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(generated from captions) A nation celebrates - Israel welcomes home Gillard Shalit

after five years in captivity.

What has happened is in a way - offers us a change of

atmosphere, a change of context. Celebrations too for

hundreds of freed Palestinian

prisoners. This Program is Captioned

Live. Heading down-under Elizabeth arrives tonight for Heading down-under - Queen

her 10-day visit to Australia.

And fourth time lucky - Julian

Barnes takes the Man Booker

prize for his novel 'The Sense

of an Ending'.

Good morning. You're watching

ABC News. I'm Virginia Trioli.

Israel has been celebrating the release of Gillard Shalit after

five years in captivity.

Thousand of cheering people

greeted the soldier in his home town. Hundreds of Palestinian

prisoners have also been released in the first stage of

a deal that secured his

freedom. After more than five

years in captivity, without so

much as a visit from the Red

Cross, Gillard Shalit was

suddenly the focus of an entire

Israeli Prime Minister, nation. He was met by the

the deal to secure his Benjamin Netanyahu, who made

release. Only then did Gillard

Shalit get to see his

family. The price of his tbreed

honourable member is 1,000 Palestinian prisoners, including convicted terrorists.

TRANSLATION: This is still a

difficult day because even

though the price was lowered,

it is still heavy. Gillard

Shalit was captured while on

patrol near Gaza border in patrol near Gaza border in 2006

and held hostage ever since by the militant group the militant group Hamas. Like most Israeli soldiers, he was most Israeli soldiers, he was a

conscript, which is why Israel goes to extraordinary lengths

to bring its soldiers home

alive or dead. Several times a

deal for his release had deal for his release had also

been done but fell over. But

Hamas has recently been losing

support. This was a media

moment it needed. In the West

Bank, there was also an

ecstatic welcome for the freed prisoners.

TRANSLATION: I am very happy with the welcome from my

people. I think that 30 years

of suffering in jail s will be

thrown behind me. In thrown behind me. In Shalit's

home town hundreds gathered to

welcome him home. As evening fell, the soldier worth 1,000 prisoners came home in chopper. After five years, prisoners came home in a

Gillard Shalit is finally Gillard Shalit is

coming home to spend the night

with his family and sleep in

his own bed. His life will be a

lot more difficult from here

but certainly no-one here in his home town is questioning

tonight the price of brig him

home. - bring ing him home.

And shortly after he was

Shalit was released, a very frail Gillard

Egyptian television. Shalit was birr viewed by

Egyptian television. Let's have a look. Gillard Shalit, you

look fine. How are you? Now I

feel more Shalit was birr Shalit, you look fine. How are Let's have a look. Gilad viewed by Egyptian television.

you? Now I feel more better.

And And you're free. Hard to

believe five years an nearly

four month s in captivity. That four month s in captivity.

is a long time. Did you think

the day would come eventually

when you can walk

when you can walk free? I believed there was a chance.

But can never know. But you

had hope, of course? Yeah, had hope, of course? Yeah, but

I feel that it's going to take

many more years. Gilad Shalit

there. Meanwhile some sof the freed Palestinian prisoners

have spoken of their joy of

being released from Israeli

jails as part of that swap.

TRANSLATION: Thank God, thank

God. 24 years. 24 years and

going into the 25th year. I had

hope in what God would will and

our Egyptian brothers, everyone

who worked for this, to be successful. We are all very

happy, so very happy.

TRANSLATION: I want to thank

the Egyptian people for their support and of course we thank

those involved in the

resistance. And we greet our

mart irrelevance and today we

are free. We are free.

TRANSLATION: We want to tell

the world that we are oppress and we need people to support

us. This is what we have to say

to the world. We want the world that the Palestinian to the world. We want to tell

Israel always attacks. Of people need their support and

course the Palestinians live under oppression and they

deserve to live pappy lives as quickly as possible for

everyone to make this possible

quickly. Some freed Palestinian

prisoners there. Now here in

Australia one of the consistent

voices on Gilad Shalit's

detention has been the Federal

Dreyfus. He says he's Parliamentary Secretary Mark

disappointed this has taken disappointed this has taken so

long to reach an agreement for Shalit's release. He should never have been kidnapped in

the first place, he should

extraordinary length of never have been detained for

extraordinary length of time he

was detained. He should never was detained. He

have been detained without have been detained

access to the Red Cross. It is

pretty typical of the approach

that Hamas has taken and it's a

very stark contrast, it demonstrates the stark contrast between Hamas and the

Government of Israel in that

Israel has shown here the commitment that it has to the

looking rights of its citizens to

looking after its soldiers, to making sure that they come

home. Of course there is

tremendous overwhelming support

in Israel for what the

government has been able to

achieve as indeed there is support in the Jewish community here in Australia for the

