam Adams won the 14 kilometre fun run through Sydney in a time 41 minutes and 10 run through Sydney in a time of

41 minutes and 10 seconds. The

first woman to cross the line was Jessica Trengove Australia was Jessica Trengove from South Fearnley crossed the finish Australia and paralympian Kurt


line first in his wheelchair line first in his wheelchair in

just 33 minutes. It is first year wheelchair athletes just 33 minutes. It is the

have been able to participate in the race. More than 80,000 people registered but not every runner was in it to This year's runners were runner was in it to win it.

cheered on by Smurfs and serenade ed from the rooftops. Our

Our reporter spoke to some the more Our reporter spoke to some of

at the starting line. Since the more colourful competitors


#It is one for the money, two

for the #Don't you step on my Asics running shoes. Heartbreak hill,

not heartbreak hotel. Are you

going to make it all the way? I'm going all This is beautiful for Elvis. He always goes all This is beautiful conditions

the way? He will be running

like a hound dog today. Why?

That's all I want to know. Why

not? What else are you going to

do on a Sunday morning. There

is a serious side to it. I'm running for the Westmead

Children's Hospital. There are benefitting for it. How many a few sick

have you done? This will be my

sixth as Spider-Man.

Australian duo John Senden

and Adam Scott are still in the

race to win the race to win the US PGA Championship ahead of the final round tomorrow morning. round tomorrow morning. Senden and Scott are both two under

and five strokes adrift of the leading pair of Brendan Steele

and Jason

to play. Scott set up a birdie

opportunity on the par 4 ninth but the putter gave out where it needed most. He pushed it needed most. He pushed that one too. We haven't seen one too. We haven't seen that

in a long time since he's in a long time since he's been to this long putter. Vench

WAMly he three putted for a bogey

bogey with a two shot turn around. John Senden fired a around. John Senden fired a two

over par round of 72 to leave

him two under overall, level with Scott. I've still got a

chance tomorrow. I have pressure on me to Moro. I go out and go for it as far as I'm concerned I have nothing to

lose. I'm here to win and win

only. If I finish second or

#109 or 50th it doesn't #109 or 50th it doesn't really matter. I would like to matter. I would like to give

myself a great chance to win tomorrow. Hopefully I can have

a great front nine. I played

well, I think that my putting

was a little bit on the weaker

side. I believe that if I can

go out there and get go out there and get putts

early in the round going tomorrow I can gain some

momentum and go on a little bit of something definitely in the red

tomorrow to put some pressures

on the leaders. Australia has

beaten South Africa in Durban in their Tri-Nations clash. Pat

McCabe scored the only try the McCabe scored the only try of the match just after the

interval. The Wallabies 6-0 at half time 6-0 at half time after Butch

James and Francois Steyn banged

across penalties but James

O'Connor respond after the

break with the boot and then

with the ball as well. Cooper

running onto it, now running onto it, now James O'Connor. O'Connor gets it out to score for the Wallabies at

long last. South Africa hit

back but O'Connor struck again

with two penalties in the last

15 minutes to hand the

Wallabies are much-needed win against the final match against

the All Blacks in a fortnight. The

The first of the afternoon's

two NRL matches has just kicked

off. The Raiders hosting the

Rabbitohs in Canberra. Rabbitohs in Canberra. In around 45 minutes the dragons

take on the Roosters. take on the Roosters. The Melbourne Storm is close to

wrapping up the minor premiership after a 26 point win over

remains four competition points

behind the Storm after beating the Eels and the New Zealand

Warriors all be sealed their

finals berth with a win finals berth with a win over Newcastle. Sixth place was the

prize for the winner and the Knights led at half time but

the Warriors are rarely outdone in the entertainment stakes and

three crucial tries gave them the win. Johnson scores. Wow! At Parramatta Stadium the second place second place sea eagles meat an

uncharacteristic mistake to let

the Eels in. They did show

their best to throw the game

away with Steve mat Thai the recipient of two lucky recipient of two lucky tries. More than a world of

trouble. That's got to hurt. The Sea Eagles showed The Sea Eagles showed they could do it without could do it without luck too

with a brilliant team effort

capped off by Brett Stewart and

on the Gold Coast Cooper Cronk

scored a hat-trick in the

Storm's 11th straight win. In

the AFL the first two of three matches are being played, Melbourne and West Coast kicked

off early with Richmond and

Sydney match up a few minutes

old. Last night Essendon moved

into 7th on the ladder after a

good win against the Bulldogs at the Docklands. Brisbane had

a comfortable win against the

Suns. The Lions started the match well with two quick

majors, the Suns were up for a

fight though as they stayed in

touch. Brisbane maintained a

lead thought the match and lead thought the match and pulled away in the quarter. pulled away in the final quarter. In Melbourne the

Bombers were cruising early on

outfit but the Dogs came to

life in the third term only for the Bombers to quash any hopes

of a win with a few more majors in the fourth. weekend of the English Premier League has seen six League has seen six matches played overnight. Liverpool and

Sunderland played out a 1-all draw

draw at Anfield and Newcastle and Arsenal ended a stalemate

and the Wolves snatched a win at Blackburn. Queens Park

rangers had a horror start in their return

their return to the top flight

losing 4-0 at home. Luis had a chance to open the

scoring for Liverpool inside 10 minutes when he was brought

down by Kieran Richardson and

ended up having a shocker. Suarez has missed it.

