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Tonight - charged - the

parents who allegedly starved their little girl to

death. Shopping for votes, but

is it too late? CHANT: Kevin!

More than 1,000 killed as

storms bat er Bangladesh. And

the new stars dancing an old classic around the world.

Good evening. This is ABC

News. Police have arrested the

parents of the 7-year-old girl

who is said to have starved to

death in the family's home at

Hawks Nest, north of Newcastle.

Blakely Ward and his wife are

charged with their daughter's

murder. They were picked up at

a railway station south of Sydney this morning.

46-year-old Blakely Ward and

37-year-old Sharyn Ward were

arrested around 10 o'clock this

morning at Albion Park train

station. A member of the public

spotted them. Arrest warrants

were issued yesterday after

they were recorded often train

stations in the area on

CCTV. We tracked their

movements until their

arrest. After the arrest, they

were taken to Port Kembla

police station. Police said

they refused a formal interview

and have been charged with one

count of murder each. The

charge is murder of the girl.

Just one count? Yes. The

charges relate to the death of

their daughter on the NSW

mid-North Coast two weeks ago.

She apparently died of neglect

and starvation. Police have

thanked the public for their

help but have been forced to

defend why it took two weeks to

lay charges. As a result of the investigation, there are

complexities and police have to ensure they have enough

evidence to charge. Pair will

now be held in Wollongong

police station overnight. They

are expected to appear in

Wollongong bail court tomorrow

morning. Police say they will

oppose bail. Police have failed

to force the shutdown of a

popular Sydney hotel. This

morning they lost a court

battle to close Scruffy

Murphy's for 'The Tapas Nine'

weekend because of concerns

about alcohol-fuelled assaults

and alleged drink spiking. The

pub was allowed to reopen last

night after owners won a

Supreme Court injunction on a

technicality. The matter will

be heard again on Monday.

Alcohol has been blamed for two

huge street brawls in Sydney overnight. Three police

officers were hurt in a fight

involving around 70 people at a

family function near Penrith.

It had to be broken up by the

riot squad and police

dogs. About 150 people were

involved in the wild brawl at

an 18th birthday party that

spilled on to the street and

train station near Parramatta.

Four teenagers were arrested.

Police described the party as

fun gone wrong. As a result of

lack of supervision, underage

drinking and abuse of alcohol,

turned into a incident of anti-social behaviour. Three

officers were injured after

being bitten, punched and

kicked. A group of people, sum

as youngs as ten, have

savagedly bashed an off-duty

police officer. The attack

happened as the couple walked

home from a night out in Coolangatta. 20 people kicked

and stomped on the constable.

He suffered deep cuts to his

face and possibly a fractured

cheekbone. His girlfriend had

her hair pulled out and was

left concuss ed and bruised. A

vicious assault by a group of

young offenders. At this stage

the inquiries indicate the

offenders were from NSW. Couple

was admitted to tweedheads

hospital. Police are appealing

for witnesses to come

forward. A week from now, the

counting will be under way. The

six-week election campaign is

entering its final days. The

latest polls show the

Government has made almost no

headway into Labor's lead. John

Howard and Kevin Rudd have been

campaigning in Sydney and Adelaide, and economic

management remains their focus.

Shopping mall crush. In Sydney

with the PM. I hope you win

again. Thank you. In Adelaide

with the challenger... CHANT:

Kevin! The battle for 'The

Tapas Nine' hearts and minds of

voters is entering its final

frenetic week. No matter the

audience, John Howard has one

point to press. You won't have

trouble getting a well-paid job

with that. The Treasurer's

number one concern - a missed

deadline by Labor. He's

pressuring Kevin Rudd to send

more Labor policies to the

finance department for

checking. He's failed at the

first hurdle and this has

compromised his entire economic

credibility. We have another

bucket load to stick in on

Monday. Whether voters care is

another question. Today's

newspaper of 18 marginal

Government seats shows Kevin

Rudd well ahead. 54 to 46, a

convincing lead. Another poll

out tomorrow shows a similar

result. You don't have to be

Einstein to realise what it

means. There are two tests for

a hard working candidate - when

it comes to Friday next week,

one is the extent to which

they've warned out another set

of shoos and knuckles bleeding

from doorknocking. Numbers in

the seats that count just don't

add up for 'The Tapas Nine'