Gilad Shalit, despite that securing of the release of

heavy price. In other news

today - the US Secretary of

State, Hillary Clinton, has made afternoon un announced visit to Libya as show visit to Libya as show of government there. She's the support for the transitional

first US Cabinet member to visit Tripoli since Muammar

Gaddafi fled the capital. Ms

Clinton promised millions of Dollars in new aid and announced those announced those seriously

wounded in the fighting would

be evacuated for treatment to

the ution. There are growing

fears in Bangkok that rising

flood waters might breech the city's defence. Frontic enlts

are being made to add more than

1 million sand bags to the

north of the city. The

Government has ordered the evacuation of evacuation of more houses and

the industrial areas. The death

tome has now risen to more tome has now risen to more than 300 people. South-east 300 people. South-east Asia

contract voey Daniel has more.

This is effectively the last line of defence in protecting

Bangkok from flooding. Behind

me is Padantani province and in

that direction is Bangkok. The

idea is to prevent water from

this side, from the north, flowing into the city and it's along this canal that the

Government has ordered the

building of a 6km flood wall to

try to prevent that water from getting into Bangkok itself.

But this is the city side of

this canal. And you can see

that water is already starting

to push in out of this waterway. In fact, authorities

just in the last couple of days

have re surfaced a road in this

direction just to try to get a

bit of elevation and height to

stop this water from flowing

into the city. On the Bangkok

side of that canal, you can see it's

it's already flooded. And this

road was designed to keep this

water out. But it's pretty

clear that that is not happening and this is the

problem that the government is grappling with all over the city where flood barriers are being breached. This really is

the last line of defence to the

north and, again, another big

drain spewing water into what

is effectively the city of Bangkok. Now the European Union's highest court has ruled

that stem cells from human

embryo s cannot be patented. This judgment could have serious ramifications for medical research. Scientists

say the decision might impose

European research into the European research into the use

of stem cell thrpies an could

also drive research abroad. - abroad: Queen Elizabeth son her

way to Australia for a 10-day

visit. The Queen will arrive in

Canberra around about tonight. She will meet

Governor-General Quentin Bryce before touring Canberra's

Floriade festival tomorrow. The

Queen will visit Brisbane and Melbourne before officially

opening the Commonwealth heads

of Government meeting in Perth next Friday. Melissa Clarke

joins us now from Canberra. Good morning. So what is on the

Queen's a agenda? She will arrive Canberra tonight at the

RAAF bis here in Canberra and

head straight to Yarralumla. The formal activities will

begin tomorrow with an audience with the Governor-General Quentin Bryce and a individual

visit to Floriade. Then she will present the colours to the

Royal Military College

Duntroon. She will visit

Brisbane for a day and be in

#34eb8 opening the new Royal Children's Hospital there as

well. So that will all take

about a week before she then

flies across Australia to Perth

where the Commonwealth heads of Government meet willing be

taking place and she will

finish up her vehicle week in

Perth. It's starts at 6 o'clock

tonight when she lands in Canberra. Those trips to

various parts of Australia but

always based in Canberra which

might make it easier. We should

bear in mind that the monarch

is 85 years of age. Given is 85 years of age. Given her

schedule it's an extraordinary

schedule given her age. She is

using Canberra as a base is

those trips to Brisbane will be

a day trip. From Melbourne she

will fly straight straith ob to

Perth. It means her touring is

not as extensive as it has been

on some of the trips she's taken in previous decades where

she could visit - would visit

dozens of cities an townson

earlier trips she's made. This

time she won't be moving around

much but her schedule is jam

packed with multiple events

every da. Both the Queen and

the Duke has some of his own

event. They're certainly making

the most of their time here the most of their time here in Australia. Overnight we heard

some interesting testimony

given at a Senate stilts, this

time from the DPP, the Director of Public Prosecutions, in

relation to his budget and just

what the pressures are on it. That is right. Chris Craigie has raised more

information that we have about the budgetary pressures he is

facing. We know if tb the previous Estimates hearings

that the increase in the number

of people smuggling prosecutions that the DPP

undertakes has put a lot undertakes has put a lot of

pressure on them. We now know

they're looking at about double

the amount of people smuggling

cases they will have to take to

time trial than they have

previously without an increase

in budget. The Attorney-General, Robert

McClelland has done a review of this, although that is yet to

be released. The Government

hasn't yet formulate add

response. In the interim we have the Director of Public Prosecutions drawing on Prosecutions drawing on their