Incredibly. Liverpool stormer

last season has blasted his first real chance of this

campaign into the Liverpool

fans. That's got to fans. That's got to hurt

too. Suarez soon made amends

when Charlie Adam whipped in a

free kick but Sunderland pegged

one back for a draw. This late penalty appeal turned down by the referee and the

the striker then saw himself

red carded for nothing more

than a push on Joey Barton as Arsenal started their season

off obvious the wrong foot. off obvious the wrong foot. A

valuable point for the

Magpies. Samantha Stosur has

moved to the final round of the Canadian Open. She defieted Poland's Agnieszka Radwanska in

three sets and will face three sets and will face Serena

Williams in the final after she accounted accounted for Victoria

Azarenka. Stosur took out the

open quite easily and then after struggling in took the third. Spanish rider, Dani Pedrosa, claimed his Dani Pedrosa, claimed his first

month to GP poll position of

the year by qualifying fastest for tonight east Czech Grand Prix. Casey Stoner currently

leads the standing and will go

from third with reigning world champion, Jorge Lorenzo, second

on the grid.

A new exhibition has opened up

in the Top End that gives a

asylum seekers. The exhibition

features work by 20 artists who

have all spent more than a year

in immigration detention. The curator says symbols 06 confinement

confinement are clear and birds

in cages feature heavily. It is on display at the Northern

Territory Supreme Court and is

drawing crowds and a warm

response. I found it very

moving because you see these people so people so - using people so - using Australian

symbols like kangaroos and emus

and so happy to be here in this country that we just take for granted. I think it granted. I think it is fantastic these people fantastic these people can still produce and create in

such a situation that they are in. Pop singer, Christina

Aguilera, who has been announced as the headline announced as the headline act at a tribute concert for Michael Jackson. Cee Lo Green

and smokey robinson have been

added to the line up. Several of Michael Jackson's brothers

will perform at the gig in

Cardiff of some of the family members are protesting members are protesting the timing of the event. It is on October 8th the trial of the doctor, Conrad

Murray, who is charged over the

late singer's death. The King

of Pop died in 2009 at the age

of 50 while rehearsing for a tour.?

The satellite image shows a cold front crossing Western Australia generating patchy

rain from the Gascoyne to essper Rance. There is an

intense low sweeping over the

south-west of WA bringing south-west of WA bringing a second burst second burst of showers or storms. Near the New South

Wales coast a trough in the east is triggering showers and isolated storms.

That's the news for now. Stay

with us for 7:30 New South

Wales. I'm Simon Palan, you're watching ABC This Program is Captioned

Live Welcome to 7.30 (NSW). I'm Quentin Dempster. Tonight

- paying for water we don't

need. Sydney Water customers, families in Sydney will pay families in Sydney will pay for

that rip off. And the power of song.

There's a political row growing over growing over the O'Farrell

Government's plan to privatise

the Colonel desalination plant.

The Opposition suspects the Government's planning to keep

the desal plant in almost

continuous operation over the

next 25 years under a private

lease arrangement in return for

more than $2 billion in upfront

payments. They say consumers

will have to pay even more for

their water. The desal plant

was ever meant to be a security back up for drinking water in

the event of another deep

drought. While the drought. While the O'Farrell Government denies it will

burden consumers with extra

costs through privatisation, it

appears the trick was already

in the trigger. After 16 years

of under investment by Labor in infrastructure, the O'Farrell Government is determined to as

quickly as we can quickly as we can build infrastructure that's required in this State. The state needs

infrastructure investment and the O'Farrell Government romped

into office on that promise.

Finance Minister Greg Pearce is

hoping to raise more than $2

billion by leasing the output

of the desalination plant over

25 years to private investors like superannuation funds. Entering into a

long-term lease of desalination

plant not affecting 9 supply

and cost of the water you with

unlock hundreds of millions of

dlofs in vesting the infrastructure roads rails and ports this states needs. Listen

careful not affecting the supply or cost of the water, the Premier said. That

commitment now being questioned

by two former senior government

ministers. I have an objection

on principle to leasing back

the plant because Sydney Water

is a natural monopoly a natural

monopolies should stay in the

hands of government. Warragamba

Dam is currently at 80%

capacity. The deplant over at

Kurnell is running at near capacity in its two-year warranty period. In 2007,

under the Iemma government, desalination was a desalination was a hot political issue. Barry O'Farrell and the O'Farrell and the coalition

opposed its construction as opposed its construction as did most of the people of NSW, according to polls at the time.

Even as a deep drought gripped

the State, popular opinion was

against it. But it was built

at Colonel and began turning

sea water through the reverse

osmosis into potable or

drinking water from January

2010 with an output of 2010 with an output of 250 megalitres per day. There are

enough pipes, membranes and

pumps capable of ramping up to

500 megalitres per day, total

cost, $1.8 million 96 billion.

The desal plant is operated by

water and is a wholly owned

subsidiary of state owned

Sydney Water. In a Sydney Water. In a separate

deal which also impacts on its

water price, power for the

desal plant is exclusively

contracted from the Bungendore capital wind farm. In the

future, it's meant to be

switched on if catchment levels

fall below 70% and switched off

when they reach 80%. This is

known as the 7 08 0 trigger. You don't want to be You don't want to be running the desalination plant when the

dam is overflowing. You avoid

that by saying when a dam hits

a particular level on the

downturn, that's when we turn on the desalination plant on the desalination plant to augment Sydney's augment Sydney's supply. That figure is 70% and that was