Government. A week is a long

time in politics, but will the

next seven days be long enough

for John Howard. The next week

is the opportunity for 'The

Tapas Nine' Australian people

to focus on the choice. The PM

is still staunchly defending his Regional Partnerships Program from more accusations

of pork-barrelling. In his own

seat, Mark Vaile has promised

almost a million dollars from

the fund in this campaign

without departmental

approval. I find this

remarkable. You can't run

things past a department in an

election campaign in the same

way as you can when you are in

Government. The six-week

Immigration Minister, Kevin marathon is almost over. The

Andrews, has ordered a review

of all people in detention

centres to check whether they

are being detained illegally.

13 people have been released

because of a technicality about

the way letters to them had

been addressed. Legal experts

say it's another embarrassing

bungle by the department. This

man's case triggered the

review. He says he was

terrified when he was locked up

Melbourne's Maribyrnong for six days without wark in

Detention Centre. The time you

wake up and the time you sleep,

you just thinking about one

thing and that's like what is

going to happen and whether

they will release me. They are very traumatic situations for

people in our experience,

including for 'The Tapas Nine'

man involved and they can cause

great harm and damage. His

lawyer says he was released

when an error was discovered in

the paperwork notifying him

about the case.

The Federal Government says

it's not an administrative

error, but a legal

technicality, imposed retrospectively by the

courts. This is an absurd

situation. It is legal petty

fogging gone mad. We will

change the law. The review

centres on whether immigration

department letters should have

been addressed to immigrants

personally or their agent. The

person has not got a substantive claim to be in

Australia, they shouldn't be

able to rely upon legal

technicalties. This is Kevin Andrews not accepting the

umpire's call. He is a lawyer,

disregarding what the courts

have said he must do before he

locks people up. It's not the

first time the immigration

department struck paperwork

difficulties. Recently, in the

case of Tony, who was

wrongfully detained for 5.5

years. The department has been

dogged with embarrassing incidents since Kevin Andrews

took over. I must say I think

he is an embarrassment to the

department now.

1100 people have died when

violent winds and a flood surge

swept over low-lying coastal

communities on the Bay of

Bengal. An estimated 3 million

people had to be evacuated and

thousands are still missing.

Winds of up to 240km/h savaged

the south and south-west coasts

of Bangladesh. They sent

deadly debris flying, damaged

buildings and smashed many of

the simple houses that are

typical in the poor nation. The

Category 4 cyclone triggered a

tidal sunch of up to 5m that devastated three coastal towns

and forced more than 3 million

people to

evacuate. TRANSLATION: It

destroyed our house and wet all

our clothes. At midnight, we

and our children took shelter

at another place. While many

made it to shelters there, are

still thousands injured or

missing, including feshermen

who live on the islands off the coast. Major cities across the

country were plunged into

darkness when power plants and

electricity lines were damaged.

In the capital, daka, the main

hospital has been struggling to

cope. TRANSLATION: We're

having serious problems

administering injections. Some

patients have to light

candles. The power department

warned it could take three more

days to restore services.

Telephone lines were severed an

many roads were cut, so it's

been difficult for authorities

to make an accurate estimate of

the death toll and get food and

medicine into the worst-hit

areas. People have said it was

the worst cyclone since 1991,

at least. Major air and sea

ports are operating again, but

with much of the region's crops

and livestock destroyed, many

of the survivors will be relying on emergency rations

for some time. Pakistan's

military dictator has admitted

his state of emergency is

illegal, but says it's

necessary because judges and

politicians are trying to derail the country N an

interview with the BBC, he said

he had been unfairly criticised

in the West since March when he

first tried to sack his Chief

Justice. Before March I was

very good. Suddenly did I go

mad after March? Suddenly my

personality changed. Am I

Jekyll and Dr Jekyll and Mr

Hyde? Have I done anything

unconstitutionally legal? Yes,

on 3 November. Did I do it

before? Not one. He lashed out

at the Opposition Leader,

Benazir Bhutto. It is she,

actually, who may not be

wanting election in Pakistan.