forward budget to the arder of

900,000 dollars a month just to try to cover the extra costs

that are involved in bringing

those people smuggling cases to

trial. So they will be hoping

that before long they get some kind of announcement from the

Federal Government about a more sustainable funding option. Good to talk to you,

Melissa, thanks so much. The British author Julian Barnes

has won the Man Booker prietz

for his #23406 tell sense

sense. Hedon - 'The Sense of an Ending'. He's been runner up

more than once. This time Mr

Barnes was the book maker's

favourite and he got the prize.

The 65-year-old author has

been short listed three times

before. But this is the first

occasion he's won the

prize. The winner of the 2011

Man Booker prize is... Julian Barnes Ending'. He took the

opportunity to speak his

mind. Those of you who have

seen my book, whatever you may think of

think of its contents, will

probably agree that it is a

beautiful object. And, if the

physical book as we've come to

call it is to resist the challenge of

challenge of the e-book, it has

to look like something worth buying and worth keeping. Young writers and independent publishers dominated this year's short list which

unusually included two

thrillers and a western or six backs written in the first

person But it was a writer of great experience who triumphed.

Julian Barnes's concise 150-page novel, 'The Sense of

an Ending', was the bookies

favourite and the judges. The

Barnes spoke to us in the way

of great literature

actually. And we all actually. And we all agreed that this was almost anarchy

typal book of our time. It's a book that speaks about what

it's like being a human being

in 21st century Britain. Later on in life do

you expect a bit of rest, don't

you. The main character in

Barnes's story is Tony Webster,

a late middle-aged man looking

back on his life, the events of

which he discovers are not

quite as he remembered them. The judge's them. The judge's decision to choose an established literary

figure will help to deflect

some of the criticism directed

at them for dumbing down at them for dumbing down the

prize, an accusation the chair emphatically refutes. All emphatically refutes. All this

discussion about dumbing down and readability is a nonsense.

I did use the word readability

but it's been kicked over and thrown

thrown around. At tend of the

day you have to ask what is a

novel for the it's not to be

read. Tonight's event like all literary prizes is all

celebrating writing and celebrating writing and giving an opportunities an opportunities for publishers

to raise awareness of their book, something Julian Barnes

is now unlikely to have to

worry about for them Somme time. - for some time. To time. - for some time. To the US now where a couple of hours - within

- within a couple of hour s the

former pizza chain boss who has

become a front runner in the Republican presidential race

will face his tough est test

yet. Herman Cain was was a long

shot a couple of weeks ago and

Lisa Millar told us Lisa Millar told us earlier this morning that opinion poll

s show he is considered now the

most likely candidate to turn

around the economy. He wasn't

so much running for President

but strolling along to the lead. But, however he has managed to get there, she the

front runner in a lot of the

polls. Nyst's a CNN debate that

is due to start in a couple of

hour, so CNN has put out the

most recent poll that says that

Herman Cain is now the most

likeable candidate and the

candidate most likely to turn

the economy around. That is all good news for Herman Cain, who

as you say just a couple of

weeks ago was a long shot. The

trouble is when you get to that

next question, who do you think

is most likely to beat Barack

Obama, it still comes back to Mitt Romney. So Mitt Romney

just keep s plodding along, his

approval rating doesn't seem to

drop or rise, but all the drop or rise, but all the other candidates are bouncing around all over the place. So now,

gosh, months ago we were

talking about Donald Trump talking about Donald Trump and then Michelle then Michelle backman and no

it's - backman and no it's

Herman Cain and this could be

the boom or bust of the boom or bust of another

Republican hopeful. Let's look

at the top stories on ABC News

this morning - Israeli soldier

Gilad Shalit has arrive ed in his

his home town after five years

in captivity. He was welcomed

by thousands of cheering

people. There have also been celebration braetions in Gaza

and the West Bank for the

return of hundreds of

Palestinian prisoners who were

released in exchange for his

freedom. British author Julian

Barnes has won the Man Booker prize for his novel 'The Sense

of an Ending'. It was his first

prize in four attempts. He once

dis missed coveted awards as

just posh bingo. And Queen

Elizabeth is on her way to

Australia for a 10-dare visit.