It is she who may want to go

because she would not like to

go into election because her

party is not in a state to win

at all. There was more anger on

the streets as diplomatic

efforts continued to put the

country back on the road to democracy. President Musharraf

is due to meet the US en-Joy,

John Negroponte, later tonight.

They are called the Tapas Nine,

the group of friends who ate

together the night Madeleine

McCann disappeared in Portugal.

For months they refused to

speak to the media about what

happened that night. Now one of

them, a close friend of the missing girls parents, has

broken her silence. The

Portuguese police say in the

hunt for Madeleine McCann, the

so called Tapas Nine could be

everything. The McCann's and

seven friends were staying at

this complex on the night

Madeleine disappeared. What the

group saw that night could hold

the key to the case. Jane,

here at the back of the group

with the McCann's is the first

of the friends to speak to the

media. She says she did it to

set the record straight. Maybe

I'm talking now because I'm

being called a liar and fantist

and all this. I know what I

saw. I think it's important

that people know what I saw

because I believe Madeleine was

abducted and if people are not

taking that seriously, there

could be people out there that

see her, could have evidence to

give and not give it because

she wasn't abducted. That is

the scariest thing out of all

of this. That people wouldn't

come forward because they think

we're lying. It is

rubbish. This is what she said

she saw. At 9:sa on the night

Madeleine disappeared, a man

walking away from the complex

carrying a child. She believes

this is Madeleine McCann being

abducted. Police sources say

they will talk to the friends

again to go over the details of

that night. Jane says she will

do whatever is required. Of

course we would. If it helps to

find Madeleine, it would be

tomorrow. We're key witnesses.

Madeleine's parents remain

named suspects. There is a new

detective in charge of the case

and everything is being re-assessed. But the investigation continues to

focus on two theories - that

there was an abduction, or that

Madeleine died as a result of

an accident in flat 5 A. In the

run-up to the Olympics, China's

experiencing a greater openness

in many areas of life. In the

recent past, artists have been

locked up for challenging the

status quo, but now they are

finding much greater freedom.

However, the ABC's China correspondent has found that

the new attitude definitely has

limits. Not so long ago,

paintings like these could have

landed a Chinese artist in

jail. Tibet and Tiananmen

Square are touchy subjects and Sheng

Sheng Qi deals with all of

them. What is this painting

about here? It is 1976 when Mao

died. He says he and other

artists are slowly enjoying

more freedom. Because of

international standards. China's increased exposure to

TRANSLATION: There are some

changes because of the Olympics

and all of the world is

watching China. So it's not

isolated. After the brutal 1989

crackdown on students in

Tiananmen Square, the artists

mutilated his own body. Then he

lived and worked overseas, but

has returned to China as

censorship has reduced. Ten

years ago if we'd put something

up on the wall that was at all

controversial n all likelihood,

authorities would have come in and they would have been

heavy-handed in removing that

and letting us know about

it. Today Beijing's old factory

complex is brimming with

galleries showing satirical and

irrrefrent images of China.

Chinese artists are well short

of taking any increased freedom

for granted. They know if they

go too far, too quickly, there

will be repercussions from the

authorities. Many of Sheng

Qi's works are still too

sensitive for us to be allowed

to film. He says he has to be

careful. TRANSLATION: I am

afraid. I could paint and not

exhibit, but the purpose of

painting is to show your work.

It's a real dilemma. But

international interest in controversial Chinese art is at

least helping Sheng Qi to sell

a few paintings. A reminder

of tonight's top story in ABC

News - the parents of a little

girl who allegedly starved to

death have been charged with

her murder. Still to come -

Australia and New Zealand fight

it out for netball's world


Australia has produced

another dominant display on day

two of the second Test against

Sri Lanka at Bellerive Oval.

This Test is following a

similar pattern to the first,

with Australia declaring with

more than 500 and the same

batsmen making the runs. Sri

Lanka was 0/29 when bad light

brought a premature end to

play. Sri Lanka returned on day

two in a dire position and down

a bowler. Maharoof didn't take

to the field due to a back injury. The Australian batsmen

were typically un

sympathetic. Rain offered some

respite from Clark and Hussey,

but only in the short-term.

Fernando adjusted his length

and trapped Hussey on 132.

Symonds was off the mark with

successive boundaries. But

there was an injury scare for 'The Tapas Nine' Queenslander.

It didn't seem to affect his

foot work. COMMENTATOR:

Fantastic! Symonds's approach

reduced the need for running,

much to Clark's relief. The Sri

Lankan fieldsmen let down their

champion spinner. Drop it! But

on 71, Clark's luck ran out

when he gloved a wide ball, so

did a diving Jayawardene.

innings for 'The Tapas Nine' Gilchrist started his first

series in streaky fashion. But

he soon found his timing. The

left-hander became the first

batsman to score 1006s in

tests. His lethal blows helped

Australia to a massive

total. Symonds's ankle problem

prevented him from fielding. A

rare mistake from Ponting gave

Vandoort life on 0. After his

recent criticism of national

selectors, Attapatu let his bat

do the talking. Gorgeous

punch. Bad light ended play an

hour early with Sri Lanka still

513 runs behind. And NSW has

beaten SA in the opening match

of the women's cricket season,

despite being on the losing

side, SA's captain, Karne

Rolton, became the first player

to score 4,000 runs in the

national league. Australia holds a slight advantage over

New Zealand in the final of the

World Championships in aukland.

The host nation started better,

but a fightback, led by

Catherine Cox, has Australia in

front in the third quarter. Australia advanced through to

the decider with an 18-goal

victory over England in

yesterday's semifinal. While

New Zealand was pushed by

Jamaica before it progressed through to the World Championships finale. Despite

concerns over an ankle injury,

start for Australia. Gill Selina Gilsenen gill did

Despite a strong start, the

Silver Ferns trailed by three

goals after the first quarter.

Catherine Cox continued to find

the target from long range and

Liz Ellis played a stellar

defensive role at the other end

of the court. It was a physical

affair with Australia holding

sway at the main break. In the

third quarter, Susan Patly

replaced McMahon, but it was

Cox who played the dominant

role for Australia. Sydney FC

has scored a penalty in injury

time to salvage a draw against

Wellington late this afternoon

in New Zealand. The A-League's

7th placed side opened the

scoring after 28 minutes

through its captain. The

second half began with push and

shove. Sydney lifted their

intensity in search of an

equaliser, but Wellington

keeper Glenn Moss was more than

up to the task. Then the

visitors job got harder when

the captain was sent off. The

Phoenix looked to hold on for

an upset, but Michael Bridges

was brought down in the box

with seconds remaining. Sydney

escaped with a point. A shadow

has been cast over tonight's

Socceroos friendly against

Nigeria with the Dutchman Dick

Advocaat reneging on his

commitment to coach Australia

to the next World Cup. It's

left the Socceroos with no

permanent coach, two months out

from the start of their

qualifying campaign. Dick

Advocaat was meant to attend tonight's friendly between the

Socceroos and Nigeria in London

before taking over the reins.

But his Russian club has made

him a better financial offer.

It's believed Advocaat had already signed a deal

committing him to Australia's

2010 World Cup campaign which

starts in February. For that

reason, Australia's Football

Federation is exploring its

legal options and have

approached both the Russian

club and Advocaat's lawyers.

Since the departure of Hidink

after the World Cup in Germany,

no permanent coaching solution

has been fond. After failure at

the Asian Cup, Arnold was moved

to the Olle rooz and Robert

Baan was only meant to be in

charge for tonight's

technical director job at the friendly. I'm too busy with my

moment. I have to concentrate

on that. There was positive

news - Harry Kewell was

confirmed as a definite starter

against the Nigerians. He'll

partner Scotland McDonald

upfront and Nick Carr will fill

in for Tim Cahill. I've known

him all my life and a great talent and one for 'The Tapas

Nine' future. Australia's under

23 side is also in action

tonight in Gosford. The Olyroos

must win against Iraq to ensure

progression to the Beijing Olympics. An international

police row is threatening

former NSW John Fahey's bid to

be appointed to one of the most

important jobs in world sport.