The Queen will arrive The Queen will arrive in Canberra tonight. She will visit Brisbane and Melbourne before opening the Commonwealth

heads of Government meeting heads of Government meeting in Perth next Friday. An 11th hour change of plea brace based

on a legal loop hole while see

Tony Mokbel face trial on drug trafficking charges that he initially pleaded dwlt to. -

guilty to. Tony Mokbel is more

than half way into a nine-year

sense for importing - sentence

for importing cocaine. He for importing cocaine. He was

jailed after an elaborate

flight from justice in 2006

which saw him cross the country

to Fremantle and set sail

overseas in a yacht. After an

extensive and expensive man

hunt he was re arrested in

Greece in 2007 and brought back

to Australia. In April this

year, he pleaded guilty to three drug traffic avoiding a trial. But those three drug traffic charges,

charges could see him jailed

for life. Mokbel admitted to

trafficking commercial quantities of MBMA and amphets

and inciting an undercover

officer to import the drugs in 2005.

2005. But when his pre

sentencing hearing sentencing hearing began,

Mokbel's lawyers indicated he

wanted to change his plea from

guilty to not guilty on the

base s is that evidence against

him from search warrants or phone

phone taps may be invalid. His

change of plea is based on an administration by the Victoria

Police this month that officers routinely failed to wear an oath. The search warrants are

prime y facy invalid and in

other cases where affidavits

are sworn or ought to be sworn

by members of the police and

tendered in evidence tendered in evidence they also

are all potentially invalid. At

the time, lawyers warn it could

justice system for years to have a serious impact on the

come. It's complete chaos. It

will cause mayhem in will cause mayhem in the

criminal justice system and if

there is a wholesale review of

those cases, which there must

be, it's catastrophic for

justice in Victoria. Tony Mokbel's lawyers were initially

granted a suppression order on

their client's decision to change change his plea on the basis

that reporting it might be prejudice any trial he could

face. The crown attacked this

as mere speculation. And in as mere speculation. And in the end the Court of Appeal decided

to lift the order. The

Victorian Supreme Court will decide if it will allow Mokbel

to change his plea, when his

pre sentencing hearing

continues. To finance now continues. To finance now and

China's economic expansion slo Eslightly during the third

quarter of the year. China's

economy grew by 9.1% in the

three months to the ends of

September. That is down from

9.5% in the previous quarter.

The Government's measures to control inflation are being

blamed for the decline in

growth. China ice growth. China ice inflation has been above the central bank's

target and there have been

concerns about the formation of

asset bubbles. A price

comparison has found some

Internet connections are likely

to be cheaper on the NBN than

current ADSL services r. A

study bay website Whistle Out

look add hed at the four

Internet service providers that

have announced their pricing

plans. I found the NBN plans

were up to 43% cheaper on

speeds of 12 megabits speeds of 12 megabits per second. It's's been a better

night on Wall Street after heavy

heavy losses yesterday.

Steve Pierce joins us now

for a look at the sport and a

very important cycling route

has been mapped out. It took a

long time for an Australian to win

win the Tour de France but after this morning's

announcement it seems like

Cadel Evans is firm ing favourite for next year's race. Cadel Evans will be Cadel Evans will be looking to

defend his title at the 20 edition of the Tour de France. The route has been announced as

we were saying there is going

to be longer time trials and steeper mountain climbs as

Cadel Evans looks to

that title that he won just a

few months ago. The 99th

edition of the Tour de France

will start in Liege in Belgium on June 30 next year. It will

run over 3,500km, there will be

around 100km of time trials and

25 mountain climbs in all. 25 mountain climbs in all. Nine of the 2 20 stages are

designated as flat and there

are five mountain stages and

vans tends 20 do very well. three time trials where even

Just looking at the - where Evans tends 20 do very well.

The - to do very well. They are hoping that the challenges

will be beneficial for the

champions. So 2 changes do look

OK for Evans and the Australian

was reasonably optimistic about

the new route when he spoke in

Paris a few hours ago. Of the

new tours, a real range of all

types of races, a stage for types of races, a stage

everyone in the first half

certainly and in the second

half a traditional tour years

ago, big long flat earth, time trial and mountain stages. It's

a course like every year it

takes an all-round rider and

you need to be good. Certainly for the

for the first half and of

course the time trial and course the time trial and the mountain stages. It seems to

favour him in the second half

of the race. Cadel Evans there?

N Paris. Brazilian Adriano de

Souza has continued his country's good form on the

surfing tour by winning the ASP

title in Portugal this morning. De Souza beat the American

veteran Kelly Slater in the

final as he was able to get the better of the five to 7-foot

well swell. That means that

Slater will still confirm Slater will still confirm his

11th world surfing title if he

comes nine thd or better at the next event in San next event in San Francisco.

The last two Australians who were involved in the event

there in Portugal bowed out at

the semifinal stage with de

Souza beating Bede Durbidge and

Slater accounting for Burrow were. - Taj were. - Taj Burrow. Melbourne's two soccer sides are prepare

fork the first derby of this

year's A-League season. Heart

has already suffered a blow

with its captain Fred ruled out

of the game with a hamstring

injury. Both sides have

struggled in the opening two

games with Heart yet to take a

point and Victory amaze ingly

yet to find the back of

yet to find the back of the

net. So the stage is settor a

crucial match at Docklands on

Saturday night and Victory's veteran striker is well aware

of the importance of a win. I

finding the right combination think it's just a matter of

and at the moment we're

chopping and change ing. Once

the goals start going in, it

will start the flow for us. But

probably the best game to do like I said, Saturday is

that and we're all excited

about it. We've had some pretty tough games to start the

season. We've had Sydney and

Adelaide and you know the

rivalry with that. Now we rivalry with that. Now we va

big derby match. This will be a

perfect occasion to kick start

our season. You can hear that

game on ABC Radio as well. Both

the Manchester clubs have secured vital wins this morning. City snatched a late

win er against Villarreal. Real

Madrid thrashed Lyon in this

morning's game. Let's look at

the highlights.

COMMENTATOR: And he's scored!

Jacko is there waiting but

it's an own goal. It's the

final minute and this might be

the final chance. Aguero the final chance. Aguero has

done it for Manchester

Ramos is there, steady s himself, it's 4-0, humiliation. This is much himself, it's 4-0, it's

better, Rooney, Hernandez was

in support. He's given the

penalty. The hand ball against

Surgiu Costin, eyes on the

prize. Back of the net. United

lead in Bucharest. With hard lead in Bucharest. With

work and see if we can get a

0-0. That will be a yellow for

Vidic. That will be a red. Sure lay yellow would have

sufficed. That is a ridiculous decision. We've been saying

that all morning. Except for

me! Here is Paul Higgins with

again. Everything is biginer the weather. Good morning once the weather. Good morning

Texas or so the say ing goes

but I am not sure about dust storms. Something we're pretty

used to during periods of

drought. A lack of rain and a

fierce north wind drought on

this storm in the far

north-west of the state. It's been compared to tin fam ous

Texas dust bowl storms in the

1930s. A pressure trough across

the north east will the north east will trigger some thunderstorms today. Hot northerlies into the south-east, thanks to this high

on the east coast. It's pushing

a lot of moisture into North

Queensland and that will bring

a wet day to the north tropical

coast. A flood warning has been mosted between Cooktown and Cardwell. Late thunderstorms in

thunderstorms in the north-west and a responsible shower for Brisbane. Sunny almost right

across the border in NSW. That

apart from the north coast where there might be a where there might be a few showers today. Sunny in Sydney

and Canberra. Warm and mostly sunny across sunny across Victoria. Melbourne is heading for 28 degrees. After the fog lifts

over parts of northern

Tasmania, fine and mostly sunny

with a little high cloud at

types. Partly cloudy in Hobart.

It will be hot and dry across

most of SA, just a bit of

patchy rain, thunderstorms right out near the western

border and that is due to reach

Ceduna tonight. In Adelaide, mostly sunny and 33. Eastern parts of WA's South-West Land

Division are in for a clear ing

shower or two but further to

the east and over the southern

interior a few showers and

thunderstorms. Perth will thunderstorms. Perth will be

mostly sunny with a fresh south-westerly win pushing south-westerly win pushing in this afternoon. To the north

fine apart from a thundery

shower or two. Sunny and windy

over the toert the south of

Alice Springs and fine in Alice Springs and fine in the

southern Victoria River and

southern Barkly districts but showers an thunderstorms

elsewhere, fine in Darwin

before a late storm inland.

Tomorrow, Brisbane could have

an early shower, fine in Sydney

and bra 'Canberra', in

Melbourne late showers. Rain developing in Hobart and rain

at times in claid. Sunny in

Perth and up in Darwin some afternoon

afternoon thunderstorms.

That is a round up of the

morning news. Up next is

Business Today but member ABC

News 24 and ABC1 and ABC Radio

keep you up to date with keep you up to date with the news developments throughout

the day as we await the arrival of the Queen at 6 o'clock

tonight. News breakfast is back tomorrow. Closed Captions by


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