The new President of the World Anti-Doping Agency should be

named tonight in Madrid, but a

late candidate has emerged to

challenge the Australian. The World Anti-Doping Agency

conference in Madrid was

supposed to focus on key initiatives to target drug use

in sport. Your actions this

week will reflect the nature of

your resolve and your place in history. That action has been

over shadowed by a row over the

successor to retiring

President, Dick Pound. John

Fahey was the only candidate,

but a European delegation has

tried to delay the vote and has

suggested former French

Olympian as a late challenger.

Dick Pound described the move

as a shiedshow and says the

nomination window closed back

in September. The board is

scheduled to vote on the issue

tonight. In motor sport, the

wait is over for Kimi

Raikkonen. He's been confirmed

as the formula one world

champion after an appeal from

McLaren was dismissed. They protested the result of the

season-ending Brazilian Grand

Prix claiming breaches of the

fuel regulations. Two drivers

would have been disqualified if

the appeal was successful and

would have resulted in Lewis

Hamilton being crowned world

champion. Reign of Roger

Federer looked shaky last week

when the world number one lost

consecutive matches at the

Shanghai Masters. He was back

to his brilliant best against

Andy Roddick. He crushed the

American, 6-4, 6-2, in 61

minutes to set up a semifinal

against Rafael Nadal. I'm

excited, really, because I've

found my form again and Rapha

has played well. Despite the

hammersing, Roddick has

qualified for 'The Tapas Nine'

semifinals and will meet

Spain's David Ferar. They are

an online smash with thousands

of hits on YouTube. Now a group

of dancers from remote

islanders could soon be

performing their unique version

of Zorba the Greek in its place

of origin.

These are the pictures that have got people around the globe talking.

A group of young men from

local communities and their own unique take on the Greek

zosha. Amazing. Very

spectacular and even when you

look at it at a community level, people love them. Community elder Frank

Djirrimbilpilwuy was one of the

first to see the Zorba

performed live. He recorded the

act and posted it on YouTube, making these young men an

instant online hit. I'm just surprised. I'm amazed for what

has happened overnight. In the

last three weeks, look at

today, over 200,000 people.

200,000, or more have viewed

that. The reaction was the same

all over the Territory. Like

hundreds of thousands around

the world, the Territory's Greek Sports Minister fell in

love with the show. Mate, I

don't dance anything like that.

This is absolutely fantastic. The dancers have

already been invited to perform

at Darwin's festival and two

events interstate.

Now they could be on their

way to Greece after the

original composer of Zorba the

Greek saw their version. They

would like to see the kids in

Greece. Here we have a famous

composer who composed in the

1960s, watching a new

interpretation. I reckon it

will be a great experience,

great opportunity for 'The

Tapas Nine' boys. After the

success of the zosha, the

dancers are already working on

new acts from other cultures, a

long way from north-east Arnhem


Time now for a look at the weather. In Sydney today it

reached 26 degrees, which is

three above average.

Very warm, humid

north-easterlies will fuel

thunderstorms across inland

Queensland, and on to the NSW

and Victorian ranges.

Tomorrow's rainfall prediction

- showers across Queensland,

inland WA and for 'The Tapas

Nine' NT and much of NSW and

NSW and the ACT.

Now a look at ABC

Television tomorrow morning.

And the news and current

affairs line-up begins with

'Insiders' at 9 o'clock. Barrie Cassidy's guest is the deputy

Labor leader, Julia Gillard. On

'Inside Business' at 10, Alan

Kohler will talk to the

Fortescue Metals Group chief,

Graham Rowley. At 10:30,

Gerard Whateley will present

'Offsiders', a look at events

on and off the pitch. At 11

o'clock, Edmond Roy will host

'Asia Pacific Focus'. And that

is the latest ABC Television

news. We'll have another update

in about an hour. We'll leave

you now in the Netherlands with

a world record taemp to topple

more than 4.5 million dominos.

Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI